Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna(Episode 4)

Hello my dear friends…sorry for the late updates guys but I’m facing some big issue…….now I will not even be able to give replies to u all……sorry guys…but u all plz comment on my ff…good or bad, I don’t care….constructive criticism is necessary other I’ll not be able to improve…well my last episode got quite less comments so I guess some of u did’nt liked it…..Tell me what u did’nt liked….Am I creating too much suspense or u did’nt liked the characterisation of Ishana or it’s something else…plz tell me guys. Here’s the link of my previous episodes:




Recap: Ishana is bailed out by Shivaye in police station.

Scene 1: In police station, Shivaye and Ishana give a furious look to each other….Shivaye is smiling looking at Ishana….Ishana is shocked and fumes.
Ishana: What r u doing here???
Shivaye: Saving u from the cops.
Ishana: What do u want???
Shivaye: Oh!!! direct to the point…..I’ve a work for u…..and u will get a hefty sum for it.
Ishana: What’s this work that u have to come to me??? Listen Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi…I’m not even a bit interested in doing ur work.
Shivaye: I heard that u can do anything for money.
Ishana: You’ve heard wrong….it’ll be better if we don’t scratch our wounds.
Ishana is about to leave from the police station
Shivaye: Ishana, Om is alive!!!!!!
Ishana’s legs stop… if she has got a shock….she stands still….o saathiya song plays….Shivaye’s that one sentence was like a melodious song for her…..her heartbeat became fast…she breaks down…tears fell from her eyes….Shivaye is looking at Ishana from the back…..Ishana controls herself and wipes out her tears….She turns back to Shivaye.
Ishana(angry): Shivaye Singh Oberoi…this is not funny…I swear I’ll kill u.
Inspector(to Ishana): How dare u threaten Mr Oberoi in the police station.
Shivaye: It’s okay Inspector….Ishana, do u think I’ll joke with u about my brother???? Om is alive and it’s 100% truth.
Again Ishana becomes teary eyed…but she controls her emotions in front of Shivaye
Ishana(wiping her tears): uh..umm..…what do u want from me????
Shivaye: Come outside…I’ll tell u.
Shivaye takes Ishana outside the police station.
Shivaye: Now listen to me carefully Ishana….when I saw Om after 8 years when he met with an accident…he’s suffering from retrograde amnesia….he has lost his memory….he does’nt remembers what happened in these 8 years…. he has completely forgotten what happened and neither we know where was he all these 8 years
Ishana gets completely shocked.
Ishana(shocked): what??? What r u saying??? how’s that possible???
Shivaye: It’s completely true….doctor has told me about this….he does’nt remembers what happened in these 8 years….He asked me about u ???? Also he still believes that this year is 2008…not 2016.
Ishana(shocked): Oh My God!!!!
Shivaye: Bcoz of his memory loss he still believes that u and him are still together. He still loves u.
Ishana: Does Om knows that 8 years have passed???
Shivaye: No!!!! he still does’nt knows that but we have to tell him….we can’t hide it from him from him for long….but we can’t tell him that he was not with us for 8 years and we thought that he was dead….it will be be shock for him and he’ll not be able to handle it…..if it happened then he can also possibly die by bursting a vein.
Ishana: So u want me to do fake drama in front of Om.
Shivaye: Smart girl!!!!! now tell me hope much money u want???
Ishana(seething): Shivaye Singh Oberoi…..don’t u dare ask me this question again.
Shivaye: Listen….U’ll have to take money.
Ishana(angry): Don’t u get it….I told u na that I’ll not take any money…..U may not believe it but I still love Omkara and for him I can do anything….and anything means anything.
Shivaye: Fine…Lets go.
Shivaye and Ishana sit in the car leave for the hospital.

