Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna (Episode 2)

Hi friends, I’m so happy that u all liked my story….thankyou for all ur support…sorry for the late update…Suddenly I’m facing a big personal issue in my life, so I’ll not be able to update daily, really sorry for that…Many ishqies was asking me so many questions about Shivaye, Anika and Tara relationship…I’ll only say just wait a little…I’ll reveal everything.Here’s the link of my previous episodes:
Episode 1
plz read it before reading this episode.

Recap : Shivaye sees Om after 8 years when Om mets with an accident.

Scene 1(in the hospital): Shivaye and the doctors are taking Om to the operation theatre.
Doctor(to Shivaye): Sir, u wait outside, we have to start the operation as fast as possible.
Shivaye: Doctor, plz save my brother.
Doctor: We’ll try our best but the wound is very deep… a lot of blood is bleeding…we can’t say anything.

The doctor leaves, Shivaye is still in a shocked state…He was’nt able to say anything…he recalls the moment when he saw Om after 8 long years
his eyes get wet with tears,he sits in the chair…his mind was’nt working…His feelings were hard to describe…it was a mixture of
confusion,shock,happiness and sadness.

Shivaye(thinking): What shud I do now? Should I tell everything to my family? But what will I tell them? How will I tell them?

Shivaye calls Rudra
Rudra(on phone): Hello bhaiya, what happened??
Shivaye: Uh,umm Rudra, Just tell everyone from our family to arrive at the fortis hospital.
Rudra: Hospital?? but why? bhaiya, are u okay na??
Shivaye: Rudra, I’m completely…just do what I say…i’ve to tell something very important to all of….and I can’t tell that on phone.
Rudra: okay bhaiya.

After some time the whole Oberoi family along with Anika and Soumya arrive at the hospital.
Tej: What happened Shivaye??? why u called all of us here???
Jhanvi: Shivaye, Is everything alright??
Dadi: Billu, why u r not saying anything? beta, is everything okay na?

Everyone was bombarding Shivaye with questions but Shivaye was’nt able to say anything…his lips were’nt moving…he was’nt able
to come out of his shocked state…It was not at all easy for him to say.

Anika: Shivaye, will u tell us what happened? why u called all of us here??
Shivaye(taking a deep breath): uh, Om is alive!!!!!!
Shivaye’s statement was shocking for everyone to the core….everyone became silent for a moment….no one was able to say
anything…tears were flowing like fountain from everyone’s eyes…there was only a smile in everbody’s face but words were’nt
coming out of their mouth…It looked like a whiff of fresh air came at the hospital

Pinky: Oh my mata!!!! Shivaye, what are u saying??
Jhanvi(still shocked): Shivaye, Plz tell us, what u said is really true na??
Shivaye: Yes badi maa, what I said is absolutely true???
Jhanvi bursts into tears.
Dadi(keeping her hand on Jhanvi’s cheek): Jhanvi, why are u crying??? u should be happy that Om is alive
Dadi consoles Jhanvi.
Rudra(crying): Bhaiya, what are u saying?? is it really true??? Oh my God!!! I still can’t believe it.
Shivaye(keeping hands on Rudra’s shoulder): Yes Rudra, our brother is alive.
Shivaye and Rudra hug each other and cry.
Tej was still in a shocked state…he still was’nt able to say anything.
Tej: I can’t tell u all how happy I’m right now…I…I..
Tej bursts into tears.
Dadi: But billu, where is Om?? where did u saw him????
Shivaye: uh, umm…he’s inside the operation theatre.
Jhanvi: What????
Everyone gets shocked.
Shivaye(crying): I saw Om when he met with an accident…It all happened bcoz of me…I called out Om when he was crossing
the road…he turned back and looked at me…suddenly a car came and hitted Om…I was’nt able to save my own brother…
plz forgive me badi maa.
Dadi: don’t worry Billu, God brought back Om to our family… nothing will happen to him.
Jhanvi(to Dadi): but maa ji, Omkara needs me right now, I have to go to him.
Jhanvi runs towards tothe operation theatre and everyone stops him.
Pinky(to Jhanvi): Jethani ji, plz control ur emotions…just wait a little…nothing will happen to Omkara.
Jhanvi: But I can’t wait to see my son…. I want to meet thim now.
Dadi: Jhanvi, we know that but we have to wait…just wait for some time.
Jhanvi: Maa ji, nothing will happen to my Om na???
Dadi: No puttar, nothing will happen to him.

Doctor comes out of the of the operation theatre.
Tej: Doctor, is everything fine?? my son is okay na??? plz tell us.
Doctor: no need to worry…he’s out of danger but he’s conscious now…the cut was deep in his head but we saved him…if there would
have been any delay then we would have lost him.
Shivaye: Doctor, can we meet him.
Doctor: yes, surely..u all can meet him.
Everyone goes inside the ward..Om was sitting on the bed with bandage on his head…He see the whole Oberoi family and gets
happy seeing them…tears fell from his eyes…Jhanvi hugs Om tightly…No one was saying anything …actually there was nothing
to say…eyes were doing all the talking…Tej wanted to hug Om but he was’nt…his legs were’nt moving towards Om bcoz of
guilt…he was standing from a distance looking at Om…Shivaye and Rudra hold both the hands of Om each and kiss it… Obros cry and hug each other.
Om : Priyanku and Soumya, Why are u standing there??? Don’t u want to meet ur brother???
Priyanku and Soumya cry and run towards Om hugs him. Tears were flowing like fountain from everyone’s eyes

Precap: Om asks Shivaye about Ishana…. Ishana is shown breaking the head of a guy mercilessly with a bottle.

