Ishqbaaz 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia says I have come, tell me where to sit. Pinky says Tia, bahu will do this rasam, I mean Anika. Shivaye and Anika sit for rasam. Sometime before, Shivaye wakes up and sees time. He says Dadi may have woke up and rushes. He goes to Anika and sees her sleeping. He stops himself from touching her. He says how to wake her up. He says Anika wake up. Tia greets Pinky and Jhanvi. Pinky says we are not aunty, call me Pinks moms, and call Jhanvi as Badi moms. Tia says okay Pinks moms. Pinky says so sweet, go and get ready for ring finding rasam. Tia asks me? Pinky says yes, who else, Shivaye said you are Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi, you are his wife. Tia says you are so sweet, thanks and hugs Pinky.

Shivaye touches Anika to wake her up and says how can she sleep so much. She sits and plays music near

her ears. She wakes up and asks what happened, Sahil…. He says nothing happened, but it can happen if Dadi comes and sees you, come. Dadi says Tia, I have to talk to my bahus about their bahu. Tia says okay. Dadi signs her to go. Tia says sure and leaves.

Dadi says its about house, I did not wish to talk in front of outsiders. Pinky asks is Tia outsider, she is bahu of this house. Dadi says Anika is bahu. Pinky says Shivaye was helpless to marry. Dadi says children do mistake, parents has duty to correct them, not to cover them. Pinky says society will laugh on us. Jhanvi says yes, its too late now, Shivaye introduced Tia as his wife, if we say Anika is our bahu, world will point finger at us. Dadi says the world you are talking about, Tej has held Shwetlana’s hand in front of them, but I did not accept her as bahu, you are my bahu, Tej married you, as Shivaye married Anika. She asks Pinky what did she think to make Tia do rasam, did Tia take marriage rounds, did she marry Shivaye. Pinky says fine, we will not keep this rituals, I can’t accept Anika as my bahu. Dadi says its same Anika, you saved this family respect and unwillingly sat in mandap, she is bearing our annoyance, she is this house’s bahu, this is the truth.

Shivaye sees Anika and asks don’t you have to get ready, Dadi will not like if there is delay in rituals. Dadi comes. Anika takes blessings. Dadi says I did not think you have no clothes to wear in rasam, its good Soumya reminded me, take these clothes, you both get ready and come. She goes. Shivaye says I will change in Om’s room, you change here. He leaves.

Jhanvi asks Pinky which bowl to keep. Pinky says Shivaye’s car, attitude, anger and ego are big, bowl will be big. Priyanka asks and height. Pinky says I will pull your ears, you got clever, that big bowl is final. Dadi says great, all arrangements are done. Tia comes in Anika’s way and stops her.

She says I have seen this dress, oh ya this was made for me, you have courage or no shame, you are wearing my clothes to take my place, I won’t let this happen, Shivaye baby will do this rasam with me, not you. Dadi calls Anika. Anika goes. Rudra asks whats this logic, one who finds ring first will dominate. Dadi says its no doubt where there is belief. Om says but there will be some reason behind this. Dadi says yes, but we are not able to take this in next generations, see your mums don’t know, what will they tell you, and what will you tell your children. Pinky says mummy ji you always tell of us. Rudra asks Pinky who won in her rasam. Shakti says you would know it well who won in rasam and jokes. Om asks Dadi who won in her rasam, Dadi or Dadu. Dadi says I will tell later, its secret, see Anika has come, Pinky where is the ring. Pinky gives ring. Priyanka puts it in vessel. Rudra says I m removing ring, Pinky got this. Om asks why did you wear in then. Rudra pulls out ring and it falls far in the vessel.

Dadi asks where is Billu. Pinky says don’t know. Dadi says make your bahu sit. Tia comes and says grandma I m here, tell me where to sit. Rudra looks for his ring. Pinky says Tia, house bahu will do this rasam, I mean Anika, come Anika sit. Anika sits. Tia gets back. Dadi says Pinky you made me happy and hugs her. She praises Pinky. Dadi says why is Shivaye getting late. Om says I will see. Tia says no use, he will not do rasam, he does not believe Anika as his wife. Shivaye comes and says sorry, it was imp business call, tell me what to do Dadi. Dadi says sit here. Tia asks him are you really doing this rasam.

He says yes, for Dadi. He makes her hand away and sits for rasam. Dadi says I have put ring, I will count till 3, then put hand on vessel and find ring. She counts and asks them to find ring. Anika and Shivaye try to find the ring. Soumya sees Rudra and asks what are you doing. He says my ring fell in this, I m trying to find it. She says I will help up. Dadi asks Anika to find ring. Shivaye and Anika find ring and hold it together. Soumya and Rudra find his ring together. Everyone clap.

