Ishqbaaz 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye turns and sees Mallika sleeping beside him. He holds his heart and asks what are you doing in my room. She laughs and says you are scared. Some time before, Om asks who is there, its not funny, Soumya, Mallika….. Pinky asks Jhanvi why is she drinking, Shakti and Tej went by joking on us. Jhanvi says I knew well, they call us weak to boast of himself.

Pinky says I think we should show we can also scare them. Jhanvi says you are right, lets do this. Om says if its you Anika, and Mallika if you think…. Mallika says did you call me.. He says no, I think its either of Anika and Soumya. Anika and Soumya come to him and asks did you find us. Om says yes, you both are here, who was there. He looks there. They ask what happened, was anyone there, you look scared. Om says no, I think its late,

we should sleep. Anika says you can play antakshiri with us if you are not getting sleep. He says I think sleeping is better idea. They say good night, sweet dreams and go. He says these three are here, who was she, I m getting mad hearing of ghosts.

Tej goes to Jhanvi and asks what happened, why are you angry. Shanti asks why are you facing that side Pinky. Tej gets scared seeing Jhanvi in scary makeup, and Shakti gets shocked seeing Pinky looking scary. Tej starts laughing. Shakti too bursts into laughter and asks whats all this Pinky, I think you had two pegs with Jhanvi. Tej asks Jhanvi to lessen makeup, we are not going out. Shakti jokes and says Pinky if I did not get scared seeing you on wedding night, will I get scared now, go and wash face.

Om comes to room and gets shocked seeing the ghost. Rudra wakes up and screams seeing ghost. The girls come there and laugh. Soumya takes Rudra’s pic. Om asks Priyanka you…. you are with them. Mallika says now two gone and just Shivaye is left, we will scare him….. Shivaye says in your dreams, you three have scared Om by getting Priyanka, you can’t share me, mental strength…. He blows off the candle and goes. Anika says I will wash and dry his mental strength. The girls laugh on Om and Rudra, and leave.

Rudra asks Om why did he gets scared now, he was acting brave, we will go to mum and dad’s room and sleep. Om asks him to sleep silently. Pinky tells Jhanvi that Shakti is laughing. Jhanvi says even Tej is laughing. Pinky asks how to scare them. Dadi says how will they get scared, its your mistake to scare them by the things you are scared, fear is in everyone’s heart, you have to know their fear. Pinky says I made horrible face. Jhanvi says I thought Tej will be scared seeing me. Dadi says its many years of marriage and you both don’t know their fears, wives are stupid, not mother, I will tell you their fears. The girls think how to scare Shivaye.

Mallika says its tough to scare Shivaye, he gets extra conscious when his ego comes in between. She keeps on saying about Shivaye. The girls sleep and Mallika gets kicked by them. She says never mind, we will discuss later. Soumya talks in sleep. Mallika gets kicked and says I can’t sleep here. She goes.

Jhanvi wakes up and smiles. She keeps fake spider on the pillow. Tej gets scared. Pinky opens the windows and acts like sleeping. She plays audio of air breeze sound. Shakti gets scared as window opens and shuts on own. Tej calls out security and screams. Jhanvi smiles. Tej says security, move this. Jhanvi says poor baby, you are scared of a spider, its small insect, hold this. He says no…. She laughs. Pinky asks Shakti what happened. He says sound of air… He says so what, Lata is not singing, sleep. He says I m not scared and goes out. Pinky laughs. Tej and Shakti come out of their rooms with pillows. Tej says you here Shakti. Shakti says I was working and thought Pinky will get disturbed, I will sleep in study tonight, you here.

Tej says same reason. Jhanvi gets fake spider and scares Tej. Shakti asks Tej are you still scared of spiders. Pinky shows the phone with air sound. Tej says you are still scared of air sound Shakti. They smile. Tej asks how did they know this. Dadi says I told them, to make you both scared. Tej says this not fear, its so creepy. Shakti says yes, I m also not scared. Jhanvi and Pinky show spider and phone, and make them accept that they are scared. They say fine, we are scared, and leave. Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi laugh.

Shivaye sits working. Tia calls him and says I landed, are you sure I should come there. He says of course Tia. She says I always wanted to meet you, you sound different, is everything fine. He says yes, why do you ask. She says I spoke to Pinky, she sounded strange, she asked me many times when am I coming back, is everything fine. He says yes, there is new development, come we will have a talk. She says okay, see you and ends call. He says I will take a power nap before Tia comes. He rests to sleep and turns. He gets shocked seeing Mallika beside him and gets up. He gets scared and holds his heart. He asks what are you doing in my room.

Mallika gets up. She laughs and says you are scared, finally we did this. He says slowly, Anika will hear this and repeat it to make me mad. She says I will tell her. Tia comes and hears them. He says you won’t tell her Mallika. Tia says laughing sound from Shivaye baby’s room. She moves the curtains and sees Shivaye with Mallika sitting on the bed. Shivaye holds Mallika’s face and says you won’t tell this to anyone, this is our secret, yours and mine. Tia gets sad and leaves.

Mallika laughs. Shivaye says don’t tell this to anyone. She says I will print this in paper, this will be social media status. He says I m warning you, you won’t do this, go to your room, Tia is going to come. She asks will you meet Tia with scared face and laughs. He says you all are mad. She goes. He says why does mad girls come in this house, first this Anika and now Mallika, Tia was going to come, why did she not come till now, I will call her. He calls Tia and gets number switched off. He says why is her number switched off.

Its morning, Shivaye comes to kitchen and asks whats going on here, what are you doing here. She says I m finding Chakku/knife to cut fruits for Dadi. He asks what language is that, go I will find the knife.

She gets up with hair over her face and laughs. She say Billu ji got scared. Shivaye asks did she tell you. She says yes, but I had to see myself, Billu ji got scared. He says don’t call me that, and don’t tell to anyone. Mallika comes and says too late. He asks did you tell everyone. Mallika says no, happiness increases by sharing, I just said Anika. Anika says I m happy seeing you scared. He says you girls are…. Mallika says rocking. Shivaye asks them not to touch anything in his kitchen. Mallika jokes. He goes.

Tia talks to Shivaye on phone and says universe wanted me to know the truth, I came to your house yesterday night, and saw you and Mallika on the bed. Shivaye asks do you have this opinion about me. She asks him to say it on her face what he wants. He angrily breaks the phone. Anika and Mallika see him. Mallika tells everyone that they have to plan a get together to unite Tia and Shivaye, and not tell him that Tia is also coming.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Jara


    |Registered Member

    Omg! It’s hilarious my tummy is aching ….om and shivaaye ka face lol….tej and sakthi so funny….superb epi

  2. disha

    funniest episode till now omru screms lile kids both are so cute ..mallika saying about shivaye all girls sleep then mallika scares shivaye. tia’s wrong entry shayad universe yahi chahta tha

  3. Pritha1234


    |Registered Member

    Omg ! M curious what will happen next… I have absolutely no clue of imagination as to what twist this will take… shivaay is actually good at heart he will not hurt tia intentionally… o god I was already dissapointed with no shivika for last 4 episodes neither ishkara or rumya also and now mallika track is taken to another level. God I need to skip a few episodes I guess to gell up again with the show

    • Leenzu

      Guys!!! Please note that the Ishana/Om scenerio has been delayed. They are working on Om and Riddhima break up.
      CVS did not like the whole Ishana conning OM track!!! With the ratings dropping everytime they were on scene together. They are working on a new track!!!
      They are also upset with Ishana’s fans sending nasty messages to the writers and producers.
      If you guys like Ishana. Please tell all your friends who are also fans not to send mean and nasty messages. It is upsetting the makers.
      This was on either Telechakkar or Bollywood life!

