Ishqbaaz 8 years later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna(Episode 18)


Hi friends…I’m back with a new update of my ff….I’m really really really sorry for so much delay but I was busy in work.….In the next episode my long Shivika flashback will end and we’ll be back to the present time…Here’s the link of all my previous episodes:

Note: Today’s episode is a complete flashback of what happened 5 years ago…..The flashback is going on Shivaye’s mind.

Recap: Shivaye and Anika clash….Shivaye meets an orphan girl named Tara and decides to adopt her.

Scene 1(Oberoi Mansion): Shivaye and Mallika enter Oberoi mansion with Tara….The whole Oberoi family along welcomes them…Dadi welcomes Tara in the oberoi family by doing her aarti..Shakti and Pinky were happy to see their granddaughter
Tej was disinterested..Jhanvi had mixed feelings…He was happy for Shivaye but then she remembers about her own son Om and feels sad…Rudra wasn’t really happy and
was just faking his happiness, bcoz he was never happy with Shivaye and Mallika’s marriage, he knew that Shivaye loves Anika but didn’t married her
due to circumstances..Anika was also there standing at a corner, looking at Shivaye, Mallika and their new daughter…She feels sad and deep down in her heart she also feels jealousy…she was jealous to see Shivaye with other woman….she
wanted to be in the place of Mallika…..She wanted to be the part of Shivaye’s family…There was a fake smile on her face, but she was completely jealous of Mallika
yet she was not knowing it herself…Anika puts a fake mask of happiness in front of everyone…she controls her emotions and makes herself understand that what she’s thinking
is not right….Shivaye looks at Anika and sees her fake smile…he was easily able to see the pain inside her fake smile…He knew that she’s feeling sad but he can’t do anything…He wanted to comfort her but he can’t…There was an invisible
wall between them which was created by both Shivaye and Anika… he can’t break that wall and neither Anika, bcoz it was too late….They were far apart hiding
their true feelings with each other..Shivaye and Anika look at each other from a distance but they were feeling each other’s pain and grief…Shivika eyelock
happens, o jaana song plays .Other family members were busy talking to Tara…but it was Rudra who was looking at Shivaye and anika and understood what is going on.

Scene 2(Shivaye’s room): Shivaye is in his room….Rudra enters.
Rudra: bhaiya!!!!
Shivaye: Rudra???
Rudra: bhaiya…I wanted to talk to u.
Shivaye: what happened???? uis everything fine???
Rudra: bhaiya…I’m really happy that u brought a new member to our family…after so many years, I actually felt that I’m…I’m in my house…I saw my family happy after
so many years..otherwise, Om ke jaane ke baad…(Rudra gets emotional)…bhaiya…thankyou, thankyou very much….I’m really, really happy.
Rudra bursts into tears and cries…Shivaye goes and hugs him.
Rudra: Thanks alot bhaiya!!!!
Shivaye: Rudra, I’ll slap u if u again said me thanks…brothers don’t say thanks to each other.
Shivaye and Rudra leave each other.
Shivaye: Now wipe ur tears.
Rudra wipes his tears and stops crying.
Shivaye: why do u start crying at the drop of a hat??? why can’t u become the old Rudra, who made us laugh, the Rudra who made us happy…u were the reason of our happiness Rudra
Rudra: bhaiya…Om took all the reasons of happiness along with himself…now I’ve nothing to make u all laugh…sorry.
Shivaye hugs Rudra…both get teary eyed.
Shivaye: Rudra….lets not cry anymore, we should be happy that we got a new child in our family.
Rudra: yeah, I’m happy that now I’m not the youngest member of this house… but bhaiya, u know what??? more than Tara’s arrival, I’m happy with the fact that Anika di is back.
Shivaye takes a pause.
Rudra: bhaiya, can I ask u something???
Shivaye: yeah..yeah..of course!!!
Rudra: bhaiya, do u still love Anika di???
Shivaye: Rudra??? do u even know what are u saying???? our relationship was over 5 years ago.
Rudra: Really bhaiya….is it so easy to forget ur first love???
Shivaye: Enough Rudra…I don’t want to talk about and plz, don’t talk about it…u know very well that only u, Om, Soumya and Ishana knew about my and Anika’s relationship…
we didn’t let anyone know about it and no one in our family should no about bcoz u know what will happen then.
Rudra: don’t worry bhaiya!!!! I’ll not tell anyone.
Shivaye: Good….okay now I have to leave…I’ve to show Tara the whole mansion.
Shivaye leaves from there…Rudra looks at Shivaye from behind while he leaves….Rudra smiles.

