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Ishqbaaz 8 years Later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna(Episode 17)


Hi friends….I know that the from past two episodes I’m not giving really any romantic scenes…It was bcoz I was making revelations to move the story…But don’t worry I’ll show it once I get rid of this flashback….Here’s the link of all my previous episodes:

Previous Episodes

Note: Today’s episode is a complete flashback of what happened 3 years ago….The flashback is going in Shivaye’s mind.

Recap: Shivaye and Anika see each other after 5 years.

Scene 1{Flashback 3 years ago(Oberoi Mansion)}: Shivaye and Anika are standing in front of each other…..O jaana plays…..They are looking at each other with intensity without saying a word…They are stopping their emotions to burst….They are not letting their tears to fall…They were trying their best to control their emotions…They didn’t know what to say??? what to talk???? They didn’t thought that they will never meet again in this life…..They feel awkward….Shivaye was shocked, confused and also happy but none of these expressions were visible on his face….Anika’s mind wasn’t working…..She was confused, felt awkward but she was also happy deep down her heart….The only emotion visible on both of their faces was awkwardness but the happiness was visible in their eyes…Both of them became restless and started looking here and there…They didn’t wanted to have an eye contact bcoz then their emotions will get explode….but as both of them have full tashan they will not let that happen.

Shivaye: uh…A..Anika…uh…how…r…u???
Anika: uh…ummm….I’m….good…good!!!! and…how…uh…r…u and…ur family????
Shivaye: good…good!!!!!
Anika: And..uh… Mallika???
Shivaye: She’s… also good.
Anika: That’s really…great!!!!
Shivaye: uh…um….uh.
Anika: Shivaye…will u not ask what made me meet u after so many years???
Shivaye: uh..umm..uh.
Dadi enters and sees Anika..She gets surprised and gets really happy to see her.
Dadi: Oh My God !!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!! Anika!!!!! is that…is that really u???? Oh my God.!!!!!
Dadi goes and hugs Anika….Dadi bursts ino tears.
Dadi(crying while hugging Anika): Where were u Anika???? why did u left all of us??? why did u left me???? Didn’t u ever remembered us???? why u left all of us 5 years ago???
Anika gets emotional and tears fall from her eyes that she was controlling for so long.
Anika(crying): Plz forgive me Dadi…circumstances became like that I had to leave this city and u all…I can’t tell, how much I missed u all…how much I missed…there wasn’t a day when I didn’t remembered u….Dadi…I…I never wanted to leave u all…but…but there wasn’t really any reason for me to stay.
Dadi(crying): Familes don’t leave each other in bad times Anika…why u left us Anika???? why Anika why???
Anika: I’m sorry Dadi…I’m really…really sorry.
While Anika and Dadi were sharing have an emotional moment, Shivaye too got emotional and was about to cry…but before he let that happen, he leaves from there without saying anything….Anika looks that Shivaye was leaving and gets sad….

Scene 2: Shivaye goes inside his room and closes the door….He takes deep breath and recalls his meeting with Anika after 5 years….He sits on the floor leaning on towards the door…he was no more able to control his emotions and bursts into tears…Then he starts sulking and gives a smile…O jaana plays….He feels happy that Anika is back….He gets up from the floor and recollects himself….He wipes his tears…..He goes in front of the mirror and checks himself out that he’s looking good or not…
Shivaye(looking at the mirror): Okay…Shivaye…nothing wrong has happened….Everything…everything is… fine…everything…is fine…yeah…It’s just that….Anika is… back…Anika is back…..
Shivaye then gives a million dollar smile…..tears again fall from his eyes.

