Ishqbaaz 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says because I care, I decided to move on, I m getting engaged to Ragini. Everyone gets shocked. Some time before, Anika says you broke my room. He says this is my room, I want this room, find other room. She says atleast his tadi came back. She says fine, I will give this room to you, I would have given you even the house if you asked, I m very happy today. He says I have seen your happiness in restaurant. She asks did you follow me. He says no, if I cared, you would have been outside this house, if I want, none can stop me from getting this house. She asks will you make me leave again. He says if you had to go, you would have not done this.

She says whatever I did… He says I don’t want to hear lies. She says you have to listen some day. He says you shouldn’t care, you moved on.

She asks do you think so. He says how can someone move on so soon, who is real Anika, the one I married or this standing in front of me in these clothes, who went to meet some guy. She says you can say I m looking very beautiful in these clothes. He says its not your style. She says you never gave attention to my dressing, today you gave the tip too. Anika says I don’t care if you don’t like my dress, but the one for whom I got ready liked my dress. He angrily breaks a vase. She gets shocked and holds his hand. She sees the blood and cries. She asks why are you punishing yourself, what’s the use of such anger to hurt yourself. He says I was hurt 3 months before, nothing affects me now. He walks off.

Rudra says that’s awesome. Anika says his hand got hurt. Rudra says his heart is hurt, he has thrown the phone and broke things, his line shows he is jealous, he is coming back, we have to take it up. She says fine, I won’t wear high heels, I m happy with my slippers. He says yes, you can’t wear heels with Shivaye. She says you are making fun of Shivaye’s height. He says its done, we have to think of something.

Khanna calls Shivaye and says I got details of that number. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words and says I m coming. Khanna says no need, I will come and say. Shivaye says I m coming. He reaches there and asks what’s the connection with this place. Khanna says its his number. Rohit asks the men to pack sweets. Shivaye asks his name, are you Anika’s Rohit. Rohit asks the man to send kadai, Anika called and said she wanted big kadai, give this to her, tell her not to worry for money, its happens in friendship. Shivaye thinks he is halwai, it means the man she met in restaurant is one she got engaged to.

Jhanvi asks Rudra why did he give long dialogues to her. Rudra you have to do this, you got money, this is necessary to make Stone Singh Oberoi as Shivaye. Shivaye asks for water, why is this not cold. Rudra says I think this matters to you. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Dadi says we made your room fine. Shivaye says I did not break anything. She says yes, it doesn’t matter to you. Jhanvi and Bhavya also tease him. Shivaye asks what do you all want to prove. They say that Billu cares and laugh. Shivaye goes to his room and says I don’t care. Anika acts seeing him. He hides behind curtains. Anika says yes, I will wear that dress which you want, let me get ready, I m coming. She sings Mere haathon mein… Shivaye thinks what the hell, she is singing song and getting ready.

She says I got ready, I look good, I m leaving now. She slips. He holds her. Curtain falls over them. O jaana….plays…. They have an eyelock. Their old moments are shown. He moves off the curtain. She asks what are you doing here. He says its my room. She says my room was not ready, so I came here to get ready. He asks while singing. She says so what, I can do anything, I have to go and meet someone special. He says you can say you are going to meet your fiance. She says yes, he is taking me on dinner, don’t wait for me, I will be late. He says cool, enjoy yourself. He goes. She says he does not care for anything.

Dadi asks Shivaye why did he call them here. Shakti and Rudra ask the same. Shivaye says you all wanted to know, does it matter to me or not, yes it matters, I realized, Anika and you all forced me to think, I have a big surprise for you all, Anika can go late, its imp for her to know. He asks Anika can you wait. She nods and thinks I can wait for you entire wait. He says good. He calls Ragini and holds her hand. He says because it matters to me, I decided to move on in life, I have decided to get engaged to Ragini. They all get shocked. Shivaye says I m doing engagement with Ragini. Ragini looks at him. He asks Anika does this affect her.

Shivaye shows the cake. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya laugh. Anika says you just have our cake left. Shivaye punches the cake. Anika and Shivaye swear cake on each other’s faces.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate anika’s vulger and hifi dressing. I like the old, simple, small chameli aniks

    1. true now day she expose to much but in early ep like before she married her dress look nice and simple make up …nows days she wear heavy make up and expose to much ….

    2. Ranilya

      hmm she was much more classy in her initial outfits….

    3. i also think so…but i like the colours of her dress

    4. i also think so…bt i love the colours of her dress

  2. Dear friends
    Socha ki IB ki epi na dekho.kyunki written update padke koi interest nahi laga.phir aap logo ki comments check karne ki baath epi dekh liya.

