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Ishqbaaz 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye going towards his car. The mysterious lady says Shivaye is just few steps away from his death now. She presses the remote button and the car explodes. Om and Rudra get shocked seeing the car blast. Some time before, Shivaye asks Anika to apologize, else….. She asks what else. He holds her hand and pushes her in the swimming pool. He steps inside the pool and looks at her. O Jaana……plays…………. He walks to her. They see each other. She starts leaving. He holds her hand and stops her, asking her to apologize.

She moves ahead and he pulls her. He says you want to know what I can do if you don’t apologize. He draws her closer and twists her hand, asking her to apologize. He pushes her away seeing the police coming there. Shivaye asks inspector to arrest this

girl, she has come inside our house by hiding. Inspector says arrest her.

Priyanka tells Shivaye that Anika called me, its 6 missed calls, she came here to get her keys. Rudra says she has to stay in lockup because of you. Shivaye says I know her well and I know why I m punishing her. He recalls everything and asks everyone why are they worried, she just went to jail, she did not get hanged.

Om goes to Shivaye and says we both know that girl is innocent. Shivaye says we both know there is no use to talk. Om asks whats happening, why are you affected, that girl has something, you forgot what you say, you say enmity is also between equal people, how did you get related with this girl, why is she imp for you, you always fight with her. Shivaye says I m surprised you feel so. Om says I m surprised you don’t know this. Shivaye says its stressful day for me, that girl does not affect me at all. He recalls Anika and goes. Om says people lie to others, you are lying to yourself my brother.

Anika is in lockup and looks at her bracelet. She says even if darkness is deep, moon peeks in from anywhere. She sees the marks on her hand and recalls Shivaye. She angrily says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Shivaye sees her nail bites on his hand and recalls her. He gets angry….. the lady hides and says Shivaye is in tension already, I did not do anything yet, your night and sleep are going to spoil.

Shivaye gets a call from a reporter Geeta. He asks do you know what the time is. She says I have some news which can ruin your family reputation and market value of your business, this news can be bad for your family. He asks do you know to whom are you talking. She asks him to see video first and then I m sure you will want to talk to me. Shivaye checks video of Tej drunk and being with Shwetlana. He tells her that bad marriage is a big burden, I m giving divorce to Jhanvi so that we can unite. Shivaye talks to Geeta and says if you think you can blackmail me with this video, you don’t know Shivaye Singh Oberoi then…. Geeta says think well, I will call again.

Anika talks to canteen owner lady and tells how she is trapped. The lady asks Anika not to worry and have some food. Anika says I can’t eat, don’t know Sahil had eaten anything or not. Bua tells Sahil that maybe Anika went with that guy and speaks bad. Sahil throws ketchup in her eyes. Bua gets angry. Anika tells the lady that Lord is there, but does not have time to look at us, I trust myself even if Lord does not trust me, I m just worried for Sahil, I want Lord to see Sahil today, as Sahil is alone. Bua kicks out Sahil and shuts the door. Sahil crawls and asks Bua to open the door.

Shivaye sees Om awake and thinks Om is already worried, if that video leaks, Om will become like before, I can’t let that happen. Geeta calls Shivaye. Shivaye asks the price. Geeta says you will get chip in morning, price is just 50 crores. Shivaye says you will get the money, if this video leaks, then you will know me. Sahil cries and misses Anika.

Its morning, Rudra asks Priyanka to come, lets show our swag. Pinky and Jhanvi also dance on London Thumakda…. Dadi also joins them. Dadi, Om, Rudra and Priyanka smile seeing Pinky and Jhanvi dancing together. Dadi wonders where did sun rise today. Rudra takes their pic. They all smile.

Tia gets suit for Shivaye. He thanks her. She asks are you going anywhere. He says its important work, I will see you soon. He takes the briefcase. He goes out and hands over the briefcase to a man. He gets the video chip and keeps that in pocket. He sees Tia there. She asks whats happening. He says not much. She says its okay, you don’t have to explain anything, if you had to share anything, I m always here. Om and Rudra come there. Om asks Shivaye where is he going on engagement. Shivaye says its imp work. Rudra asks imp than engagement… Tia says its okay, just try to come soon. Shivaye thanks her for understanding. She goes. Shivaye walks to his car, while Om and Rudra are going to the either side towards the house.

The mysterious lady says Shivaye is just few steps away from his death now. She presses the remote button and the car explodes. Om and Rudra get shocked seeing the car blast. Shivaye stumbles back seeing the fire.

Om and Rudra run to save Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivaaye u will not die.

  2. Love this show. Great episode. Does this mean Anika is going to be in jail for a while since Shivaye is injured and no one will remember to withdraw the case against her? Poor Anika, hope she goes free.

  3. Dee(devaksha)

    Y is the first part always repeated twice in the story

  4. it is becoming more interesting day by day…..luv u brothers…

  5. Nothing will happen to shiv ….shiv will withdraw the case tommorow n i think Anika will say sorry for sake of sahil…..I hope Anika will not say sorry

  6. Mukti.H

    Does every epi have to start with a bang…? Anyways love this show…

  7. Loved yesterday’s episode so much want to see cute moments of shivika

  8. Priyanka is also tej and jhanvis beti

    1. Yep…..

    1. Tej and Jhanvi ‘s SON

  9. I’m curious how shiv will fall for Anika? They have so much annoyance for each other…. it was interesting to see Anika matters enough for shiv to think about her when she is not around as our lively Om has said☺

  10. Shivika slayed my whole existence n how !!!
    Nakul n Surbhi, u guys r just too awesome.
    Love u guyz <3 <3 <3. Keep Rockin!!!

  11. It’s interesting and nice story like pkd in which ad was there he will hit this serial also .rudra and om are also very good looking and shiva looks smart

  12. I like shiv and om.nice episode.i am waiting for the co star of om.

  13. shivika is good going

  14. I think shivaye will forget about anika & then he will realize his mistake , then he feel guilty

  15. Good epi …but y does that lady tries to kill shivaay

  16. Guys im confused could you’ll tel me who tej jhanvi pinky and the other people are like.. who are oms parents who are shivayes and who are rudras? Thanks:)

  17. Also this show reminds me of kushi and arnav!!:)

    1. Yes, it does.

  18. Tej and Jhanvi are om,Rudra and Priyanka’s parents. Shakthi & pinky are Shivaye’s parents.

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