Ishqbaaz 8 years Later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna(Episode 15)


Hi friends….It’s difficult for me to write episodes daily bcoz I remain quite busy and my mind also works very slowly…but I’ll try my best to update ASAP.
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Recap: Flashback scene 8 years ago: Shivaye and Anika break their relationship.

Note: Today’s episode will be completely a flashback of what happened 3 years ago….The flashback is going on in Shivaye’s mind.

Scene 1(flashback 3 years ago): Dadi is in her room sitting in the couch….she’s very upset….Shivaye enters.
Sivaye: Dadi!!!!
Dadi: Billu…kya hua beta???
Shivaye: Dadi…I know u r very upset.
Dadi: Billu… I’m more upset of Mallika hiding the truth than the truth that Mallika can’t become a mother.
Shivaye: Dadi…what we can we do now???? It’s tghe harsh truth…we can’t do anything about it.
Dadi: Billu…I think I’m not that lucky to see my great grandchild before dying.
Shivaye: Dadi!!!!! plz don’t say that.
Dadi: Billu….u know what, after Om’s death this house isn’t a house anymore….our family has not seen happiness from last 5 years….now this family doesn’t looks like a family anywhere….it seems like someone has cursed our family.
Shivaye: Dadi…plz don’t worry so much…everything will soon get fine…our family…our family will be happy again….I’ll not let this family break…
Dadi: Promise me Billu!!!!!

Shivaye(holds Dadi’s hands and says): yeah Dadi…I promise.
Dadi: Billu…tell me one thing….Is everything fine between u a nd Mallika???
Shivaye(taking a pause): yeah Dadi…everything is fine between her and me..
Dadi: Are u happy wth her???
Sghivaye gets tensed and doesn’t understands what to say.
Shivaye: yeah Dadi…ofcourse…I’m…happy with her…but why are u asking???
Dadi: Bcoz I don’t see u both happy together.
Shivaye: Dadi…it’s nothing like that…u r misunderstanding…I and Mallika…. are very happy in our married life.
Dadi: okay beta…but the way u both got married…it was really tough for us accept that…and if I say the truth…then our family has still not accepted Mallika….I really feel bad for her….fate has been really cruel to her.
Shivaye: Dadi…I understand that….but I promise that mom, dad and everyone in our family will one day accept Mallika as their daughter in law.
Dadi( holds Shivaye’s cheeksb and says): I just want u to be happy Billu.
Shivaye smiles looking at Dadi.
Dadi(thinking): I know Billu that u r not happy with Mallika…I can easily see pain in ur eyes….I don’t know what will bring happiness in ur life again????

Scene 2: The scene shifts to Anika sitting at a bench in a park….She looks at beautiful trees and flowers and gets lost in the thoughts of Shivaye…O jaana song plays….she gets emotional….Sahil enters.
Sahil: Anika di…what are u doing here????
Anika(getting out of her dreams): uh..what??? what happened Sahil???
Sahil: Anika di…what has happened to u???? Since we have returned to Mumbai, u r lost somewhere….where are u lost???
Anika(smiling): Dekh na Sahil….we have returned to this city and so much has changed here but still it feels like…like nothing has changed…everything is same…as if we never were always here and never left.
Sahil(confused): So much has changed??? nothing has changesd??? Anika di…what are u saying, I’m not understanding anything.
Anika: no need to understand anything.
Sahil(smiling and teasing): I understood!!!! u r thinking about SSO na???
o jaana song plays…fused and didn’t understands what to say…..
Anika(angry): chup!!!!! nikal yaha se.
Sahil laughs and runs from there….Anika again starts thinking about Shivaye….O jaana song plays.

Scene 3: Anika leaves for her home from the park…..She’s walking on the footpath…From the opposite side Shivaye is walking towards her…He’s talking to his employee and is angry on him as usual….Shivaye and Anika walk towards each other without seeing each other as there’s too much crowd around them…..They both come more close to each other without knowing…O jaana song plays….Shivaye is still talking on phone…Anika is lost in her thoughts…..They bump against each other…Shivaye doesn’t looks at Anika and says sorry as he was talking on phone…Anika wasn’t able to see Shivaye’s face as she was lost in thoughts…She watches Shivaye from behind and gets confused…Anika’s heartbeat becomes after…O jaana song plays.
Anika(thinking): who was he???
Anika keeps looking at Shivaye for sometime and then turns back and walks away….on the other hand Shivaye is still talking on phone…suddenly his legs stop.. legs stop and he becomes still as if he got a shock…His heartbeat becomes faster…Without thinking he turns back and looks at Anika from behind….O jaana song plays….
Shivaye(thinking): Who is she?????
Shivaye without saying anything looks at Anika till she gets out of sight…He completely gets lost…After few seconds he comes back to his senses and runs towards the direction where Anika went….But Anika was lost in the crowd and Shivaye wasn’t able to find her…He was still unaware that she was Anika….
Shivaye(thinking): Who was that girl??? Why I felt that I know her??? Who was she…A…Anika??? No…no….how can she be Anika??? No,it’s not possible…but…why I felt that…she was… Anika??? So…who was she??? Why I felt…that… she was Anika???? Was she really Anika???

