Ishqbaaz 8 years Later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya – FF by Luna(Episode 22)

Hi friends…I hope u all r enjoying my ff and liked my twist of Swetlana being Om’s ex….well, more twists and turns are awaiting, just wait and watch…I hope u all will enjoy it…..Here’s the link of all my previous episodes:

Recap: Flashback scene: It’s revealed that Swetlana was Om’s ex-girlfriend and Ishana was a psychologist.

Scene 1(college canteen): Anika is at the college canteen…She’s making aloo puri as usual….A man enters the canteen and looks around here and there…There was too much hustle and bustle of students roaming around…..The man removes his shades and looks here amd there….His eyes stop at Anika…He smiles looking at Anika….He goes to Anika….Anika was busy in talking with customer….The man goes near Anika and starts staring at her….Anika still doesn’t notices him and was busy talking to the customer…The man forwards his hand to Anika and says hi…..Anika looks at the guy and gets shocked….Her eyes sparkle with wide smile on her face.
Anika(shocked): uh…u?????? Arjun????
Arjun(grinning): So u still remember me????
Anika puts her hand on her mouth due to shock and disbelief.
Anika(shocked):Oh my God!!!!!! I can’t believe that u r stamnding in front of me….Oh God it’s shocking.
Arjun(smiling): Thankgod that u remember me!!!! now will u keep staring me or will u hug me????
Anika hugs Arjun.

Anika: It’s a pleasure seeing u here….can’t believe that we are meeting after 10 years….but from where did u came????
Arjun: as u know that I went US after I got a job in a company” Fashion and the city” 10 years ago…after that it was very difficult for us to be in touch…..I also became very busy in making my career….
Anika: yeah, ofcourse…now u have became a rich man so how will u have time for your poor friend???? right???
Arjun: Come on, that’s not true….In friendship, there is no money and status okay.
Anika: Leave it….all rich people are like that only, rude arrogant and full of ego.
Arjun: seems like you have met someone like that???
Anika feels shy and remembers Shivaye, she smiles….O jaana plays….Arjun sees that Anika is smiling.
Arjun: what happened????
Anika(confused): what??? what happened????
Arjun: Why are u smiling???
Anika(smiling): smiling???? I’m not smiling????
Arjun(grinning): yeah…u r still smiling.
Anika(shying): woh bas aise hi.
Arjun(grinning): What are u hiding???
Anika(blushing): Hiding???? I’m not hiding anything.
Arjun: Are u in love????
Anika blushes more…..O jaana song plays.
Arjun(teasing): Are u really in love, huh????
Anika: Nope….I don’t know what are u saying.
Arjun: come on….don’t hide to me.
Anika(taking a pause): No yaar, that’s not true.

Arjun: okay fine, if u don’t want to tell me.
Anika: It’s not that Arjun, plz understand…..okay, first u tell me what are u doing in Mumbai.
Arjun: uh…I just came here for a photoshoot…So I thought, why not meet my best friend, I went to your old address but I came to know that u don’t live there…From Facebook I got to know about your college canteen and so I’m here….but were do you live now.
Anika: uh…I live in Oberoi mansion.
Arjun(surprised): Oberoi mansion.
Anika: Shivaye Singh Oberoi, u know, famous business tycoon.
Arjun(shocked): U mean the Oberois???? India’s richest family???? u live with them???? Oh God!!!!!that means…u got married with Shivaye Singh Oberoi????
Anika’s smile fades and she becomes sad…O jaana plays.
Anika: what are u saying???? I work there…I work as a nanny of Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s daughter so I live there only in the outhouse.
Arjun: what???? but why??? I mean, u already have a canteen business???
Anika: Yeah, I know but I’ve taken loan of 30 lacs for the treatment of my brother…So I’ve to work under them until I pay the loan….so I’m paying them in installments.
Arjun: Oh….so that’s the case
Anika: yep…well, let’s leave all these things…Come with me…I’ll take u my home, Sahil will be very happy seeing u.
Arjun: Okay, lets go.
Anika and Arjun leave from the canteen to the Oberoi mansion.

