Ishqbaaz 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye plans a welcome party

Ishqbaaz 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye gets busy in work. Nancy eyes him. Mohit stops the car and says sorry, I forgot my phone at home, if you don’t mind, can we go back home. Anika says sure. Nancy pulls Shivaye over him and they fall down on the sofa. Mohit and Anika come home and look on shocked. Mohit asks what’s happening here. The family members also come and get shocked. Nancy runs to Mohit. She says thank God, you have come, this Shivaye…. Shivaye says she is lying. She says I m not lying, he was forcing himself on me. He asks what nonsense, I swear, I didn’t do this, Anika you trust me right, Nancy is trying to come close to me since last night, I didn’t wish to tell this to you, but I have no option, she isn’t deserving of your love. Mohit says enough, I don’t need to hear anything now, I know my wife

well. Anika says and I also know my husband well, my Shivaye can never do anything wrong. Mohit says Anika please, don’t talk in between. Mohit asks Nancy what’s the truth. She says I have said the truth, Shivaye has…. Mohit slaps her. They get shocked.

He shouts don’t you dare blame Shivaye next time, else I won’t believe it, Shivaye and I know each other well, our friendship is strong, I know he can never do this, you cheated me and ashamed my love. He gets tearful eyes and apologizes to Shivaye. He says you and your family did a lot for us, you showed affection and my wife…. forgive me, sorry guys. Shivaye says its okay, you don’t need to say sorry, and thanks for trusting me. Mohit says you deserve this, you earned this trust. He apologizes to Anika for Nancy’s doings. He says I didn’t expect Nancy to do such a thing, I can’t meet your eyes, I have to go. He takes Nancy with her. Tej stops him and asks him not to go. Mohit says I can’t stay here, my wife has ashamed me. They go to room. Mohit asks her to pack her bags right away. She says I m sorry, don’t get upset, forgive me. Tej says its Nancy’s mistake, not of Mohit, stop your best friend. Jhanvi says maybe its not a big thing for Nancy, she belongs to open minded culture and society, we should forgive her. Tej says if Mohit leaves, your friendship will go on bitter note, don’t lose Mohit, its hard to find good friends. Shivaye goes. Anika asks what did you think. He says don’t know what I shall do. She says I think Tej and Jhanvi said right, everyone makes mistakes, we can’t punish Mohit, he is your best friend, he trusts you more than his wife, he saved your life, you know what you should do. He agrees. He thanks Anika for trusting him so much. He says everyone had a doubt on me, but you showed trust. She says don’t thank me, I completely trust you, I know you can’t do anything wrong, we stay in one room, we are husband and wife, you never used this fact, I feel safe when I m with you. He says you are my best friend. She says you are world’s best husband. She goes.

Nancy says forgive me, if you want, I will apologize to Shivaye. She asks Shivaye to forgive her. Shivaye says I have forgiven Nancy, you also forgive her, lets forget this, I can do anything for you, you are imp for me, your friendship, happiness…. Mohit says Nancy raised question on your character. Shivaye says but you trusted me. Anika says lets forget this, we ignore friends’ big mistakes too. Nancy apologizes to her. Anika says its fine, its imp that you realized your mistake. Shivaye says Mohit isn’t going anywhere. Mohit agrees. Tej says we must have a party for this. Shivaye says their welcome party is due, it shall happen tomorrow before his show. He hugs Mohit. Shivaye leaves for work. He sees Mohit hugging some woman. He goes to see and misses them. He thinks am I mistaken, I will go and ask Mohit. He asks Priyanka is Mohit at home. She says no, he went out. Shivaye comes to his room and gets shocked seeing Nancy. She asks what are you doing here. She says you think I will lose so soon, no. She smiles. Anika laughs and says sorry, you got tensed, we were joking, Nancy came to talk to me, we thought to pull your leg, sorry. Nancy says okay, I shall leave, sorry Shivaye, I just really hope that tomorrow morning opens a new chapter in our lives. She leaves.

Its morning, Anika checks arrangements. Rudra scares her and laughs. She says you scared me. He says I came after a month and had to get a good entry. Om comes and jokes on him. Rudra says stop being jealous. Anika says don’t go for many days, you both are so cute. Priyanka comes with Shivaye. She says it means I get you bored. Shivaye hugs Omru. Anika compliments all of them. They fight that they are Anika’s fav. Shivaye says stop troubling my wife with this contest, prepare for party. Anika asks about the mask. Shivaye explains about masquerade party. Anika says it will be fun. Mohit and Nancy come. Mohit hugs Omru. Mohit says these parties are her life, person is different than he appears. Anika praises Shivaye as he is very true.