    Starting is SHIVIKA? emotional???and touching scene tha.i think shivay jaldhi anika pe barosa nahi karne wala.but jab usse patha chalega tho toot jaayega?anika ko na samajhne ke liye.and last tears in anika eyes?????

    AniRu part is funny and entertainment.bhaiya ki saath heels bhi nahi pehn sakthi?

    Shivay ne Rohit ko pakda.but usse aise surprise milenga ye tho socha nahi hoga???kaise uski haath pe wo kadai de raha tha???

    Rudra ne tho apne mission ko ek film banaya kaise director ki atittude pe tha Mr?mujhe tho bhavya ka dialogue acha laga???

    Again shivika.and anika in her work “billu ko jealous karavo”? and that catch hold scene and shivika beautiful memories??????????agar girne se aise beautiful memories dikhungi tho aur girna okay?????

    Ab ithna hi dekha hai.aur mujhe zyada dialogue bhi yaad nahi aara ha hai.ek baath bolo first shivika scene pe anika apna hair ithar uthar kar rahana thab main uska wo micro phone uski dress pe fit karaya hai?ask bahvya beautiful lag raha tha??but uska hair style I don’t like it thoda make over kiya tho wo Rudy ki saath fit hoga.

    Precap ki baare main Kya bolo it’s superb funny???????????????anirivya ka reaction like ????????

    Aaj main kisiko kuch nahi de paa raha but Shivika,AniRu,dadi,jhanvi,bahvya aap sab logo ko main aise pyaar kartha rahunga.iss liye thoda de rahi hu.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Take care???Monday aane thak comment kar ke ff storys padke wait karthe hai?

    1. Ranilya

      the first 3/4th was good but nthe last 1/4th spoiled everything….
      Uf monday seems to b good according to spoilers….lets see

      1. Hey ranliya
        Ya you right video spoiler pe main uss PBB ko nahi dekha tha?but precap pe hai wo apna boring shakal lekhar.i hope CVS and camera man uska zyada shot na le.warna in sabki masthi tho unki elava sab enjoy karungi.aur wo apna boring shakal and devil expression bana ke ham sab ka mood karab karengi????
        so just wait and watch???

        Take care?

  3. Thanks Ranilya…and swathi…to welcome here in ishqbaaz huge family…and fan following…. ??? ishqbaaz is going so interesting…..I love shivika funny moments…they r amazing?? and the precape was so funny I loved it?? and Rudra is the main entertainment of the serial..actually…waiting for rikara story..?? I know they make the story more intense and interesting??☺?…!!!! Shivika are just so equalize each other?? both are stubborn…?? but lovely☺☺ but I m missing there love talks?? but I know this track is also so osm??…!!!! Waiting for rikara…?

    1. Ranilya

      hi Maryam…. yes along with Shivika’s tadibaaz love we will get Rikara’s exquisite love….but with Rudy i dont know what to expect…. if it was soumya then it would b cudly friendship love….all three types of love would b different yet intense….

      This Bhavya is spoiling everythnig…. bcos of her cant enjoy Shivika or Rikara….

      1. Yesss u r absolutely rite..I don’t understand this bhavyaa track…suddenly..rikara is osm as compare to ruvya…!!! Let’s see what CVS r thinking…

  4. Ranilya

    Finally i got my curtain scene!!!

    Lax… did you see Rohit??!!
    Kahan tum BS ko Rohit banane chali thi ….aur Cvs ne kisko banadiya….

    But seriously I expected a better looking smartie as Rohit…..

    Loved the whole scene….lolzzz suit boot pehen ke Shivay kadai lene aagaya…..

    Khannu Khan was looking even more chubbier today n lil tired too….

    As I said Sheriff Singh Oberoi makes his own judgements….. again related everything to Anika’s engagement….and you stupid girl….why don’t you clarify? Not that he would listen or believe you….

    But poor Shivay is so hurt…. Anika in that 2rs tuchhi dress meeting someone n falling into is arms too…. no …his Anika was never like that….
    “Anika has changed….she has moved on….” “it’s time I do it too”
    Oh no Shivay.. … don’t do it….. you know you can’t take it n neither can she….

    The breaking of the vase.. .. the anger was more directed to himself than her, for waiting for her with the trust that she is His always…..
    Ppl like Shivay can’t b put under patience n analysis tests…. they are not made for it…and Anika knows better….why did she fall into Rudy’s trap?? Here we are not dealing with an angry brother but with a hurt lover/husband….
    Anika’s concern n expressions on Shivay injuring himself well portrayed by Surbhi, Shivay even if he knew she is worrying for him showed ignorance….
    Shivay it’s not just her mistake that she is hurting you…. it’s yours too that you never let go of your NKK ideology….

    Anika back to the same dress!! Why?? I thought it would b a fb….but…
    Are running short of clothes for her?

