Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om says you can’t do this with my mum. Tej asks who are you to explain me. He asks Pinky to explain Shivaye who could not clear out till now who’s his wife and who’s his child’s mother. Shwetlana and Tia smile. Anika sees them. Sometime before, Shivaye talks to Khanna and says I fired the security team, I want you to hire new team, whatever happened yesterday should not happen again, did you get it, okay…. Tia smiles and goes. Shivaye sees Om and Rudra. Rudra says Shivaye’s temper got high. Om checks and asks Rudra how did you learn this word. Rudra says I heard it on tv. Shivaye says I have lots of work to do, every day there is a new problem. Om does shayari – there are some moments of problem, some are of regrets, restlessness and questions, if you get free of them, meet us, we keep

happiness saved in Gullak/storage banks.

He says Shivaye, problems come on own, but we have to find small moments of happiness. Rudra says wait, Om likes to say easy thing in tough thing, I will explain, we did not have Obro moment and my intelligent talk, we did not hear Om’s stupid shayari, we thought to spend time, we can make breakfast. Shivaye smiles and asks so this was it, it was simple and Om said all that….. He laughs. Rudra jokes is Malal, male’s plural. Om and Shivaye pat him on his head. Rudra says I got it after long time, so secret slap looks good. Shivaye pats again. Rudra says enough now, come. They laugh and go.

Anika stops Tia and asks where is Robin. Tia worries and recalls his death. Anika asks again. Tia asks who Robin. Anika says your brother. Tia asks why are you asking. Anika says his letter came. Tia gets shocked. She says how can he send letter. Anika says not his, letter came for him, it was sent to your mum’s house, Robin was not there, so it came here. Tia says give it to me, I will give him. Her hand shakes. Anika observes her. Tia holds letter. Anika asks where is Robin, and why are your hands shaking, did you do any mistake, when someone does mistake, person’s hand gets on vibrate mode like this. Tia says just give it to me, and turns to go. Anika stops her and asks where are you going there, you were going this side right. Tia goes. Anika says don’t know what goes on in her mind. She goes. Tia says why was she asking about Robin, does she know truth.

Tia goes to Shwetlana. She says Shwetlana di, its me. Shwetlana gets up, and removes fake medical aids. She says oh god, its tough work to keep lying down. Tia says Anika was asking me about Robin. Shwetlana says how can Anika know anything. Tia says Anika never does anything without reason, she will ruin our game. Shwetlana says we will be careful. Tia says I have permanent solution, Shivaye fired security team and new team will take time, it means there will be no security today, we can’t get better chance to kill someone. Shwetlana says fine if you want this, I have a plan.

Rudra says welcome to Oberois mansion, both openers have come, Zulfi Oberoi is on my right and Bagad Billa is on my left. Om laughs. Rudra names Shivaye as Anika. Om names some dishes. Shivaye says Aloo puri. They ask Aloo puri. Om asks are you fine. Rudra jokes. Om says you know puri is fried in oil. Shivaye says puri can be fried in ghee too, ghee is healthy. Rudra says I know why he finds aloo puri interesting and full of nutrition, as Anika likes it. Om asks really. Shivaye says oh, she likes it too. Rudra says oh, you did not know it, you are big Chuparustam.

Shivaye says I can see what’s going on in your life. Rudra asks what, you are mistaken. Om asks what is it. Shivaye says we will make aloo puri now. Om says its Oberoi brothers time. They start singing Zindagi milke bitayenge…… They get dancing and cooking. Anika comes there and smiles seeing them. Shivaye and Om kiss Rudra. They see Anika. Rudra asks Anika to come. Anika says I was seeing, you three stay happy together, as if there is no problem, pain or worry, I did not know Shivaye can get happy to this level, maybe this is called family, its that…. Om says Obro moment. Anika says I spoiled it, sorry I will leave.

