Ishqbaaz 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: ShivOmRu meet Piya

Ishqbaaz 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Piya stops her car. She stands on the road to get lift. ShivOmRu wake up in a strange situation. Some time before, Shivaye says you trust me, its a really good thing, I was scared shall I tell you or not, how will you react, it means I can tell you what all happened with me. Anika asks what happened. He says don’t ask. Om asks what happened. Rudra says it will happen if we go ahead. Anika says tell me. Shivaye says we met a girl, her car broke down, so she asked for lift, I was tensed, she was wearing short clothes. Om and Rudra see each other. Anika says so what, its her life. Shivaye says her foot had sprain, being a gentleman, I lifted her and made her sit in the car. She asks then. He says you may feel bad, she started praising my beautiful eyes, she was not getting quiet. Rudra says don’t know

when will he get quiet. Anika says its fine, anyone will praise your eyes. He says it didn’t end there, she said lets have a drink. She says have juice or coconut water on the way. He says listen to my story, then you know what happened, leave it. She says tell me, fine leave me. Rudra takes call and says we are busy, we will talk later. He ends call. Anika smiles and says Shivaye is Bholu, he started saying everything, he is Sidhe singh oberoi. Om asks why did you cook a fake story. Shivaye says Anika thinks I m simple. Om says even Gauri feels I m decent. Shivaye says they are underestimating us, she said if Rudra is with you, no girl will see you. Rudra says what can we do, I m hot. Om asks him to come on ground. Rudra jokes if they still remember they are going Goa. They leave.

Dinky asks did your husbands’ call. Anika says we got a call in front of you. Dinky says you should also call, so that they remember wives. Anika says no need. Dinky asks Pinky and Jhanvi did they not teach bahus to control husbands. Dadi says my grandsons are not such. Pinky says yes, Shivaye has Shakti’s blood, he does extra puja if any girl smiles seeing him. Dinky says sorry, what about Om, he has Tej’s blood, everyone knows it.

Shivaye drives and says nice weather. Rudra says stop the car, come back, else we can’t reach Goa on time. Rudra drives the car fast. He says this car will stop after reaching Goa. He stops the car. Shivaye asks did we reach Goa. Rudra says no, there is someone, I hope some hot girl gets down, else we will say we don’t have place in the car. A girl gets down the car. Rudra smiles.

Dinky says Tej’s matters reached London. Jhanvi says he has changed, your past experiences are not good, you hate men, it doesn’t mean all men are same. Dinky says Tej cheated you, even then you have confidence. Jhanvi scolds her. Dinky says I m saying so that your bahus don’t tolerate this, your family is famous, if boys do any mistake, it will be big scandal, I hope your trust on OmShivRu always stay.

The girl says my car broke down, can I get a lift. Shivaye recalls his words and asks what’s happening Om, its happening as per my story, same red dress. Om says your tongue has a mole, I was also thinking that. Rudra dreams dancing with the girl on Naina me sapna….. Om asks Rudra to stop staring. Rudra asks the girl to come. He asks Om to sit back with Shivaye. Om asks why. Rudra says I m not married, understand. Om says nothing can happen of him. Rudra says never. The girl gets a sprain. Shivaye says I told this to Anika. Rudra says I will call doctor. The girl says I m fine. Rudra asks her name. She says Piya. He says its lovely name, what were you doing. She says going Goa. He says our destination is same. Shivaye says sit back, you can’t drive, I will drive. Rudra says its not fair. Om says I need an advice, I was thinking I will get a haircut. Shivaye drives. They have a talk on the way. Piya asks Shivaye will he mind if she asks anything. Rudra asks why, he is Bhaiya. She says he is your Bhaiya, not mine. He says yes, he got married to my Bhabhi. Om says she is not giving you attention. Shivaye asks do you want to say something. She says I wanted to say, your eyes are beautiful, I wish I also had such blue eyes.

