Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna (Episode 31)

Hi friends, I’m really, really sorry for updating my ff so late. I was very busy in some work and that’s why I didn’t get time to update my ff. I hope u all remember me and this ff. I really hope so. Here is the link of my previous episodes:

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Note: This episode is a complete flashback going on in Ishana’s mind. This flashback shows the incidents happened 8 years ago. In the flashback, Tej is about to get divorced with Jhanvi so that he can marry Svetlana. Due to this, Om became very depressed and started taking therapy from Ishana, who is a Psychologist. Shivaye is about to get married with Tia and Anika is their wedding planner, like shown in the previous episodes.

Recap: Obros kitchen moments.

Scene 1(Flashback 8 years ago): Om is in his room. He’s sitting on the couch, and smiling thinking about something. Om is actually thinking about Ishana, and recalls his previous meetings with her. The words said by Ishana was revolving around his minds. He wasn’t able to get her out of his mind. The advice given by Ishana during therapy sessions made a huge impact on his mind. Shivaye and Rudra enter the room but stop near the door seeing Om smiling without any reason. Om doesn’t notices them as he was lost in his thoughts.

Rudra(whispering to Shivaye): Bhaiya, what happened to O??? why is he smiling like a mad guy??? What will we do now??? We have to send him to a Psychiatrist.
Shivaye(in a low voice): Just shut up Rudra.
Om(seeing Shivaye and Rudra): Shivaye…Rudra???
Om gets up from the couch and feels embarrassed. Shivaye and Rudra go near him.
Shivaye: Om…everything is fine???
Om(embarrassed): uh…yeah.
Shivaye: but why were u smiling, sitting alone???

Om(embarrassed and trying to avoid eye contact): uh….I was….thinking…about something.
Rudra(grinning): But…what were u thinking O…and about whom u were thinking(Rudra winks)
Om(seething and says in low voice): Will u just shut up Rudra?? (Rudra gets scared seeing Om angry)
Shivaye: But yeah…why were u smiling???
Om: Shivaye, I was just…thinking about… someone.
Rudra(grinning): hmm…someone.
Om(getting angry): Rudra…u…
Shivaye(glaring at Rudra): will just keep quiet Rudra???
Rudra gets scared and shuts his mouth seeing his elder bros angry.
Shivaye(turning to Om): Okay Om, if u don’t want to tell then it’s fine, but….One thing u have to tell us.
Om(confused): what???
Shivaye(taking a pause): who is this Ishana???
Om hearing this question, looks at Rudra furiously. Rudra gets hell scared, and looks down making a puppy face.
Om(to Rudra): So u told Shivaye everything???
Shivaye(to Om): yeah, he told me….now, u tell me…who is this Ishana??
Om(hesitatingly): Shivaye, actually…I…
Shivaye: Om, u have to tell me about her. We have promised that we will not hide anything from each other.
Rudra: yeah, one for all and all for one.

Om starts thinking.
Shivaye: Om, tell us.
Om(giving a smile): okay….I’ll not hide anything from my brothers….Ishana, is my therapist.
Shivaye and Rudra feel little bit of shock hearing this.
Shivaye(surprised): what??? Therapist??? U have started taking therapy??? And u didn’t even told us.
Rudra: yeah O, not even me??? Why???

Shivaye: Om, say something??? U have begun therapy and u didn’t even bothered to tell us?? Om, u r fine na?? why u need therapy.(Shivaye puts his hand on Om’s shoulders in concern).
Om(smiling): Don’t worry Shivaye, I’m completely fine. I went in depression seeing all the problems in this house…I wanted my mind to be in peace, it wasn’t working and that’s why…I decided to take therapy….and it really worked, see…after so many days, I’m smiling.
Shivaye: But why didn’t u tell us Om??? Why did u hide it??
Om: I didn’t hide it, I just thought if I’ll tell then u will think that I’ve gone crazy…..
Shivaye(getting little bit emotional): Are u mad??? If taking therapy… makes u happy then I’ve no problem with it…I just want to see u happy Om…but….I really want to meet Ishana…Ask her to come home…I want to see this girl, who brought a smile in my brother’s face again, something which even I failed to do.

Om: That’s not true Shivaye, u have always supported me and protected me, but now…I want to face my problems on my own….I want to be capable for facing my life problems.
Shivaye: but u don’t need to do that Om.
Om: I know Shivaye, that u r always there for me…but I don’t want to become weak again….and depending on u, will make me weak.
Shivaye: I understand Om, and I’m proud of u.
Rudra(yawning): Shivaye bhaiya, O….if your boring talk is over can, we talk about something interesting???