    I think the Samar n restaurant scenes were add ons as an after thought to intensify Shivay’s MU leading to proposal to yuckini…

    But loved her song n dance and the way she rattled her bangles at the curtain ….that was fun n Shivay green in jealousy …. Loved his expressions….
    And…my most awaited scene…. Anika falling into his arms???????…. he was spontaneous in holding her….even from behind the curtain!!
    The fbs were good….the holi one sply…. 2 days back I had re watched the holi scene…loved it.

    Rudy n his gang! Lol he had made s riots n got them practice g too!!
    But Rudy I knew your plan will backfire!!
    Felt sad to see your expressions change from happy, when Shivay said fark patha hain to sad, when he got yuckini n announced engagement….
    Poor Rudy…..
    The whole room was dull except that stupid Pinky

    Shivay was color coordinated with Yuckini like Anika was with Bandar.
    Yuckini was shocked ? herself to hear Shivay! She too dint expect this would happen!! Her expressions were so dumb…

    Precap– can’t wait for Monday….. girls do something…..Saturday Sunday ko jaldi bagao….
    Shivay punching Anika’s cake✊✊✊….lol….he was like a school kid!! ??

    P.S. the spoiler in which Shivika r in black is ?? black is back…
    Liked Anika’s black dress….
    Even the ice cream spoiler is good…and her white dress too seemed nice…

    1. Ranilya

      Rudy n his gang! Lol he had made s riots n got them practice g too!!
      It’s script* not s riots
      And practiced** not practice g

      And it’s fark padtha* not patha

    2. Anikaa

      ranilya di ….aap ki comment bohot accha hai…bohot sacha bhi…..except meri samar ki part…
      aap samar ko bandar bula rahe hai….very bad…agar bulane hai toh aapki yuckini ko bulalo….meri samar ko nahi

      1. Ranilya

        Thanks and sorry Anikaa…. yo kya hain na muje yeh yuckini n bandar naam pasand aaya in dono kabab mein haddiyon ke liye…. jab tak tumara Samar Shivika ke beech mein nahi aayega mein usko samar bulaungi, jab wo shivika ko tang karega tab bandar bulaungi…….

    3. Ranilya…..i too thought that they will show a smart guy as rohit bt??? ye to halwai nilkla…lol…..i was laughing hard watching that scene…
      Nd how r u???

      1. Ranilya

        im good Ayushi, thank you…. hows your weekend going?

        Yes dear from the first convo of Anika with Rohit on the phone I had imagined a smart handsome guy….seeing whom Shivay would get more green with jealousy….

    4. Nivedita

      Yeah, I found it irritating to see Ani back in the same dress.. if that top design was better, I wouldn’t mind it..cause I really loved it’s shade of blue .

      Did u ever see Surbhi C partying with Surbhi Jyoti segment? Her red top she wore has a similar style of showing shoulders, but is so much classier than what she is wearing in the show..

      Yeah I loved her white dress, though the elastic of the back part ruined the backside a lil bit..

      No dear Samar is the end game of the jealousy track, that’s why he is in the story..
      And that’s why they clarified quickly the Rohit halwai misunderstanding of SSO..
      I feel they will use both Samar and Ragini to make each other jealous..( and that’s why these 2 new characters were added to the show )..

      Yeah I found Surbhi very cute in the curtain scenes. I loved her spraying perfume at SSO part too??.so much silly fun….the whole scene was adorable! ????

    5. Piyuu

      rani anika kaise clarify karenga shivaay usski baat sunne keliye thayyari nai..

    6. LAX

      Haan yaar…!! CVs ne woh bhi chop kar diya. ??? Ab Rohit Gaya bhad mein.
      The breaking of the vase.. .. the anger was more directed to himself than her, for waiting for her with the trust that she is His always….!! Very well said..
      think the Samar n restaurant scenes were add ons as an after thought to intensify Shivay’s MU leading to proposal to yuckini..!! True may be.
      Annika looks beautiful in white in the upcoming ice cream scene. Some fans after seeing the upcoming white n black outfits were asking if Shivani is on a holiday. Lol..!!
      Did u sign the petition?? The one asking to bring back Neha. Check this page, Swathi has given a link below.

  5. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… New member are welcome… Episode is good… Excited for the precap.. Astha dii… Your comment is awesome… And Shekhar bhai… Aapke comments is superb…. And thanks for your time and commenting on MMKAD to all my friends and silent readers….

    1. Ranilya

      Hi Nikita

  6. This is so unreal. A man getting engaged and married and having to celebrate while somebody else cries. that to so many times!! God!! this is so annoying and boring. And Anika’s clothes..doe she not come from a poor background? how does she get to dress like that? really!!! why is it that TV shows are compelled to show women like this? While shivaye is wearing suits and things like that why does Anika wear clothes like that..
    thank god I stopped watching this show!! Now I will stop reading too!!
    Hope u stop showing anika in poor light!!

