Ishqbaaz 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says I can get Rudra and Soumya’s friendship done in a day. Shivaye says I tried, but what I can’t do, no one can do this, its impossible. She asks if I do this, will you keep your ego aside and say thanks to me, do you accept this challenge or did you lose. He says I don’t lose, challenge accepted.

Some time before, Rumi hugs Soumya. Rumi talks to Soumya and Rudra looks on. Soumya says I was settling here and did not come to college. Rudra asks do you know each other. Soumya says we are childhood friends. Rumi asks do I know you, Mangesh, fitness trainer. Soumya says no, its him. Rumi says oh, its him, I was there. She tells Rudra that you should be ashamed, you have insulted my friend. She throws water on his face for insulting Soumya. She pours water from jug and says this is to

think I can date a guy like you. He gets upset and goes to Shivaye and Om. They look at him and ask again? Om says I thought your screw is Dheela/loose, now I found that its actually Geela/drenched.

Rudra says you started hitting cheap jokes, its my work, if you do this, what will I do. Om says point noted. Rudra blames Shivaye for this. Om says Shivaye, you used to show Tadi. Shivaye says Tadi, even Anika says this. Om sings you took her name again. Rudra says Soumya and Rumi are childhood friends, help me. Om says just Lord can help you, and asks Shivaye to say thanks to Anika, problem solved. Shivaye says I think Rudra should say sorry to Soumya, its impossible, and my saying thanks to Anika is impossible to the power of infinity, this can’t happen. They see Anika there. Om and Rudra disappear. Anika looks for them.

Anika says I can do this. Shivaye asks what. She says I can make Rudra and Soumya get friendly in a day. Shivaye says I tried, but what I can’t do, no one can do this, its impossible. She asks if I do this, will you keep your ego aside and say thanks to me.

Shivaye says you think you are smart. She says I m smart, I finished 14 day computer course in 12 days, Rudra and Soumya’s friendship is not a big thing, you are afraid that I will do what you could not. He says Shivaye does not get scared of anyone, I don’t have time for your kiddish games. She sees his pic on business magazine cover page, and jokes on him. He asks her whats that language. She asks him did he accept challenge or did he lose. He says I don’t lose ever, challenge accepted. She says if I win, you will apologize to me for all tortures, and praise my smartness, thank me a lot. He asks anything more of this nonsense. She asks him not to get scared. He says fine, I will do this if you win. She says Pinky promise. He asks whats that Pinky. She tangles their Pinky fingers. He gets hand away and cleans his finger. She asks him to say what will he say. He says okay, but you first do it and show. She says okay done and goes.

Jhanvi and Pinky see Tej worried. Pinky gets tea cup and gives to Jhanvi. She greets Tej and says you look tired, Jhanvi made tea for you by her own hands. Tej takes tea and says I needed this. He tastes the tea. Pinky asks how is it, sugar. He says its same like Jhanvi used to make for me. He gets a call and says I will check your mail. Pinky says I will get sandwiches. Jhanvi asks why are you trying to bring us closer. Pinky says yes. Jhanvi says its much late now. Pinky says no, relations are like mobile battery, they need charging, when you charge it, battery gets 100%, your relation also needs charging. Jhanvi says we fought since many years, then how did you get concern and friendship suddenly. Pinky says I got habitual to fight like you, I can’t fight with other Jethani like Shwetlana. Jhanvi smiles.

Its morning, Anika and Shivaye meet. She asks are you ready. He says you are here to do my wedding arrangements, not to ask whether I m ready to go office. She says I asked for Rudra and Soumya’s matter, I don’t care if you go office in undergarments. He asks whats that. She says I will make them friends in 7 mins. He asks how did you get this figure of 7. She shows the slipper, and says my slipper number, house number, phone number digit is 7, so I selected this number. He says everyone’s phone number has 10 digits. She says one digit in my phone number repeat four times, so 7, come with me, follow me. He goes with her.

Tej calls Shwetlana and says good to know you sorted my work, the schedule is set and its good, see you soon. Shwetlana says I always do my work well. He thanks her and ends call. He calls manager and asks for arranging papers for meeting. The man says its all ready, Jhanvi scheduled everything. Tej asks Jhanvi? Jhanvi comes there. Tej asks did you set my meetings, my schedule is perfect like before when you used to handle my work. She says its okay, I thought to help you, I hope you did not feel bad. He says you organized my disorganized life, thank you. She smiles. He goes. Pinky signs her and smiles.