Dadi says this is called Takkar ki jodi, when they strike, sparks fly in air, and there is fire of love. Pinky asks you see love in this forced marriage, they will not stay together for even two days. Dadi says what happens easily is not love, this happened at my time also, Om’s Dadu and I got ring together, so our love was Takkar ka ishq, when such lovers meet, they strike and then join, no power in the world can separate them. Shivaye sees Tia crying and leaving. He goes after her.

Shivaye stops Tia. Tia smiles. He asks where are you going. She says just let me go, I don’t want to get more humiliated, it was not necessary, you could take a stand for me but you did not, you sat in rasam with Anika, the one who is trying to separate us, I feel ignored. He says I told you, I m doing this for Dadi. She asks really, it did not look so, you have no problem to share your bedroom with her. He says its not like that. She says then tell me who is your wife. He says I told infront of world you are my wife. She asks can you prove it. He asks do you have any doubt. She says now I have it, I want to see if you believe what you said infront of the world.

Anika talks to Sahil on phone and asks how is your health now, why did you go on field trip. I will talk to your teacher and come. Tia says small people, small problems. She names problems and says there is much difference in our lives, your biggest problem do not exist for us, and you won’t understand my problem. She holds Anika’s hand and stops her. She says after getting insulted by Shivaye, you are shamelessly roaming here, you want money right, Shivaye will pay, take from me too, just leave, don’t get insulted. Anika says you don’t talk about insult, about background, you would have big house, costly clothes and jewelry, why did you come leaving husband and family, you are married once, why did you leave him and come here, go to your real sasural and give advice there.

Tia says shut up, Shivaye did one rasam with you being helpless, you started flying, you feel you won, let me tell you, he will do next rasam with me, that’s a challenge. Anika says for you, these relations and rituals would be challenge, not for me, its elders blessings for me, I don’t regret if I lose, but I will not let elders’ blessings lose. She leaves. Tia says enough is enough, now I will show you your real place, just wait and watch.

A lady asks Shivaye will you not make me meet Mrs. Shivaye. Shivaye says yes and calls out Anika. Anika looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aarosh

    i feel like now tia’s situation is just like a substitute in the game by seeing present episodes and precaps anika is just behaving like sso but in a positive way waiting for om’s lead, tia and daksh truth today’s episode was just awesome

  2. Fami

    OMG.I really like the precap.its seems finally shivaye accepts anika as his wife.i just hope the truth of tiya and daksh will come out soon.

      • Sheohar

        Definately, he was going to intro ANIKKA as MRS.SSO, looking at expression of OMRU, but may rectify after taking pose, ” CALL TIA”

  3. QueenB


    |Registered Member




    • NaveenS

      I agree with you. Look how quickly he found out that the guy who was getting engaged to Priyanka was an illegitimate child.
      How is it he don’t know Mrs. Kapoor don’t have a son called Robin?
      How is it he don’t know Tia’s family financial situation?
      How come he’s not finding out who kidnapped Tia?

      This Shivay has no common sense at all.
      He don’t love Tia so I don’t understand his sudden sympathy towards her. It’s a business deal after all. So why the sudden intimacy?

      • Mona146


        |Registered Member

        I thought the same? All of this suddenly does not make sense. Atleast Omkara and Rudra have to find out who tia’s boyfriend was. Last time they tried anika fell into steaming room remember guys.

  4. Akansha


    |Registered Member

    nyc episode…. waitng fr d romance to fling in between them… hope daksh comes soon to kindle the love spark between them… osum episode waiting fr tmrw’s episode

  5. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Oh god… today’s episode was cute one… Shivaay was so cutely waking his wife up….. at last shivaay got some brain and sit with anika for rituals….there is gonna be more drama ahead…I read the spoiler….hope so everything gets fine soon and we get our old shivika back…..

