Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna(Episode 8)


Hi guys….first of all sorry for not updating the episode daily when I promised that I will update it daily from now on…actually an emergency came due to which I wasn’t able to post it…..that’s why I got late.
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Scene 1(in Oberoi mansion): Anika is talking to Shivaye’s daughter.
Anika: Tara, what is this??? u’ve failed in all the subjects…why don’t u study dear??? I’m really fed up with u???
U know na what will happen when ur dad will see this result??? he will eat both of us alive.
Tara: Anika, u know na that I don’t like studying at all…all the teachers give me boring lectures which makes me sleep in the class….and u know Maths is so so tough…it goes all over my head.
Anika: Tara, just stop it…dear u have to study…otherwise u’ll be in the same class and all ur friends will get promoted.
Tara: But Anika…u know that I only love playing soccer…I don’t like anything else.
Anika: Tara…listen to me sweetie…I know that playing soccer is ur passion nand u know what??? I’m damn sure that one day
we all see u on TV playing for an international team…but dear…u know na that ur dad will only let u play if u will have good grades???
Tara: I know..but what should I do??? I fin d all the subjects very boring.
Anika: U know what??? I can really relate to u…I was also a weak student in school.
Tara(excitedly): Really????
Anika(smiling): yeah…..u know what??? whatever the teacher used to teach me went over my head…but dear…u know…u r really gifted in sports…u can play soccer as much u want but dear…plz take care of ur
studies too otherwise ur dad Shivaye Singh Oberoi will not allow u to play and then I can’t do anything.
Tara: Anika, I know that u can do anything… dad always listens to u…and I know that u will also save me from dad
when he will get to know about my bad grades.
Anika: What??? No way..I’ll not save u from ur dad…I can’t face him…ur dad has a habit of putting all the blame on me…
I know what he will say to me..that I’ve spoiled u..I don’t teach u properly…I’ve send some negative
energy to u that’s why u forgot everything in exam…I bet these will be the lines of ur dad….He just needs an excuse to put all
the blame on me…he’ll not say anything to u…but will give a 5 hour long lecture to me that how to take care of kids.
Tara: Anika, u know my dad so well…tell me na that how both of u met each other??? how both of u became friends????
Anika smiles at Tara and remembers his first meeting with Shivaye…their fights…their clashes and their romantic moments…
Anika gets lost in her thoughts.
Tara: Anika..plz thell me u and dad became friends.
Anika: Tara, it’s a long story.
Tara: And we have plenty of time..plz tell me na.
Anika: Tara…I’ll tell u later on…Now I’ve some work… and u should also go to study now…and promise me that u will work hard in ur studies.
Tara: But???
Anika: Tara….promise.
Tara: Okay..I promise.
Anika smiles and kisses Tara on her cheek.
Anika: good girl…now go.

Tara leaves….Anika again starts remembering her moments Shivaye. Anika goes back in the flashback….
Flashaback scene 8 years ago(in the hospital): Anika is driving her scooty on the road….Suddenly a truck hits the scooty and Anika lands in apool of blood getting severly injured…Anika becomes unconscious and people around her gather…
Shift to next scene: Shivaye, Om and Rudra are taking Anika to the operation theatre in the hospital….she’s very injured….Doctors take her inside the operation theatre…Shivaye is in a shocked state….tears fell from his eyes….Om consoles him.
Om: Shivaye..don’t worry..nothing will happen to Anika…she’ll be completely fine.
Shivaye: Om…Om…it’s paining me a lot…there’s too much of pain….I don’t know what’s going on… all happened bcoz of me…it all happened bcoz of me….Now what will I do Om??? Plz tell me what will I do???
Om hugs Shivaye tightly…tears fell from Om’s eyes too.
Om: u love her a lot na???
Shivaye: yeah Om…I love her and I can’t live without her…I just can’t live without her…I’ve never felt so weak Om…I’ve never felt so weak.

