Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya -FF by Luna(Episode 29)

Hi guys, This is Luna, again back with a new update. Well, from this episode, I’ll start the flashback scenes to finally reveal about what happened between Ishkara in the past. This will be a long flashback. Here’s the link of my previous episodes:

Recap: Rudra and Soumya lie to Oberoi family, that they love each other. Oberoi family gets happy and plans for their engagement.

Scene 1: Ishana is sitting at a bar. She’s talking to a guy sitting with her.
Ishana(to the guy): I want u to find Tia Kapoor. Here’s her pic.
Ishana shows the photograph of Tia and gives it to the guy.
Ishana(to the guy): She’s in this city only. Must be hiding somewhere. Track her down.
The Guy(to Ishana): I know this girl. She’s the daughter of a famous businessman, but her company became bankrupt and she doesn’t lives in Mumbai anymore.
Ishana(angry): Don’t tell me what I know. Tell me, what I don’t know. She’s still in Mumbai, I’ve seen her. Find her and bring her to me. And make sure that u don’t come in the of the police.
The guy(to Ishana): The work is difficult, but I’ll do it..but…how much I’ll get????
Ishana(to the guy): How much u want???
The guy(to Ishana): 5 lacs….2 lacs in advance.
Ishana: Fine… you’ll get the money….deal???
The guy(to Ishana): hmm… deal.
The guy gets up from the chair and leaves. Ishana starts thinking about Tia.
Ishana(thinking): Tia???? What does she wants now??? what was she doing outside Oberoi mansion??? And why did she send goons to kill me???? What does she wants??? Should I tell this to Shivaye??? No…he’ll not believe me. No one will believe me except Anika….So what should I do…First I should find Tia I guess, before telling anyone. Tia can again try to kill me. I should be careful.

Ishana leaves from the bar and goes to her home. She enters her room. Ishana’s room was filled with photos and posters of Omkara, hanged on the walls. She looks at the pics and gets emotional. She recalls her romantic moments with Om. She takes out a pic of Om from the wall and looks at it. She closes her eyes, and tears roll down her cheeks. Kal Ho Naa Ho bg music plays.
Ishana(monologue): Just a few days more, and your memory will be back…you will again hate me…(Ishana gets emotional) all these years, I was like a body without soul. After knowing that you r alive…I…I felt like…like…someone has put breath in my nostrils….someone has again made my heart beat….someone has…again given me feelings.(smiles and says) Spending time with u makes me feel…like…like I’m in heaven… I became the happiest person on earth…but I also fear, what will happen, when u will know my truth…what will happen, when u will remember what I did to u??? u will hate me( Ishana bursts into tears and cries for few minutes….She sits down on the floor and cries)

Ishana goes back in the flashback .


Scene 2(flashback): Jhanvi is in her room, on the bed. She’s crying. Om enters the room. Jhanvi sees Om and wipes her tears, pretending that she wasn’t crying.
Om(to Jhanvi): Mom…
Jhanvi(giving a fake smile): What happened Om??? Do u need anything????
Om goes near Jhanvi and sits beside her. Jhanvi wonders. Om looks at Jhanvi.
Om(to Jhanvi): I wonder, whether am I really your son??
Jhanvi(confused): why are u saying that????
Om: because if I’m your son, then why am I not strong like u….why am I so weak…why????
Jhanvi: Why are u saying this Omkara??? U r not weak.
Om: No I am…. I am weak….I just can’t handle any problems…I easily break down…I easily start crying…I easily get emotional….
Jhanvi: Why are u talking like this Om??? Being emotional doesn’t means that u r weak.
Om: But taking drugs means that I’m weak….and not only weak…I’m also selfish…I’m very selfish…All this while, I was thinking only about myself…my problems, my feelings, my emotions…everything me and me…what about u???? u r going through such a trauma…the man u loved all your life…for whom u were trying to save this marriage, is going to divorce u and marry another girl??? I can’t even imagine how much painful, it is for u…what Mr Oberoi did to u, it can’t be forgiven….but u r still bearing him, just for us…for your children??? Why??? Why u can’t be little selfish??? Why u r like this???( Om gets emotional tears fall from his eyes)
Jhanvi also gets emotional hearing Om’s words….She starts crying.