  6. Christina

    Hi guyz
    I also want to join u all plz make me ur groups member i havent missed ishqbaaz’s single epi also n always used to read ur cmnt bt never cmntd bt i want to ne the member of ur group
    Plz plz plz accept me as a member n i have cmnt on some ff of ishqbaaz too
    Plz make me member of ur group

  7. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    Atleast Pinky accepted Anika.. nt crm heart bt ok.. one vamp is enough, n gud tat they did nt do tis a sas bahu saga.. hopefully they finish the sautan saga soon
    The way shivay was trying to wake up anika was so funny.. bt I saw more in the sbs spoiler. . Looks lik they cut that part where shivay puts a blanket on anika
    I knw many may nt like my tis comment bt I felt Tia looked so beautiful today,she is beahvin a perfect vamp
    Anika looked like a princess wen she was walkin down the stairs, looks lik surbhi is not well these days, her eyes look lik she is sick
    Precap dnt accept much, it will b like shivay willl say anika call tia

  8. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    this is the first ep in 2 weeks that has not tension in it , good , l was hoping for track changing but am having 2 guesses ; either tia wont let things go eazly , she will make a plan after another to make anika situation worse with sso and maybe trigger separation or anika is the one who will be angry especially after the future pool scene ( she will be sick with fever too) and will turn into finding the real proof of tia’s descive or maybe she will hear tia and her mom since they live in OM now
    am seeing the makers are softing sso character a little bit with anika as it will be seen from the precap and also where he sneakes to see her and finds her sick , maybe they dont plan to separate them after all or maybe the separation will br from anika’s side
    l hope tia track will end soon its getting too long as l think daksh is not making entry soon so maybe after tia he will be back ??

  9. |Registered Member

    ASSO nd TIA’S takkar is awesome…it will b fun to watch their fight😜…
    Precap looks intresting…..
    Well done anika tune to us universe ki dukkan ki bolti band krdi…yeah billi😾🐱🐺 anika is on fire….
    Nd nowadays tia is not talking like before means reiki…universe nd all dat totally changed her character..
    Waiting for SANA s entry…

    Gud night guys…take care🤗😘

  10. Aarosh

    I think Tia is at peak of her frustration jealousy and anger if it cross limits she may blurt out her truth infront of OF I think IB team is planning for that only

  11. Nisha

    According to spoilers. Daksh will kdnap anika wen he comes to know that shivaye n anika r married. Shivaye will go searchin for anika n save her frm daksh.
    Bt sumhow storyline is going too slow. U feel bored. We all used to like friendly banters betwn anika n shivaye n not such humiliation..

  12. reen

    I hope everyone realizes that SSO may just be calling out to Anika to go bring Tia. Seems like something that he would do.

  13. Naz

    Keep it up ladies, when the society you are so concerned about gets to know you all are passing of another woman as the bahu of the family, you will definitely be humiliated. Tia, I hate you definitely, you have a husband, so what the heck game you are playing here? Tia looks huge on my screen, lose some weight woman!!!! She looks like Shivaay ‘s aunt!!!!!!! I want Anika to be more vocal and fight for what is rightfully hers. I hate when these serials make a mockery of marriage rituals and pass it off as drama, please respect the sanctity of the beliefs of religious practices. I like Anika but she must cease to look and act so helpless, I know she is restrained from practicing her wifely duties bit Shivaay will gradually come around.

  14. Lax

    Hi all.. Could not see today’s episode. Hope all of you enjoyed it. Ll try to watch in hotstar later.
    Can anybody tell me one thing. In the spoiler videos, I saw Shivay helping Annika with a blanket when she was sitting near the pool. Was the same not included in today’s episode?

  15. Ruchu

    I have no word to explain…how much happy iam…by seeing today’s episode…after long time ….taakar ki ishqbaazi…

  16. Lax

    Also glad that Trps are really good this time. Wedding week Jo tha. Above 2 for the first time in BARC rating. They are slot leaders also. Just wish they maintain this.

  17. Abiha

    Shivaye’s tricks to wake up anika were sooo nice…touching her with finger ..:)

    Rumya also done their ring rasam…wahh..
    Anika’s reply to tia was amazing….finally pinky allowed anika to do rituals…

    Waiting for sana…n hoping that she’ll b anika’s sister…
    Saw a video of roti rasam in which wth the help of rudra shivaye n anika feed each other…n i think fulfill the rasam…don’t know about this rasam clearly..

  18. Abiha

    Heyyy…All my friends…sistersss..n brothersss….how r u… ??
    @renima d….mukta….disha….shahabana d…shama d….shivani d…tharu d….nevidha d….richu d….rosu d….veda d….saku….samyukta….razna….Aahana …piyuuuu(piyalii)….priya…shaza…sunaheri….Naz….swadheenta…..n alll the new commers….sorry if i forgot anyone ….

    • shahabana

      Hellooo abiha dr
      Im fn dr but feeling little cold
      Sorry for late reply bcz i got busy dr
      Anyways jumma mubarak dr

  19. Abiha

    @renima d…m fine…i was not there…due to some reasons…i told on privious page of 7th dec…but now hoping that i’ll b here regularly…may b some day missing due to my studies or tests..otherwise i m here…do u writing anyy ff or not..?bcz m not on ff page…but if u r writing give me links wanna read…

    @chetna …how r u..?

