Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna (Episode 12)


Hi guys…I’m back with the next episode of my ff…I know my updates are going on a snails pace but still u all are showing a lot of patience…Thanks alot for that.
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Recap: It’s revealed that Om is doing drama and he hates Ishana.

Scene 1(Oberoi mansion: Rudra in his room chanting hanuman chalisa
Rudra: Jai hanuman….gyan gun sagar……
Soumya. Enters and gets shocked.
Soumya(shocked): Rudra??? Are u okay na???
Rudra sees Soumya and runs towards her.
Rudra: Soumya!!!! Thank God u r here….plz save me…plz hide me somewhere….
Soumya: Rudra??? Have u gone mad???
Rudra(fake crying): .Soumya…u know what??? This is not my family…they have kidnapped me…and now they are forcing me to get married to a girl….plz save me Soumya …plz save me.
Soumya: I have heard this story…say something new.
Rudra(fake crying): Soumya!!!! This is not a joke….plz save They are forcefully taking me tomorrow to see the girl in her house do u think a house is a good place to see a girl…it’s better to see a girl on internet…..they will spoil my life…plz I beg infront of u.

Soumya: Okok…first u stop crying.
Rudra(fake crying): Soumya!!!! Plz save me….plz save me from these kidnappers…plz take me from…lets elope from here.
Soumya: Rudra!!!! Will u just stop this drama???
Rudra(fake crying); Soumya!!!! Why don’t u understand???? This is not my family….they are planning and plotting against me….they don’t want me to be happy…plz Soumya…help me
Soumya in anger slaps Rudra…Rudra gets shocked and silent….and then he again starts making puppy faces and fake crying.
Rudra(fake crying): Soumya!!!! U slapped me??? Why u slapped me???
Soumya: uh…sorry Rudra…..plz forgive me!!!!
Rudra gets angry goes and sits on the corner of the bed ….Soumya goes near him
Soumya: Rudra!!! Plz forgive me.
Rudra(angrily): No!!!
Soumya(holding her ears): plz Rudra!!!!
Rudra laughs…Sopumya gets shocked.
Rudra(laughing): Sumo…u r such a big fool….I was just kidding !!!
Soumya getys angry.
Soumya(angrily): Rudra!!! Are u mad??? U should get another slap…
Rudra and Soumya start pillow fight….Om enters and sees them playing and smiles
Om: Rudra!!!!
Rudra and Soumya sees Om.

Rudra: O….u here???
Om: what were both of u doing???
Rudra:uhhh…. I and Sumo were just showing our love to each other…best friends u know??
Soumya kicks Rudra in his leg…Rudra screams in pain
Rudra(in pain): ahhh
Soumya(fake smile): yeah!!!! Best friends..
Rudra makes an annoyed face….om smiles looking at them.
Om: Rudra…I wanted to talk to u about something important.
Rudra: Bhaiya…before that…I have to talk to u about something important…Now only u can help me…otherwise this Sumo is of no use.
Soumya: yeah ofcourse…just like u??
Rudra: Oh just shut up!!!
Om: Rudra, I really want to talk to u about something very important.
Rudra: O…me first…plz help me…dad is forcing me to get married and he is forcefully taking me to see a girl…just think about it…Rudra Singh Oberoi will get married??? And that too an arranged marriage??? Is that even possible in reality???
Om: Rudra…I think there’s nothing wrong if u see the girl…
Rudra: But bhaiya…I don’t want to get married…why does anyone of u understand??? And don’t u think u should get married before me as u r elder than me????
Om gets shocked and wonders.

Om(surprised): yeah…u r right….it’s very strange…despite being in a relationship for 8 years me and Ishana still didn’t marry??? How’s that possible??? And how I didn’;t even thought about it???
Rudra and Soumya get tensed.
Rudra(thinking): Oh God!!!! Why I always say the wrong thing at the wrong time.
Soumya(murmering): Duffer Oberoi…is ur brain empty???..don’t u think without saying anything.
Om: Rudra???? Do u know anything about it???
Rudra: Uh….ummm…uh…O…
Soumya: Uh…bade baal wale bhaiya…we both know it but I think u should ask it to Ishana di…she’ll explain u the best.
Rudra: uh…yeah ofcourse.
Om gets lost in thoughts
Soumya: bade baal wale bhaiya…sorry, we have to leave now…..we are going on a friend’s party.
Rudra(confused): Party???
Soumya(fake smile): yeah Rudra…party!!! Come on….lets go.
Soumya grabs Rudra’s hands and takes her.
Soumya: okay bye…bade baal wale bhaiya…we have to leave.
Om: but…listen!!!!
Rudra: sorry O…we’ll talk later on!!!!
Soumya and Rudra leave….Om thinks about something and makes a wicked smile.

