Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna (Episode 30)

Hi Friends, I’m back with another update of my ff. I hope u all are happy with the current track. If not, then tell me. Here’s the link of previous episodes:

Note: Today’s episode is a complete flashback of what happened 8 years ago. In this flashback, Tej is about to divorce with Jhanvi to marry Svetlana. Om is very depressed due to that and has started taking therapy from Ishana, who is a Psychologist. Shivaye is about to marry Tia and Anika is his wedding planner (like the past storyline).

Recap: Om takes therapy from Ishana.

Scene 1: It’s morning 7:00 am. Rudra enters the Oberoi mansion after jogging. He straightaway enters the kitchen, and gets surprised to see Om there.
Rudra: O?? u…in the…kitchen…that too… so early morning??
Om: uh…I was..I was…
Rudra(grinning): say..c’mon say..I know u won’t lie so it directly.
Om: uh….I was cooking breakfast??
Rudra(surprised): cooking?? Without Shivaye bhaiya??
Om: Shivaye left early morning itself for Office….so….
Rudra: So u r cooking without him??
Om: yeah….I was cooking breakfast for mom…u know what’s going on in the house nowadays….mom isn’t showing her pain, but I know that she’s very hurt and depressed. We only have to take care of mom I n this difficult time.
Rudra: O…why are u talking like Shivaye bhaiya??
Om: Rudra…just shut up!!
Rudra: well…you are right…okay, I’ll also help u….but…Shivaye bhaiya isn’t here and u know….we both are disasters in kitchen.
Om(smirking): Rudra…I’m not like u …I at least know how to cook breakfast.
Rudra: okay…so what are u cooking??
Om: uh…well…Cheese sandwiches (
Rudra: But I don’t like Cheese sandwiches??
Om(annoyed): I’m not cooking for u…I’m cooking for mom.
Om’s phone rings and he picks it….It was Ishana on the call
Om(to Ishana): hello…yeah Ishana.
Ishana(on the call): Om…I just wanted to inform u that I’ve some other work today…so we’ll not be able to do today’s therapy session.
Rudra(hearing Om): Ishana???
Om(to Ishana): okay…fine.
Ishana(on the call): I’m really sorry Om.
Om(to Ishana): no no…It’s completely fine.
Ishana(to Om): okay…bye.
Om(to Ishana): bye. (Om cuts the call)
Rudra goes near Om and grins looking at him. Om gets annoyed.
Om: what Rudra??
Rudra(grinning): O…who is this Ishana??
Om: None of your business!!
Rudra: O…why are u talking like Shivaye bhaiya(Rudra again starts grinnining)…plz tell na…who is this Ishana???
Om(in an angry tone): Rudra…I told u na…no means no.
Rudra(making puppy face): O…u can’t tell your younger brother about it…plz tell na.
Om(smirking): Just shut up Rudra!!!
Prinku enters the kitchen.
Rudra: arre… Prinku…u also come…we are cooking breakfast for mom….u also join us… Shivaye bhaiya isn’t here so we should only help each other.
Prinku: Rudra bhaiya….actually I have to go to college so I can’t help u…I just came here to inform that Dadi is calling O bhaiya.
Om(to Prinku): Dadi is calling me?? Why??
Prinku: I don’t know bhaiya…she just told me to call u
Om: okay…fine.
Prinku: She is in her room.
Om(to Rudra): I’ll back in 5 minutes…u just stand here still and don’t do anything.
Rudra: what will I do?? I know you only want to cook breakfast for mom. Don’t worry, I’ll just help u in cooking, and tell u if u will do any mistake. After all, I’m the better cook among both of us. (Rudra lifts his collar again starts grinning)
Om: Rudra…shut up!!! U don’t even know C of cooking, so just stand here till I come back.
gives an annoyed expression hearing Rudra’s not so funny joke and leaves from the kitchen along with Prinku. Rudra starts talking to himself.
Rudra(angry): huh…O thinks I can’t cook?? I’ll show him that I can cook better than him…I’ll cook the cheese sandwich alone.
Rudra takes the cheese packet and thinks: wow!!! Cheese is here… Now what should I do with it??
Rudra sees the microwave and thinks: uh…yeah…now I’ve to just put these cheese in the microwave and it’s done…wow…I didn’t knew that cooking is so easy(Rudra again starts grinning)
Rudra puts the entire cheese packet in a bowl and puts it in the microwave.(yes, he actually did that)
Rudra(grinning): Great…now I only have to wait for 5 minutes…I’ll prove to Om that I’m the better cook between us…..but anyways, it’s not a very big achievement.