Rudra says I will wear blue lenses after reaching Goa. Om asks did you go mad. Rudra asks what do you think of me. She says you are cute. She asks Shivaye to stop car, she is thirsty, will they have drinks. Shivaye says we got some water bottles. She says I want to have a cold drink, it too hot. He says Rudra will get it. She says I m fine now, you gave me lift, this is the least I can do. Rudra stares at her. Om pats his face and says stop staring, shameless. Rudra says just stay as brother, don’t try to become wife, I m single. Shivaye says single and desperate to mingle. Rudra says not desperate, she is giving me a line. Om says we can see. She gets drinks. Shivaye says I m okay. She insists. They have drinks and leave. Rudra says it looks like this car will take off. Om says its fun. Shivaye says I love this breeze.

Abhay reaches the bus stop. He hopes he gets the man in Unnao. He gets a ticket. He gets seated. Shwetlana comes there and signs the bus driver. She gets a ticket. She pays money to take the booked seat. She removes the veil. She gets to her avatar. She falls in Abhay’s arms. She says sorry, I fell down. She sees the video playing in his tab. He thinks Kalyani mills secret can expose Oberois. She thinks you don’t know me, but I know you, we have same mission to ruin Oberois, after keeping an eye on you, I know you have some proof against Oberois, I will find out. She compliments his eyes.

Its morning, Rudra wakes up and asks Shivaye to answer. ShivOmRu wake up in a strange situation. They are handcuffed. Om asks what did you do Rudra. Rudra gets shocked seeing the handcuffs. He sees the lipstick marks on his arms. He asks who has my tshirt. He asks Shivaye to see his cheeks. He says Om your hair. Om says your cheeks have lipstick marks. Rudra says who did this with Shivaye, we got ruined, but what happened, does anyone remember. Shivaye asks whose call is it. Rudra says its your phone. Om says your wife Anika is calling. Rudra says you are gone. Anika says why is he not answering. Shivaye says she maybe worried, I didn’t call her. They pass the phone to Rudra. Rudra answers. He asks Shivaye to clean the kiss mark from cheek. Anika asks kiss mark? They get tensed.

ShivOmru get shocked seeing the video, where they are seen dancing with Piya. Piya comes and greets them. They get shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Labiba

    I’m back after a long time … Hlwww my pkj FAM..hw r u [email protected]@anu di @misha missed u all .. @fatmi I didn’t miss u at all???
    This new girl ?? she is sooooooo horrible??

    1. Go Labiba Go.Congratulations on being first. By the way,I missed you too…

    2. Dear Labiba
      I Hope You Don’t Miss Good Episodes In IB.Good To See You In PKJ?. Congrats For First Comment??????. Please Keep Comment On PKJ?
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  2. Pui

    Hi PKJ FAMILY, hope everyone’s doing well…
    Baaba, today’s epi…
    Like hadd hai, how can everything happen exactly like Shivaay’s story ? Shivaay is changing into an antaryaami…he can sense Anika around him , he can forsee the future, this became a bit unrealistic for me…I dont know about you all ??
    But it did seem a bit funny as well ?
    Dinky-Pinky-Donkey-Ponkey..perfect for the situation in Oberoi mansion. This OMM’s cousin needs more OMM than she herself…
    Haww…ShiOmRu ko aise handcuff kar diya. I will kill this Piya also, let her come in front of me. How dare she handcuff our Heros and make their MMS like that ? ??
    Why the hell is this Swetlana even alive now ? If I would have been in her place, I would have left the Oberois. She doesnt even have a chutki of self-respect. First, Om and Gauri threw her out, then Tej insulted and played games with her and still she comes back every time…Uff! God give her some akal…??
    Excited to know whats gonna happen with Shivomru ??

    1. Dear Pui
      Swetlana IB Ki Starting Episode Pe Hi Hai.Our Ab Wo OmRi Tej OM Se Bahar Nikhanle Ki Baath Bhi Aa Rahi Hai Tho Ek Baath Clear Hai.Wo IB Ki Permanent Vilan Hai.I Think Is Piya Drama Se Best Hoga Uski Vilan Baazi.Dekthe Hai IB Maker’s Kithni Interestingly Dikhatha Hai Uski Vilan baazi?
      Your Comment Is Very Good??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Pui

        Hey Di !! Lets wait and see…
        Thank u so much !!