Rudra(to Shivaye): Bhaiya…don’t worry…nothing will happen to Anika di…she’ll be completely fine…plz bhaiya don’t cry…I can’t see u like this….plz don’t cry bhaiya…I can’t…I….
Rudra wasn’t able to finish his sentence and bursts into tears …Shivaye hugs Rudra
Shivaye(crying): Rudra…why are u crying????
Rudra(crying): Bhaiya…I can’t see u like this….It hurts me to see u hurt…after all we are one for all and all for one…..
Shivaye: Plz don’t cry Rudra….Okay, I’ll not cry… plz stop crying….even I can’t see u cry.
Shivaye and Rudra are still hugging each other…Om looks at them with teary eyes….he goes and joins them in hug…a silence comes to the hospital for a moment…..Obros are still hugging each other without saying a word…..that hug was giving them peace and energy…everyone was teary eyed….

After some time, Shivaye goes to temple in the hospital…he kneels down in front of the ido folding his hands in front of God…l with tears on his eyes…
Shivaye(praying): God…everything is a deal for me….even the relationship between u and me is a deal…I know that I remember u only at the time of need….and I’m again doing the same….I’m
Not a good human being and I know that….but that girl who is fighting with death inside, she has a heart of gold…she has melted a stone hearted person like me….I’m praying for her….plz save her God…plz save her….I don’t know how to pray…I don’t know what to pray…..Don’t save her for me…save her bcoz she deserves to live…plz God…plz.
Shivaye bursts into tears and starts crying….Om and Rudra come there and hug him and try to consolwe him.
Om: Shivaye…plz don’t cry…God will definitely listen to u….nothing will happen to her….and I know that.
Shivaye: Om…I can’t lose Anika…I can’t live without her…I just can’t live without her….I don’t know when did I fell in love with her….the thought of losing her makes me shiver in fear…..I’ve never felt so weak Om…I’ve never felt so weak….things are no more in my control…..I don’t know what to do?????
Om doesn’t says anything to Shivaye…he just wipes her tears and hugs him without saying a word….

Scene 2: Doctor comes out of the operation theatre
Shivaye: Doctor….is Anika fine..plz tell us.
Doctor: Don’t worry….the operation is successful and the patient is out of danger now….
Rudra: Doctor…can we meet her now???
Doctor: yeah u all can meet her….btw Mr Shivaye…is she ur wife????
Shivaye: Uh…umm No…no…she’s our…family.
Doctor: Okay.
Doctor leaves…Shivaye was about go inside the room to meet Anika but Om stops him.
Shivaye: Om??? What happened???
Om: Shivaye….just listen to me….u’ve confessed to us that u love Anika….now go and confess to Anika too
Shivaye: What??? Now??? No….it’s not the right time and it’s …it’s too early.
Rudra: No bhaiya…it’s the right time and it’s not early…it’s actually very late.
Shivaye: But???
Om: Shivaye, just listen to me….there’s no right or wrong time to confess ur feelings….Shivaye…plz go and confess to her that u love her…u took so much time in confessing ur feelings to urself…but plz don’t do this her too.
Shivaye: But I don’t know whether she loves me or not.
Om: Shivaye….u know very well and we too know very well that she loves u…so no need to lie.
Shivaye: But Om??? I…
Om: Shivaye…plz!!!!
Shivaye: Om..why don’t u understand??? Rudra..atleast u..
Rudra: bhaiya…I completely agree with O…
Om: Shivaye..just go to Anika and confess ur feelings.
Shivaye: Uh..umm.Oh..okay..fine.
Om and Rudra smile…Shivaye goes inside the ward to meet Anika….Anika is sleeping in his ward…Shivaye looks at her with teary eyes…O jaana song plays while Shivaye slowly walks towards Anika….Shivaye sits beside her.
Shivaye(with a low voice): Anika…