Scene 2(Oberoi mansion): Shivaye is talking to someone on phone standing at the main entrance….He sees Anika and Arjun entering the mansion talking and laughing……He gets confused and surprised….Shivaye goes to them.
Shivaye(curiously): Anika…who…is he????
Anika(in a rude and arrogant way): He’s my friend…sir!!!!!!
Shivaye(confused): Sir???? Why are u calling me sir???? And I never heard of this friend????
Anika: wow!!!!! I didn’t knew that ur memory is so weak…u only said that I’ll call u sir, and he’s my childhood friend…we lived together in the orphanage and now we met after 10 years, so ofcourse, u will not know about it.
Shivaye(losing his cool): Okay just stop it…if u r calling me sir, then also learn to respect me.
Anika(teasing): How should u respect u, sir???? Plz let me know.
Shivaye(shouting): u…..
Arjun: Okay…I’m sorry from her side…plz forgive her Mr Oberoi .
Anika(sarcasm): why are u saying sorry Arjun???? I will say sorry…I’m sorry Mr Oberoi for not giving u the respect that u deserve so immensely.
Shivaye glares at Anika with anger…Anika looks at Shivaye and grins…..Arjun gets completely confused…O jaana plays.
Arjun(thinking): what ‘s wrong with Anika???? What the hell is going on???
Anika: Now if u excuse us, can I take my friend to meet Dadi????

Shivaye: This is my house, not any hotel that u will let anyone enter in it…first u have to take my permission….okay.
Anika: uh….did I spoke in German right now???? I clearly said that if u excuse us, can I take my friend to meet Dadi???
Shivaye fumes in anger….Anika is still grinning….Arjun is still confused.
Shivaye(shouting): Enough of this nonsense okay…..
Arjun: Okokok….Mr Oberoi, plz listen to me.
Shivaye again gets a call…He picks it up and gets busy in talking…..Arjun grabs Anika’s hand and takes her from there….He takes Anika to a corner.
Arjun: are u crazy???? What the hell were u smoking???
Anika(confused): smoking??? When did i smoke???
Arjun: I mean, what were u doing???? Aren’t u afraid of ur boss???
Anika: boss my foot!!!!!! Even my slipper chandini isn’t afraid of him…..He thinks that he’s the real life angry young man…. He’s no 1 tadibaaz I’ve ever seen….
Arjun(confused): tadibaaz???
Anika: oh God!!!!! U have also became like SSO after living in America.
Arjun(confused): SSO????
Anika: Shivaye Singh Oberoi!!!!! Aur kya..
Arjun smiles.
Arjun: seems like u hate him a lot.
Anika(slip of tongue): No….that’s not true.
Arjun: oh…so u like him???

Anika realizes that she said the wrong thing.
Anika: uh…uhm…I mean…I don’t hate him, but I also don’t like him.
Arjun(grinning): okay….hmmm…
Anika: why are u grinning????
Arjun: No…. nothing….but the way u showed ur attitude to him???? Oh God!!!!! I became ur fan….I mean, he’s Shivaye Singh Oberoi???? The richest business tycoon….I wonder how he has kept u in this job.
Anika: I know….I’m the best.
They both do hi-5…Shivaye who was talking on the phone, turns and looks at Anika and Arjun…They both were laughing and enjoying……Shivaye sees them and gets insecure, He starts burning with jealousy.
Shivaye(thinking): who the hell this guy is who came out of nowhere???? Anika never told me about him… And why Anika is being so friendly with him???
Shivaye puts down the phone and goes to them.
Shivaye(to Anika and Arjun): why both of u are talking like this????
Anika and Arjun get confused.
Anika: So… should we have to know how to talk to you????
Shivaye: uh….uhm…I mean, that I was attending an important phone call and u both are disturbing me with ur noise.
Anika: first of all, u don’t go to office and do all the business here itself, using all kinds of technology….secondly, if u were getting disturbed with our noise then u should have gone somewhere else…thirdly, if the call was so much important, then why did u put it on hold and wasting ur time in scolding us????
Shivaye gets embarrassed…He doesn’t know what to say.
Anika(smiling): Logic u know????

Shivaye: uh…wo..uhm..uh.
Anika(teasing): uh…wo..uhm…uh…what???? what language is this????
Shivaye bursts in anger and glares at Anika
Shivaye(shouting): Shut…up!!!!!!!
Anika gets afraid…..Shivaye fumes in anger and keeps glaring at Anika
Arjun: Mr Oberoi, I’m sorry.
Shivaye(fuming): Take her right now and leave.
Arjun: Okay.
Shivaye is still glaring at Anika…..Anika looks at Shivaye with arrogance…..both share an eye lock and O jaana plays…….Arjun grabs Anika’s hand and leaves from there while Shivaye is still looking at her.