      • Naija gal

        Thank you for this post. I also read on Tekechakkar. I have been a silent reader here. I myself have been put off by the ishkara demands. Why not just enjoy the episodes? So much complaints detract from the beauty. Let’s please appreciate spontaneity and variety. The whole serial can’t revolve around just 6 persons. They are not on an island!

  4. Trisha

    This serial always make me fun and made me to watch these show daily today toh kamaal hogaya senior oberio also scard nd shivaya also scard so much fun😆😆😆

  5. Ridhima

    😂😂😂😂 …. This show is impossible … Really … How this happening …I can’t believe … Too much fun … Funny funny funny … Day by day its increasing … And I miss ishkara. . when ishana will be come on track. .. 😕😕😕😕

  6. Nivedha

    Hilarious episode
    Om getting scared with Rudy😂😂😂
    Nice episode..loved it
    Mobile Singh oberio is gonna throw another mobile😂😂

  7. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey Ishana today also 😞….I know they r working on her character but how much time ther r gonna take !? Anyone knows ?? Nice episode overall ..loved it when Om got scared 😂Couldn’t stop laughing……😳😂..Shivayes scared face was worth watching 😜….but just din like the precap,so much ..first I was like smiling constantly when they were aruguing ..but now if Malika and Anika try they will surely unite them 😏

  8. krits

    hi guyzzz i am new here. can i join ur grup. btw the episode was hilarious when i saw omkara scared i just burst out laughing . i am a die heart fan of ishqbaaz . i often visit this place read ur comments but do not comment myself . i like renima di priya di luna di nazneen di and fatarajo

    • renima

      Hey Krits Ishqie….hearty welcome to the lovely family of ishqies…….and am so happy that you are not at all a silent reader now…..and special thanks for liking me and pls keep commenting
      how are u ishqie?

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      OMG,,Vrushika fans..plz stay calm,,,,,let them think,,,,we will soon get to see romantic Ishkara scenes,,,,

    • renima

      Omg! disha ishqie……am shocked……..just i want 2 say…..pls vrushika fans……..don’t misbehave… this……she is a good actress and we ishkara fans really want her scenes……
      so pls…..calm down guys

  9. saira

    I wish that sso and tia ka breakup should happen but not due to misunderstandings but due to Tia’s true evil intentions. Also in the coming get together despite being with tia ; billu ji should imagine anika in everything. Also everyone including om rudra malika soumya should realize that shivay feels for anika. And episodes should be hilarious too.

    • Dharhu

      I also wish the same nd wen will they show karan in the show nd eagerly waiting for their romance nd today no shivika, ishkara, rumya scenes i missed their romance nd they should concentrate on these pair instead of showing malika. Even though she is nt btw shivika bt i also want anika to be the reason for tia shivay break up by showing her true intensions nd tat too anika should find

  10. Heena

    hai I am New to,this ff and a Great fan of ishqbaaz I love om’s character and all the characters of ishqbaaz anika is cute I am a Great fan of her
    can any one tell me that ishana will come or not waiting for om and ishanas scenes…….. can’t wait for tmrw episode omg omg omg OMG

    • renima

      Hey Heena ishqie……welcome to the great family of ishqies…….
      And me also really love ishkara track deeply….and about ishana’s entry… will take some time as gulkhan is working on her character…… according to spoiler…..after 1 or 2 weeks only …….we will get a glance of ishana

  11. saira

    I wish that sso and tia ka breakup should happen but not due to misunderstandings but due to Tia’s true evil intentions. Also in the coming get together despite being with tia ; billu ji should imagine anika in everything. Also everyone including om rudra malika soumya should realize that shivay feels for anika.



    |Registered Member

    Fulllllll of laughter episode….😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    And best part was tej and shakti getting scared… they were scared more than their children…😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  13. Sheena


    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone!! I hope i’m welcome here 🙂
    I’m not a regular follower of this show but i find it really interesting..i just hope to see ishkara scenes..their story seems to b stuck at just one pt..
    Anyways, i see many of my sh frnds commenting here!! Shivu, r u? Dhruv bro told me that u guys r here so i also thought of commenting..
    This show is interesting..n mostly bcoz there r many characters so audience will never get bored..
    Gn everyone!!

  14. Stuti27


    |Registered Member

    Ha ha ha ….. I couldn’t stop laughing at all … especially the scene where om scremed and he was chocked by rudra ….. and shivay got scared seeing dat and seeing tej and shakti scared …. couldnt control myself at all ….. funniest episode …. ishqbaaz rocks

  15. Leenzu


  16. Roz


    |Registered Member

    I’m eagerly witing to see this epi in hotstar,,,,coz I wanna see scared Oberois,,,Tej-Shakthi-Om-Shivaaye,,,,,LOL,…sabka band baj gaye….Ladies rocked today…when will Ranas enter the show….and Ishana….

  17. Luna

    Guys, have u read the statement of Gul regarding Ishana and Ishkara. She is saying that Trp of show dropped due to Ishana and she is giving break to Vrushika coz of her abusive fans on social media. I mean Fhat the Wuck!!!!!!! How can Ishana effect shows TRP when she is not even shown for 5 minutes in an episode?????

    • enasanjida

      i have no understand — isma Vrushika aur uska Fan kya kasur hain. Surprise 2 see this article…what the wuck.? Now i wish isbaar Ishqbaaz ka serial ka TRP not so high. BCZ Omkara -Ishaana cnvrstion last wednesday -so its not calculate.. & this week serial thodaa dheemi dheemi chalii hain -not so interesting. Malaika ka entry utna dhamaka dar vi nah tha.. Baas voot walaa episode accha tha. & ek baat bolu – Its really good news- Vrushy ka Fan hain uska saath. Vrushy har episode main nah dekhagii cmnts karaigii toh. honestly speaking mujha vi Bela- Mala ka track faltu laga tha. so, why cv’sr blame Vrushy ?

  18. Luna

    Gul is showing very unprofessional behaviour. How can she use Vrushika fans as a scapegoat??? It was the cvs who messed up Ishana character and Ishkara track. If they have to blame someone than its themselves. For the abusive behaviour of Vrushy fans on social media, every celeb gets bashing on social media and Gul has got this bashing for her previous shows. Its no big deal but coz of them u cant change the track and blame the whole fandom. Now I think Gul definitely has some problem with Vrushika that’s why she doesnt gives proper screentime.

    • enasanjida

      r8..agree wid u. & also i read this article & totally angry how cv’s can say , vrushy fan r very rude..

    • renima

      Well luna ishqie…..don’t know what is going on gul khan’s mind…..but vrushika is an amazing talented actor…….and i like her acting …………i don’t understand what is the problem with ishkara track…..that bela- mela drama was not so good….but after that confrontation scenes….we really want ishkara scenes…and …….they are not showing it…….and trp…..ratings… know when colors channel launched laagi tujhse lagan …..which was really nice ….. mishal as dutta….and when nakusha and dutta united……they just show unnecessary drama like goons kidnapping dutta…..and mishal was not happy with that and he quit the show…..just this track was added to increase trp……while that show went down after this drama…… am worried for ishqbaaz plot…..because malika’s entry just dragged the whole story line….and when ishana will be back……don’t know what will be the make over for her character
      now ishqbaaz is good…..but they should focus on the leading couples…..and also…..they should show what are the plans of oberoi family’s enemies…..

      • Luna

        Yeah renima, the whole focus has come to Mallika, cameos are’nt needed when u have such a big starcast and after her entry also they are just showing filler episodes. Now it looks like its Mallika who is paired with Shivaye and not Anika. Om, Rudra and Soumya are completely sidelined. Ishana is out of picture now.

