Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna (Promos)

Hi friends, for a long time I was thinking of writing an FF on Ishqbaaz but I was not getting enough time… So finally I’m writing
this fan fiction…I hope u all will like it….Those who comment on the Ishqbaaz written update page probably know me…

This is the story of Ishqbaaz 8 years later…A lot has changed in the lives of Oberoi family and the OBros…Things are know
more the same…The lead characters of my FF are Shivaye, Omkara, Rudra, Anika, Soumya and Ishana…Couples are also the
same, Shivika,Ishkara and Rumya…In this article I’m only posting the promos, introduction will be in my next post…

Promo 1 : Rudra is standing in front of Om’s photo with garland on it…Tears come out Rudra’s eyes and he says” why u left
us Om….why?? When u died, something inside me also died…Plz come back… Rudra breaks down…Shivaye comes and hugs him…
Shivaye says,” plz don’t cry Rudra, Om will always be in our memories, we will always be one for all and all for one…But even Shivaye was’nt able to hold it back and tears
came in his eyes too…Shivaye says,” plz come back Om” Cut to next scene a severe car crash happens in somewhere else in present time.

Promo 2 : Shivaye is on the wedding of a friend.
Shivaye(to Anika on phone): Where are u and Tara? I told u to come with her as fast as u can.
Anika: U know very well that today was Tara’s parents meeting and u being the busiest dad on earth can’t attend that so ofcourse, I have to attend it.
U know ur daughter is so naughty and has failed in all the subjects… All teachers were complaining about her.
Shivaye: Ok fine, we’ll talk about it later on.
Anika arrives at the wedding with Tara and meet everyone.
Shivaye(to his friend): This is my daughter Tara and this is Anika, my…
Shivaye’s friend: I know, she’s ur wife.
Shivaye and Anika shockingily look at each other.
Shivaye: Uh… No, she is’nt my wife.
Shivaye’s friend: Oh!!!! sorry.
Tara: Anika, I want to eat ice-cream, plz take me to the stall.
Anika takes her.

Promo 3 : Someone is getting beaten harshly in a dark room…His face is’nt clear…The scene is horrifying…Ishana wakes up..
and gets very scared…It was a dream…Later on, Ishana sees the rain outside the window and says”8 years before our love also
got washed in this rain Omkara.” Tears come out Ishana’s eyes and she starts crying.

Promo 4 :(This scene is set after 8 years)
Om and Ishana are standing in front of each other…Ishana says, I still love u Omkara even after these 8 years but I have to kill u..
Ishana takes out a gun and points it at Om..Omkara says,” How can u kill ur own love Ishana?” Ishana takes a deep breathe and says” sorry Om”, she pulls the trigger and shoots..The screen goes black.

Promo 5 : It’s Rudra and Soumya’s wedding ceremony.
Soumya(to Rudra): Sorry Rudra, but I can’t marry u.
Everyone including Rudra gets shocked.
Rudra: What r u saying Soumya? U can’t do this to me.
Soumya: Sorry Rudra, but I love someone else.
Rudra gets shocked and was’nt able to say anything. Soumya leaves.
Later on, Soumya is in her room, She looks at Rudra’s photo and starts crying.
Soumya: I’m sorry Rudra, I love u a lot but when u will know my truth, u will be shattered…U deserve much more than this.

So tell me whether u liked it or not…If u liked it then plz do comment even if u r a silent reader bcoz I will only continue when I will get a good response…If u did’nt liked it then u can criticise
and also tell me what u did’nt liked so I will try to change or improve it on my next post…U can also throw champa’s and chameli’s at me if u hated it, I don’t mind.

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  1. Jazz1

    It’s not god
    It’s awesome ? fabulous. I really like it. There is so much suspense now. Can’t wait for the first episode

    1. Jazz1

      Sorry my bad. The first line should say It’s not good

    2. Thanks Jazz, I’m glad u liked it.

  2. Very interesting!! So many questions to be answered. Waiting for the next update. ?

    1. Thanks Diya, I’ll update it tomorrow.

  3. Thumbs up, ???

    1. Thanks Salsa

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    I m reading ishqbaaz ff after many days this is too good can’t wait for the epi

    1. Thanks Fatarajo

  5. So much suspense waiting for episodes interesting

    1. Thanks Nandini, I’ll start the episodes after introduction and character sketch.

  6. Ishqkum

    Interesting too many suspense

    1. Thanks, Ishqkum

      1. Ishqkum

        Update it soon dr

      2. I’ll most likely update it tomorrow dear and will try to update it daily.

    1. Thanks Sadia

  7. Akshaya

    Nice dear

    1. Thanku Akshaya

  8. Luna…awesome…looking so much suspense…eagerly waiting….

    1. Thanks Tharu, I’m happy that u found it interesting.

  9. Plzzzzzz tell me vrishik mehta (ishana ) will be in the show so, l humbly request u to telecast om ishana romantic scene

    1. Sorry, I’m not getting what u r saying??? Vrushika will not be back in the show,,.this is a fan fiction page…If u r talking about my FF then I will definitely show Ishkara scenes.