    @saku…i told u the reason…in another comment on privous page….due to which i was not there…check it n then reply me…n i also missed u guys sooo much..

    @piyalii…(piyuu)….why r u not commenting regularly…?missing u guys…
    Richu d…
    N the list go on……..come back guyss…

    • Chetna

      Fine how are you actually my exams are going on so I am lil busy Anyway I didn’t had seen episode till now so I will Comment later

    • |Registered Member

      Hello Abiha di…
      Sorry I could not reply I on previous page actually I read it yesterday only but very late dats y not replied sorry yaar…
      Nd I can understand dear so many problems at ur house I hope everything is fine now…
      But now u r gonna comment regularly na??…
      Anyways take care nd don’t go anywhere now!!!

  20. Priya

    Don’t worry guys. Daksh will b back soon nd make anika kidnapped. Nd Daksh is not d Tia’s husband.
    Dushyant was her husband who play d role of tia bro Robin.can’t u guys see d pre marriage episode of shivaay anika marriage.

  21. Rt

    Shivnika rockzzz😍😍😍😍 dai Shivaye romba scene poda tha da athukellam sethu anubavipaa pakkiiiiii😏😏😏

    • Rrr

      what same thing!!!!,,,,Ishqbaaz is Om’s story+Shivaaye’s story+Rudra’s story,,,,,,don’t compare it with QH just bcoz both have same writers

    • shahabana

      Dr vafa u are misunderstanding ishqbaaz is not same like qubool hai
      Both qubool hai and ishqbaaz are very different.
      And i know u are veiwer of kasam i can say kasam is same like other sas bahu drama

    • |Registered Member

      Vada dear..
      Plz it’s a humble request to u..that u continue wd Kasam only ok…
      Nd yaa u r right that producer of qubool hai nd ishqbaaz is same but story concept is different…
      Nd for it kind information kasam,yhm,naagin 1,naagin2,kalash,kumkum bhagya,Chandra nandini,jodha akbar,all serial producer is also same..then story is also same I guess??
      So we r already seeing hw much different kasam has so no need to say any neg thing about ISHQBAAZ ok…r we saying anything on kasam page no na then just stop it..

  22. Rrr

    I’m sooo happy for RUmya as their story is progressing well and happy that Anika replied to Tia ,,,,,,shameless woman ,she knws that Anika knw abt her mrg truth,,,,still on what basis is she taunting Anika

  23. Siyaa gogoi

    Its high time, I think now OmRu should know the truth of the marriage and even tia’s marriage too… Its going too slow… How long will anika be treated like that??

  24. Jub_jube


    |Registered Member

    Hi everyone! So this is my confession: I was late to join Ishqbaaz! I started watching around the time Shivaay got into the accident with the car bomb blast so I’m a little rusty when it comes to the history of some of the characters, in this case Anika. I know that she’s self-made, doesn’t use a surname, was adopted by Sahil’s parents and that she doesn’t like talking about her past. Now I’m hearing that she DOES have family, but what happened to them? Please can anyone help? It would really make things clear in my mind.

    I know that Sana Sheik from Krishnadasi will be joining the show soon and my bet is that she will be Anika’s long lost relative, I’m just not sure what Anika’s past is. Thank you to everyone who reads this and helps, you are all amazing!

    • |Registered Member

      Hello dear…
      It was just shown that she has a younger sister that’s it…
      Nd her whole story is suspence I think after some days they will start showing her past..till now nothing revealed..

      • Jub_jube


        |Registered Member

        Hi Sakshil, I appreciate the reply 🙂 So nothing else has been said about Anika’s past till date, right? Thank you for letting me know!


    ANNIKA is seeking her one ended OPENED account to close from both side with equilibrium . She is now on the TIA’s account, and going on with her with all inner interia and now its for ever.

    Looking into character frame, ANNIKA then getting OF out of TIA’s influence circle, For her dignity, her self respect and to prove her whole her being , she will atlast SETTLE account with SSO and simply leave OM with lots of sobs behind her not to look back then again.

    At that moment, any degree of softness in SSO will not work. She will put him behind in fix and from where he just could not do it . She will let him know then, one can shattered her, can humilate her, insult her , but ONE CAN NOT TAKE HER AS GRANTED AT ANY COST. She keep going with forgiving SSO till now, but I swear, this time it is not going on . She is simply doing only for DADI and once the RITUALS get over, she will close all her doors for OM to seek, if and only if makers does not change her character line and frame. DADI’s factor even would not work then, and DADI’s has to agreed upon ANNIKA’s decission atlast. DADI also wouil realise then ANNIKA would have been keep going with forgive and forget till now, but she could not take it each time for granted.