  19. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    I am awestuck and spellbound after reading it, sadly Starplus is not airing at my home since a week or 2,so watch it on hotstar the next day 🙁 But Ishqbaaz rocks!

    Hi Ishqies how are u all? Mukta di, Nadiya Api, Shivani, Aliya, Roz, Rose, Fattu, Sheena, Shraddha, Disha,Priya di and all? Keep smiling sweeties 😘😘😘


  20. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    It’s really funny episode… Oh my god… Omru nailed today.The way they shouting. I thought they will think a big plan for Shivaay. But he easily got out from the game. I really liked senior oberois today.

  21. Nivedha

    Gul Khan should hurry up
    Make ISHKARA track soon
    But it will be nice to see ridhima out..Ishana in ..omkaara’s life
    Let’s hope 4 the best ishqbaaazians

  22. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    I think there is nothing so much to think about Ishana it’s simple …ok I understand that they r working and she is on a break ..but her charector is not on a break ryt ..atleast I expected O to think about Ishana atleast for a few seconds in an episode..I think they could show it like ….Ishana feel a lil guilty but angry for Omkaras worlds ..later om comes to know about her situation and thinks to help her and could help her giving the money and they could Endup becoming atleast becoming atleast bffs ..or atleast freindz ..and Ishana can learn that there is positivety in Thai work and would regret her lies and would decide to turn to a new leaf ..I think it will be a good start for ishkara ..whatsay ??

    • Diya

      I agree. They could’ve handled this better. The writers are at fault for not developing Ishkaara track well.

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Rite,,,,they shud show that Om is affected by Ishana,,,lyk he rememebering ishana seeing rain/bangle/or anything else

  23. Luna

    Feeling bad for Tia. Every girl will have the same reaction after catching her fiance with another girl in bed. I hope cvs handle their breakup maturely rather than showing Tia as negative.

  24. Diya

    The episode was funny but it felt like a filler. Now they will plan a make up plan for Shivaay and Tia. More fillers. I guess in the process Shivaay and Anika will come closer. If they are the lead couple then them getting more screentime is ok. But other stories should be developed too. The writers have made a mistake by bringing in too many syappas in Oberoi family and now they ignore things when they can’t manage. I felt from the very beginning that they were making Ishana act a little hyper( not the actress’s fault. She was performing well as directed). As a result she was unable to appeal to a larger audience and now they are blaming her. I hope they will still being her back as Ishana cos I liked her performance in the episode where she confronted Om. BTW don’t they show Anika leaving Sahil alone a little too much. Maybe Dadi should give her the job of a housekeeper and ask her to stay in Oberoi guest room so at least the poor kid is not alone all day! 😀And they can put Anika’s house for rent so she can put away that money for Sahil’s education. That way there will be a reason for her to be at Oberoi mansion AllTheTime😉

    • Luna

      what can Anika do?? There is no other person other than her to take care of Sahil. Though bundari bua is also stays in the house but its better for Sahil to be alone rather than being with that bundari bua,lol. Maybe Anika can hire a part time nanny for Sahil.

  25. Luna

    The best scene was Tej calling security after seeing that spider. I was in peels of laughter in that scene. But I really wonder how Jhanvi still has respect for Tej despite knowing his extra marital affair with Swetlana. Any other woman would have given him divorce right away.

  26. Diya

    Rudra shouting “mummy mummy” abd half strangling Om when he saw Bhoot was hilarious. Whenever they show Pinky with less makeup and open hair she looks so sweet and pretty.

  27. Luna

    Well, mental strength of a person cant be judged only by seeing that he gets scared or not. Fear is a human emotion which everyone has, both boys and girls. The mental strength of a person can be best seen when he handles tough situations in his life.

  28. Luna

    I wonder how SSO thinks that girls are mentally weak when the biggest example of a mentally strong girl, Anika is right in front of him. He tried all possible ways using his money and power to break her but still failed. Isnt that enough to change his views???



      |Registered Member

      Actually i think writers have forgotton what to write or rather how to drag story…. thats why they are showing all this… like ex gf back, no scene of ishana now, marriage date is not decided, and much more… thats why they have added fun….

      But I like this fun atleast they are not like typical saas bahu shows which revolve all round one person who is in lead…

  29. Diya

    One question I have been wondering about- all the behind the scenes on location videos I have seen of Ishqbaaz everyone is with everyone but never are nakul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna interacting. Do they not hang out around each other on the sets when not shooting, never interview together, and not that fond of each other in real life. Just curious!

  30. Luna

    Guys, what’s ur best ishqbaaz scene overall, of obros, shivru,omru,shivom, shivika, ishkara,rumya. plz reply

    • Diya

      I have more than one. But if I have to pick one I’ll pick Om-Ishana confrontation scene. I am looking forward to Shivaay realizing how rude and hurtful he was when he called Sahil “apaahij” .then he’ll realize why Anika was so mad that she threw water on his face. That may become my next favorite scene provided the writers write it well and the director directs it well.

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Ishkara- they have not showed much but the confrontation scene was relays brilliant 👌🏻

      Roumya-for them also so much is not there but when in Raksha bandana ..sumo was missing her bro and was crying ..rudy consoled her ..😊👍🏻

      Shivika–have to think a lot cuz for me there are many…..the swimming pool scene ..when Anika refused to apologise 😁..and the cute scene is when shivaye was super happy cuz he threw water on Anika ..his expressions and everything ✌🏻 if I type the whole day will go but I won’t b able to complete my list ..cuz they’re many..
      Shivom- whenever they r together only they create magic ..maybe one of the best scene was when gayitrimwas gonna shoot shivaye but I’m pulled him aside…

      O bro- whenever they r together ..I find it a O bro moment ..especially when they cook together..and I love it whenever says DILL BOLE OBEROI …for this also I have many……….

    • Rosu 25

      Not one….so many……its difficult to chose one…..the scenes first came into my mind are:
      Shivomru – om and rudra tie rakhi to shivay…..

      Rumya – Soumya throw water on rudra….when he calls her motti……

      Ishkara – confrontation scene….

      Shivika – shivay lifts unconconcious anika in his arms….and his concern towards her….😍😍

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Ishkara – *Ishkara confrontation scene….forever fav….Kunal and Vrushika,,both rocked…

      Romya- *hospital wala scene and that scene during Rakshabhandan,,Rudy consoling Somu

      Oberois- *Rakshabandan wala epi..Oberois having breakfast together…Tej ignoring Swetlana
      *Pinky supporting Jhanvi against Roop

      Sahil – *Anika tying Rakhi to Sahil and crying seeing him happy and Sahil saying sorry to her

      Soumya- *Somu tying Rakhi to Om

      Shivika / OmRu/ Shivom/ OmShivRudr scenes are uncountable,,,can’t list them all

      fav epi—Rakshabhandan wala epi

      Om’s short hair look and dance,,,,,superb

      Ishana’s dance
      Anika’s dialogues
      Rudra’s expressions

      fav dialogues—“mujhe koi fark nahi padtha”,”Me is baare mein baath nahi karna chahthe he”

    • shahabana

      I like each and every memorable moments in ishqbaaz especially oberois dining together with hole family, raksha bandhan scene especially omru tying raaki to shivaye, anika with sahil, saumya omkara and later rumya scenes, and shivika they just make me crazy with their nokjoke and chemistry, ishkara comfronation scene i liked oms angry young man avathar and ofcourse shivomru scenes always feels me special and rudra and anika they where superb they always brings smile on my face and rudra and omkaras expression just killed it guyz and when shivaye smiles he looks so handsome and how to forgot daadi she also very nc and sahil such a cute and talented boy and pinkys oh my maathaaa doilogues and tia and her reckies also very funny. For me every moment of ishkbaaz are very special.