  3. Fatmi

    Hii PKJ family….
    Hw r u all? I came here after a long time…..Miss u everyone a lot!
    I love today’s epi…..from 23th october ISHQBAAZ’s every epi are to funny 😀 😀
    That moment when Anika and Shivay talk over phn then Anika’s expression was too funny…

    I hate this Ponky’s cousin Donky and this new girl Piya…I can’t tolerate her…
    And again Swetlana and Abhay’s villainbaazi strat….

    PKJ gals where are u all? Nila I miss u a lot… Pushpa, Ridhima, Labila, Misha, Arpita waiting for ur reviews….

    good n8 gals…..

    1. Dear Fatmi
      Good To See Your Comment In PKJ.Hope IB Maker’s Abhay And Swetlana Ki Villanvbaazi Interestingly Dikhaye.Keep Comment On IB
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  4. Fake story became true!What a coincidence! For the fisrt time whole movie is told in audio version and picture(video)came later!
    But thank God my biggest nightmare has passed without frightening me much.Sorry but that girl Piya didn’t look attractive from any angle. Looked elder sister of SivOmRu basically. Shivika and their antics!Cvs when will you give me proper, romantic moments? My condition is like “Chatak Pakhi” who waits for rainwater ardently.Segment is making me uncomfortable. Plz cvs do something for God’s sake.
    P.S. Got a glimpse of old Pinky today for few seconds.Savetlana+Abhaay=Savaay,the next potential couple of IB!Carry on…Mere gaal, mere baal and mere headache…
    Precap:Not again….

    1. Logesh.M

      Tqqqqqqqqqq soooooooooo much for wishing me luthfa?????????Take care

  5. Arpita6

    Hiii my khidkitod pagals.
    He wait one sec…main thik hoon ki nahi mere ko samajh nahi aa raha. .but i loved today episode ?????. .bcoz of my ani di’s khidkitod expression and Obros whole part…???.

    I forgot to say yesterday when Annika said “AAP MAIN WOH BAAT NAHI HE…bechara shivaay??? ghabra gaya..aab kya kare..Sso ki hormones kabhi kabhi Mr india ban jayi he.Jab forced marriage hui thi tab Hormones the ( thus thus ke bhare the NAHI BOL SAKTI.. ???).and today… Isse kahete he BANI BANTI KAAM BIGADNA. Are Sso isi trust ki chakkar ne tum dono ko ki band bajadi..aur tum fir bhi ye kar rahe he.DHANYA KO SSO..DHANYA HO.I was laughing in whole Shivika convo.

    That girl pia..or whatever is not hot..she is not good looking also…….chi chi…??

    Rudy was sooo funny.kfunny.kuch bhi bolo tino brothers were looking super duper dashing in glasses….And rudy in dream..?????…

    THIS dinky…just like pinky i don’t want to say anything about her and don’t want to spoil my mood..

    Sutlu..yarr abhay is looking like a baccha in front of Sutlu. .????
    Sso ke girl pe puppi ki mark..?????????…And most baal ??..tie bhi kiya tha toh kiss chese se.???.and rudy ki body pe puppi ki mark..???..

    Precap- i knew it …sanskari star plus he na.but accha hi hua.??? ok this not my LINE I SAW IT ON TWITTER. —
    That Husband goal is brutally killed, Inspiration ne perspiration nikal di and Anda ubal ke toot gaya.

    I love comedy but iant a shivika scene very badly.yarr marriage ho gayi he.thodi intensity wali scene toh banti he na????

    Ok pagals..good night…???

    1. Twitter is literally a battle place for some fans Arpita darling.What you have written,I have read it too.Few days back I found that some fans are tweeting for a love triangle.Can you guess? Among Shivaay,Gauri and Omkara.Just couldn’t stop my laughing!