Anika asks Rudra are you ready to talk to Soumya. Rudra says yes. She asks him why is he going that way, don’t worry, this time she won’t throw water on you, its my plan and it won’t fail. She cracks joke. He asks why does her plan not fail. She tells about monkeys getting in her locality and then… Shivaye looks on and says 6 mins passed in praising yourself. Anika says I will show you, follow me. Rudra and Shivaye look at her. Anika says come with me.. Shivaye goes with me. Anika throws the paper ball at Soumya’s window. Soumya sees Rudra and asks what happened, why are you giving stone age missed calls. Rudra sings Piya piya…. Just like Soumya did in hospital, while Anika plays the song. Anika smiles. Shivaye looks on. Rudra acts seeing Anika. Soumya smiles. Anika dances and collides with Shivaye. Rudra makes Soumya laugh. Soumya and Anika clap. Rudra asks Soumya shall I come up. Soumya signs yes. Anika smiles.

Rudra gives parathas to Soumya. She says that’s so sweet. He says its namkeen, not sweet. She says I m calling you sweet. He says I was stupid, forgive me. She says I have forgiven you as you have sung my brother’s fav song, have paratha. He says no. She says its paratha, not romantic novel, guys don’t read that. He asks how do you know I don’t read novels and play videogames. She calls hum dumb. They talk. She says I will make you eat paratha one day. He says that day won’t come. She eats the paratha. Anika says someone told something, impossible to the power of infinity. Shivaye corrects her.

She asks him to say fast, what she taught him. He asks what. She asks how long will I wait, say fast. She smiles. He turns towards her to say. He says you Anika…. They hear Soumya and Rudra arguing again. Soumya says how dare you, you came here so that I introduce you to Rumi. He says yes, she is hot. They argue. Shivaye smiles and Anika worries. Anika says your brother is like you. Shivaye says I know, I m proud of him. she says I got them friendly, if Rudra spoiled things, its not my mistake. Shivaye says no, you failed, and in your language, Raita Phail Gaya. She looks at him.

The man gives codes to everyone for entry at home. Shivaye asks why did you give code to Anika. He says its Dadi’s order, just memorize the code for security measures. Anika says how should I memorize such a long number. Shivaye burns her code slip.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. disha

    best dialog froma anika -shivaye:sabke phone number me 10 digits hote ha tumhar me 7 kare
    anika:mere phane number me 4 four baar ha baar baar kaun ginega

  2. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Oberoi Mension me flood aane wala h

    Rumi too threw water on Rudra…. Seriously pani pani pani… Koi bachao rudra ko… Kahin ei doob na jaye…

    • Ooshi Akbar

      surely but he should as he character is so dumb that’s y anyone throws water on him to realize his mistakes but he doesn’t realize

  3. disha

    good plan anika rudra sing song for saumya bas thodi der baad fight start hui hoti ti shivaye say thankyou to anika and

  4. Mukta

    Thankew Amena di for ur super duper update…..
    Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Renima di, Nelka di, Kat di, Roz, Rose, Mukti, Aliya, Shai, Disha, Mishri, Sumo, Naina, Aqua, Khushi, Priya, Ishika, Ishita, Sriranjani, Neha, Asmita, Shivani, Roo, Pragya, Dil, Prishu, Isha, Nida, Zuha, Luna, Devga, Yashal, Maanvi, Srini, Hashi, Rifa, Nivu, Smriti, Ritika, Yesha, Trisha, Rishti, Enansanjida, Shaza, Gauthmi, Mary, Sruthy, Sujina, Diya, Shahabana, Chirag, Abhi, Muskaan, Niyati, Monique, Krishna, Dharhu, Ooshi Akbar di, Sreekutty, Rani, Maleesha, Jaz, Pradishma, Haya, Belle, Guman, Erica, Muzammil, Sat, Nisha, Pankh, Bharathi, Fatima, Kitty, Shraddha, MP, Kriti, Priyanka, dr, Nabanita, Ayushi(Manya), Salsa, Anju, Sahana, Komal, Dhara ——– How r u all?? All ok na???
    Sorry friends, I couldn’t comment in last episode regularly but then too we crossed 300…….
    This is called d magic of Ishq which is binding us all together……
    Love ISHQBAAZ and my Co-Ishqbaazians

  5. Aliya

    Hii guys pani pani wala episode jug full of water was thrown. I was laughing in each and every seconds

  6. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Anika ~ ek baar kar ke dikhaiye na…
    Sso ~ main Shivaay 😳😳😳 tum pehle kar ke dikhao

    Anika ~ aap taiyar hokar office jaao ya kachchha baniyan me 🙊🙊🙊

  7. Mukta

    Anika made them friends…..but this Rudra😕😕😕Now how will Shivaaye apologize to Anika😑😑😑

  8. Rose

    Wow funny episode.but no ishkara scenes today..anyways epi was fab.loved roumya’s part.rumi is such a darling.

  9. Mukta

    I thought ur screw is DHEELA but now I found that actually it’s GEELA…..
    This cracked me up…..

