Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om says you can’t do this with my mum. Tej asks who are you to explain me. He asks Pinky to explain Shivaye who could not clear out till now who’s his wife and who’s his child’s mother. Shwetlana and Tia smile. Anika sees them. Sometime before, Shivaye talks to Khanna and says I fired the security team, I want you to hire new team, whatever happened yesterday should not happen again, did you get it, okay…. Tia smiles and goes. Shivaye sees Om and Rudra. Rudra says Shivaye’s temper got high. Om checks and asks Rudra how did you learn this word. Rudra says I heard it on tv. Shivaye says I have lots of work to do, every day there is a new problem. Om does shayari – there are some moments of problem, some are of regrets, restlessness and questions, if you get free of them, meet us, we keep

happiness saved in Gullak/storage banks.

He says Shivaye, problems come on own, but we have to find small moments of happiness. Rudra says wait, Om likes to say easy thing in tough thing, I will explain, we did not have Obro moment and my intelligent talk, we did not hear Om’s stupid shayari, we thought to spend time, we can make breakfast. Shivaye smiles and asks so this was it, it was simple and Om said all that….. He laughs. Rudra jokes is Malal, male’s plural. Om and Shivaye pat him on his head. Rudra says I got it after long time, so secret slap looks good. Shivaye pats again. Rudra says enough now, come. They laugh and go.

Anika stops Tia and asks where is Robin. Tia worries and recalls his death. Anika asks again. Tia asks who Robin. Anika says your brother. Tia asks why are you asking. Anika says his letter came. Tia gets shocked. She says how can he send letter. Anika says not his, letter came for him, it was sent to your mum’s house, Robin was not there, so it came here. Tia says give it to me, I will give him. Her hand shakes. Anika observes her. Tia holds letter. Anika asks where is Robin, and why are your hands shaking, did you do any mistake, when someone does mistake, person’s hand gets on vibrate mode like this. Tia says just give it to me, and turns to go. Anika stops her and asks where are you going there, you were going this side right. Tia goes. Anika says don’t know what goes on in her mind. She goes. Tia says why was she asking about Robin, does she know truth.

Tia goes to Shwetlana. She says Shwetlana di, its me. Shwetlana gets up, and removes fake medical aids. She says oh god, its tough work to keep lying down. Tia says Anika was asking me about Robin. Shwetlana says how can Anika know anything. Tia says Anika never does anything without reason, she will ruin our game. Shwetlana says we will be careful. Tia says I have permanent solution, Shivaye fired security team and new team will take time, it means there will be no security today, we can’t get better chance to kill someone. Shwetlana says fine if you want this, I have a plan.

Rudra says welcome to Oberois mansion, both openers have come, Zulfi Oberoi is on my right and Bagad Billa is on my left. Om laughs. Rudra names Shivaye as Anika. Om names some dishes. Shivaye says Aloo puri. They ask Aloo puri. Om asks are you fine. Rudra jokes. Om says you know puri is fried in oil. Shivaye says puri can be fried in ghee too, ghee is healthy. Rudra says I know why he finds aloo puri interesting and full of nutrition, as Anika likes it. Om asks really. Shivaye says oh, she likes it too. Rudra says oh, you did not know it, you are big Chuparustam.

Shivaye says I can see what’s going on in your life. Rudra asks what, you are mistaken. Om asks what is it. Shivaye says we will make aloo puri now. Om says its Oberoi brothers time. They start singing Zindagi milke bitayenge…… They get dancing and cooking. Anika comes there and smiles seeing them. Shivaye and Om kiss Rudra. They see Anika. Rudra asks Anika to come. Anika says I was seeing, you three stay happy together, as if there is no problem, pain or worry, I did not know Shivaye can get happy to this level, maybe this is called family, its that…. Om says Obro moment. Anika says I spoiled it, sorry I will leave.