    2. Banita

      Hii Arpu….
      Yeh Om’s hair???? It’s too funny??? I like Om s hair condition more Funny compared to Shivru???

    3. Dear Arpita
      Abhay Is Looking Like A Bacha In Front Of Swetlana?
      Let’s See Sanskari Star Plus Wo Scene Cut Kartha Hai Ya Nahi.Agar Cut Kartha Tho Wo Log Precap Main Dance Scenes Nahi Dikhatha.
      Main Bhi ShivIka Ka Kuch Romantic Scenes Dekhna Chaatha Hu.Pehle Tho HS Ki Twitter Pe Kuch Log Poochtha Tha ShivIka Ka Wo Scene As Rahi Hai Ya Ye Scene Aa Rahi Hai Aaj Koi Poochtha Nahi Kya?
      Your Comment Is Very Interesting??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  6. Pushpa

    What the hell……this is too much guys
    Cvs im gona murder all if u……..
    Can someone write to the producer and complain karo……
    Wht the wuck..the goa scn got chopped????????
    Cant take it…
    All scn gets chopped ..why???
    Shivika scn….rikara scn…now the dance goa masti scn also the same chop???
    Wow wow….this is un acceptable….

    Our ShivOmRu na looking good & handsome…shivayevu look gorgeous wt tht shade…..and this hairstyle looks great…
    Mm….the gal didnt look hot at all yaar…she is so masculine…i think she can carry the boys…sorry gals no offence….
    Why they didnt call mechanic or check the car ….just straight away give lift……typical men …ShivOmRu same2same….c shivaye u lie to anika & c the reality same happens…..

    Svetlana looks hot…and abhay…gona b in one team to destroy the oberois….all the best guys cause u will not succeed..

    Ohhhh my god… after pinky now dinky….i hate this 2villains…but im happy anika gauri trust to shivaye& om r so storng not dinky but donkey also cant break it….and yes dinky u hv no rights to talk about the oberois….keep yr mouth shut or i hv to parcel u bavk 2london….

    Precap….omm….so who is this piya??? Lets wait& watch.
    Gd nite gals.

    1. Banita

      Hii Pus di….
      Yeh CVS just change Shivomru hangover dance wala sence to a MMS….
      And plzz Parcel back this Dinky Donky to London.. ???

    2. Dear Pushpa
      Your Comment Is Very Good??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  7. Banita

    Dinky Donky?????????
    I wish Kaas I can do OMM of that Dinky Donky……
    ShivOm buzy to talk with their wife and Bichara Rudy?????
    Shivaay s fake story comes true????
    Rudy’s dream with Piya????
    Shivomru condition was Hilarious???????????
    Lipstick mark in Shivaay s cheek , Rudy’s horn and Om’s Hair????
    Specially Om’s hair condition????? It’s tooo Funny????
    Shivom confusion about their gaal and Baal…????
    Pasinalana back…. Now she will trap to Abhay…
    Shivomru What will happen when Aniriya know about it …. Bichare meri brothers….
    I thought today they show Shivomru talli dance with Piya , BT this segment Tomarrow as fb…
    Piya in OM….
    Gd n8 pkj….

    1. Pushpa

      kill that dinky bani…lets do it together…

      1. Banita

        Yeh di let’s do it together…????

    2. Dear Banita
      Your Comment Is Very Interesting??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Logesh.M

        Thank u sooooooo much sister???????????????take care

      2. Banita

        Thank u di….????????

  8. VHM

    what an episode …like what an episode ????

    1. Pushpa

      yes hari what an episode…the goa masti shivomru dance got chopped!!!!!!

      1. Logesh.M

        Haha????Thank you pushpa..???Yeah..Next few episodes gonna be boring..But i want this Piya aunty track to end soon…Then Aniri track must start soon…Many are waiting for Aniri track..?????Thanks for ur wishes????

