Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna(Episode 5)


Hello guys…again sorry for late update …okay without wasting time lets start the episode….Here’s the link of my previous episodes.


Recap: It’s revealed that Om is faking about memory loss which is unknown to Oberoi family.

Scene 1: Shivaye and Ishana enter the hospital where the whole Oberoi family was present along with Soumya….Everyone fumes seeing Ishana….Ishana gives an arrogant look to everyone.
Tej: Shivaye, Where were u??? How u got so late??
Shivaye: Bade papa, I was bailing out Ishana from police station…that’s why I got late.
Tej: Oh…so looks like a criminal will always remain a criminal.
Ishana(to Tej): Mr Oberoi….don’t talk as if u r a saint and haven’t done any illegal activity in ur whole life.
Pinky(to Ishana): Oh hello, how dare u talk to jethji like that???? Be in ur limits okays.
Shivaye: Okay fine…we r not here to fight with each other….Ishana, u know very well that why we have brought u here…U have to pretend in front of Om that u were with him in all these 8 years….and we have to be extremely careful…we don’t have to give him a single chance to suspect us….okay
Dadi: But billu…for how long we have to hide these things from Om???
Shivaye: Dadi…Om has to get his memory of last 8 years back by himself…we can’t tell him otherwise the consequences can very bad….his life could be in danger if we try to
force him to get back his memory.
Jhanvi(to Ishana): Listen to me girl…if u tried to harm Om then u don’t even know what I will do with u???? so be extremely careful.
Ishana(to Jhanvi): Don’t worry Mrs Oberoi…I know my limitaitions very well.

Scene 2: Om is sleeping in his ward… Ishana looks at Om from outside through the glass partition….Flashback comes in Ishana’s mind where she is pointing a gun towards Om and shoots…flashback ends and tears fell from Ishana’s eyes…Ishana opens the door and enters…Kaun tujhe song plays…Teary eyed Ishana was walking slowly towards Om with painful and guilty eyes….Her heart was full happiness. She sits beside Om…looking at him with teary eyes and painful smile…..she did’nt wanted to wake him up and talk to him…just looking at him after 8 years was enough for Ishana as if her thirst is quenched with a drop of water….She takes Om’s hand and keeps it in her cheek….tear drops fall on it and Om wakes up getting scared as if he got an electric shock…Om looks at Ishana and gets shocked….Ishana too gets surprised looking at Om….They share an eyelock with teary eyes….O Saathiya music plays in background…..There was so much pain in the eyes and face of Om and Ishana….their heart was bleating which was visible from their face…Ishana wipes the tears of Om from his face..
Ishana(crying): Om, why r u crying???
Om(wiping Ishana’s tears): Why r ucrying???
Ishana suddenly gives a tight hug to Om and bursts into tears….Om cries and puts his hand on Ishana’s head
Om(to Ishana): Ishana, I don’t know why God did this to me???? I don’t remember anything about what happened in last 8 years….tell me Ishana, where we really together for 8 years.
Ishana gets scared with Om’s question.
Ishana(painfully smiling): Yes Om, we were always together… nothing can set us apart….don’t think too much….u need rest.
Om: Ishana, I want to remember each and every moment with u…with my family…with everyone..wheter it is of joy or sorrow…I want to remember everything…I want…I..
Om bursts into tears without finishing his sentence…Ishana again hugs him tight…tears fell from the eyes of both.
Ishana: Plz don’t cry Om…plz don’t cry….u have only lost the moments with ur loved ones…but not the love….and till there is love in ur heart u can’t be unhappy.

Ishana and still giving a tight hug to each other with closed teary eyes without saying a word…They were hugging each other after 8 years and didn’t wanted to leave….that hug was giving them peace and relief in their mind and heart….