Shivaye again starts looking here and there, searching for Anika…..He becomes completely confused and doesn’t understands what to do…O jaana song plays.

Scene 4(hospital): Anika and Sahil enter the doctor’s clinic….
Anika: Doctor…I took an appointment from u for my brother….
Doctor: oh yeah….fine sit.
Anika and Sahil on the chair.
Anika: Doctor…my brother is handicapped… he isn’t able to walk…I showed him to many doctors but all said that he can’t be cured!!!!! I’ve come to u with high hopes…I’ve heard many praises about u…u have treated so many patients and cured them…plz cure the leg of my brother…I want him stand on his legs on his own..plz Doctor.

The doctor examines Sahil and takes X-rays of sahil…After few hours Doctor and Anika talk to each other
Doctor: Miss Anika…the case is very complicated….the legs have completely became handicapped…but doesn’t means that Sahil can’t be cured…with proper treatment and sessions he can be able to walk again…but it’ll take too much time and money and there’s no guarantee that he’ll get cured.
Anika: Doctor… How much fees will be needed for the treatment????
Doctor: 20 to 30 lacs!!!!
Anika(shocked): What??? 20 to 30 lacs??? But Doctor…can’t u give some discount???
Doctor: What???
Anika: Uh… I mean….can’t u decrease ur fees a little bit…plz???
Doctor: Sorry miss Anika….we can’t do it.
Anika: okay Doctor…I’ll…give u the fees.
Doctor: Fine.

Anika comes out of the clinic.
Sahil: Anika Di…from where will u bring so much money???
Anika: Don’t worry sahil…I’ll arrange the amount somehow…u don’t need to think about it.
Anika(thinking): From where I will get so much money???.

Scene 5(Next morning in Oberoi mansion): Shakti and Pinky are in their room…Shivaye enters.
Shivaye: Mom,??? Dad??? U both called me???
Pinky: ha Shivaye…we called u…we wanted to know that is there any place for us in ur life???
Shivaye: Mom??? What’s wrong with u???
Pinky: What’s wrong with me??? What’s wrong with u??? Do u even know what has happened???
Shivaye: What happened??? Is everything fine???
Pinky: No Shivaye….nothing is fine….just see today’s newspaper.
Pinky hands over the newspaper to Shivaye…Shivaye reads the headline and gets shocked..
Pinky: Now the whole world knows that the daughter in law of Oberoi family can’t be a mother…she’s infertile.
Shivaye(shocked): What the hell??? How this news got leaked in the media???
Pinky: Does it really matters Shivaye??? The world would have known it someday…what if they got to know it today??? Shivaye, I told u…that don’t marry Mallika…the day thios girl has entered our house, there are only problems in our life.
Shivaye: Mom plz… I have to stop all this nonsense right now.

Dadi and Mallika enter.
Mallika: Shivaye??? What happened??? Why are u so tensed???
Pinky: Oh Mallika…it’s good that u r also here….read today’s newspaper.
Pinky hands over the newspaper to Mallika,…She reads the news and gets shocked.
Mallika(shocked): What is this??? How’s did the press and media got to know about it.
Pinky: It all has happened bcoz of u Mallika…bcoz of u our life has become hell…U have destroyed our lives Mallika….u r the cause of all our sorrows and miseries….why don’t u just leave all of us??? Why are u creating problems for all of us???
Shivaye: Mom…just stop it!!!!
Mallika gets teary eyed hearing Pinky’s harsh words…She controls her emotionsand leaves from there without saying anything.
Shivaye: Mallika…listen to me!!!
Shivaye goes behind Malika

To Be Continued…..

Precap: Anika enters Oberoi mansion and meets Shivaye after 5 years.

Guys, I know that the episode was quite thanda but it was necessary to move the story.

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    1. Thanks Shubhangi. …Don’t worry. …mallika isn’t the villain of my ff

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  5. Hi there. I am reading your off since beginning and the best part about it is Om 🙂 😉 I feel present episodes are sidelining Om. Please please focus on Om also. Its a humble request.

    1. Thanks Sanjukta….well, currently I’m focusing on Shivika story that’s why Om got sidelined….but don’t worry….I’ll also focus on Om too once this flashback ends….one hint I’ll give u that Om will have the most important role in the climax of my ff.?

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  8. Y u killed Om.
    Y SSO married to mallika
    I don’t like ur story

    1. Dear…I think u have not read the previous parts of my ff…Om isn’t dead…it’s the Oberoi family who thinks that he is dead in the flashback….today’s episode was a flashback…..Om is alive in the previous episodes which are set in present time…I request u the previous episodes of my ff.

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