    2. Logesh.M

      From the number of comments itselfi can understand ?????Usually IB’s written updates will have 50 comments at this time!!!But for this episode only 22 comments…Thank god the dance scenes were scrapped????I cant see ShivOm dancing with that chiya….My semester exams started Didi?????Thats why i am not able to update both my ff’s…Sorry…Keep supporting me….I will be back after this week..But my exams are ending on November 25….

      1. Pushpa

        hey all the best logesh….exam first then IB…anyways i think with this dinki pinky & pia and all its gona be irritating for maybe few episode so dun worry u r not going ot miss anything ..

      2. All the very best Logesh….

      3. Dear Logesh
        All The Best For Your Exam???. Study Well And Give Your Best In Your Exam?
        Take Care And Stay Safe?

  9. What a diaster even though i didnt watch i can feel thetht hw the diaster epi tdy afterr reading thnk god idnt watch it pia i hate her even romi is better than her dressing moti she is nt at all shame to dance and dugss man like thss what a crap track hate it completely cvss better luck getting bst popular show and giving such crap track hate it totally damaged shivomshivom????????????????

    1. Pushpa

      piya… it mentioned in my comment, she look masculine…….not feminine at all..

  10. Highest level of nonsense!
    This is turning weird ??!!!??
    Villainbaaz back on double form and dumbo stupido obros!!
    Why in the hell did they accepted to go without wives, instead of having honeymoon they’re playing bachelors!!!

  11. Nice episode… but I feel that Guari should also get some dialogues n defend her husband n in-laws like Anika. I didn’t like her listening to dinky words about on n tej without saying a word.

  12. This girl Piya, they calling her beautiful, which part is beautiful face? or body? My grandma is more beautiful with her wrinkles. And boys, see what happens with the guys who wants to jump the river….

  13. Hi all, Piya does not have a hot girl looks and that is good. I suppose cvs purposely chose someone like her so that we fans and viewers will not feel insecure. If it was really a stunning beauty then I think I myself will be worried if Shivaay or Om gets attracted to her. At least good thinking cv to place an average looking lady.

    Actually when dinky went on ra ra ra ra about husbands not being loyal and try to single out Shivaay and Om not being loyal, I thought at this point both Anika and Gauri would stand up and defend their husbands and tell dinky that she has no right to speak ill about their respective husbands and she should not interfere in their personal lives. I don’t know why cvs did not include this dialogue.

    There are still some loopholes that are uncovered in IB

    The video that Tia’s mum had never was told what was inside it. No one knows and that is left in mid air

    Why Pinky started helping Shwetlena by giving money to do what? To stop Shivika’s wedding but they got married so why was Pinky in cahoots with Shwetlena

    Was it Shwetlena who killed the man who tried to behave inappropriately towards Jhanvi and because of that Tej was threatened and he had to act. Who killed that man?

    Who was the one who offered the water to Jhanvi when she had a nightmare? Someone was apparently in the Oberoi mansion?

    During one of Shivika’s rasam, kanna told Shivaay someone entered the Oberoi mansion and there was a security breech.

    So what about all these loopholes? They have not closed all these loopholes. I am not sure whether all these were cleared. OR perhaps did I miss.

    1. Hi Sindhu. The CVs has a whole cupboard full of these “loopholes”. Whenever they feel like irritating us they open up the cupboard and decide to pull out any old mystery to play inky pinky ponky with our emotions.

  14. That Piya apparently had added some drugs in their drinks and that is why she was insistent that they drink. Later we can see all of the bros were not their self in the car.

    One thing is proven in this episode, when women are on their own without their husbands they are careful and don’t let their guards down.

    But when men are alone without their wives they easily let their guards down. I am not saying all men. But in this case the obros just thought it was harmless to give a lift to Piya and being human.

    How come shivaay’s psychic powers did not work that there will be danger later on by this woman?