Rudra says wait, hear breaking news, you know what did Shivaye make in breakfast. She says maybe hollywood type of breakfast. Om says wrong, its aloo puri made by ghee. Rudra says it will fulfill every wish. Anika smiles seeing Shivaye. O jaana…..plays…….

Everyone sit to dine. Rudra tells Dadi that its special breakfast, it was Shivaye’s first kitchen. Dadi asks what. Rudra says first rasoi, like Anika made paneer for Shivaye, he made something special for Anika. Dadi asks what did he make. Om says Anika’s fav Aloo puri. Jhanvi says its okay Shivaye, many things change after marriage. Om says Rudra was in tension that Shivaye will change after marriage. Rudra says but universe changed Bhabhi. Shivaye asks are you all done, we shall have breakfast now. He serves aloo puri to Anika. He asks her to eat and praise it. He says you are blushing again. She smiles.

Tej gets Shwetlana there. Jhanvi asks Tej why did you get Shwetlana here. Om reminds its their family time. Tej says i know, if she did not save my life, I would have not been here and eve family time would have not been here, can’t you see she got saved from death, you can show gratitude to dine with her. Pinky says I told you, I can kill her, she reached dining room, she will not get late to reach your bedroom. Jhanvi says Tej please, I allowed Shwetlana at home, it does not mean I accepted her in my life. Om says you can’t do this with my mum. Tej asks who are you to stop me. Shivaye says Bade papa… Tej asks him not to say in this matter.

Pinky asks Tej to have shame, how will this affect children. Tej says Pinky please, if you have to explain, explain your son, who did not clear out who’s his wife and who’s his child’s mother. Pinky asks Dadi to see Tej is dragging Shivaye. Shakti asks Tej not to talk like this with Pinky. Tej asks him to explain Pinky not to talk in other’s matters. Jhanvi says I understand Tej that Shwetlana saved your life, but every house has some limits, none wants Shwetlana to dine with us. Tej asks everyone or you. She says even I don’t want her to dine here. Tej says that’s your problem, Shwetlana will dine with us. Om reminds Jhanvi is his wife. Om says I have seen who is mine and who are not, I don’t expect anything from you. Rudra asks them to stop fight.

Shivaye asks Tej to understand. Tej says Shwetlana saved my life, you all are treating her like she did big mistake. Jhanvi says enough, I can’t see this anymore. Dadi stops Jhanvi and says house traditions are not broken for outsiders, you won’t go, you have rights, its tradition that everyone dine together, and Tej to become good in one’s eyes, its not smartness to become bad in ten persons’ eyes. Jhanvi says sorry, I can’t have food today. She goes. Dadi asks everyone else to have food, I will talk to Jhanvi. Tia comes and greets them. Om leaves. Tia asks what happened, why do you all look so upset. Tia and Shwetlana smile. Anika sees Tia.

Shwetlana says Anika’s death. Shwetlana and Tia add acid in coffee pot. Shivaye talks to Khanna and says I need the security to be fixed today. They hide. Shivaye takes coffee. Anika takes the cup from him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aarosh


    |Registered Member

    they had done a big mistake chala pedda tappu chesaru only anika meeda concentrate chesi remaining andaru valla meeda concentrate cheyyadaniki full scope ichesaru monday nunchi episodes adiripotayi anukuntunna

  2. Trisha

    I luv oberoi moments most😍😘😘 I want to share Gud news abut isqhbaaz trp rating Isqhbaaz is in TOP5*
    How many u like or not udaan but i l v to watch two serial one isqhbaaz nd another is udaan nd both serials increase there trp rate Udaan bcome TOP2*

  3. Sharmi

    Such a rubbish episode.. O Bros scene gave life to the episode..
    I think Anika had doubt on nafratbaazis sisters. Hope she il confirm that soon.
    They should give some shivika scenes O Bros scenes rumya priveer scenes and they also should bring om’s lady love to the show. Simply this nafratbaazis track will make viewers to hate the show as they won’t even finish the tia pregnancy track soon
    And hello ishqbaaz fans how ru all

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      Dont be so rude,it was nt a rubbish episode.We cant just have all good moments an romance all the while.V value these things only bcoz the villians r thr,an they r very much reqd,else the story will get boring.An the villians make family bondings stronger.I understand if u say they r draggin,bt rubbish is not the word.

