Ishqbaaz 8 years later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna(Episode 19)


Hi guys…well, the long flashback will finall, end in this episode….This flashback was important to clear the suspense bhind Shivika past….well, it’s still not cleared yet….I’m yet to reveal why Shivaye married Malllika….I’ll also reveal that soon….Here’s the link of my previous episodes:

Note: Today’s episode starts with a flashback which is going in Shivaye’s mind.

Recap: Anika meets Tara and Mallika…Shivika fight.

Scene 1(Shivaye’s room): Mallika is packing her bags……Shivaye enters.
Shivaye(seeing Mallika packing): What are u doing Mallika?????
Mallika: Shivaye…I’m leaving for US.
Shivaye(shocked): what???? why??? all of a sudden????
Mallika: Shivaye, my mom’s health isn’t good for few days. I talked to her on phone, and…she was really missing me, so…I have to go.
Shivaye: I understand ur condition but….Our child has just arrived in our family..I mean…u know na, what will the family members think????
Mallika: what family members Shivaye???? Today or tomorrow our secret will be revealed…U wanted to adopt a child for ur family’s happines and I respected ur decision despite not agreeing with it…..
Shivaye: yeah, I know but….
Mallika: Shivaye, lets not make this complicated….plz, don’t have any expectations from me, I can only show to the world that I’m Tara’s mom, but in reality, I can never become her mother!!!!!!…..I’m sorry Shivaye, I hope u understand.
Shivaye didn’t had anything to say…..Mallika leaves from there leaving Shivaye alone….Shivaye gets tensed….After few minutes, Anika enters….She sees that Shivaye is lost in thoughts.

Anika: Shivaye????
Shivaye sees Anika and comes out his thoughts.
Shivaye: Anika…uh…u???
Anika: what is going on????
Shivaye: what??? what…is going on…huh????
Anika(sighing): I’m asking the same thing????
Shivaye: what, nothing… is going on???? why are u asking????
Anika: Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi…..u said that u will give me job today….now, plz tell me what’s my job????
Shivaye: uh…I’ll tell u later on.
Anika: Later on???? what later on???? what will I do till then????
Shivaye: Go home and chill!!!!! why are u taking so much tension????? U’ve got the money for Sahil’s treatment…. now what do u want????
Anika: A job…right now!!!!!
Shivaye: Don’t u understand???? I’ll give u job later on!!!!!
Anika: No…I don’t!!!!! I’ve taken a loan from u and I’ve to return it back as soon as possible to get rid of u.
Shivaye glares at Anika….He holds Anika tightly by her shoulders and seethes….Anika gets scared.
Shivaye(seething): Tumhe samajh nahi aa raha hai???? I told u that I’ll give u job later on, that means…I’ll give u job later on…not now!!!!!
Anika(looking at Shivaye egotistically): Shivaye…leave me!!!!!
Shivaye doesn’t leaves Anika and tightens his grip on her.
Anika(seething): I said….leave me…right now!!!!!!
Shivaye: No…I won’t.
Anika: U have no right to do this!!!!!
Shivaye realises that she can’t treat Anika like that as he’s a married man and Anika is the other woman…..He leaves Anika…Both feel awkward,…He looks here and there…O jaana music plays…Shivaye looks at Anika….Anika sees that Shivaye is looking at her and she too feels awkward….she avoids eye contact with Shivaye.
Shivaye: Anika listen….
Anika: Mr Shivaye….It’s u have to listen…..plz, plz give me a job…..kuch bhi chalega.
Shivaye: okay…what u can do????
Anika: uh…uh….I can cook well!!!!!
Shivaye(rudely): cook and u???? really???? u have a PHD in how to burn a food in different ways!!!!!
Anika(arrogantly): see…that was 5 years ago…now my cooking has improved a lot.
Shivaye: Oh really!!!!! great!!!! lets take a test….go to kitchen and cook!!!!
Anika(excited): yeah….great…but what I have to cook????
Shivaye(grinning): Buckwheat crepes, Blanquette de veau, Soupe a L’oignon, Sole Meuniere and Boudin Noir Aux Pommes!!!!!!
Anika roles her eyes in confusion after hearing Shivaye’s long list of dishes.
Anika(confused): uh…uhm…..which zoo are these animals of???
Shivaye(grinning): These are dishes…French dishes and not only French…u will have to cook, Chinese, Italian, American and many more International dishes if u become the cook of this house.
Anika glares Shivaye…..Shivaye does his regular ninja signature step.
Anika: In childhood na…u should have watched some patriotic movies..Mera Bharat Mahaan!!!!!, ha..ur brain has got damaged after watching Hollywood movies.
Shivaye: I don’t watch movies okay…and u know that.
Anika: yeah of course….Boring Insan…..U have not changed a bit in these 5 years.
Shivaye(smiling): tum bhi to kaha badli ho.!!!!!
Shivaye and Anika smile looking at each other…O jaana song plays…..Both were opening up to each other without even realising that..They stopped showing their fake tadi to each other…..But after few seconds Shivaye and Anika realise that they are showing their true emotions and feelings to each other…..They start feeling awkward.
Shivaye(awkwardly): uh…uhm….I mean…I mean that….
Anika(with a straight face): I should leave now!!!!!
Shivaye: yeah…yeah.
Anika leaves from Shivaye’s room….While Anika is leaving, Shivaye recalls his past happy moments with Anika…..O jaana song plays….After Anika leaves, Shivaye recalls Anika’s interaction with Tara…He thinks about something.