Jhanvi(crying): Om….I’ve shown enough selfishness in my life….I never gave time to my children…I was always busy fighting with Tej, trying to save our marriage, but in the process, I forgot that I’ve other relationships too. I forgot that I’ve to take care of my children. U, Rudra and Prinku suffered because of My and Tej’s failed marriage. I was also somewhere responsible for u becoming …a,,,a drug addict
Om(wiping Jhanvi’s tears): No mom…It was not because of u…it was because of Mr Oberoi, Swetlana and most importantly myself. I was responsible for becoming a drug addict…I became weak(Om starts crying)…I’m still weak(Om smiles)…I don’t know how to face problems in my life….but u…u r really….really strong mom….and what u r doing for us now…maybe…maybe, no mom will do it ….thank you…(Om sulks)thanks a lot…(Om bursts into tears and hugs Jhanvi…both cry aloud..lafzon ka rishta plays…)
Om(crying): Thanks mom…..u r the world’s best mom for me…. I only somewhere failed to become a good son.
Jhanvi(crying): No Om….u have not failed…u r the best son of this house…..I’m happy that despite my failed marriage, my children are so mature and good from heart.
Lafzon ka rishta plays…Jhanvi wipes the tears of Om…Both smile.

Scene 3: Om enters Ishana’s clinic for his therapy(If u have forgotten, I remind u all that Ishana is a Psychologist in the flashback)…..Ishana was standing and doing some paper work on the table…She sees Om and smiles.
Ishana(smiling): oh…Om…plz sit down.(Ishana again
Om smiles and looks at Ishana…He wasn’t able to take his eyes off her, because Ishana was looking really beautiful in those specs…..He was still staring at her….Humnava song plays…Ishana notices that Om is starting at her.
Ishana(wondering): Om?? What happened???
Om: uh…nothing….
Ishana (smiles and says): Okay…then sit.
Om sits on the couch. Ishana also sits on the sofa in front of Om.
Ishana(to Om): So…how are u??
Om(with a straight face): umm..I think u know, how am I.
Ishana: it’s such a stupid question na??? why people even ask it??? I mean, who says that I’m not good…I’m not fine….hello, I’m in depression….my boss is after my life…my girlfriend broke up with me….I just fought with my wife…or..or…I’m kicked out of my job and now I’m unemployed…..ask anyone, how are u and u will get the same answer with a fake smile, and u will only hear…I’m good, I’m fine…what a stupid formality!!!!!
Om smiles hearing Ishana’s joke. Ishana sees that Om is smiling.
Ishana(grinning): hmmm…seems like u have talked to your mother.
Om(smiling): yeah…I talked to her.
Ishana: u cried while talking????
Om(smiling): yeah.
Ishana: It felt good???
Om: yeah….I felt very…very relaxed…..I got relief… pain got less…never thought that crying will give me happiness.
Ishana: u have kept your pain inside yourself since childhood…I know, that u have suffered a lot….but…that’s what life is…pain and suffering goes hand in hand…u can’t run away from it, neither u can hide from it….u can only face it.
Om: But how??? I know I’m weak…I know that I’m not able to face problems….I want to face it… I want to become more strong.

Ishana(smiling): There is no method or formulae for it…people become strong by facing difficult situations in life…u have a galore of problems in your life since childhood, then why u aren’t mentally strong????yes, I said it…u r not strong…u r weak, that’s the truth, harsh truth and it’s good that u accepted it yourself, but do u know why???(taking a pause) u r not strong because u never tried to solve those problems…because u never tried to find reasons to be happy…u always tried to run away from your problems…your problem is that…u easily break down, u r emotionally weak…very weak…..u must be thinking that why I’m counting your faults…. I’m not counting your faults…but I’m showing u a mirror…Now tell me, why are sad??? What’s your problem???
Om(confused): uh..I already told u.
Ishana(to Om): then tell me again.
Om(confused): uh….Mr Oberoi, my Dad….he’s divorcing my mom and marrying a girl whom I loved once.
Ishana: okay….so…u told me that u hate your dad, I mean..Mr Oberoi. so why do u even give a shit what he does????
Om(gets emotional and speaks loudly): because that decision of him, is affecting my family…because of him, my dad is suffering…my family is breaking.
Ishana: I’m sorry Om…but… your family was already broken.
Om gets silent and tears falls from his eyes.

