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Hi guys…well, my updates are going on a fast forward mode bcoz the last episode was nothing special and was just to move the story…So, I’ll not make u wait for long…Here’s the link of my previous episodes:
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Recap: Hit and miss of Shivika…Pinky scolds mallika bcoz she’s infertile.

Note: Today’s episode is a complete flashback going on in Shivaye’s mind of what happened 3 years ago.

Scene 1{flashback 3 years ago(Oberoi Mansion)}: Mallika is in her room…she’s crying…Shivaye enters….Mallika sees Shivaye and wipes her tears.
Shivaye: Mallika…don’t take mom’s words to heart…u know na that she says anything without thinking….u nderstand na???
Mallika: uhm…yeah…I understand….ofcourse, I have to understand…I have to understand that ur family can never accept me.
Shivaye: Mallika plz…
Shivaye: Listen Shivaye…I can’t handle all this anymore…It has became so painful for me….I don’t want to be in this relationship but I have to…I..I have no other option.
Mallika bursts into tears….Shivaye holds Mallika by her shoulders and consoles her.
Shivaye: Mallika…I can understand what trauma u r going through….I know that..I can’t share ur pain but…I can understand it….Mallika….I promise that no one will say anything to u in this family.
Mallika: No need of that Shivaye…ur family isn’t wrong….the circumstances in which we got married…no family can accept it.
Shivaye: Mallika…plz don’t think about the past…think about ur present, ur future…that’s in ur hands….ur life isn’t over yet…u can make the most of it…forget ur past ur Mallika.
Mallika: It’s easy to say that Shivaye….but can u forget ur past???
Hearing Mallka’s question, Shivaye gets lost in the thoughts of Om and Anika….Sad music plays….Dadi enters.
Dadi: Billu, Mallika???
Shivaye: Dadi…no need to worry…everything is…fine.
Dadi: Mallika beta…plz don’t feel sad…Pinky isn’t bad from heart…she just gets harsh at times…plz don’t mind.
Mallika: Don’t worry Dadi…I didn’t minded.
Dadi: Sach me???
Mallika: uh…yeah!!!!
Pinky enters along with Shakti.
Pinky: Mallika beta…I’m sorry for my harsh words…u know na that I don’t think before saying anything when I get angry…plz forgive ur mother in law.
Mallika: It’s okay mom….I’m not sad.
Everyone smiles.
Shakti: Shivaye, Mallika….I understand that it’s not anyone’s fault that u both can’t have a child…but beta…there’s a solution of every problem…..why don’t u both consult a Doctor for treatment??? Medical science has became very advanced…even the biggest diseases are cured now.
Pinky: Ha Shivaye…why don’t u both consult a doctor???
Shivaye and Mallika get tensed.
Mallika: uh…Mom…dad…actually, I consulted many specialists but…they said that there is no scope for me to have a child…I tried my best but nothing happened.
Pinky: Then consult some more doctors na…we have many family doctors.
Shivaye: Mom, she said na…that she has consulted many doctors and all said no.other doctors will also say th same thing..plz understand!!!!!
Pinky gets upset.
Pinky: Theek hai Shivaye…if that’s what written in our fate then we have to accept it.
Dadi: Billu, Mallika…why don’t u both adopt a child???
Shivaye and Mallika again get tensed.
Shivaye: What??? Dadi…it’s not possible.
Dadi: but why??? what’s wrong in it???
Shivaye doesn’t understands what to say.
Shivaye: uh…bcoz….that child will be not of our own blood…and blood and lineage matter a lot to me.
Dadi: chup kar!!!!! for past 5 years u didn’t talked like this and now again???
Pinky(to dadi): But maaji…how can we make any random child the grand child of the Oberoi family????
Dadi: Pinky….it’s not the blood but our values which will make that child an Oberoi
Tej enters the room in anger.
Shivaye: Bade papa??? what happened???
Tej: What the hell is going on Shivaye??? the whole Oberoi family has became a joke in front of the world…how did this news got leaked in the media that Mallika is infertile.
Shivaye: There are our many business rivals…they would have spreaded this news to humiliate our family and decrease our stock prices.
Tej: I know all that Shivaye but why u didn’t told us before that Mallika can’t become a mother???
Mallika: bade papa…it’s my fault…I didn’t told anyone…I’m really sorry.
Tej: What do u mean by sorry???? u know what, bcoz of u only our family has become a joke in front of media….5 years ago too bcoz of u only we faced so much humiliation…u r the root of all our troubles.
Dadi: Enough Tej…u have no right to talk to Mallika like that….it’s u who is responsible for all our sorrows…instead of accepting ur mistake u r blaming Mallika??? Shame on u!!!!
Tej: whatever!!!!! but listen Shivaye…it’s bcoz of u and ur wife we are facing all this huniliation….now it’s upto u that how u sort out this problem…We have to do the damage control as fast as possibe otherwise we’ll face many loses in our business…do u get that???
Shivaye: Don’t worry Bade papa!!!! I’ll do something.
Tej: Better do it fast.
Tej leaves from there.
Dadi: Mallika beta…I’ll say sorry on behalf of tej.
Mallika: plz Dadi…no need to say sorry…I’m completely fine.
Dadi: Billu…as I was saying, It’ll be really good if u both adopt a child…there are many children in this world who don’t get the love of mom and dad….if u will adopt a child then u both will get the happiness of being a parent and that child will also get someone to love…plz think about it.
Pinky: Shivaye beta,,,though I’m not completly happy with the idea of adopting a child but I think Maaji is right…it’ll be good if u both think about it.
Shakti: yeah…Even I think that it’s a good idea.
Shivaye and Mallika get completely tensed….they don’t understand what to say.
Shivaye: okay…I’ll…uh…think about it.