Rudra was smiling on his own when Anika and Soumya enter the kitchen
Anika: Rudra…what happened?? U are looking so happy.
Rudra(grinning): Anika di…today I realized how easy cooking is.
Soumya(shocked): What??? U r cooking?? When did Sun started rising from the west??
Rudra(angry): Shut up Sumo…u r talking as if u are a Masterchef.
Soumya: Well, I’m not a masterchef, but I’ll prove that I’m a better cook than u and O.
Anika(with a sad face): Is cooking really that easy?? Don’t know why I always end up burning the food??
Rudra(grinning): Don’t worry Anika di…I’ll teach u cooking, it’s very easy, or even Shivaye bhaiya can teach u.
Anika(arrogantly): huh…who will learn from Billu ji?? He doesn’t knows anything other than showing his tadi….Don’t know how he handles his business.??
Rudra(smiling): Anika di…u don’t know, bhaiya is a great chef…if u will eat his dish, u may end up eating your finger.
Anika: Really?? What type of dishes he cooks???
Rudra: French, Italian, Japanese….
Anika(to Rudra): bas bas bas…..I got it…don’t know why the Britishers left Billu ji in India?? I wish they would have taken him with them…tell your bhaiya to learn to make some Indian dishes too.
Shivaye(entering the kitchen): Tell me what??
Anika(getting scared): Billu ji…u…here??
Shivaye: It’s my kitchen…if I’ll not be here then who will be….but u were asking Rudra to tell me.
Rudra(to Shivaye): wo bhaiya, Anika di was saying that…
Anika(interrupting in between): uh…I was telling, uh…that Billu ji…uh….wo…Rudra, told me that you are such a great chef….so..I was just giving my suggestion that…what if you cook and serve for the guests in your wedding.
Shivaye(shocked):fhat the wuck!!! Do u know what you are saying??
Anika(grinning): Great idea na?? Your marriage will get extra coverage from media because of that….just imagine the headlines….The great businessman, Shivaye Singh Oberoi serving his guests in his own wedding…haan, Rudra to ld me that u don’t know how to cook Indian food, but don’t worry…I’ll myself teach u how to cook aloo puri.
Rudra(grinning): what a great idea Anika di!!!! I and O also serve the guest. Just imagine!!! Obros serving aloo puri to the guests!!!
Shivaye(annoyed): Okay just shut up!!!! Stop all this nonsense, and what u all are doing here in the kitchen??
Rudra: well, I and O were cooking breakfast for mom…but bhaiya, u came back so early from the office??
Shivaye: Yeah, I came back..there was not much work in the office today..…Besides I was also worried for Om….He’s very depressed nowadays, wit all the happenings in the house… So I want to spend time with him…I just want him to be happy.
Rudra: bhaiya..don’t worry….O was very relaxed today in the morning….After so many days, I actually saw him smiling.
Shivaye: That’s good.
Rudra(grinning): and Bhaiya…I also know the reason of this change in Om.
Shivaye(confused): what..what do u mean???
Rudra(grinning): Ishana!!
Shivaye: Who’s Ishana??
Rudra(grinning): I don’t know…but just now I saw him talking to a girl on phone…her name was Ishana….and when I asked about it…he didn’t told me anything…..Bhaiya…u ask him na, he’ll tell u.
Shivaye(suspiciously): Rudra…you are joking, right??
Rudra: No…not at all…I really saw him talking to a girl.
Shivaye: Fine…I’ll ask him, and if it turned out to be false then I’ll tell you.
Rudra: okay…but bhaiya, did u liked Anika di’s idea.
Shivaye(angry): Shut up Rudra!!!
Rudra(to Shivaye): Bhaiya, why are u get angry so easily?? See u are burning because of your anger.
Shivaye: what are you saying??
Rudra: See, I can smell it…u are burning in anger.
Soumya: Wait a second, even I’m smelling something burning.
Shivaye: yeah…even I can smell it!!
Shivaye(shocked): Fhat the wuck!!!
All turn and see that the food is burning in the microwave and get shocked. All run towards the microwave. Shivaye takes a fire extinguisher kept in the kitchen, and sprays it inside the microwave. Rudra takes out the bowl and sees that the cheese packet got burned.
Rudra(making puppy face): my food…is burned!!!
Shivaye(fuming in anger): Fhat the wuck Rudra!!! What were trying to do??
Rudra: I was making cheese sandwiches, so I put the cheese in microwave to cook it.