Mohit says I totally agree on that. Nancy says I m looking forward to this party. Mohit says this party is fun at night, after wearing the mask in darkness, who did it and how the person left. Om says you missed a point, everyone’s dressing sense is different. Rudra says girls’ style is different and we can know. Om says all girls will wear a gown. Rudra asks Anika to select matching mask. He says bar will be my responsibility, get ready for my special punch, party gets real fun after having the punch. Anika says I don’t have a gown, what will I wear in party. She checks her cupboard. Shivaye comes and knocks door. She says he will get angry on me. She says wait, I m opening the door, just one min. She keeps all the clothes back and opens the door. He asks were you busy. She says I was changing clothes. He looks at her. She says I was going to change, do you want something. He says yes, I want my file. She says I will get it. He says I will take it myself. He opens the cupboard. Clothes fall over him. She hides her face.

Shivaye asks Anika to fold saree and teaches her. She smiles. Omru look on and says businessman of the year Shivaye is folding sarees.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Appy

    Nothing to say..
    Ok i assumed masquerade party.and it is goons happening
    It is actually thrilling
    Sso you are really luck to have a gem like Annika
    You are still considering her dost but she us doing her job as both friend and wife
    But Sso don’t you feel that this DOSTI KA RAAG kuch Jyada horahi he…
    Now it is irritating me listening Dost word for Annika from your mouth
    Biwi kitni suit karti he.
    Dhettt you will never understand Shivaay
    Ok So Annika declared directly as mere Shivvay..
    I loved it.
    And the way she took Sso side.
    But but but what the he’ll was that Nancy and Annika scene
    CVS PLZ..Don’t write such is really irritating
    Can’t see Annika hugging and kissing that stupid chepdi Nancy..yukkkkk
    YEHHHHHHHH omru are back..
    I really missed both a lot
    Welcome back with lots of love…..
    And those talk were really had mysterious double meaning
    And both Nancy and mount like
    Ek das numberi dusra 100 numberi. Both are cheap.i knew it
    And mohit will kill nancy.
    But what tej was showing so much interest to stop mohit ????????
    And lastly Annika🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Precap- chalk thnx for not giving any horrible precap.
    And Sso…you know how to fold saree awwwwwwwwww

    Waise Cvs plz atleast for now don’t use sentence Sso is best pati
    It is difficult to digest(at least for now)
    I know after all those Sso never behaved rudewith Annika.but stilll..

    1. NSK

      Amazing comment.😀
      GN di.Loads of love.

  2. Want to kill this Vacany.
    How irritating she is.
    Thank god everyone supported bhaiya.
    PS- Mandana is perfect for the role.
    Thank u guys for sharing ur views.
    Even I think the same.
    Love u all

    1. NSK

      Love u too.keep commenting dear.

  3. Appy

    I need to do a confession..
    Before throwing chapal and rotten tomatoes on me once listen to me..

    Hiiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals…..
    He he he he this Appy the redux of Arpu.
    I am the same pagal whom you all gave so much love
    This my new register member
    @NSK dear.i am.only here ……..
    WEEKEND KA JHATKA..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
    Ok Run Arpu…

    1. Riana

      Appy/arpu….👡👡👡🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃…Since day 1 i was having doubt that definitely ye hamari pagli haiiiii !!! 😤😤😤😠😠😤😤😤…

      1. NSK

        Haha.same here.😂

    2. NSK

      U know what? This comment brought a huge smile on my face. I thought how can you become vanished. I felt like you were one of the jaans of pkj.I am really very happy to see you.I thought that u were Arpita di,but u denied.Then i apologised but got no reply from you,i thought this new member Appy is Angry with me.of course its obvious to be angry if one is not recognised despite being an old member.But actually now i am feeling really pleased that i assumed you are Arpita di.😊 seeing ur comment after a long time (as you) is really amazing.I missed you very much.
      Hope you are fine di.ILYVM.😊
      Keep giving us such sweet surprises. I really loved this weekend ma jhatka.not rotten tomatoes, but would love to send u chocolates for this jhatka.ur jhatka is one of the best jhatka.( i really didn’t know this type of sweet jhatka can also be given)
      Redux of arpu/arpita di is really awesome.
      So happy that u registered, it was my wish to see u registered. Finally got fulfilled.a lot of love for this.
      Thanks di,seriously us jhatka is a special one for me.😊 be happy always.😊
      Good night,sweet dreams.💜