    • renima

      Oh luna ishqie….on 50th episode celebration of ishqbaaz….i just mentioned my favourite 50 scenes of ishqbaaz……apart from that my favourite scenes are……
      1. Raksha bandhan- om blames sso for leaving family as business deal is big for sso, Anika and sowmya conveys oberoi family about the value of relationship…….om announces sowmya as her sister…… omru appologise sso and ties rakhi on sso’s hands……
      2. Pinky appologising jhanvi for misbehaving…..
      2. SSO worrying for anika and throwing water on her face to make her conscious……shivika eyelock…..when sowmya said anika…”bade bhaiya ne aapki jaan bachai….bade bhaya itne bhi bhure nahi hai”
      3. Shivika on car…..bheege hot tere plays……
      4. Janmashtami…..sso, om and rudra as “TRIKRISHNA”…..and pinky saying “krishvi”
      5.Ishana’s exposure….. Rudra’s Agent rudra look…..Ishana’s touching dialogue…..”duniya mein jeene ke liye chehre pe chehra lagana padta hai….aur jis din aap yeh baat samjhenge aap mujhe zarur yaad karenge mr.omkara singh oberoi”……my favourite ishkara episode….. each and every dialogue of ishana ……..mind blowing
      6.SSO feeds om and om saying” mujhe uske baare mein baat nahi karni hai”
      7. Malika’s entry……bhagodi dulhan….
      8. Malika’s view… all mothers will treat their son as “heera”….about the gender discrimination
      8. Malika, Anika, OM and SSO’s views about Ishq……impressive moment
      9. Scarry bazz episodes…..Rudra scared of fake hand and Om screams when he saw ghost in room ……..SSO scared of seeing Malika in his room…..Tej scared and calls security when he saw fake spider….and Shakti scared of the sound of the air…….
      10. Rudra share paratha with sowmya when he saw her worried……
      11. Rudra calls love angel and lies his name as amar prem
      12. om- ridhima scene……afte their break up for giving another chance for their relation
      13. Om- Ishu scene… holded ishu’s hands…..cute ishkara eyelock
      14. Anika pushes sso into pool

      • renima

        And 15. Sahil- anika scene on raksha bandhan……sahil gifts anika new chappal
        16. Sahil- says to anika” har ladai ki shuruvat girls karti hai aur hamesha boys ko blame karte hai”
        17. Om and rudra plans to sort out issues of sso and anika …..arranges cute date …… sso and anika hold their hands on the mug……

      • Piyali

        Di all these are also my favourite and I also like that episode. …In which sahil said bus to say the truth about money else he will cut her hairs….😂😂😂….It was too funny to see…

    • Luna

      Thanks guys for mentioning ur fav scenes…. well my fav scene of obros are them dancing in kitchen…. fav omru scene was them commenting on Shivika…. fav shivom scene was shivaye feeding Om…. fav shivru scene was rudra crying when shivaye was in hospital…. fav shivika scene was anika throwing shivaye in pool….. fav ishkara scene was of course the confrontation btwn om and ishana(best scene of ishqbaaz till now according to me)……fav rumya scene was the hospital scene. special thanks to renima for making me remember all the best scenes of the show.

      • renima

        Oh luna ishqie…..well i should thank u…….because every body share their fav moments
        and it was so nice to read…..

  31. Soniya

    Want more of shivika… Nd Happy to knw dat ishana character wl hv moderations.. Ishkara track is going to chnge…really it ws vry boring.. Waiting for thier romantic nd lovely track!! Also want to knw abt dat intruder who came in oberoi house wd da hlp of tia😐

    • Diya

      Oh yeah! Brings me to another question. Is Robin Tia’s brother? Or a friend who lives with them? He seemed upset with Shivaay Tia wedding. It’s clear Tia’s mom has selfish motives for this wedding. Maybe their business is in the dumps and alliance with Oberois can save it. And so she is forcing Tia to marry Shivaay and maybe Tia loves someone else. That way she won’t have to be made negative to make her breakup.

  32. Soniya

    Nd also dey are not showing rumya scenes… Atleast saumya is here..where has romi disappeared suddenly.. There was smthng whch saumya wantd to tell rudra abt romi.. But that track also got lost smwer

    • renima

      Even i have that doubt….. soniya ishqie….where is romi???? and where is ishana? with the malika track we are really missing the “ishq factor ” in “ishqbazz”…..the title of the show is “ishqbaaz”…..
      and” ishq” has gone and only “mazak” is on the plot……also we are missing the master plan of roop, gayatri and shwethlana……

      • Soniya

        Yup really all da screen space nd limelight is taken by mallika..
        Nd ya renima i olso liked all da scenes whch you hd specified..
        Nd olso i loved evry conversation of sahil nd anika.. Dey are funny. Wen anika discusses wd sahil abt sso..spcly dat scene wen he tld anika di.. U hav tkn sso name 24 times.. Evrytim u r talking abt sso😜

    • Pritha1234


      |Registered Member

      Actually the girl playing the character Romi is injured and so she is adviced bed rest by the doctor so her role is not been shown now-a-days

  33. Luna

    I think CVs never knew what do with Ishana character. A con girl shud be smart, manipulative,calculative and mastermind in her actions but Ishana was shown as an idiot who acts smartly sometimes. Also showing her as feeling guilty and needy was’nt needed. CVs just did that make viewers sympathise with Ishana but it backfired big time.

    • renima

      Luna ishqie ……agree with u ……..ishana’s character is full-fledged with confusion…… some times she will be smart and some times she will be crazzy…..and……we all were in doubt….what is her role in ishqbaaz???? but that confrontation scene…..just showed the real character of ishana and from that day onwards i was expecting some passionate ishkara scenes……..but they didn’t show any moment of ishana…..she is one of the leading heroines of ishqbaaz……
      and about her fans who posted abusive comments and harrassed creative team of ishqbaaz
      …..i just shocked when i read it on telly chakkar…….and gul khan… re-thinking about the track….they will bring a major change in ishana’s role…..and only we can wait for that…..
      let us hope for the best….

  34. Yazhu

    Loved the episode seeing Om and Shivaye got scared was really funny…. Hope the cvs will soon get on track with Shivika and Ishkara’s love story…. waiting for Om and Ishana’s romantic love track…

  35. Jazz

    Om and shivaay got scared 😂😂 but poor rudra again😂😂😂😂😂. Billu and panika know what are they scared of 💦💦💦💧💧 water.

  36. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    In the precap ..shivaye brokeranother iPhone 😞’s ok it was iPhone 6 now I phone 7 has released .sso can buy it 😉😜….here anyone got iPhone 7 ??

  37. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    gud mrng mukta disha alia szfz kat rosu rose priya renima sheenu richu mukti luna enasanjida haya satdiya shaza shahbana fatarajo diya abiha anusha chetna nivedha misri ishika saira riddhima have a nicnice day

  38. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    hyy frndss a vry good mrngzzzz … 🙂
    yestrday’z epi was ok okk .. ! staritng 5 minz was nice.. Om was screamed with fear… wowww..
    Om bhi…. 🙂 I really dn’t know ,y the cv’z gave more importance to MALLIKA.. Yestrday bhi, It’s not ANNIKA , it was MALLIKA who Tried to scared shivay.. wat’z going on in ishqbaazzz…
    There were noooo
    shivikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ,ishkaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and roumyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sceness.
    I dn’t thnk,wit this track TRp going to rise … !@#$%$%##
    They should focus more the lead pairs..In yestrday’z epi , it seems like MALLIKA IS THE LEAD… WAT the W**K ..!!
    Wat say guyzz..?