    1. Ranilya

      Sree this is a serial you cant expect too much logic n social co relation here…..
      its entirely your decision to watch or not watch the series….

  7. Hi good morning ishqiues,
    So finally that day is came sso announced engagement with nagini and start the game of farak padtha ……….backfires the anru plan
    Fb scenes are very touching how much time we will wait for these type Heart full scenes
    Really badly missing the truthful and caring &loving shivika
    Dbo last episode was nice
    Gourika scene r so nice

    1. Ranilya

      Chaithu though the wait seems long im sure we will get good Shivika n Rikara scenes….. untill then tolerate the others n hope for their exit

  8. @Bela dear , congrats go bela go..

    @Nivi dear , yes i saw it on spoiler video. …pinky ponky ke blaberring ke baad didi phone call ke saath chali jayegi but i don’t know …that there is a scene jahan didi ki shawl peheni hui he… kab he aur kaise he…..samajh nahi aa raha…

    @lax dear .bhaiya…lol????..

    @ASTHABABY love your comments. .

    @puspa dear, tumhare pyaare shivay ko thoda samjhao …assume karna band kare..waise bhi meri didi ne kaffi raita faila chuki he.Sso koi aur raita mat felao…..

    @Sekhar bhaiya loved your analysis. …

    @uf dear , Aniriya ka reaction like GANDHIJI KE THREE BANDAR…..??????…….

    @Nikita jai dear i can’t comment on that page but i love this ff…

    @ranliya dear sherrif Singh oberoi. .???..nice name……

    1. Nikita_jai29

      Thanks for your appreciation arpita…

    2. Nivedita

      Hmm interesting spoiler!

    3. Dear arpitha
      Sorry for late reply comment.ya anirivya monkey sticker expression???

      Swathi ne RuMya ko wapas laane ki ek idea diya hai.ek petition pe sighn karna hai.aap please try karna.main try kiya but kuch Mila nahi agar aap sighn kiya tho bathana kaise kartha hai sighn okay?agar hamari mehnath ki karan RuMya wapas milengi tho acha hoga na so try it??

  9. Anikaa

    hi friends….

    kya jealousy episode….
    ab same farak padta hai ani bhabhi ko repeat ho raha hai

    first few minutes – thod phod …bichare bhaiya unki haalat dekh ke bohot buri lagi….chot lagi bhaiya ko dard hua bhabhi ko….

    rudy tum kitna cute ho…apne he ghar pe drama chala rahe ho….ab kya karoge…ab toh bhaiya us naagini ke saath engagement kar rahe hai….tum apni mission ko stop math karo plz continue karo…tabbi toh main apni samar ko dekh sakungi….all the best for your mission…

    anikaa bhabhi gaana gaa gaa ke tyaar ho rahe hai…bohot pyaara tha…aur voh cute curtain scene with flash back wow….

    phir aagayi naagini humari OMM karne ke liye…kyun naagini ki ko zyada track mil raha hai…uske badle mein meri samar ko de sakte the na…aaj ki episode mein maine samar ko bohot miss kiya….

    aab sabh mujhse samar ki konsi attitude pasand hai karke pooch rahe thena…batana complicated hai…

    mujhe samar ki first scene se he bohot pasand hai…
    bohot handsome lag raha tha us drunken condition pe bhi…phir voh shayari….aww….so emotional wahin main gir gayi
    phir second scene….agar koi bhabhi ko gaali dete hai toh mujhe bohot gussa aata hai….chahe voh bhaiya he kyun na ho…lekin jab samar ne bhabhi se gussa kiya..toh mujhe bilkul bhi gussa nahi aaya…bohot pyaara tha….
    then love towards his sister….kitna parwa hai apni behen ki…wow…naagini bohot lucky hai…mujhe bhi haina bhaiya ke naam pe bandar….agar mar bhi jaaun na toh bhi palat ke nahi dekhenge….

    aur restaurant scene….so caring….

    sabse important kya voice hai samar ki….such a sweet voice….samar your voice is now my favourite sound dear….i cant get your voice out of my mind….

    his eyes with attitude …..aag lag jaathi hai tumhaare angry eyes dekh ke…
    his hair….awesome…
    i am sure agar smile kare bhina toh bhi bohot pyaara rahenga…
    bohot height bhi haina….ek dum coconut tree mein half hai…

    anu di…i know him and i like him in ib only

    1. Ranilya

      Anikaa…. Samar in your dp too?? girl you seem to b bounced over by him!!
      never expected anyone here would put up Samar’s dp….

      Dont worry, ab se Samar kuch zyada hi dikhne lagega….. Shivay ka Saala jo ban ne jaa raha hain….

