Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna(Episode 3)

Hi guys,thanks for all the support from all of u…Last episode was quite short…sorry for that…If u are not liking something in the current storyline then plz tell me and I’ll change it…Here’st the link of my previous episodes for those who have not read it.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Recap: The whole oberoi family meets Om after 8 years in the hospital.

Scene 1: Oberoi family is looking at Om with teary eyes…as if they are quenching their thirst after a long time….Hugs and kisses happen but no one is uttering a single word…eyes have sealed their mouth. The nurse enters the ward
Nurse: Plz u all leave the patient alone for some time…He needs to take rest.
Jhanvi: But I need to talk to my son.
Nurse: Mam, try to understand…the patient needs take some rest…just now he had a major operation.

Om: But nurse, I’m completely fine right now.
Shivaye: It’s okay Om….we’ll talk to u later on…u take rest.
Tej: But Shivaye…
Dadi: Tej, Shivaye is saying right…Om needs to take rest…we should leave him alone for some time…we’ll talk to him later.
Jhanvi: But maaji….
Dadi: Jhanvi…I understand ur emotions but u should also understand that it’s important.
Jhanvi: Okay maaji.
Jhanvi kisses Om in the head…everyone leaves Om to take rest..

Scene 2: Outside Om’s ward.
Anika: Shivaye, why did’nt u told the whole matter in the phone itself…was it necessary to call everyone to the hospital and play a brain teaser.
Shivaye: Do u think it was easy for me??? To tell that we have found Om after 8 years…I was’nt able to undestand what should I do….it was very difficult for me…My brain wasn’t working…u know na…

Anika: Yeah, I understand….seeing ur brother after so many years…I have seen the pain in ur eyes all these years and now I’m seeing it vanishing slowly.
Shivaye: Anika, when Om died… soul also died with him but when I saw Om after 8 years the blood stopped flowing in my veins, my heartbeat stopped, my lips got sealed, I can’t tell u how I was feeling???
It was a mixture and fear, confusion and shock…happiness and sadness….I…I….
Shivaye keeps on saying about his feelings.

Anika(irritated puts his hand on Shivaye’s mouth): Okay Okay…I understood.
Shivaye looks at Anika with innocent eyes..O jaana song plays.
Anika: Oops sorry….I should’nt have done that.
Shivaye(awkwardly): It’s okay.
Anika: Shivaye…I know it’s a very big moment for u…Maybe I can never understand ur emotions for Om…bcoz he’s ur brother…not mine….people say that they can understand others pain but in reality they can’t….only the person who is suffering can understand….but now there is no pain and suffering so lets be happy about it.
Shivaye: Yeah Anika, u r right.
Anika: Btw…I tell u that Tara has missed her beauty pageant and we also were’nt able to watch the new movie of Shah Rukh..
Shivaye(Shocked): What??? u were taking Tara to watch a movie….
Anika(thinking will help her in her development.): Oh God!!!!my empty stomach can’t keep any secret…now what will I do???

Anika: I mean to say that..
Shivaye: I know what u meant to say…. I’ve told u so many times that I don’t like her watching these type of stupid movies….these movies are the only reason for her bad grades…She should watch something educational which could help her in her development.
Anika: Oh hello..SSO..For ur kind info she’s a 7 year old kid….not a space scientist of NASA…and btw what education will Tara get from this beauty contest other than applying 1000 kilos of makeup and being fake??? I’m happy that she did’nt took part in this beauty contest…
these type of competitions aren’t good for kids.
Shivaye: Go and explain this to my mom…She only wanted Tara to take part in this competion.

Anika: Why me?? U can’t go and say…are u afraid of ur mom??
Shivaye: Just shut up okay…Just take Tara back to the Oberoi mansion…Sahil would have also came back from school….he would be all alone there
Anika: Okay fine…I’m leaving…u take care and earthquake btw earthquake will not come if u will cry a little…sometimes the great wall of Shivaye also needs a support.
Shivaye: What??? What…r u saying??

