Ishqbaaz 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Khanna gets kidnapped

Ishqbaaz 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says so you killed your brother this way. Rudra says by training your dog. Om says I can’t believe this. Shivaye says nobody would believe this, if we wouldn’t have seen it by our eyes. Rudra says we have recorded the video. Bhavya says police believed that its an accidental death, but I understood it now, Rakesh’s death was a well planned murder. Rishabh worries. Shivaye recalls Rakesh. He says you knew Rakesh’s routine and made the plan, you trained Disco according to the geography of this house, Disco went to Rakesh’s room the moment it heard your command on radio…Gili gili choo hoja tu shuru, he went to Rakesh’s room and did what you told, it was perfect plan, you were not at home, so no one doubted on you.

Om says it means you killed your brother with the help of Disco.

Rishabh says yes, right, I have killed Rishabh because I hated him, he used to stay sick since childhood, he used to get mom and dad’s attention, love and care, he became a burden on me after their death, I used to take care of him as his servant, I had to get rid of him as my personal life got over, I thought of taking advantage of his death by proving it as an accidental death, I got an insurance policy worth 100 crores done and killed him in such a way that it looks like an accident, I trained Disco to obey my command, nobody could suspect me as I was with you two at the radio station but….

Shivaye says you thought we are fools. Bhavya says you accepted your crime, you will be punished. She calls inspector. Om says I can’t believe a brother can kill another brother. Rishabh says money can make a person do anything. Shivaye says money is not greater than love and relation. Rishabh says these are just words, you won’t agree to me, but one day money will become a barrier between the three of you. Shivaye asks are you done, inspector take him. Rishabh goes with police. Bhavya thanks Shivaye and says a criminal has been arrested because of you. Anika says I told right, Disco has killed Rakesh. Shivaye says Rishabh has killed him. She says but you got hint by my idea. Gauri asks Rudra what happened to him. Rudra says money won’t become a barrier between us, right? Om says definitely, never. Shivaye says never. Anika says you too promise me, money won’t come between us, you will let me bargain. Shivaye says don’t do it in front of me, I can’t even tell you about the slipper. She asks him to get quiet.

Om is in kitchen and gets angry on his phone. Shivaye and Rudra come and get shocked. Rudra asks what, was there an earth shake in kitchen. Shivaye says its called an earthquake. Rudra says it means the same. Shivaye asks what are you cooking. Rudra says that too, all by yourself. Om says I m making a cake. Rudra says sugar is less, its not sweet. Om says I knew it, Shivaye please fix it, it has to be perfect. Rudra says relax, its not a painting to get a big loss if something goes wrong. Om says its imp than painting, it has to be perfect, I m making it for Gauri, she stays upset, I want her to feel nice, she will be happy if I do anything different. Rudra says you should have made indian sweets. Om says she regularly eats that, I wanted to make something which she has never tasted. Shivaye asks didn’t she taste sake ever. Om says spend less time with Rudra, she has eaten cakes, but not lemon cheese cake. Shivaye says then say it clearly. He asks Rudra to keep his jacket in his room. He says don’t worry, Obros are here, have no fear, tell me what can we do. Om says we can’t do anything till we get all the ingredients. Shivaye says its okay, tell me what do you need. Om says we need lemon zest and compote. Shivaye says its okay, we will call Khanna. Om says he is an idiot, I sent him with a list, he has not returned yet. Shivaye asks did you call Khanna. Om says I might have called 500 calls, he is busy. Shivaye says he seems distracted, there is something, go and call him.

Rudra goes to Khanna and asks is everything alright, Shivaye is calling you inside, come. Khanna looks sad. Rudra says Shivaye won’t come outside, come. Shivaye asks Khanna about the ingredients in Gabbar style. Khanna says I didn’t get anything. Rudra says its the limit of unprofessionalism. Khanna says sorry, I will get it now. Om says what’s the use now, Gauri would have woken up, you ruined my plan. Shivaye asks where are you, you look distracted. Khanna says sorry. Shivaye says I have ordered a new uniform for you, I got bored seeing you in this uniform, so wear the new uniform and come with a new spirit towards work, with a smile, bye. Khanna goes. Om says this is of no use now, I have to make halwa now. Shivaye says we will mix ingredients and match, we will make it man. Om says we will make it man, but from where to get lemon and compote man.

