Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna (Episode 14)


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Recap: Shivika confrontation and Anika’s outburst.

Scene 1(Oberoi mansion outhouse): Anika is sitting in her room…She’s crying….Ishana is consoling her….She gives Anika a glass of water.
Ishana(to Anika): Drink water!!!!!
Anika: I don’t want to drink water.
Ishana(in an ordering tone): I said take it Anika!!!!!
Anika takes the glass of water and drinks it….Ishana sits beside her….
Ishana(giving a handkerchief to Anika): Wipe ur tears Anika!!!!!
Anika: Ishana…
Ishana: Take it Anika!!!!!
Anika takes it and wipes her tears.
Ishana: Anika…I’m sorry that bcoz of me ur relationship with Shivaye got effected.
Anika: No need to say sorry Ishana.
Ishana: No Anika…I’ve to say sorry…..I’ve really not done anything good in this life…wherever I go, I create problems….Sach kahu to, I’m also somewhere responsible for ur and Shivaye’s separation.
Anika: It’s nothing like that Ishana….but what u did today, I was really upset with that…why u did that Ishana??? why??? I know that Shivaye shouldn’t have slapped u….but u??? U r not like that.
Ishana: I’m like that only Anika….I’m not the same Ishana that I was 8 years back….right now I’m a criminal….that’s the harsh truth.
Anika: Ishana…ur life isn’t over yet…u could have done some honest job to earn money after coming out of jail instead of going in the world of crime.
Ishana: People get second chances only in stories…not in real life….once u become a criminal, u r always a criminal….This society, this world…can never accept a criminal…my life is over Anika and I’ve no future…but u??? u have still a great life ahead…u can make the most of it….u should move on in life and forget Shivaye.
Anika: I can’t forget him bcoz I still love him…
Ishana: Why u still love him Anika???
Anika looks at Ishana and pauses for a second.
Anika(to Ishana): Why u still love Om???
Ishana goes silent…she had no answer.
Anika(to Ishana): U don’t have any answer na??? Even I don’t have….love is like that only…love isn’t reasonable…love isn’t logical……love is just….(Anika goes silent for a moment and then laughs)….haha..don’t no why I’m all these these philosophical lines….such cheesy dialogues….
Ishana holds Anika’s hands and dopesn’t lets her finish.
Ishana: Anika, don’t keep it inside!!!!!
Tears fell from Anika’s eyes.
Anika(with teary eyes): ab toh aadat ho gayi hai.
Anika wipes her tears off.
O jaana song plays
Ishana hugs Anika and consoles her.

Scene 2(Oberoi mansion): Shivaye is in his room thinking about Shivika confrontation….O jaana song plays….Shivaye goes back in flashback:

Scene 3(Flashback 8 years ago): Anika is in her home sitting on the sofa….She’s crying…..Shivaye enters…Anika sees Shivaye entering and wipes her tears and stops crying….She gets up from the sofa….Shivaye and Anika look at each other and share an eyelock…O jaana song plays…They slowly walk towards each other in slow motion….They stand in front of each other without saying a word…There is absolute silence….Within a second they hug each other and burst into tears….O jaana bg music plays….They hug each other for a minute and cry without saying anything…They leave each other.
Shivaye(in a low voice): I’m…I’m sorry…Anika…I had no option other than marrying Mallika….I had to marry Mallika….I don’t know how to tell u…I
Anika: It’s okay Shivaye…
Shivaye: No it’s not okay…u don’t no how much I’m feeling guilty right now.
Anika: No Shivaye…there’s no need to feel guilty.
Shivaye gets angry and holds Anika’s shoulder and shakes her.
Shivaye(shouting): How can u say that??? why are u not angry at me??? u should be angry at me…..u should have stopped me…Why Anika??? why didn’t u stopped me.
Anika: Shivaye, it’s ur decision to chose ur family over me and I completely respect that…after all…ur family would have never accepted me as their daughter in law…so it’s okay..
Shivaye(in anger holds Anika’s face): How can u so easily say that it’s okay??? how can u say that it’s okay??? I love u Anika….and I can’t forget u…did u hear it??? I CAN’T FORGET U!!!!!!
Anika: u have to Shivaye.
Shivaye: Shut…up!!!!!! u can’t do this to me…u can’t leave u Anika.
Anika: Leave u???’s u who has left me…I know I’m very depressed right now but everything will be fine after some time….I’ll move on and u should also mive on.
Shivaye: Really??? Is it so easy to move on….Is it so easy to move on Anika????
Anika: No it’s not easy but I will do it and u should also do it…
Shivaye: Then why are u crying ha??? why are u crying???
Anika: I’m crying bcoz I’m sad…ofcourse I didn’t wanted u marry Mallika….but that doesn’t means that my life is ended….everything will be fine after some time.
Shivaye(holding Anika by shoulders in anger and shouting on her): Nothing will be fine Anika….did u hear me???? nothing will be fine!!!!! why don’t u understand???? I love u godamn it and I wabnt to be with u
Anika(breaking Shivaye’s hold on her): leave me Shivaye !!!!! why don’t u understand???? u r married now!!!!!! u should be with Mallika and not me.
Shivaye(shouting): But I don’t love her Anika!!!!!
Anika: It doesn’t matters if u love her or not…..the fact is u r married to her…u should be with her…u should take care of her and u should fill all the responsibilities of a husband….and one more thing…plz don’t come back to my house again…don’t try to meet me….it’ll be better if we end all our relationship here itself bcoz….this world is very judgemental…people only need some news to gossip….and if we remained in touch then u know what people will call our relationship???? Extra -marital affair!!!!!!
Shivaye slaps anika in anger….Anika stops her tears from coming out and controls her emotions.
Shivaye: Just…shut…up!!!!!!! this was the place for our love in ur life?????….u know…I was right…there was nothing called love in this world….every relation is a deal…yeah…EVERY RELATION IS A DEAL…..great!!!!! u know I really became mad in love…I thought that all those things written in the books are really true…but no!!!!!! this is the real world…this is the reality!!!!!!!! it’s not ur fault Anika….it’s my fault that I expected too much…all those quotes like love overpowers all are just BULLSHIT!!!!!! Thankyou Anika…..Thankyou for again making me Shivaye Singh Oberoi from Shivaye….our relationship is over!!!!! our so called love is over!!!!!! lets move on…right!!!!!! goodbye!!!!!!
O jaana song plays…Shivaye does his signature step, turns back and leaves…..Anika looks at him while he leaves….after Shivaye leaves Anika standsstill and looks clueless….she bursts into tears and falls on the floor….jo bheji thi dua song plays….
Anika(crying): I’m sorry Shivaye….I’m sorry!!!!!!
The scene shifts to Shivaye walking towards his car to go back home…..He opens the car door but stops for a moment and thinks about Anika…..
Shivaye(thinking): will I be able to forget Anika???? will I really be able to forget Anika????
O jaana song plays…..

Flashback scene ends….Shivaye comes out of flashback.
Shivaye(thinking): That day I thought in anger that I’ll forget u Anika….5 years passed but I was still not able forget u….
.Shivaye again goes back in flashback.

Scene 4{Flashback 3 years ago(Oberoi mansion)}: Shivaye is in his room….He goes near the window and looks outside at beautiful scenery….He thinks about Anika…O jaana song plays.
Shivay(thinking)e: 5 years have passed….but still!!!! Still I’m not able to forget u Anika…why??? Why I still love u??? Why I can’t forget u??? I thought that I’ll again become the same Shivaye Singh Oberoi but…I wasn’t able to…u completely changed me Anika…u completely changed me……where are u Anika???? Where are u???

The scene shifts to the railway station….A train arrives at the station…Anika comes out of the coach with her luggage and a grownup teenage Sahil.
Sahil: Anika di…I’m feeling like heaven after coming back to my home town.
Anika doesn’t listens what Sahil said and gets lost in thoughts…
Sahil(shaking Anika): Anika Di???? What happened??? Where are u lost.
Anika(coming out of his thoughts): uh…what??? Sahil??? Did u said something???
Sahil: Anika di…what’s wrong with u??? In the journey also u didn’t said anything and now also…is everything fine???
Anika: uh…no nothing like that…I’m completely okay.
Sahil: About what u r thinking???
Anika: Nothing…nothing!!!!!
Sahil: SSO????
Anika’s mouth gets shut…She wasn’t able to say anything….O jaana song plays.