  10. Mukta

    Anika – I don’t care if u go to office in undergarments
    After that Shivaaye’s expressions…
    What !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. salsa

    shivay fights with anika at first but he ends up obeying everything she says… 😀 😀 😀
    and that is super cute…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    Wow Shivaay started toc hanging by saying anika’s words
    Phail Gaya Raita….😂😂😂
    I hate u shivaay You will regret by taking her in hands…..
    In spoiler it said that Shivaay will started to fall for anika after this incident.

  13. Mukta

    Shivaaye is just impossible…..How can he burn that slip and ya y do Anika need that entry code….After all, she is d wedding planner….?????

  14. Maddy_02


    |Registered Member

    Awesome i loved it…..rumi too throw water at rudra….oh my baby rudra he will die if people start to throw water at rudra oh my god someone help him😂😂😂….but anyway he is cute,funny,handsome……I love him….and moreover how many time they will throw water at eachother…….😂😂😂😂…But the episode was damn😍😍😍😍…..shivaay and anika…..😚😚…am waiting for next….never get bored of this drama…😂😂😍😍😍😘😘😘

  15. salsa

    anika and shivay are cutest cutest cutest cutest cutest couple…….
    I just love them and their chemistry .. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  16. Aliya

    Hi guys how are you 😊😊😊😊😊fantastic aweeeeeeeeeesom episode.shivika rocks 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 shivaye also study anika language.😀 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  17. shahabana

    Ohhhh guyz i cnt control laughing. Its full of joyyyyyy. Its an amazing show. Just waiting for this show everyday.all are superb.

  18. Sweena

    Awesome episode and rocking and best dialogue of the day in the last scene by shivay raita Phel Gaya it’s just awesome I loved it and waiting for tomorrow episode 😄😄😄😄😄😀😃😃😃

  19. MARY

    Awesome Asmita like you I also think Rudra will drown ,waiting for ishkara scenes today I missed Tia too

    Well how are everyone??
    Nadiya di ,Kat, Mukta , Ishita , Aayushi (manya), (((((no offence but I can’t remember many names so forgive me if I didn’t name you but the question is
    for you too))))

    Any nadiya di , Kat do you know a website like this where we can discuss Harry Potter???
    please reply

  20. Iamsofianeak


    |Registered Member

    Todaay’s episode waaas wooww !!
    Luvedd shivikaa & rumya sceness *-*
    Anika is already wearing the outfit like the video ( tia insulted anika , door’s problem )
    and what does it mean cameo plz ( surbhy jyoti will enter on ishqbaaz as a cameo ????? )

  21. Manya


    |Registered Member

    Ep was 💘💘💘💘💘💘Rudra was looking too cute while singing and anika’s pinky promise😂😂😂and I didn’t understand why Shivaay burnt anika’s code???

  22. Ishkara

    Hello everyone. how r u people?? hope everyone’s doing good & may god bless u 🙂

    The episode was awesome……… especially the last part where shivaye says in your language RAITA PHAIL GAYA!!!!!!!

    Can anyone tell me what’s the meaning of tadi

  23. Enasanjida

    I m curisity 2 know – How Ishkara love story happened ? Om – Ishaana ka sweet moment dekhna hain & also Ishaana ka dramaqueen ; cute & funny wali abdaar.. Jabh Om ko pata chalega – she is not bela …mala.. She is Ishaana.

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Haha me too.. So curious to see their love confession and romance everything…. But I can’t even guess something regarding it even though I have some ideas regarding the other two.. But ishkara can’t even guess anything as I feel it is unique love story which Is not shown n any series till now..

  24. Enasanjida

    Ek news suna hain – Surubhi & KSG enter in ishqbaaz serial. Is it true ?” Quabul Hain” serial ka lead actr/ actress will come the show Ishqbaaz show.. I m sorry 2 say feeling totally mixed. Don’t know how i can react. .. Now isbaar TRP high nahi hua – then i say ‘ kuch toh jol hain’

    • Luna

      I think Ishqbaaz is getting low trp bcoz of tough competition from colors show Kasam which also airs at 10 am in India.

      • NadiyaShah32


        |Registered Member

        When will the audience rise above thys outdated, stupid saga of one wife n mutliple hisbands or vice versa or even worse those logicless saas bahu fights!!! 😠😠😠😡😡
        Hope our excitement n love fr thys show helps it to gain the popularity n success it rightly deserves!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

      • Kat


        |Registered Member

        Well answer for ur question buddy is “never” coz most people are not ready to step out of their short expand of expectations. All they expect from a show is saas bahu drama. I don’t know how they tolerate all those crazy nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Kimberly

    I’m not understanding Anika. She wants to make Rudra and Soumya friends just to make Shivaye say thanks to her??? It feels like Anika is begging to Shivaye to say sorry to her. Tia asked Anika to make Shivaye agree for wedding and she is playing stupid gaMes with Shivaye. Atleast she should respect Tia’s trust towards her.