Soumya(shocked): Duffer Oberoi…u should have first taken out the cheese from the packet and then put the cheese in the bread.
Rudra: uh…do I have to remove it??
Shivaye(shocked) : Shut up Rudra!!!!….who told u to cook breakfast??? One day na, u will burn this house also.
Rudra(making puppy face): Bhaiya, wo..Om was cooking breakfast or mom, so I thought to help him.
Shivaye(fuming in anger): where is Om??
Om enters the kitchen and sees the smoke around caused due to the burning of the food
Om: what happened Shivaye?? And what is all this??
Shivaye(seeing Om): Om…where were u…and why u told Rudra to cook alone??
Om: what?? I didn’t told him to do anything…Rudra.???
Rudra(scared): uh…wo…I….I forgot I have to go to college(saying this Rudra tries to escape from there, but Shivaye holds him and stops him)
Shivaye(to Rudra): u are not going anywhere.
Rudra(making puppy face): Bhaiya…sorry….wo…I….I…uh…I…just..wanted to show how great I cook.
Shivaye(sarcastically): yeah, we all just saw it…such an awesome chef u are.
Rudra(blushing): No bhaiya, I’m not that good.
Shivaye(shouting): Shut up Rudra!!!
Rudra gets afraid and puts his finger on his lips.
Om: Will anyone tell me what happened here??
Rudra: O…I just burnt the food by mistake (Shivaye gives fhat the wuck expression hearing Rudra)
Om: how??
Shivaye(to Om): I’ll tell u Rudra put the cheese in the microwave without removing the plastic from it, I mean can u believe it??? Rudra…U need a Psychiatrist….Your mental condition isn’t right
Rudra(making puppy face): Bhaiya, I thought the plastic is required with cheese to make the cheese sandwich.
Shivaye(shocked): what?? Rudra… are u mad??
Om: Leave it Shivaye…it’s fine.
Shivaye: Om , u know na what he did?? The house could have got burnt.
Om(emotionally): This house is already burned Shivaye.
Shivaye(concerned): Om…what happened???
Om looks at Shivaye and then gives a weak smile with sadness on his face.
Shivaye: Om….don’t try to hide your pain.
Om(smiling): No Shivaye…I’m not….hiding me pain…but I want to remove my pain.
Shivaye goes near Om and puts both his hands by Om’s shoulders.
Shivaye: Om…you are fine na.
Om(giving a weak smile): Better than before.
Shivaye(smiling): Good….come…today, Obros will cook breakfast for the whole Oberoi family.
Rudra: Anika di, u also join us na.
Anika(feeling awkward): No Rudra, what will I do here??
Shivaye(turning towards Anika): If u want, then u can help us.
Anika gets shocked hearing this. He didn’t expected this coming from Shivaye.
Anika(shocked): Billu ji, are u okay???
Shivaye(with a straight face): First of all…stop calling me Billu and secondly, I’m completely fine.
Anika: But I don’t know how to cook International dishes, forget that…I even don’t know how to cook and…u are a big time angrez.
Shivaye(confused): uh..what?? what are u saying??
Anika: Billu ji…what I meant that…
Shivaye(arrogantly): Listen…I know how to cook Indian food okay….and if u want to help then great, and if u don’t want to help then leave.
Anika(gets angryu on Shivaye’s arrogance and speaks rudely): Fine…I have better work to do, so I’m leaving.
Shivaye(arrogantly): Door is there.(Shivaye shows the door to Anika)
Anika glares at Shivaye in anger and leaves.
Soumya: Okay…I should also leave.
Om: Soumya..where are u going??? Come, help us.
Soumya(smiling): but bhaiya, what will I do???
Rudra: Sumo….are u deaf??? We are going to cook breakfast.
Soumya(smirking at Rudra): yeah cry baby…we just saw your cooking skills.
Rudra(angry): Shut up Sumo.
Om: Stop it Rudra…and go and call Anika back.
Shivaye(to Om): Why?? She said na that she is busy??
Om: Shivaye, what’s wrong if she’ll help??
Shivaye(to Om): She said na, that she doesn’t knows how to cook…she’ll create a mess.
Om: dumbbell Oberoi also doesn’t knows how to cook, Anika will only helps us.
Rudra(grinning): yeah O…why fear when Shivaye bhaiya is here…Bhaiya, I think u should leave business have become a chef..then we will get to eat tasty food daily…and a restaurant will be also in your name like Shivaye khana khazana and we would have also got a TV show in your name like…Shivaye Singh Oberoi, Kitchen king…and one more…
Shivaye: Okay just stop it… whatever you want to do.
Hearing that, Om signs Rudra to call Anika. Rudra smiles and runs to call his Anika di.