  10. Hii.. i m sahana.. please go ahead with the story.. its full of suspense… cant wait?

    1. Thanks Sahana, I’ll submit the next episode tonight so it will be posted tomorrow.

  11. Wow it’s fabulous…full of the next one asap luna.Iam waiting..?

    1. Thanks Chandni, I’ll update it tomorrow.

  12. Ketaki19

    very interesting… waiting for update

    1. Thanks Ketaki, I’m glad that u found it interesting.

  13. Alekhika20

    Asum start,cont soon

    1. Thanks Alekhika

  14. The four people who disliked my FF, plz comment and tell me what u did’nt liked so I can improve it.

  15. Nice promos BTW this is the first ff of ishqbaaz that I’m going to read… Post soon….

    1. Thanks Anu

  16. Renimarenju

    Luna ishqie…so finally you got registered dear….that’s great…..By the way ishqie…your promo is really superb….especially i loved the first one as rudra stares @ pic and asking why you left om and the 4th one omkara asking “how can you kill your love ishana “…which is really interesting and the best one….and the second one is also pretty good….Anika’s statement about sso….”you are the busiest dad on the earth”…..Ishqie…well i am looking eagerly for reading your ff as you are a best critic as i know and i am interested to see your creativity….
    All the best….Promos are really good……
    Dear….am not getting time to comment on tu and ff as until diwali am very busy with my work… when you post the first part i will try to comment…..ishqie….but can’t assure….
    Keep going…..

    1. Thanks Renima,..I’m happy that u liked it but also tell me if u did’nt liked anything.. it’s fine if u r not able to comment regularly, I understand…I hope whatever issues u r facing in ur life gets sorted out soon…

  17. Really nice…waiting for ur update..

    1. Thanks Saranya

  18. Ananya7044

    Its awesome and fantastic..interesting yaar..really it’s too update soon

    1. Thanks Ananya, I’ll update it tomorrow.

  19. Awesome Ya.. post next soon .

    1. Thanks Antara

  20. Interesting post next episode soon

    1. Thankyou Sam

  21. Kiki

    Really good Luna.. Waiting for the first episode

    1. Thanks Kiki

  22. Awesome promos …… Full of suspense

    1. Thanks Angel

  23. Tulasi

    Nyc one luna….its really intrestngggg…….a lott

    1. Thankyou Tulasi

  24. Promo is really interesting….. Lot of suspense…..the concept is superb…. …..eagerly waiting to know the changes happened in their lifes…..plz plz post the next part soon and plz don’t forget to share the link in ishqbaaz written update page….

    1. Thanks Rosu, I will definitely give the link on written update page.

  25. Cuteprincess

    full of suspense ..really nice waiting for the next epi..

    1. Thanks cuteprincess

  26. awesome

    1. Thanks Zain

  27. This seems soo interesting ?✌continue it

    1. Thanks Mehreen

  28. Shaza

    Omg Luna di , so much suspense just in the promo’s ..??? …?
    .So Anika is not the mom of Tara , ??
    so I’m guessing Tara is the daughter of ShiTia m and Tia died, so Anika took care , just a guess..
    .and abt ishkara I feel so sad Om really died ? , or he will be back ? Biggest shock for me -, why did Ishana “kill” Om??? ..???
    and Soumya refused to marry Roudra !!!?
    And yea I didn’t like it , I loved it …♥️?
    If I say in Anika’s language it was KHIDKI TOD promo ..???
    Waiting for the next one …pls pls post it ASAP…..didn’t know ur such suspense setter …?

    1. Fully agreed with shaza and renima di dying to checkout the episodes ?????
      Heart break for ishkara
      Heart in vibration for Rumya.
      Heart with arrow for SHIVIKA as I am hoping their love

      1. Cuteprincess

        dii your comment was nice..
        Heart break for ishkara
        Heart in vibration for Rumya.
        Heart with arrow for SHIVIKA as I am hoping their love

      2. Thanks Bshama, episodes will be posted tomorrow.

    2. Thanks Shaza, and don’t worry, Om has’nt died.

  29. Shaza

    For me , I have exams after 2 days , have completed learning everything but revising and all is left , and I thought to just read the WU and not read any ff’s for now ..but when I red the title FF BY LUNA , I couldn’t stop myself from reading , and it was like worth the time type ???

    1. All the best for ur exams dear

  30. Vincy

    So much suspense???

    1. Thanks Vincy, yeah I love suspense

  31. Aahana

    it was a suspense thriller…..

    1. Thanks Aahana

  32. Sat

    Hey luna hope you remember me a member of ishqbaaz family and also the author of ishqbaaz ff by sat
    And a big sorry for the late comment. I just can’t express it here,the reason for late comment os thee in my 15 th part

    1. Sat

      And coming to the promos. They are completely filled with suspense and tragedy. And that sort of stories thrill me a lot.
      And I really loved it. And just wondering then who would be tara mother then and ishana why did ahe kill om and soumya what is the truth. Oh my god all these questions are just revolving in my mind.
      It is a wonderful one. Please continue, just loved it to the core???

      And please check out my ff

    2. thanks sat

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  34. Noooo….. yrr rayta sa faila diya.. itni bhi kya jldi thi serial ko itna forward krne ki ….

    1. I’m sorry that u did’nt liked it but I’m not messing up the story.

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