    3. Banita

      Okk not for ur 1st comment for ur this comment I will say Go Arpu Go…!!!
      Jaa bacchale apni jindegi….!!!!
      U know i m enjoying it fully now😜😜😜

    4. Mona_2005

      Jatka buhut pyaara tha

    5. Arpita… hope you’re okay and missed reading your comment and 😂😂😂 love your redux name ..

  4. Vidyakrish

    Omru part was cute long time to see them happy. Anika and shivaay so cute when shivaay says my bevi wow so cute prehap so cute waiting Monday come soon.

    1. NSK

      Same here dear.😄 gn,tc.

  5. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    My Omru is backkk…. I was sooooo missing them… Specially Rudy…
    I dont know about others , but Rudy ke baat kuch alag hi hain in li8 nd funny scenes…
    Yeh Nancy ko maar kun nahi rahe hain….!!!!?
    How dare she…!!!!??
    But happy that Shivay tried to explain Anika in all these…
    Nd as expected she took his side…
    I m sure all these things that Mohit did was only for gain Shivay nd family’s trust more… Nd Mohit-Nancy both r together… Now it’s 100% cleared in both of their mysterious talk…
    BTW I m liking Shivay – Mohit’s friendship… But it will gr8 if he will be positive ( which can never going to happen)…
    Just dont like that part…
    Omruprinku IB is incomplete without 3 of them…
    Rudy’s special punch again ready to do it’s magic , but this time something more different , something horrible…
    Today i like Anika’s Pink-Black combo wala saree… I like this one more then all other sarees that she wear after redux…
    Last part ,
    Awwww…!!! Both looks soo cute…
    Okk whatever all these things about Mohit a different , but i really like Zain’s acting today…. No doubt he is a good actor…
    Precap –
    Itna toh mujhe vi nahi pata jitna Shivay bhaiya ko pata hain about folding of saree… I mean i know how to fold it , but yeh 13 fold nd al ye sb kuch nahi pata mujhe…
    My Cuteee bhaiya…
    CVS ab acchese Cute , Sweet , Lovly Shivika scene de derahe hain… So that upcoming can be more wrost…
    GN PKJ…

    1. NSK

      Ur comment is really nice di.😊 summary of the epi.😀

      1. Banita

        Thank u dr…
        Seems like u r enjoying ur after exam victory fully…

    2. Banita how are youu missed commenting on this page and reading everyone’s comments hope you’re doing well .. btw hoped you missed me coz I definitely missed youu 😊

      1. Banita

        Hlooooo Omu…
        HRU dr????
        I really missed u nd ur comment…
        I m f9..
        But where were u yrr!!?? It a long time that u r absent from here…

  6. Shajessie

    Hi guys… Wow 2day epi… Was really great… The slap was look like real😂👍
    Both SSO n anni.. They belief each of them n trust themselves vr much… I love it… All couples should b like tis… 😍😍
    And the way he said dun trouble my wife… Was so cute.. Omg..SSO when u want to say to anni tat ” u r my wife ” …I’m waiting na..😘😘
    Of course anni always everybody’s favourite.. Especially SSO.. Only thing he is vr shy to inform tat he loved her vr much..🌹🌹
    At last.. Precap… Really funny… SSO teach anni hw to fold saree.. Wow.. No 1 business man folding saree… Itana humble heh shivaaye… I love u SSO ❤️❤️
    OK guys… I’m waiting for another 2 days… Gd nite.. C u all on coming Monday.. 🤩🤩

    1. NSK

      Haha same here dear.😊 nice comment,liked reading it.
      C u soon.