To Be Continued……
No Precap
Thank you for reading and sorry for the late update.

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  1. MahiraKhan

    Obro moment …??

    Awesome episode

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    It was awesome !! Typical ishqbaaz show types ..

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    Hey luna….nice update yaar……loved the oberoi moment… 4 all and all for 1 ….now a days we are missing them in ib….felt like ib has rewarded warm fare well for omru as both have shifted 2 dbo only……..The kitchen scene… this part brought the old ib’s cute moments of bros…….like “sso ko fark nahi padta” again…..thanks 4 reminding all those sweet moments again…..Beautiful episode

    1. Thanks Renima, yeah, I’m missing the old IB a lot

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  9. Amazing update.. Superb o bro’s kitchen moment… rudy is too cute… Eagerly waiting for the next episode.. plz post soon…

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    Nice update. The conversations were very entertaining ☺

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    Wow!!!!!!!! Really a curmte and awesome update clearly reminding why we were addicted to ishqnaaz?. The obros moment and the cute kitchen scene??love dit to the core luna. You are really a rockstar….eveey epiof urs is a rosking blockbuster one…. I really wish if they were thw same way in the show. Anyway, nice update and mind blowing track….tysm for this amazing story and the lovely epi…. Waiting for the next one…

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    Amazing update. Rudras part was Super hilarious. ???????????????????

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  13. Awesome episode yaar…too gud..missing mallika and shivaays daughter…

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  14. Hello Luna nice episode….your depiction of rumya is excellent..i like Dem the most in your ff. Keep rocking..
    Coming to ishkara I want to tell u somethin which I was thinking when I read ur previous episodes..but could not comment due to some tight schedule. I do not intend to offend u so hope u will take it in positive sense. Its just my thoughts…Firstly I felt omkara cry too often in ur ff. The repeat crying sequence does not make sense. Yes om is emotional sensitive. But der is no need to cry at the drop of the hat. What happens is the emotion n the intensity u try to convey does not reach the readers or viewers when some thing is shown in excess. Every ingredient should be of only sufficient quantity to make any thing the BEST whether it be a dish or scene. Over drama kills the essence. Simple and straight reaches the heart directly. There is no need to say big big dialogues or speeches or elaborate emotional dramatic overdoings to convey somethin. Actually it does the opposite n destroy the intensity or DEPTH. Ofcourse there may be some scenes which might need dat but still. I d k whether I conveyed what I m trying to.
    Secondly about ishana. I felt a little bored to see this psychologist ishana. Miss good heart.. I loved the ishana after eight years but the previous one a little boring for me. May be bcoz I wanted Om’s heroine to be of grey shades. I wanted to see the idealistic om falling for not so idealistic, a little dishonest, cunning, shortcut wala, angrywala but good at heart ishana. That is the thrilling point…well its just my perception..u are the writer u have full liberty to enact the characters in ur own way..
    Thirdly I am not getting why a person who is sensitive emotional loving one who cries is depicted as a WEAK person. No its a big misunderstanding the whole world nurtures…A person who can love, who cares , who is not afraid to show emotion is the strongest one. Omkara is the most strongest. Strong DOES NOT MEANu have to rude arrogant and insensitive towards others. They are the traits of a weak person. Daring to love and stand by it make u strong.becoz only brave ones can do dat. Its just my perception.
    I just wanted ishkara to be best. That s all.. As I’m little partial towards dem.
    Well it is bit long comment…i hope u don’t get offended by it. No intention to hurt u..just wanted to share my thoughts…keep writing….bcoz I like ur way of writing…i will continue to read it..

    1. Hey Ghosha, thanks for your honest feedback, and I’m not offended at all. Plz keep giving me your review like this. The points that you raised, I got it and I’ll work on it. About Om crying, actually Om is suffering a lot in my ff, whether it’s flashback or the 8 years later story, he has a lot of problems to deal with. And because of that I make him cry a lot of times, in many scenes. But now as u said it, I think others also have a problem with Om crying a lot, I’ll stop showing it so often. If u r talking about the therapy scenes between Ishkara, then I wanted to show the frustration coming out of Om because of his sufferings since childhood, so I think it was needed there.

      About the Psychologist Ishana, I know that the therapy scenes between Ishkara would have been boring for few Ishqies because of long philosophical talks between them, but it was just to start their friendship. I’ll soon show how such a drastic change came in Ishana, that she turned into a goon, from a psychologist. Plz wait for that.

      About Om being weak, I think u r talking about the scene where Ishana called him weak, well, that actually meant that Om doesn’t knows how to face problems of his life. He easily breaks down and always Shivaye solves his problems and protects him. That was a sign of weakness otherwise Om has strong traits too. All Obros are strong and weak in there own way. Sorry, if I ended up meaning something else in that part. I’ll try my best to do justice to Ishkara so u don’t get disappointed.

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