Shivaye and Rudra sing don’t you worry now Om, heaven’s got a plan. Rudra says just say that Oberois never quit. They sing Zindagi milke ……and join hands. Rudra applies flour to Om. Om turns serious. Shivaye laughs seeing him. Om smears flour to his cheek and laughs. Anika and Bhavya come and laugh. Shivaye applies flour to her cheek and laugh. She does the same with Bhavya. Rudra laughs. Bhavya stares at Rudra and throws a handful of flour at him. She laughs. They laugh. Gauri comes. Om hides his face. Anika gives flowers to Gauri and dances. Gauri asks what’s all this. Anika says this is a small surprise from us. Om gets the cake and winks with a smile. Gauri cries seeing the cake. He says a sweet cake for my sweet wife. Gauri asks did you bake this cake for me. He says yes, to make you happy, but to make you cry, do you know why, because when you smile, it feels like life is smiling. Anika signs on their romance. Om says please forget whatever happened. Anika says enough now, you may do this in your room, we shall cut the cake now. Om says I think my old Gauri, the bold Bareilly girl should cut this cake. Gauri wears the goggles and shows her old style. She throws the candy at the wall and eats. Anika and everyone look on. Anika asks are you okay. Om claps and gives the knife to Gauri. They cut the cake. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays…..

They all have the cake and smear Gauri with it. Rudra asks why are you taking us to office. Shivaye says we need to sign some papers, we have a meeting for the new project. Rudra asks will we be taking the chopper. Shivaye says no, by car, where is my car, Khanna where is my car. Khanna says sorry I forgot. Shivaye scolds him. Khanna says sorry Sir. He goes to get the car. Shivaye and Omru see some men throwing stones. They bend down to get saved. Guards come in front. Anika asks why have they come here. Shivaye shouts go inside. The man shoots in air and says this was just a trailer, the picture is still left. The men leave in their jeep. Anika asks who were they. Shivaye says no idea. Bhavya asks why will anyone do this, I will call the police headquarters and get the details of that vehicle, I won’t leave them. Khanna says no, don’t call the police. Om asks are you in senses, people pelted us with stones, they have threatened Shivaye. Khanna says that attack was not meant for Shivaye, but for me. Shivaye says look into my eyes, what did you do that they are after your wife.

Anika says you got married. Gauri says you didn’t even tell us. Shivaye says you have hidden such a big thing. Khanna says I m sorry, situation was such that I couldn’t inform anyone, I had eloped. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Khanna says my wife Mitali’s family was against our marriage so we eloped. Shivaye asks the problem. Khanna says we belong to different communities. Shivaye says you should have told us, we would have convinced them. Khanna says I don’t want to trouble you. Shivaye says you have hurt me a lot, since you didn’t share your problem with me, someone is threatening my family member and I have no idea about it. Khanna asks who is that family member.

Shivaye says its you, idiot, you are like family Khanna, if you can take the bullet for my life, then I can also risk my life for you, if someone tries to harm you, he will be my enemy as well. Anika says Shivaye is right, you should have told us. Gauri says if you got married, then why do those people have a problem now. Khanna says they think they lost their respect in the community because of me, so they want to take revenge. Bhavya asks are they mad, didn’t they think what would happen of their girl, if something happens to you. Khanna says they kidnapped Mitali and wants to get her remarried. Shivaye says they can’t get her remarried, without her consent, that can’t happen.

Khanna says they can go to any extent, I love Mitali a lot, I can’t live without her. He cries. Rudra says don’t cry, now we understand why you were not able to work since so many days. Shivaye says I promise you that we will get Mitali back. Anika says Khanna’s bride…. Om says will just be of Khanna. Shivaye says we will talk and convince them, we will get her back. Khanna goes. Anika asks Gauri and Bhavya to pack some food. Shivaye says we are not going on a picnic, you don’t need to come. She says they won’t listen to you, its related to a girl, you will go there and say, don’t say why, just say Shivaye, who will listen, let it be, we now how to handle this issue. Shivaye says you don’t know the risk. Rudra says we Obros will fix everything, don’t worry. Anika says the risk is ssame for you, if you feel we will relax here, then this won’t happen, we are coming along. Shivaye says no way. Khanna gets kidnapped. The men make him in the car. A guard says some people have kidnapped Khanna. Shivaye says come, they might have not gone too far. ShivOmru leave.

Om says Shivaye, the blue dot hasn’t moved for long. Shivaye asks what’s the location. Om says its some jungle. Anika checks the village address. Gauri asks Bhavya to drive fast. The men bury Khanna. Rudra asks why would they stop in the jungle. Shivaye says to harm Khanna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Congratulations everyone we r on 8th position with 1.8 trps

    1. Banita

      Congratulations to U too…

    2. Go Aayush Go ..
      How are you ..
      Congrats yr on being 1st .
      that’s really good news ,,i hope ki aisehi IB top 5 mai a jaye ..

    3. Hi Aayush.
      Hru. Congrats for being 1st. Hoho great good news good to to hear that.. Hope trp just increase… By the guys plz can any one tell me the the trp ND it’s position of last 2 weeks.. Tc..

    4. He Aayush dear..
      Yehh 8th position is really good but After IPL trp should increase..rating is 1.8.
      8 position means it has to be 2+.
      Hope more ratings will increase..

    5. Congrats aayush for being number 1 and thanks for the update on trp. I am happy.

    6. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations on being first..?