      1. Ranilya

        Bhai ke naam pe bandar mila hain….. bechara bhai…. im sure he does have concern n love towards you but he doesnt express….

      2. Anikaa

        yes didi….really i like samar very much isliye toh apni dp banali hoon….aap ki baat sach ho …samar ki kuch zyada scenes aana hai….i dont think mere bhaiya ko mere parva hai….unhe khud ki parva karne he waqt nahi hai voh kahan se mere parva karenge…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Get well soon Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi C to get my Shivaay Bhaiyya and Annika bhabhi back healthy. #with love from pkj.

    2. Swathi..

      get well soon Nox & Chandu.

    3. Nivedita

      Oh no! I hope they get better soon! ??

    4. Ranilya

      get well soon Narbhi…..

      Surbhi seems to have been doing a lot of weight loss pgms…. hope that is not the reason for her ill health….

    5. Piyuu

      get well soon nakuul n surbhi

    6. Gayathri.visu

      Get well soon Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chanda

  10. My exam is start on Monday
    pls prayer for me
    Amaaya come back soon

    1. Swathi..

      Hi AB all the best for your exam dr.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      AB…All the best for your examination.

    3. Nivedita

      Hi AB wish u all the best for your exams! ??

    4. Ranilya

      best wishes AB

    5. Piyuu

      AB All the best for your exam

    6. Gayathri.visu

      Hiii AB
      All the very best for ur examination dear.

  11. Nikita_jai29

    Get well soon shivika…. And everything will be fine AB.. Best of luck for your exam..

  12. Really yesterday episode was excellent. Enjoyed it uptill shivaay announced his engagement with ragini.As it turned again into a routine plot. But i felt shivaay knows something why annika left him.His dialogues were as such. And that engagement was a drama..
    Ok I want to bring this to everyone notice how many support that priyanka must be cleared of that hit and run case.As of now she is wife of ACP and it dont look good like that. If it is priveer track it would be more intresting .

    1. K CVs have no continuity to Priveer track….Many loopholes in der track…ACP sister,Plane highjack,Mahi truth,Kaamini-Shakti past.Also when Jahnvi blackmailed Tej abt Ashok,I had an intuition that Kaamini might b related to dat incident that occurred in factory 35years ago….She came to trap Shakti and take revenge so somehow she made Shakti believe that SSO nd Mahi were her sons…D truth ll b brought out by Priveer…

    2. Swathi..

      Yes Harsha cv’s completely forgot about hit n run case of Priyanka. They should give proper conclusions to it.
      But not only this as @Neha said there are many incidents n mysteries which needs to be cleared.

    3. Nivedita

      I agree all past unsolved cases of Gayatri murder and running on ACP sis..those tracks should be cleared up.

    4. Ranilya

      Harsha She cant b cleared of that case just bcos she is ACP’s wife…. but that track has been happily forgotten by the Cvs…. all they can do is, show that Ranveer’s sister is alive and has taken back the case. Or the whole Accident Drama was set up by Kamini to torture Prinku to take revenge from the Oberois

      1. Rani u got me completely wrong. U did not understand my context clearly. What i said is that they must develop a track for them which should be sych that her character is cleared out of this case. As u said something planned by their opponents or someone but not kamini as it wilk be next to impossible because kamini cannot guess what is going to happen after two years.As it was showed that the accident happened two years back. So may be ranveer was not a acp at that time.So she cannot guess that all these things happen know.So kamini doing all these is not a correct guess. Also if kamini did it also why will she sit for two years uptill all evidences are wiped out.
        Also the assumption that the girl was ranveers sister is as i thing is also a set up just lije kamini being introduced as mom and daksh as mama. All these are lies just to reach priyanka and torture oberios family
        But what i say is it dont look good that a acps wife is accused in a hit and run case. As it is in the cvs hand instead of showing a may boring track like kamini torturing priyanka and trying to send her to asylum this track will be intresting as i heard that swethlana is comming back. So i feel it wil be more convencing if they show that it was a setup by oberios opponents may be mrs.kapoor or swethlana or something.

      2. It was such not synch. Also lie not lije.

    5. CVs have unnecessarily dragged Shivika.They even showed Rohit to clear Shivaay’s misunderstanding…Even through that meant Shivaay wd find out abt Samar through restaurant and get engaged to Ragini…..All of dis nok jhok s good but somewhere all the tracks r left behind….Mahi Kaamini and Ranveer…..So many unsolved plotlines….

