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Ishqbaaz 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tej says I made you wait a long, but today we are going to make a new start of our life, come Shwetlana. Shwetlana goes and holds Om’s hand. Tia says mom has sent this, she wants you to open 100 crore trust on our baby’s name. Shivaye takes the papers to sign. Some time back, Shivaye asks what are you saying Bade Papa. Tej says I told you not to interfere in my personal life, I m not answerable to you. Dadi says but you can answer your mum, your wife is in such lifeless state because of you, and you are doing engagement, don’t you have shame. Tej says you also know Jhanvi and my relation is just namesake, this divorce is not a formality, I should have done this before and married Shwetlana, anyways never too late, I decided to get engaged today, and then marry Shwetlana after getting divorced from

Jhanvi, none in this entire world can stop me from doing this. Rudra asks how can you do this. Tej says shut up Rudra, you don’t need to talk in between. Rudra asks Shivaye to say something to Tej, why are you silent, please say.

Dadi says Tej, you are doing a big mistake. Tej says I took decision, I will not change it now. Shwetlana comes downstairs and asks everything okay. Tej smiles seeing her. He says I have been so unjust to you, I made you wait a long, but today we are going to make a new start of our life, I m so happy to get engaged, come Shwetlana. Shwetlana walks past Tej and holds Om’s hand. Everyone get shocked. Shwetlana says I was waiting for you since long. Om says finding engagement ring took time, afterall ring should be beautiful as you. He makes her wear the ring. Tej and everyone get shocked. Shwetlana makes Om wear a ring.

Om asks Tej won’t he congratulate. Tia smiles. Tej says you got mad. Om says please no need to interfere in my life. Tej asks what’s this nonsense, will you say something. Om says talk to my fiancee with manners, you can see we are engaged, take my advice, anger is this age is not good for health, come Shwetlana. She holds his hand and goes. Tej looks on angrily. Anika comes in Om’s way. Om says I took decision, don’t stop me. Rudra comes in his way. Om moves Rudra aside. He leaves with Shwetlana.

Shakti sees Jhanvi’s state. He says Maa, just Jhanvi can explain Om. Dadi says how to tell Jhanvi, she is not well, if she knows about Shwetlana and Om’s engagement, what will be her state. Priyanka says how can Om do this, how can he take stupid decision. Rudra says I went to talk to him, but he is not ready to talk. He asks Shivaye to talk to Om, why are you silent, you were not like this before. Shivaye says even Om was not like this before, we can’t do anything, engagement is done. Anika says but marriage did not happen, we should explain Om.

He says Om does not listen to anyone. She says if that’s Om, then you are Shivaye, you can do anything and fight with the world when its about your brothers. He says I can fight with world, how to fight with brother, I supported Rudra in his decision, if Om took decision, how can I interfere, don’t worry, everyone will be fine. Rudra asks how, the one who can make things fine sat quiet. Shivaye says things will get fine, trust me. He goes. Rudra says Shivaye changed, just he can explain Om, who will explain Shivaye. Anika says I will talk to him.

Anika goes to Shivaye. He asks her about file. She says I m talking to you. He says I told you not to move my files. She asks are you fine. He says what happened to me. She says its big thing and you are showing as if nothing happened, Om did strange, you are behaving more strange. He asks what am I doing. She says you are not doing anything, Om got engaged to Shwetlana, you know her. He says even Om knows her, if he got engaged, its his wish, I can’t do anything. She says talk to him, fight, argue with him. He says Om will not change decision. She asks won’t you try. He says you are thinking for Om, Om is thinking for family, Jhanvi attempted suicide because of Shwetlana, Tej was giving her divorce, Om is just doing engagement with Shwetlana, if my mum took this step, I would have burnt this house.

She asks you mean Om is doing right. He says yes, he is doing this for his mum, sometimes we have to decide things which are wrong for us and right for family, sacrifice is right for family, Om and Rudra did same, I also did that, there is nothing wrong. She says its wrong, family is not happy with his decision, Om’s life will get ruined, he will get married too. He says so what, its just marriage.

She asks when will you understand, relation is not a deal. He asks really, do you think so, why did you marry me, tell me, you feel Om is doing wrong, my thinking is wrong, you tell me why did you marry me. He reminds and says for saving Sahil’s life, you also kept family first, what’s wrong if Om is doing this, sometimes we have to forget ourselves for family. She says again at same point from where we started, when I think I m understanding you, you do something, I can’t understand you. He says I will always be same, there can’t be anything imp to me than my family and blood. He goes.

Shwetlana says for many years, I was after Tej and waited for him, I have seen dreams to become Oberoi empire owner, when my dream was getting fulfilled, I left it for you. Om says shut up your nonsense, you did not leave Tej for me, but for money, tell me your price. She says you are talking like Shivaye, this new Om is more interesting. He says just tell me your price. She asks can you give, Tej is owner of 5000 crores, you are an ordinary artist, will you be able to buy me. He says its not tough to buy things on sale, tell me price. She says 100 crores.

He says done. She says this 100 crores is just bonus, I got the real price, to see you all in pain, I can’t tell you how much fun I got, you, Tej and your mum Jhanvi are in pain. Om angrily twists her hand and says don’t you dare to take my mum’s name by your bad tongue, I will kill you, don’t be mistaken, I just did this engagement so that you stay away from my mum and Tej. She says you have changed a lot Om. He leaves her and says you will get your 100 crores. He goes. Her phone rings. She gets scared. She answers Tia’s call. Tia says congrats, you played so well, Oberoi family got shaken up. Shwetlana says right. Tia says I will give them second shock now.

She stops Shivaye. He asks what’s this. She says mom has sent this, mom feels you don’t want to take my and our child’s responsibility, she is insecure, she wants you to open 100 crore trust on our child’s name. He says I told you I have taken the child’s responsibility, whatever is mine will be his. She says yes, but its tough to explain mom, she asked me to give these papers to you, see her call is coming, talk to her. He talks to Mrs. Kapoor. She says I had to choose this way, just sign the papers, you can lose everything to save 100 crores, Om already got storm in life, if he gets hurt again, you know what will happen, if you don’t want everyone to know that Om is illegitimate, just sign the papers. He gives phone to Tia. He asks for papers. Tia gives him. He gets thinking. Anika comes and stops him from signing the papers. Tia gets miffed. He looks at Anika.

Anika pushes Shivaye and asks why don’t you understand, whatever I m doing is for you. He shouts then don’t do it, don’t interfere in my life. He pushes her. She falls down. Shivaye runs to Anika and sees her lying in a pool of blood. Tia looks on and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t think shivaye is part of om’s plan.. I liked Om’s move to defeat Tej but I can’t digest that characterless shewatlena standing with my om and holding hands..

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    Guys guys guys!!!!!!!! Do not miss out today’s episode!!!! It’s quite hilarious!!!!!


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