Scene 2: Oberoi family is talking to the doctor in the hospital.
Doctor(to Tej): Listen Mr. Oberoi…we have to tell Om the truth that 8 years have passed before he himself knows it from somewhere else…if he gets to know about it from somewhere else then it will be really difficult for us to handle him…and it will be better if someone from u tells him.
Jhanvi: Okay doctor, I’ll tell him.
Rudra: Mom,. I’ll also go with u…
Dadi: I’ll also with u Jhanvi.
Pinky: Jethji, I think u should also go.
Tej: Uh..umm..I think I should stay outside.
Jhanvi: Yeah…right.
Jhanvi, Rudra, Dadi with the doctor go inside Om’s room. Om is sitting in his bed.
Om: what happened??? why u all are so tensed…mom I’m fine,
Rudra: Bhaiya, we have to tell u something.
Om: Okay, but first tell me where are Shivaye and Ishana???
Rudra’s lips get sealed. Jhanvi and Dadi were standing still without uttering a word…..
Doctor: Om, we have to tell u something.
Om: what happened doctor??? is everything alright.
Jhanvi goes near Om hugs him tightly. Tears fell from her eyes and she cries.
Om(confused): Mom, what happened??? why r u crying??? I’m completely fine now.
Jhanvi: I have to tell u… This year is 2024, not 2016… u have forgotten what happened in these 8 years due to accident….u are suffering from short term amnesia.
Om gets shocked to the core hearing Jhanvi’s words….he was’nt able to believe his ears…..his mind stopped to the core…Jhanvi again hugs him tightly and starts crying… Rudra and Dadi go near Om hold his hands…but there was no reaction from Om…..he was literally confused for what is going on.
Om(confused): Mom…how’s that possible???? Rudra, tell me it’ s a lie…I know that it’s ur prank….and Mom…how can u be a part of Rudra’s childish pranks….and Dadi?? u too….Plz….don’t do this to me…this is not funny…..I…I….
Om was’nt able to finish his sentence and bursts into tears….Jhanvi and Rudra hugs him tightly….Other Oberoi family members enter Om’s ward and get teary eyed seeiing Om’s condition.
Jhanvi: beta…plz don’t worry….u’ll soon remember everything.
Om(crying): mom, plz tell me…were we together in these 8 years…plz tell me… plz don’t hide anything from me.
Jhanvi was’nt able to answer Om’s question.
Dadi: Yes beta… we all were together????
Om(crying): And Ishana???? where is she???
Rudra: U both are still together bhaiyaa…she’ll soon come to meet u.
Om: but why she did’nt came yet????
Rudra: uh..umm…she had a dance competition in the outskirts of the city…that’s why she got late….but don’t worry she’ll come soon.
Om(crying): I still can’t believe it…..I want to remember each and every moment of these 8 years… can God play such a cruel joke with me??
Tej broked into peces seeing the condition of his son…..He wanted to console him but there was a wall between him and his son made by Tej himself which he wanted to broke now but can’t.
Dadi: Om beta…plz take care of urself…we all are with u in this difficult situation.
Rudra: Yes bhaiya….we r one for all and all for one…
Priyanku, Soumya and Pinky also go to Om and hug him…..Sad music plays in the background…..Om wipes his tears.
Om: Plz…everyone, leave me alone for some time.
Jhanvi: But Om, we can’t leave u in this situation…
Doctor: He’s saying right….Plz everyone leave the patient alone…he needs to take some rest….
Dadi: But doctor…Om needs support right now.
Om: Dadi, I know that u all r with me….and don’t worry I’ll not do anything.
Pinky: Shut up, don’t say these type of words.
Jhanvi: But Om beta….
Dadi: Jhanvi, I understand ur concern,…but It’ll be better if we leave him alone for some time.
Jhanvi: Okay maaji.
Jhanvi kisses Om in his head….everyone leaves Om alone. Om again gets teary eyed

Om( thinking): I’m sorry..plz everyone forgive me…. circumstances have become such that I’ve to do this fake drama of memory loss in front of my family….my accident was fake,.. my operation was fake…I love u all a lot but I can’t tell anyone about my hidden motive that made me return to my family after 8 years.

To Be Continued….

Precap: Om is sleeping in his ward….Ishana enters witrh teary eyes….Kaun tujhe song plays.

Sorry guys… no Ishkara meeting in today’s episode too….but next episode it’ll definitely happen…I promise…..plz wait….and guys, u can appreciate me as well as criticise me, I really don’t mind….but atleast comment…and silent readers, u also plz comment.

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  1. Wow…..super fantabulous episode….i loved it with a hidden motive….that’s something interesting?and again I hav to say ur style of writing is toooooo good ?