Ishana: I’m sorry Om…I know, that u, your family is suffering a lot…..but I think, your mom is better alone rather than being with a man who doesn’t loves her at all. It’s a tough time for u, ur mom…but it’s upto u that how u see it….you can cry all your life about it or u can be happy, for finally getting rid of a man, whom u hate…and your mom, I can understand how much she’s suffering now…..this suffering will increase at the time of divorce, but I think, that even your mom doesn’t loves your dad anymore, after what he did to her.
Om(sulking): It’s not easy to forget your love. Even if the person betrays you, you still can’t forget that u loved him once…that for him, u were ready to fight for the world..that for him, u were ready to give your life…Even if u start hating that person, in one corner of your heart, u still love him.
Ishana after hearing Om’s words, thinks for a while.
Ishana: That means…still in your heart, u love your dad somewhere, still in your heart, you love your ex-girlfriend…Svetlana??? right???
Om wasn’t able to answer and he was thinking what to say.
Ishana: C’mon Om..tell u still love them????
Om: uh….uhmm…uh….(Om feels frustrated)
Ishana: C’mon Om…say u love them or not??? Do u love your dad, I mean Mr Oberoi and Svetlana, your ex-girlfriend.

Om’s lips get sealed and he gets completely silent. He covers his face with his hands and starts becomes restless.
Ishana: Om…are you alright…come on Om….don’t lie to yourself…..say the truth…do u love them??? do u still love them??? do u still have feelings for them??? Will u be sad, if they get hurt???? Will u feel bad?? Tell me Om??? Tell me???
Om(shouting): YES…..YES, I STILL LOVE THEM…I STILL HAVE FEELINGS FOR THEM…..I TRY MY BEST TO HATE THEM BUT…BUT ….I…I CAN’T….(Om bursts into tears and cries.) I can’t……Even after they destroying my life, they destroying my mom’s life, my whole family’s life….I still love them in my….in my heart….and it’s only because… some point of life…I loved them a lot….(Om starts crying) I loved my dad a lot in the childhood. I started hating him, when he cheated my mom, and had a relationship with Svetlana. I used to love Svetlana a lot, 3 years ago. But when she betrayed me, I didn’t stopped loving her. How can I stop loving her??? My love was true for her. My love was unconditional for her.
Om stops talking and cries loudly. Ishana sees Om crying and feels bad for him. She goes near him and sits beside him. She puts her hand on Om’s shoulder. Humnava song plays.Om was still crying. Ishana doesn’t says anything and silently watches him crying, sitting besides her. Om without noticing puts his head on Ishana’s shoulder. Ishana feels awkward but doesn’t says anything and just smiles seeing Om’s innocence. After few seconds, Om notices that he has put his head on Ishana’s shoulders. He gets up and feels awkward. Ishana just smiles and looks at Om.
Om(awkwardly): uh..I’m…I’m…really., really sorry..I didn’t noticed it.
Ishana(smiling): It’s okay…I understand.
Om(ashamed): I’m really, really sorry…. U must be thinking, what type of I am.
Ishana(smiling): I said na, it’s okay… need to be sorry.
Ishana again goes and sits on her sofa in front of Om.
Ishana: Om…look….U still love your dad and your ex-girlfriend…It’s not bad….I’m happy that u didn’t lied.
Om(with a straight face): I don’t lie…I hate lies.

Ishana(taking a pause): okay..u hate lies…that’s great…there are…very few people like u in this world…true, honest…good, I like it. Listen…Om… u love them ,but…ever wondered…why u love them???? True Love isn’t based on blood, family ties or physical appearance…Love is… only based on….what lies beneath…what u like about the person from inside…his mentality, his behavior, his inward personality…that’s what we like about that person and then, we love him…money, status, family, physical appearance has nothing to do with love….they are just bullshit…what u see outside in this world. The married couples, they don’t love each other. They love themselves. A love which is not unconditional, isn’t love. A relationship based on convenience isn’t relationship. It’s…It then becomes a business, a deal.
Om(giving a smile): You are talking like my elder brother.
Ishana(grinning): Then I guess, your brother is right. I can see and I know… that u truly loved Svetlana BUT….is…she the same Svetlana, u loved???? Is she the same Svetlana, that u thought her to be???? Would u have loved her, if u would have seen her true face???? Tell me!!!
Om: No but…..
Ishana: Exactly….no….u wouldn’t and there’s not any need of but here….u loved a girl, who was honest, loyal, trustful, good from heart…not a home breaker, a gold digger, a cheater, a betrayer. Love is unconditional, but love those…who deserve your love Om.

