Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna (Episode 36)

Hi friends, I don’t know how many times I’ve said sorry to u all for delaying in updates. I’m saying it shamelessly. I really can’t do anything about. As I said, some personal family problems are going in my life, due to which I’m doing so much delay in updating my ff.
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Episode 35

Well, in the last episode there was a leap of 6 months. This episode starts after a leap of 6 months. In this leap, Shivaye and Anika have confessed about their love to each other. Om and Ishana have developed feelings for each other. Anika and Ishana have became close friends.
Here’s the link of episode where Shivaye and Anika became friends and Shivaye proposed Anika.

Episode 8

Episode 7

Currently, my ff is running in the flashback showing the events which happened 8 years ago

Scene 1: Shivaye and Anika are walking alone in an empty beach. holding each other’s hands. Both are smiling. Shivaye then puts his hands around Anika’s shoulders, and giving a naughty smile.
Anika(rudely): Shivaye…what are you doing??
Shivaye(confused): uh..what? what I did??
Anika(rudely): Why u put your hands around my shoulders??
Shivaye(immediately removing his hand):…you didn’t liked it??
Anika(smirking): hmm….what you thought??
Shivaye(confused): uh…I…I thought that …u…u will not have any problem…I’m your boyfriend after all.
Anika(angry): What do you mean by boyfriend?? That means you will do anything with me?? You should have asked me first??
Shivaye: Uh…I thought, if I can hold your hand then…
Anika(angry): Then what?? Just coz I’m letting you hold my hand, u thought you can do anything with me??
Shivaye: Oh C’mon….How can even think of it… I’ve not even done anything with u till now.

Anika(shocked): haw!!! Cheapde!!! What…what you meant by that?? So you have already started dreaming about honeymoon?? How can u Shivaye?? We are not even married yet
Shivaye: What? What are you even saying? I’m not thinking anything like that.
Anika: Oh really?? I know men like you very well…..Listen Mr Shivaye Singh Oberoi….Just coz I’m your girlfriend, doesn’t means you can do anything with me.
Shivaye(annoyed): Ok Jhansi Ki Rani…I’m sorry….next time I’ll stay 5 kilometers away from u.
Anika bursts into laughter. Shivaye gets shocked.
Shivaye(confused): Why are you laughing??
Anika(smiling): You don’t even understand a joke…I was kidding.

Shivaye: What??
Anika: and yeah…you can put your hand around my shoulders.
Shivaye(grinning): okay…and…what more can I do??
Anika(shyly): uhh…what??
Shivaye(touching her waist, pulls Anika towards himself): Uh…can I do this?? (Shivaye grins….Anika gets smiles)
Anika(shyly): What are you doing??
Shivaye(tightening his grip on Anika): first answer me?? Can I??
Anika(shyly): umm…yes.
Shivaye: fine..(Shivaye removes his hand from Anika’s waist and caresses her cheeks with both his hands…) Can I do this??
Anika without saying anything just smiles….O jaana plays….Shivika share an eyelock.
Anika(shyly): Yes…you can…
Shivaye(grinning): And…. can I….(Shivaye was about to kiss Anika on her lips, but Anika puts her hand on Shivaye’s lips to stop him.)
Anika(grinning): Nope…u can’t.
Shivaye: But…Anika…just one kiss.
Anika: Shivaye, you have become very naughty…I said na, no.
Shivaye: But….
Anika: No means no. (Saying this Anika tries to run away from Shivaye but Shivaye holds her hand from behind and stops her)
Anika(facing on the opposite direction): Shivaye…leave my hand.
Shivaye(turning Anika towards him): Okay…not on the lips, but on the cheeks.
Anika: You have gone crazy.
Shivaye(making puppy face): Please Anika.
Anika(smiling shyly): How will I kiss you?? First shave your beard.
Shivaye: Shit man….okay…atleast I can kiss u.
Anika(scared): Where??
Shivaye(smiling): umm…(Shivaye without saying anything, holds Anika’s head and kisses her on the forehead…..Anika gets shy and smiles)
O jaana plays. Shivaye and Anika look at each other and share an eye lock.
Anika: Shivaye…I wanted to talk to you about something??

Shivaye: Yeah…tell me.
Anika: uh….When will u tell your family about our relationship?? U know…I really feel bad that we are hiding our relationship with your family…I think we should tell them now.
Shivaye: My family knows about it…OmRu know about our relationship…that’s enough for me.
Anika: But that’not enough for me….We need to tell Dadi, Tej uncle, Shakti Uncle, Jhanvi aunty, Pinky aunty.
Shivaye: Anika…I understand what you are saying….but…I need some more time o tell them the truth…even, u know that, it’ll be difficult for my family to accept u as their daughter-in-law.

Anika: Yeah, I know…but I know that u will make them understand….u will na??
Shivaye: of course…of course I will…you don’t have to worry about it….u trust me na??
Anika(smiling): More than myself.
O jaana plays.

Shiavye’s phone rings. He picks it up. It’s Om on the call.
Shivaye: Hello…yeah Om!!!
Om: Shivaye…just come back home right now.
Shivaye: What happened Om?? Is everything alright??
Om: Everything is fine….u just come back home….I need u..
Shivaye: But Om…
Om: I can’t tell u anything on Phone…U just come back.
Shivaye: yeah yeah okay, I’m coming.