After an hour……

Scene 2: Anika is talking to Dadi in his room…..Shivaye enters.
Shivaye: Anika…u r here??? do u even know that I was searching for u in the whole house????
Anika: How will I know??? and is it my fault that ur house is so big????
Shivaye: Okay Just shut up.
Dadi: offo!!!!! both of u again started….plz stop fighting.
Shivaye/Anika(at the same time): Isse boliye Dadi!!!!
O jaana song plays….Shivaye and Anika feel awkward for saying the same thing at the same time…Shivaye and Anika look at each other and share an eyelock…..Dadi smiles….
Dadi(smiling): Both of u r grown ups but still behave like small kids.
Shivaye( with awkward feeling): Uhm…. Dadi, I wanted to talk to Anika for 5 minutes
Dadi: Ha Billu…why are u asking???? of course u can talk to her.
Anika: what u want to talk????
Shivaye: Regarding ur job…now come with me.

Shivaye and Anika leave from Dadi’s room…While they are leaving, Dadi looks at them….After they leave…
Dadi(thinking): I really wished Shivaye and Anika to get married….they both seem to be made for each other .

Scene 3: Shivaye and Anika come to the main hall of Oberoi mansion.
Anika: Now will u tell me what job u r giving me???
Shivaye: Stop showing me attitude for no reason.
Anika: I’ll stop when u will stop.
Shivaye: Okay just cut it…I’m giving u the job of a full time nanny of my daughter.
Anika(confused): nanny???? what’s that???
Shivaye: babysitter…okay.
Anika(confused): Baby…sitter??? should I have to sit on the baby??
Shivaye(frustrated): Oh…God!!!!! Are u really so dumb or u just act like that…u have to take care of my daughter 24 *7, what she wants, what she needs, u have to take care of everything…now u understood??? In short, u have to become her mother.
Anika(shocked): what??? how can I become her mother????? Mallika is her mother and she should take care of her.
Shivaye: She can’t take care of her bcoz she is going to US to meet her mom, and she will only return after 2 months…and even after that she’ll remain busy in her projects….u know very well that she’s one of the leading architects of this country…She doen’t has time to take care of her and neither I have bcoz of my business, so it’s upto u to take care of her.
Anika(shocked): wow!!!! I can’t believe it…. if u both don’t have any time for ur child, then why did u adopted her???? If u both can’t fulfill the duties of a parent then why u both decided to become one????
Shivaye(rudely): It’s none of ur business okay…just do what I say!!!!!
Anika: Shivaye…what u and Mallika are doing is not right… a child needs a mother and a nanny can’t take place of mother.
Shivaye: Anika, I don’t have time for all this…..I have given u the job and u have to do it…One more thing, U will stay here only in the outhouse with ur brother Sahil, I’ll make all the arrangements..U will work under me until u pay my debt.
Anika: Shivaye, why don’t u understand???
Shivaye: There is nothing…to understand Anika.
Anika: yeah…ofcourse…so it’s proved that u can neither become a lover, nor a husband and not even a good father!!!!!
Shivaye gets angry.
Shivaye(shouting): Just Shut up!!!!!! I said….do what I say….don’t forget that I’m ur boss.
Anika: As I have taken debt from u so I have to do this work, even if I don’t want to but it’s u and Mallika who are not doing their work.
Shivaye: Great!!!!!
O jaana song plays…Shiivaye does his signature step and leaves from there…Anika looks at him while he’s leaving.