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      good morning .they are bringing unnecessary tracks instead of showing main story .I felt that mallaika was lead .om was scared e

      • Haya123


        |Registered Member

        hYY ..tharuuu..
        My good name is ALeena.. My frnds call me Alluuu.. My parentz call me Unni,My sis call lots of name.. 😛 😀 🙂
        I was a New one in writing commentings in a offical ,i was a little bit TENSED nd worried in the beginning .. that’s y due to security reason i wrote my username as Haya.. If i get a chance to edit the name in this site then i will change it.. !

    • Piyali

      Good afternoon haya di…how’s you….?
      And I totally agree with you..😁😁😀
      Hey anyone doing medical here???
      As I also want to do the same…😁😁😁

    • Luna

      well, if Anika wud have slept with Shivaye in his bed then he would had been really angry but as it was Mallika who is really close to Shivaye, he did’nt minded and Tia seeing Shivaye with a girl in intimate position wud not have happened properly.

  39. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    I was bursted into laughter but I am little bit disappointed with ongoing track they are bringing aspects and new characters .please bring ishana I love her and om chemistry .their confrontation scene was superb .I felt that if cvs have some problem with ishana.guys please tell whethershe is going to come or not

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      The story is about a rich business family, the Oberoi family. The family consists of two brothers and their wives. The elder brother Tej has a wife janvi and has an illicit affair with his secretary Swetlana. Tej and his alcoholic wife Janvi have three children. Their elder son is Omkara, a sculptor and a self made billionaire. He has a history of drug abuse. He is an understanding person and hates his father. Tej and Janvi’s second child, Rudra, is a flirtatious guy who is a fitness freak and loves partying and women, however, he does not believe in the concept of marriage. He is very friendly in nature. They also have a daughter Priyanka.She is kind, sweet and simple but had glossophobia and social anxiety disorder. Tej’s younger brother is Shakti has a wife, Pinky. They have one son, Shivaay, who is the eldest son and the face of Oberoi industry and is an arrogant business tycoon personality like his uncle. He is arrogant, snobbish and judges people on the basis of their lineage and social status, rather than their personality or work. He does not believe in love but is engaged with a girl named Tia Kapoor. Shivaay has an unkeen sense of loyalty towards his family name. Both, Tej and Pinky, want their respective sons to inherit the business and thus end up fighting each other. Even after everything the three cousins share an unusually strong bond with each other. They both love their grandmother and Priyanka.

      Shivaay is always engaged in cat fights with Anika, a middle class girl who does catering business for supporting her & her adopted brother Sahil’s livelihood. On the other hand, Omkara has come across a girl named Ishana. Ishana is a Gujarati girl who is cheating Omkara for money. The youngest Rudra is been liked by a girl named Soumya. Soumya is a Maharashtrian girl brought up in Chandigarh & has a Marathi accent. Sowmya is grand daughter of friend of Rudra’s grandmother. So she comes to live with them in Oberoi mansion for a short period of time. And Anika, who is planning the wedding of Shivaay and Tia, almost stays in Oberoi mansion doing arrangements.

      Meanwhile, the illegal affair of Tej and Svetlana is being recorded and Shivaay is been blackmailed for money for the video. He gets ready to pay them. But the video was leaked to media and been telcasted. After a few incidents at home, Pinky helps Janvi to gain love from Tej and to make him stay away from Svetlana. Even the brothers Tej and Shakthi start coming closer again.

      In the coming episodes, Ishaana aka Mala aka Bela succeeds for a short while in breaking Omkara and Riddhima relationship, but the plan flops and Riddhima and Omkara ends back up together. Riddhima tells Om to help her by donning a Krishna outfit. On the festival of Janmashtami, Dadi tells Shivaay to drop Annika hope as its not safe for Annika to go so late at night. In the car, Annika and Shivaay shares their normal bicker, but Annika hurts her foot, which causes Shivaay to drop her inside her house. At Annika house, Shivaay pants burst and he has to change. When he reaches back at Oberoi mansion, he sees Om and Rudra dressed in the same outfit as him and they all question eachother, but Shivaay denies to tell them as to why he was dressed in the Krishna outfit. At the same time Annika arrives to drop Shivaay phone and wallet and explains to them what happened. They all have a laugh but Shivaay feels offended and and shouts at Annika to shut up.

      The same day, there is another attack on the Oberoi House which is poisonous gas leak. Annika gets caught in it. Shivaay holds her in his arm and takes her from there and throw water on her for her to regain her consciousness. She is saved…u can watch all older episodes on hotstar will enjoy..I promise …btw.your welcome 😉

  40. renima

    Hey my Glory Ishqies……mukta, aqua, nadiya, disha, priya, nivedha, shivani, shahabhana, dil,
    kat, sat, jazz, nelka, navi, richu, ridhima, luna, enasanjida, haya, fatarajo, mishri, yashal, haya,
    piyali, pradishma, mary, maya, himagiri, tharu, mukti, abiha, anusha, yazhu, nazneen syed,
    rose, rosu, roz, monique, aditya kiran, kikki, shaza, stuti, anaaya, bshama, asmita, devga, trisha,
    sreekutty, sriranjini, ooshi, chetna, sunanda, samyuktha, liya, diya, aliya, lijitha, nikki, ishika……
    GUD MRNG to All………Ishqies……..How are you Ishqies ????????????????????????

      • renima

        Abiha ishqie… didn’t replied me…….why you are sad…..its ok……i hope you will become happy within few hours…..if not …..then i will post some thing for you……
        You read it and just i could say i tried……don’t know whether it is nice……ok




        SSO : what the wuck ????

        Anika : kya hua billu ji ???

        SSO: Break down…..

        Anika : par brake toh side mein hote hai….neeche kaise…..

        SSO: Gaadi ruk gayi

        Anika : ji nahi …..gaadi kharab ho gayi…. waise mere paas iska solution hai

        [ anika takes a bottle of water]

        SSO : hey panika, sochna bhi mat

        Anika : Aapki problem kya hai , maine isliye paani ka bottle udaya ki shayad engine par paani dalne se gaadi theek hogi…..par sso ki tarah sso ki car bhi kapkapate hai….yeh mujhe aaj pata chala….ki sso aur uske car donon ko “paani se allergy” hai…..

        SSO & TIA

        SSO’s car Hits an auto- rickshaw

        Rickshaw- wale : OH ! bhai saab, Dikhta nahi hai kya ? chal utar, gaadi se neeche utar
        SSO : Hey….you…..mind your language
        Tia : Shivaay baby……relax ……..poor hai…….just forgive him….
        SSO give some money to him and rickshaw wala says ; Shukriya …
        Tia : Oh! so sweet…. mein aapko reikis bhejungi….
        Rickshaw wale : Behan ji , reiki kya hai ??
        Tia : Me….” behan ji “……Shivaay baby……
        SSO : Tia relax……you know…..i feel tumhare universe yahi chahta hoga….that’s why he called you that….

        SSO & Malika…..
        Malika : Shivaay, why do you want 2 overtake that car? tum side de sakte ho….
        SSO : Me. …..but why ? uss ke haath mein kya mehndi lagi hai?? brake nahi ??
        Malika : well ….mehndi ka toh pata nahi, but tumhare gaadi mein brake nahi….maine brake wire kaat li….
        SSO : Are you mad ?? kyun kiya tum ne aisa ?
        Malika : Just want to know….if the great sso can drive a car without brake….