  15. I want some romantic intense meaningful shivika scenes .What do say guys?

  16. Good one Sindhu,
    Yes you are right about Piya and her portrayal. I think Anika didn’t assert herself because Dinky is elder and a guest in their home and she is Pinky’s cousin and she remained silent because of her.And perhaps Gauri remained still because what Dinky said about Tej is true, don’t know about Om. Anyway,as a wife they should have stood for their husbands. I am glad that Jhanvi stood for Tej and gave that Dinky an earful. She is clearly crossing her limits and venting her anger and frustration on Oberoi male members deliberately. As Jhanvi correctly pointed out that her past experience is making her do so.I think she is jealous that Oberois have full support of their respective wives.
    Almost all the mystery and loopholes in IB is not meant to any revelation.Only Savetlana has countless mystries and now Abhaay got involved in it. Sometimes I wonder what Savetlana actually wants, destruction of the Oberois or something else? Don’t know what will happen next.

  17. Today episode only 3 minutes of shivika shivomru part was nice.baaki saare scenes sab totally crap..bullshit .. CVS trying to ruin our shivom cutewala hubbygoal character…I didn’t expect this much nonsense track from them..

  18. Angiecute

    what an episode!!!!!
    Om’s hair condition!!!!!!!!!!fully OH MY MATA
    shivru!!!!!!!! VERY-VERY FUNNY

    Waiting for the next episode!!!!!!!

    1. Dear Angel
      Your Comment Is Very Good??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  19. very unusual character of Shivay. when he had women he never got turned on. only Anika affected him. and now here he is with a stupid Piya. Before he was waiting to spend time with Anika and have romantic moments with her and now he has forgotten his lady love and romancing with some one else, something which he had never done before. He is a shrewd business man, but now he has lost it.

    this kind of character only suited rudra.
    Poor Om -i can understand he gets easily fooled. but not shivay.

    Shivay & Om are really crazy to leave their beautiful wives and have fun with a dumbo Piya – so crazy.
    anyways this is a tv show at the end of the day.

    Hope as always the couples team up and put an end to the mess they are in. and thus keep up to the name of Ishqbaaz.

    one more thing – the show is just 20 minutes and the story was of the 3 brothers & shivika. But shivika moments have got lessened. we want more of shivika. they are the ones who rocks Ishqbaaz.