Scene 3: Dadi is sitting with Anika at the drawing room.
Dadi: Anika beta…u can’t imagine how happy I am right now….it’s like a dream to see u after so many years….otherwise I thought that I’ll never be able to see u again.
Anika: Dadi…I am really sorry that I left this city without even informing u…..I know that u would have been very hurt.
Dadi: It’s okay Anika….jo hua so hua…it’s good that u r back…but what made u come back after 5 years.
Anika(feeling awkward): uh…Dadi actually…
Before Anika could finish, Shivaye enters….Anika looks at Shivaye again with confusion and awkwardness…O jaana bg music plays….Shivaye and Anika look at
each other and share an eyelock…They aghain get lost in Shivika land.
Dadi: Anika??? what happened???
Anika(getting out of thoughts): uh..uh…nothing Dadi.
Dadi: Billu, Anika…why both of u are not talking to each other…u both have met after 5 years….whay no one is saying anything.
Shivaye and Anika again look at each other and feel awkward…They didn’t knew what to say.
Shivaye: uh…uh..A…Anika…I…
Anika controolling her emotions., gets up from the sofa and goes in front of Shivaye.
Anika: Shivaye…it’s good that u r here….I…need ur help….I want a loan of 30 lacs from u for the treatment of my brother Sahil.
Shivaye gets shocked and confused.
Dadi: Anika…what are u saying??? Sahil is fine na????
Anika: yeah Dadi….Sahil is fine but he isn’t able to walk…for his treatment I want a loan from Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi.
Shivaye:o…kay…so…that made u come back to this family.
Anika: yeah…yeah ofcourse and for that I’m ready to do any job in ur house until the loan gets cleared..
Shivaye and Anika look at each other with complete tashan….Shivaye becomes Shivaye Singh Oberoi.
Shivaye(with full attitude): Do u know that for paying the debt u will have to work all ur life.
Anika: I’m even ready to work under u my whole life.
Shivaye: Be Practical Anika!!!!! u will not be able to pay te debt…’s okay….I’ll give the amount but no need to return it back.
Anika: Thankyou Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi…but…mujhe tumhari bheek nahi chahiye….I said that I’ll return back the debt by working in ur house.
Shivay(seething): I said na…I’ll give u the amount…no need to pay it back…why don’t u understand???
Anika: And I said that I’ll return it back….I want a loan from u…not ur donation… why don’t… u understand???
Shivaye: zid karna band karo Anika…stop being so stubborn.
Anika: I’m not being stubborn….u r being….I said na, that I’ll pay the debt back to u….
Shivaye(seething): tumhe samajh nahi aa raha hai??? I said that I’ll give u the amunt…bno need to pay it back.
Anika: Why u r not geting it Shivaye….I don’t want donation from u…do this charity somewhere else…not to me…..It’s against my Principles to take someone else money.
Shivaye gets angry.
Shivaye(angry): I said I’ll pay the debt….do u have a problem in hearing???
Anika: And i said no…do u…have a problem in hearing????
Dadi: Oh God!!!!! plz stop fighting both of u…u’ve met after so many years and still u both are fighting???? u both became such good friends before Shivaye’s marriage…u both should be happy to meet each other again.
Shivaye(looking at Anika): She’s not my friend Dadi….I do friendship, enmity and business only with people who are of my level…in terms of money…in terms of status…and especially to those who value my friendship…who value my love!!!!!
Anika: That’s great….and I do friendship with people who are loyal with me…who don”t cheat me.
Shivaye feels guity….O jaana song plays.
Dadi: offo…plz stop all this fighting…Anika…u will get the money but u don’t need to pay it back…u r my family beta…and familes help each other in times of need.
