Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya – FF by Luna(Episode 24)

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Recap: Ishana finds that Tia sent goons to kill her.

Scene 1: Om is in his room. There’s completely silence. He goes near the window. The cool air touches his face and he closes his eyes. He recalls his last night with Ishana. He goes back in flashback.

FLASHBACK(8 years ago):

Scene 2{Flashback(Oberoi mansion)}: The whole Oberoi is about to do breakfast. Obros sit in the chair to do break fast. Tej enters along with Swetlana. Both are holding their hands like a couple. Everyone gets shocked seeing them. Om looks at Tej and Swetlana and fumes. His blood boils and he gets up from the dining table.
Shivaye: Om???? What happened???
Om(angry): I can’t do breakfast with this man.
Shivaye: Om,plz sit down. Lets have breakfast.
Om(angry): No, Shivaye!!!!! I can’t eat with cheaters and backstabbers.
Shivaye gets up and holds Om’s hands. He tries to stop Om.
Shivaye: Om, plz try to understand, we are a family and we should always be together.
Om(In a loud voice): This man is not my family Shivaye ….zabardasti ke rishte mujhe samajh nahi aate.

Jhanvi(emotionally): Om, beta….plz….
Om: No mom, plz….plz don’t…don’t do this.
Tej(arrogantly): If he wants to not eat with me then fine….let him go…..after all, eating with a person like me will also make him a sinner.
Om looks at Tej with anger….Tej remains unaffected. Om leaves from the dining table.
Shivaye: Om!!!! Plz listen to me.
Shivaye goes behinds Om but Jhanvi stops him.
Jhanvi: Shivaye, u stay here and I’ll go and talk to him.
Shivaye: but Badi maa….
Jhanvi: Shivaye, plz try to understand….He’s doing all this because of me only….U go and eat.
Shivaye: How can eat badi maa when my brother ate anything???

Jhanvi: Shivaye, don’t worry, I’ll take food for Om in his room.
Shivaye(taking a pause saying half-heartedly): Okay….fine
Jhanvi gives a fake smile.

Scene 2(flashback): Om enters his room. He closes the door. He leans on the door and sits down on the floor. He bursts into tears. Tute dil plays….. He starts crying like a small kid. Jhanvi knocks at the door.
Jhanvi: Om, beta ….plz open the door.
Om doesn’t responds.
Jhanvi(sulking): Om beta, plz….open the door.
Om doesn’t opens the door. Jhanvi too starts crying. Om hears her cry.
Jhanvi(crying): Om…if u will not stay strong then who will take care of me???? I’ve broked from inside. I need your support Om.plz…plz, open the door.
Om hears Jhanvi’s cry and opens the door. Both look at each other with teary ears. Both hug each other and cry.
Om: I’m sorry mom, I’ve become really weak. I can’t see u like this. I also can’t stay in this home. Why are u doing all this??? That man has cheated u. He’s giving u divorce and now, he’s going to marry Swetlana. Mom, lets leave this home. We’ll go and live somewhere else.
Jhanvi: Beta, plz don’t talk about leaving this home. Atleast not now, Once I get divorce from Tej, I’ll leave this home. But, it’s upto u, Rudra and Prinku to decide, whether u want to live with me or ur dad.
Om(angry): He’s not my dad. And I’m not gonna live with him.
Jhanvi(crying): Have u ever thought of Shivaye??? How will he feel if u will leave this home??? He was the person who took care of u and Rudra. He played the role of a parent and always protected u both. I have never been a good mother Om, and that’s a fact. I know that my children got affected because of my unhappy marriage with Tej. I never really took care of my kids. I was always busy in taking alcohol to ease my pain but my children suffered because of that.

Om(crying): No mom, that’s not true. We didn’t suffered because of u but only because of Mr Oberoi. I….I don’t know what to do. On one side, it’s my brother and on the other side, it’s u. I don’t know, what should I do…..who should I chose????
Jhanvi puts her hand on Om’s cheeks and caresses.
Jhanvi(emotionally): Do what’s in your heart and don’t think about anyone. Do what u want to do.Think about yourself, because we all want your happiness.
Om recalls Ishana’s words and and remembers that she also said the same thing what Jhanvi was saying.
Jhanvi(trying to give a smile while crying ): Om, I’m sending food in your room. Plz eat and take care of yourself.
Jhanvi again hugs Om and leaves. Om gets lost in his thoughts and again thinks about Ishana. He recalls what Ishana said in his session.

After 5 hours……..