    • Sharmi

      And for villain character tia alone is enough.. Tia’s acting is pretty good and natural. Im unable to digest Svetlana.

  4. In

    Ugh, i hate Swetlana and Tia! I wish this nafratbaaz plot ends soon! I hope Tia gets exposed as well! lol, Tia was shaking when Anika gave her Robins letter! Uff, I have to wait one more day for ib! I hate waiting, but oh well

  5. shahabana

    Ohhhh plssss someone kill this swetlana and tia…..and this tej hiw disgusting he is…..he doesnt had any shame to be with his mistress infront of his sons…..and he is expecting om to behave with him….ohhh plsss end this stupid tia swet drama
    And k we should talk positivity of the show….ohhj my shiomru….u where the stars of the show….love u shiomru….after long time bromance….its superb one….when this three are together its lije fest
    And shivaye is making aaloo puri for anika…not bad sso…jhanvi is right things changes after marriage…look how sso is becoming shivaye and romantic after marriage….tooo cool man
    I loved how rudy saying its shivayes first rasoi after marriage….and universe changed bahabi….thats super cool
    And about precape dntknow what to say….
    Anyways good ngt guyz….getting sleepy

  6. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    such a lovelyy episode ignoring the kapoor sisters.. waited so long to see the oberoi bros work in kitchen, they really look so lovely together as ANika said, forgettin all their tensions n pain.The kitchen hats looked so cute on them.
    So sweet that shivay prep anika her fav bf even though he does nt like it, an so cutely the whole family was teasin them.
    I tght tat seein tia reaction to the letter anika will think more on it, bt the scene ended.
    So basicaly the kapoor sisters are in OM to break the family bth emotionally n phyically,after a long time saw the family fight.Poor shivika always become a target of it,but i lik it tat even after thiis they are together.

    Om i just love u, they way u deliver ur complex shayari,goes above my head, bt ur expressions get etched on heart.

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      hi archiya , l think maybe the letter will end up in shivika or omru’s hands , that’s why they did not want to show more about it
      shivika is the target bcz tej is jealous of sso and am waiting for rumia wedding to be known so the OF will tease them the way they did with shivika

  7. Cutepy

    I love you shivika…. Nice episode…. I like obros moment…… I hate tia. she is khabab mein haddi.

  8. ishq

    disppointed every time someone comes n spoils shivika happy moments..billuji aaj kal jyada hassrahi hai..caring hubby..really anika is damn cute while blushing shivaay paagal hogaya anika blush se he cnt even control his smile n cnt take his eyes off from anika infront his family wow..

  9. Lax

    It was a balanced episode I felt. Fun, romance, drama, emotions everything in right proportions.

    Shivays sneaking affection was a treat to watch. Shivay prepared aloo puri for Annika that too in desi ghee Awww, so sweet of you, Shivay😄😄 Poor thing Annika, she was not expecting to see this side of Shivay in her wildest dream and thats the real reason of blushing. Wish Annika aise hi khush rahe which is next to impossible, I know. Shivika looks so good when they are happy.

    Moments of happiness was shattered in a second when Svetlana was at the dining table. And Om was all worked up when he saw her, still he fought for his mother. A darling you are, Om😄😄
    But I must say Tej was right when he said to Pinky – samjhana hain tho Apne bete ko samjhao. Shivay it’s high time you sort things in your life.

    My fav. Dialogue- par universe ne bhabhi hi badal di. Rudr u r a cutie pie😄😄

    In the Precap one thing is not clear- If Kapoor sisters wanted to kill Annika, why should they mix the solution in Shivays coffee machine. Annika hardly drinks that coffee. Or is it ek theer se do nishaana.??

    P.S.- Loved Dadi’s neckpiece.

