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Anika says I can get Rudra and Soumya’s friendship done in a day. Shivaye says I tried, but what I can’t do, no one can do this, its impossible. She asks if I do this, will you keep your ego aside and say thanks to me, do you accept this challenge or did you lose. He says I don’t lose, challenge accepted.

Some time before, Rumi hugs Soumya. Rumi talks to Soumya and Rudra looks on. Soumya says I was settling here and did not come to college. Rudra asks do you know each other. Soumya says we are childhood friends. Rumi asks do I know you, Mangesh, fitness trainer. Soumya says no, its him. Rumi says oh, its him, I was there. She tells Rudra that you should be ashamed, you have insulted my friend. She throws water on his face for insulting Soumya. She pours water from jug and says this is to

think I can date a guy like you. He gets upset and goes to Shivaye and Om. They look at him and ask again? Om says I thought your screw is Dheela/loose, now I found that its actually Geela/drenched.

Rudra says you started hitting cheap jokes, its my work, if you do this, what will I do. Om says point noted. Rudra blames Shivaye for this. Om says Shivaye, you used to show Tadi. Shivaye says Tadi, even Anika says this. Om sings you took her name again. Rudra says Soumya and Rumi are childhood friends, help me. Om says just Lord can help you, and asks Shivaye to say thanks to Anika, problem solved. Shivaye says I think Rudra should say sorry to Soumya, its impossible, and my saying thanks to Anika is impossible to the power of infinity, this can’t happen. They see Anika there. Om and Rudra disappear. Anika looks for them.

Anika says I can do this. Shivaye asks what. She says I can make Rudra and Soumya get friendly in a day. Shivaye says I tried, but what I can’t do, no one can do this, its impossible. She asks if I do this, will you keep your ego aside and say thanks to me.

Shivaye says you think you are smart. She says I m smart, I finished 14 day computer course in 12 days, Rudra and Soumya’s friendship is not a big thing, you are afraid that I will do what you could not. He says Shivaye does not get scared of anyone, I don’t have time for your kiddish games. She sees his pic on business magazine cover page, and jokes on him. He asks her whats that language. She asks him did he accept challenge or did he lose. He says I don’t lose ever, challenge accepted. She says if I win, you will apologize to me for all tortures, and praise my smartness, thank me a lot. He asks anything more of this nonsense. She asks him not to get scared. He says fine, I will do this if you win. She says Pinky promise. He asks whats that Pinky. She tangles their Pinky fingers. He gets hand away and cleans his finger. She asks him to say what will he say. He says okay, but you first do it and show. She says okay done and goes.

Jhanvi and Pinky see Tej worried. Pinky gets tea cup and gives to Jhanvi. She greets Tej and says you look tired, Jhanvi made tea for you by her own hands. Tej takes tea and says I needed this. He tastes the tea. Pinky asks how is it, sugar. He says its same like Jhanvi used to make for me. He gets a call and says I will check your mail. Pinky says I will get sandwiches. Jhanvi asks why are you trying to bring us closer. Pinky says yes. Jhanvi says its much late now. Pinky says no, relations are like mobile battery, they need charging, when you charge it, battery gets 100%, your relation also needs charging. Jhanvi says we fought since many years, then how did you get concern and friendship suddenly. Pinky says I got habitual to fight like you, I can’t fight with other Jethani like Shwetlana. Jhanvi smiles.

Its morning, Anika and Shivaye meet. She asks are you ready. He says you are here to do my wedding arrangements, not to ask whether I m ready to go office. She says I asked for Rudra and Soumya’s matter, I don’t care if you go office in undergarments. He asks whats that. She says I will make them friends in 7 mins. He asks how did you get this figure of 7. She shows the slipper, and says my slipper number, house number, phone number digit is 7, so I selected this number. He says everyone’s phone number has 10 digits. She says one digit in my phone number repeat four times, so 7, come with me, follow me. He goes with her.

Tej calls Shwetlana and says good to know you sorted my work, the schedule is set and its good, see you soon. Shwetlana says I always do my work well. He thanks her and ends call. He calls manager and asks for arranging papers for meeting. The man says its all ready, Jhanvi scheduled everything. Tej asks Jhanvi? Jhanvi comes there. Tej asks did you set my meetings, my schedule is perfect like before when you used to handle my work. She says its okay, I thought to help you, I hope you did not feel bad. He says you organized my disorganized life, thank you. She smiles. He goes. Pinky signs her and smiles.

Anika asks Rudra are you ready to talk to Soumya. Rudra says yes. She asks him why is he going that way, don’t worry, this time she won’t throw water on you, its my plan and it won’t fail. She cracks joke. He asks why does her plan not fail. She tells about monkeys getting in her locality and then… Shivaye looks on and says 6 mins passed in praising yourself. Anika says I will show you, follow me. Rudra and Shivaye look at her. Anika says come with me.. Shivaye goes with me. Anika throws the paper ball at Soumya’s window. Soumya sees Rudra and asks what happened, why are you giving stone age missed calls. Rudra sings Piya piya…. Just like Soumya did in hospital, while Anika plays the song. Anika smiles. Shivaye looks on. Rudra acts seeing Anika. Soumya smiles. Anika dances and collides with Shivaye. Rudra makes Soumya laugh. Soumya and Anika clap. Rudra asks Soumya shall I come up. Soumya signs yes. Anika smiles.

Rudra gives parathas to Soumya. She says that’s so sweet. He says its namkeen, not sweet. She says I m calling you sweet. He says I was stupid, forgive me. She says I have forgiven you as you have sung my brother’s fav song, have paratha. He says no. She says its paratha, not romantic novel, guys don’t read that. He asks how do you know I don’t read novels and play videogames. She calls hum dumb. They talk. She says I will make you eat paratha one day. He says that day won’t come. She eats the paratha. Anika says someone told something, impossible to the power of infinity. Shivaye corrects her.

She asks him to say fast, what she taught him. He asks what. She asks how long will I wait, say fast. She smiles. He turns towards her to say. He says you Anika…. They hear Soumya and Rudra arguing again. Soumya says how dare you, you came here so that I introduce you to Rumi. He says yes, she is hot. They argue. Shivaye smiles and Anika worries. Anika says your brother is like you. Shivaye says I know, I m proud of him. she says I got them friendly, if Rudra spoiled things, its not my mistake. Shivaye says no, you failed, and in your language, Raita Phail Gaya. She looks at him.

The man gives codes to everyone for entry at home. Shivaye asks why did you give code to Anika. He says its Dadi’s order, just memorize the code for security measures. Anika says how should I memorize such a long number. Shivaye burns her code slip.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank you Aliya

  2. When ridhima, omkara and ishana will meet what will happen??? Ishana will say to ridhima….am bela…. you have met my sister mala…. we are twins… just like ram aur shyam, seeta aur geeta…. guys….just think about it….

    1. That’s funny I think this is possible renima.but ishqbaaz rocks

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  6. Hello people. . Remember me… I couldn’t comment for a long time. Missed you guys a lot. .

    Hilarious episode. om’s dialogue tumhara screw ghella hai was epic. .
    The way shivay said raita fail gaya was so cute.. now there is no hatred between shivika. .
    Rudra and soumya are sweethearts. .
    Romi and soumya are best friends. . Awesome

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  8. anika : aeye mere piche chaliye…
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    anika : mera matlab.. sath chaliye… 😀 😀 😀 her expression though 😀 😀 😀 😀 hilarious

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