Om was listening to what Ishana was saying, with complete silence and patience. He heard these things before also, but no one ever tried to explain him thoroughly or make him understand so gracefully.
Ishana(grinning): Om….try to forget your past…the past will only give u pain. I’m not saying, that u should avoid your dad or…u face them….but remove them from your heart, and love them again, only when they stand in your standards. Love them, when they become like u want them to be. Love them, when they feel guilty for their sins….Love them, when u forgive them.

Om: But how??? I try a lot to forget my past…I try a lot to hate them. But…I simply can’t…Whenever I see them, my old wounds, become fresh. It reminds me that Svetlana betrayed me, that my dad cheated my mom.
Ishana: Then control your mind…divert it to something that makes u happy…do something, that makes u feel good…anything, that u like…that u love…For staying away from negative thoughts, u should do some positive things….and what are those positive things, u only know not me…Now …close your eyes and think, what happened in your life since your childhood???
Om: but…how??? I….
Ishana: come on, don’t be shy. Lay down and Close your eyes.
Om lays down on the sofa and closes his eyes. After closing his eyes, Om sees complete darkness. He sees his childhood, where he is watching his mom and dad quarrelling. He then sees Jhanvi crying in a corner after a fight with Tej. He then sees childhood, Rudra and Prinku coming to him crying and Om tries to console them. Shivaye enters and hugs all of them, and tries to console them. Om gets emotional .Then he sees Svetlana, and his happy moments with her…..Then he remembers how she betrayed him and left him, for his dad. He remembers his drug past. Om gets very emotional, and tears fall from his eyes. Then he remembers Tej announcing that he’ll divorce Jhanvi and marry Svetlana in front of the family. He remembers, her Jhanvi’s cry, Rudra’s cry, Shivaye’s tears , Prinku’s cry and Dadi’s cry. More tears fall from Om’s eyes while he thinks about his past but he controls his emotions and doesn’t cries. Ishana watches Om silently without saying anything. Om sulks and was just about to cry.
Ishana: Remember Om…if there is reason for sorrow, then there is also reason for joy. If there is reason to die, then there is also reason to live.

Om hears Ishana’s words and all his visions disappear. After a second, he sees himself, laughing in the kitchen with Shivaye and Rudra. He remembers his happy moments with Shivaye and Rudra. There Obros moments Om gets emotional, smiles and opens his eyes. He gets up from the sofa and sits down in a flip. He takes a deep breath . Tears were rolling down his cheeks, but he was completely silent.
Ishana: Om…wipe your tears,
Om looks at Ishana without saying anything.
Ishana: Om….I said wipe your tears…plz.
Om takes a pause and wipes his tears. Ishana goes and sits besides Om.
Ishana: Om…are u fine???
Om: yeah..yeah, I’m fine now.
Ishana(grinning): Again asked that stupid question…anyways, I think…u know, now what makes u…happy, right????So… Go, and do what u like to do. What makes u happy. Cry less and laugh more.
Om was still silent. He looks at Ishana with a vacant expression.
Ishana(smiling): what happened Om???
Om(takes a deep breath and says): Felt like a breath of fresh air touched my face….feeling very good….feeling very relaxed.
Ishana(takes a pause and then smiles): Make sure, that the fresh air always stays around u, and u don’t suffocate.
Om and Ishana share an eyelock…Kal Ho na Ho song plays….The screen freezes, while Om and Ishana were still having eyelock.

To Be Continued……
No Precap.

Thanks for reading guys, Hope u don’t get bored. Many Ishqies want to read funny scenes between couples, but Ishkara isn’t a type of couple, where u can put funny scenes. Hope u all don’t get disappointed.

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