Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna (Episode 13)


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Recap: Ishana saves Rudra and Soumya from goons.

Scene 1(in the car): Ishana is driving the car….Rudra and Soumya are sitting at the back….Rudra has a bandage on his foreheard due to wound.
Soumya: Rudra…are u fine now???
Rudra: yeah…Soumya…I’m fine..It’s not a deep wound.
Soumya: shut up Rudra…u were bleeding a lot.
Rudra(irritated): Sumo I’m completely fine….why don’t u understand???
Soumya: Rudra??? why are u irritated???
Rudra: Bcoz I’m irritated….I don’t know what I would have done if something had happened to u….u were right…I shouldn’t have drunk so much.
Soumya: Rudra…I’m completely fine…nothing has happened to me.
Rudra: par kuch ho jata to??? I would have never forgiven myself.
Soumya: Rudra… need to take so much tension.
Rudra(holding Soumya’s hands): Soumya….plz forgive me…I should have taken ur care…plz forgive me.
Soumya: Rudra…will u just stop all this sentimental dialogues??? it doesn’t suits at all.
Rudra: what??? really??
Soumya: yeah..ofcourse.

Rudra: what are u saying??? u know what…girls go crazy when they here these dialogues.
Soumya: I know….brainless girls!!!!!
Rudra: shut…up!!!!! waise…body to tumhari sumo wrestler jaisi hai….still u weren’t able to fight with the goons??? shame on u!!!!!
Soumya: Oh hello!!!!! what did u said??? Sumo wrestler ha!!!!! and what about u???? ur so called abs and muscular protein shake body is completely useless.
Rudra: just shut up those goons were lucky that I was drunk otherwise I wouldn’t have spared them.
Soumya: leave it…I don’t thimk u would have done anything even if we weren’t drunk…..
Rudra: shut up!!!!!
Rudra and Soumya start quarrelling with each other….Ishana hears there convo and smile.
Soumya: well…I have to say that today’s hero was Ishana di….the way she fought with the goons single handedly….oh my God!!!! It was simply mind blowing……Ishana di…u r just awesome…I’ve became ur fan now.
Ishana: okay okay Soumya…it’s too much…I didn’t did something extraordinary.
Soumya(taunting Rudra): I hope some boys understood today….that a girl doesn’t needs a guy to protect them….guys who think they are the hero of every other girl.
Rudra(with an angry look): haha…will u stop ur feminism speech.

All reach the oberoi mansion….They get out of the car….Shivaye sees them…he notices bandage on Rudra’s forhead….
Shivaye: Rudra…what happened??? How u got this wound.
Rudra: uh….bhaiya, actually…
Shivaye(to Ishana): u !!!! I know u must have done something…
Rudra: bhaiya…actually….
Shivaye doesn’t lets Rudra finish his sentence….He goes to Ishana and slaps her in anger….
Ishana(shouting): I told u…not to harm my family….but still u didn’t understood it.
Anika enters.
Anika: Shivaye…what are u doing???
Shivaye: no anika…don’t say anything….u call her ur friend….u call a criminal ur friend.
Anika: yes…I call Ishana my friend…yes, Ishana is my friend…Shivaye, u have no right to slap her.
Shivaye: Anika…just see whjat she has done to Rudra.
Rudra: bhaiya, Ishana has not done anything to me….some goons were teasing Soumya and Ishana saved her from them….If Ishana wouldn’t have been there then I don’t know what would have happened….I fought with those goons and that’s why got injured.

Shivaye and anika get shocked
Shivaye(shocked): what???
Anika: what are u saying Rudra??? Are u all fine??/
Soumya: yeah Anika di….we are fine.
Shivaye looks at Ishana….Ishana looks at Shivaye and fumes in anger…
Ishana(seething): Shivaye Singh Oberoi….how..dare…u…slap…me??? I told u that I’m not same Ishana that I was….I have no intention of harming ur family but that doesn’t means…that I can’t…
Ishana takes out a gun and shows it Shivaye.
Ishana(showing the gun to Shivaye): u know what it??? what it can do???
Shivaye(to Ishana): u r threatening Shivaye Singh Oberoi….u know very well what I can do with u???
Ishana: what will u do huh??? U hate me but u also need me right now….otherwise how will ur brother will get cured???
Shivaye: So u r black mailing me????
Ishana: what do u think??? ofcourse, I’m black mailing…what will u do???? Tell me.
Anika: Ishana….what are u doing??? Plz keep the gun inside.
Shivaye: No no Anika….no.
Anika: but Shivaye???
Shivaye: I said no!!!!!
Shivaye walks towards Ishana…Ishana shoots near Shivaye’s legs….Everyone gets shocked….Shivaye backs off.
Ishana: what did u thought???? I can only give threats??? No Shivaye…I can do much more than that.
Anika: enough Ishana…what are u doing??? U r not like this.
Ishana: I’m like this only Anika….I’m a criminal…and I will not mind taking anyone’s life….
Anika: no u r not… stop acting like that u r.
Shivaye: Ishana….u have shown ur class…u have shown that u r really a criminal….I’m saying it again….don’t try to harm my family…otherwise, I will not even give u any threats to u…I swear, I’ll kill u directly.
Shivaye and Ishana fume….Shivaye leaves from there….Anika goes behind him.