    1. Dear Christie
      I Agree With You ShivIka Make IB Popular And Successful????
      The Truth Is Ishqbaaz Is The Story Of Oberoi Brothers Bonding And Their Love Stories?
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  20. Dear Friends
    Yesterday Episode Main Dekha Nahi Because Written Read Karke Mann Bar Gaya?Socha Iss Page Pe Na Aavo But Aap Logo Ka Good Comment Is Best Then Episode.So Aise Aaya.
    Ab Main Kuch Serious Baath Poochna Chaatha Hu Mujhe Koi Galath Math Samjha.
    ShivIka Ki Shaadi Hogayi But Ab Thak Unka Suhaag Raath Nahi Dikha Ya Hai.Main Koi Cheapeda Scene Ke Liye Mar Nahi Jaa Rahi Hai.But Jo Mujhe Acha Laga Wo Bol Rahi Hai.Jab Abhay Track Ko Break Diya Tho I Think ShivIka Ka Suhaag Raath Dikhayega.But OmRi Ko Unite Karne Main Busy Hogayi.That Okay Because Unka Story Bhi Important Hai.Socha Uski Baath ShivIka Kuch Romance Hoga SR Hoga But.Ab Main Seriously CVS Se Poochunga Unka Kuch Romance Ya SR Dikhane Ka Plan Nahi Hai Kya.ShivIka Ka Two Wedding Hua.Second Wedding Bhi Hua Happily.Phir CVS Ko ShivIka Ka Ek SR Kyu Nahi Dikhatha.Kahi Ye Log Unki SR Bigaadne Ko Abhay Ya Swetlana Ka Wait Tho Nahi Kar Rahi Hai Na?Aur Ha Sanskari Star Plus Hot Scene Cut Bhi Karenga Tho Kuch Watchable Romantic Scene Kyu Nahi Dikha Saktha.
    Socha Hai NAAMKARAN Show Ka TRP Hamara Show Se Zyada kyu.because Uss Main Track Jaisa Bhi Ho But Uska Lead Couple Ka Romance Tho Uss Main Dikha Rahi Hai.And Ya Hamara IB Main ShivIka OmRi Jaisa Popular Couple NK Ki One Lead Couple Se Zyada High TRP Nahi La Rahi Hai.GK Chaahe Jobi Bole But Truth Ye Hai Ki ShivIka Hi IB Ko High TRP Diya Hai.Mujhe Yaad Hai Jab IB Ka TRP High Tha Thab ShivIka Romance Hotha Tha.Aaj Wo Kam Hai.Main ShivIka Se Dusri Couple Se Compare Bilkul Nahi Kar Rahi Hu.Aur Main Karunga Nahi Because I Know ShivIka Is Different From Other Couples.But Hamesha Unki Nhok Jok Nahi Chalega Na Nok Jok Bhi Acha Hai But Kuch Romance Hona Chaahiye Na.Jab Wo Dhono Pyaar Karthe Hai Tho Apni Relation Ko Improve Karne Kyu Nahi Sochtha.ShivIka Agar Pari Jaisa Cute Bacha Ka Parents Banega Tho Interest Hoga.Main ShivIka Ko Parents Banthe Dekhne Chaathi Hu.But Unki Bachon Ki Love Story Dekhna Nahi Chaatha.IB Next YHM Banne Main Mujhe Koi Interest Nahi.
    Pehle HS Ki Twitter Pe IB ShivIka Fans Poochtha Tha ShivIka Ka Wo Scene Kab Aayega Ye Kab Aayega But Ab Koi Aisa Poochtha Nahi.Koi Tho HS Twitter Pe ShivIka Ka Romance Dikhane Ko Request Kartha Tho Milne Ka Hope Hai.
    Jab IB Main Acha Track Chal Raha Hotha Thab Ye Log Kyu ShivIka Ka Romance Nahi Dikahtha.Hope Vilanbaazi Ki Time ShivIka Ka SR And Romance Dikhane Ka Plan Na Kare.
    Main IB Ko Star Plus Ki High TRP Show List Main Second Position Pe Wapas Dekhna Chaatha Hu?
    I Know Now 3 Couple Story One Episode Main Dikhana Hard Hai.But Main Ye Soch Rahi Hu Agar ShivIka Ke Liye One Episode De Jiss Main Unki Romance Bhi Ho.Ek Episode Jo ShivIka And ShivIka Fans Ke Liye Dedicated Ho Tho Acha Hoga.
    I Think Romantic Scene Hi TRP High La Saktha Hai.Warna NK Hame Kabhi Nahi Haratha High TRP Main.Acha Hoga GulNeet ShivIka Ki Life Pe Romance Daalengi Tho. Hope Jaisa Love Confession Ke Liye 1 Year Lagaya Hai Waise SR Ke Liye 1 Year Na Lage.Ab ShivIka Ki Life Pe Romance Dikhana Chaahiye.
    PKJ Please GulNeet Ko Request Karo ShivIka Ki Life Pe Focus Karne Unki Life Pe Romance Aad Karne.
    Hope Kisiko Meri Comment Upset Na Kiya Ho.Agar Kiya Hai Tho Sorry? Main IB Ko Star Plus Ki High TRP Show List Main Second Position Pe Wapas Dekhna Chaatha Hu Iss Liye Main Ye Sab Share Kiya
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Shekhar

      It happen first time that even after posting a long comment, you haven’t used MIND PINCHING & EYE ITCHING long para having all CAPITAL ALPHABET!?

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  21. Dear Friends
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  22. Hiii guys
    My name is omaira and I’m from SA .
    Can I plz join you guys ? ?
    BTW I really like the way you’ll comment ..?

  23. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is OK… But still not satisfied with the current track of ib.. Most welcome new member of pkj…

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