  7. Luthfa

    Sorry to say but I didn’t expect that today’s episode will disappoint me to this extent.After yesterday’s episode,things just have went down the drain today.
    Shivaay got harassed and no one knows to what extent Nancy crossed her limits and everyone not only forgave Nancy but ready to move on arranging a party!Great.
    The way Jhanvi was lectering that Nancy’s actions are justifiable because she has been brought up in different culture was the most lame excuse I have ever heard.In other words they have treated it like it’s a daily occurrence and we should forgive and forget because we are under the oath of true friendship!To save the precious friendship one can undergo and ignore anything be it the violation of one’s character.Whenever anyone tries to cross the limit of dignity be it a man or woman,people’s favourite solution is rather silence or compromises for this or that.And this thing encourages those people who nurture such mentality.
    Everything became normal forcefully but to remind what Shivaay faced Anika had to play that special prank.Wow,so creative mind!I hope Anika have enjoyed those expressions on Shivaay’s face standing at the other side of the room when that so-called prank play was going on.And the best friend award should be given to Mr.Magician Malhotra.He was jumping hearing what Nancy said but when Anika supported Shivaay,he changed the side very quickly.Mr.Malhotra,may be you are a magician but you will give tough competition to chameleons in changing colour.If you had so much trust on Shivaay then why you were asking your Titli what was the true story?This switching of side so swiftly is very annoying without any proper reason.
    Anyway,for me today’s episode has joined the list of those episodes which I couldn’t enjoy despite having favourite scenes and good amount of acting.Thank you very much CVS for ruining my weekend episode,completely.

    1. NSK

      Yes Apu.ur points are absolutely correct. Can’t always hope good from CVS. But can have some more patience for upcoming sorry to know that u didn’t like the episode and got disappointed. Hope that upcoming episodes can please you.😊
      Good Night,Take care.May Allah bless you.😄

      1. Luthfa

        I got disappointed because of my expectations despite knowing the fact that IB seldom fulfills any of anyone.Day before yesterday’s episode was brilliant one in terms of implementation and the pace of the plot.But yesterday’s episode lacked connectivity and certain things were not in the right place,for me as I expected better.Anyway,it’s entirely my fault that I wished for something unique.And I think I have the right to get disappointed being the loyal viewer of IB when it fails to provide me with my due entertainment.
        Take care.Allah bless you too.

    2. Very true, different culture means?? I really don’t think any culture would even justify seducing someone’s husband and about the reaction from taj I feel there’s more into it, how come he forgave her just like that, kuch toh Hai….

      1. Luthfa

        Exactly my point.Seducing another woman’s husband is not a toy thing to play with.It’s a serious matter and it should not be taken lightly.But owing to the fear of losing respect etc.make the victim silent.Shivaay too chose to be silent and he would continue tolerating Nancy if they would not got spotted together before their respective partners.And Mohit was showing it like that what Anika would say,it would be His final words judging his friend and wife.Like till that day he did not know both Shivaay and Nancy’s nature and what they were as person.Mohit is playing big and his double words testify that.Now waiting for his Mask’s lifting in the masquerade party.Take care.

      2. Luthfa

        ..would not get spotted…

    3. Luthfaaaa how are youu hope you’re doing well .. hope I made your weekend by coming and commenting after sooo long I know it’s been pretty long but believe me haven’t forgotten any of youu 🤗

      1. Luthfa

        It’s been sooooooo……..long.Where have you been?I missed my Omu dearest very very much.Hope you are doing great.Surely you have made my weekend better.I was little upset because of the episode but now I am fine,all thanks to you.
        Okay,see you soon.Take care.Love you.

    4. Astmasiddika

      Hey Luthfa ur points are absolutely correct dear . And thanks for u dear for welcoming me

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for understanding my points dear.And you are most welcome.Happy Sunday.Take care.

  8. Rajvi_shah

    Finally omru are back😍😊. After watching today’s episode I doubt Mohit ‘s intentions. I think Mohit and Nancy are not married in reality. They are here because of a hidden intention. I think Cvs are planning to bring svetlana back in redux.

    1. NSK

      Maybe u r right! Yes,omru r always amazing!😊
      Hope ur😄

  9. Fatmi

    Hi everyone….how r u all? Hope u remember me ! Commenting after a long long long gap…..but won’t say anything ant the show …just came here to say hi to u all…bcoz I always miss my pkjians…… always keep bg with my studies and job exam….so couldn’t visit TU…..stay good…. happy weekend…..good night…..