    • Jaya


      |Registered Member

      My mind also striked same qestn…i think killing shivay anika will die itself…emotional type…uh…no clue.

    • Lijince


      I think Tia’s plan is not to kill Shivaye….instead they are trying to divert Anika’s attention…..they don’t want Anika to find out their truth….because Swetlana is not dumb like Tia….she knows very well that Anika will somehow find their truth….and now Anika will be very cautious about anything concerned with Shivaye… her focus will only be on Shivaye and not on other family members which will give Swetlana the chance to plot against Tej/Om/Rudra or anyone else other than Shivaye…..I feel so….

  10. Nafisa

    Day by day it is losing it’s pride almost all the ep has the only nafsis track and in today’s episode there is no Shivika scene or Priveer track. And if we talk about Roumya the authors hardly give one or two scenes in few ep and Om’s lady love had not even appear yet. What has happened with this show. And the nafratbaaz sisters are just doing one by one drama and Swetlana had almost won control on Tej’s brain and heart once again. I just wonder some time that how can a person believe that lady who has already betrayed him before. And do this Oberois do any legal formalities before giving job to peoples in their house and in industry? My point is if they do then why did they have no information about Swetlana’s family. Keeping family apart at least they should know about her parents? The security team of OM is being fired by Shivaay but why didn’t Shivaay think that if there will be no security in OM then the attackers can attack in this time gape. In the precape it has shown that ani is taking the tea from Shivaay’s hand and she is drinking it if she has seen Tia to mix acid in the tea then why is she drinking it. CONFUSING!!!!!!😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  11. storyReader

    The spoilers say that Romi will blackmail Rudra about Priyanka’s MMS she will put a condition of marrying her… will the fun loving,carefree Rudra deal with this big trouble?? I am eager to watch his bold side

  12. Esther


    |Registered Member

    Yuck Shwetlana,,,,,,,,,,kick her out,,,,Tej could use his commonsense and think how did Shwetlana reached there at right time to save him,,,,,,afterall how she came to know about his car brake failure……even Pinky thinks better that Tej some times,,,,she understood that it’s not a coincidence…….
    welll OBRO momets were good

    • Esther


      |Registered Member

      and I don’t think that firing all old security staff and hiring new ones will help as the villains are already inside the house…new/old ,Oberoi security is a joke always

  13. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    serioucly l think the 3 obros should separate from the elders , they have bad influence in their lives and the source of their problems are both tej and shakti but its the young one who are paying the price , sso and anika being the favorit target of the nafratbaaz is too much , tej is very jealous of sso , bcz deeply sso is everything tej wanted to be but somehow couldn’t , his buisness is shady and probably he and shakti are having illegal buisness that’s why they have many ennemies unlike sso who is smart and hardworking and was successful better than his uncle without using the same methodes and that makes tej feels inferior to sso that’s why he brings him to every fight
    shivika relationship is becoming too good to be true , first she slept in the pool area and then in the library but yesterday in the same room , lol she is an ep away from the bed
    the acid in the precap was it for anika or sso ?? am guessing its for both of them since the coffee machine is in their room but they dont know that she hates cali coffee but l think anika will somehow see or suspect them that’s why she took the cup from him
    am guessing this incident will push them in the corner as sso and anika will suspect them or atleast tia that’s why maybe swetlana will use the falling from the staires to gain sympathy and looks innocent but the smiles that anika saw in the end will convince her that there is a connection ( hope so )

    • Lax

      Mouni…!! U said it – Shivika’s moments are too good to be true. And thats y I am worried for Annika. I don’t want her to ve a heartbreak again believing Shivay.
      She is just an episode away from the bed😂😂 lol
      And I don’t think Annika actually made out the connection between Tia n Svetlana, that last stare was to confuse us I feel.