Scene 3: Anika comes to the hospital.
Anika(to Shivaye): Shivaye, why u again called me here??? U know na that I’m not Rajdhani express.
Shivaye: Anika, this is not a time to joke…I told u the whole matter in phone….Om has lost his memory of last 8 years and he still belives that he’s in love with Ishana….now we have no other option than making Ishana do fake love drama in front of Om.
Anika: Fake??? How can u say that Ishana’s love is fake for Om…she truly loves Omkara.
Shivaye: Yeah of course….U know na what she has done??? She tried to kill Om… don’t u understand.
Anika: I know that Shivaye, and I also know that what were the circumstances at that time so u can’t blame her.
Shivaye: Will u just stop taking stand of Ishana.??? She’s a blo*dy criminal…and u know what??? She was threatening me that she’ll kill me.
Anika smiles.
Shivaye(confused): Why r u smiling???
Anika: She threatened u and u got scared??? Really???
Shivaye: Uh,…umm. No I didn’t got scared…I…I.
Anika: Listen Shivaye….I know Ishana very closely and I know very well that she can never harm an innocent person…she may act ruthless in front of people but from inside she’s a very kind hearted girl.
Shivaye: Oh Really???? …and when did u saw her kindness???.for God sake Anika…she’s a criminal who does all the illegal activities.
Anika: U know Shivaye…no one wants to be a criminal….it’s the circumstances that make people one.
Shivaye: Anika, why don’t u understand??
Anika(holding Shivaye’s hands): Shivaye, I understand…I understand that u r afraid for ur brother…I know that u care for uer brothetr a lot and want to be extra careful…I know that u r afraid that Ishana may try to harm Om…. and I also know that u must have bragged that u will keep an eye on Ishana…u must have given everybody belief that Ishana will not harm Om when u urself don’t believe in it.
Shivaye(surprised): How do u know all these things???
Anika: I know how big tadibaaz u r…it’s nothing surprising…u always act like the great wall of Shivaye Singh oberoi…u have made everyone believe that…but u know what??? U r not a wall……u r a human being…who has emotions…who has feelings…whether it’s of joy..or sorrow or of fear.
Shivaye looks at Anika with innocent eyes. O jaana song plays.
Shivaye(thinking): How can Anika know about me so well???? As if she’s my wife….how can she know about me like this…I wish I could tell u how much I love u Anika….but unfortunately there’s a wall between u and me which I can’t break.
Shivaye gets lost in his thoughts.
Anika(waving her hand): Oh hello??? What happened??? Where did u get lost???
Shivaye comes out of his thoughts.
Anika: What happened Shivaye??? What were u thinking???
Shivaye: Uh nothing….nothing…uh..nothing important..really!!!!
Anika(smiling): I know what u were thinking.
Shivaye(shocked): Huh??? What??? Uh…what am I thinking???
Anika(laughing): Shivaye, U idiot…I was just kidding.
Shivaye gets embarresed.
Shivaye: Okay fine…enough jokes…now listen… I called u here so that u tell Ishana to stay in her limits and keep an eye on her.
Anika: Okay Shivaye, I will though I trust Ishana but I’ll keep an eye on her….don’t worry Shivaye, I’m in ur side.
Shivaye: Fine.
Shivaye leaves but Anika is still smiling.
Anika(thinking): Shivaye, I really know that what u were thinking…but there is no use of regretting now….Daily I wear a mask of happiness in front of people but only I know that how painful it is for me to see u daily…Doesn’t matters how much I laugh in front of people but my heart cries all the time…..Our love story will always be incomplete Shivaye…
Tear drops fell from Anika’s eyes and she fastly wipes it off and walks away with a smile.

Scene 4: Om is sitting in his bed Shivaye and Rudra are sitting beside Om.
Om: Shivaye, I want to ask u something.
Shivaye: Om, why r u taking permission ??? just ask.
Om: Shivaye: Is everything alright with Ishana.
Shivaye(scared): Uh, yeah of course…but why r u asking???
Om: U know…I saw a lot of pain in her eyes…she looked very sad and tensed.
Shivaye and Rudra get scared and silenced…They weren’t abl;e to answer Om’s questions.
Rudra: Om…of course she will sad…after all her boyfriend had such a big accident.
Om: No no Rudra…the pain that I saw in her eyes were heart wrenching…it seemed like it’s of years…it seemed like she had suffered a lot…Guys..plz don’t hide anything from me…plz tell everything fine with Ishana???
Shivaye holds the hands of Om.
Shivaye: Don’t u trust ur brothers???
Om: I trust in both of u more than me.
Shivaye: Then how can u think that we’ll hide something from u.
Om: Okay fine now tell me what happened in all these 8 years.
Rudra: Bhaiya, U know what?? I and Soumya have become best friends forever…Now we share each and everything about each other and always stay together…I don’t know which idiot said that a girl and a boy can never be friends???
Om: Probably u…
Shivaye laughs..Om smiles.
Rudra: Why R u laughing Shivaye Bhaiya??? I’m not joking…U know what, whenever I be with Soumya, I really forget all the pain of my life….she’s like a soul to my body….U know….
Shivaye: Rudra, Rudra ,Rudra!!!!! r u in love???
Rudra(embaressed): What??? Uh….umm..uh…what r u saying bhaiya???…there’s nothing like that….we r just best friends…nothing else..
Shivaye and Om laugh…Rudra smiles with shame on his face. Ishana looks at the Obros from outside the room through the window with teary eyes….sad music plays in background

To Be continued…..

Precap: Ishana is crying and Anika is consoling her.

Thanks guys….again a big SORRY for the late update guys.

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