  2. Hii guys

    How r u guys???Hope u guys r rocking…????????

    @arpu hey what happened dr?nothing will happen amid the obros….money won’t ever come btwn them..even if they introduce such a track there is the grt obahus they wont let anything happen to their brotherhood… keep faith in cvs???
    @bani yep yaar..even I want this track to track.
    It’s enough.. Now let them concentrate on anything’s getting boring..bye bye to DJ rishab..nd thank God gauri looks normal?
    @luthfa hlo..where r u?busy na?Ur absence is clearly felt..come back dii
    @tania I am also looking forward for the happy moments after the social dramas
    @mimi calm down frnd..rikara scenes r coming yaar..don’t be so desp
    @ishita I am the best dear…hope u r also doing gr8..?
    @sindhu hii dii..I too loved rudy today.. serial killer….??was just I don’t want such a shouldn’t come amid obros…I can’t see that..???
    @jeevi I am glad that u will be commenting here for some time..??heavy rain??By the way where r u from??

    And ishqies pls anyone tell me the retelecast time of ishqbaaz other than 11:00 am show???pls guys reply…??‍♀??‍♀

    1. Banita

      Hlo Sneha….
      I think finally this social issue track is over… Bahat bore ho gayi thi yaar…
      Now toh about khannaji… I m super exciting for this track…
      Sorry dr i dont know exactly , but i think sayad 4pm ta 5pm pata nahi ye dono time mein se koi ek ho sakta hain…

    2. Hlo ,sneha dr
      I am good yr ,,bas result ki waja se tensed ho ..
      Hope you are also fine ..
      And Ib ki repeat telecast @11.00 aur 3.30 yeh time par hoti hai ..

      1. Hello there Tania how are you my dear? Which country are you from? Actually I don’t Know which part of India you are all from.

    3. Hi Shena dear.
      Hru. Tq dear. S will here regularly but next week nt sure.. S dear on Sunday it was heavy rain and wind thunderstorm lighting .. It was for just 5 hrs bt result was v. Bad. Almost more than 30 trees has fallen on current poles n just in our area 6 TV kids omm… So current only during night. In day time no proper current. It was 1st time in our city.. By the way I’m from ballari ( karnataka) .. ND retelecasting is 11:30 & 3:30 dear.. love u. Tc..

    4. Hlw Sneha..
      Yeh Now I am fine ha ha.
      I think social track is end…

    5. Hello sneha, I am good. How are you dear? I am fine. Don’t worry money will not come in between obros but cvs may develop that plot and show probably for a moment money does come among them but they will also show how the three bros are firm of not letting anything separate them just like shivika’s relationship or Rikara or ruvya’a relationship. Things did get bad but later cvs showed how strong their love was. That is what I meant. So don’t you worry. The bros will be united.

      By the way sneha which part of India are you from? Mumbai?

    6. Luthfa

      Hello Sneha,
      How are you?Actually I was busy with class and yesterday was last one before holiday.And my assignment’s some works were also pending so was busy to complete it.Now I am free.Very happy to know that you missed me.Here,I am.Take care.Lots of love?

  3. Arpita6

    iihiiiiimere khidkitod pagals. …
    @FARIHA dear.welcome to pkj.
    Dear there are so many platform for ishqbaaz grp.
    Here tu page is available.
    If you want to follow ishqbaaz you can join in instagram or twitter..if you want to write one shot or fanfiction..then you can join india forums or wattpad….
    Hope you get your answer.
    @Sindhu di.yeh I am fine. everything is good na ????

    Come to episode

    I think social track is khatam bcoz there is no highlight of new story.or anything.

    – Rikara were do cute today

    Obros Zindegi milke bitayenge is after one year man..I missed it.

    Now most imp pRt.


    ????????Dil ke arman assuon main rehe gaye…I wanyed a love story of Chanda and khannuji Couole name was Channa..???I thought.
    Chanda got married now Khanuji married Mitali..
    Mere Arman pe pani pher gaya.
    Sso…now listen to me.
    I now your first love is khannabcoz whenever yiu need help you called him…although yiu always shout at him
    He does his work.
    You are boss of him.but it doesn’t mean that you will say those words which you tood My Annika di (Supressing my laughter ????)
    1.KHANNA MERI ANKHON MAIN DEKHO i was really shocked)
    2.YOU ARE MY FAMILY MEMBER (i am really happy after listening it)
    Bechari Meri Did..sabse bada sautan woh bhi male not female.????????

    TRUST ME i am happy and have no complain about this track..i wanted a track for khanuji….and I am getting it…

    Sso thoda pyarr meri Annika di ke lie bhi rakho.?????.
    Aab ye Mad House main koi bhi kuch bhi kar sakta he.
    Khanuji is like my teddy bear. dare that man to harm him
    I didn’t liked khanna in shivika forced marriage when he called sahil langda…
    But after that..i started to adore he is my teddy bear. .hi hi hi.