Anika: U’ve understood what I’m saying..
Anika leaves with Tara to Oberoi mansion. Shivaye looks at Anika while she’s leaving…O Jaaana music plays…Shivaye recalls Anika’s words.” Sometimes the great wall of Shivaye also needs a support..He goes to Dadi and puts his head in her lap…and bursts into tears.

Scene 3: Rudra is praying in the temple inside the hospital…Soumya sees it…Rudra ends the prayer.
Soumya(teasing): I heard that Rudy baby is not interested in these things, then what r u doing here.
Rudra hugs Soumya tightly without saying anything,,,Soumya gets suprised
Soumya(surprised): What happened Rudra???
Rudra: It all happened bcoz of u Soumya…U took me to the church to pray to God and my prayers got answered….Om came back in our family bcoz of u.
Soumya(putting both her hands on Rudra’s cheeks: Oh Rudra…u r still a small kid…. when will u grow up???
Rudra: Never ever..
Soumya smiles.
Soumya: Rudra, Nothing happened bcoz of me….it’s the love of all of us that made Om bhaiya to come back in our lives…now stop crying….I hate it when u cry….I feel like my heart is paining when I see u cry.
Rudra(wiping his tears): Okay Soumya, I’ll not cry.
Soumya: good boy.
Rudra and Soumya laugh and hug each other again.

Scene 4: Shivaye gathers everyone from the Oberoi family and Soumya to tell something.
Shivaye: I’ve to tell something very important to all of u.
Tej: What happened Shivaye??? U seem very tensed… Is everything alright.
Shivaye: No bade papa, everything is’nt alright.
Jhanvi: What happened Shivaye??? plz tell us fast.
Shivaye tells the whole matter to everyone and all get shocked.
Pinky: Oh my mata!!!! what r u saying Shivaye??? Is it really true???
Shivaye: Yes mom, it is absolutely true.
Jhanvi: Oh God!!!! now what will we do???
Dadi: Jhanvi, don’t lose hope..have faith in God….He gave us Om back and he’ll also give the solution for this problem too.

Tej: But mom….we’ll have to do something fast.
Shivaye: Now we have only one option left….to make Ishana meet Om.
Jhanvi: Shivaye, what r u saying??? U know very well that the girl is very dangerous… She can harm Om….She can do anything…how can u even think like that??? No!!! I can’t let that happen.
Tej: Jhanvi, plz try toderstand…we have no other option
Jhanvi: Tej, just shut up okay…I’m not even talking to u…I can’t see that girl near my son.

Dadi: Jhanvi, plz understand beta… we are doing this for the benefit of our family.
Jhanvi: Maaji, How can u even think like that..I did’nt expected this from u ??
Shivaye(holding the hands of Jhanvi): Badi maa, trust in me!!!! I’ll let nothing happen to Om…I’ll keep an eye on her…I know that Ishana is a bad girl but she still loves our Om…so she’ll not harm him.
Pinky: Jethaniji, even I agree with Shivaye…even I hate that girl Ishana..even more than u…but at this moment I think we have no other option
Shivaye: Badimaa, don’t u trust in me???
Jhanvi(smiling): I trust in u more than me Shivaye… I know that u always think about the welfare of our family and u love ur brothers a lot and can never take a wrong decision for them.

Shivaye: Thanyou badimaa, I’m going to search for Ishana.
Tej: But Shivaye, how’ll u find her???
Shivaye: Don’t worry about that bade papa…I will talk to the police commissnor of Mumbai….He’ll definitely know where she is.

Scene 5: A man is drinking beer at the bar….Suddenly someone takes the bottle of beer and smashes it on the head of the guy…she’s Ishana….The guy cries in pain with a lot of blood bleeding from his head…Ishana sits beside and gives a wicked smile.

Ishana(to the guy): I told u so many times…..don’t give information about my drug dealings to the police….but it did’nt entered ur empty head so I thought of making a passage with this bottle…I hope u don’t mind.
The guy is still screaming in pain but Ishana is still unaffected…A friend of Ishana enters.
Ishana’s friend: Ishana, what r u doing??? he’ll die.