Shivaye and Om look at Rudra with an annoyed face and say: Like what???
Rudra: uh…like…Ishana…O, just for General knowledge I’m asking…Is this girl Ishana, uh…Is she…is she hot???
Shivaye/Om(in a unison with an angry look): Shut up Rudra!!!!
Om(to Rudra): Can’t u think about something other than girls???
Shivaye(to Om): But yeah…Om, I really want to meet Ishana…so plz ask her tonight for dinner.
Om: Shivaye, how can I ask her??? She’s my therapist, and we hardly know each other properly.
Shivaye: If u can’t, then give me her phone number…I’ll call her.
Om: No….it’s okay…I’ll ask her…but , can’t say whether she’ll come or not.

Obros were enjoying their moment, when Anika enters the room in a rush and shouts” Billu ji”. Everyone looks at Anika and wonders what happened. Anika was very tensed.
Shivaye(annoyed): what are u doing here??? What do u want???
Anika(taking deep breaths): Billu ji…u need to see this.
Shivaye(going near Anika): hey calm down, why are u taking deep breaths???
Anika: I came running from the main hall to this room, that’s why I got tired…. Your house is so big, I felt that I’m running in a marathon race.
Shivaye: But why the hell, u were running Anika???
Anika(again taking deep breaths): A girl has entered in your house and is only shouting your name only….She’s very tensed and scared…I asked, who she is but she didn’t answered anything…and u know that, Except u three, no one is in the house right now.
Shivaye: What??? Who is this girl???

Om: Shivaye…lets go and see.
All three brothers along with Anika go to the men hall…..They see a girl in a bridal attire standing near the main entrance. The Obros recognize the girl and get shocked seeing her there.
Shivaye(shocked): Fhat the wuck!!!!]
Om(shocked): Mallika???
Yes, it was Mallika, standing there in the bridal attire….She ran away from her wedding and entered the Oberoi mansion. Mallika feels relieved seeing Shivaye and runs towards him. Mallika hugs Shivaye. Shivaye is still shocked seeing Mallika like this.

Shivaye: Mallika…what happened to u?? are u alright???…and…what are u doing here like this??? Today was your wedding na???
Om: Shivaye…we can ask these questions later on too…right now, she’s very tensed.
Shivaye: yeah, Mallika…come sit.
Shivaye holds Mallika’s hand and makes her sit on the sofa.
Shivaye: Anika, bring a glass of water for her.
Anika: Okay( Anika goes to bring water)
Anika brings a glass of water hands it over to Shivaye. Shivaye gives the water to Mallika. Mallika drinks the water.
Shivaye: Mallika…are u fine now???
Mallika nods her head without saying anything.
Shivaye; Mallika, what happened??? Why are u so tensed???
Om: yeah, today was your wedding na??? what are u doing here???
Mallika(taking a pause): Shivaye…I…ran away from my wedding.

Everyone gets shocked hearing with this.
Shivaye(shocked and also angry): what??? U ran away from your wedding??? Why??
Mallika(getting scared seeing Shivaye angry): Shivaye….plz don’t get angry on me…I…
Shivaye(furiously): wait wait wait!!!! U ran away from your wedding??? Why??? How can u do that??? Do u even know how much your parents will be worried about u??? and how much embarrassment they will have to face bcoz of u??? I mean, how can u do that???
Mallika(getting emotional): Shivaye, plz try to understand….I didn’t wanted to run away but I had no other option….My mind wasn’t working and my heart told me that I’m doing a mistake by getting married, so I just…ran away.

Shivaye(furiously): Mallika, u shouldn’t have ran away from your wedding. Whatever the problem was, it could have been sorted out…running away from the problem is no solution…..It only increases the problem.
Mallika: But my hear said that…
Shivaye(rudely): Stop listening to your heart okay…..use your brain and think…how much embarrassment your family will have to face because of this, and why only your family, think about Siddharth’s family….they will also face a lot of embarrassment. The news have got the spicy news for the 24 hours.
Mallika: Shivaye, but I have a reason for running away from my wedding….plz listen to me na.
Shivaye: okay fine, tell me, why did u ran away from the wedding???
Mallika: fine, so what happened that…uh…I’ll tell u from the start….uh…see…uh…Shivaye, actually, the story is little bit complicated and I’m very tired, so I’ll tell u later on.
Shivaye(rudely): Is there even a story???