Shakti, Pinky and dai leave from there….Shivaye and Mallika get nervous.
Mallika: Now what will we do Shivaye??? The truth of our marriage will come out….Everyone will know about it…Oh God…I shouldn’t have lied that I can’t become a mother…Now what will we do Shivaye??? plz say something.
Shivaye: Lets adopt a child.
Mallika(shocked): Have u gone mad??? how can we adopt a child just like that??? we don’t have arelationship of husband-wife, how can we become a parent of child???
Shivaye: It’s the only way to save the honour of of our family…it’s the only way to stop losses in our business..and most important…it’s the only way, to make mom, dad and Dadi happy.
Mallika: Have u lost it??? just for ur own selfish motives, u will spoil the life of a small child????
Shivaye: what??? How am I spoiling the life of a child??? Our family has everything that will make our child happy, money, power, status…the whole world will respect our child…in’t that enough…what else will he need???
Mallika: The love of his mom and dad!!!!!!
Shivaye gets silent.
Mallika: Why don’t u understand Shivaye??? We will never be able to give proper love to our child bcoz for that, we have to love each other.
Shivaye: That doesn’t matters Mallika…If u have money then u can buy each and everything.
Mallika: Really??? Can money also buy love???
Shivaye’s mouth gets sealed hearing Mallika’s question….He remembers about anika…O jaana song plays.
Mallika: Answer me Shivaye!!!!
Shivaye gets out of his thoughts.
Shivaye: yeah…it can…money can buy each and everything…and Shivaye Singh Oberoi can go to any extent for his family….Mallika, this discussion is over….We’ll adopt a child…that’s it.
Mallika: U r unbelievable Shivaye!!!!! Really unbelievable.
Shivaye(doing his signature step): yes…I am!!!!
Mallika: Shivaye…just answer my one question.. will u be able to give that child the love of a dad???
Shivaye takes a pause…he didn’t had any answer for her question but he had to answer to show his attitude.
Shivaye: uh… yeah…of…course.
Mallika: Fine…then also buy a mom along with a child…I’m sorry shivaye…but the state of mind I’m right now…I can’t become a mother and take care of a child.
Shivaye: But Mallika…
Mallika: Plz Shivaye…u took ur decision, now let me take mine….I accept ur decision…but don’t me to become a mother bcoz I can’t and I won’t…I’m sorry shivaye.
Mallika leaves from the room leaving Shivaye alone…Shivaye gets upset with Mallika.

