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Tia gets close to Shivaye and hugs him. Dadi and Anika come there. Dadi says like there is no godh bharai before sangeet, same way there is no suhaagraat before marriage, so till you get married, you are guest here, you have no right to stay in Shivaye’s room, its his wife’s right, Anika’s right. Sometime before, Shivaye says I don’t believe this marriage, then how can Anika be my wife, Tia is my wife, I will marry her once I give divorce to Anika, I don’t need to give any explanation. He leaves.

Tia cries and says I know you are angry on me, but grandma you tell me what’s my mistake, I m the victim, I got kidnapped and could not marry, Shivaye married someone else, maybe this was written in destiny, will I bear punishment of this mistake which I did not do, can’t we make this situation

better. Tia acts of foot sprain. Pinky asks what happened, I think its bad sight, come with me, I will ward it off.

Dadi stops Anika and says don’t go. Anika says there should be reason to stay back. Dadi says you are this house’s bahu. Anika asks how am I the bahu, did you not hear Shivaye, he does not regard me wife, he said it 100 times that he does not believe in this marriage. Dadi says yes, I heard it 100 times by him, but you did not say once.

Ranveer holds Priyanka’s hand and says come. She asks where, are you arresting me, please don’t arrest me, let me inform my brothers, they will get worried. Tia comes to Shivaye. He asks what happened. She cries and says nothing, I was feeling low. He asks is there any problem. She says so much changed in a day, I got kidnapped and could not marry you, so much confusion in family, mom is annoyed and not talking to me, I m really sad. She smiles and acts. She says I m so lonely, none can understand my feelings except you, so I came here, to you, I want to forget everything, all I want is to see you, your love, just hold me tight baby please. She hugs him.

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Dadi says he is a fool, its not that he has no mind, he has a mind but does not use it, I will explain him, if he does not agree, I will hold his ears and tell him that you are my bahu, and you will stay here. Tia gets close to Shivaye and hugs him. Dadi opens the door. Tia gets away. They see Dadi and Anika. Anika turns to go. Dadi takes her inside room. Dadi says no need to explain, Dadi says I know you both want to marry, but rasams should be done in order, there is no godh bharai before sangeet, same way there is no suhaagraat before marriage, so till you get married, you are guest here, you have no right to stay in Shivaye’s room, its his wife’s right, Anika’s right. Tia gets shocked. Dadi asks Tia to go out. Rudra comes and greets Tia. He says I will take Tia to guest room and sings song Tia gayi guest room…..

Shivaye looks at him. Dadi asks Tia to go and rest, as she got hurt today. Rudra says come Tia. Tia looks at Shivaye. Rudra says don’t think, come, I know many sher. They leave. Dadi says wife’s place is not given to anyone else, Anika has her place in this room. Anika says no Dadi. Dadi says listen to me, this is your place, don’t leave it, don’t worry for Sahil, I will send Soumya, she will take care of Sahil. She calls Shivaye as bagad billa and says you talk a lot about family respect, you just say or can do anything. He says I can do everything for my family respect, I can give life and take life, I did not love anything more than my family respect. Dadi says then Anika is respect of Oberoi family, always remember this, don’t go against your words. Dadi smiles and goes shutting the door.

Rudra does shayari. Om corrects the words. Rudra says Tia reached Shivaye’s bedroom, she roams as if she is Oberoi bahu, she should have some dignity. Om says sometimes situation is that there is less difference between right and wrong. Rudra says universe wanted Shivaye and Anika to get married, the perfect couple gets married. He sees Soumya.

Shivaye asks Anika where are you going. She says outside, I stayed here for Dadi’s saying, I feel suffocated here, don’t worry, I will not spoil things more, I will come in morning before Dadi wakes up. She goes.

Soumya asks shall we go for dinner, I have to go to Sahil. Rudra asks why. She says Dadi asked me to go there, Sahil is alone. Om says I will go and call Priyanka. Priyanka asks Ranveer where did he get her. She says my brothers will be finding me. Om looks for Priyanka. Ranveer shows a girl. Soumya says I did not know you are mature. Rudra says its not like that, I flowed in emotions and said about Anika and Shivaye, not us, did you say anything. Soumya says yes, you changed a lot Rudra, you used to get house on head for small thing and create big scene, big incident happened with you and you did not let anyone know. He says we decided we will not tell anyone. She says I m not saying about our marriage, I was saying about your kidnapping. He says fine.