Scene 2(Mallika’s room): Mallika slaps Tara in anger…Tara starts crying….Anika enters and gets shocked…
Anika: Mallika….what happened??? Why u slapped her???
Anika consoles tara.
Anika: Tara…plz don’t cry…Mallika…she’s a child..why did u slapped her???
Mallika(angrily): Anika…u know what she did??? She spilled juice on my files…u know how important it is for my presentation and this gir…she has spoiled everything??? Now I have to do the work all over again.
Anika: Mallika….what’s wrong with u??? it’s only a presentation….how can u slap ur daughter for such a small mistake???
Tara(crying): Anika….mom, doesn’t loves me.
Anika(to Tara): no beta…it’s not like that….she loves u lot.
Mallika(rudely): No, it’s not true…I don’t love u…Anika, just take her from here or I’ll do something.
Anika: Mallika:, what r u doing??? She’s ur daughter…
Mallika(shouting): No she’s not my daughter…just take her from here.
Tara cries….Anika doesn’t understands what to do…she holds Tara’s hands and takes her from there…After they leave, Mallika bursts into tears and starts crying.
Mallika(crying): what’s wrong with me??? What the hell am I doing??? Why am I doing all this???? How can u be so cruel???
Mallika lies down in sofa and cries.

Scene 3(drawing room): Tara is crying…Anika kneels down infront of Tara wipes her tears.
Tara(crying): Anika…mom doesn’t loves me…she hates me.
Anika: Tara…beta…plz don’t say like that, mom loves u a lot…and she also cares for u…it’s only that she remains very frustrated bcoz of work….
Tara(crying): But she slapped me today when I didn’t do anything…I spilled the juice by mistake….I swear!!!!!
Anika: Tara, I understand…don’t worry, I’ll scold ur mom and she’ll herself come and say sorry to u.
Tara: Really???
Anika: yeah, really…now plz…stop crying and smile.
Anika wipes Tara’s tears…They both smile…Om watches them from a distance.

Scene 4(kitchen): Shivaye is cooking…Om enters.
Om: Shivaye…did u see Ishana???
Shivaye: uh…no…she must be outside…did u needed anything???
Om: uh….yeah…lots of questions in my mind and I’m searching for their answers.
Shivaye: Oh come on Om….why are u taking so much stress???
Om: yes I have to take stress bcoz u all r hiding something from me.
Shivaye gets tensed.
Om: u all have not told me a lot of things.
Shivaye: Om….we are not hiding anything from u…we have told u everything.
Om: Oh really…Shivaye, plz tell me whay Anika work as nanny of ur daughter in this house.
Shivaye: uh…she has taken a loan from our family and she’s clearing it by working for us.
Om: Is money everything for u shivaye???

Shivaye: Oh plz Om….I was ready to forgive her loan but u know na that how Anika is??? She wants to clear the debt for her self respect…..I tried to make her understand so many times but she just doesn’t wants to understand.
Om: And u didn’t got any other job than taking care of ur daughter???
Shivaye: What’s wrong in this job??? She doesn’t has any problem with it….and we also let her stay in the outhouse with her brother Sahil.
Om: Oh really….how can u ber so insensitive Shivaye….do u know how she would be feeling seeing ur daughter daily??? Don’t u think she’ll constantly reminds Anika, that u and she aren’t together….it’ll be hurting her so much from inside.
Shivaye: Om…It’s nothing like that…I and Anika have moved on now…We don’t love each other anymore….we r just friends now….our relationship is over.
Om: Shivaye, I am I thinking that u appointed Anika as ur daughter’s nanny to be around her???
Shivaye: What the hell are u saying Om??? Why don’t u understand??? I’m married to Mallika now!!!
Om: yeah…I can see ur relationship of u and tara’s relationship Mallika….Tell me Shivaye??? Why it looks like Anika is ur wife and Tara’s daughter???
Shivaye: There’s a lot of difference between what looks and what actually is.
Om: Yeah…it’s true… looks like u and Anika don’t care about each other, but it’s not what actually is.
Shivaye: Om…
Om: Shivaye, no need to give any explaination.
Shivaye: BNt Om??? Plz listen…
Om leaves without pzying heed to Shivaye’s words….He comes out of kitchen.
Om(monologue): Shivaye, I separated u with Anika and now I will only unite u with Anika…..This is my promise to my brother.