Scene 3(restaurant): Rudra and Soumya are at the restaurant, The are talking to each other.
Rudra(scared): Soumya…the girl who is coming to meet me for marriage will arrive anytime soon….tell me fast, what’s your plan so that we can get rid of her.
Soumya: Rudra…have some patience okay.
Rudra: How much patience should I have???? The girl can arrive anytime soon…plz save me from this marriage drama.
Soumya: okay fine…listen to me…when the girl will arrive I’ll sit on a the nearby table and will give instructions through this Bluetooth headset…You will do exactly what I say…and if u didn’t do what I say then no one can save you from this marriage…did you get it.
Rudra: But what instructions will you give me???
Soumya(grinning): Don’t worry about that.
Rudra: but…..
Soumya: no ifs and buts…do what I say.
Rudra(with an innocent face): okay….
Soumya: Good boy, now I should go and sit on another table the girl can arrive anytime soon.
Soumya goes and sits on another table…Rudra and Soumya both wear the Bluetooth headset in their ears….After some time, the girl arrives to meet Rudra…..The girl was very beautiful and hot and Rudra falls head over heels as soon as he sees her….Rudra gets up and smiles.
The girl: Hi…I’m Maya.

Rudra(smiling): Maya???? Maya Memsaab!!!!! Right???
Maya(confused): uh ….what???
Soumya(from headset): Duffer Oberoi……get out of your dreams.
Rudra hears Soumya and gets back in his senses.
Rudra: uh…sorry..I’m Rudra.
Rudra and Maya shake hands…..Rudra is still grinning at Maya.
Soumya(from headset): Rudra….what are u doing??? Pull out her chair…show some chivalry.
Rudra(to Soumya): okay.
Maya(confused): Okay??? What do u mean.???
Rudra : uh…I mean…nothing…nothing…hehe.
Maya gets confused…She’s about to sit on the chair when Rudra stops her.
Rudra: stop!!!!
Maya(confused): what happened???
Rudra: I mean I’ll pull the chair for u…why will u take so much effort???
Maya: It’s okay…no …no….I’ll do it.
Rudra goes and pulls the chair for Maya…Maya is about to sit on the chair when Soumya instructs Rudra to remove the chair…..Rudra removes the chair and Maya falls down….Soumya laughs…..Maya gets up and lashes on Rudra.
Maya(shouting): Rudra….are u crazy.
Rudra(making puppy face): sorry, sorry, sorry…I’m really sorry…my mind got diverted…plz sit.
Maya(shouting): just shut up.

Rudra: plz sit Maya…I’m really sorry.
Rudra(thinking): ye Sumo mujhse kya kya karwa rahi hai.
Rudra sits on the chair.
Soumya(through headset) Rudra…prick ur nose.
Rudra(to Soumya): what????
Maya(confused): what??? to whom u r talking????
Rudra: uh…no one…
Maya: Rudra, are u crazy.
Rudra(making weird faces):…why do u think so????
Soumya(through headset) Rudra…do what I say…prick your goddamn nose….do u want to get married????
Rudra(to Soumya): No!!!!!
Maya(confused): No??? what no??? Rudra…with whom u r talking???
Rudra: uh…no one.
Soumya(through headset): Rudra…prick your nose.
Rudra hesitatingly pricks her nose…..Maya looks at Rudra and gets shocked and disgusted.
Maya(shocked): Rudra…what the hell are u doing???
Rudra(while pricking her nose): what am I doing?????
Maya(seething): Rudra…just stop it right now.
Soumya(through headset): Rudra…throw water on her.

Rudra(to Soumya): what??? Really??
Maya(shouting): Rudra…talk to me…tell me with whom u r talking????
Soumya(through headset): Rudra…do.
Rudra without thinking anything, takes the glass of water, and throws it on Maya’s face….Maya gets shocked and fumes in anger….Soumya laughs, looking at them and enjoys the scene.
Maya(shouting): Rudra…u bastard.!!!!!
Maya slaps Rudra in anger….Rudra gets shocked….Soumya bursts in laughter seeing Rudra getting slapped.
Maya(shouting): u should be in a mental asylum….blo*dy idiot!!!!!
Maya leaves from there in anger…..Rudra is still shocked after getting slapped…Soumya while laughing goes to Rudra and sits on Rudra’s table….Rudra is still in shock…Soumya completely loses it and roles in laughter…..Rudra comes back in senses and fumes, seeing Soumya laughing.
Rudra(angry): Sumo…I’ll kill u!!!!!
Soumya controls her laughter.
Soumya: Sorry, sorry…I’m really sorry.
Rudra forgets his anger and smiles…..Soumya again starts laughing…Rudra smiles looking at her.

Precap: (Flashback scene) Om again goes to meet Ishana for his therapy.i

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