    I wanted Annika’s NDE or hospital scene since long..but I am getting Khanuji NDE..near death experience. ..ha ha ha
    Expect the unexpected …

    Now i am really sleepy. .

    1. Banita

      @Arpu , sacchi mein when Shivay said khanna mere aankho mein dekho… That time meri toh shock mein muh nd aankhe dono khul gaye ( i mean aankhe baadi ho gayi)…
      Khannaji will be in death bed nd Shivay will tense becz of him… Woww..!!! It will be fun…
      But just hope ki Shivay ki tear ki kamal Khannaji ke uper vi naa dikhale… Hahaha….

      1. Sso ki tear ki kammal khanna pe.. ??????????I can’t even imagine..yarr…..history creat hojayegi….
        Meri Ankho main dekho….it is still ringing in my ears…?????????

    2. Yeah yr finally this social issuses are over now ..
      Yes that diloughe..
      Khanna tum mere akhon mai dekho
      Sachi mai very funny tha ,,
      Yr ab anika thora chain ki sas le sakti hai ,,finally khanna ji married na ??lol..

      1. Tani..Annika and chain ki saansein legi…
        Ha ha ha.
        Btw Annika ko koi prblm nahi he…woh khanuji ke saath milkar kaam bhi karti he..

    3. Yes arpu I am also very happy and no compliant with the track. I am happy that now cvs are utilising reverting even Khanna. That is good to see. I just love the way IB is taking off. It is so good. Hope it goes this way. Rikara part was good but Anika has to spoil their romance. Let it be Anika. You can see the stress on Om when he was making the cake. He wanted everything. perfect for Gauri

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      You were looking for me and see I am here….
      I don’t think social messages are over.Fans are fed up because of specific titles that’s why makers removed it.This Khanna love story track is very different all of a sudden.By the way,what is the name of Khanna?Shivaay is going to save the love of Khanna.Let’s see what happens.Take care?

  4. Arpita6

    Ok guys…I only love chocolate and vanila pastry or cake so don’t know about other.can anyone tell me that
    Lemon chesse cake hoti he kya???????

    1. When there in wheat in mango ice cream then it is possible lemon cheese cake is also available in ishqbaaz

      1. ???????????????????? .dead…

    2. Oh Arpu dear I have eaten lemon cheese cake. It is very delicious. The lemon has to be fresh then it would taste good. I know how to bake lemon cheese cake. Done it before for my friends here.

      1. ok den pls care to share d ingredients of lemon cheese cake cause evn i want to make it n simple way

    3. Luthfa

      There are different receipes of cakes.And everyone who loves cakes adds their own twist of ingredient while making.I have eaten fruite cake,entirely made of fruit.Don’t know how that was being made.And lemon cheese cake is also good.You can try?

  5. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    TRP of this week is 1.8 …. Overall 8th in position….
    Nd uperse ek dum khidkitode dabang epi…. Dil khus ho gaya….
    Poor Khannaji…. Itni upset toh Shivay ki dantnese vi nahi hote….
    D way Shivay talked with him in kitchen… Sooo sweet…
    Thank U sooo much Shivay bhaiya nd CVS for giving a new uniform to Khannaji…. Main bore ho gayi thi same dress dekh dekh ke…
    “Zindagi milke bitayenge”????? with Obros bromance in kitchen….
    Waahhhh..!!!! Taras gayi thi mane ye dekhne ke liye….
    Obhous small scene…. Sweet..!!!??
    Rikara scence…. Lovely….???
    Finally humara dabang Gouri chiraiya is back….???
    Family moment with “Lafzon ka yeh rista nahi”?????
    Shivay got hurt becz of Khannaji…. Sach bolun toh mujhe bahat accha laga…
    Shivay nd family’s gesture towards Khannaji was nycc part….
    How dare that ghadhes becz of them our Pyaare Khannaji cried….
    OMM…!!!Khannaji kidnapped….!!!
    Precap – Now it will be interesting to see how Obros will bring Khannaji… Nd Obohus will bring his dulhaniya….
    After al Khannaji ki dulhaniya toh Khannaji ki hi hain na…??????
    GN PKJ….

    1. Banita

      Forgot to say ,
      Shivay – Tu mere liye goli kha sakta hain toh main vi tere liye…..
      Sunne ke liye toh line bahat accha lagta hain , but…………………..
      Recently one song stirke on my.mind…
      Le jayenge le jayenge
      Khannaji ke dulhaniya le jayenge…
      BTW at least now i want Khannaji’s fi8 with his father-in-laws gundes…
      CVS ab toh meri tamanna puri kardo….