      • Kimberly

        I dont care Tia is lead or not my POV is Tia is much better than Anika. I will not support any lead character blindly.

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Anika is challenging Shivaaye so that his ego will break…All these happened in a single day and there is still tym for her to do Tia’s work….these small games are good to see

  26. Guman

    bechaara rudra…..;-P romi too threw water on him…..soo funny it was…
    anika making pinky promise with shivaay…..;-D;-D;-P
    maje aa gye…

  27. Luna

    Funny ep, Poor Rudra first Soumya now Rumi, all girls throwing water at him. Nowadays he’s taking bath outside bathroom.

  28. sara345

    Todays episode was sooo funny!!! I was laughing at every bit of it… super good!!!!! 🙂 😀 *the part whre Shivaaye also enjoys the singing * :”D all parts were funny.. one of the best epis sooo far;) I feel like ishana overreacts too much she’s very dramebaazi…:/ hope this show goes well:)

  29. Luna

    Episoder r going nice but I’m waiting for Surbhi Jyoti’s entry as her char will take story to an interesting turn.

  30. Kimberly

    Why Rumi is also behaving rudely with Rudra ? Not liking Soumya and Rumi behaviour towards Rudra.

  31. Kimberly

    I’m loving Shwetlana’s character but they should show more of her. 3 char I love in dis show r Tia, Ishana nd Shwetlana

  32. Ooshi Akbar

    for me every scene has it’s own entertainment and happiness and for now the whole episode is complete entertainment pkg and epi was just awesome rudra and soumya can’t start fight after some time? other wise the whole episode was good,entertaining and awesome

  33. Suranjana Nayak

    When love relationship will start between Shivaaye and Anika……. I am eagerly waiting to watch that?

  34. Pankh


    |Registered Member

    hilarious epi…flood is not sufficient Tsunami will come in Oberoi Mansion 😀 😀 one of the best epi…

  35. Suranjana Nayak

    When love relationship will start between Shivaaye and Anika……. I like the shivaaye and anika pair very much…..!

    • Lids

      I love Anika, she is so much fun. Love her character, the way she acts, talks, so silly. Cant wait for their relationship to develop, but it will be so much fun if Shivaaye falls in love with her first and she doesn’t want anything to do with him until he makes her fall in love with him.

  36. pradishma

    oh finally SSO smiled and enjoyed song of Rudra..
    yeah dudes, when rudra sings, shivaye too smiles and enjoys but suddenly he realises and back to Sadu mode…
    Also when anika asks sivaye to follow her, he says that shivaye singh oberoi never follows anyone..
    Anika then asks him, means in train will u sit in engine, no na,,u will be sitting in coach thats following engine, so follow me and she goes , shivaye follows her..
    haha ,fantastic episode. Friends do watch episodes yaar.Updates misses many cute nok-jhoks..
    Even when anika tells shivaye, she doent mind if he goes to office in kachcha and baniyan, shivaye shouts what’s this language kachcha -baniyan, in high society…anika cuts him off and says, means in high society u wont wear kachcha and baniyan…

    hahahaaaa, shiavye -u are really poor

    • Mukta

      I couldn’t watch d episode so thanks a lot to share these small cute nok-jhok of SHIVIKA….
      Love uhh…………

    • Kat


      |Registered Member

      Hahaha Pradishama!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadu mode!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 And yeah dear if u want to really enjoy the episode, you’ve got to watch it!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  37. pradishma

    Did anyone watched reaction of Anika , when shivaye burned the paper..She was not shocked, she was looking with cute anger..Don’t know what will happen to shivaye … oye SSO , save urself from Anika..


  38. anu

    Todays episode was so funny!!!!
    Just wow!! Ishqbaaz! ^_^ :D♡♥♡
    Om teasing Shivay….
    Rudra singing and getting wet by Ruhi >_<

  39. Luna

    If Rumi nd Soumya r childhood friends then why Rumi didnt took stand for Soumya in college when Rudra was insulting her?

  40. Luna

    My moment of d day is Rumi throwing water at Rudra.I think Anika will also soon throw water at him. poor dumb Oberoi,lol

  41. Ooshi Akbar

    nhi koi cheez nikammi(useless)zamane main
    koi bura nhi kudrat k karkhane(manufactory) main

  42. Ooshi Akbar

    ISHQ krna hai to drd b sehna seekho
    wrna aesa kro ookat main rehna seekho

    yeh mohabbat wo munfarid khel hai Ghalib
    jo seekh jata hai wo haar jata hai

  43. mishri

    Helllllloooo all…..since mukta di has mentioned evry1 we dnt hav to ryt???😂😂😂..2dyz epi was HILARIOUS….rudra is ryt om is becumn naughty…anika’s pinky promise was soooo cute…dd u guyz c her babish dance 4 rudras dance…she jst rockd it….soooo cute all of thm are…and y does shivàay has to be such a…….idk i feel sorry 2 cal him names..he is sooooooo rude…i jst hate it wen he is funny in 1 epi nd rude in d next…..soooo rude he is…bt thy are d u ishqbaaz nd ishqbaazians…😍😍😍