    • Piyali

      Hello di….sry for late comment as I am doing 11th and 12th in school only so…I have to go to school regularly for attendance…that’s why I always comment later….
      Anyways….I am fine di….and what about you?
      Hope you are fine and have a great day ahead…😃😃😃

      • renima

        Why are you saying sorry piyali ishqie??? and am also working….just because am commenting frequently as my work load is less for this week……and i will try my level best to comment whenever i get time……ok…..and your attendance is very important ishqie……so……no matter…..just whenever you get time…..try 2 comment…..ishqie….
        And am fine ishqie

    • Abiha

      Thank u thank u thank u thanx a lot d..this poem is awsome ..realy m feeling happy after reading this..u r so sweet d..i can’t explain it in my words ..
      The reason behind my sadness is my best frnd is sick ..from last 3 days i kept messaging but she didn’t replied n today she replied n said that she was ill n went to doctor n he saidd may b its typhoid ..w8ing for the reports n hoping that she will recover soon bcz she is my bestest frnd ..

      • renima

        Don’t worry ishqie….she will be alright……i will pray for her and am happy to see u in joy….keep smiling…..abiha ishqie

  41. MP

    Malika malika malika i just hate this malika 😡😡😡😡😡. They give more importance to malika then anika. And i think trp will definitely go down.

    • renima

      MP ishqie……malika’s entry……just changed the whole story line….they are not showing shivika combo scenes of ishq…..though yesterday they show a glance of shivika…..but that’s not enough……and ishkara track…….they are not showing at least what happened to ishana…….
      even rumya track is also very slow……..

    • Luna

      I think Anika still has good amount screentime. What about Soumya??? She is also the lead of the show but all she does is give some feminazi dialogues. Lets not even talk about Ishana. She shud get the award of shortest cameo ever.

      • renima

        I felt just like they were struggling for shivika ishq scenes on that scarybazz episode…..
        i mean they just made that fake snake scene as shivika eyelock should happen….as the title of the show is” ishqbaz “not” scary baz”…..but that anika’s view about ishq and sso stares on her when sso, malika and om shared their views about ishq was very natural
        and i really loved it….luna ishqie

  42. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    OK , I agree that Malikas track is fun to watch ..but I think this is not the ryt time …cuz many things are there that need to unfold..where are roop , Gayitri and Shetlana ??? …and vrushi fans pls don’t be abusive can affect her carrier !!….and if they were not ready with Ishana’s charector..then why did they even introduce her ? ..they could have started the story a month later with proper ishkara scenes must’ve not introduced Ishana so soon .if they don’t even know what to do with her charector 😏…and I’ve said Dis b4 also ..Vrushi is on leve not Ishana why the r not even showing O thinking about her for atleast a sec?? …atleast …I think they could have introduce Malika a while later after they saut all problems and atleast when shivika became freinds ….Come on ya ..this is getting too much now …how much more Time they r gonna take more …..I think anyone will be angry , especially all vrushika fans …who are watching it for vrushi .for me it’s ok cuz I’m watching it for kunal …..felling angry at the cvs …nowadays it’s like they are focusing on Malika more than the main track ….I like SJ but still I think this want the correct trm to introduce her !? ..whatsay ?

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      I agree wid you they can introduce afterwards but they have introduced so many characters I am confused now tia has entered once again what about shivika ??? where is rumi ????? there are so many questions needed to be answered .why can’t they show ishana for few seconds .If they are thinking about om and riddhima then they are definitely going to loose viewers

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Ritee,,,they could have introduced her after solving other prblms,,,,maybe they want to unit Shivika as soon as possible,coz Shaadi will happen within one month

  43. Maya

    Hi have some news I just read on India forums that
    Home Star Plus Ishqbaaaz Vrushika Ishana track to take a back seat in IB [VB Note:20]
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    Vrushika Ishana track to take a back seat in IB [VB Note:20]

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    Report Quote

    Vrushika Ishana’ Mehta’s track to take a back seat’ in Ishqbaaaz; read for details

    SrividyaRajesh’s picture

    By SrividyaRajesh

    07 Sep 2016 03:57 PM

    Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz, produced by 4 Lions Films will go through a revamp when it comes to the track related to Ishana, essayed by actress Vrushika Mehta. As we know, Ishana’s character is paired opposite Omkara, essayed by Kunal Jaisingh.

    Why? What prompted this change?

    Well, the inside scoop that we at have got is that the Ishqbaaaz team and the research team are apparently unhappy with the Ishana track, and are into a phase of rethinking’ as to how the track should progress now.

    Yes, it only means that Vrushika Mehta will be on a break’ from the show, till the time the creative think-tank figure out a different track.

    A credible source tells us, “The research has shown people being unhappy with the Ishana track and ratings in fact showing a low point in the episode when her scenes come. So for the moment, the team has decided to take a break from that track and focus more on Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Ridhima’s (Shireena Sambyal) breakup instead of the Ishaana track.”

    Well, while the research’ theory seems to be the plausible reason for the Ishana track taking a back seat, sources confide in us that the Ishqbaaaz team is also apparently irritated with the way Vrushika’s fans have spread negativity around!!

    Aww!! That’s some startling truth…

    Our source further explains, “The behaviour of the Vrushika fans is something unimaginable. They harass the writers and creative team online on Twitter and on Instagram, and this is indeed unpardonable. They get harrowed by the flow of indecent comments coming in. Above all, it is not possible to expect any decorum from people who hide behind anonymity and cross all lines of decency. So this step has been taken to keep them away from all this bizarre behavior.”


    Also, we hear that the mood in the Ishqbaaaz team continues to be upbeat, as they do not fear any drop in ratings, for the simple fact that the online fan fraternity does not even contribute to 2% or 3% when compared to the 8.5 million people who watched the opening episode of Ishqbaaaz.

    With this bit of information, we buzzed Producer Gul Khan who replied via a text saying, “For us, this track needs rethinking. Also the online communication of Vrushika fans adds to a lot of negativity to the whole process. They abuse my writers and abuse the character of Ridhima. I would like to keep this kind of behavior away from the show right now. Yes, for the time-being, we are definitely taking a break from the Ishana track. And I am not sure what we will decide after this. We just want to keep away all the negativity for now, and this kind of unclassy behavior of abusing writers and creatives. At the same time, personally I think Vrushika is a very sweet girl and there is no complaint from our end on her capabilities or professionalism. This is just a creative call.”

    Point taken!!

    We also hear that actress Vrushika Mehta has been subtly notified by the channel and production house of her track being on a break.

    We also found it apt to buzz Vrushika to know her thoughts on the same. The pretty and confident girl did not deny our query and went on to reply, “The director and creatives are the captains of the ship. They know it better than anyone. I am a Director’s actor and have complete trust on their judgement. I am sure they have something great in mind. I don’t know what you have heard is true or not, but I have trust on the show and as I said, the director and creatives are the most important people, so whatever will be the outcome, it will be great. I have full faith in the producers

    • shahabana

      Ohhhhh thts fn but what is the need to fans to abuse writers the show is just started so we can wait for sometime but im not understanding ok they are again planning for ishanas role but what about other leads why they are not focousing on them there is no shivika moments or no rumyw scenes or not showing shivomru also the hole episode is just full of malika i knw surabi jyothi is very popular and talented actress i too like her but the cvs should understood that the show is about ishqbaaz and about three brothers and their stories they should know its ishqbaaz not qubool hai if they want surabi jyothi then they should cast her in new show with new hero not in ishqbaaz. We are waiting for shivika ishkara rumya and shivomru not for malika so they should undestood ordiens.

      • Haya123


        |Registered Member

        thnxzz shahabana,,, for ur compilment abt my dp..
        i luv shivika.. bt right now there is no shivika’s interesting story.. at all

    • Luna

      Gul’s statement does’nt makes any sense. Ishana is shown for only 2 minutes in one week, how can she effect the TRP of the show??? Even Tia and Riddhima have got more screenspace than Ishana. Also blaming the whole fandom of Vrushika just bcoz of few idiots on social media isnt right. I’m not a Vrushy fan but really feeling bad for them. Heard that Vrushy fans are very angry with Gul and they want Vrushika to leave the show.