Scene 3{Flashback(Ishana’s clinic)}: Om enters Ishana’s clinic. Ishana is talking to a friend on phone. She’s laughing at some joke of her friemd. Om looks at her and gets arrested in her charm. Ishana ends the call. Om gets out of his dreams. He starts down on the couch.
Ishana(snmiling): Hi….Om…..only Om.
Om: hi.
Ishana sits on the sofa in front of Om.
Ishana: So…what decision u took??? Did u decided to leave your family???
Om: uh…no….I love my brothers more than I hate Mr Oberoi…..I can’t leave them for my brothers.
Ishana: Mr Oberoi????
Om(taking a pause): My…dad.
Ishana: Oh…kay!!!! That’s great, and I hope that u took this decision wholeheartedly and u r not giving any punishment to yourself.
Om gets emotional. Tear drops roll from his eyes. Ishana sees tears on Om’s eyes.
Ishana: I’m really sorry, I didn’t meant to hurt u.
Om(sulking): No it’ s fine…it’s…fine. What punishment will I give to myself??? Life is giving me punishments in wholesale.
Ishana thinks for a while and sympathizes with Om.
Ishana: Om…..I know that it’s really a very difficult time and after hearing your whole life story, I know that u have faced many problems in your and now also u r facing it…but these problems, are never gonna end, never ever until your life ends. It’ll be always be there and u can’t do anything about it. BUT the only thing u can do, is be strong enough to face all these problems.
Om(giving a painful smile): It’s so easy to say all these things, but very difficult to follow in real life.
Ishana smiles.
Ishana(smiling): yeah…yeah I know that it’s all very difficult t follow. Life is difficult, what to do????
Om: Ishana…..I….uhm….
Ishana: yeah….
Om: u know, I choose the decision of not leaving the home, but what should I do now??? Once my mom and Mr Oberoi divorce each other, my mom leave home and then??? Then I have to decide that whether I should leave my home or not. If I leave my home and go with my mom, then… I have to live my brother Shivaye and I can’t leave him. My mom and Shivaye, both are very important in my life and I can’t chose anyone between them. Life has put me in such a situation, that I don’t know what to do????
Ishana thinks for a minute hearing Om’s confusion.

Ishana: hmm……when will your mom and….Mr Oberoi will take divorce???
Om: After 6 months…divorce is in proceedings and it’ll take 6 months, for both of them to take divorce. But my so- called dad, is so shameless that he brought his mistress in the house even before the divorce.
Ishana: o…kay………..why are u thinking so much about it now.
Om(confused): what????

Ishana: I mean, it’s 6 months….u have enough time to think and take the decision, right now u should take care of ur mom, she needs ur support, ur love and ur care a lot. U r cribbing so much about what ur dad,…I mean Mr Oberoi has done to u and ur family, but u forgot that it’s ur mom….who is suffering the most here…..I should go and hold her….u should console her….Just think, how she would be feeling right now, to see another woman with her husband in the same house, and u, her son, going in depression….Think about it, doesn’t she needs u??? I think, she needs this therapy more than u. She needs a psychologist more than u. I’m not saying, that u don’t need it, but u need it more.
Om gets completely silent. He realizes that how selfish he became. He got a reality check that he didn’t really cared about his mom Jhanvi and was only thinking about himself. He recalls Jhanvi’s crying and gets emotional. He bursts into tears.
Om(crying): what did I did??? How can I be so selfish??? I only cared about my own feelings and forgot to care about my mom. I only showed my concern for her but never really did something to console her. How did I forgot that she needs me the most right now???? How can I do that????
Ishana goes to Om gives tissue to his wipe his tears. Om wipes his tears and stops crying. Ishana gives a glass of water to Om.
Ishana: Drink it….you will feel better.
Om drinks water.
Ishana again goes and sits on the sofa.
Ishana: Om, past is past and future is future….both are not in our hands. What is there is only our present. Don’t cry over the past and don’t think much about the future. Think only about your present, what u should do right now??? Go and spend as much time u can with your mom…..go and share your pain with your mom….it’ll make u strong…it’ll make u come out of depression
Om smiles and gets teary eyed.
Om: Thanks. Thanks a lot Ishana for showing me the right path, now I know what should I do.
Ishana(smiling): That’s great……that’s all for today, see u in the next session.
Om and Ishana get up from the couch and shake hands.
Ishana: Take care of yourself Om.
Om doesn’t says anything and looks at Ishana intensely. Ishana feels awkward. Both share an eyelock. Humnava song plays.
Ishana: bye…..

Om: bye….
Om goes near the door to leave from the clinic. He turns again looks at Ishana. Ishana sees that Om is looking at him. Ishana feels awkward and smiles. She asks ‘what’ through expressions???? Om smiles and says nothing. Humnava song again plays. Om leaves from there. Ishana looks at Om while he leaves. She looks at door and smiles after he leaves.

Om comes out of flashback. He’s still in his room. The servant enters Om’s room.
Servant: Sir, everyone is calling u for breakfast.
Om: uh…Okay…I’m coming.

