Ishqbaaz 8 years Later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna(Episode 20 and Summary of FF)

Hi guys, sorry again for the this late update but due to New Year I wasn’t able to update…..I hope you all remember me and the plot of my ff??? I guess not…..Well, I’m giving a summary of what happened from episode 1 to episode 19 of my ff in case you have forgotten.Here it is:
The story starts after 8 years leap. 8 years ago something happened that changed the life of the Oberoi family forever.

In and after 8 years, these things happened.

1. Oberoi family thinks that Om is dead.
2. Shivaye has a daughter named Tara.
3. Anika takes care of Shivaye’s daughter.
4.Rudra and Soumya are best friends.
5. Anika and Ishana are close friends.
6. Shivaye and Mallika got married for some reasons not revealed yet.

The story starts with Shivaye finding that Om is alive after 8 years when he saves Om in a car accident. Though Om’s gets saved in the accident, he loses his memory of what happened in these 8 years, thus forgetting that he was away from his family all these years. Om asks about his love Ishana to the Oberoi family. The Oberoi family hates Ishana because she tried to kill Om and Om doesn’t remembers it because of his amnesia. Oberoi family fulfills Om’s wish, and make Om and Ishana meet each other. Ishana has now became a crook because she was sent to jail by the Oberoi family after she tried to kill Om. She got 7 years imprisonment and after coming out of jail, she became a thug to earn money and survive. Ishana agrees to meet Om after Shivaye asks her. Om and Ishana meet after 8 years and it’s revealed that they were in a serious relationship in the past. The whole Oberoi family and Ishana think that Om is suffering from amnesia but later on it’s revealed that Om was faking his accident and amnesia, he remembers everything and has returned to his family with a hidden motive. Om also hates Ishana but know one knows it. Ishana agrees to stay in Oberoi mansion until Om gets recovered. Later on, it’s also revealed that Shivaye was also in a serious relationship with Anika 8 years ago but he married Mallika due to some unknown circumstances not revealed yet. Shivaye and Mallika face pressure from the family to have a child, but they can’t do it because they don’t love each other. Mallika lies that she’s infertile and Shivaye adopts a girl named Tara to please his family. Anika takes a loan of 30 lacs from Oberoi family for the treatment of his brother Sahil. In return, she agrees to do the job of a nanny to Shivaye’s daughter until she pays the debt.

1. Why Shivaye married Mallika????
2.Why and how Om disappeared 8 years ago???
3. What is the hidden motive of Om for returning to his family after 8 years???
4. Why Oberoi family and Om hates Ishana????
5. Why Oberoi family thought that Om is dead????
6. Why Ishana tried to kill Om???

These questions will be answered soon.
I’ve only given the important plot points so that you all remember the story and what’s actually going on.
Here’s the link of my previous episodes:


Recap: Flashback: Shivaye remembers his past.

Scene 1(Oberoi mansion): Om is in the kitchen. He is lost in his thoughts. His eyes are moist. Any second he’ll cry. Tears fall down his cheeks. Sad music plays.
Om(monologue): I’m sorry Ishana, u have to die.
Om takes a glass of Orange juice. He takes a sachet of poisen and mixes it in the juice. He stirs the juice with a spoon. While stirring it, he gets lost in Ishkara land, thinking about the happy moments he spent with Ishana. More tears fall from his eyes. Suddenly, Ishana enters the kitchen and looks at Om and sees that he’s crying.
Ishana: Om??? what happened????
Om looks at Ishana and comes out of his dreams.
Om(shocked): Ishana, you??
Ishana(confused): yeah…. me….why were u crying???

Om: uh…woh bas, u know, what’s happening in my life. I don’t remember anything. It’s very difficult….for me to accept this fact that….8 years have passed…8 years!!!! not a small time frame….I feel like….like the world has moved on and I’m…I’m still stucked in the past….I just…don’t know what to do???? how to do????
Ishana hearing Om’s plight, goes near him, she holds his hand….She looks at Om and vice-verca. Both share an eyelock. All of a sudden, Ishana loses control over her emotions and hugs Om. She bursts into tears. Both share a passionate hug.
Ishana(crying): U don’t know, how much it hurts to see u like this. when I see you crying, I also cry from inside. I try a lot to control my emotions, and hold you but I’m sorry….It’s really, really difficult for me do it.
Om(crying): No need to say sorry Ishana…I know that I’m really weak in facing problems.
Ishana: No Om, You are not weak…It’s just that you have faced a lot in problems from a small age….I can understand your pain….you are really strong Om, really!!!! any other person would have gone into depression, but you have faced all these problems like a hero.
Om: hero????
Ishana: did it became too filmy????