The scene shifts to Oberoi mansion……Shakti and Pinky are quarrelling with each other in their room.
Shakti: Pinky….why don’t u understand??? Shivaye isn’t a kid…He knows his responsibilities very well….u shouldn’t force him.
Pinky: Oh my Mata!!!! What’s wrong am I doing ,if I’m forcing him…..I’m his mom and I always wish for his well being.
Shakti: Pinky….try to understand…
Pinky: No need to say anything…I’ll talk to my son…
Shakti: But Pinky….It’ll look very awkward.
Shivaye enters.
Shivaye: Mom, dad…what happened??? Why u both are fighting???
Shakti: Nothing Shivaye…it’s just some husband-wife matter…we’ll handle it…don’t worry.
Pinky: what nothings….let me speak to my son.
Dadi enters.
Dadi: arre…what’s going on??? Why u both are fighting???
Pinky: Maa ji…aap hi sun lijiye….otherwise no one listens to me in this house.
Shakti: Stop it Pinky!!!!
Dadi: Shakti…let her speak.
Mallika also enters….
Mallika(to Pnky): Mom??? Is everything fine???
Pinky: Mallika…it’s good that u too came here.
Shivaye: Mom…what happened??? Why are u so tensed??? Did we did something???
Pinky: Shivaye…..5 years have passed of ur and Mallika’s marriage and still and still u haven’t given me a grandchild .
Everyone gets shocked.
Shivaye(to Pinky): What??? For such a small thing u were so tensed???
Pinky: It’s not a small thing Shivaye…..I had only one wish…to play with ur grand child and u can’t fulfill my such a small wish???
Shivaye: Oh God….mom, I’ve told u so many times that we need time….I and Mallika are not yet ready for a child.
Pinky: How much more time u need Shivaye??? 5 years are too much…if u both don’t want to have a child then tell me now itself.
Dadi: Billu…waise Pinky is saying right…..after Om’s death our family has broken from inside….it seems like we have not seen happiness for centuries…and I think only a child can bring back happiness in our family.
Everyone gets sad and emotional after hearing Dadi.
Shivaye: Mom, we are not yet ready for a child.
Mallika tinks about something and says.
Mallika: I want to tell u all about something….I and Shvaye can’t have child.
Everyone gets shocked.
Pinky: What???? What are u saying Mallika???
Mallika: yeah mom….it’s true.
Shivaye: Mallika…what are u saying???
Mallika: I’m sorry Shivaye that I didn’t told about it but…..I’m infertile and I can’t have a child.
Everyone gets shocked.
Pinky: Mallika…what are u saying???
Dadi: Mallika beta…is it really true???
Mallika: yeah…I did my medical checkup a few days ago and I came to know about it….I didn’t knew how to tell u all about it….I’m sorry.
Pinky(shouting): What sorry??? Why u didn’t told us before about it???
Shivaye: Mallika…do u even know what are u saying???
Mallika: yeah Shivaye…I know very well what I’m saying….sorry mom but I can’t give u any grandchild.
Mallika leaves from leaving everyone shocked….Shivaye goes behind her…

Mallika is in her room…she gets teary eyed….Shivaye enters….Mallika looks at Shivaye and wipes her tears.
Shivaye: Mallika…what the hell was that???
Mallika: what???
Shivaye: u know very well what I’m talking about…how can u say that u are infertile and that’s why we can’t have a child..
Mallika: So what should I say??? That we don’t have a relationship of husband-wife and that’s why can’t give a grandchild to ur parents???
Shivaye: Mallika…we could have handled this issue in some other way.
Mallika: In what way Shivaye??? For 5 years we are hiding our truth from our family…now for how many years will we have to continue all this…Everyone would have known the truth of our relationship….so this was the best option according to me.
Shivaye: Really??? Now u know how will mom behave with u??? This society doesn’t gives respect to infertile women and u know that.
Mallika smiles with pain on her eyes hearing Shivaye’s words
Mallika: Don’t worry about me Shivaye…..I can handle all this…It’s not a big deal for me…I’ve seen worser than this.
Shivaye: Mallika…
Mallika: Shivaye…discussion is over…I don’t want to talk about it anymore…so plz
Mallika goes from there leaving Shivaye….Shivaye gets upset.

To Be Continued……

Precap: Flashback: Shivaye and Anika meet after 5 years.

Thanks guys for reading…if u have any confusion in today’s episode, then u can ask me…plz comment even if u r a silent reader…really, it means a lot to me.

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