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        me too am worried that after all that there will still be problems btw them , and how to explain their relationship to the world while tia is the one who is declared as his wife and even after rotilana gets exposed will his parents accept her ?? its hard bcz of pinky
        but there is another option , anika may be the one who actually asks for divorce , l prefer this option as l want to see how sso will react

  14. Maria

    I don’t like the pregnancy track because its common but this nafratbaaz track is actually good. We can’t have no villains or drama. There has to be that.

    At least this track is bringing the leads close rather than separating them. The more endangered shivika will be, the more they will care about each other. so yeah, i like this track a lot. at least for the first time they are not creating misunderstandings between the leads unlike they do in so many episodes.

    why isn’t the show 7 times a week >.>



    |Registered Member

    Awsome obro moment.. saw it after sooo long.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Breakfast moment before entry of tej was sooooooo cooolllll… 🤗🤗🤗🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    And rest episode go to hell…

    i would like to say that Anika more good look in Indian dress as compared to western dress, i mean she look nice in western too but more in Indian.. where as somuya look more good in western dress as compared to Indian dress… 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  16. Agrima

    Hate this nafratbaaz track to the core.
    Obros moments add life to the show….♥♥♥♥ zindagi mil ke bitayege…hale dil gake sunayege..
    Im in love with kunal jaisingh.♥♥♥
    The way he deliveres his shayaries is just mesmerising…and his smile is just katilana…hope that his love track (which should be intense and passionate) starts soon so that we get to see his romantic side also 🙂 🙂

    • shab khan

      Hi shiv thanks for the previous comment wishes iniya puttandu nalvalthukkal belated,💐💐🎶🎶 from my side an I liked ur profile a lot romba awesome 🎶🎶one more thanks 😍😍😍

  17. Latha Murugan

    I think tis serial is not so dragging compared to other serials..I just enjoying every u writers

  18. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Hey everyone how’s u all?????
    Mukta abiha Luna shahbana samyukta saku shaza haya Shana kiki nithu Veda saahana yazhu Mona mouni shiv razna sunehri niveditha Sindhi nadiya arichiya sharmi aarosh aqua dhruvvv shivu dhruv Bhai muktiii how r u all???missing u…….

    Reni di is busy with her work solo she said shell comment afterwards….

  19. Jaya


    |Registered Member

    My mind also striked same qestn…i think killing shivay anika will die itself…emotional type…uh…no clue.

  20. Aarohi

    One word for this episode :- “Sensitive”
    I really love the mother-son relationship of Jhanvi-Omkara. Few years back, my Ranveer used to protect his Panchi against all odds, n now our Om protects his mother from being disrespected by his father… Whatever it is, it’s always a visual treat to see Kunal perform. N here are a few things I know U guys probably won’t even agree with me but still my heart wants what it wants :

    1. Tia – She is the show-stopper to me.
    Indeed, she is a fantastic actor
    potraying her every emotion so
    beautifully. With a very pretty
    face n that charming smile, I
    always find the good side in
    her. Somewhere deep down,
    she misses Dushyant n feels
    guilty of what she did coz
    though she has problems with
    the Oberois, she loved her
    husband a lot. N don’t know,
    but it’s always painful to see
    the villain in tears!

    Still, I don’t have this soft corner for Shwetlana, Romi and their mother. These three are insane.

    2. I will love Palki to join Ishqbaaz as Om’s love interest. Ranveer (kunal) n Panchi (palki) looked a very cute couple together in The Buddy Project. So why not her? It’s the cutest when best friends fall in love…

    N Veda di, tumi r comment korona?

  21. Abiha

    Heyyy guys …..
    @mukta…..renima d…..richu d….saku…..disha….nevidita d….shivani d….shahabana d….haya d…..tharu d….luna d….samyukta…..dhruvv bhai ….dhruvvv bhai….muktii d….priya 15….priya29…..shaza…..piyu(piyaliii))….
    Sunheri….rosu d…roz d….sat….Razna….Aahana…..veda d…..sahana ….
    Sorry if i forgot anyone….
    How r u all…?
    Hope so remember me….

    @Richu d…..m fit n fine… r u..? I was busy wth studies …n also mentally disturbed due to sickness of one friend…so was not commenting here….

