Ishqbaaz 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mr. Chabbra greets Shivaye and forwards hand. Shivaye forwards hand and even Anika’s hand gets along. Chabbra holds their hand. Om and Rudra see each other. Mrs. Chabbra says congrats, we heard you were getting married. Pinky says yes. Mrs. Chabbra says such a sweet couple, made for each other, where are you going on honeymoon, I will give an advice, don’t hurry for babies, take your own time. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Some time before, Tej introduces Mr. Chabbra to Shakti. Shakti says I remember him. Pinky compliments Mrs. Chabbra and asks her to sit. Shivaye is on call and says Saraswati steels contract papers should be ready till tomorrow. Anika passes by and stumbles, as her bracelet gets stuck in Shivaye’s sleeve buttons. He asks what. He tells the man to keep it clean, I don’t

want us to get in any problem. Anika tries to free the bracelet and tell Shivaye. Shivaye asks what is it. He tells person that he is not saying shoo to him. Shivaye goes and Anika goes with him.

Tej asks where are your sons. Mr. Chabbra says they are coming in other car. Jhanvi asks Shivaye to meet Mr. and Mrs. Chabbra. Shivaye forwards hand to shake, and Anika’s left hand too comes along. Mr. Chabbra smiles and holds their hands. Mrs. Chabbra says how sweet, congrats, we heard news that you were going to get married. Pinky says yes. Mrs. Chabbra says such a sweet couple, made for each other, where are you going on honeymoon. Shivaye says its not like you are thinking. She says I will give an advice, don’t hurry for babies, take your own time. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Om smiles. Pinky says no Mrs. Chabbra, Shivaye is alones, no couples, tell her Shivaye. Shivaye says its not like you are thinking, she is not my wife, she is my wedding organizer. Mrs. Chabbra apologizes. Dadi says Anika is part of this family. Shivaye says get Priyanka from her room. Anika says yes and goes. Shivaye sees Om and Rudra smiling, and signs them to be quiet.

Soumya asks Priyanka to relax, I know you are nervous, just remind yourself you are a confident and intelligent girl. Priyanka says its easy for you to say this, afterall you are love angel. Soumya says yes but.. Anika hears them and asks whats this, you are love angel Soumya, the radio one. Soumya says I told you not to tell this, Anika heard it. Priyanka says I say anything in tension. Anika says Soumya you are love angel, Sahil and I hear you show a lot. Soumya asks her not to say anyone. Anika says don’t worry, but I m like Sarson oil bottle, even if its shut well, it leaks anyhow. Priyanka asks them to encourage her.

Anika asks her not to think anything, come, everyone is calling you. Soumya asks Priyanka to take a deep breath and just come. They take Priyanka out. They see Chabbra’s sons walking in. Everyone smile. Anika notices Priyanka smiling. Mr. Chabbra says meet my handsome sons, Reyaan and Dev. Anika says Priyanka you were asking us to encourage you and now you are laughing. Priyanka says its not like that. Anika asks how is it then, the guy is cute right. Soumya says not cute, he is a creep. She goes angrily. Anika says what happened to her. Priyanka signs don’t know. Tej asks where is Priyanka. Jhanvi says Anika went to take her.

Anika asks Soumya what is the matter, tell me right away, as its about Priyanka’s life. Soumya says we were in a relationship, he disappeared from my life, he stopped taking my calls and replying my messages, he does not respect girls, he treats girls as a commodity, one he can use and throw, I got to know this when he dumped me, he is not a nice guy. Anika says it means he is that cheap kind of guy, we have to tell this to Billu ji, he will handle this problem.

Anika goes to Shivaye and everyone. She sees everyone talking. She tries to get Shivaye’s attention and calls him out in slow tone. She says Billu ji is not seeing this side, I will call Omkara. She calls out Om and even he does not listen. She says phone is there, I will message him. She messages that this guy cheats girls, don’t let Priyanka meet him Billu ji please. Shivaye sees the phone and does not check message. She says why he is he not checking phone, what to do now. Dadi asks Jhanvi where is Priyanka. Jhanvi says I will see. Anika goes to Jhanvi. Jhanvi says I was going to get Priyanka. Dadi asks Anika where is Priyanka. Anika says she will come in 2 mins.