Anika slowly opens her eyes…she looks at Shivaye….they share an eyelock for a minute…both of them weren’t saying a word…just looking at each other without any expression.
Shivaye: Anika…I…I’m sorry…It all has happened bcoz of me.
Anika: Billu ji…why are u saying sorry???? U didn’t do anything…
Shivaye: No…It’s my fault….I should have taken care of u….
Anika looks at Shivaye with confusion.
Anika: Uh…what???
Shivaye: Uh…umm..I meant to say that I should have taken care of u knowing that Tia is after u to harm u.
Anika: What??? Billu ji… what r u saying????
Shivaye: yeah…it’s true…Tia was the one who made this accident happen…she wanted to kill u.
Shivaye tells Anika what happened…
Flashback scene a few hours ago: Shivaye gets a call from Tia.
Shivaye: Hello.
Tia: Hello Shivaye baby….
Shivaye: Why have u called me??? I told u na that we have no relation.
Tia: Shivaye…u thought that I’ll leave u so easily after what u did with me ???
Shivaye: Tia…It all u happened bcoz of u….u wanted to marry me only to take half of the property from the Oberois through alimony after giving me divorce….and after Anika exposing u in front of me….what do u expect me to do???
Tia: Shivaye…u have insulted me and my whole family.
Shivaye: And u and ur family deserved that insult.,.okay.
Tia: Shivaye…u, ur family and Anika will have to pay for it.
Shivaye(shouting): Don’t u even dare to harm my family or Anika or I’ll kill u Tia.
Tia: So much concern for Anika from u….well..I tell u that Anika will meet with an accident in just 10 minutes in Apollo street ….if u can save her then save her.
Shivaye gets shocked hearing it.

Shivaye(shouting): Tia..I swear I’ll not leave u if u tried to harm Anika…I’ll kill u Tia…did u hear that..
Tia: use this energy in saving Anika,. Shivaye baby…bye.
Tia cuts the phone….Shivaye calls Anika but her phone comes out of coverage…
Shivaye: Oh God…what will I do now???
Shivaye gets tensed…Om and Rudra enter and see Shivaye tensed…
Om: Shivaye , what happened??? Why are so tensed???
Shivaye: Uh..Om ..I have to go right now..I’ll tell u later on.
Om: But Shivaye…
Shivaye leaves without saying anything.
Rudra: O… Shivaye Bhaiya was very tensed…what would have happened???
Om: I don’t know Rudra…I think we should go behind Shivaye and see what’s the matter.
Rudra: u r right… lets go.
Shivaye sits in the car and goes to Apollo street…Om and Rudra follow Shivaye in another car….Shivaye sees a few people gathering near an accident site….Shivaye gets out of the car and runs there and sees Anika lying in the road unconscious and covered in blood with serious injuries…Shivaye sgets shocked seeing her….tears fell from the eyes of Shivaye…Om and Rudra also come there and get shocked seeing Anika in such a condition….He takes Anika in his lap.
Shivaye(crying): Anika, plz wake up Anika….anika plz wake up.
Om: Shivaye…we have to take her to the hospital fast.
Shivaye(crying): Anika, plz wake up…plz…..
Flashback ends.

Shivaye(to Anika): And then we brought u here to the hospital.
Anika: Thankyou Billu ji…for saving my life.
Shivaye:’s nothing in front of what u have done for our family….u have saved me and my family so many times….no need to say thankyou…. and I’m sorry for not trusting u when u said that Tia is upto something…I should have trusted u.
Anika: It’s u old habit….and I know u can’t do anything for it.
Shivaye: Anika…actually I wanted to ask u something???
Anika: what???
Shivaye: I wanted to….say something???
Anika: Billu ji, why are u moving things round and round…just tell me what u want to say.
Shivaye: Anika…I….uh….I..
Anika: I…uh…what???
Shivaye: Anika….I…uh.
Anika: Billuji…did ur cassette is stopped at one place???\
Shivaye: No listen…uh…umm.can we…become friends.
Anika gets shocked and confused.
Anika: Biluji…are u fine??? It looks like doctors have also done an operation of ur brain.
Shivaye: Okay fine….just tell me whether u want to become my friend or not???
Anika: Billuji, are u asking for friendship or are u aking for protection money…and why do u want me to become ur friend…bcoz according to u I don’t have the class like u and u make friends with people who are at ur level by money and status.
Shivaye: Uh…that’s not true…u have a misunderstanding.
Anika: What??? I’m having a misunderstanding??? I’ve seen u chanting about money, class, satus and background everyday…Are u really billuji na or are u his long lost twin brother.
Shivaye: Anika…just listen to me….I know that I have always cared about money, status and family background but…..uh…ummm I don’t think like that anymore…my thinking and mentality has changed.
Anika: Billu ji, what happened in one day that u changed so much?.
Shivaye: Uh…it didn’t happened in one day….my POV has changed slowly and it’s u who has changed it….I feel that we have a….a…chemistry…
Anika: What??? Chemistry???
Shivaye: Uh…ummm..I meant we understand each other so well so I thought that we should become friends now.
Anika: Ummm..Okay fine…I’ll become ur friend but…U have to promise one thing to me…
Shivaye: what???
Anika: Friendship is a relation of equality….so U will not shout at me…and u will value my opinion and u will talk to me decently.
Shivaye: okay…. Fine.
Anika: And no chants of khoon khandaan plz….it sucks big time.
Shivaye: Uh….ummm..okay fine.
Anika: wow, billu ji…now I’m damn sure that the doctors have changed ur brain in operation.
Shivaye: Okay fine…now u listento me…promise me that u will not call me billuji from now on.
Anika: Okay billuji
Shivaye: Again??? Listen …I’ve a name called Shivaye…okay.
Anika: Uh…okay…Shivaye!!!
Flashback ends….Anika comes out of flashback…Tears fell from Anika’s eyes.