    @saku… r u…??how’s ur studies….missed me …or not….

    @shahabana d….how r u..?

  22. Abiha

    Coming to the ishqbaaz….i m loving the new turn in shivaye’s life….n anika….nowadays ….shivaye ‘s fvrt line….””Anika ….u r blushing…..””😄😄 ..i dont like kapoor sisters …hate romi n swetlana …but lil pity for tia…nowadays m loving priveer also….in yesterday’s episode obro moment….was giving soooo much happiness to me …both three look sooooo cute togather…n that Aloo puri ….no words…

  23. shahabana

    Hellooo Abhiha im really fn dr….how r u ? …hiw is going studies and all
    Richu dr im fn dr…..hope u also doing well
    And about episode… loving sso more day by day….he is becoming a perfect husbend material day by day… Look ishqbaaz is really different….in every shows hero wakeups late and heroine wakeups early and take care of husbends….but in ishqbaaz look how anika sleeps till late…..shivaye got ready earlier and making breakfast for his wife….how coolna….every girl should get a hubby like shivaye….he works at both in office and house…..ohhhh kanji ankewala baagad billa why u are becoming so sweet and romantic…..u are killing girls by ur eyes already… we are falling for ur new cool hubby attire…..
    Ohhhhh i think i praised much about shivaye……
    And plsss make rudy and omkaras marriage to…then we can see how they will tc of their wifes….
    Im getting mad by ishqbaaz… u ishqbaaz

  24. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    it was nice to see shivomru’s bromance after a long time . i want to kill this tia , i mean the character . stupid kapoor sisters , just hate them to the core . hope tia dies soon , then there will be no problems . svetlana also entered oberoi mansion , god know how many more problems kapoor sisters will create for shivika and omru . and i am really missing om , he is hardly shown , can anyone pls tell me when om’s love interest will enter the show . aloo poori scene was so cute , but it was spoiled wid svetlana’s entry

  25. Lax

    Guys..!! I donno if it’s a mistake, in today’s programme schedule (shown by the cable operator) it’s written IB from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

  26. ishq

    exactly shabana di..ishqbaaz is different from other shows datsy it has got lot of love n craze..i love ishqbaaz n even after mrge anika dressing style nt changed n wakes up late..sso preparing breakfast for her n it wake ups mindset of people who thnks that only wife should do all sacrifice n shivaay is so caring that we cn see the way he hold her hand n moving her hair as if she is a cute doll who melts by u shivika n o bro moments r awesome as always

    • shahabana

      U are right ishq ishqbaaz is setting new trend that not only girls even boys also can tc of their wife……im loving this

  27. shekhar

    It becomes the special moment for a gal when she get her husband makes breakfast for her, that is of her choice and over more against his choice!

    Its a unique side of SSO who hate AALOO PURI all the life and then after being cook, he prepared AALOO PURI for ANNIKA! All this shows his obsessity towards ANNIKA!

    When a persons deviated from his own life long norms, standards it can be happen only if his some wish reaches to the level of death wish!

    Somewhere discussion was going on EQUALLITY of ANNIKA and SHIVAAY, and it reached to the die hot temperature and concluded, SHIVIKA unison just can not be longed. They would be right if transformation of SSO to SHIVAAY did not take place, slowly and gradually.
    While anaysing this, they would have been forget how much SSO was being affected by ANNIKA since first episode, why he was keep postponing his wedding marriage rituals with TIA?

    When one come over to LOVE, later or sooner, he tends to get rid of all those matter which he find it hurdles to get it!

    He ignored PINKY, strong support of TIA, even did not care what might TIA could think for making food for ANNIKA, and bluntly prepared the favorite dish for his wife ANNIKA and served too in front of whole OF. I think, if TEJ had seen all this, he would not rudely taunted SSO refering ANNIKA!, and even for that unborn child of TIA!
    Anyhow, he is doing what he should do and keep continue with it what ever find it fit to the situation arised overnight, but certainly, he accepted ANNIKA as his wife by the feelings emerging out from the core of his heart. He is committed , and used to fullfill his committment at any cost, invariably, no matter what it may be!