  44. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Hehe,,,,,Rumi too,,,,,sirf Shivaaye ke lyf me nahi,Rudru ka lyf me bhi flood aagaya………Romya part was super cute
    Shivaaye is changing bcoz of Anika-“Raita phail gaya”.
    tomorrow will be ishkara’s day,,, 😀

  45. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ENASANJIDA di.. Di no ishkara ke liye ek new title track hai.. Actually GUL KHAN said this in her Twitter or ig I don’t know clearly.. But I saw her tweet in ishkara fb page.. She said that ISHKARA SCENES WILL FLOW WITH THEIR NEW TITLE SONG…

    • Enasanjida

      Hmmm… Tittle songs love story :O omg. Really. Really ; but muza “ooh jana ” song nice laga hain.. “Ishkara k liya perfect tha.
      I m eagrly 2 know ; what happened omkara dosa treat ?? Bela/ mala / ishaana 😀 haha.

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        ya di even i m thinking of it…dont know wts gonna happen in that part…bela aur mala mei confusion ayega????aajkal toh ishu bul rahi hai ki voh hi bela hai…how she l react when ridhima calls her mala???i think that meet is going to be funny..but i m not going to predict anything in ishkara love story bcoz i m not getting anything..its so diff..

  46. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    gud mrng ishqbaazians.I was not able to watch but it was amazing .the challenge betn shivika is awesome.saumya dialogue was epic stone age missed calls

  47. Haya

    hloo… Mishri,Ooshi,Rose,Priya,Disha,,
    I really don’t hav any intention of hurting u guyzz..I’m jzt told MY opinion abt ishana..
    YUP..! todayzz episode was sooo cool, shivika’s dialogues nice.i loved their NOK JOK..
    Rudra nd Soumya = made 4 each other.. i really msd OM..

  48. Kat


    |Registered Member

    Hey all my Ishqbaaaziyans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are u guys today?????????? 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Yesterday’s episode was so hilarious and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Rudra’s going to get permanent aqua phobia at this rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 At first it was only Soumya but now Rumi has ganged up with Soumya to throw water on Rudra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rudra looked so adorably cute and confused that again again he gets drenched!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 And Shivika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Pinky promise was so damn hilarious as Shivaay thought Anika was talking about his mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 And that
    ”I don’t care if u go to office in your undergarments” and Shivaay’s expression!!!!!!!!! Anika’s tactic to patch up Rudra and Soumya was nice and good until Rudar went n and ruined it all time!!!! 😀 😀 😀 And how both of them were looking at Rudra singing and Anika’s dance!!!!!!! She just bumped into him and he was like don’t u dare!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Precap looka funny too. Anika momorizing the code as 2 Cats and 3 dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Now I think that insult part is some how related to these codea as no one can enter to the Oberoi mansion without those code and Tia doesn’t have those codes with her!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NadiyaShah32


      |Registered Member

      Hey Kat how r u???😃😃😃
      Rudra n Saumya r the mini verson of ShIvika!!!😂😂😂😂
      Tbh…If ShiVika wasn’t thea,I might have skipped the show 😱😱😱but Thank GOD ….cz Now I love all of them..Roumya’s cuteness😇😇😇😇😊 n Ishakara’s intensity😎😎😎 Everything is damn perfect!!!!
      But… AnShi is n will be the 1st n last love of my fangirling!!!😍😍😍😘😘

      • nelka

        Me too nadiyaaa..shivika is my fav.l like anikaa very much.her skill is superb & nice to see her in the show.her dialogues delivery is just amazing.sometimes i can’t understand what she says coz i am not fluent in Hindi.but i enjoy the show to the supreme…

      • NadiyaShah32


        |Registered Member

        Nelka..just follow her expressions.😂😂😂😂.u will undesrtand everything automatically cz she emotes damn well!!!! And if u still face problem in understanding the language ….we will b more than happy to help u 😊😊😊😊😚

      • NadiyaShah32


        |Registered Member

        Belle..Same hea swhrt!!!😊😊😊😊😚
        ..All couples r really nice but we have this emotional connect just wid ShiVika!!! Isn’t it??😉😉😉😎

      • Kat


        |Registered Member

        Hey sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m fine gal. How are u????????????? 😀 😀 😀 And guys, Ishqbaaaz has become a beautiful story with the combination of all the three couples. But to me, like to u guys, Shivika is the heart of the show!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • mishri

      hi kat.. we gud.. hw r u?? the precap was nt nly funny it was shockn tooo with this shivaay evn a stone cn get hurt na….but thy r sooooo cute 2gthr..i love thr fyts.. anika alwayz win… i loooove shivika tooooo… thy r my favorite

  49. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    can anyone give glimpse of shwetlana bcoz I have started watching ishqbaaz few days ago .is she sister of om???