    1. thanks chandini

  2. Twists n turns.. nice one luna?

    1. thanks sahana

  3. Plz update asap eagerly waiting for such an amazing ff.plz dear update asap

    1. thanks piya

  4. Nithu

    Love it luna pls post nxt epi asap..plsss

    1. thanks Nithu

  5. What is wrong with tu my comments r not being displayed?

  6. Nw it came….?

  7. Ishqkum

    Nice dr

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  8. Luna is on on revenge motive for oberais he has come back

    1. I’ll soon reveal it dear.

  9. Its awesome….plzzz update next part soon….

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  10. Vincy

    So much suspense…. Interesting

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  11. Super but we’re is anima and please sivika scean

    1. thanks cherilla

  12. Nansshivika

    What a twist om doing drama wow its superb dear don’t feel low everything is awesome but plz reveal shivika relation and his daughter. It is making me go crazy. Lol. Post next one asap

    1. thanks nansshivika, shivika will be there in next ep, there r so many char so it’s difficult to show all of them.

  13. Sat

    How can I tel you luna that I really loved it to the core.
    Sorry for not commenting on some of your previous episodes as I am really busy and now I am not at all feeling well
    Please forgive me Yar, are you the sa!e luna in ishqbaaz written updates
    And I really love the twists in your ff, they are simply superb to say.
    I loved the 8years leap and the story
    And what about shivika today. I am really missing them, they are not even there in the precap
    Wishing their intense romance in the next epi
    Anyways ishkara is nice and rocking
    And a small doubt, why will janvi say it is 2024,it is 2016 right and shivaay said it is 2016
    And the precap is interesting. Please update the next part ASAP???

    1. thanks sat…no need to say sorry dear….I understand….And sorry for messing up the dates, I wrote it in a hurry and also sorry for not replying in PM, actually my message box is’nt working, don’t know why???? and Shivika will be there in next ep and there will also be a convo with Anika and Ishana.

  14. Samm

    The suspense is literally crackling ?

    1. thanks Samm

  15. Renima, sorry I can’t send u the links,as my message box is’nt working,don’t know why.

  16. Its just awesome… Full of suspense… Plz update the nxt part soon….

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  17. Ananya7044

    Yaar everything was superb but the lastnparagraph changed everything..too much suspense yaar..anyways superb as usual…

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  18. i really liked this episode to the core it was awesome twists n turns that u r giving r mindblowing

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  19. Perfect descriptions.I jst love it

    1. thanks gimeera

  20. U said its 2024 not 2016 i didnt get it plz explain.
    But rest is just awesome u write it wd same passion its really worth d time. All d best

    1. thanks aahana…I was mentioning the years dear…Om has forgotten that 8 years have passed.

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  22. Shaza

    Luna di it was rocking and shocking ??..Om’s fake memory loss drama, oh god I couldn’t Beleive
    and happy that Ishana still love Om ,
    don’t know why she shot Om ,
    reveal it fast , or I’m gonna die of suspense ?…
    And I won’t be able to comment on ur or any ff from tomorrow cuz actually on Nov19 my FA ( again ) gonna start ???..and then SA , the hardest and biggest exam of the year will be on feb and so much tension is there so I’ll read ur ep’s all together after March only ???..Wanted to inform so taut u don’t think I’m bored and left or something ?✌?️Sorry in advance …
    Sorry for that late comment too ?✌?️

    1. Thanks shaza, I’m really sad that u will not read my ff, but fine…exams r important, so prepare well and I hope u pass with flying colours…best of luck for ur exams…love u dear.

  23. Renimarenju

    Oh luna loved this episode so much…..but i have a doubt….i mean you’re saying after 8 years ishqbaaz… the theme….and in this part i found @ one place i mean sso was saying like om has forgotten what all things happened in past 8 years….om still believes it is 2008 ??…. and on hospital when jhanvi was telling om that its 2024……not 2016… i didn’t get which one is right ?….please clarify that ….i think you want to say its 2024….am i right ??? and dear…….i loved shivaay-ishana meeting @ police station which was entirely new……and the hospital scenes were also good and the way you conveyed emotions are really commentable……
    Keep up the good work….Worth Reading…….

    1. Renimarenju

      And dear i loved the last part very much as om was unable to express why he have to do the fake drama of memory loss……there you put the suspense very well and i felt it as the best…..
      Fabulous !!!

    2. thanks Renima

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