      1. He Bhagwan.
        I forgot tgat line..
        This is not fair yarr.Sso aap khanuji ke liye goli kha sakte ho..woh bhi apke liye…
        Maa da ladla such main bigad gaya he..??????????..
        Ye Khanuji ke dulhaniya le jayenge….
        Lets see.
        Kitchen scene with jindegi milke…really after more than 1 year…

      2. Banita

        Maa ka ladla bigad gaya…. Hahahaha…..
        Haan yr after a longgg time this song played…

    2. Hlo Bani…yes it’s good ki shivay ne khanna ji ko ek new dress dila diya ,hamare bhi ankje sujh gayi thi ..
      Anyway ,,,le jayenge le jayenge??kaya gana choose kiya hai bilkul perfect …lol???
      I hope tumhari tamanna cvs puri kare ,,aur khanna ji un begayrat logo ki omm kar de ..

      1. Banita

        Hlo Tania….
        Yeh perfect song for this situation ????
        Yeh I just hope ki meri purani tamanna puri ho jayega…

    3. Yes banu number 8 position and I am so happy. Hope the plot goes like this instead of too many villains and separation tracks. Too much of Tia svetlena Ragini Roop and even Tej at one point. Enough is enough of all that. Now I love the fresh look of the track.

      1. Banita

        Hlo diii….
        Yup dii trp increased nd position also… I m happy that position increased… Hope it will increase like this only…
        Yeh hope now for someday track will go smoothly with fun villians not with serious villians…

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,how are you?
      Shivaay is Khanna’s boss and when Shivaay broke down in the past as he had to part with his love so now Khanna is going through the same situation.But I felt really good that how Shivaay boasted his confidence.Shivaay is an Ishqbaaz and he won’t let anything happen to Khanna’s ishq.Let’s see.Take care?

      1. Banita

        Yup Lu Shivay won’t let anything happen to ishq of his first love Khannaji…LOL…
        Yeh me also like d way Shivay talk with Khannaji…

  6. Hi pkjians…….
    Finally ,,today there is no tag line ,,i feel reliefed ,,now no social issuses ..

    So todays 1st part is awesome ,,each and evry scean ..
    Anika jo bhi bolti hai sahi bolti hai ,,thats true @arpu …aur anika to anika hai creadit to legi ..

    So sweet obro’s kitchen moment kara superb ,,so much tensed bechara ??
    So cute ,,,
    And shivay …aj to gabbar shing obroi mood mai the ,,kaya diolouge tha ,,”are o khanna !!!! Superb☺☺
    Kitni ..payari lag rahi thi 3bro’s aur anivya,,ata ata khelte hue

    Dabang gouri …..very nice wish om ,,i just loved it ..and cake makhne wala scean ????

    Bechara khanna ji ,,kitna tensed hai ..plz app tensed mat ho obro’s are with you ..
    So Khanna +Mitali ,,are inka couple name kaya hoga ,,ek payara nam socj na parega ,,
    Yeh loh pehle to mitali ko kidnapped kiya ab khanna ji ko bhi …???
    Plz shivomru ,,just go and save him ..
    Anirivya is also going ,,so full obroi famoily going on khannaki dulhaniya back mission mai hai ..

    But today’s touching part ,,shivay said khanna ,,is theire family member , and thats true ..agar khanna ji shivay ke liye goli kha sakta hai to shivay bhi unke liye goli kha sakti hai ,….

    Precap–khanna ko ….god plz shivomru jaldi se poch jaye udhar …

    I am very much tensed ???
    Tommorow my H.S result out….plz god save me ,,i just hope result mere expectetion ke bara bar ho ,,aur satisfaction ho ..??
    Bye guys ,,good night (mera to nind hi ur gayi hai ).

    1. Banita

      Hlo Tania…
      Yeh me also like “Arre O Khanna ” dialogue of Shivay….
      Couple name for Khanna+Mitali???
      Nd relax dr tumari result acche hi honge…
      GOOD LUCK….

    2. Tani my dear..relax take a deep breath….
      Result will be good..don’t wory
      Yeh Khanuji and mitali’s couole name is KHALI.
      But my Khana+ Chanda= Channa.jyada accha he… hi hi hi.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,how are you?
      Good to see Gauri is in normal way.She was traumatised and she has recovered.Shivaay is boss goal and I am expecting an khidkitode track for Khanna and his love.And dear,your result will be just perfect and you will get ultimate success.I will pray for you.Take care?

  7. Rithu17

    Aww…Khanna ji got married!!!… Why didn’t you tell us khanna ji..shivaay got bored of the old uniform lol??…i absolutely loved the convo btw oberois n cute??…shivaay absolutely loves n cares for Khanna…Well I guess Anika can relax now as Khanna has got married..I wonder what Mitali will have to say abt Shivaay-Khanna pyaar???

    1. Rithu..dont know..but if mitali will know about it.then she wil sure do check up of khanuji.??????????????.

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehe….Hope so that Anika will relax now.I am eager to see Khanna’s bride?