    SSO got amazed and shocked to see, how she could have been taking sound sleep while he himself could not do it? He was totally guilty, and piercing question of his bro’s OMRU made him restless. He was sure, later or sooner this question would lead his own image ruined not only in eyes of his brother but on whole OF.

    Once when he found her not in his eyes reach, definately he will lose a challange, a charm, a unbearable sweet pain, and will lose control over his thought process. He will live as a ROBOT without feelings. TIA’s being around him will be worthless, and how much TIA may be good and fine in all respect then, but she just can not feel that vaccume in his life which ANNIKA was used to fill it. He knows, and consciously well aware, ANNIKA is so different than all others he knows so far, and so precious for his own being that he will be the one missing her badly enough.

    I know, this has to happen, and must be happen to keep story line alligned with a DIGNITY of character ANNIKA, otherwise charm of character will lost in all fun and laugh. Her dignity, her charm shall not be allowed to be fun and laugh, and shall be put at high level to enhence cheriss and pride to character ANNIKA.

    • shahabana

      Ohhh what a analysis shekhar
      Yes im agree this time anika wont forgot shivayes humilation easily and he wont forgave him easily….we can see more fun when sso will realise his mistakes it will be very intresting to see what he will do to impress anika

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      great analysis as always shekhar
      sso will be the one to souffer more from the separation , even if the truth will take time to come and if anika goes before it he will still miss her the most even if he refuse to admit it and the fact that tia is around him now does not make him happy or satisfied for someone who claimed 100s of times that tia is his wife he does not look even relaxed with her and the only thing l see is guilt when he looks at her , he feels guilty that he married anika instead of her while she was “kidnaped” , even the rituals he done them for himself not for dadi as he claimed , tbh me too l want anika to leave the OM and am hoping after the exposure of tia cause this will make sso and OF guilt at maximum and they will face so much trouble from buisness to the press to to the family itself

      • SHEKHAR

        I totally agree on the point that, whether his ONS MU get cleared or not, he is

        person at top MISSING HER ! TIA is not a right choice, he does know this fact, and he

        expressed it in many ways, and TIA aslo does know this fact! But as she simply does

        not want HIM, but HIS WEALTH, she went on and on, and even she also ignored

        initially seeing SSO’s intimacy with ANNIKA, but so far as KKN ideology, she was

        assure, SSO will never opt for ANNIKA against her. She was least concernm with

        ANNIKA upto ANNIKA raised finger at her SECRET, and then only she got awared about ANNIKA, and got her vamp shade

        Your other point is also right, on his own was wishing for doing rituals with ANNIKA.

        After all what SSO is wishing from ANNIKA so far?

        If any idea you have, then write down here, please, BCZ i want to be assure, whether

        i am right or not over this question???!!!!

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        shekhar l must say l enjoy our discussions and debats , thank you …
        as for sso l think he is living a big confusion or if you could say its a battle btw the right and wrong in his mind , he knows he is doing many things wrong with anika but the bad part of him ( the winning part for now atleast ) is convincing him that it was for the good of the OF and anika is a cheap girl anyway so where is the harm , right ??
        am convinced that this bad part of him needs a huge shock to leave his personality and to shape him to a better person and the only one who will give us this is TIA and no one else and only then as you said the free fall will start , am sure its going to be a huge one but am puzzeled will it be an emotional fall or finance fall or both ??
        sso does not know what he wants or where he is going thats the truth he is in a dillema

    • DaSha

      Shekhar, Shahabana, you both might be right, but let me remind you about Anika’s character:
      1) She was never shown as a vindictive person, Shivay apologized from his heart for being wrong and she forgave him and never turn back to that conversation
      2) as Shekhar always say she is simple minded in the way she appreciate people for their hearts and honesty
      For Anika’s character it would be logic to forgive him if he explain the motives of his behavior and ask for forgiveness from his heart. Don’t you think so?

      • SHEKHAR

        Do you think, this SSO may have a daring to ask directly to ANIKA about ONS MU? Do you think, if someone else like SOUMYA, DADI by chance clear his ONS MU, and he will then go to ANNIKA, and will explaination of her that behaviour? I don’t think so, because even after ANNIKA gave him chance , saying it would be a last opportunity to ask, say anything, during wedding rituals, he just can’t dare to ask for this ONS MU. At that time even I commented, IT WAS HIS LAST CHANCE TO ASK ANYTHING GIVEN BY ANNIKA!, and soon after she denied to go along with him in car to wedding place!, means she does mean it, LAST CHANCE!


