Ishqbaaz 8 years Later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna(Episode 21)

Hi friends, the last episode was short because I also wrote the summary in it…So it was not possible to make it more longer…..Well, in the last part’s precap, I wrote that I’ll reveal why Shivaye married Mallika…..Sorry folks, I’ve changed my mind and I’m not gonna reveal it right now…For now, I’ll show Ishkara past and I’ll also introduce a a new character named Arjun….The character will be like Arjun Sharma from Beyhadh, who’ll be a childhood friend of Anika…..So get ready to see Jealous Singh Oberoi….Here’s the link of my previos episodes:

Recap: Ishkara kiss.

Scene 1(Oberoi Mansion): Om is in his room…He has a photo of the Obros in his hand…He looks at the photo…his eyes are moist…lafzon ka rishta plays….Om gets emotional…He recalls his old moments with Shivaye and Rudra…..He smiles looking at the pic with his intense eyes, which are filled with pain….He wasn’t saying a word but was still looking at pic…tears falls down his cheeks and Om goes back in flashback.

Flashback scene 8 years ago:

Scene 2(flashback scene 8 years ago): A man is walking near a beach…..The weather is cloudy…wind flows and touches his face…His eyes are filled with tears but his face is completely blank…yes, he’s our Omkara….Om stops walking and stands still…He closes his eyes and feels the air around him…It starts raining but Om is still standing in the beach….Om falls down on the ground, on his knees…..His eyes are stiil with tears and he’s still expressionless….Om then completely lays down on the ground like a freefaller…The camera focuses on his eyes and he starts crying like a 5 year old kid….A car stops near the beach…Shivaye and Rudra come out of the car and get shocked to see Om in such a condition…..They ran towards Om and pick him up.
Shivaye: Om….what are you doing here???? what have you done to yourself????
Om(in hangover): I’m fine Shivaye, you both don’t have to worry.
Shivaye(emotionally): Just shut up okay!!!!! I’ll slap u if u…say a word more.
Rudra(crying): O…why are u doing this to yourself???? why are you giving yourself so much pain????
Om(in intoxication): Rudra…I’m fine.
Shivaye: Rudra…we’ll talk later on…first we have to take him home… me in taking him to the car.
Shivaye and Rudra pick Om and make him sit on the car…Om is intoxicated because of drugs and is not in his senses.

After 2 days…..

Scene 3{Oberoi mansion(flashback)}: Shivaye enters his room…..He picks up a vase and breaks it in anger….He then recalls Om’s horrible state that he saw few hours ago…..He gets emotional and teary eyed….He bangs his hand on the wall in anger….
Shivaye(in a low voice): Never in life, I’ve felt so helpless.
Shivaye bursts into tears.
Shivaye(crying): My brother is dying daily and I….I can’t do anything for him…..I can do nothing for him…nothing!!!!! I’m completely useless…completely useless!!!!!
Rudra enters out of nowhere and hugs Shivaye from behind…..He’s also crying.
Rudra(crying): No bhaiya, u r not useles…u have done a lot for us….O will seen get fine….don’t worry bhaiya!!!!! everything will get fine.
Shivaye turns back to Rudra and holds his face with his han.
Shivaye: Don’t worry Rudra!!!!! your elder brother is still alive…nothing will happen to Om….. I’ll make him live life again…I’ll again bring happiness in his life…I’ll again make him smile, make him laugh and I’ll do anything for it….
Rudra cries hugs Shivaye tightly…lafzon ka rishta plays.
Rudra: Promise me bhaiya, that nothing will happen to Om.
Shivaye: I promise, before something happening to him, my life will go.
Rudra: No bhaiya, don’t say that…I want both my brothers to be with me.
Shivaye: I promise u Rudra.
Shivaye and Rudra were sharing an emotinal brotherly mment, when Om enters the room…He’s now completely in his senses….Om sees Shivaye and Rudra crying and hugging each other….He gets emotional seeing them crying.
Om(in an intense voice): you both forgot me???
Shivaye and Rudra break their hug and look at Om standing at the door….Om bursts into tears and runs to Shivaye and hugfs him tightly.
Om(crying): I’m sorry Shivaye, I’m really really sorry…..I again became weak and took the help of drugs to ease my pain…plz forgive me.
Shivaye(in an emotional voice): It’s okay Om…but plz..plz, don’t do it again….I can’t see u like this…It hurts me a lot to see u.
Om(crying): what can I do Shivaye???? I tried a lot to forget my tragic past but I simply can’t…as much I try to forget it, it again comes infront of me….tell me, what should I do??? what should I do Shivaye??? tell me na.
Shivaye holds Om’s face and wipes his tears…
Shivaye: Why you still love her Om????
Om(crying): Love isn’t a thing to forget Shivaye, yes she cheatyed me…yes she wasn’t loyal to me but that doesn’t means…that I’ll also not be loyal to my love…I loved her from my heart an I’ll love her till my last breath….plz understan me Shivaye.
Shivaye: That’s your problem Om…You are just too good for this bad world but don’t worry, your elder brother will always be there to protect you from this bad world.
Om: whatever happen Shivaye, w’ll always be together…no matter…kyuki hum ek dusre ke zarrori hisse hai….
Shivaye: Ek kahani ke teen kisse hai.
Shivaye and Om again hug each other and Rudra also joins them….Obros share a group hug.