Scene 3(Oberoi Mansion): Mallika is standing outside in the garden thinking about something. She’s looking sad. Anika enters. Mallika looks at her.
Anika: Hi Mallika!!!!!
Mallika(smiles): Hi!!!!
Anika: So….how r u????
Mallika(taking a pause): good!!!!
Anika: umm…I hope u r handling Shivaye and his tantrums really well all these years!!!!
Mallika smiles fades and she tries to hide her pain.
Anika: what happened????
Mallika: Anika…I can’t hide this from u.
Anika: what????
Mallika(sighing): I don’t know whether I should tell this or not but…Shivaye and I were happy in this marriage and why will we??? u know very well how we got married….what were the circumstances…Shivaye’s family never wanted to accept me and neither I wanted to be accepted…..but Shivaye has done for me, I’ll be grateful for that my whole life.
Anika gets shocked hearing the truth of Shivaye and Mallika’s marriage.
Anika(shocked): what are u saying???? u and Shivaye are not happy in ur relationship.
Mallika: yeah Anika…that’s the truth.
Anika: But Mallika…u both are husband-wife….u both should have atleast tried to make this marriage work.
Mallika: kaise Anika???? how can I forget Siddharth so easily???? yeas, he left me but that doesn’t means that I’ll forget him….even after these 8 years I still love him to the core and I will love him till my last breath….
Anika: But Mallika, u should move on now.
Mallika: u will not understand it Anika…unless u will fall in love with someone….If u ever fell in love with someone then u will know, that love doesn’t lets u move on.
Mallika’s words reminds Anika that she has also not forgotten Shivaye…She has also not moved on yet.
Anika: Mallika….by doing this u r only hurting urself….don’t give urself so much pain.
Mallika: It’s the God who is giving me pain, giving me sorrows, giving me tears…I don’t want all this…no one wants but I think God has some special love for me.
Anika(slip of tongue): Not only u.
Mallika: what????
Anika: uh…. I meant…… not only u…but there are many people who don’t get their love but… that doesn’t means their life ends there….they move on from the past and u should also move on.
Mallika: I can’t…I can’t.
Mallika gets teary eyed and leaves from there…
Anika: Mallika…plz listen.
Mallika doesn’t listens to Anika and leaves.. ..Anika gets tensed.

Scene 3(Shivaye’s room): Shivaye is talking to someone on phone…..Anika enters.
Anika: Shivaye, I want to talk to u.
Shivaye: doesn’t responds as he was busy on phone.
Anika(in a loud voice): Shivaye, I want to talk to u!!!!!!
Shivaye(to Anika): wait a minute.(he agsin starts talking on phone.)
Anika gets angry….she takes the phone from Shivaye’s hands and cuts the call….Shiavye gets angry.
Shivaye(shouting): Fhat the wuck!!!!! have u gone nuts???
Anika(confused): Nuts???? how can I be nuts???
Shivaye(shouting): just shut up!!!!! give me back my phone!!!!!
Anika: No…I won’t!!!!
Shivaye(seething): I said give it back.
Anika: and, I said no…..why are showing so much tadi????
Shivaye(seething): just shut up!!!!!
Shivaye forcefully takes the phone from Anika.
Shivaye(to Anika): Don’t u ever dare to do that again!!!!! u r here as an employee…..u r not my friend…do u even know how important that call was for me???
Anika: how will I know???
Shivaye: just shut up!!!!
Anika: what’s this shut up shut up???? u just asked me a question and I answered…then why are u saying shut up????
Shivaye: just keep quiet!!!! okay!!!!
Anika: Listen, I know that the call was important for u but what I want to talk to u is also important
Shivaye: It can’t be more important than my business.
Anika: yeas it is….it’s about Mallika.
Shivaye(confused): Mallika???
Anika: yes…Mallika!!!!! do u know how sad she is….she is still in depression…she still can’t come out of her tragic past.
Shivaye: yeah, I know about it.
Anika: So u also be knowing that she isn’t happy with u???
Shivaye glares at Anika.
Shivaye(seething): see… It’s my personal matter….so it’ll be better if an outsider stays outside only.
Anika: Shivaye…do u even know what u r doing???? u left me for Mallika and….
Shivaye(shouting): I didn’t left u for Mallika…I was forced to marry Mallika bcoz of family pressure.
Anika: which proves how weak and ur love was.
Shivaye(seething): shut…. up!!!!! don’t try to bring old matters.
Anika: Even I’m not Interested in bringing old matters Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi but Mallika is my friend and I’m concerned about her and that’s why I’m talking to u otherwise…I’m least interested in even seeing ur face.
Shivaye gets angry…He glares at Anika…In return Anika also glares at Shivaye.
Shivaye(seething): This is my personal matter…so u stay out of it.
Anika: Shivaye…I just want u to take care of mallika…she needs ur love and care which only a husband can give to a wife….u should give that importance to Mallika in ur life which a husband gives to a wife.
Shivaye(seething): Don’t tell me, what to do and what not to do!!!!!!! I know how to take care of my wife.
Anika: Oh really???? I can see how much u r taking care of ur wife.
Shivaye(seething): Get out!!!!!!
Anika: Shivaye….
Shivaye(shouting): I said get ou from my room right now!!!!!!
Anika: but…
Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and drags her to the door.
Anika: Shivaye…plz listen to me.
Shivaye(shouting): just shut up!!! go and ask urself that why I can’t love Mallika, why I can’t take care of her and why I can’t accept her as my wife…..u will get the answer.
Anika goes silent…..Shivaye closes the door….O jaana song plays…Anika gets sad and tensed.