        1) His heart think, ANNIKA CAN’T DO IT!
        this complex thought prevent him to face to face explanation.

        journey, though it is a mask only, but he just can’t , rathar he do not want to compromise with this ideology, whether ONS ME is there or not.


      • shahabana

        Dasha i agrer anika is a clean hearted and she will forgave anyone if they asks apology heartely and anika will forgot what sso did with her…but u think she will forgave him for kidnapping sahil..she wont forgave him for kidnapping sahil..
        If anika loves shivaye she loves sahil tooo…im sure sso will choose his brothers over anika if time comes and im sure anika will choose sahil over sso if any situation creates

      • DaSha

        Well, Shekhar, Arnav told Khushi about motives of his hate and she cleared her name, not emidiately, it took her 50 episodes to turn his hate into desperate love. I don’t say it’s going to happen, but I say it could be an option.

        Shahabana, that’s interesting thing you told: Shivay will always chose his brothers over Anika and Anika will do the same for Sakhil (and her sister if she turns back). That both used to sucrefise themselves for family, but they were not in love before, so I think they prefer to die than put another one in danger. And yes, family stays first.

      • shekhar

        DASHA MAM,
        It is right, brother and family is above all for both, difference is

        SSO can go to any extent, even murder for family happiness, without thinking of any morality and humaity. For him, there is no value of any damn person including ANIKA when the question of his family happiness.

        while for ANNIKA can never garm any innocent person for the happiness of his bro/ family. She will punish only that person who is responsible for any harm to his bro. ANNIKA DOES THOUGHT PROCESS BEFORE TAKING ANY DECISSION AND SSO IS EITHER LACKING OF SUCH THOUGHT PROCESS, OR HIS THOUGHTS ARE BIASED EVERY ALMOST.

  26. aarosh

    i wish pinky to unexpectedly know the truth of tia and expose her infront of OF that would be very thrilling and interesting to watch but i can’t imagine what will be the future of daksh and tia when they are exposed infront of OF in the hands of SSO

  27. shahabana

    My dr sweet ishqees there is a good news for ishqbaaz fans
    Ishqbaaz trp increased its 2.2
    Ishqbaaz in top 8
    Ishqbaaz beated rival show kasam
    Kasam trp 1.9
    Finally ishqbaaz got whats its deseves
    Hope in the upcoming weaks it will increase more bcz ons lead also entering the show

    • |Registered Member

      Yipee.. .shabu di..
      Finally shivika wedding gave gk her she wanted nd she is gonna gave us why r we expecting.(I mean om story 😜)..
      It’s really a gud news…now it just maintain..
      Nd do this the reason y kasam fans r coming nd saying about ishqbaaz..coz we bested rival show..right???

    • shahabana

      Yes guyz its time for party bcz trp increased and oms lead also entering
      Yes saku dr ib beated kasam thats why kasam fans came here .im really shocked to see vafas comnent bcz i have seen her comments on kasam page morover she is regular comnenter there and i feel why she is saying something like this about ib bcz im not checked trp list yesterday bcz i got busy bjt when today i saw vafas comment i quikly checked trp list then i got to know that why she commented here


    It is heard, SAHIL is coming in OM, how much it is right or wrong, god knows. But certainly, if it happens, we will found SSO himself LONELY AT MID OF SO MUCH HUMAN!

    SAHIL is her weakness, simelteneously he is her STRENGHTH along with her ESTEEM! I never seen in any serial and film even so much understanding between a BRO and SISTER. He is only one, who accepted ANNIKA what ever she is , and he know, it is ANNIKA, who will not make any compromise with anyone for him.

    I think, SAHIL will make assure her any decission which can keep her dignity and self esteem, and will support her in all the ways.

    His presence in OM may be proved an EYE OPENER for the individual mentality of all OF member. I don’t know, how SAHIL factor may work on TIA’s truethm and what are the ideas for SAHIL in TIA’s factor, that’s why it is too early to say anything in the TIA’s truth.

    But one thing is definate, he willl affect SSO more than ANNIKA. His peircing eyes and qestion may put SSO in tight vise, and will have to bare any virtual slap after slap from SAHIL, then he will realise, ANNIKA is much more less than SAHIL!!!

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      wow if sahil comes in OM he will defently make anika so much strong , and probably he will be the one to expose tia LOL , he has a sharp mind and he will easly find evidence of her decieve
      as for sso he will have more trouble with sahil and more isolated from anika cause she will be with her bro all the time , poor sso

  29. nithu

    Wow.. Rumya also did their rasam unknowingly and I felt happy only from them not for shivika even though they are my favorite..