      1. Neha what u said is correct. They must clear a first fact that. Really who is shivaays mother. As the two women are really to horrible to be called as mothers. And also all other unanswered tracks must be cleared.
        As swathi and nivideta said the cvs completely forgotten by cvs.
        They must of course concentrate on the brothers love stories as its name is ishqbaaz.
        But along with it if they want to emphasis on one for all and all for one concept naa. Then these tracks where all will be a part of it must be developed. This was not new but previously it was like that all the bros have love intrests but along with this there was gayatri character who throws challenges to them.and it helped a lot to show their bromance and family togetherness and all that becaude showing love scenes always is also becomes boring all the time

      2. Plz mind with my spelling mistakes and auto corrects

  13. Get well soon shivika …..
    AB…all the best for ur exam

  14. Get well soon nakul n surabhi all the best AB write well which exams r u heading dor

  15. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies.. Please read and commenting on MMKAD.. who is not read!!!!


    Opppsssss….. rudy ka plan backfire ho gya, anika to kam jealous hui but anika se jayda family wale shocked ho gye..
    And i am hating pinki ????????. Kehte hai janam dene se jayda palne wala bada hota hai, but ab pinki ki harkate dekh kr lgta hai wakai sauteli maa sauteli hi hoti hai (according to serial)..

  17. hi everyone it’s my first time to cmnt here but am a silent reader and check your cmnts every day bcz i like it soo much specially astha

    but i have some notes and i would like to share with you all :

    1- shivay’s behavior with pinky before lapse (even after anika left him) and his behavior after lapse in comparison with other family members.( i think he knows that pinky had blackmailed anika and she is the real reason of all this mess )

    2-n the fbs from the day of separation shivay remembers only when anika exposed omkara’s birth truth and house division so maybe he is angry with anika because she knew all his weakness points and used it against him to throw her out of his life

    3- shivay wants the happy chawl at any cost even after anika returned back to om

    4- he accepted omru lies when anika returned back to om (he is not idiot but he wants her to come back in his life)

    5- when samar met anika in the chawl he was holding a photo in his wallet and when he met her in the interview he denied knowing her (why ????) and that was not a plan from ragini as showed in video call that he didn’t know why ragini wanted to hire anika and he was not yet aware of ragini’s wish to become shivay’s wife

    6- when anika was leaving the city a car came and she was shocked seeing the driver of the car and said you ?? if the driver was one of rudra or omkara why they dindn’t show him

    7- i think shivay and mahi are pinky’s sons not kamini’s because however a mum is very bad she can’t try to kill her son like kamini did with shivay and this will be the shock of life for pinky and the punishment on all her bad doings and bad intentions

    8- the priveer track should be progressed soon as kamini is one of the keys of these track

    9- in yesterday’s episode after shivay announced his engagement with ragini his eye look is changed totally after seeing anika’s reaction and he was like what did i do ??

    i hope the merger will not be like the mahasangham episodes interesting at first to attract the audiences then will be full of negativity and i wish the merger is made for shivika’s reunion then to show anika’s past and i pray for this

    finally i hope my cmnt with not too long and makes you feel bored

    1. Absolutely agreed dear with all ur points….Kaamini s d key to both tracks….Priveer nd Shivika….All d tracks need to b filled. ..

    2. Swathi..

      Hi miral welcome to TU ib page & pkj family keep commenting.

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Miral…welcome to pkj. Keep commenting.

    4. Shekhar

      After going through your point wise comment, I appreciate your minute observation skill. It seems you mark each unusual happenings and make out point to raise for question mark. Good !?

    5. thank you all for welcoming me , i wanted to join you before but didn’t have chance and because i love shivika so much i commented here
      i wish they reunite them ASAP

    6. Anikaa

      hi miral dr …wc to pkj …..keep commenting

  18. One day when shivaay came to know the truth he understand how much her heart broke when u call her as exwife
    Tommorow my college classes ( chartered accountant ) starts

    1. Swathi..

      All the best for your classes diya.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Diya…. all the best for your classes.

    3. Gayathri.visu

      All the very best for ur classes Diya….

    4. Piyuu

      all the best for ur classes

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    Gm pkj I know I’m late sry…. it’s gonna noon in few minutes so gud noon & happy Sunday have Fun
    @astha your dream lol???.

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      Swathi…hi hi( sheepish smile). Kaash mujhe aise sapne sach mein aatey. Par nahi Sapne poora hone se pehle mein bed se neeche girr jaati hoon. Meri sapna adhuri reh jata hai.
      Today climate is trying to murder me yaar with hotness. I am expecting heavy rain by evening. Clouded hotness- moisture damn this type of climate.

      1. Swathi..

        Astha baby u fell down?? Ek din Aisa Sapna sach mein aayenge aur poora bhi Hoga. don’t worry I’ll send rainy clouds there from Mysore. It’s so dull weather here.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Swathi… send rainy cloud soon. I am waiting for them.
      Yeah waiting to see one of my such crazy dream uninterrupted. I know aisa nahi hoga easily, as I will again fall or Mumma will shout before that. ha ha now only in between typing this comment she is shouting for me.
      # Happy Sunday..
      Hey… your clouds reached here to shower rain. I came to terrace for taking dry clothes and saw it. Ghar ke andar se nahi dikhta tha Baadal. It will rain soon for sure.