    • Enasanjida

      Luna dear – i don’t think soo vrushy fan say that – some fan who don’t lyk vrushy they can say.. Bcz i m fan of vrushy.. But i can’t say that – i request that i want 2 see each episode or week main 2-3 din dikha sakhta hain but i can’t say leave the show.. Bcz Omkara as kunal & Ishaana as Vrushy looking gr8.. I really lyk their jjodi.. I have a instagram, other social site (no twitter) here all vrushy & kunal fan always comments they r want 2 see together also interview & also picz… 😊
      😠😡some negative people can say that..
      Abh vrushy ka barai meh itnaa bol raha hain-jab serial start hua then ever1 lyk 3 lead actor.. But no 1 lyk lead actress Anika, Somya. Now Day by day r people lyk it. If vrushy haar episode main dikhaii toh every1 lyk her.. As lyk Anika, Somya.

  44. MP

    Yes u r right renima. Missing shivika ishkara n romya too. Malika ki entry ke baad story line is totally borring . Now no interest.

    • renima

      MP ishqie……just have a look on maya ishqie’s comment about ishkara track…….
      And i heard another news that soon sso- tia will break up and anika will bring tia’s true face before sso….

  45. Maya

    I think we should give them time they will defiantly come back with a better track for Ishana and Omkara.
    I hope they don’t take more then 2 to 3 weeks to get her back.
    But Omkara and Ishanas live story has a lot of potential. Both leads essaying the roles are not only brilliant actors but also make a beautiful couple on screen. They have amazing chemistry which both proved in the last fight scene between Ishana and om.
    When they become a couple in live they will defiantly set the screen on fire. Provided producers decide to give their romance a touch of emotions, passion and unconditional love they show towards each other.
    Let’s hope for the best. We have to wait and watch Wat happens next.
    But Ishana back seat was not a very hours news for Ishqkara fans.

      • renima

        Of course enasanjida ishqie…vrushika will play ishana……just because of trp ratings and vrushika fans abusive statements…..currently they are not showing ishkara …..
        that’s all….after 2 weeks we can see ishkara track…..and ishu’s character will be portrayed in different way….

  46. Nivedha

    Good afternoon everyone
    How are u all ishqbaaazians?
    Renima di Shivani mukta priya disha abiha shaza maya mp tharu shai ooshi enasanjidha dil fatarajo rose luna
    Everyone how are u all
    I’m fine

  47. Nivedha

    First cvs should take a proper decision on ISHKARA track
    Bcuz now the story is quiet out of the track!!
    So cvs should decide soon and make a proper story line and screen space for ishkaara track
    If this gets delayed then it would affect the trp of the show !!

  48. Chetna

    I am fine.
    I like my all time favourite and one n only ishkara.
    The episode was very funny but I am missing ishkara.
    Anyone of you know that when ishkara track come onscreen please tell me.
    Plzzzzźzzz reply

    • renima

      Hey chetna ishqie…..maya ishqie has posted a comment about ishkara…….it will clear your doubts….it is on the top…..just check it ishqie….and no need of sorry……when we get time….we just comment here……so don’t bother about time

  49. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    hii everyone….

    @abiha dear..i think u r the one who asked in strdy page whose bday lies on sept??so dear its mine ..,my bday is on sept 15…

    @renima di..sry di i l see ur mail tdy only as my xmz r started i couldnt take phone strdy bcz of study load…l see tdy…

  50. Nivedha

    Don’t know chetna
    But let’s wait
    Cvs ‘ll first make ridhima and om’s break up …then ishu ‘ll come
    I think so

  51. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    guys i have heard alot of news abt ishqbaaz cvs from strdy so i m saying what i feel abt all things..i mean i m keeping all the things infront u …SHARE UR VIEWS REGARDING THOSE…

    1.what the hell is gng on guys?????doesnt a fan have rights to request the writer????agar aisa request kiya toh the writer l bash the whole fandom??? whats this????she is at fault as she made a lead actress badder than the cameo appearance…i mean surbhi jyoti cameo hai usse toh lead se bhi badkar bana diya..ishana lead hai aur usse cameo se bhi neecha dikha can she say like that abt a fandom??????accha teek hai mei gul khan mam se hi poochthi hun ..jab kissi fans ne vrushika ko bash kiya …tab aap kahan te??aapki aankhen kahan thi????but at that time u didnt say abt those fans..but when fans r requesting for ishana scenes u say that requesting as negativity…like seriously????agar aap apna fault chupane ke liye poore fandom ko bash karoege …toh aap un fans ko kyun kuch nahi kahoge jo ek actress ko bash kiye the????

    2. ishana ki vajah se LOW TRP???cvs aap log toh aisa bhol rahe ho jaise ki aap logon ne week ki 7 days mei 25 mins ka epi …poora ka poora ishu ko dikhaya..hare yr ek week mei sirf ek din ishu ko dikhaye aur voh bhi 5 min ke liye..kya ek week ki 5 min mei ek poore week ka trp aate hai????i mean meine aisa toh kabhi suna nahi??kya sirf ishqbaaz ke liye trp aisa calculate ho raha hai???if so then i m surprised..hare yr poora week toh anika anika ka hi pooran macha rahe ho..aur ab kuch din pehle se toh malika ka pooran macha rahe ho…i mean u know what its like poora episodes anika shivika aur baaki sab ko de do but blame bas ishana pe dal do….wt the hell???kisko ullu bana rahe ho aap ??apne apko ya phir fans ko??sry cvs fans or not that much mad to believe this..

    3. phirse ishana ki storyline change?????wahoo does a writer change a story of a character 4 times????meine toh aisa kabhi socha hi nahi??i think gul khan is making excuses for not showing ishana…hare yr kaise ek director har wakth badlenge….pls gul khan dont make these many excuses for not showing ishana…..i m sorry to say this but ya gul khan is not handling ishana character crctly .guys ishu ek unique character hai joh sirf iss show mei dikha raha hai….there is no series which take this type of role…toh use MISUSE KYUN KAR RAHI HO??? agar ishana jaisa ek character EKTA ko mila hoga toh usse ekta ne bahut acchi tarah se use karti ..not like this….it would have been a blockbuster for ekta not like this…

    4.another news that ishana track backseat ho raha hai..tq so much for saying wont waste their time na?????we have alot of work but we r seeing a show for time pass but jahan agar partiality hoga toh fans ko kaisa lagega????

    5. guys mei na gul mam se kuch poochna chahta hun??? unhone ISHKARA fandom ke baare ,mei bad bola agar voh pura fandom show nahi dekhega toh trp girega na??tab jaakar apna muh kaha rakhegi gul khan mam ne???i think gul mam want to face that situation which swaragini cvs is facing now..but guys seriously speaking swaragini ki producer ne, writer ne bahut kuch bashing paaya hai..lekin nahi writer ne, aur nahi rashmi mam ne kabhi bhi fandom ke baare mei bura nahi bola…but gul ne voh kiya jab ki fault kud uski thi….its not fair gul mam..mujhe aapke upar joh respect tha voh aisa hi gir gaya…

    6. guys many of us who r not in twitter requested u people to request the cvs for ishkara scenes( me too one of that )..but now i myself say that pls dont request

    (1)gul khan
    (2)4 lion films
    (3)ishqbaaz team

    for ishkara scenes..not in twitter and not in instagram….we r fans not slaves..even we have guys from my side i l not ask any body to request for ishkara scenes..jab voh dikhane chahenge jab voh we l see it,…

    sorry for harsh words guys but it really hurts..

