Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya – FF by Luna(Episode 23)

Hi guys, how are u all??? I’m back with another update….A lot of shocking twists and turns are awaiting in my ff but that will be revealed only when I reveal the past of Ishkara. Here’s the link of my previous episodes:
Recap: Anika meets her childhood friend Arjun.

Scene 1(Oberoi Mansion): It’s 10: 00 pm. Om is in his bedroom. He’s looking outside at the moon standing near the window. Suddenly out of nowhere Ishana hugs Om from behind. Om gets scared, and sees that she’s Ishana. Ishana looks at Om and smiles.
Om(confused): Ishana??? U, here???
Ishana(innocently): why?? Can’t I enter your room????
Om: Of course u can but it’s time to go to bed. You should go and sleep.
Ishana: yeah, come, lets sleep.
Om: what???
Ishana: what did I said???come, lets go to bed.
Om(hesitatingly): u will…sleep her…in my room???
Ishana(grinning): yeah, of course. In your room…in your…bed…with u
Om: have u gone mad???

Ishana(grinning): Why are u acting like a saint??? We have already slept with each other, so why not now???
Om: Ishana, plz….leave, I’m not in the mood of all this.
Ishana goes near Om and caresses Om’s cheeks .
Ishana(smiling): Om, u r fine na???
Om looks at Ishana intensely without saying anything.
Om(smiling): I’m fine Ishana…I’m fine but I’m just stressed with what is going on in my life.
Ishana(emotionally): Om, I…I just want to u see happy. Why I feel that u r hiding something from me???
Om gets tensed.
Om(taking a pause): There’s nothing like that Ishana. I’m fine.
Ishana smiles looks down and sighs.
Ishana: Om!!!! If u have any problem then u can tell me….I’m always there for u.
Om(thinking): I know Ishana…u r always there to destroy my life.
Ishana: Take care Om.

Ishana turns back and is about to leave when Om grabs her hand. Ishana gets surprised, her heartbeat becomes faster. She turns back and looks at Om. Om is still holding her hand and is smiling. He pulls Ishana towards himself and grabs her waist. Ishana gets shocked. Om is still smiling.
Ishana(shyly): Om, what are u doing???
Om(in a flirtlatious tone): what happened??? Few seconds before u were in such a mood of romance, and now u have a problem with it???
Ishana blushes. Both look at each other and share an eyelock. Haal-e-dil song plays. Om brings his lips near Ishana. In a second but smooch each other passionately. While smooching they touch each other’s face passionately. Both close their eyes and enjoy the sensation. Om holds Ishana’s hair at the back of her head. Then he touches her earlobes, the sides and behind her ears. Om stops kissing Ishana and then strokes her ears.
Ishana: Om….

Om: shh….don’t say anything.
Ishana gets silent and both look at each other intensely. Then Om brushes her lips along Ishana’s ears. Then Om gently tosses ishana’s hair back so you can caresses her neck. Ishana gets complete pleasure.
Ishana(in a low voice): Om, what are u doing??? Stop it.
Om(putting his finger on Ishana’s lips): Shhhh!!!!! I said….don’t say anything….lets enjoy this moment and forget everything.
Om and Ishana were enjoying this romantic moment, because they knew that after some time they have to broke apart. Om hates Ishana but sub consciously, he still loves her.
Om unzips Ishana’s top which reveals Ishana’s shoulders and gently touches her shoulders with the tips of her fingers. Om then runs his hand on along the top of Ishana’s leg. Ishana feels heavenly. Then Om goes behind Ishana, touches her waist and kisses the back of her neck.

Ishana: Om please, no….stop it now, plz.
Om: Don’t u trust me????
Ishana(taking a pause): More than myself.
Om: Then????
Ishana smiles coyly. Om removes his shirt and shows his hot body. Ishana’s gets awed seeing her boyfriend shirtless. Om completely removes Ishana’s top and gently touches her navel. Ishana gets completely turned on. Both land in bed and cover themselves with blanket.

Note: I can’t tell, what happened next because censor board doesn’t allows me,lol….. so, lets shift to next scene.

Scene 2(Oberoi mansion): Om and Ishana are lying on the bed facing each other and looking in each other’s eyes. They are completely undressed and only covered with the blanket.
Ishana: Om…I can never forget this last night in my life….This moment will always be special to me and will be in my heart till the end of my life.
Om(smiling): u r talking as if we are going to be separated.
Ishana(thinking): u r right Om….Our relationship has no meaning and no future.
Om: What happened??? What are u thinking???
Ishana: uh…nothing.
Om(smiling): really???
Ishana(grinning): yeah!!!!
Om(grinning): Nope….u were thinking something.
Ishana(smiling): Om…..I should go now.
Om: wait na, where are u going???
Ishana: It’s morning Om, lets get up.