  30. Arpita

    Hii ishqbaazians !!!!!!!!!mujhe pata he ki app sab log annika ke character ko lekar upset he kyoki uski jaisi bindass attitude wali ladki aise ro rahi he par don’t worry. ye bagadbilla use jitna paka rahe he sara sach janneke bad wo sabse jyada totenge ki bina galti kiye usne annika ke sath itna bura kiya .haan ye such he ki serial thodi si alag track pe he par dakh ki re- entry hone ke bad ye bohot entertaining hoga & precap is good but sivay anika ko nahi tia ko hi patni kahega so sadd 😕

  31. firdose

    Hello everyone dis is not the first time I am commenting I have put a comment before also but no one welcomed me in this family. Cab I join u guys if you don’t mind coming to the episode it was good compared to previous episodes anika was looking so beautiful along with shivika rumya akdi did that rasam.

    • shahabana

      Firdose sorry for not welcoming
      Peaple are busy thats why plsss dnt be annoyed
      But i remember u…u are commented before also
      Just share ur veiwes and keep commenting

    • Shiv


      |Registered Member

      Firdose dear me too not welcomed here but I started posting since I felt ishqies here are very cool to interact with so I felt y too much of formalities so I did take it for granted 😊!! Do we need one!???nice to interact here:)

  32. priya

    Hello ishqies,I am priya Sharma u can call me priya I am a salient reader.i wanted to share some of my opinions with u all
    Recently we heard that Sana amein sheikh is going to be paired with kunal,so I am thinking how would it be a arranged marriage for omkara as shivika had bride swap/forcefull marriage and Rumya are coming close unknowingly as both never wished to get married
    Guys pls say ur opinions bcz I want to know only I am thinking like this or not
    but plz don’t bash me bcz I know some of u are still ishkara fans

    • DaSha

      Hello Priya, for now no one can guess what motive or story of Om love could be 🙂

      To my POV for his character only deep love from the bottom of his heart, trust and spiritual connection could be enough reasons for marriage. But… You know, twists and turns are so unpredictable 🙂

  33. priya

    I am really happy as Sana is going to be paired with kunal bcz I like Sana from Krishnadasi days and kunal by first sight when ishqbaaz started.i really hope their chemistry works

  34. shivani

    I know it would hurt many fans but pardon me ,I already told that sana is a good actress but riddhima still looks better then sana with om I know she was irritating but still she was better ,if she was shown a bit mature .I saw sana but I did not get convinced ,I am more disappointed .coming to the episode ,anika would give tia a befitting reply for the insult she beared in upcoming episode .she won’t leave sso also I am waiting for the day when she will throw water on his face .sso would regret for the past things which he had done with anika .tia ‘s reiki is not working I think .universe doesn’t tia to be considered as bride of oberoi family so better she should leave om and should lead a happy life with his husband instead of plotting conspiracies against anika .one day she is going to be exposed by anika and that day is not too far .

    • shahabana

      Hello shivani
      I can understand u even i too doesnt wanted sana opposite kunal
      But i think she is better than charecter played ridhima..there is no spark betwn ridhkara or not attraction
      But sana is good actress dr only problem is her hight
      If u want check her previos show krishnadaasi…she is superb and her chemistry worked with shravan reddy…i think her chemistry will work with kunal tooo

  35. kanika

    thankyou bshama and sakshi for making me a member
    by the way I am kanika , a class xii studying student ,i live in delhi.

  36. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Hi friends. .. I won’t be able to comment for 5 days. Because I am going for a camp. I’ll try to read your comments. Miss u guys…

  37. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    hi guys , in latest news of IB shivaye will gift anika DIVORCE PAPERS … FINALLY ..
    am not saying that with a happy expression believe me but its the best solution , he was insensitive to give it to her in front of others especially tia and anika looked shoked and sad but this marriage is a toxic relationship as long as sso have this mentality and as long as tia will be around , nothing good will come from this relationship
    anika needs to go away from the OM but in some spoilers it said that shivaye will be sorry for her and sahil and tell them to stay in OM in other spoiler he will drop them home feeling guilty
    but l hope she will no longer stay there , go anika gooo

    here is the video

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      hey Mouni,
      came to this page to post the same.. bt u have already posted,
      i wish anika signs the divorce papers an throws it on his face.. i did nt understand the video much though.. he gave divorce papers,sold their home, and then wants to keep only sahil with him…