Priyanka says everyone would be waiting. Soumay says relax, Anika went to talk to Shivaye, he will make them leave. Anika tells Shivaye that there is a call for him. He asks what. She says just come, there is some work. Shivaye says I will just join back. Priyanka says he looked good. Soumya says even to me, but thank God I saw you, else your life would have got ruined. Priyanka says he looked tall, dark, handsome, I found him cute. Soumya asks why are you going on looks, tall, dark, handsome… about whom are you talking. Priyanka says mom showed me picture, maybe his name is Dev, about whom are you saying. Soumya says I was talking about that one who have worn shirt, Reyaan. Priyanka asks what do you mean. Soumya says oh God, it all got messed up, I was talking of Reyaan and you were talking about Dev, Reyaan is not a good guy, Dev us a good guy, its confusion, we have to stop Anika.

Shivaye and Anika go away. He asks what now. She says check your phone. He checks her message in his phone. Soumya and Priyanka see them. Shivaye asks who told you. Anika says Soumya, she said he did the same with her, see how worried Soumya looks. He sees Soumya. Dadi says I will go and see Priyanka. Shivaye says wait a min Dadi. Shivaye goes to everyone and says Dev, I want to talk to you, relation is not between two persons, its between two families, so things should be transparent since beginning so that no surprises come in future, you cracked software deals in California, I want to know about it. Dev says okay. Pinky says Shivaye, let him have tea. Shivaye says mom, tea and everything will come in room. He asks Dev to come. Anika signs Soumya and Priyanka and smiles. Dev goes with him.

Priyanka says Soumya, Shivaye will make Dev leave from house. Anika goes to them. Anika says no need to say thanks to me, I m smart, I m great, no need to say this, I don’t like to hear it, Priyanka your best friend saved your life. Soumya says but… Anika says what but, smile now, I managed everything. Soumya says no, things got worse. Anika asks what. Soumya tells everything. Anika says understood….Billu ji…..

Dev asks Shivaye is Oberoi industry going to venture out in software. Shivaye says no…. Dev says I thought you called me for this. Shivaye says okay Dev, I m going to be very honest, we three brothers have only sister, we are very protective about her, we did not hurt her and will not let anyone hurt her, if anyone hurts her then….. I will just kill that person, that’s why before relation talks starts, I want to know everything about you. Dev says I understand your concern, you can ask me anything. Shivaye says good.

Dadi asks Om and Rudra what is Shivaye doing, whats going on in his mind. Om says don’t know Dadi. Rudra says I know, relation is not between two persons, its between two families, there should be transparency since beginning so that no surprises come in future, so he went to talk to Dev. Om makes a face and asks Rudra to shut up. Rudra asks him to say something else. Om says shut your mouth. Rudra says even this means the same. Om pats on his head and asks are you mad. Rudra says guests are sitting, behave….

Shivaye says its tough to know someone in first meet, I want to give it a try, I will ask you some questions, and I hope you will give honest and straight forward answers, are you ready. Dev coughs. Shivaye gives him water. He says I want to know about your past, you are young, good looking, you would be in relationships. Dev says yes but… Shivaye asks but did you stay honest in relationships, did you cheat ever, or did you get involved with more than one girl at once. Dev smiles and asks is everyone so straight forward in your family. Shivaye asks him to answer straight. Dev says no, I did not cheat anyone and I won’t cheat. Shivaye says but I heard… Dev asks can I use your washroom. Shivaye says sure, that way… Anika comes to Shivaye and says Billu ji….

Soumya says don’t know where did Anika go. She sees Reyaan and steps back. Priyanka looks on. Soumya cries and goes. Priyanka asks what happened. Soumya says I don’t want to face him, as I don’t want to feel all that again, its easy for boys to come out after breakups, but not for girls, as girls are emotional fools, they rewind relationships in mind and think they have done some mistake, else how does anyone break relation so easily, I came out of this phase by difficulty, I don’t want to go through that phase again. Shivaye asks Anika what are you doing here. She asks where is Dev. He says how does it matter.

Dev comes from washroom. Shivaye asks Anika to go from here, I will talk to you later. He goes to Dev. Anika says he is not a guy. Dev asks am I not a guy. Shivaye says no, she means to say….Anika says I mean he is not that guy. Shivaye asks that? Anika signs him to stop. Dev says you wanted to ask something. Shivaye says you go out, actually everyone is waiting, I will join you. Dev says okay and leaves. Shivaye looks at Anika.

Shivaye gets Gayatri’s call. She says you did not forget me, its time to settle scores. He asks how dare you call me. She says you did not see my courage, I got to know you are finding me madly, so thought to call you and ask your welfare. He says your courage will be proved costly Gayatri, I will find you from wherever you are hiding.

Update Credit to: Amena

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