Ishqbaaz 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks Tia why is she doing all this, she knows Shivaye trusts her, why is she cheating Shivaye. Tia says its Shivaye and my personal matter, why are you hurt. Anika says relationships… Tia says you will teach me about relationships, you have any idea what is relationship, you are given money to organize the wedding, focus on it, if you interfere in our life again, I will fire you.

Sometime before, Rudra holds his head. Soumya says its your mistake, you got me here, you forgot car keys inside the car, does anyone does it, your car got stolen and this happened. He says its because of Rumi, we were getting rid of her, you would have told about her before. She says don’t you blame me. He says whom shall I blame. She says I don’t accept this marriage. He says yes. She says you should

have married that Rumi. He says suicide would have been better, this is not less than suicide. She asks what do you mean, am I so bad? He says Sumo, why are you behaving like a typical wife. She says Rudra, what will we tell our family. He says that too in this state.

Shivaye comes across Riddhima and asks are you leaving. She says yes, don’t worry, Om is fine. He thanks her. She leaves. Shivaye goes to Om and asks why are you not meeting my eyes, its my mistake this time. He says you remember, you did such mistake and I slapped you. FB shows Shivaye slapping Om.

Rudra says it would be better if we don’t tell anything to family. She says yes, mistakes are not remembered. He says then done, we will forget this marriage. She says we will not talk about this again. He says but, seeing these clothes, they will understand we got married. She says will you stop it, we decided not to talk about marriage, why are you reminding. He says you are saying as if you forgot and I m reminding you, they will see our clothes and understand. She says we will buy new clothes. He says who will give us clothes in this jungle. They see village people.

Om holds his cheek and asks will you slap me today also. Shivaye says you will slap me today, as I did mistake, you have full right to beat me. He holds Om’s hand and slaps himself. Om says please stop it Shivaye. Shivaye cries and says you don’t know Om, what I m feeling, I knew you are in pain, I saw you worried and I ignored you, I should have understood how lonely you got after breakup with Riddhima, I did mistake, sorry. Om says its nothing like that, its all complicated, everything… Shivaye says I know Om, those people whose hearts are clean, their life is complicated and your heart is very clean, you are an artist, I could not see your heart and understand, I could not read your sorrow, its my fault, world is very bad, and you are very good my brother. Om and Shivaye cry. Shivaye says sorry. Om says will you just talk, hug me. Shivaye says this dialogue is of Rudra. Om hugs Shivaye.

Rudra and Soumya get dress up in traditional/Banjara clothes. Shivaye says Rudra’s phone is not connecting, he would be in some part. Om asks him not to tell Rudra of whatever happened today. Shivaye says never, you just take rest. Om says Shivaye… Shivaye asks do you have to say something. Om recalls accident and says I just wanted to talk. Shivaye says of course. Om says life is so complicated. Shivaye turns and sees Anika outside. Om says see this jungle of complications, we have sown soil of time here. Shivaye smiles seeing Anika checking the lights on pillar. Music plays………He asks Om to talk such that others also understand. Om says life is all about our decisions, there is no coincidence, one wrong decision can spoil everything and drop us at such point, from where we can’t return. Shivaye holds Om and says your talk is beautiful and depressing too, get some humor back in your life, okay. He sees Anika again and leaves.

Anika smiles after having done with all the decorations. Lights go off. She says I will ask electrician. She turns and sees Tia. She says sorry. Tia asks why do you do such things that you have to say sorry. Anika says atleast I m not cheating anyone. Tia asks do you think I m cheating Shivaye. Anika says I felt before, now I m sure you did this intentionally, phone call and courier boy were your drama, why are you doing this, you know Billu ji trusts you a lot, why are you cheating him. Tia says this is Shivaye and my personal matter, why are you hurt.

Anika says you are doing wrong, relationships…… Tia asks will you teach me about relationships, you have any idea what is relationship, Shivaye asked you to stay away from family and I m his family. Anika asks why are you marrying when you don’t love Billu ji. Tia says that is none than your business, you are giving money to organize wedding, not to break it, focus on your work, one more thing, if you interfere in our lives again, I will fire you. She goes.

Rudra and Soumya reach the road and stop a truck. Rudra asks can you drop you to Mumbai. The driver asks for money. Soumya gives her gold bangles. The driver asks them to sit. Rudra gets on truck and helps Soumya. They sit in the truck. She says just this was left, to travel in truck in Banjara clothes. He says be thankful I took lift, else you would have reached home next year. She says oh really, you should be thankful, if I did not give my bangles, truck driver would have not given me lift. The women look on. Woman says now stop it, you are newly weds, stay with love. Rudra and Soumya shout we are not married and turn faces away.