    • Enasanjida

      Agree wid u.. I m little 😱 surprise when i read articles.. How can they r say TRP low 4 vrushy?? How?? TRp low hona ka karaan vrushy 😆😡not vrushy.. Other actr/atcress hain joh haar episode main dikhata hain. Can any1 tell me, back seat means? & vryshy will be play Ishaana?? & also say serial TRP high avi taak vi nahi hua-malaika ka entry k baad vii.TRP still eki jaiga peh bethi hain 1.8/1.9 …
      Maina isiliya kaha thaa.. Yeh Ishqbaaz nahi QH HOO raha hain. QH serial ka story ghatiya hoo gayi thaa.. But this is star plus – serial 1 year main hit nahi hua so get out.

    • shahabana

      Ohhhh priya dr be cool baby why u are getting so much tension about a show i can understand ur feelings dr but what can we do just chill and enjoy and just wait dr they may give best ishkara scenes also dr

    • Disha

      agree with u priya
      kya fans writer request bhi nahi kar sakte hai and ishana ko ek episode me dikhane se week ki trp kaise kam ho sakti hai agar ishana ke sceans nahi honge to Ishakara fans ishqbaaz nahi dekhenge tab kam trp ka blame kis par dalenge

  52. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    guys chalo ab ishqbaaz toh scarebaaz bangaya….aur ab honewaala hai partybaaz..

    ha show mei aanewaala hai pool party..i think sab ko drinks pilane waale hai..wt the wak???sab nasheele ho gayi yr?????

    i just saw one seggy ….shivaay,om,rudra, malika, anika,tia …sab ke sab drinks peekar drunker jaise behave kar rahe the…..

    and a good news for SHIVIKA FANS….

    uss scene mei shivay ne drinks peekar anika mei phenk diya…..

    • renima

      Priya ishqie……ishqbaaz…..turned to scary baaz….and now it is going for drink bazz…..
      ishqie…..i can’t comment…….on this…..fed up……with this……when they will start ishq?
      and priya i have posted a joke on sso-tia-anika- long drive…..just my imagination …’s on the top……just have a look and pls say … you like it or not ?

  53. MP

    Ohhh. Chalo bohot acchi new mili hai bohot dino k baad.. 😊😊😊. Agerly wait for new ishkara story n tia sso break up. Now HAAAASSSSSS

    • renima

      Hey shahabhana gud evng ishqie…..i have posted a joke on sso’s long drive with anika, tia and malika …’s on top….just read and comment…..

  54. A

    According to a report in Tellychakkar, Vrushika Mehta, who plays character of Ishana in the serial will be on a break as the makers are not happy with Ishana’s track. So, meanwhile the team thinks of some out of the box track for Ishana and Omkara, Vrushika will be on a break from the show. It means Vrushika’s fans won’t see her in the upcoming episodes of Ishqbaaz.

    But for the team of Ishqbaaz, there is a very valid reason for that and it is just not about TRP, but also about Vrushika’s fans. The entertainment portal Tellychakkar contacted the Producer of the show Gul Khan, who said that although track of Ishana needs rethinking but the fans of Vrushika insult her writers and also abuse the character of Ridhima.

    Gul Khan also confirmed that the Ishqbaaz team is taking break from Ishana track as she wants no negativity in the show. Clearing her thoughts about Vrushika, producer said that Vrushika is a very sweet and professional girl and we don’t have any doubt on her capabilities. It is just a creative team’s call.

    On the other side, Vrushika said that she is a Director’s actor and completely trust’s director’s decision.

    Well, seems like that Vrushika’s fans are quite obsessed about her.

    • Enasanjida

      What is the mean ? Vrushy will be play Ishaana – Ishqbaaz? Kuch tym ka liya hum vrushy ko show main nehi dekhaga??

  55. Anusha

    Hmmmm some sweet gossip about three bros and their three luvers haaan…….
    Sry I couldnt comment yestrday…I had much homework. …..

    And bak frm ahectic day..
    We had mahaprasadha in our school…….

    How r u diiiidiiiis

  56. Nivedha

    Priya don’t worry yaar
    I totally agree with you
    gul Khan ‘s is not ready till date with the script and blaming fans..uhh
    Let’s see Wat happens😤😤😤

  57. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    GD evenggg reniiii diiiiiiiiiii ,tharu, piyali,nivi,roz,luna,diya,kiki,shaza.shahabana,shivaniiiii,chetna,aliya,priya,disha,rosu,nikki,nadiya,sat,girijam,aayesha,fatarajopritha,prathi,monique,mukta,.. nd alll ishhqiessssssss
    wat’s up ..?? if i 4got any one ,4give me .. 🙂

    • renima

      AAJ KI POEM NEECHE HAI……and am not a poet…..but i use to make poems on my friends according to their characterestics..when i was in school and i had some note books….from 8th to 12th…..were i fully wrote poems for my friends……

    • renima

      And…..usme mazak bhi bahut thi…just like i make full forms here i used to make so many full forms …….it was raised when i was in college……and kuch log toh FFR……was like my tag ……
      even today my collegemates will call me FFR only……

  58. renima


    Zindagi ki raah mein kafi kuch dekha

    Dil ki sachai aur achai par yakeen kiya

    Par duniya use shayad dard hi de paaya

    Bhai ke kandhe uske liye hai ek deewar

    Par kismat ne us se uska bachpan cheen liya

    Rangon ki pehachan uski pehachan bani

    Dard se purane rishte ki lakeeren mia di use kisi se

    Kismat ki khel ko shayad koi nahi jaan paaya

    Jiske dard ke upar parvah ki usko phir se dard di

    Sach uski khasiyat hai jhoot se use nafrat hai

    Dil ke jazbaat zuban pe aate hai joh sabke liye shayri hai

    Ishq ko mehasus nahi ki par ishq ke awaz ko jaanta hai

    Omkara naam hai uska joh khuda ka khaas kism hai

  59. Maahiswt


    |Registered Member

    Hi frndzzz can I join ur ishqbaaz family??? Plzzzz actually I love did show so much….. N I just want to be a part of this family…..

  60. shahabana

    Trp of this weak
    1.kkb and sna 3.2
    2.yhm shakthi and tharak mehtha 2.8
    3.yrishtha dabh brahma rakshas udaan 2.5
    Ohhh no im not understanding kkb and saathiya are in top hw its possible guyz both kkb and sathiya most stupid and bakwas show of Indian television

  61. shahabana

    Plssss everyone watch ishqbaaz and make slot leader guyz otherwise this starplus will end this show. Now this cvs also spoiling the show by malika track they should focus on leads rather than mallika

    • Haya123


      |Registered Member

      I really dnt knw y.. viewrs r not watching this show…
      I thnk in 10 pm slot, only youth watching this show.bcz,ishqbaazz is full of youth type characters more.. In 7-9 pm there is more viewrz attendings serial.. especially oldage people, parentss ,sometime children,,…. anyways,story plays a major role in increasing viewrz.. it’z gul khan and makes responsiblity..

  62. renima

    @ Priya Ishqie…..chill baby…..want some reikis……just watch today’s episode as reiki baby is back and for omkara fans i have posted some lines…….do you like it ???

  63. mishri

    Reni di ur stry was soooo nyc i lykd shivika’s d best..😂😂..poems i dnt undrstnd written hindhi luks cute..u can do english 1ns eh????

  64. mishri

    Hello all…mallikas part is sooo much fun dat m fogttn dat shez a negatv character…itz soo nyc 2 c all youngsters 2gthr bt i miss ishaana..dsnt omkara miss her…hw baaad…😓😓😓😢😯😯

  65. nikki

    thanku piyaali hope so that i do better thanks for your wishes
    where is renima yaar usne muje reply nahi beja if she knows Telugu or not

  66. priyanka

    m missing ishkara scene…why no single scene of vrushika atleast….eager to know what is her next aftr getting humiliated by omkara…please bring ishana and omkara chemistry back….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.