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Recap: Rudra and Soumya lie to Tej and Jhanvi that they are in love with each other.

Scene 1: Tej is in the main hall. He’s very tensed and angry. Jhanvi enters.
Jhanvi: Tej….what happened???
Tej(angry): u don’t know what happened??? Are u blind???
Jhanvi: No…I’m not…I know what happened just now, but I want to know, what happened to u???
Tej: What happened to me??? U know very well, that I can’t accept Soumya as my daughter-in-law, I don’t know how Rudra fell in love with her.
Jhanvi: What’s wrong in Soumya??? She’s well educated, well-behaved, decent girl. We know her and her family very well. She’s also from a rich family. So u should also not have any problem Tej.

Tej: But her family still isn’t equal to us in terms of status. Alliance is done between equals.
Jhanvi: U have not changed at all Tej, Just like before, still thinking about money and status. Even Shivaye’s beliefs has changed now. Now he doesn’t thinks so much about money and status. If Shivaye can change, then why not u???
Tej gets sad and thinks for few seconds.
Tej(getting emotional): If u have given me chance, then I would have definitely changed Jhanvi.
Jhanvi looks down after hearing Tej’s words and feels a little bit of guilt from inside.
Jhanvi(sighing): Tej….if Rudra and Soumya love each other, then they will get married. I will get them married.
Tej(furiously): U r forgetting that I’m still the head of this family, and I’ll take the decisions for Rudra. I’m his dad, he’s my son.
Jhanvi(fuming in anger): Rudra is not a kid…u can’t force him now Tej….Rudra wil get married to Soumya only.!!!!
Tej glares at Jhanvi. Jhanvi also gives it back.
Tej(furious): I’ll not let that happen.
Jhanvi(seething): stop me if u can Tej!!!!!
Jhanvi leaves from there without further saying anything. Tej gets very angry.

Scene 2: The whole Oberoi family, Dadi, tej, Shakti, Jhanvi, Pinky, Shivaye, Om and Rudra is gathered at the main hall, along with Anika and Soumya. Only Mallika wasn’t present.
Dadi: arre Jhanvi…why did u called all of us here???
Shivaye: yeah Badi maa, Is everything alright???
Jhanvi: I wanted to tell something very important to u all.
Om: what mom???
Jhanvi gets nervous. Rudra and Soumya get very tensed.
Rudra{thinking(tensed)}: Oh God…what will I do now??? Mom will tell everything
Soumya{thinking(tensed)}: What should I do now??? Because of this idiot(referring to Rudra), I’m also in trouble now.
Shivaye(tensed): Badi maa, plz say something?? Everything is fine na???
Jhanvi(giving a smile): yeah…everything is fine…infact, I’ll say everything is great…I’ve a very good news for u all…..Rudra is in love.
Everyone gets shocked hearing this….Rudra and Soumya get very tensed.
Shivaye(shocked): what??? Rudra…is in love???
Jhanvi: yeah…Rudra is in love…with Soumya.
Pinky(shocked): Oh my mata…jethani ji…what are u saying???
Dadi(shocked): Jhanvi…is it really true.
Jhanvi: I know, this is really shocking for u all…but it’s true….Rudra and Soumya themselves told me and Tej about it.
Shivaye: Rudra….is it really true?? U and Soumya love each other???
Rudra and Soumya get very tensed. They were thinking, how to get out of this mess.
Om: Rudra…we are asking u something…is this true???
Rudra(tensed): uh…what?? Uh….I….uh…..actually

Soumya(interrupting Rudra): yes it’s true!!!! We…both…love…each other.
Om(giving suspicious expressions): Rudra, Soumya…why I’m feeling that u both are lying???
Rudra(scared): ahh….what……O..woh…
Soumya(scared): Bade baal wale bhaiya….why will we lie??? We are not lying…we truly love each other…
Om(still giving suspicious expressions): Really??? And how old this love is???
Rudra(slip of tongue): 2 hours.
All(shocked): what???

Rudra(realizing what he said): uh…I….uh…I mean..I….
Soumya(thinking): duffer Oberoi….ye toh sari pol khol dega(duffer Oberoi…he’ll reveal everything)
Soumya: uh…he wanted to say 2 months…he’s just joking(starts fake laughing)….actually we were in love long back….but we realized and confessed it 2 months back only….as u all know that we became best friends for 8 years ago….when our friendship turned into love, even we don’t know it. Right Rudra???
Rudra(confused but giving a fake smile): uh…what…uh…yeah, yeah….what Soumya said…is true ????
Shivaye(rudely to Rudra): are u telling us or asking us????
Rudra(confused): uh….uh…(looks at Soumya, Soumya signs Rudra to say yes)…..telling…of course!!!!
Shivaye gets angry.