    He almost lost to TIA’s child, and when even his own mother made his LOST confirmed, he found only ANNIKA beside him with all the trust over him, that is against his all the doubts over her!
    He valued her, and eventually reacted in his own way with all the right perspective! He was never used to be naughty with outsider, and we had seen him enough naughty with ANNIKA!

    • shahabana

      U are right Shekhar its really a special moment for a girl when her hubby will make breakfast for her….shivaye is doing a lovely hubbys job very well….he is not bothering about his familys reaction….
      Well shall i ask one question will u make breakfast for ur wify in future….dnt be serios…im just kidding…dnt scold me for asking a personal question….i know u wont comments out of topic
      K i have one doubt if u know clear me….why sso taunted rudy that i know whats going on in ur life….is he know anything about rumya

      • SHEKHAR

        It is very recent incident .

        He had seen RUMYA just over the stair case talking with each other ramantically under which he was passing. and then when he dragged ANNIKA passing by that stair, we got a beautiful SHIVIKA and RUMYA moments. He knows , something is going on between RUMYA, but has no clue for their marruiage.

      • Lijince

        Shahabana….I agree that it’s wonderful if ur hubby cooks breakfast/lunch/dinner for you….and that too your favourite dish……a wife cannot ask for more 😀 😀
        But personally, I won’t like it if he shares it with other family members also…now that’s what Shivaye did…..that was totally unacceptable for me…..its ok if you are serving it to your family…..but atleast he could have had a ‘private’ breakfast with Anika….

        Now, becz of Svetlana none of them tasted the dish….and Shivaye’s efforts go wasted! Not fair yaar! Hoping to see both of them cooking together…..romantic kitchen moments! ;P ;P

    • Lijince

      Shekhar…..I agree on all points you have said…..but Shivaye can’t continue having 2 relationships for long….though he told to Anika earlier that neither he will leave her nor will let her leave, I don’t think he will be able to keep his word. Next time Mrs. Kapoor threatens him with a new story, he will not think about anything other than his family name. And he will ask divorce from Anika…..he has not signed the papers earlier….but Anika has signed. But, I really hope Shivaye will not change his mind in Anika’s matter whatever may come!!
      So I feel either Shivaye has to inform the family members what he will do with Anika….but before that he should reveal his feelings to Anika yaar!! The 3 magical words have not yet come from both of them….I think it will happen on Valentine’s day… 😀 😀

      • shekhar

        Lijince, when I wrote, he is committed, and fullfull his committment, I pointed my finger at his committment to TIA he made to marry her, and he is bound! But now, under new circimsances when he found his MIL and TIA black mailing him for OM and his so called child , he needs some genuine reason to step back from his committment to TIA, in other sence, an ESCAPE from his commitment!
        When he told ANNIKA, I will not leave you, and will not let her leave, it was all under circuimstancial feelings, and that’s why on her ples again, being sad and withdrew his pomising hands clinched in ANNIKA’s hands, thinking his commitment to TIA!
        YAA, ON KAPOOR’s further drama, he will be forced to do anything , but all wil be against his wishes!
        Any how, continius showering of KAPOOR’s drama means it is certain that atleast SSO will find a escape soon he badly needed !
        As I don’t see any possibility of regression , TIA will never get married with SSO, that is what I assumed!



    |Registered Member

    hey guys i am back on telly updates after such a long time as i left after it was confirmed that vrushika mehta left the show and i only used watchfor ishkara but i gonna join here again as helly shah is entering this show as she is my one of the favoutite actress am i welcomed here again.

    moreover my favourite actor param singh’s show ghulaam gonna come so iam gonna be regular member here even there are many sandhir and kyy fans also present here , they may also be there on that shows updates for their favs