Scene 2(Oberoi mansion hall): Anika stops Shivaye.
Anika: Shivaye…plz stop.
Shivayae: what do u want Anika??? Go and spend time with ur so called criminal friend.
Anika: Shivaye…she’s not like that…she’s not what u r seeing….
Shivaye: Oh really…u r still taking her side even after seeing what she did…u saw what she did right now…she literally tried to shoot me…Thank God that no one was in Oberoi mansion to see what happened here….u know what would have happened if would have seen all this….I’m tolerating her only bcoz of Om….otherwise I don’t know what I would have done to her….

Anika: Shivaye…u shouldn’t have slapped her.
Shivaye: and she was right in shooting me???
Anika: No…I’m not saying that but….
Shivaye: But what??? What Anika….listen…I don’t want to here anything…u will stay away from her from now on.
Anika: But Shivaye, she’s my friend.
Shivaye: Oh God!!!!! I don’t understand….Om is suffering from amnesia…not u.
Shivaye: How can u forget what she has done to our family???? Does my family even matters to u…do u even care for my family???
Anika: what are u saying Shivaye??? I care about ur family a lot….I consider it as my own…my own family.
Shivaye: Oh really…but it doesn’t seems like that…u r taking the side of a person who is hated by me and my family….u r supporting a person who has caused miseries to our family….by taking her side. U r standing against me Anika.
Anika: Shivaye…lets end this topic right now.
Shivaye: No no no…why??? Lets talk about it…after all u wanted to talk about it….listen Anika….either u support Ishana or me…choice is yours.
Anika’s mouth get sealed…she doesn’t know what to say.
Shivaye: what happened Anika???? Why u got silent??? Tell me.
Anika: Fine…I’ll chose Ishana.
Shivaye gets shocked…He gets angry on Anika.
Shivaye(shouting): What’s ur problem Anika??? Why u always have to question my decisions??? Why can’t support me??? What I’m saying is for ur well being???

Anika: Shivaye…plz listen to me…
Shivaye: No, u listen to me,…we were in a relationship na…there was a time when we loved each other…but now I think that u never loved me actually…if u have loved then u would have supported me…I was right…there’s nothing called love in this world….
Anika: Shivaye…where are u taking the discussion???
Shivaye: Where am I taking the discussion, huh??? What do u think??? What wrong did I said??? Why don’t u ever support me??? Why u always question my decision???
Anika: Shivaye, It’s u who is saying this??? Did u forgot that I supported u when u were marrying Mallika???? Do u think it was easy for me???
Shivaye(shouting): It’s bcoz u never actually loved me…that’s why u let me go so easily….and I don’t blame u bcoz even I didn’t loved u…it was just infatuation or whatever but it was definitely not love….bcoz there is nothing called love in this world…if u would have loved me na then u agreed to me…u would have supported me and when I was marrying Mallika u would have stopped me…but no…u didn’t said anything…where u should question my decisions u don’t do that where u shouldn’t question it, u do that….perfect mismatch…u know???

Anika: Shivaye plz…don’t scratch my wounds.
Shivaye in anger grabs Anika and drags her towards the wall.
Shivaye(shouting): And what about my wounds, ha???? what about my wounds??? Do u think I’m happy with Mallika???
Anika: Shivaye…leave me…
Shivaye: No…I’ll not leave u…first tell me what’s ur problem??? Why u can’t agree with me ever??? Why u always have to stand against me??? Why u can’t support me???
Anika(shouting): Bcoz I’m not ur wife.
O jaana song plays….Shivaye leaves Anika and backs off…both look at each other and share an eyelock….Shivaye looks here and there….he didn’t understood what happened right now….O jaana bg music plays.
Anika: yes Shivaye…I’m not ur wife….U have no right over me….and that’s why I’ll decide whom should I support and whom not…u have no right over me….I’m ur friend but that’s it…just bcoz I talk with u, laugh with u, it doesn’t means that I’ve forget what u did with me….No Shivaye, I’ll never forget what u did with u….I forgive but I don’t forget…never ever….Mallika is ur wife and u should be with her…u should take care of her….u should respect ur marriage Shivaye….and I??? I’m a nobody in ur life…there’s actually no name of our relationship and u know what people call this type of relationship???.
Shivaye(shouting): Just shut up!!!!!!

Anika: No Shivaye…u have to listen to me today…it was u who broked my trust…it was u who chosed family over me….now I’m chosing Ishana over u and u have no right to question my choice…and u also don’t have the right to break my heart again and again….I’m not a doll Shivaye that u will play with me, then throw me, then again play with me and then again throw me and I’m also not a toy who’s remote control is in ur ands…I’m a human being shivaye and I have feelings…I feel pain…I feel heartbreak….I feel suffering!!!!!
Shivaye looks at Anika without saying anything…He was shocked to see Anika’s outburst and was also confused on what to say what to her…
Shivaye: fine….fine Anika…I have no right over and u too don’t have any right over me….U can make ur choices and I’ll make mine…From now on we’ll only have the relationship of a boss and an employee…from now on, u’ll not talk on my personal matters…from now on u r only a my daughter’s caretaker and nothing more than that.
Anika: But Shivaye…
Shivaye: Sir!!!!! Call me sir Anika….I’m ur boss…don’t forget it.
O jaana song plays….Shivaye and Anka again share an eyelock….Shivaye does his signature step and walks away in style…Anika looks at Shivaye from back while he’s leaving…after he leaves Anika bursts into tears…Ishana enters and sees Anika crying….She goes to her.
Ishana: Anika…what happened??? Why are u crying???
Anika doesn’t says anything.
Ishana hugs Anika and consoles her.

To Be Continued……..

Precap: Shivika flashback

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