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        hey archiya
        l dont know about the divorce if she signs it or no as surbi said that she does not know if she will sign them or no ( if l heard correctly )
        but l think he felt guilty when he saw her bro situation and told them he sold the house but l think its a lie to make her stay with the OF and her her and sahil financly
        l dont think he can keep sahil alone with him but both of them
        also a spoiler said that sana is anika sis and om love

  38. Uf

    Hi guys
    What is meaning takkar ka jodi and takkar ka pyaar? please tell me…
    Aaj main ishqbaaz ki old promo dekha dadi ka promo tha.uss main dadi apni family ki baare main bol rahi thi.phir vo dadu ki photo dekh kar bola “dekh rahe hai aap.lekhin mere pauthe wo laayenge aisi bahu Jo karega takkar ka pyaar.wo inhe issi tarah jode rakengi.aur iss ghar ko bhi”iam totally love that promo.i know wo promo old hai lekhin ab dekhne main maza aara hi hai.but kya aap logo ko lagtha hai dadi ki vo baath sach nikhlengi.i mean dadi ki pauthe takkar ka pyaar karengi ya nahi.dadi ki ek pauthe (omkara) ki love story incomplete hai.aur baakhi dhono ka ok hai.but kya hai ye takkar word ka meaning mujhe samajh nahi aara hi hai.please some one clear my doubt?
    Sorry for the spelling mistake.

  39. Christina


    |Registered Member

    Hlo guyz hope u all r fine
    I am here with sad news for ishkara fans
    Guys now a new girl will enter in omkaras life n will replace ishaana i read it in the spoiler and the girl is none other than sana amin seikh who was lastly seen in in the krishnadasi as main actress
    Feeling very bad after listening the news 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    I am getting angry 😡😡😡😡😡😡on writers n what is ur opinion????
    Whom do u like ishaana or sana??
    Plz do reply

    • DaSha

      Christina, please don’t be angry, I’m a big admirer of Ishana and Om chemistry, she was perfect to my mind. I don’t understand ‘creative call’ to get rid of her, and more of it I don’t like Sana, she looks too childish and is a bad actress to my mind… But let’s give her a chance.

    • shahabana

      Cristina first wecome to the ib family dr
      And cvs scrapped the role ishana a long ago
      And ofcourse ishana is best opposite omkara always..even i did not liked mala bela stupid part but when ishkara comfrontated with each other i reallyy liked their thakkar they looked like perfect for each other and they would completed each other but this cvs ended everything…now no use to talk about that its ended story
      And coming to sana…i like sana she is good but i tooo doesnt wanted her opposite om bcz of their hight problem but anyways she is not a bad choice tooo…anyways finally omkaras story is starting im happy for that…

      • Christina


        |Registered Member

        I know sana is nice actress but ishaana was far better than her ..
        Ishaanas n oms pairing looked amazing bt dont know why they scrapped up ishaanas character even after knowing that fans loved their pairing


    We actually travelled through 150 + episodes, we all saw lot of things. I would like to your views from all of you, please don’t hesite to express your views.



    • shahabana

      SSO want many things from anika
      First of all he want her to accept that she losed herself infront of him
      He want her love care support…bcz this things are very important for a person
      SSO wnat to become anikas world and sso as everything in his life then also his life is like empty…he wants anika to enter his life and end his lonliness and fill the empty place
      He wants anika has him only

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      for me l think he wants her to be able to read his mind and clear ONS MU by herself without him explaining himself
      also he wants her to be around him ( like in the house etc .. ) but not with him as a couple and he wants her to stay single for him while he marry tia
      tbh sso motives for anika now are selfish ones , their current relationship is not healthy because of him and his stupid beliefs and for them to have a normal life together he needs to change radically and it will happend after tia not before


      What SSO want from ANIKA?
      in my POV

      1-She wants ANIKA seeking his help
      2-She should be totally dependent over him
      3-She should be agree over his all decission
      4-She should not raise her voice against whatever he does
      5-She want ANIKA in distress, so he can give his shoulder to her
      6-For every needs, she should aks only him
      7 He wants ANNIKA should praise his any act , talk

      There are many ones, but in short


      He is mentally never agrred on WOMAN EMPOWERMENT that we all already seen in MALLIKA matter, and clearly said alike, I JUST CAN’T SAY TODAY, HOW I WILL BEHAVE WITH MY WIFE!

      He is fully jealous of talent , her esteem, her regaining capacity, her ability to cop up with any trouble, her innocency, her frankness, and what not?


      Above all, his KKN ideology is simply a mask to hide his all weakness, nothing else!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.