Ishana gets up from and dresses up while Om looks at her and grins.
Ishana(smiling): why are u grinning???
Om(grinning): I’m looking at my beautiful girlfriend, so I’m not suppose to grin???
Ishana: seems like u r taking tuitions from Rudy of flirting.
Om: It’s actually me who has taught him.
Ishana laughs.
Ishana: yeah, of course…Okay I’m going. U also come fast.
Ishana leaves from Om’s room. While Ishana was coming out of Om’s room, Shivaye sees her and gets shocked.
Shivaye(thinking): what was Ishana doing in Om’s room????
Shivaye goes inside Om’s room. Om was completely dressed by then.
Shivaye: Om!!!!
Om(seeing Shivaye): Shivaye, u here??? I was coming downstairs to have breakfast.
Shivaye: I’m not here for that. I saw Ishana coming out of your room. What was she doing here in early morning????
Om takes a pause and hesitates in saying.
Shivaye: Om???? I’m asking u something.

Om: Shivaye, u know that we are in a relationship so we just spend a night together.
Shivaye(shocked): what??? Do u even know what are u saying??? Have u gone mad???? Do u know what will happen if Dadi, Badi maa or bade papa will get to know about it???
Om: Shivaye, It’s not a big deal.
Shivaye: Not a big deal??? It’s u who is saying this to me????
Om: what’s wrong in this Shivaye??? We love each other, we care for each other. U know that I’m already upset with what’s going on in my life.
Shivaye: Fine, if u think it’s right…then….great.
Om: Shivaye, plz listen….
Shivaye: No it’s fine Om….fine.
Shivaye leaves from there….Om gets upset.
Om(thinking): How do I tell u that I had to do all this so that Ishana doesn’t suspects me. I know that u are more upset with why I slept with Ishana and not that I slept with a girl before marriage. I’m sorry Shivaye.

Scene 3(near the poolside): Ishana is standing near the poolside, Shivaye enters in full anger from behind. Ishana looks at Shivaye but remains unaffected.
Shivaye(shouting): U!!!!! I told u that u should remain in your limits.
Ishana(arrogantly): what the hell are u saying???
Shivaye(shouting): Just shut Up!!!!! How dare u sleep with Om. He’s unaware of the truth and your reality, but u know everything na.
Ishana(rudely): Listen, If I had said no then he would havedoubted that something is wrong, so I had to it.
Shivaye(loudly): wow!!!! Unbelievable!!!!! U r unbelievable!!!!!! I have not seen a shameless girl like u in my entire life who is ready to sleep with anyone for such a mall reason????
Ishana gets angry hearing Shivaye’s character assassination on her.
Ishana( shouting): Shivaye Singh Oberoi!!!!!! U r no one to give me character certificate, okay!!!!!
Shivaye(shouting): haha, character certificate???? What character certificate will I give to a girl who is cheap, vile, disgusting, gold digger and on top of that a criminal???

Ishana(seething): Shivaye, just stop it!!!!!
Shivaye(shouting): why??? Why will I stop, huh???? I told u to only pretend to be Om’s girlfriend, not be Om’s girlfriend…but what can be expected from criminal like u???? If ur father had taught u something then u wouldn’t have been doing this work….I’m helpless that I have to keep a criminal like u in my house otherwise I won’t even let u wander around my house….Trash belongs in the roadside but I’ve to keep it in my house for my brother, but doesn’t changes ur status…U r criminal, and u will remain a criminal.
Tears roll out of ishana’s eyes hearing Shivaye’s harsh words…Shivaye leaves from there. Ishana breaks down and cries. She recalls her past when she was in jail. She sits down near the poolside, takes out a cigarette and starts smoking. Anika enters and sees Ishana smoking, she gets shocked.
Anika(shocked): O bête ki!!!! Ishana ??? what are u doing???
Ishana doesn’t responds. Anika sees that Ishana is crying.
Aniak: Ishana??? Why are u crying???
Ishana(taking a pause): Nothing Anika…nothing…really.
Anika: Now this Ganga Jamuna must not be flowing ainvayi. …and what are u doing???
Anika sits beside Ishana and takes the cigarette from Ishana’s hand.
Ishana: Anika ??? what are u doing??? Give it back to me.
Anika: Nope, U know how injurious t is to health. I didn’t knew that u have also started smoking???