  50. mukul

    😘😘😘😘💖👌# ishqbaaz #rocks
    Every episode is having something special in it n the wait for ishqbaaz is a million dollar worth
    I really hope that after the insulting sessions r over from shivaay ‘s side he should realize his feelings for anika .
    Guys abhi in dono ki shaadi nahi who e hai toh itni nok jhok hoti hai shaadi ho jaane ke baad kya hoga 😁😁😁😁😆😆😉

  51. mukul

    Swetlana is not the sister of Om but she is the x for janvi becoz she wants to janvis place in the serial

  52. nelka

    Hii.Kat r u?? I’m bit busy with my xamz.non academic staff strike was over so back to xamz.what about urs??

    • Kat


      |Registered Member

      Yeah mine too dear. Free time is over as our lectures gonna resume tomorrow for another 2 weeks. Only then we are gonna have exams. These non academic people should have continued this strike for another week or two!!!!!!!! But what to do???????????? Back to that hectic life style from tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! When are u gonna have ur exams??????????? I heard ur time tables got changed??????????????????? 😀 😀 😀 😀

  53. renima

    Good Morning Ishqbaazians…..mukta, nadiya, aqua,disha….how are you all??? guys…. rightnow i got a small break…..since i missed yesterday’s episode am watching it on hotstar….. on friendship day we created a record…. remeber our target is 1000….i just hope …. next sunday…everybody will get time to comment on the show….we should break the record….

    • disha

      Good Afternoon renima i am good what about you.yes our target is 100 but i think 580 limit of comment because after 580 comment option is removed

      • renima

        Am fine nadiya…. we celebrated our 5th friendship anniversary …..with dance, fun….. i just say….it was one of the precious moment of my life…… about ishq…. i didn’t say anything…. because mahi was very happy and i don’t want to make him upset……. and the most interesting thing…. he enjoyed ishqbaaz episode….because of rudra’s comedy….

  54. renima

    Tej and Jhanvi scene was really nice…. shivika rocks……but rudra’s song was the major attraction….. where is dadi???

    • Kat


      |Registered Member

      I think she has gone a religious pilgrimage to pray for Shivaay and his marriage. Shivaay mentioned something about that the day his & tia’s kundalis were matched!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  55. NadiyaShah32


    |Registered Member

    “I laughed so much ” wud be an understatement coz this episode was a sure shot arrow at tickling my funny bones n how.😔😔😔😔..they hurted so much!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • NadiyaShah32


      |Registered Member

      And for me the moment of the day was the whole convo.between ShIvika!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂☺️☺️☺️
      Seriously want that spark between IshKara too!!!!

  56. renima

    Ishqbaaz has created an emotional bond among ishqbaazians…… care and affection of the oberoi brothers is praiseworthy….. the way of characterisation is entirely different from other serials which is really commendable…….ishqbaaz is worth to watch……


    if surbi jyoti’s role is negative , the who will unite the brothers…….oooooo
    too much suspense. lets wait and see.


    i can’t wait to see the romance between anika and shivay, am very sure they will be crazy lovers once the romance starts, that no one will be able to come in between them, i think shivay is already in love but just testing anika of various qualities a woman should posses, am very sure when he declares is intention anika will no be able to stand it.

  59. Mottu

    This serial is the worst serial I ever saw.
    Oh my god and people’s r crazy also for this serial. I want it to be a big flop serial. Anita look so ugly and who call her as she belongs to a poor family. And all this fights bakwaas only bakwaas I have only one word for this.

    • Mukta

      Hey dear……Thanx for ur opinion😊😊
      We love this serial…….we r crazy for it and so we comment here.

    • Rose

      Oh mottu, than veendum vanno.phir se? What’s ur problem man..if u don’t lykk this serial then just ignore .we ishqbaazians are enjoying this serial very much.b/w her name is anika not anita.

    • Sumo


      |Registered Member

      dats ur POV n to love dis show is ours..
      so we won’t be judging u n u won’t be judging us..
      healthy advice though! 😊

    • disha

      This serial is not worst or bakwaas .anika not look ugly .i think your mind is ugly .if don’t like this serial so don’t watch and comment again

    • nelka

      Oh dr.if u feel so then don’t dare to comment here.this is just for ishqbaaz lovers only.pls don’t middle with this sweet family.