  8. Luthfa

    In our life,we come across many people.Some stay with us,some choose to go away,some we let go and some remains in our hearts,forever.Relationships are that touchstone which makes everyone’s life strong and worth living.Without these relations,we humans are nothing.Love,care,attention,security,shelter and lot more things those can’t be described in words,relations provide with us always.The beauty of every relation is beyond imaginable and the importance of those in our life.Shivaay is a Pro in maintaining relation.He values every relation no matter how and what it takes.That’s why he never hated Tej for being selfish and his open attacks on him for anything.Shivaay believes in the true meaning of relations and that is-those bind people together in one string.Without those,one can’t live.Those who live alone or stay away from family for any reason,know the acute pain of leaving their family behind.Anika always says and mentions that Shivaay has a khidkitode family and she is quite jealous of him and she is right on her words.What is family and what it does,who can tell better than her?That’s why,every relation which is close to our heart is very special and it’s not necessary that it will be of blood always.Khanna is a part of Oberoi family and today he is made realize of this thing.He is equally important to Shivaay like his every other family member.Such sweet gesture that is!The one who values every relation is a human of pure heart.And Shivaay has a heart of gold.But unfortunately some people can never understand the value of relations.Rishab is one among them.Relations are not to be used to make profit or any personal advantage.Relations lessen the burden of leading an alone life through sharing happiness,sorrows,everything life throws at us.Ups and downs will be there and we need to balance those for ourselves.What Shivaay is going to do for Khanna is not only his duty but he will do it out of love for him which is pure and selfless.Until Shivaay like individuals are out there,Rishab like persons can’t taint the purity and authenticity of true relationships be it blood relation or relation of heart…………………………………………..

    1. Hey lu …finally you came back yr …
      Also with a khidkitodh analysis on relationship …
      How are you yr ..
      Awwweeee,,i just can say this ,,truely shivay has a heart of gold ,
      And about relationship your each and every point is true ..

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Tania,
        I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.Thank you sooooooo….much for your love dear.Love you?

    2. Banita

      WELCOME BACK @Lu…..
      HRU dr???
      Nd where were you??
      Missed ur this khidkitode analysis…
      Yeh it’s not necessary that blood relations r only precious sometimes heart to heart relation also more precious then blood relations…
      Nycc analysis dr as always….

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you very much yaar.Was busy with class and assignment.Have done with all.Thank you sooooooo…much for your love.Love you?

    3. Lu………my girl..
      Finally you are back..I missed you…..
      Even In My wild imagination i never thought i will come across of this analysis.that also based on Shivaana..????????????????????.
      Bit yiu rocked it…

      1. Luthfa

        Yes Darling I am back.Me too missed you and my PKJ so very much.Hehehehe…..I love to give surprises.I hope you enjoyed????????????????Thank you soooooo…much for your love.Love you?

    4. Oh my my my dear luftha dearest, you are back. Welcome back!!! You were missing for awhile and I too was wondering what happened. Hope you have been feeling good. Missed my dear with your comments.

      Rightly said shivaay values relationships. Khanna has been a loyal person and he has become shivaay’s family member. I love it when Shivaay said if anyone touches my family member I will not spare him and when Khanna asked who shivaay it s you Khanna. I was so touched when he valued Khanna who is just an employee in his house as his close family member. He is a great businessman but he left all those just to save Khanna. Truly it is proven money is nothing to the bros. Who cares about signing on the new project when khanna’s life is in danger

      1. Luthfa

        Awwwwwww….You are soooooo….sweet di.I am really sorry that I couldn’t come as I was busy with my study and assignment.I am free now and I am doing absolutely fine????
        Yes di,you are right.Khanna is not a mere employee of Shivaay.He is more than this.And Shivaay never gives up on his family members as Khanna is also a member of OF.This contrasting aspect of Shivaay and Rishab is really good.Shivaay is a role model to follow and learn how to maintain every relation be it blood or relation of heart and humanity?

  9. Mimi ❤️ AWW RIKARA ?

    Aww Rikara ? sooo cute of Omkara to finally decided to do something to cheer up Gauri after what happens I really thought writer will forget that Gauri still not over it ? Great scene as usually the group should be their with Rikara but trying to imagine them alone ?? thanks writer and Gul mam for this episode will be my favorite episode ❤️ Increase of TRP is all because of Gauri me too track so no one start to say “ is all because of shivaay and bla bla “ use ur brain once please ?