Ishana(sadly): Staying in jail teaches lot of things Anika.
Anika: What happened Ishana??? Did anyone said something to u????
Ishana takes a pause and thinks for few seconds.
Anika: Ishana??? I’m asking u something???
Ishana: No Anika, it’s nothing like that….Shivaye didn’t said anything to me.
Anika: But when did I took Shivaye’s name???
Ishana: uh….Anika listen…..
Anika: what did he said???
Ishana: Anika, plz try….
Anika: I understood what he said….let me talk to him.
Ishana: No Anika,listen.
Anika gets up and is about to leave when Ishana holds her hand….Ishana gets up.
Ishana: Anika, plz listen to me….u don’t have to worry about me. I’m completely fine. And I can handle Shivaye by myself. Already differences between u both got created because of me. Now I don’t want u to face issues because of me. Plz, don’t go and say anything to Shivaye.

Anika: yep, I can see u how u r handling Shivaye.
Anika wipes Ishana’s tears and smiles.
Anika(holding Ishana by her shoulders): Ishana, if u don’t want me to confront Shivaye, then fine….I’ll not say anything to him, but at least tell me what happened????
Ishana(hesitatingly): I…..I slept…with Om and Shivaye lashed at me because of that.
Anika(shocked):w what????
Ishana: I didn’t wanted to do that but Om forced and I couldn’t say no, otherwise he would have doubted me.
Anika thinks for a second.
Anika(taking a pause): hmmm, listen…. Ishana, I’m really against all these things before marriage but it’s your life and your choice so I’ll not question that….but I can also understand Shivaye’s reaction. But again, he shouldn’t have lashed at u….but no worries, if he again does that, then give it back to him….I know u will do it, after all, u r my lioness.
Ishana giggles…Anika smiles.
Anika: Now come, lets have breakfast together.
Ishana: Anika, I’ve to go outside for some work….so I’ll do breakfast outside only.
Anika: now????
Ishana: yeah.
Anika: uhm….okay, go!!!
Ishana leaves from there.

Scene 4: Ishana comes out of the gate of the Oberoi mansion. She sees a car parked outside. She looks at a mysterious person in a hood, looking at the house from outside, through binoculars in the car. Ishana wasn’t able to see his face. Ishana feels suspicious.
Ishana(suspicion): who is that guy????
Ishana was going towards the car when the car starts and runs away from there.
Ishana(shouting): Hey, stop!!!!!!
Ishana takes her scooty and follows the car. The mysterious person in the car sees that Ishana is following them. He drives fast to leave Ishana behind but Ishana was still following him by her scooty. The mysterious person calls someone and talks to him, After sometime the mysterious person and Ishana, both enter a desolate road….Ishana is still following the car. Suddenly a car comes in between Ishana’s scooty and the mysterious person’s car, blocking Ishana ‘s way and letting the mysterious person go. Some goons come out of the car. Ishana looks at them feels suspicious.
Ishana(to the goons): what do u all want????
Goon 1: we are here to kill u.
Ishana smiles.

Goon 2(to Ishana): why are u smiling????
Ishana: u don’t know with whom u r talking.
Goon 1: wow, such attitude….guys, it’s not right to kill her so easily….we should also have some fun na????
Ishana(grinning): If u all want to save your life then better run now.
Goon 1(shouting): !!!! What do u think of yourself??? What u all are waiting for??? Go and grab her.
All the goons go near Ishana and try to grab her…..Ishana punches one goon, takes out a sword and strokes it on another one. She beats all of them, one by one with her martial arts skills. All the goons cry in pain lie down on the ground. Ishana goes near one goon, takes out a gun and points it on his head.
Goon 1: plz, plz don’t kill me….I beg in front of u.
Ishana: tell me who send you here???
Goon 1: plz….don’t kill me.
Ishana(shouting): Tell me who sent u to kill me…who was that person in the car….tell me otherwise I’ll not even think before pulling the trigger.
Goon 1(hesitatingly): The person who sent us to kill u was….Tia….
Ishana(shocked): what?????
Goon 1: Tia…Tia Kapoor!!!!
Ishana(shocked): Tia?????
To Be Continued…….

Precap: Om goes to Ishana for his therapy(flashback).

Thank you for reading guys, I’ll try to update more faster but again, I can’t make promise.

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