Ishana(holding the head of the bleeded guy): I’m not that merciless…I’ve already called the ambulance…it’s on it’s way….this is just a warning from me but next time I will not show any mercy.
The ambulance arrives and takes the guy. Ishana is about to leave from the bar but suddenly a police jeep comes.
Police inspector: Ishana, u have to come with us for interrogation.

Ishana: What the hell!!!! for what reason???
Police inspector: A truck is stolen in the outskirts of Mumbai and u r a prime stop asking questions and just come with us.
Ishana(angry): Are u freaking nuts..I did’nt stole any truck u fool.
Police inspector: We’ll soon get to know. constable, arrest her.
Ishana: U know na…with whom u r messing with???
Police arrests her forcefully a nd takes her to the police station.

Scene 6: Ishana is sitting inside the lockup…She’s very angry.
Ishana(thinking): I don’t know why police department has so much love for me…whenever something is stolen I’m called for interrogation as if I don’t have any work other than answering their stupid questions.
Lady constable(to Ishana): C’mon, get out..
Ishana is taken to the police inspector.

Ishana(to inspector): So u’ll interrogate me here???
Police inspector: No we’ll not interrogate u…u have got the bail.
Ishana: Who bailed me out???
Police Inspector: Shivaye Singh Oberoi…
Ishana(shocked): what, Shivaye Singh Oberoi???
Shivaye(behind Ishana): Yes, me Ishana.
Ishana turns back gets shocked Shivaye….Shivaye grins looking at Ishana….both give a furious look to each other.

To Be Continued……

Precap: Om is sleeping in his ward…Ishana enters and touches his hand and Om wakes up as if he got a shock…He looks at Ishana shockingly…tears come ot from the eyes of both…O Saathiya music plays.

Guys and especially silent readers…If u did’nt liked something about my storyline then u can give me ur views. Also if u did’nt understood something then also u can ask me. Ishkara fans, gear up for Ishkara meeting in the next episode.

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  1. Aarya

    Superb…….really interesting……but confused about anika,tara,nd shivaay’s relation nd also about ishkara…..eagerly waiting for next….

    1. thanks aarya, I’ll reveal about Shivika relation in episode 5

  2. Priyanka1911

    Nice.. But what’s the suspense of Tara?? She is shivaay’s daughter,but who is her mother??

    1. thanks priyanka, i’ll reveal who is shivaye’s mother in 5th ep

      1. i meant i’ll reveal who is tara’s mother

  3. Wow…. What is the suspense about om? Has he forgotten what has happened in 8 years? Got to see a different person in ishana post soon..

    1. thanks anu

  4. Great update

    1. thanks pinkyy

  5. Who us tara?
    and what does shivaay told to all that made them shocked. Whts the history behind ishkara.

    1. tara is the daughter of shivaye…other questions will be answered in next episode.

  6. Super and interesting…but who is tara is she really shivaays daughter??? What an entry for ishana?

    1. thanks chandini

  7. Tulasi

    Awww…stll a lott of suspense….waitng for d next……..u rocked it girl….

    1. thanks tulasi

  8. Kiki

    Nice one. But please tell us about Tara’s mother. Keep it up Luna.

    1. thanks kiki, I’ll reveal it in ep 5

  9. Shivu

    soo much suspense……y ishana tried to shoot om….nd…..who is tara’s mother

    1. thanks shivu, i’ll reveal who is Tara’s mom in ep 5

  10. Super and interesting….bt who is tara???ishana entry ?

    1. thanks chandini, i’ll reveal about tara’s mom in ep 5

  11. Vincy

    Who is Tara? Is shivaye already married

    1. I’ll reveal it in ep 5,plz wait

      1. Vincy

        Ohk…one more episode to go… So much suspense

  12. Ananya7044

    Wow yaar..compemtEly diff concept…..this comment us fir all the 3 epis combinedly as i missed it….ur just fab..luvd it yaar..loads AnD loads of suspense yaar…and u very well know that u have so many quests right niw….And u even know what they r…so instead if asking them u directly clear all of them in the next episode…please….i can bear more suspense

    1. thanks ananya, well I’ll not reveal everything in one episode…otherwise there will be no fun after that… I’ll reveal everything one by one and I’ll reveal something big in next ep…so plz wait.