Shivaye(angry): Then why didn’t u both told us before???? Rudra…why did u it hid from us for 2 months???
Rudra(scared)uh…woh…I was…I was scared
Shivaye(angry): Scared??? U should be scared…how dare u both hide it from me????
Rudra and Soumya get very scared of Shivaye. Rudra starts making puppy face(his usual tactic) to save himself. Soumya get very tensed.
Rudra(to Shivaye): bhaiyaa…woh…woh…..
Shivaye(angry): shut up Rudra….how dare u not tell me such a good news.
Rudra(still scared): woh…actually…(realizing what Shivaye said)…uh…bhaiya….what did u said???
Shivaye(giving a smile): Rudra…Soumya, I’ve no problem with your relationship…I’m very happy for both of u.

Dadi(smiling): wow…this is such a good news…I’m really happy….Tej, Jhanvi…u both don’t have any problem with Rudra and Soumya’s relationship na???
Jhanvi(smiling): No maaji…I don’t have any problem(looks at Tej)
Dadi: Tej…u???
Tej(disinterested): No…I don’t have any problem with it…and it doesn’t really matters….because who cares about my opinion here??? People in this house do whatever they want.(looks at Jhanvi furiously)
Shivaye(to Tej): Bade papa…why are saying like that???
Tej(angry): oh Shivaye…u know very well, why I’m saying this…anyways, I don’t have any problem with Rudra and Soumya’s relationship.

Jhanvi gets shocked hearing what Tej said.
Jhanvi(thinking): Some time before, Tej wasn’t happy with Rudra and Soumya’s relationship…now what happened to him????
Tej(thinking): I still have problem with Rudra and Soumya’s relationship, but he only reason I’m not showing any objection is because, Rudra is taking his career seriously because of Soumya.
Dadi: Great…then I’ll myself talk to Soumya’s family for Rudra and Soumya’s alliance.
Rudra/Soumya(shocked and scared): what???
Everyone wonders what happened to Rudra and Soumya.
Shivaye: Rudra, Soumya…what happened?? Why u both get so shocked???
Rudra(scared): alliance…marriage???
Shivaye: yes…do u both have any problem with it???
Rudra(scared): yes…I….I uh..uhm..I wanted to say that…
Soumya(again interrupting): we can’t get married.
All get shocked…Rudra and Soumya get very tensed.
Shivaye(shocked): what???
Om(shocked): Soumya, what are u saying???
Soumya(scared): uh…I meant…we can’t get married now…Tej uncle, Jhanvi aunty, didn’t we told both of u that Rudra and I want to marry each other, after Rudra stands up on his feet and becomes independent. After Rudra makes his career…
Soumya gets vey tensed but hides it behind a fake smile…..Rudra was wondering what she’s saying.
Soumya(with a fake smile): And that’s why Rudra has decided to go to Office from tomorrow.
All get completely shocked….Rudra was about to faint after hearing what Soumya said. Everyone now gets suspicious on Rudra and Soumya because Rudra agreeing to handle the business was unbelievable for the Oberoi family, they will rather believe that Dadi has a boyfriend.
Rudra(thinking): ye Soumya kya bol rahi hai?? Bolne se pehle sochna toh chahiye, ye toh mujhe pakka marvayegi…..(What the hell is this Soumya saying??? She should atleast think before saying….she’ll definitely get me killed)…I’m completely screwed now…..Oh God…plz save me!!!!!
Shivaye(shocked): what?? What are u saying Soumya???? Rudra?? Is this true.
Rudra(tensed): uh..what??? uh(looks at Soumya, she again signs Rudra to say yes)….uh…’s true…I want to handle dad’s business now(makes a cry baby face)
Rudra had no option other than doing what Soumya says, because he knew that using his non-existant brain, will only mess things more.

Om(shocked): Rudra..are u fine???
Shivaye(shocked): Is there any problem with u??? Your health is okay na???
Rudra(gets angry): what is so shocking in it??? I’ve become matured now…I can handle the business now…I’m no more a kid(thinking: Oh God…what am I saying???)
Everyone gets very happy hearing that and smile.
Shivaye(smiling): Rudra….I’m proud of u…finally, u decided to take your life seriously .
Pinky(grinning): oh my mata!!!! Ye toh double khushi hai ji(this is double happiness)
Dadi(smiling): haan Pinky….u said right….but then also, we should talk to Soumya’s family for their alliance…if they both don’t want to get married now, then fine but at least we can have the engagement.