Scene 4(Oberoi Mansion): Anika is sitting near the swimming pool..She’s very tensed and thinks about Shivaye’s words.
Anika(thinking): Shivaye and Mallika have still not moved on in their life…they are still stuck in the past…..why can’t they forget what happened and start a new life???? why they are giving themselves so much burden???? why can’t they move on????…….but what about me???? have I yet moved on in life??? have I forgotten Shivaye????Did I forgot Shivaye’s love….yes!!!!! yes…definitely……no!!!!!! no…I….I didn’t.
O jaana song plays…..Tara enters….Anika looks at Tara and smiles.
Anika(to Tara): Hi!!!!!
Tara(smiling): what’s ur name????
Anika: my name is Anika!!!!!
Tara: I’m Tara… u live in this house?????
Anika: uh….no, I’m just working here…actually I don’t even work here….ur dad has not even gave me any work but he said that he’ll give me one.
Tara: So…what should I call u????
Anika: umm….u can call me by name only.
Tara: Anika…right????
Anika: yeah….right!!!!!
Tara: So Anika…..I don’t know much about my new family…can I plz tell me about them, especially my mom and dad….how they are and etc etc..
Anika(smiling): u r so small but u talk like an adult…wow!!!!!
Tara: yeah…I know that.
Anika laughs.
Anika: okayyyy… lets start with ur dad…u have seen a coconut???? hard from outside, soft from inside!!!! thta’s ur dad….he’s really inspired by Amitabh Bachchan angry young man persona…..he starts shouting at a drop of a hat….but don’t worry, he’ll not shout at u, bcoz he really loves his family members….and also he’s the biggest tadibaaz I’ve ever seen.
Tara: tadibaaz???? what’s tadi???
Anika: uh…tadi means vo tashan.
Tara: and what’s tashan????
Anika: uh…. check it out in the dictionary…okay!!!!
Tara: umm..okay.
Anika(thinking): This SSO is amazing….he adopted a child who is just like him.
Tara: what are u thinking Anika????
Anika: uh…nothing….well, ur dad has so many flaws but still u will fall in love with him….and u know why??? bcoz he loves and cares about his family members a lot…and now u r also the member of this family…he will do anything for just to make u happy.
Tara: Really????
Anika: yes!!!!
Tara: how do u know so much about my dad Anika????
Anika smiles.
Anika(smiling): bcoz….I know him very well…..there was a time when we were friends.
Tara: and now???
Anika: Now….i’m just an employee of ur dad.
Tara: So….can we become friends.
Anika: But….we had only minutes meeting each other???? and I’m also ver elder than u????
Tara: I know….but I’m really missing my foster family and friends in foster home…..This place is new for me and I don’t even know anyone properly here…and when I talked to u I felt that we can really become good friends.
Anika: And I felt so???
Tara: It’s the brain of a mastermind.
Anika laughs.
Anika(smiling): u r really naughty…well, we can become friends if ur dad agrees.
Tara: but u said na that my dad will do anything for my happiness????
Anika: yeah….that’s also true.
Tara: so, can we become friends????
Anika: uh…okay.
Tara: and promise me that u will not break this friendship with me like u did with my dad.
Anika smile fades….O jaana song plays.
Tara: promise me na Anika.
Anika: uhmm, okay…pinky promise!!!!
Tara(confused): what’s pinky???
Anika(thinking): Oh God!!!! is this girl Shivaye’s adopted child or her biological child????
Anika: uh show ur smallest finger.
Tara shows her smallest finger along with Anika….They do the pinky promise….Shivaye enters the scene and sees Anika and Tara’s blooming friendship….He remembers hs romantic moments with Anika….O jaana song plays.

Precap: Shivaye gives Anika the job of Tara’s nanny
Guys, In the next episode…I’ll end this long flashback…I’m again sorry for this delay…..Shivaye- Mallika’s truth behind marriage will also be revealed soon….and the good news is from now on I’ll make updates daily.

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