Rudra says wait, hear breaking news, you know what did Shivaye make in breakfast. She says maybe hollywood type of breakfast. Om says wrong, its aloo puri made by ghee. Rudra says it will fulfill every wish. Anika smiles seeing Shivaye. O jaana…..plays…….

Everyone sit to dine. Rudra tells Dadi that its special breakfast, it was Shivaye’s first kitchen. Dadi asks what. Rudra says first rasoi, like Anika made paneer for Shivaye, he made something special for Anika. Dadi asks what did he make. Om says Anika’s fav Aloo puri. Jhanvi says its okay Shivaye, many things change after marriage. Om says Rudra was in tension that Shivaye will change after marriage. Rudra says but universe changed Bhabhi. Shivaye asks are you all done, we shall have breakfast now. He serves aloo puri to Anika. He asks her to eat and praise it. He says you are blushing again. She smiles.

Tej gets Shwetlana there. Jhanvi asks Tej why did you get Shwetlana here. Om reminds its their family time. Tej says i know, if she did not save my life, I would have not been here and eve family time would have not been here, can’t you see she got saved from death, you can show gratitude to dine with her. Pinky says I told you, I can kill her, she reached dining room, she will not get late to reach your bedroom. Jhanvi says Tej please, I allowed Shwetlana at home, it does not mean I accepted her in my life. Om says you can’t do this with my mum. Tej asks who are you to stop me. Shivaye says Bade papa… Tej asks him not to say in this matter.

Pinky asks Tej to have shame, how will this affect children. Tej says Pinky please, if you have to explain, explain your son, who did not clear out who’s his wife and who’s his child’s mother. Pinky asks Dadi to see Tej is dragging Shivaye. Shakti asks Tej not to talk like this with Pinky. Tej asks him to explain Pinky not to talk in other’s matters. Jhanvi says I understand Tej that Shwetlana saved your life, but every house has some limits, none wants Shwetlana to dine with us. Tej asks everyone or you. She says even I don’t want her to dine here. Tej says that’s your problem, Shwetlana will dine with us. Om reminds Jhanvi is his wife. Om says I have seen who is mine and who are not, I don’t expect anything from you. Rudra asks them to stop fight.

Shivaye asks Tej to understand. Tej says Shwetlana saved my life, you all are treating her like she did big mistake. Jhanvi says enough, I can’t see this anymore. Dadi stops Jhanvi and says house traditions are not broken for outsiders, you won’t go, you have rights, its tradition that everyone dine together, and Tej to become good in one’s eyes, its not smartness to become bad in ten persons’ eyes. Jhanvi says sorry, I can’t have food today. She goes. Dadi asks everyone else to have food, I will talk to Jhanvi. Tia comes and greets them. Om leaves. Tia asks what happened, why do you all look so upset. Tia and Shwetlana smile. Anika sees Tia.

Shwetlana says Anika’s death. Shwetlana and Tia add acid in coffee pot. Shivaye talks to Khanna and says I need the security to be fixed today. They hide. Shivaye takes coffee. Anika takes the cup from him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hii abiha im fyn dr……hw r u?

  2. Shekhar and Aarosh thanks for clearing my doubts


    hey guys i am back on telly updates after such a long time as i left after it was confirmed that vrushika mehta left the show and i only used watchfor ishkara but i gonna join here again as helly shah is entering this show as she is my one of the favoutite actress am i welcomed here again.

    moreover my favourite actor param singh’s show ghulaam gonna come so iam gonna be regular member here even there are many sandhir and kyy fans also present here , they may also be there on that shows updates for their favs

    1. hi they didn’t confirmed it yet about helly shah entering the show.