{Note: whatever happened till now in this episode was a flashback 5 years ago going in Shivaye’s mind…..Now we’ll return to the present time}

Present Time:

Scene 3: Shivaye comes out of flashback..He’s in his room..O jaana song plays.
2nd person: what are u thinking???
Shivaye looks at the person….It is Om leaning at the door, smiling and looking at Shivaye.
Shivaye(surprised): Om??? u here??? what happened???
Om(while walking towards Shivaye): what happened to u Shivaye Singh Oberoi???? U were thinking so deeply that u got lost in ur thoughts for an hour.
Shivaye(shocked): what???? u were standing here for an hour????
Om: yep….I came here and called u four to five times but u still didn’t respond….u were thinking so deeply.
Shivaye: what???? how’s that possible????
Om: Even I’m having a hard time believing it…..what were u thinking Shivaye????
Shivaye: uh…uhm…uh..nothing!!!!!!
Om(smiling): nothing??? really??? u were thinking nothing for 1 hour???
Shivaye: I mean…I was just thinking about business.
Om(smiling): Business??? really???? tellthe truth Shivaye!!!
Shivaye: what truth Om??? I’m saying the truth….what do u think I was thinking????
Om: Anika!!!!!!
Shivaye feels awkward…his lips get sealed and he starts sweating…He doesn’t knowwhat to say.
Shivaye: uh…uhm…umm…..what????
Om: where is Anika??? I didn’t saw her anywhere.
Shivaye: She must be in her room.
Om: why are u sweating????
Shivaye: what??? sweating…AC…. I… think….
Om: AC is On….then why are u sweating????
Shivaye: woh…I am very…. tensed….. because ….of some business…. related matters….I have to go now….sorry.
Shivaye is about to leave when Om stops him by holding his hand.
Om: what were u thnking????
Shivaye: Nothing…Om…really…nothing.
Om: Don’t hide it Shivaye….we promised to each other that we’ll not hide anything from each other….so plz…. tell me.
Shivaye: Om….woh…..(shivaye stops himself from saying).
Om: Tell me Shivaye!!!! what????
Shivaye(thinking): No…I can’t tell this to Om.
Om: what Shivaye????
Shivaye: Om…..woh….I had a fight with Mallika and…..I, in anger behaved very rudely to her, and she got really hurt….now we’re not talking to each other.
Om: are u sure she was Mallika???
Shivaye: what???? yeah….ofcourse….why are u even asking???
Om: bas aise hi…Shivaye, so… u… love her a lot.
Shivaye: who???
Om: Mallika ofcourse!!!
Shivaye: uh….yeah….Mallika!!!! main bhi na.
Om: Mallika hi hai na????
Shivaye: what????
Om: I mean…were u really talking about Mallika????
Shivaye: uh….yeah…of course…why are u asking it again and again???
Om holds Shivaye’s by his shoulders.
Om: Shivaye….don’t worry, everything will be fine between u and Mallika, it’s very common to have fights between husband-wife, but if love is true then it can cross all barriers, but if love is not true between husband-wife then….there is no meaning of that relationship, and it’s better to come out of it….I hope u understood!!!!!

Om smiles while looking at Shivaye…He understood that Shivaye was thinking about Anika but was not accepting it…….Shivaye feels awkward and he stays silent with an expressionless face.

Precap: Om mixes Poison in the juice and gives it to Ishana to drink.

Thanks for reading, due to Christmas celebrations, I got busy and I wasn’t able to give the updates….A lot of things have happened in my ff which is creating some confusion among the readers…, I’ll give a summary of my ff in the next update to clear the confusion and also to recall everything, in case if u have forgotten. btw…belated Merry Christmas to all of u!!!!!

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