    • Ooshi Akbar

      if it’s worst then don’t saw it not even open it’s page on telly updates and stay away from here

    • Zuha Fatima

      Zuha Fatima

      |Registered Member

      Dear it is ur POV, and we respect every POV but that doesnt mean that u can state anything WORST, for u it will be WORST but for others it may be the BEST😊


    • Varshini


      |Registered Member

      if u don’t like this show , it is fine mottu . we understand it is ur POV but we like it that is why we comment . if u don’t like don’t watch it or waste ur time to comment on this page . we all like it and so we comment .

    • Kat


      |Registered Member

      If u hate it this much, who asked u to watch it???????? All of us watch it because we love that show dearly. And u don’t have the right to insult any one saying that she is ugly. Every one is beautiful in their own ways.

  60. Mottu

    Anika ke dressing sense ko dekhkar kaun stupid keh sakta hai ki wo poor family se belong karti hai .ek orphan hai aur usko paiso ki zarurat hai no one…

    • Ooshi Akbar

      thanks for the comment and don’t comment again because many of us can’t tolerate u although i could

  61. renima

    Hi ishqbaaz family, am listing my most favourite episodes of ishqbaaz….27th july 2016- suniye!!!! scene, 21 july 2016….. ishkara scene, 28 july 2016….. shvika scene, 9th july 2016- sowmya’s concern for om, 6th august 2016- rudra throws water on om and shivay, 7th august 2016- ishana’s dance, shivay’s affection for om, 8th august 2016- rudra’s song, 5th august 2016- anika names sso as calculator, ishana’s bela- mala confusion…..
    day by day ishqbaaz gives the best….so am confused….well….pls share your favourite ishqbaaz moments….

    • Ooshi Akbar

      renima u r going good but for me till now it’s every episode had a favorite part so i don’t listed so sorry i can’t share any prominent scene Nadiya and other reply her your favorite ishqbaaz moment sorry Renima again

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      I too love all these scenes,,,,as Ooshi said it is difficult to list out….
      bt my recent favourites are
      Soumya-Rudra’s fight 8th aug
      ishkara scenes sply Ishana’s dance 8th aug
      Om & Rudru together calling Shivaaye as “Ishqbaaz” 7th aug
      Anika calling Shivaaaye as Billu and singing song “Billu” 5th aug
      I still haven’t watched 8th aug epi ,,,so these are my recent favourites

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      totally agreed shai dear….unki love story ke baare mei sochkar toh ham log pagal hojhayenge…kuch bhi clue nahi hai ..kaise un dono mei pyar hoga???so just waiting for their love story..i m eagerly waiting for it…hope they dont make us wait alot….

  62. sujina

    pani pani hogaya…
    oms dialouge tera screw dheela tha ab geela hogaya…so funny…
    SSO when ur ego’ll go…
    wa8in 4 2day code waala part…
    love ishqbaaz

  63. HarSHaN


    |Registered Member

    Ishqbaaz..2nd time of seeing after The promos..1st the chopper crash..2nd tiz epi…on TV..Unable to see daily..Strting to see got Ishqbaaz epis by Updates..Tanqq for tat..Falling in Interesting moments of Ishqbaaz as like as in cute moments of KRPKAB..May I join here,frndzz..

  64. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    guys if u realise … in qubool hai , neha laxmi iyer used to play asad’s sister najma’s role n in second season of qubool hai sanam n haya were sisters .. sanam was asad n zoya’s daughter n haya was nazma’s daughter ..
    so d main point is haya’s role was played by surbhi chandna.. isn’t it funny? den dey were mother- daughter now dey will be devrani -jethani …
    “viscous cycle” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    n I very well know dat I was stupid.. but just shared anyways., 🙌🙌

    • NadiyaShah32


      |Registered Member

      Imagine that!!!
      Thanx Sumo..I neve cud have found out that..Mother daughter nw jethanai devrani!!!
      What the whack!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. ishika

    Well its alwys shivika fr me…tht achha suniye na bol kar dikhaiye ek bar n shivay was like ok mai shivay…..n thn nope frst u do it😂😂….thn mere chaliy shivay Mai kisike piche nahi kata..thn hr engine part n sso actually followed her😂…n yes when rumya were laughing evn shivay smiled bt thn agn bcz of his ego he agn bcame angry young man..😂 bt tht sudden change in expression 👌….pinky promise n anika’s khud Ki tarif for 6min😂…..pure devar bhabi moment tht ws…god I jst lv them😍…n rumya too😍…ishqbaaz wud b nthng I thre is no shivika cute fights evn aftr love n marriage fr me…..