Scene4(Oberoi mansion): The whole Oberoi family sits down to do breakfast. Anika enters with his friend Arjun. Both of them were holding hands. Shivaye looks at them and burns with jealousy.
Dadi: Arre…Anika beta, it’s good that u r also here.
Pinky: Arre Anika…who is this guy with u???
Anika: uh… Pinky aunty….he’s my childhood friend Arjun.
Dadi: I myself called both of them for breakfast.
Pinky: Mummy ji, it’s okay but Anika…he’s only your friend na????
Anika(taking a pause): yeah yeah…Pinky Aunty, we are only friends.
Tej: What nonsense is this??? Now servants and their friends will do breakfast with us???
Anika and Arjun feel embarrassed. Om and Shivaye get angry but Shivaye controls his anger and doesn’t shows it.
Dadi(shouting): Tej!!!!! Anika isn’t a servant of this house….she’s a part of our family.
Tej(loudly): Mom…what are u even saying???
Jhanvi(seething): Mummy ji is saying truth Tej…..If u can’t accept it then it’s your problem.
Tej(arrogantly): whatever!!!!!
Tej gets up and leaves in anger.
Anika: Dadi, I think, we shouldn’t do breakfast here.
Dadi: chupkar Anika, just sit and have breakfast.
Anika: But Dadi….
Dadi: Anika!!!!! I said sit.
Anika smiles…Both Anika and Arjun sit on the dining table.
Dadi: So Anika, Tell me how both of u became friends????
Anika: uh…Dadi…I and Arjun were living together….
Shivaye(shocked): what???? Living together??? U mean live-in-relationship???
Anika: what???? No…no….
Shivaye(desperately): So what do u mean????
Anika(seething): first…let me finish….I and Arjun were living together in the orphanage. Arjun got adopted by a family at the age of 15 and we got seperated but, still we stayed in touch and remained friends.
Shivaye(desperately): But u never told me….I mean all of us that u also have a Boy friend.

Anika(shocked): What??? He’s not my boyfriend….what do u want to say.
Arjun: Anika, he said boy…friend, not boyfriend.
Anika(confused): what’s the difference Arjun??? Both mean the same.
Arjun: No Anika…it’s not the same….boy friend means someone having a friend who is a boy and boyfriend means a girl having a love interest.
Anika: oh…achha…but…what does love interest mean???
Arjun: uh…someone u love.
Anika: oh…thanks.
Shivaye(thinking): huh, she’s listening so patiently now, and when I explain it to her, she shows me tantrums.
Anika wasn’t able to eat food from knife and fork. Arjun sees that.
Arjun: Anika, let me tell u how to eat.
Shivaye(thinking): fhat the wuck!!!!! I have also taught her. How can she forget and why is she learning from him???
Arjun tells Anika how to eat.
Anika: Thanks Arjun.
Arjun: what Anika??? From when we started saying thanks to each other.
Anika(smiling): Sorry…
Arjun: Sorry??? Sorry is also not allowed,
Anika(smiling): oops..okay.
Shivaye(thinking): what the hell is going on??? Why are they saying such clichéd and cheesy dialogues as if some movie is going on??? Ridiculuous.
Pinky(teasing): waise, I’ll definitely say that Anika and Arjun, u both seem like made for each other couple.
Shivaye starts coughing hearing Pinky’s comment. He starts drinking water.
Pinky: Shivaye beta??? What happened are u fine????
Shivaye: yeah, yeah mom….I’m fine. …The food was too spicy for me.
Ruidra(grinning): Bhaiya, didn’t u only cooked the food??? How did u put so much spice in it???
Om(teasing): yeah Shivaye, U don’t like spicy food. Why did u put so much spice in it and I’m not finding it spicy. How are u only finding it spicy???
Om and Rudra understood that Shivaye is getting jealous. Shivaye fumes in anger.
Shivaye(in a low voice to Om and Rudra): Shut…up!!!!
Both Om and Rudra smile.
Anika blushes hearing Pinky’s comment. Arjun smiles

Arjun: Thank you Aunty.
Anika(blushing): Arjun, what are saying???
Pinky: see-see, what did I said??? Both are looking like a perfect couple.
Shivaye: Okay mom, just stop it.
Om(teasing): why Shivaye??? Even I think the same.
Rudra(grinning): yeah….me too.
Shivaye burns with jealousy and anger.
Shivaye(in a low voice): I said shut…up
Arjun: okay…let me tell u all that I’m in love with Anika.
Everyone gets shocked and again starts coughing.
Shivaye(shocked): fhat the wuck!!!!! What are u even saying???
Anika(blushing): Arjun…what are u saying???
Arjun: what Anika??? I’m saying the truth.

Rudra: ye kaunsi story hai???
Arjun: Let me tell u all, my love story with Anika.
Everyone gets shocked and completely silenced. Anika feels awkward and Arjun was smiling. And the great Shivaye Singh Oberoi was giving fhat the wuck expressions without saying anything as if he got a big electric shock.

To Be Continued……

Precap: Arjun tells his love story to Oberoi family. Ishana enters Tia’s home.

Thanks for reading guys.

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