    1. Banita

      Hlo dr…
      I don’t understand what’s ur problem..?? Why r u always saying like this…
      I know u r a big of Rikara specially of Gouri… Nd u r upset becz of less Rikara scene which is geniune… But why r u bashing other characters..??
      Here no one is saying that trp increased becz of Shivay. So don’t use d word like use ur brain once nd all here in pkj… Here all r happy that trp increased nd we know why it increase… So plzz stop bashing other characters like this…
      BTW again i m saying it , i really like d way U write highlite of ur comment beside ur name…

      1. Mimi ❤ Not bashing anyone ?

        Hi Banita
        Am not bashing anyone all I said is no one start to make shivaay the reason because if u did not see in twitter people keep saying that ?? and it is annoying we all know is because of Gauri me too track ? ….And am really sorry if u thought am bashing ur character am not and when I said group I just wanted Rikara to have a alone scene that is all ? …. Thanks for saying that ..And have a great day ??.

    2. Hi my dear let’s put it this way. Tripping is up because now there is good story plot. Good social issues and good storyline and excellent track. Especially no dragging. They wrap up the track in two or theee episodes. They gave equal space to all the three couples though the earlier part of social issues Shivaay was the spokesman but that has changed now. In Rakesh murder Om and shivaay both were involved as well Rudra. They have shown scenes of Rikara that is Om is showing his love for Gauri and support. Let us be happy with the way the track is moving. I think all the three couples are doing justification to their roles and helping in the tripping.

      Have a good day my dear mimi

      1. Hi Sindhu
        Yeah I hope they always keep the three brothers story not one ?
        Thanks and Have a great day ??

    3. Banita

      That’s what i m trying to say dr this is not any twiter or insta group… Here in pkj we don’t bash anyone expect CVS…
      But it’s f9 i understand ur point now…
      nd about Rikara , i also agree with u… Hope cvs will give a rikara alone scene….

      1. Thanks Banita now I realize that here is different than twitter and Instagram ?..I hope too ?

    4. Luthfa

      Forgot to write.We PKJians never blame anyone for the decreasing of TRP not we give credit to any specific Couple or Character.We love it when TRP increases as it’s good for our show and we celebrate altogether.If you are thinking we will do the way you are thinking then darling,You are wrong.We PKJ watch Ishqbaaz and Hatred is not our agenda only Ishq/Love.Take care?

  10. Fama

    Hi everyone
    The episode was so great today and hopefully a relief from social messages (as there was no headline today)…. though it was a nice initiative to bring social issues on our favourite show but….
    What a sweet gesture from Om today for Gauri ??
    And wow after quite a long time we got obros kitchen scene
    By the way ek baat toh hai that Oberois favourite festive is holi sometimes they play it with haldi and today flour ????
    Khanna ki dulhaniya…..
    It was such an ‘awwww’ moment to see Oberois concern for khanna ji……. especially shivaay
    Anika is right if Shivaay will go to rescue khanna alone then he will just keep telling the villagers ‘just say shivaay not why’ ??
    Precap: Oberois on mission khanna + Mitali union…… all the best obahus coz last time inorder to rescue a bride from marrying against her will they landed up in jail soo iss baar pata nahi kahan land hoge ?????

    1. Fama…dont say why just say shivaay..???????.villagers will also say it..ha ha ha.
      Epic man..
      Yeh lets see.iss baar kya hoga..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Fama,how are you?Welcome back to PKJ dear?
      Yes,Om did a good job and I liked those light moments.Don’t know when these social messages will finish.I think makers are working on upcoming major track while presenting us with small tracks of social message.And Khanna’s love story is about to complete.Loved Shivaay’s concern.Waiting for today’s episode.Hope Shivaay’s SSOgiri will do the magic.Take care?

  11. Banita

    In our country nd many other countries also religious problem is there… I mean if a girl nd a boy of two different religion or community get married then it will be a heated issue in our near by society people… Today Khannaji married a girl of different community that’s why all these things r happening…
    Soooo I m thinking ?????
    Is really d social issue wala track is over…!!!????
    Or CVS making pappu of us…???

    1. Bani..yeh this issue is highlighting now a days..
      But soical message track..bahut hogaya..

      1. Banita

        Kya karun yaar , mujhe na sacchi mein baadi wali feeling aarahi hain ki yeh social issue track hi hoga… But i too don’t want social issue track any more…

    2. Luthfa

      You are right.I was thinking the same.Cvs are very chantomai????????

  12. Rithu17

    After a loooooooooong time kitchen scn n lafzon ka yeh!!!!….the kitchen scn was LIT ek dum… especially Om!!!!…”we will make it man..but where to get it man”!!!???? …”dont u worry dont u worry”??…o god literally ROFL!!!!…this is the ISHQBAAZ i want..the beginning waali ib!!!…i miss it soooo much!

    1. Rithu……
      Yeh.dialogue delivery in kitchen scene was really good…
      Yeh felt old ib vibes

  13. Hi Aayush.
    Hru. Congrats for being 1st. Hoho great good news good to to hear that.. Hope trp just increase… By the guys plz can any one tell me the the trp ND it’s position of last 2 weeks.. Tc..