    • ishika

      N yes I cudnt cmnt bcz of my xms r near n I knw raita failne wala ha😂 cant b regular fr few dys..though bt I knw u gyz r enuf to keep th wnrgy lvl of the family high ech day😊
      I hope u gyz hv seen tht instagram video whre Tia gnna inslt Anika n shivay will support tht tellynews stated tht” apne pyar ka maan niche kaise hone dete shivay”hogi pyar Ki shuruvat😍 ..gosh waitng waitng llalalalaaaaa😍 …lol cz this is zalim Singh oberoi’s LAW acc. To him only he has th rght to insult Anika n fr anybdy else it will b a punishable offence😂😂….n yes whn rudra said apse sikha hai bhaiyaa his trah Anika di apko inslt krte rhti hai…tht prt ws damn good😂

  66. Dharhu

    Hi guys whether this news is late or nt bt this is a good news tat this serial is going to come in telegu in maa tv

  67. dhara

    thank you ooshi akbar, aliya,mishri mera welcome karne ke hamari ishqbaaz ki family me joint hokar bahut khush hu. i miss ishkara scene in today’s episode.but i also love shivika and roumya scenes.

  68. renima

    Last two days we missed dadi a lot… when dadi calls sso as billu infront of anika our shivay’s face will be just like a ziddi kid……

  69. renima

    Hey guys, i think after our 580 comments TU are taking too much of time for displaying our comments…

  70. ishabaaz fan

    Shivika’ s acting is jsst fab but ishKara track so boring n irrritating…..jssst hate tht

  71. manu

    Hi guys can I also join ishqbaaz family actually I have a family tashan e ishq family I use to love tashan e iahq before it was superb serial but when sidhant left I stopped watching it I am a dieharder fan of sidhant gupta and I started watching ishqbaaz and now.I love this serial the comedy romance and emotion in this serial is fab and when I saw the comment I mean 580 I was surprised and happt to see so can I also join

  72. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    I heard that love story between ishkara would be mysterious .I am excited ,I was.mesmerized by the scene when eyes of om got stuck on the dance of ishana

  73. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Hey my Ishqbaazians! How are u all? Sorry I was not commenting since past few days, as school opened this monday, and I got busy there, with independence day celebration and after reaching I am tired like hell, so I am not commenting!
    Well Shivika rocked the epi, as usual 😉 And epi was over all good and Piya piya song part wad good, I like Somu when she says Paratha, it looks sooooooo cute 😂😂😂
    Well my all time favorite television jodi is stepping in Ishqbaaz, my lovey dovey KaBhi, waiting for their entry, even if it is negative, I am still very much excited! To see Karan and Surbhi in negative role for the 1st time will be quite exciting to watch 😆😆 I am waiting for their entry like hell, as both are the best, dont mind my ishqbaazians, just that I love AsYa/KaBhi a but more than I do Shivika, but Shivika are also cute 😊
    Love u all my Ishqbaazians😘😘


  74. Ooshi Akbar

    aik din maine apne dil se poocha “Tu dharakta q hai?”
    us ne mjh se kaha “Tu jeeta q hai?”
    aur main khamosh ho gya.

    now it’s time for a question y i became silent after the thing said by heart a true ishqbaaz (aashiq) can give the answer try ur best now we will see do we had any real aashiq in our family or not

  75. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    hiiii…hey guys can anybody say me y HAYA is apologizing??? i dont know anything….what she said abt ishana???pls any body help me..

    • disha

      hello priya yesterday haya said about ishana-“Today’z episode was good. but i thnk ishana is jzt a little bit is so innocent,bt ishana is a liar. “

  76. Vinayak

    Superb Episode. This is a best serial of Star Plus. All casts acting’s are good.
    A nice old Bollywood song of Asha Bhoshle and Kishor Kumar of Film Bap re Bap.
    Presented in Humerous style.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  77. Sat

    Love ishqbaaz. It’s very hilarious yesterday. I am sure it is going to be very interesting☺☺☺☺

  78. renima

    When ridhima, omkara and ishana will meet what will happen??? Ishana will say to ridhima….am bela…. you have met my sister mala…. we are twins… just like ram aur shyam, seeta aur geeta…. guys….just think about it….

  79. Navi

    Hello people. . Remember me… I couldn’t comment for a long time. Missed you guys a lot. .

    Hilarious episode. om’s dialogue tumhara screw ghella hai was epic. .
    The way shivay said raita fail gaya was so cute.. now there is no hatred between shivika. .
    Rudra and soumya are sweethearts. .
    Romi and soumya are best friends. . Awesome

  80. Rhimjhim


    |Registered Member

    hey guys this is Rhimjhim here…. can i join u here… i am a big fan of this serial… and i read all ur comments….

  81. salsa

    anika : aeye mere piche chaliye…
    shivay: kya???
    anika : mera matlab.. sath chaliye… 😀 😀 😀 her expression though 😀 😀 😀 😀 hilarious

  82. Ooshi Akbar

    guys why u all says us isqbazians ishqbazians r the acts which someone does and we r also ishqbaaz but of the family not of the serial

  83. manu

    Hiiiiii guys what’s up? I am just waiting for wriyten updates of ishqbaaz as I will see repeat because having exam tommorow and papa will not allow me to see it and getting bired ehat sbout u guys

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.