Shivaye ends the call.
Anika: What happened Shivaye??
Shivaye: It was Om’s call…he seemed really worried..He’s calling me homw…I don’t know what happened. I have to go.
Anika: I’m also coming with u.
Shivaye: It’s okay Anika…everything is fine.
Anika: Om is my friend also…If he’s in any problem then I should also know about it…and yeah, I’m also in this one for all for one now.(Shivaye smiles hearing this)
Shivaye(smiling): yeah, okay.
Both Shivaye and Anika leave for Oberoi mansion.

Scene 2(Oberoi mansion): Om, Rudra and Soumya are in Om’s room. Om is very tensed.
Om: Don’t worry Om…everything will be fine….It’s not a very big problem…It happens to me almost daily…I can give you training on how to handle this problem.
Om: Will u just shut up Rudra!!!
Soumya: Duffer Oberoi, if you don’t know about anything then it’s better to keep quiet.
Rudra: Shut up Sumo.
Soumya: You shut up!!!
Shivaye and Anika enter.
Shivaye: Om…are u alright?? I was really worried…what happened??
Om(smiling): Everything is alright Shivaye….in fact, everything is fantastic…I’ve never felt more better than this.
Shivaye(confused): What…what are you saying??
Om(smiling): I’m in …love…Shivaye.
Shivaye(face getting lit up): What??
Om(smiling): yeah…
Shivaye(grinning): Ishana….
Om(smiling): yes…
Shivaye hugs Om and smiles.
Shivaye: I’m really happy for u Om.
Om: You and Rudra told me so many times that I’ve feelings for Ishana, but I kept on denying it…actually…even I didn’t realized it yet.
Shivaye: So what are you waiting for?? Just go and tell her.
Om: But…how??
Shivaye: Just go and say, I love you to Ishana ….You love her, u know she also loves you…what’s a big deal in it??
Om(grinning): what’s a big deal in it??
Shivaye: yeah of course.
Anika: oh really Shivaye?? Did you forgot, how u proposed me?? Oh I forgot…U didn’t even proposed me…It was me who proposed you.
Rudra: yeah Anika di…how can I forget that Epic scene…Shivaye bhaiya was so nervous that he was almost about to faint…it was u who saved him by proposing him.
Shivaye(embarrassed): nothing like that happened okay…I was not at all nervous…I was just about to propose her, when she proposed me….It was just a coincidence.
Anika(grinning): Really?? Coincidence?? I gave you so many chances to propose me…but I understood that it’s not your cup of tea.
Shivaye: Just shut up okay…I’m capable of doing anything.
Om: Shivaye, Anika..plz stop fighting…..I don’t know how should I go and tell Ishana that I love her…I don’t know how she will react.
Rudra: O…Why don’t you propose Ishana through Shayari….or sing a song for her….main shayar…toh….nahi…
All in unison: shut up Rudra…(Rudra gets silent and makes puppy face)
Anika: Om…Ishana loves you, and I know that…yeah, It’s true that I and Ishana became friends only 6 months ago, but as much I came to know Ishana…I can guarantee you that she loves you…and she’s waiting for you to tell your feelings to her.
Om: So…what should I do??
Shivaye: Just call Ishana somewhere and tell her.
Om smiles and calls Ishana.

Ishana is in her home. She picks up the call.
Ishana: Uh…hello…
Om: uh..Ishana.
Ishana(smiling): yeah Omkara
Om : uh…I…uh..I actually wanted to tell u something.
Ishana: What??
Om: uh…I can’t tell u on phone….U come to my art gallery…I’ll tell u there.
Rudra: Art gallery?? Is that a place to propose someone??? O.. Call her somewhere else…
Om(to Rudra): Where??
Ishana(on phone): Om…with whom u are talking to??
Om: uh…nothing Ishana …it’s Rudra.

Anika: Om…call her in a park.
Om(to Ishana): uh.. Ishana….not in the art gallery…..u have seen Joggers Park.
Ishana(confused): yeah…
Om: yeah, come there…I’ve something very important to tell u.
Ishana: Om….is there any bad news??
Om(smiling): No….not at all…it’s a good news…but that I can’t tell u on phone.
Ishana(smiling): okay, I’m coming.
Om: Bye.
Ishana: Bye Om.
Om ends the call and smiles shyly. Saathiya song plays.

Shivaye: Now go and tell her….Om, u have faced a lot of sorrows in your life….but now, it’s time to get happiness…..u and Ishana are perfect for each other.
Rudra: yeah, like made for each other types…though I’m quite sad as I had a crush on her, but okay…she’s my bhabhi now…so what can I do…I’ll find someone else.
Shivaye and Om give a “whatever” look to Rudra.

To Be Continued…..

No Precap.

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    1. Riya,I’m really sorry for this. It’s okay, you didn’t hurt me. I’ll ask people in my next update whether they want me to go in the present time or not and I’ll go with the majority.

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    1. Yeah Renima. I know u all got irritated with my flashback story. I think it’s important to show the flashback story to reveal all the suspense properly but I guess know one is enjoying it so there’s no point in dragging it. But still I’ll again ask all my readers whether they want me to go back in the present time or show the flashback story. As for my personal problems, I’ve have PM u. Yeah you are right, due to my personal problems, I’m not able to write my ff whole heartedly.

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