    1. NSK

      Its so nice of you to come just for saying hi.😊
      So here it is for u “hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dear!”😄
      Happy weekend to you too.😊 good night, take care and best of luck with your works.😄 hoping to see you again,soon.😄

    2. Banita

      Mittu diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………
      Yeh it’s a long time that u r absent from here….
      I missed u dii here as well as in hangy also…

  10. NSK

    Annika Trusting Shivaay was really amazing.Despite that situation, she trusted’s sure that Shivaay you’re lucky to have her.Even his heart calls her biwi,but mouth doesn’t let the word come out totally. oh come on Shivaay,accept her as your wife.She deserves it and much more.Pls CVS,do this asap.waiting eagerly.😊
    Shivika is always lovely.don’t need to justify them.😄
    Friendship of Shivaay – Mohit is good to watch.but sadly,he is not a true friend of SSO.
    I doubt tej because he is much interested to let Mohit-Nancy stay in OM than anyone else.maybe he is the main master of the conspiracy ahead.
    Finally, jaan of the show OmRu are happy about that.Devar-bhabi bond is really amazing to watch.😊
    Bye all.GN,tc.hope u guys are fine. See you guys soon.😊tata.

    1. Mona_2005

      Enjoyed reading ur comment
      Hopefully I wished that I was born in Sept but I was born on 1st Jan
      Kar itne similarities dekh kar, I was shocked
      Mere aur mere close friends ki bhi nahi hoti itni TU
      Love u Mona off oisha
      Take care

      1. NSK

        Thank u dear,u to TC.😊love u too.😊

    2. Astmasiddika

      Hii NSK thanks for ur warm welcome yaar

      1. NSK

        Please dear.😊 loads of love.😊

  11. Riana

    Yesterday’s episode was full of urghhhhhhhh !!!..
    Gandi vacancy accha chaata chaptaya mohit ne uske mu par 😤😤😂😂😂😂😂
    And yes we all know….that sorry…sorry…is it to late to say sorry…yaa…oops went inside justin’s sorry song 😅😅😅😅😝😝😝😝😝…
    Anika’s pink and black saree was RAVISHING 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
    Shivaay was 😘😘😘😘😘😘 in rapping clothes 😂😂😂😂 oops vo toh precap mein tha 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
    Jaan lauti 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩😋😎😎😎😎
    Rudy’s dialogue swagat was superb !!!…
    Precap – kapde iss tarah se fold karte hai anika 😘😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂 #Pati No 1
    Hello guyz…
    Uha uha uha…
    I hav cold now good night 😏😭😘😅😴

    1. Riana

      By yesterday i meant 6th sept 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    2. NSK

      Oh dear , may u recover soon.😄
      Yes omru are always amazing.😊
      Liked reading ur comment.😃
      Hope u get well soon,good night.take care.☺

  12. Hmm,i Know my yuvraj luthra and neil wel wel,zain can play many twist role,i’am very sure mohit has his own intentions,he cm thr wit nancy to destroy Shivika,nancy Wil backoff seing shivika’s truth wich wil lead to mohit killing nancy in shivika’s room while shivay sleepng next to the dead body,shivay wil be the very suspect,am sure dis wil happen after dis welcm party coz shivay wil be drunk while al d incidnc happen so he cnt deny d murder as he’s seen almst red handed,buh dis al my assumption as i knw my yuvi the bad guy(zee tv,Tashan_e_ishq),all his role fit him,whether villain or positive role,poor shivay feelng bad for shivika and omru cuz i knw mohit cannt be caught easily cuz he’s always a pest and a troublng headache,anyway atlast my shivika wil be save,buh its al my thnkng cuz i dnt knw wat wil really happn

    1. Agga4102

      True!!!! Onc side you have Yuvraj Luthra and other side you have Neil, So you can’t predict how Mohit will be!

  13. Mona_2005

    Today’s episode was nice overall
    I liked that Anika trusted shivaay fully, she believes him more than he believes on himself
    True love can’t be easily understood, it can just be felt
    Vaise in wed’s epi shivaay Bhai said that love is a chemical reaction in brain, literally I used to tell my friends the same thing, I laughed at that part
    These daily soaps protray love so naturally and beautifully that literally someone can believe that their is really true love in this world( though I didn’t believe in love and relationships) but seeing shivika there is really a hope that maybe there are persons that truely, selflessly care about someone
    To make a daily soaps real, actors work really v. Hard. Nakuul sir and surbhi ma’am u both fab,superb

    Topic se divert hogayi thi, coming to episode

    Khaash CVS us vacancy ko Ghar see bahar fek dete ya itna bhi nahi TU shivaay ke legs ko pakad kar maafi hi manga deta