    1. Jeevi..
      I dont remember .but i think last week was in 12th position..and previous week was 10th position.
      Ratings.1.6..and other.i forgot.
      Someone plz say the correct trp and position plz.

    2. Hey jeevi how are you my dear? I hope good going.

  14. Hi guys. Plz can any 1 tht y after posting our comments it’s nt showing our comment tht modern uncle.. I’m nt getIng to know weather our comments r being posted r nt.. Yesterday some got posted some nt soo.. ND is this happening only in my phone r nt nt able to understand.. Plz anyone tell me..

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      It’s happening because TU is under maintenance.Once it gets completed,this problem wilk be over.Take care?

  15. Good episode after along time.. I mean the fun essence which was missing earlier…
    I hope social message track is over.. It’s good to show social message but Too much of good thing can lead to bad thing..
    I sometime feel like watching crime patrol… Some people saying why they showing shivika there are the fun element of the show.. Unlike the other two pair.. The nhok-jhok of these couple were unbeatable..
    Bigggg bye to rishabh and this social message track..
    Khannaji want to see your dhulaniya.. You too became ishqbaaz.. Mitali sweet name.
    Khanna+Mitali=khantali/mikha.. ?
    Same like Obro’s your marriage also happening with hungama.. So, you are not less than their family..
    Om’s gesture in kitchen was cute.. Obro moment in kitchen was so adorable to watch..
    Our dabang chiraya Gauri back with cute andass..
    Is there Lemon cheese cake??
    When shivaay said to Khanna “please look at my eyes”.. I just felt seriously.. Yeah, I know he is your phehla pyar.. This track gonna really fun treat to watch.. Obro’s saving Khanna & Obahus saving mitali..
    Annika seriously you Wanna pack food..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      You are right.Too much of anything is not good at all.I have read that makers are doing some experiments don’t know on which or what thing.Now Khanna’s love story is on focus.Hoping for an exciting track.Nice analysis di.Take care?

  16. Aarosh

    khanna bachao mission will be exciting

    1. Luthfa

      Hope so?

  17. Hello my dear bani, Arpu luftha Tania Ishita sneha beauty jeevi kadhmabari omaira krishna aayush Shivya Rithu and many more also….

    Today’s episode was fabulous. I loved the track. Rishabh was arrested. Justice done and shivaay not feeling guilty anymore.

    Rikara part wonderful. Baking a delicious cake for his beautiful wife to cheer her up. That was wonderful. I loved it when the three bros sang zindagj song and danced. I think it is their kitchen song. Smearing flour on each other. Rudy again was so funny in the kitchen.

    I just feel there could be two gangs. The one who kidnapped Khanna is probably from the girl’s side. That is different gang from the first one who threw stones at the obros. I have a feeling the first one who threw stones are the henchmen of Rikshabh. He is probably taking revenge on the obros. Remember that guy said this is only a trailer and more to come. So that is different gang from the one who abducted Khanna. Just my passing thought. Perhaps Khanna thought that Attack of stone throwing was for him but I don’t think so.

    1. Hi sindhu di …..
      I am fine di .
      And i am from west Bengal …..
      I don’t think ki jo log stone pekh raha tha wo rishab ke taraf se honge ,,
      the attact is only for khanna ji …

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Episode was good with fun filled family moments.Rikara were good to watch and Gauri was looking beautiful.Don’t know what will happen next but I loved Shivaay’s worries and concern for Khanna.Excited to see how his love story is going to unfold.Take care di?

  18. Good episode

  19. Nikita_jai29

    After a long time… Cvs has planned a couple of episodes on khanna ji….
    Rikara are looking cute….
    Sso ka pahale pyar khanna.. ????

  20. Nikita_jai29

    How are you luthfa dear… Good analysis

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Nikita,
      I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.Yeah,cvs are focusing on Khanna’s love story the first love of Shivaay.LOL!!!Rikara were adorable.Let’s see what happens next.Thank you sooooooo…very much for your love dear.Love you?

  21. Luthfa

    Hi Mimi,
    I think you are new to PKJ.That’s why you don’t know we don’t follow any extremism while expressing our thoughts.We are neutral and do criticise anything BUT remaining in decent limits.And you are always welcome to write and tell what you feel like without getting personal.PKJ is not like Twitter fandom.Here we mingle with each other with love and respect others opinions as well.Being Personal for a serial is not good.I hope you can understand.

    1. Mimi ? What PKJ ??

      Thanks for saying this am really glad because all I saw when I knew the serial is all about fighting about screen space and every Rikara fans keep asking writers to kill Rikara ?And shivaay And Annika fans make fun of Rikara and Ruvya so that it is why I hated the show a lot and wish it to go off air ? …But seeing that here no hater or fight I mean am amazied really good I think I will start to love coming here ❤️? …There is just one question I have what PKJ means ??! ..And thanks Luthfa for making me understand that here is different than twitter ?

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