Scene 4{Oberoi Mansion(flashback)}: It’s midnight…Om is sitting on his bed…he’s trying to sleep but he isn’t able to….he’s very tensed….he recalls the Obros moment…..Om thinks a bit and then google searches about few therapists on his mobile….A name flashes on this screen along with a photo…..The name was Ishana Mehta.
Om(looking at the screen): Ishana Mehta!!!!!
Om reads about her on wikipedia that she’s a well known Psychologist who is a graduate from a well known Clolumbia University.

After 5 days……

Scene 5{Ishana’s clinic(flashback)}: Om enters the clinic hesitatingly…He’s very tensed…He sits on the couch…He’s feeling very awkward…..There’s no one and it’s absolute silence…Ishana enters and Om looks her….Ishana also looks at Om with a smile on her face….O saathiya music plays.

Om gets up from the couch…Ishana goes to Om.
Ishana:(smiling): Hi…Ishana Mehta!!!!
Om: I’m Omkara
Ishana(surprised): Omkara….just Omkara???? not Omkara Singh Oberoi???
Om(surprised): So u know me???
Ishana: The whole world knows you as Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi so it’s no big deal for me.
Om gets sad….Ishana sees the pain in Om’s eyes and face.
Ishana: Sit….
Om and Ishana sit on the couch facing each other.
Ishana: So, what’s your problem????
Om: uhm,uh….uh….how should I tell u????
Ishana(smiling): Okay, no need to hesitate, no need to take so much pressure…I understand that you have a problem opening up…so lets start with your medical problems.
Om(taking a pause): Okay….so I was a drug addict in the past…but I got rid of it somehow.
Ishana: Why u took drugs????
Om gets tensed….He recalls his tragic drug past and becomes restless….He starts taking deep breaths…Ishana panics and gives him a glass of water.
Ishana: drink it…you’ll feel better.
Om drinks the water.
Ishana: Are u fine???
Om: yeah…yeah, I am.
Om starts looking here and there.
Ishana: Om!!!!
Om: yeah…
Ishana: Look at me… and tell me…why are u so depressed????
Om takes a deep breath…and then gives a fake smile with pain on his face…Ishana feels sympathy for Om because she realise that how depressed he is from inside.
Om: When I was a small kid, my mom and dad were in an unhappy marriage…my dad was always busy in his business, my mom didn’t took care of me because she was also busy fighting and quarrelinng with my dad….I never blamed my mom for that, because I understand… dad never gave the love and care to her that she deserved, then can I expect that love and care from her???? but I knew that she loves me a lot……As I grew up, I became completely detached with my father, my brothers were the only support system for me, they were actually my life……an then a day came when fell in love with a girl, she was older than me in age but u know na…that…love doesn’t sees the boundaries of age, caste and religion, etc etc….The only thing mattered to me was love and only love…I loved her and that was enough for me…we met each other 5 years ago, and evntually fell in love…Love for me was a fairy tale but then I realised that this not a movie but real life…..I became completely crazy and passionate in love, I was ready to do anything for her…..We were in a relationship for 3 years and then a day came when she dumped me…yes, she dumped me, so easily….as if,, as if our love didn’t even mattered to her ever…and u know the best part???? SHE DUMPED ME FOR MY DAD!!!!!! yes, she dumped me for my dad!!!!!! yes, that’s the best part.
Om was completely in tears while tellling his story to Ishana.
Ishana: What’s her name whom u loved????
Om: Shwetlana!!!!! Her name is Shwetlana, I loved her a lot…infact, I still love her, bcoz love isn’t something that you’ll forget…..It doesn’t matters to me whether she loved me or not…..Shwetlana left me and became the mistress of my dad, thus destroying my mom along with me…She was ready to sleep with my dad for money. That’s the reason I became a drug addict….It’s my brothers, who brought me out of this sad state and made me smile and laugh again but God doesn’t wants to see me happy I guess,….Shwetlana again returned in my life…..Mr Oberoi, my dad again…brought her in our home..He’s giving divorce to my mom and I can’t see all this….whenever…whenever I see Shwetlana, my pain gets triggered, my wounds become new and fresh and my mental scars again become visible…..
Om bursts into tears and cries…Ishana looks at him feels sad for him …He goes and sits beside him….he gives him a hankerchief to wipe his tears.
Om(crying): Now I really don’t know what to do???? I and my mom are completely shattered…..I want to leave my home and live somewhere else, but then I think of my brothers who were always with me in my joys and sorrows, who always took care of me and showered me with love….They don’t want me to leave, I don’t know what to do.
Ishana again gives Om water to drink, she goes back on her couch….She thinks for a minute.
Ishana: Do u hate your dad???
Om(with intense eyes filled with anger): A lot…u can’t even imagine, how much I hate my dad.
Ishana: Om, I understand your situation….you want to leave your home because you hate your dad but you also love your brothers, now decision is upto u, that u hate more or love more and one more thing……don’t punish yourself Om, first think about yourself, what you feel???? what you want???? I understand that you love yor brothers a lot and you don’t want to hurt them but even your brothers want to see you happy, so keep your happiness as your top priority…..If you think that you’ll be happy in solitude then there’s nothing wrong in it……there’s nothing wrong in being a little bit selfish…well, ultimately it’s your choice, what you want to do….think about it and take the right decision.
Om smiles…..Ishana too smiles…both look at each other share an eyelock….Humnava song plays.
Ishana(smiling): So…that’s all for today, see you at the next session.
Both get up and shake hands and smile….Humnava again plays

Flashback ends.
Om gets out of flashback…..he is completely in tears…..O saathiya song plays.

To Be Continued…….

Precap: Anika meets her childhood friend Arjun……Shivaye becomes jealous.
Thanks for reading guys, if you have any problem in current storyline, do let me know.

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