      1. Swathi..

        Wow✌✌ clouds came yayyy now enjoy the Mausam Astha.

  20. Hi miral welcome to ib family
    And happy Sunday to all

  21. Swathi..

    Attention please dear pkj family ? it’s the link to this page n search for rumya. If you want rumya sign the petition n support this.

    I found this on Instagram posted by one of the IB FC.

    1. Swathi..

      Go to*

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Swathi… I signed the petition and find it will reach 200 after 86 more people sign it. I am fine with Bhavya, well I have adapted with her presence,but I did it for you girls. (don’t throw tomato at me girls. tomato hit a century 100rs/ kg in its price today in my place)
        # with love Astha

      2. Dear swathi
        Postal code and iam signing because of (option) Boxe pe Kya type karthe hai.main email user name ka box fil kiya.but ye postal code and iam signing box pe Kya type karna chaahiye I don’t know that.please help me

        Swathi aapko lagtha hai hum sab ki ye koshish se faidh hoga??

        Thank you so much for signing astha??


      3. Piyuu

        i signed the petition n thanks for the link.

    2. Dear swathi
      Jab vrushika gayi thi thab bhi aise kuch tha.but koi kaam nahi aaya but last main OmRi Mila.but ab RuVya ko tho koi accept nahi kar raha tho ye dekh kar ek hope hai.but aapko lagtha Hai GK usse wapas laayega.agar Ektha Kapoor hotha tho phir bhi hope tha but GK se tho hope nahi.aap please detaily batha vo Google pe kaise search karthe hai.detaily.main onrange click kiya aage kuch samajh nahi aara unterstand na what i try to say.



      1. Swathi..

        I just signed the petition, “A Fan petition to Channel( StarPlus ) and Makers( 4LionsFilms- Gulkhan ,KarishmaJain and GorkySir): Bring the Baby Couple of Ishqbaaaz back. #BringRumyaBack.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?
        Here’s the link:

      2. Swathi..

        Dear UF now I shared direct link to support petition you just click on the link it takes you to rumya petition page where in you’ll see sign the petition highlighted in red colour when u enter that page just sign in then done thats it. your are supporting the petition if u want can share it on other social networks too.

      3. Aastha_Reddy

        UF dear…that is optional box. you can write any comment about “Rumya” there.
        Leave your message in the box and then sign the petition.

      4. We can try right uf? Andd i signed the petition. For more supporters we need to post this link daily on this page. I know many still dont know about it. So spread it lets see what we can do.

  22. Please this is a humble request to all fans not to post episode before telecast. If someone post we will block and report it. Spread this to all fans. If we do trp will surely increase

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      twinkle… its useless to request as no one will obey it. People who loves Ishqbaaz and has no time to watch will surely opt for written updates. There is not any copy right order not to share written episode before telecast time. this is wrong also as some site are telecasting it before real channel “star plus”. But it is the duty of four lion production house to protect their show not audience. Hot star is also telecasting it after 6 PM with premium so… people after watching are wishing to share with their friends.
      I think, if the show remains in track with out much shit- bakwas… trp will increase surely. This written update before telecast will help in increase of trp.
      So it has also both positive and negative effect directly on trp. Its up to the production house what they want from audience.

  23. Hiiiii guys…ya kaffi naye members aaye he…SWAGATAM WITH A BIG JADDU KI JHAPPI………And lot lot lot lots of love…..

    Saw the segment…Annika didi did OMM of yukini , nagini…??????..

    Yarr i am hell confused. .that divorce is happened or not……………………………………..

    Rubhya romance is coming. ……………..
    But when i saw lee with neha….ankho main assun aagaye….?????????……….

    Bilu and bili locked in a store room and fighting like tom and jerry……..????…

    But plz Nooo heated argument. …..but When bilu stared..his table manner didi became angry and scold Sso..then Sso leave…and didi was his behind…plz plz plz nok jhok will be ok…but no argument. ..bahut ho gaya…..ladai hame pasand he…but heated argument nahi…..?????…..

    @AAnnika dear?, Samar oopss i mean Mr ghungralu in your dp…..??..i am surprised. …???….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita Darling…you are so happy to see your Chandu didi bashing Psyconi. Stay happy always.
      Yes yaar we are wishing to see silly fight not hot hurtful argument.

    2. LAX

      That store room Shivika moments ll end up in a heated argument I guess.