Anika: I’m sorry Dadi…but if u will not let me work here then no need of giving me the loan….as I said, it’s against my principles…It’s not about family…it’s about my principles…my self esteem…my self respect.
Shivaye(shouting at Anika): Oh just stop it!!!! Keep ur so called principles in ur pocket and think from a practical point of view…U will have to work ur whole life in this house to pay the debt…when I said that u don’t have to pay the debt then why don’t u understand??? It’s u only who is getting the benefit.
Anika: And why are u being so kind to me??? U only said na that I’m not ur friend so why so why being so generous???
Shivaye doesn’t understands what to say in reply.
Anika: Shivaye Singh Oberoi..If u will not take the debt then I can’t take the loan from u.
Shivaye(with arrogance): Fine…then I’ll also not give u loan….u may leave.
Shivaye does his signature step with full on attitude to show his ego…
Anika: Fine….okay, I should leave now.
Dadi: Anika beta, plz don’t leave na….u have came after so many years…Billu, if Anika wants to return the debt then why are u not letting her do that.???
Anika: Leave it Dadi…Shivaye Singh Oberoi thinks that he can buy anything with his money, but sorry…u can’t buy my self respect.
Shivaye looks at Anika with anger on his face…
Anika: Dadi… If there would have any reason for me to stay here then I would have definitely stayed…but don’t worry, now I’ll live in this city..I’ll definitely come to meet u..Anika saying while looking at Shivaye) if Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi.
Shivaye again looks at Anika with with full on tashan…..There was a battle of egos going on.
Anika: Thankyou Dadi.
Dadi: Anika…plz don’t go…
Anika: Sorry Dadi…but I’ve to go.
Shivaye glares at Anika…Anika remains unaffected….Anika walks towards the door to leave…Shivaye looks at her….Shivaye becomes restless seeing Anika leaving…O jaana song plays..He recalls the scene when he was leaving from Anika’s house after meeting her for the last time 5 years ago…He didn’t wanted her to go….He wanted her back in his life…His heartbeat becomes faster…he gets confused..He didn’t know what to do….On the other hand Anika also didn’t wanted to leave…She wanted Shivaye to stop her…..She was slowly walking towards the door hoping, that Shivaye will stop her…Both were very egoistic to admit that….
Shivaye(In a loud voice): Anika..stop!!!!
Anika’s legs stop….She closes her eyes and gets a relief…she becomes happy deep down her heart.
Shivaye goes to Anika and stands in front of her….Shivaye looks at her with arrogantly….Anika gets confused.
Shivaye(arrogantly): If u want to pay the debt, then fine….though, I really don’t need it, but if that makes u happy, then I’m okay wih it
Anika: But, what job I’ll do in this house???
Shivaye: That I’ll tell u later on…
Anika: And… the amount????
Shivaye: U will get that tomorrow.
Anika: Fine…thankyou…Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi.
Shivaye: No need to be…it’s okay.
Anika: okay, I should leave now.
Anika moves towards the door when Shivaye stops her by putting his hand on her shoulder…Anika gets shocked…She looks at Shivaye…O jaana plays.
Shivaye: Stop Anika…why u r in such a hurry???
Anika: Is there any reason for me to not leave me???
Shivaye: yes….If u will talk to Dadi for sometime then she’ll really feel good…her health isn’t good nowadays…after so many days..,I’ve..seen her so happy….She is really happy to see back…And if u will meet other family members too, then…they will also feel good….I…I’ll…also….feel…happy!!!!
O jaana song plays while Shivaye and Anika share an eyelock.