Priyanka asks who is she. Ranveer says my sister Nisha. She recalls the accident and get shocked. She gets Om’s call. Om says she is not answering, where did she go, pick up the call Priyanka, I hope she is fine. Soumya cries seeing Rudra’s wound on arm and says you got hurt and did not tell anyone, I m really sorry Rudra, it happened because of me, I should have told you about Rumi. He looks at her. He says whatever had to happen has happened, come we shall go and have food.

Priyanka says but she died in that accident. Ranveer says I felt the same, last week I got to know she is alive, thank God, she was in hospital since last two years, she went in coma. She says you knew and did not tell me. He says I wanted to tell you, but you were out of city. She says you made me helpless to accept crime today. He says yes, I wanted to you do you guys regret for your deeds or not, now I m sure not just me and my sister, you and your brother are also suffering since two years, not now, you and your brother are free from this guilt. She cries and says it means I did not kill anyone. She holds him. He consoles her. She gets away.

Soumya says I like gobi parathas. Sahil notes down and asks with pickles or butter. She asks why are you noting everything. He says you don’t miss your home when you stay at SSO’s house. She says I miss when I m much sad or happy. He says you are emotional. He asks her name spelling. She tells him. He writes his name also and says what will be our couple name. He writes Sa Sa. She asks him to sleep. He says Sa Sa….. and smiles seeing Soumya.

Priyanka calls Om. He asks where are you. She says I m with ACP Randhawa. He asks what, did you tell anything. She says I m fine, everything is fine, that girl whose accident happened by us was ACP’s sister, she is alive, now we don’t need to be in guilt, I m coming home and will tell you everything. Om gets shocked and gets tearful eyes. He says come soon. She says yes, I m coming. She sees Ranveer. Anika goes away and thinks of Tia’s words. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Nazdeek hai dil ke….. plays…..Anika cries. They sleep.

Dadi asks Anika and Shivaye to get ready and come for rasam. Tia scolds Anika and says Shivaye will do next rasam with me. Anika says I have elders’ blessings, I won’t regret if I lose, but I won’t let elders’ blessings lose.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wt a sad episode.rudra rockzzzz

  2. Mouni

    well well a new video guys , it looks like anika will have fever due to the pool scene

    shivaye will never be able to take her out of his mind , he just does not want to admit it

    1. Archiya

      v bth just posted wit a min time gap… i m waitin eagerly fr this video

      1. Mouni

        lol its good that we both were doing same things in diffrent parts of the world we are IB superfans lol

      2. Archiya

        We sure are Mouni, u are not from India?

    2. Mouni

      lol no am from north africa

      1. Archiya

        So u understand hindi?

      2. Mouni

        not much lol

  3. Archiya

    guys u shld watch this.. its so romantic..
    and anika is gettin nitemare of her sis again.. so looks like sana(Om lead) is gng to enter as anika sis

    1. Archiya

      For all thse who cant see the video.. ANika gets fever after shivay throws her in the pool.. and will be gettin her sis nightmare.. n he gives tabs to her.. n carries her 🙂 mostly to his room

      1. Mouni

        well its interesting if sso will hear it and starts asking questions , what if sana is her sis , it will be very good twist right and it will be better if she got a hidden intention like the inspector

      2. Archiya

        Yes Mouni,
        we heard tat sana is enterin as om lead, and at the same time anika gets dream of her sis, only once at the start they showed her get nightmare,, after tat only now.. so mayb they r just giving the start to sana as anika sis.. an ya it will b a great twist.. n she may also come to take some revenge from oberois.. well this is just my thinkin

  4. Hey guys new spoilers tells that shivay comes to know that sahil is handicapped and he feels guilt

    1. Shiv

      Too much of guilt in queue for shivaay!! Let’s wait for oberois new rasam for guilt!!!!even if it’s take little time!!!?

  5. Hi ishquies… After sometime showed some good scenes of others too… Happy for om and prinku, they got relieved from their biggest problem but it won’t last for long I think yes definitely Ranveer is something upto seriously but priveer looked good together and their first hug… Rumya scene was also nice but I felt sasa sounds good better than rumya, how sweet Sahil, he wants to know about the likes and dislikes of his loved one, cute puppy love…
    No words about shivika, I just got only angry I don’t know y I want their so called divorce to happen like some others I too had a doubt y they need divorce bcz they not legally registered and tiz dadi y she force anika, she even not discuss about this forced marriage with others, they felt wrong about anika..

  6. I m agree with u all

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