    3. Anikaa

      oh arpita….aap sab log aise surprize ho rahe hai ki maine samar nahi koi bhooth ki photo upload kari hoon….

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Anika…tumhara dp ka chup saitan se kam he kaa??? ( In full Aamir Khan style).

    4. Piyuu

      anika bashing yuckini ye baat sunkar am so happy.mein nahi dekha ye segment thanks for the information dear.

  24. And uff I too signed the petition and now 132 members have signed within 2 days it will hit more than 200 hope so but u know what today also having hope that rumya will be back with a bang

  25. And sry to say I’m new here can I join ib family

    1. Swathi..

      Hello fahiiazeez welcome to IB tu page & pkj family. Keep commenting.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Fahiiazeez…. you are sorry to declare your self new here!!! I would love to or I am crazy to suits pkj more. You should be feeling happy with your entry in pkj.
      WELCOME to pkj… the most craziest family of ishqbaaz.

    3. hello Fahiiazeez…welcme to pkj family..even am also new like u…bt i can assure u one thing that all members of pkj family are very sweet…

      GOOD NIGHT…and SWEET all

    4. Nila

      Hi fahii welcome

    5. Anikaa

      hi fahiiazeez…wc to pkj…keep commenting

  26. Swathi..

    Astha same here?. But i don’t know if I’m ok with ruvya or not.. But I’m badly missing Rumya yaar. They are unique n their Tom n Jerry fights, teasing each other & lot more things. Let’s see what happens.

    GN pkj family & ishqies

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Swathi…It seems useless now. They just can’t make Mansi Srivastav out like this after signing contract with her. Audience have to accept this pair now. It will be alright after few months.

      1. Dear astha
        Kasam main bhi Shivani ko out karke kritika ko wapas laaya tha na tho kya makers neha ko wapas nahi laa saktha.audience dil se nahi majboori se accept karunga.aur jab bhi leenesh neha ya rudy soumya ko yaad karungi tho ruvya unki saamne kuch bhi nahi hai.jithni bhi dhin aa jaaye but rumya ko nahi boolunga.agar trp kam hua na tho koi contract Inka kaam nahi aayega.main tho ye chaatha ho ki audiance RuVya scene tv pe na dekhe agar aise trp kam hoga tho inko neha ko wapas laane ki ilava koi option nahi hoga.astha aap bhi try kyu nahi kartha aise tv pe RuVya scene na dekh kar baaki scene dekhungi tho samajh aayega inko RuMya ka value.trp Kam hua na tho GK ho ya jobi hu sab apni aap line pe aatha hai. So please hope math chodiye RuMya ko wapas laane main help kariye.

        Astha mujhe aapka ek help chaahiye.petition pe first name,last name,email ki neeche ek box haina.postal
        code and iam signing because…..(optional) wala box pe kya type karengi please help me????

  27. U can call me fahii also ??

  28. And I want pkg members to sign petition of we want rumya so let’s our gul mata see the fan power

  29. Good morning to all
    Monday is here waiting for 1hour continue IB
    Fahii Welcome to ply family

  30. Fahii Welcome to pKJ family

  31. Swathi..

    Gud noon pkj family.
    It’s Monday n 1 hour of ib yayyyy.
    @Uf it’s enough if u signed n it is optional to give reason why we are signing in. The result I don’t know it’s upto makersof the show to bring Neha back.
    @ Astha yes dr somewhere I too feel the same. Let’s see what happens.
    @piyuu welcome dr.

  32. TUFriendsForever

    So here I again another time to share my OS link.
    U may wonder why I post the link here when i don’t comment often here it’s just for my satisfaction
    For an author one comment does matter if u have time pls do read n comment

  33. Shekhar

    Feelings are supposed to get flow like water, and if once it get stopped to flow, feelings get start to polluted taste . What we are keep seeing is simply , we never get the flow of feelings stopping from either side of SHIVIKA, let them be close or away, in love zone, hate zone or anger zone, it never get stopped, a non interrupted continious flow of feelings for each other we found at each point of SHIVIKA JOURNEY having varying degree of intensity. Love is also stood there behind their hate, anger or physical avoidance. We never found either one at IGNORED state so far.

    So far what I saw in rel time VC from around, it is sure, PINKY, RAGINI track is going to end in a short while, and SULTAN is coming up being a HAVOC in OF. How he has been related to OF is interesting to know. I , long back mentioned, in very first EPI, ASHOK was found with some unknown entity in the car before his so called suicide, I doubted that unknown person may come up as SULTAN on which car, KHAAN was written.

    So new TWIST provider s on board now, and written as well as VIDEO spoilers says, he is the father of ANNIKA, then let’s see what is coming up next.

  34. Ughhhhh ??this pinky is so much irritating… !!! I hate her the most she is the biggest villain of sweet shivika???

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