Scene 2(foster home): Shivaye and Mallika enter a foster home to adopt a kid…They see many kids playing around and get confused…Suddenly a football comes out of nowhere and hits on Shivaye’s face….He gets discomforted.
Shivaye(putting his hands on his eyes): Ouch!!!! Fhat the wuck!!!!
Mallika: Shivaye, are u okay???
Shivaye: yeah, yeah….I’m fine.
The kid who hitted Shivaye with the football goes to him….She was a small girl and wearing T-shirt and jeans with a cap on her head…she also had tattoos on her arms…she was looking tomboyish in her appearance…The girl looks at Shivaye and Mallika with complete innocence in her eyes.
Mallika(angry): Didn’t u see that we are standing here??? Uncle got hurt bcoz of u???
The girl: Actually. It’s the fault of u both too.
Mallika: what??? How??
The girl: who told u both to stand on the field when u r seeing that small kids are playing here….so it’s ur fault too…but I agree that it’s my fault too…I should have seen before playing…So I’m sorry too(she hold her ears and smiles)…Sorry uncle…plz forgive me.
Shivaye gets astonished by the reply of the girl… He looks at the child and remembers about Anika…..He finds that the child is very similar to Anika…He looks at the smiles.
The girl(looking at Shivaye): uncle… why are u smiling??? Waise…u should also say sorry to me but’s okay..I forgive u.
Mallika(getting angry at the kid): what are u saying??? Don’t u know how to talk to the elders
Shivaye: Mallika…it’s okay…She’s right…it’s, our fault too…(to the girl)I’m sorry.
The Girl: It’s okay uncle.
The girl gives a cute smile looking at Shivaye and Mallika.
Shivaye gets on his kneels down to the girl to talk to her.
Shivaye(to the small girl): What’s ur name???
The Girl: Tara.!!!!!
Shivaye: Tara!!! Nice name…that means stars right??? So u r a star of this foster home??? The celebrity??? Right???
Tara: nope…I’m not…but…I will become a celebrity one day.
Shivaye: wow!!!!! And how???
Tara: I want to become a soccer player and play for my country.
Shivaye: But India doesn’t has a soccer team???
Tara: right now it’s not…but when I’ll grow up, I’ll make my own team.
Shivaye: That’s great…and…so u like playing soccer???
Tara: a lot!!!! I love soccer!!!!
Shivaye: wow!!!! U r so small and u like playing game of big kids, that too a boys game???
Tara: So do think I’ll play dolls??? And playing games baby princess summer boutique???? I just hate all this.
Shivaye: what’s ur age dear??
Tara(showing 4 fingers): 4 years old!!!!:
Shivaye smiles looking at Tara…He was astonished by Tara….He liked her innocence and smartness.
Tara;okay uncle …I have to go now.
Tara leaves from there and again goes to play with her friends…Shivaye gets up and looks at Tara from a distance….He was still smiling looksing at her.
Mallika: Shivaye???
Shivaye: yeah!!!
Mallika: Are u thinking of adopting her????
Shivaye: yep, what do u think???
Mallika: Listen Shivaye…I already said that I’m not happy with ur decision of adopting a child, but I respect anur decision but….plz don’t expect me to be a mother bcoz I can’t do all this…we r doing all this to save the business and honour of Oberois plz and please ur mom, dad and Dadi but I’m saying it again Shivaye…this is not right…we’ll never be able to give her the love…the support that she needs, why don’t understand??? Plz think about it Shivaye.
Shivaye: I have decide Mallika…and my decision will not change….it’s full and final…I said it before also and I’m saying it again….Family comes first to me and I can go to any extent for the happiness for my family.
Mallika: If we adopt that girl and then she’ll also become the part of ur family….will u be able to give her the happiness.
Shivaye: yeah of course…she’ll be very happy to get a family like us…there’s nothing in this world which the Oberois don’t have…the world bows down in front of us….we can buy each and everything!!!1
Mallika: can u buy a mother too Shivaye???
Shivaye’s mouth gets shut….He didn’t have any answer for Mallika’s question.
Mallika: A child needs a mother Shivaye….a mother who stands with her…who loves her more than herself…who thinks about the child’s well being before her own…who supports him, who stands with him in every problem, in every situation…who forgives the child for his every mistake…that is what mother is…and that mother I can’t become…I’m sorry Shivaye, but I’m not in the state of mind that I can play the role of a mother….u can adopt that girl if u want but from where will u get a mother for her????
Shivaye had no reply to give…He knew that what is saying is right but he can’t change his decision bcoz he wanted his family to be happy….Mallika leaves Shivaye from there….Shivaye gets confused…He recalls Mallika’s words when she was asking,,” from where will u get a mother for her”???? The scene shifts to Anika….The screen divides into three parts showing both Shivaye, Anika and Tara implyng Tara as ray of hope for Shivika love story.

To Be Continued…..
Precap: Anika meets Tara.

Thankyou for reading guys, Episode was quite long…I hope u all didn’t got bored… In the next episode, I’ll end this long flashback…..Then I can show Ishkara and Rumya too.

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