    2. Ananya7044

      Ok then fine..eagerly waiting then….

  13. Very nice episode. I have doubt about ishana’s character. …?? That if she loves omkara then why she kill him

    1. thanks chetna, I’ll reveal it soon

  14. nice…waiting for next

    1. thanku dear

  15. Mehreen Islam

    It’s an epic episode u r just amazing n awesome plz update next part soon 🙂 😉

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  16. Wonderful episode……….loved shivika part………..

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  17. Renimarenju

    luna dear actually i went to hospital @ mrng and my pain has increased only yaar….just an hour before i came back 2 my home…am very much tensed and not feeling well….just now i go through this part….and i loved the way you conveyed shivaay’s emotional side @ hospital before anika…anika’s words about sso “some times the great wall needs a shoulder” was the best dialogue in this part… was really very good yaar…..and i love rumya scenes also…..which u described really beautifully….and i loved jhanvi-shivaay bonding which was very special……
    the biggest surprise 4 me in this one is the way you portrayed ishana….omg!!! what an imagination……yaar…loved it so much…..
    and dear…..this one is really worth 2 read and am looking for next part…but as i said now my health and tensions and personal issues are killing me…..i don’t know when i will be able 2 comment… ishqie…pls send links @ pm yaar……

    1. thanks renima

  18. good going luna..
    keep it up.?
    just loving your ff..
    by the way y u r not commenting on IB episodes??
    really missing ur comments..

    1. thanks sara

  19. Veda

    outstndng…. loads of emotns nd suspns r gathrng..

    1. thanks veda

  20. Shaza

    Ok, I know I’m super duper late ,sry for that , I actually missed ur ep , and thigh the din post , just now red ur 3 parts , all were awesome ???, this comments is for all three ep cuz I din comment ?✌?️…when Roudra was praying the church , Tears were not stopping from my eyes , u portrayed emotions awesomely yr ….not more than shivaye and Roudra , but I was too very happy to see that Om was alive ,mixed emotions like shivaye I had ???
    Ur writing skills are so awesome, like Out of the world, no actually out of the universe ….can’t express in words …like how can someone think of so much awesome things yr ? …one f the best ff I know is urs
    I exited to know who’s daughter Tara must be …Maybe Tia only , we know that she is shuabyes daughter, and Anika not the mom , so maybe Tia was mom and dies while giving birth or in accident or somethings like that , or idk , have to wait till 5th ep to know that ???..

    Omg, in the promo u showed Ishana shooter Om ..why !? Pls reveal abt it fast , the suspense is killing me …
    Ishana’s charector is like something totally ,totally means totally different from all lead girls one like her have been in any ff or serial …ur like extra-ordinary

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    I have never written this much Big large giant comment for ANY ff or even on actual ishqbaaz ep …but ur ff ?….missing ur comments on ishqbaaz page !
    Now I’m feeling I’m not so much interested in actual what is gonna happen in ishqbaaaz l and I’m so much more interested to know what’s gonna happen in ur ff …actually I’m trying to stop and avoid all serials and ff’s that are so damn addicting for me , so that I can concentrate on studies …b4 I used be commenting reading all ff’s cuz my holidays were going on …I even thought to not read ur ff ..but it’s like magnet and atlast u see me commenting here, that also so big comment ..enough , woman write much more abt ur ff , but for now I’ll leave something so that I can write on ur next awesome/more awesome episodes ??

    Keep rocking di

    1. Shaza

      Sorry for the typo’s ?, wrote in excitement actually ??✌?️

    2. oh shaza, thanks a lot dear…it was such a huge compliment….it means a lot to me.

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