Rudra(shocked): what?? Engagement?? But Dadi???
Dadi: No Rudra…u both don’t want to get married, then it’s fine but u both have to get engaged, and I don’t want to hear anything
Pinky(to Dadi): yeah mummy ji…even I agree with it.
Tej: I don’t have any problem with it.
Shivaye: I also agree with it…Rudra…what’s wrong in getting engaged??? You both can get engaged and can marry later on.
Rudra(tensed): but bhaiya….
Shivaye: no…I don’t want to hear anything.
Shakti: But first we should talks to Soumya’s family na, first we should know that they don’t have any problem with this alliance.
Dadi(smiling): Shakti…Soumya’s grandma is my friend…she’ll never say me no.
Pinky: aur waise bhi…we are Oberois….no one can say no to us.
Tej(agreeing with Pinky): yeah…right.
Shivaye: So it’s done……we all will go to Soumya’s house to talk about Rudra and Soumya’s alliance.
Rudra and Soumya get very tensed. They realized that they have created a big mess for themselves, and it’ll be very difficult for them to come out of it. They were in big trouble and they knew that saying the truth now will only lead them to some serious consequences. While all were happy, Om was feeling very suspicious on Rudra and Soumya, that they are lying. it was hard to fool Om. And Anika, who was standing quietly till now, without saying anything, seeing what’s going on was also suspicious just like Om. Only om and Anika were noticing Rudra and Soumya’s expressions, that they are not happy.
Rudra and Soumya give a fake smile to hide their tension.
Om(thinking): Something is definitely wrong here.
Anika(thinking): Rudra and Soumya are hiding something…..I’ve to find about it.

After few hours….
Scene 3: Rudra and Soumya enter Rudra’s room. Both are vey tensed.
Rudra(angry): Sumo…what did u said outside????
Soumya(furiously): whatever I said, was just to save u, okay….
Rudra(shouting): what??? Save me??? U have landed both of us, in such a big trouble…what was the need to say that I’ve agreed to handle dad’s business???
Soumya(shouting): oh hello…it all started because of u only…u didn’t wanted to get married.
Rudra(shouting): and u came up with that stupid plan to break my alliance,.
Soumya(shouting): It was u who lied that we both love each other.
Rudra(shouting):and why u had to agree with me…. and it was u who lied that I’ve agreed to handle the business.

Soumya(shocked): what??? Didn’t u lied that u want to make your career before marrying me…not putting the blame on me???
Rudra(furiously): I lied that I’ll make my career, not that I’ll go to office and handle dad’s business. It’s u said that…now because of u I’ve to go office daily.
Soumya(angry): seriously Rudra??? U r thinking about that??? Think, what will happen if our families will get to know that we lied to them??? how much hurt they will be??? u only care about yourself Rudra…ever thought about me??? Only because to save u, I had to say so many lies…just because of your one stupid wish, that u don’t want to get married…u don’t care about me at all….now because of u only I’ve created a mess for me also.(Soumya gets emotional).

Rudra feels bad for Soumya and realizes his mistake.
Rudra: Soumya…I’m really sorry…I know it all happened because of me…. I’m really dumb…..u care so much for me….I’m really really sorry….I know, I became very ungrateful….I’m sorry Soumya….U r my true friend (Rudra hugs Soumya, both get emotional and smile.)
Rudra(smiling): and don’t worry…when time will come, I’ll also be ready to do anything for u.
Soumya(gives a smile): hmm. Lets see.
Both grin.
Rudra(tensed): But what will we do now???

Soumya(tensed): I have a plan…as we said that we will get married after u make your career. So u start to going to office and handle your dad’s business.
Rudra(worried): But how will I do that???
Soumya(smirking): do u want to get married???
( Rudra nods no)
Soumya(smiling): great…then u will have to do it…..I don’t know how, but you will have to do it….then after few months, we’ll say that we don’t love each other anymore, for any reason , like our choices don’t match…I’m very possessive or u r very despo and our breakup happened. So how’s my plan???
Rudra(gets happy): wow…your plan is awesome…u r a genius Soumya.
Soumya(grinning): I know that!!!!!

Rudra(tensed): but…how will we stop the engagement???
Soumya: I’ve not yet thought about it, but we have to do something fast…we can’t let both the families be involved in this.
Rudra: come on Soumya…plz think something fast.
Soumya(smirking): It’s my brain, not Rajdhani Express….I need some time to think.
Both Rudra and Soumya start thinking on how to stop the engagement.

To Be Continued…………..
No Precap.

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