Scene 2(Anika’s house): Anika is in her room sitting on her…She’s very tensed…
Anika(monologue): From where will I get so much amount…what should i do????
Sahil enters.
Sahil: Anika di…what happened??? why are u so stressed???
Anika: Sahil….I’m not stressed…just thinking about something.
Sahil: Anika di…I’m not a kid…I know that u r stressed bcoz of doctor’s fees….Anika di…why are u taking so much tension??? what will happen if I’ll not be able to walk again??? Main to kahunga ki lets go back to our home town….I don’t want to do any treatment.
Anika: Sahil…u don’t have to think about all this…I returned back to Mumbai so that I can see u standing in ur legs….now until and unless I don’t do that I’ll not go back.
Sahil: But Anika di..that doctpr’s fees is 20 to 30 lacs….from where will we get so much amount…I’ve not seen that much money in my entire life.
Anika: Don’t worry about that…I know what to do.
Anika(thinking): I’m sorry Shivaye….but I’ve to return back to ur life.

Scene 3(Oberoi mansion): Shivaye is sitting on a couch and working on a laptop…He gets a call and he picks up the phone.
Shivaye: Hello!!!!
It’s the security guard.
Security guard: Sir…a girl is standing outside the gate…she’s saying that she wants to meet Katyani ji…she’s saying that she knows her and u.
Shivaye: what???? Any random girl will come and say to u that she knows me and u will call and disturb me???
Security Guard: But sir….
Shivaye: Shut up!!!! What’s her name???
Security Guard: She’s saying her name is Anika.
Shivaye gets shocked….He gets up from the couch in shock and disbelief.
Shivaye:uh… what name…. did u…. just said????
Security Guard: Sir Anika!!!!!
Shivaye’s heartbeat gets faster….O jaana song plays….
Shivaye: send her inside!!!!!
Security Guard: okay sir.
Shivaye is still in a shocked state….His mind stops working….He doesn’t understands what to do….O jaana somg plays….He goes infront of the mirror…He looks at his reflection and makes sure that he’s looking good….He does his signature step infront of the mirror.

Scene 4: Anika enters the Oberoi mansion from the main entrance….From the Opposite side Shivaye enters…They both look at each other and share an eyelock…Shivaye walks downstairs and Anika walks towards him….Hamari Adhuri Kahani song plays….They slowly walk towards each other…They control their emotions and don’t let their tears come out….While coming close to each other both look here and there to avoid eye contact….Lots of emotions were inside the mind of Shivaye and Anika which were ready to explode but they weren’t allowing it…They come close and stand in front of each other….O jaana song plays and Shivika look at each other with happiness, confusion and surprise in their eyes…They wanted to cry and hug each other but they were trying their best to control their emotions….They stand still and look in the eyes of each other without saying anything…5 minutes get passed and they are still looking at each other without saying anything as if their silence was saying everything….
Shivaye(taking deep breaths): uh..uh..Anika!!!!!
Anika(she too taking deep breaths): Shh..Shivaye!!!!!
They aren’t able to control their emotions and are about to hug each other but suddenly they realise thier mistake and control their emotions…O jaana song plays…They feel awkward and look here and there..
Shivaye: uh…umm..Anika…Hi
Shivaye places his hand forward to shake hands with Anika.
Anika looks at Shivaye’s hands…she gets confused and doesn’t understands what to do…after 2 seconds she shakes hand with Shivaye.
Anika: uh..Hi!!!!
They shake hands and the camera zooms on their hands.

To Be Continued…..

Precap: Shivaye meets a 4 year old girl named Tara in a foster home.

Guys…I know that from past few episodes I’m sidelining Ishkara and Rumya…It’s bcoz I’m currently focusing on Shivika story…after that I’ll show the story of other two couples too…Don’t worry…I’ll give equal importance to all 3 brothers and their love interests in my ff….Plz comment and give ur views.

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