Scene 5(disco): Rudra and Soumya enter the disco….
Soumya: Where have u brought me???
Rudra: it’s called a disco sumo and u only said to O that we are going on a party and what can be a better place than this for a party.
Soumya: Duffer oberoi!!!! I was just lying to bade baal wale bhaiya…u took it serious.
Rudra: oh plz shut up….my mind is already not working due to this whole marriage drama.
Soumya: oh really??? When was the last time ur mind worked???
Rudra: Sumo…plz say something new…I’m tired of hearing jokes on my IQ from u….
Soumya: U thought I was joking??? I’m always serious whenever I talk about ur IQ
Soumya bursts in laughter.
Rudra: hehehe…u know only how to laugh….I asked u to think something to save me from this marriage…and u still didn’t came with any plan…u don’t even brain to think about a plan and u r joking on my IQ??? Atleast I came up with a plan.
Soumya: O hello…I already thought of a plan, how stop ur marriage before coming to ur house but u were busy doing overacting and drama.
Rudra(excited): What??? Really??? What’s the plan??
Soumya: Actually the plan(Soumya takes a pause), uh…leave it…it’ll not go in ur empty head…I’ll tell u tomorrow what to do.
Rudra:what??? Why?? Tell me now???
Soumya: Don’t worry Rudra….I’ll tell u but not right now.
Rudra: But???
Soumya: Rudra, what did I said???now stop asking me otherwise I’ll help u.
Rudra: Okay okay…tell me tomorrow about it.
Soumya: Fine….good boy.
Rudra and Soumya sit on the table.
Rudra: So u wanna drink wine???
Soumya: Rudra…u know I don’t drink wine..
Rudra: ofcourse…u r still a kid.
Soumya: No I’m not…it’s u who is a kid and guys like u always think that by drinking all these health hazards u become cool.
Rudra: What did u said??? I didn’t got it…
Soumya: And u will never get it.
Rudra: Fine.

Rudra drinks too much wine and gets completely drunk…He’s not in his senses.
Rudra(drunked state): what the hell is going on???? Who am I??? where am I???
Soumya: u r duffer Oberoi and u r with me unfortunately!!!
Rudra: what??? Who the hell r u???
Soumya: Rudra…stop this drama…I told u not to drink so much…now come with me….lets go home.
Rudra: No…I’ll not go home…I’ll stay here only…and I’ll also sleep here…this is my home.
Soumya: Just shut up…otherwise I’ll give u another slap….come with me.
Soumya tries to make rudra stand from the chair but he was too drunk to get up.
Soumya: Oh God!!!! He’s completely drunk…. Now what will I do???
Some goons look at Rudra and Soumya….The goons go near them and surround them….Soumya gets frightened looking at them.
Soumya(to the goons): what do u all want???
Goon 1: Why are u wasting time on ur useless boyfriend???? We are much better than him.
Soumya: Oh hello!!!! Are u in ur senses??? Just get lost from here or I’ll call the manager.
Goon 2: Call anyone darling but we are not gonna leave u????
Soumya: Just shut up okay….I’ll give u all one punch and u all wil be down.
One goon grabs the hand of Soumya
Soumya(frightened): what are u doing??? Leave my hand…
Goon 1: Darling, ur hands hands are not for punching.
Soumya: plz leave me…plz leave me…Rudra…wake up…plz.
Goon 3: what happened dear??? U just said that u will punch us…come on baby…punch us.
Rudra comes into his senses hearing Soumya’s screams…He gets up from the chair….He sees the goons grabbing Soumya’s hands….he gets tensed
Rudra(to the goons): what u all are.doing??? leave her.
One of the goon punches Rudra and his head hits with the table…his head starts bleeding and he becomes unconscious…Soumya tries to wake up.

Soumya: Rudra…are u fine…plz open ur eyes..
Rudra again loses his senses…The goons again grabs Soumya’s hands and forcefully take her with them….Soumya starts crying….The public sees all this but no one had the guts to stop the goons
Soumya(crying): plz leave me….plz leave me…plz help someone…plz
Goon 1(wicked smile): How can we leave such a hot girl??? Plz understand.
Suddenly someone comes in front of goon 1…..She’s Ishana with anger on her face..
Goon 1(to Ishana): Do u also want me to take u along with her???
Ishana(seething): Leave her!!!!
Goon 1(wickes smile): Oh wow!!!! U will say and we’ll leave her, right???
Ishana(seething): I said leave her, right now!!!!
Goon 1: u don’t know with whom r messing with, okay!!!!
Ishana(seething): U don’t know with whom u r messing with,
Goon 1: What do u think of urself???
Ishana: u still don’t know who I am.
Goon 2(to goon 1): Bhai, lets leave from here…I know this girl.
Goon 1: So what will she ha??? Lets take her also.
Ishana: It’ll be better if u listen to ur brother otherwise it’ll cost u a lot….u r messing with the wring person.
Goon 1: Enough..lets leave this girl and take her.

The goon tries to grab Ishana’s hands but she smashes a bottle of bear on his arms…his hand starts bleeding…He screams in pain.
Ishana: I told u that u r messing with the wrong girl…be happy that I didn’t smashed the bottle in ur head…t’ll be better for uall if u leave right now otherwise I can do much more than this.
The goons get frightened and leave….Soumya is still in shocked state…she cries..Ishana hugs her.
Ishana: Don’t worry Soumya…everything is fine now
They both try to wake Rudra…Rudra becomes conscious and hugs Soumya…They both cry…..Ishana looks at them and smiles.

To Be Continued……..

Precap: Flashbacks of Ishkara and Shivika.

I’ll try to make longer episodes as I take too much gap…Thanks guys…plz comment.

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