    2. Welcome back Kushagra…
      But Helly is not entering ishqbaaz comfirmed by helly shah…

  4. Good morning guyz hv a nc day
    Guyz there is a good news…ishqbaaz won several catogories in online votings…here is the winners lis
    Favret sereal of the yeat -ishqbaaz
    Favret actor of the year-Shivaye aka Nakul
    Favret actor in supporting role-Kunal jaisingh aka omkara
    Favret actor in conedy-Rudra aka Leenesh matto
    Favret jodi of the year -Shivika (anika and shivaye)

  5. Aiyo Tia enka swetlana drama epudu eipothundo emo. Enka papam omkara

  6. Hi Ishqbaazians…….I am back after leave….wishing all a very blessed, wonderful and fantabulous New Year!!
    Couldn’t watch IB regularly for the past 2 weeks….had been busy with work and then for New Year I was down with viral fever….had a feverish New Year this time….. 😀 😀 But somehow watched videos in hotstar and read the TUs to keep updated….so I am commenting on the whole 2 week happenings….kindly bear with me!!
    First of all, I think the makers are missing some logical points….if Tia, Shwetlana and Romi are sisters, how come the Oberois missed such details about the Kapoor family when Shitia marriage had been fixed for a long time…..Swetlana was Tej’s secretary and they didn’t check her past?? Shivaye didn’t check on Tia’s past before agreeing to marry her?? Strange….
    Secondly, didn’t Soumya mention earlier that Romi and she were childhood friends…..if so, Soumya will be knowing about Romi’s parents and sisters na?? Or would the makers tell us that the Kapoor sisters were living separately from each other with different parents….I can’t imagine more absurd situations!
    And this new mystery about Om….illegitimate Oberoi son and all…..Om’s character already has many mysteries to it….to top up all of them this one too… Om is very soft-hearted and a pure soul, I think the makers find his character the easiest one to mould according to their needs….
    And finally, Anika and her cooking skills…..I don’t understand why the makers are so much into making Anika look like a dumbo…..Anika has already told many times and to Shivaye in that ‘enchiladas’ epi that she is experienced in catering services and she also must have cooked food for Sahil….She had served burnt pasta to Shivaye earlier….but that was ok with the situation. But, serving tasteless, burnt, ‘bakwaas’ dish to the whole family without even tasting it is totally unacceptable. It would have looked better if Tia had adulterated the dish and then Shivaye saved Anika from that….
    Coming to New Year episodes….SSO Yeh ho kya raha hain?? How on earth can the great Kanjiaankhonwale Tadibaaz Baagad billa Shri Shri Shri Shivaye Singh Oberoi be so romantic?? SSO’s smile….hai mein marjawan!! And actually Shivaye is blushing more than Anika. And Anika as always in her bindass mode….its a pleasure to watch Surbhi!! All the Shivika moments was a feast to the Shivika fans….Shivika dressed in white is so perfect for their romance….and SSO looks more handsome when he is grinning and smiling all the while when Anika is with him….what more can Shivika fans ask for as New Year gift na…..what say??
    And why are they delaying the entry of Om’s girl?? Isn’t Helly finalized yet?? Even Rudra and Soumya have started to understand their feelings….so its time for Om’s ladylove’s entry. I also think that Ranveer will help Prinku in this MMS scandal and thereafter, Prinku will marry him….but just hope the makers will not make it the other way round….like Ranveer also joining with the Kapoor sisters….

    1. As per the story, Svetlana (Reyhana Malhotra) has entered the Oberoi mansion to help Tia (Navina Bole) in destroying the family.
      Now, her next step would be to kill Anika (Surbhi Chandna).
      Yes, as per sources, Svetlana will get goons to attack Anika but she will get saved, fortunately.
      Adds the source, “Anika, though shaken, will understand that she was attacked by Svetlana and Tia. She will understand that Tia’s objective is not to marry Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) but has bigger plans.”
      Anika will reach out to Shivaay, Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo), and share her observation. The trio would agree that there is something amiss and will decide to work as a team to unravel Svetlana’s reality.
      Will they manage to do that? Or will Svetlana-Tia once again play a trick to save themselves?
      We called Surbhi but she was busy shooting.

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