Mallika: why are u being so rude Shivaye???
Anika: yeah, right…why are u being so rude Billu ji???
Shivaye(to Anika): Why are speaking in between??? I’m talking to her.
Anika: I can see, how are u talking….can’t u understand that she’s very tensed….no one wants to run away from their wedding…there must be a very big reason behind this.
Shivaye: yeah, and that reason only I’m asking.
Anika: She told na, that she’ll tell u later on, why are u in such a hurry???
Mallika(to Anika): yeah, u said right…Shivaye, I’ll tell u the reason later on.
Shivaye: And now???
Mallika(innocently): uh…for now I’ll stay in your home.
Shivaye(shocked): what???

Anika(to Mallika): yeah, no problem…u can stay here.
Shivaye(to Anika): Excuse me…this is my home…I’ll decide who will stay here and who will not.
Anika: Billu ji… I know it’s your home, but u will also says yes na??? so what if I said in your behalf.
Shivaye(to Anika): will u just shut up???
Mallika(making a sad face): Shivaye….do u don’t want me to stay here??? I thought we are still friends.
Shivaye: It’s not that Mallika….but it’ll not be right…u should go back to your family, they will be worried for u.
Mallika: I can’t go back…I can’t face them….I know they will be very angry on me…I need so0me time.
Om: Shivaye, I think we should let Mallika stay here.
Shivaye(thinking for a while and then saying): okay…Mallika can stay here as long she wants.
Mallika(getting happy): Thank you Shivaye( Mallika hugs Shivaye in excitement…Shivaye feels awkward.)

Shivaye: okay, now leave me.
Mallika: It’s so good to see u guys back…uh, btw sorry..who are u???(Mallika was asking to Anika)
Anika: uh…I am Billu ji’s wedding planner.
Mallika: Billu??? Haha…Shivaye…she calls u that???
Everyone starts laughing…Shivaye feels embarrassed and gets angry.
Shivaye(shouting): okay just stop laughing(Everyone gets scared and gets quiet. ) and u Anika…I have told u 1000 times not to call me by that name.
Mallika: Why are u getting so angry on her???

Anika(to Mallika): Billu ji is like this only…u must be knowing that as u are his friend.
Rudra: Anika di…she’s not only Bhaiya’s friend…she’s also Bhaiya’s ex-girlfriend.
Anika(shocked): O bête ki!!!! Ex-girlfriend???
Shivaye: Okay…just stop all this crap…Mallika, come I’ll show u your room and I’ll also bring some clothes for u to change.
Mallika: okay.
Shivaye leaves from there with Mallika to show her the guest room. Om, Rudra and Anika also leave.

After few hours, Om calls Ishana…Ishana picks up the call.
Ishana(on phone): hello.
Om: Hello…Ishana.
Ishana: yeah…Omkara….everything is fine.
Om: yeah, everything is…fine.
Ishana: So, why did u called me???
Om: Ishana, uh…I…I actually wanted to call u… If u don’t have any problem…then, I want u to invite her for dinner in my home tonight.
Ishana(surprised): uh…all of a sudden???
Om(shyly): No…I just…wanted..if u don’t..have..uh..
Ishana(smiling): okay Om…I’ll come.
Om: uh… thanks a lot….okay, u give me my address and I’ll send a car to pick u.
Ishana: Don’t worry, I can come on my own…And I know where is Oberoi Mansion.
Om(smiling): okay, great…just arrive at 9’O clock.
Ishana(grinning): I’ll come on time…bye.
Om: bye.

Om cuts the call and again starts smiling.
Om(thinking): what has happened to me??? Why this girl is effecting me so much???
Ishana on the other side is sitting on a couch. Mona, her sister is sitting beside her. Ishana also starts smiling and Mona wonders why Ishana is smiling.
Mona: Ishana, what happened???

Ishana(looks at Mona and grins): Mona, Everything is going according to plan…Omkara has fell in my trap.
Mona: I hope that he didn’t doubted on u that u are not a real Psychologist, but a con girl. I can’t believe that u fooled him so easily
Ishana(giving a wicked smile): It’s not very tough to fool these fools. Poor Oberois, don’t even know that a storm named Ishana is coming in their lives.

To Be Continued….

No Precap

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