  29. shahabana

    Good morning guyz hv a nc day
    Guyz there is a good news…ishqbaaz won several catogories in online votings…here is the winners lis
    Favret sereal of the yeat -ishqbaaz
    Favret actor of the year-Shivaye aka Nakul
    Favret actor in supporting role-Kunal jaisingh aka omkara
    Favret actor in conedy-Rudra aka Leenesh matto
    Favret jodi of the year -Shivika (anika and shivaye)

  30. Lijince

    Hi Ishqbaazians…….I am back after leave….wishing all a very blessed, wonderful and fantabulous New Year!!
    Couldn’t watch IB regularly for the past 2 weeks….had been busy with work and then for New Year I was down with viral fever….had a feverish New Year this time….. 😀 😀 But somehow watched videos in hotstar and read the TUs to keep updated….so I am commenting on the whole 2 week happenings….kindly bear with me!!
    First of all, I think the makers are missing some logical points….if Tia, Shwetlana and Romi are sisters, how come the Oberois missed such details about the Kapoor family when Shitia marriage had been fixed for a long time…..Swetlana was Tej’s secretary and they didn’t check her past?? Shivaye didn’t check on Tia’s past before agreeing to marry her?? Strange….
    Secondly, didn’t Soumya mention earlier that Romi and she were childhood friends…..if so, Soumya will be knowing about Romi’s parents and sisters na?? Or would the makers tell us that the Kapoor sisters were living separately from each other with different parents….I can’t imagine more absurd situations!
    And this new mystery about Om….illegitimate Oberoi son and all…..Om’s character already has many mysteries to it….to top up all of them this one too… Om is very soft-hearted and a pure soul, I think the makers find his character the easiest one to mould according to their needs….
    And finally, Anika and her cooking skills…..I don’t understand why the makers are so much into making Anika look like a dumbo…..Anika has already told many times and to Shivaye in that ‘enchiladas’ epi that she is experienced in catering services and she also must have cooked food for Sahil….She had served burnt pasta to Shivaye earlier….but that was ok with the situation. But, serving tasteless, burnt, ‘bakwaas’ dish to the whole family without even tasting it is totally unacceptable. It would have looked better if Tia had adulterated the dish and then Shivaye saved Anika from that….
    Coming to New Year episodes….SSO Yeh ho kya raha hain?? How on earth can the great Kanjiaankhonwale Tadibaaz Baagad billa Shri Shri Shri Shivaye Singh Oberoi be so romantic?? SSO’s smile….hai mein marjawan!! And actually Shivaye is blushing more than Anika. And Anika as always in her bindass mode….its a pleasure to watch Surbhi!! All the Shivika moments was a feast to the Shivika fans….Shivika dressed in white is so perfect for their romance….and SSO looks more handsome when he is grinning and smiling all the while when Anika is with him….what more can Shivika fans ask for as New Year gift na…..what say??
    And why are they delaying the entry of Om’s girl?? Isn’t Helly finalized yet?? Even Rudra and Soumya have started to understand their feelings….so its time for Om’s ladylove’s entry. I also think that Ranveer will help Prinku in this MMS scandal and thereafter, Prinku will marry him….but just hope the makers will not make it the other way round….like Ranveer also joining with the Kapoor sisters….


      As per the story, Svetlana (Reyhana Malhotra) has entered the Oberoi mansion to help Tia (Navina Bole) in destroying the family.
      Now, her next step would be to kill Anika (Surbhi Chandna).
      Yes, as per sources, Svetlana will get goons to attack Anika but she will get saved, fortunately.
      Adds the source, “Anika, though shaken, will understand that she was attacked by Svetlana and Tia. She will understand that Tia’s objective is not to marry Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) but has bigger plans.”
      Anika will reach out to Shivaay, Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo), and share her observation. The trio would agree that there is something amiss and will decide to work as a team to unravel Svetlana’s reality.
      Will they manage to do that? Or will Svetlana-Tia once again play a trick to save themselves?
      We called Surbhi but she was busy shooting.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.