Sorry guys, I think the episode was quite boring but it was necessary to move the story forward…Silent readers, plz comment guys…
I need support from all of u.

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  1. Wow… Great episode… But it is still unclear that where was om n why is he asking about ishana even when she attempted to kill him… Post soon…

    1. Agreed to anu16 out of the universe ff Luna you always make me wait… But I love it

      1. thanks bshama

      2. Tulasi

        Agreed to shama dii….many ques i have….whose d mother of tara???? N y did om return to mansion all des yrs??? Waitng soon for d next…lot of suspensee…..

      3. Tulsya, I’ll soon reveal who is Tara’s mother…plz wait.

      4. Tulasi

        But i must say luna…u rocked it……awesumm dear

      5. thanks tulasi

    2. thanks anu

  2. Kiki

    nice episode Luna…

    1. thanks kiki

  3. Akshaya

    Wow awesome. No words to describe

    1. thanks akshaya

  4. Priyadarshini

    It was very emotional episode. Keep going Luna. All the best.

    1. thanks akshaya

      1. oops!!!! sorry, thanks priyadarshini

  5. Still so much suspense awesome waiting for the next

    1. thanks nandini

  6. It was not at all boring…as usual u rocked ?

    1. thanks chandini

  7. The episode was not boring at all. It was good to know that nothing happened to my favorite character and his operation was successful 🙂 It was short though. But we will be patient. Looking forward to knowing what made home leave his home for 8yrs. Looks like Tej did sthg. since he was feeling guilty. I have my guesses but I’ll keep them to myself 😉 Hope whatever issues you are facing will get resolved soon. Thanks for the update.

    1. *Om leave home* not home leave home :))

    2. thanks diya….

  8. Ye kb hoga… Av to sirf shivika ki love story focused h fir ye sb kya h… Plz anybody tell me. I am just totally and completely confused… Help me

    1. dear it’s an ff page,not written update page.

  9. Nice Dr I loved it

    1. thanks ishqkum

  10. Aarya

    Wow….so touching nd marvelous….
    Amazingly written luna….
    I loved this and waiting for next epi…
    U have all supports…

    1. thankyou aarya

  11. Nice epi. Please make it long…. Update new episode ASAP…..

    1. thanks sat, i’ll make a longer ep next time

  12. wow it is getting intresting day by day

    1. thankyou sadia

  13. Alekhika20

    Gr8 part,cont soon

    1. thanks alekhika

  14. Mehreen Islam

    Hi Luna ur episode is really amazing, awesome and brilliant. BTW before that let me introduce myself My Actual name is Farisha Sanjana Afreen Falak Solanki Gulfisha Nigaat Nighaat. Mehreen is my cousin sis so I am using her account (hope u don’t mind!) as I am having problems with my account. Ur writing is really awesome so that’s why I wanted to be ur friend. Hope u accept my friend request. Thank you 🙂

    1. thanks mehreem, and ofcourse we can become friends…btw plz do comment on written update page too.

  15. awesome….. superb Luna di

    1. thanks mukta, btw how r u??? seeing u after long time.

  16. Good one dear…..but it was too short….next time plz make it long…….

    1. thanks rosu, I’m sorry that it was short but I thought that it’s the perfect timing to end the ep…next ep will be quite thrilling and adding that thrill in this ep wud have taken it’s essence.

      1. No need to say Sorry dear……your ff is really interesting… Thats y I felt it was too short….anyway waiting for the thrilling episode…..

  17. Very nice episode I am waiting for the next ff post asap

    1. thanks chetna

  18. Devga

    Awesome … not boring … in fact it’s grt tht an accident scene ended so soon and this happens only in ff’s dear … if not shows wud hav dragged it to episodes and episodes … gud going … who is Tara’s parents … ( I think evn shivaay is not her biological father may be ) OK reveal it soon. .dr ….
    Grt one help do notify me wit a msg wen ur nxt episodes are posted coz … as I am not regular I may miss episodes …

    Continue …

    1. thanks devga, okay i’ll message u.

  19. epic…litrly….. !!!!!… kp going nd updt da nxt Epi as sn as posbl dr…. I jst cn nt wait to c mah Om in Oberoi Mansion again…

    1. thanks Veda

  20. Luna superb episode dear but really excited for precap

    1. thanks samyukta

  21. Renimarenju

    Hey Luna….ishqie actually am not feeling well and i took leave for two days @ condition to work from home and yesterday consulted doctor also…..So now i feel bit better but still not able to walk properly and other tensions also…..That’s why didn’t commented on your ff yesterday……Sorry yaar….Well ishqie…..this part is really nice and i loved the way you conveyed emotions….Especially that last part…..somu and prinku rushes and hugs Omkara…..that was really touching…And the way you portrayed SSO’s character’s emotional side and concern was really worth to read…..I really loved it…..And Tej….feeling guilty and unable to express his feelings towards om….really that moment was very good and i expect this in real serial also….
    Loved brotherly bond a lot…..which was very very emotional and i myself was able to see that moment in my mind which brought a smile @ my face as now am really tensed…Thanks dear for this wonder ful part…..You made my day……Expecting next part and please luna once you post it please send me the links as from tomorrow onwards i have to go to office and most probably i will not be able to comment reularly……Please….

    1. thanks renima

  22. Luna.. dis is soo gud u didnt bore us but make d next ff longer n plz unveil d suspense soon n post regularly.

    1. Hope u remember me m frm written update page….n y hv u stopped commenting there??

    2. thanks aahana

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