Om: uhm, yeah.
Both smile and then laugh…..Ishana looks at the juice and gets surprised.
Ishana(surprised): Om…u don’t like orange juice, is that for me.
Om gets tensed…..
Ishana: Om??? everything is alright???
Om(tensed): Om yeah, yeah.
Ishana becomes suspicious.
Om(thinking): No Om….u have to do it….don’t forget what this girl has done to you and your family….you have do it Om!!!!
Ishana(suspiocion): Om, is this juice for me
Om(tensed): uhm………yeah
Om takes the glass and gives it to Ishana. Ishana takes it but Om doesn’t leaves the glass….both hold the glass…Ishana becomes confused and suspicious…..Om looks at Ishana with a blank face….He again gets lost in Ishkara land, thinking about his memories with Ishana….Ishana becomes more suspicious.
Ishana(suspicious): Om….what happened????
Om drops the glass on the floor….The glass brokes into pieces and the floor drinks all the juice….Ishana gets shocked…Om gets confused and doesn’t understands how to handle the situation.
Ishana(shocked): Om??? why you dropped the glass???

Om: uh…uhm….sorry, woh…it slipped from my hand…..really sorry.
Ishana gets more suspicious…..She understood that Om is trying to hide something but she didn’t inerrogates him more….Om gets scared, that he doesn’t gets caught.
Om: I…I will…. clean it.
Ishana smiles and grabs Om’s tee…..Om gets scared.
Ishana(grinning): Leave it.
Om(shocked): Ishana, what are u doing????
Ishana: what am I doing???? romancing with my boyfriend…..what do you think???
Om: Ishana leave me…someone will see.
Ishana: you know….mostly girls say this dialogue, so I should say it…not you…and I’m in no mood of saying it.
Om: Ishana I’m not joking.
Ishana(grinning): Neither am I.
After saying that, in all of a sudden, Ishana kisses Om on the lips…..Om gets shocked, but after few seconds he also starts enjoying the kiss. Both kiss each other passionately with eyes closed…Om wraps his hands around Ishana and the then strokes her arms…Ishana holds the face of Om….Suddenly Rudra and Soumya out of nowhere enter the kitchen and see this amazing site…Both get completely shocked seeing Ishkara passionate kiss…..Om and Ishana are completely lost in their world without noticing Rudra and Soumya…..Rudra and Soumya’s face gets red with shame and their mouths get completely open with shock…Rudra opens his mouth to say something but before that Soumya puts her hand on Rudra’s mouth and drags him outside the kitchen without making any noise….Om and Ishana are still kissing each other and are comletely unknown to the fact that Rudra and Soumya watched them……They stop kissing each other, both take deep breaths…Ishana blushes and leaves from there…..Om looks on and gets completely disgusted.

Om(thinking): what the hell am I doing????? How can I forget that Ishana is the person because of whom, I got separated from my family???? Because of Ishana, I lost my family, my brothers and my happiness. how can I forget all this???? why I feel that Ishana is innocent???? why I still have feelings for Ishana after what she did to me???? Why am I still listening to my heart?????.Shivaye was right……we should never think from the heart…..I have to focus, I have to focus on my goal…..I have to kill Ishana!!!!!! Ishana has to die!!!!!
Outside the kitchen, Ishana is looking at Om by hiding in a corner…She sees that Om is thinking about something.
Ishana(thinking): Om is hiding something from us…but what is he hiding???? why he isn’t telling anyone???? why he din’t let me drink the juice???? was there…anything mixed in it??? but how Om can do all this??? Why Om is lying??? Om never…lies….there must be a big mystery behind all this…I’ve to find it, and for that…I’ve to come close to Om.
Scene 2: Rudra and Soumya go to Rudra’s room.
Soumya: duffer Oberoi….what were u trying to do there????
Rudra: what did I do???? I was just telling them to stop it.
Soumya(grinning): hahaha…. Did u lost your brain in childhood or did you sold it at OLX????
Rudra(confused): what????
Soumya: If they would have known that we are watching them, then it would have been a very awkward situation for all of us. Can’t you see that they were so passionately kissing each other…how romantic!!!!!

Rudra(getting serious): Soumya…there was nothing romantic in it…..after what Ishana did to our family, I can never forgive her.
Soumya: But Rudra, the circumstances were such that Ishana di had no other option and she also saved us from the goons….she isn’t bad from heart.
Rudra: Really???? Is that enough to forgive her…..Ishana tried to kill Om…she tried to destroy our family….It’s because of Ishana, Om got separated from us.
Soumya: No it was not because of Ishana di.
Rudra(shouting): No…it was all because of Ishana….after Ishana went to jail, Om was completely shattered…he wanted to forget Ishana but still he wasn’t able to and that’s why…that’s why, Om left all of us…that’s why Om left all of us….(Rudra bursts into tears)

Soumya hugs Rudra and consoles him.
Soumya: It’s okay Rudra, I understand.
Rudra(crying): I can’t forgive her Soumya, I can’t.
Soumya: It’s okay…It’s okay.

To Be Continued……..

Precap: It’s revealed why Shivaye married Mallika.

Thanks for reading guys…plz comment…comments are decreasing day by day.

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