Precap: Shivaye slaps Ishana.

Thatnks guys.

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  1. Nansshivika

    All flashback scenes of shivika are so cute and lovely and its excellent

    1. thanks Nansshivika

  2. Razna

    Woow its superrr…but luna i have somany doubts…on the previous episode we saw that anika proposing shivay and billuji accept it…..then now here….shivay is still didnt confess it..soooo pls help me to clr this confusion….any way pls ipdate next episode faastlyyyy

    1. thanks Razna, actually the flashback that I showed in prev episode happened later on…This flashback scene happened before proposal scene. This flashback showed how they became friends before confession.

  3. Flashback is really awesome

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  4. Like it nah
    Loveeeddd it

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  5. Superb dear?….I had a doubt that why anika is calling SSO as ‘shivay’ instead of ‘billuji’….now it got cleared…..but lot and lots of questions are still remaining….hope will get d answers in coming episodes…..plz update d next part soon dear…..

    1. thanks Rosu

  6. Ishqkum

    Dr I loved shivika scene that was awesome but Sry to ask. This I am so curious plz tell me in how many episode will u tell abut Tara ? This making me mad to think about who is Tara Tara? If it is possible tell me in how many episode u will tell about tara?_

    1. Thanks Ishqkum. I’ll reveal about Tara in 9th and 10th episode.

  7. Okay guys, comments are very less. I think many have not liked this episode. I guess the episode was very long with some boring parts. Also a flashback inside a flashback and non linear pattern in flashbacks might have confused some people. Whatever is the reason guys, plz comment and tell me. I don’t mind negative comments. U can criticise me but plz atleast comment.

  8. Diyaa

    I thought the flash back was nice. Simple to understand. I liked it that Tia’s truth is clear to Shivaay and there is no misunderstanding between ShivIka. If there was a love confession then by now they’d be married so obviously sthg. Happened that prevented that. Who is Tara is still a mystery that I hope will be revealed soon. Shivaay slaps Ishana!!?
    Whoa! I am waiting to know why! Sthg. To do with Om’s well being I think.
    I would have liked Anika to tell Tara that soccer can be her passion but she has to at least manage to pass to achieve her dream rather than saying that Shivaay won’t let her play. But again, this is your creative work so I accept it as it is. Well written Luna. 🙂

    1. thanks Diyaa, actually Tara is a 7 year old kid so obviously she’ll not understand the importance of studies. So I felt Anika giving her rational reasons would have looked strange.

  9. Shivika

    Dear it was damm osum… nxt episode asap

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    It was nice
    Shivika friendship in the flashback was great to read. Waiting to know who Tara is?

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    Our hero cant see his heroine in pain
    It was soo emotional
    U r slowly unfolding each and every truth
    I like it?

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    Hey dear….awesummm daa…..i luvd their part a lottttt…..jus nailed ittt

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  17. Nice ep plz Nice ep but I have one question is Tara shivika Daughter

    1. thanks Mihra, I’ll reveal about Tara in next episode

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