Riddhima feeds food to Om. She asks him what he has to say. He thanks her for coming back. She says after getting your voice messages, I did not realize you are so upset, I wanted to give you some time. He asks will you move in with me. She asks what, do you know what are you saying. He says yes. She says I don’t understand, you have problem with commitment and want me to stay together, you say you are better single, and when I go away, you start taking drugs. He says no Riddhima, I did take drugs because of you. She asks then why did you do that. He says I don’t want to talk about this, you wanted to know your place in my life, you are very important for me, that’s why I m asking you to stay with me, you are my strength, will you? She hugs him.

Shivaye hugs Tia and says you did not make this an issue and forgiven Anika, that’s sweet, I did not doubt on you. Se says I know this was not your plan, it was Anika’s. He says I don’t know why she is doing that. She says I did her tarot card reading and got this card, Love. Rudra and Soumya get down the truck. He says I will try to make a call home, you look for cab. He sees a man on call and goes to ask, can he make a call, its urgent. He says keep my phone, its worth 70000rs. The man gives him phone. Soumya stops a taxi to hire.

Shivaye says lover, no Anika has no boyfriend, friend, lover. Tia says this is the big problem, she has no boyfriend, she needs a partner, she is doing these things, in frustration that she is lonely. He says no, she is different, she is intelligent, independent, she lives her life her own way, she is happy being single, she does not need support, she does not need a lover.

Rudra calls Om. Om asks where are you, everyone is worried. Rudra says leave it, can you send a driver. Om asks where is your car. Rudra says it got stolen. Om asks what, where and how. Rudra says I will come and say, just send car and driver. Om says fine, where to send car, did you talk to Soumya, she did not come till now. Rudra says Soumya is with me. Om says I can’t hear you, Rudra…. Soumya comes and says its limit, I got one cab and he wants to talk to my husband, is it written on our face that we got married. They both worry seeing the call. Rudra says Om, I got cab, I will call later, thanks. He ends call. She says sorry, I did not know you are on call. He says I think Om heard everything.

Tia says Shivaye how can you say that, everyone wants a companion, Anika has her dreams and feelings, after all she is a normal girl. … He says no, she is not normal, her dreams and goals of life are different, she is abnormal, she does not need a lover. She says but universe indicates this, we should find a partner for her. He says I m not a matchmaker, I can’t do this. She says you can do this as you are destined to, this is your card, universe wants you to find a partner for her, Anika did a lot for us, its our turn to pay her back, I really think we should find a good life partner for her. He reacts shocked and says I m feeling hot.

Shivaye hugs Dadi and asks how are you. She says I m fine, where is Rudra. Om says I spoke to Rudra, Soumya is with him, they are coming. Dadi asks where are they, its time for puja. Rudra and Soumya come. Pinky says what clothes did you wear, nice. Jhanvi asks them to change and come. Om says wait Rudra, I want to tell something to everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally om will ask ridhima to get out of his house.. n mostly out of his life too. . Saw it on utube bt nt able to paste the link here

    1. Veda

      cn u mention da name da u tube channel..???

      1. Veda

        *of da

      2. Serial daily updates is the channel by nimesh mathur , i m tryin to paste link here.. bt I m nt getting the paste option

        here it is.. did frm my lappie.. phone wasnt able to

    2. Wowww???
      I need it

    3. Veda

      Thnks a looooooooooooottt.. ???? @NITHU @ARCHIYA

  2. Tridha

    Guys the best good news for me ridhakara break up-
    Tej offers om 50% share of oberoi empire as a diwali gift. Om burns the paper and had a fight with tej. He tells tej not to ruin his relationship with his brothers. Om bursts out at ridhima for breaking his trust as ridhima took om’s signature on the paper by deceiving him. She moved as per tej’s instructions. Om orders her to get out of his house
    Wowwww such a very good news. Now I wanna c a New girl for om.

  3. Guyz look ishqbaaz top in online trp
    Online trp
    3.kuch rang pyar ka yeisha bhi
    Really ishqbaaz trp in online very high thats why tv trp is not increasing
    But peaple say anything yhm always safe in both barc and online trp. Anyways i love ishqbaaz and yhm a lotz. And now i like pardesmehe mera dil

  4. Im sooo hapyyy bcz i read in spoiler that om breaksup with riddhima for betraying him along with tej. Now ridhima will be out from omkaras life

  5. Veda

    yup…rt again…da dpth of love nd da dpth of pain both r equally bothering him nd making him matured day by day as well….

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