    Didn’t understood how can some1 forgive such a girl so easily like every1 was so chilled out that she just did a small thing, like I eat my brother’s chocolate means no sense
    She seduce shivaay and Anika is making fun of shivaay with her, she should be angry but she is enjoying with her, didn’t like that part
    And morever she didn’t just seduce , she even accused him for molesting
    Yaar Saab log TU itne jaldi bhul gayi ki kuch huya hi nahi tha
    Do-teen din Tak tu mera Bhai mujhe baat nahi karta Saab Tak uski chocolate na du
    Ok jokes apart but still can’t understand so easy forgiveness
    Vaise Anika na sab ki buhut aasani see maaf Kar deti hai like Chachi,shivaay and this Nancy, she is pure gem yaar, so cute

    Finally omru are back, ib is really Imcomplete without them

    Precap- why can’t shivaay buy a really pretty gown for Anika instead telling him how to convert sari into gown
    K but omru commentary was funny, enjoyed the precap-
    Excited for Monday
    Take care every1

    1. NSK

      U too take care dear.😊 see u soon.😊

  14. Nice episode very happy to see omru after a long time and Anika was looking too cute

    1. NSK


  15. Hiiii everyone hope you’re doing well …

    Well I’m returning after a huge gap like seriously I’m so sorry coz I feel really bad I mean this page is like my family but there were certain circumstances that I couldn’t 😔 …

    Anyways coming back to the episodes I’ve watched all the episodes there were many things I could’ve commented about but I’m gonna speak about today’s episode .. idk what to say about Nancy what is going on .. What is she even trying to do ? Firstly she shows no emotion ( no offence ) and keeps that straight face so couldn’t really connect with her and what she did by the table is hardly unacceptable like I felt so cringey 😤 and I think by now everyone gets it she’s trying to seduce shivaay but all those scenes were 🤢🤢 although I liked shivaays acting just had to bear with the episode .. and I wonder what’s going on with mohit and that other girl that’s was highly shocking for me .. enjoyed last few minutes of the episode and aniomru scene along with prinku 😍 and when shivaay said meri biwi 😎😍😍 although it was really short I was smiling 😂😂

    Precap : 😂😂😂 I never know sso knows how a sari is worn lol

    Take care 🤗
    Lots of loveeeeee 😙 .. will try bring regular
    Have a great weekend

    1. NSK

      Tc too dear.😊 have a great weekend too😄

  16. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys,
    Episode was good. Finally OMRU is back SOOO happyyyyyyy.
    As v all know tht anika never doubt on shivay. C after Omru entry ronath had come. Loved the cute fight….
    Tej u just escaped if u have a sentence against shivay I don’t know wt I mate Hv done u… Jst miss.
    Precap 👌👌👌👌👌👌 waiting for it.
    Happy weekend guys.

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks jeevithatk for welcoming me da . U r a Tamilian right

      1. JeevithaTK

        Hi GM dear. Hama naan Tamilian da. How do u know dear.

      2. Astmasiddika

        Me tooooo da

    2. NSK

      Hello di.😊
      Agreeing to ur comment.😊

  17. Astmasiddika

    Episode was finally good . But I think that it is mohit’s plan from starting I think that slap is also to just show off. In his entry he said Shivay just wait and watch anyway finally my brothers OmRu are back really loved their part with Shivika and their fight was so cute

    Precap – lovely scene Mr SSO know to drap a saree awwww… Especially Om’ s expression so cute

    1. NSK

      Keep commenting dear.

  18. AparnaPrasad

    Hai everyone.. I see that there is a competition to who would comment first.. sry I wl b a late replier but I love reading everyone’s comments…. Despite everyone’s comments u know one thing that I liked is that thought out this season shivay always had hot chicks to fall for him and am dumbos for Anika… This guy Taj ( our tillu) .. if he is being paired with Anika as per the spoilers.. I like it… ( Guys don’t get me wrong k… Anika is always shivays..) m just saying ki.. masala to Hoti rahti hai par is Baar muche Acha lag Raha hai ki masala garam(hot). Hai… 😍😍😂😂

    1. NSK

      Hahaha.😊 loving ur sweet little mischievous comment.😊

  19. Nikita_jai29

    Finally time Has come for the mystery… I am very sure that mohit has intentionally slap nancy

    1. NSK

      Lets see.😊 new track could be interesting to watch.😊

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