Ishqbaaz 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia gets close to Shivaye and hugs him. Dadi and Anika come there. Dadi says like there is no godh bharai before sangeet, same way there is no suhaagraat before marriage, so till you get married, you are guest here, you have no right to stay in Shivaye’s room, its his wife’s right, Anika’s right. Sometime before, Shivaye says I don’t believe this marriage, then how can Anika be my wife, Tia is my wife, I will marry her once I give divorce to Anika, I don’t need to give any explanation. He leaves.

Tia cries and says I know you are angry on me, but grandma you tell me what’s my mistake, I m the victim, I got kidnapped and could not marry, Shivaye married someone else, maybe this was written in destiny, will I bear punishment of this mistake which I did not do, can’t we make this situation

better. Tia acts of foot sprain. Pinky asks what happened, I think its bad sight, come with me, I will ward it off.

Dadi stops Anika and says don’t go. Anika says there should be reason to stay back. Dadi says you are this house’s bahu. Anika asks how am I the bahu, did you not hear Shivaye, he does not regard me wife, he said it 100 times that he does not believe in this marriage. Dadi says yes, I heard it 100 times by him, but you did not say once.

Ranveer holds Priyanka’s hand and says come. She asks where, are you arresting me, please don’t arrest me, let me inform my brothers, they will get worried. Tia comes to Shivaye. He asks what happened. She cries and says nothing, I was feeling low. He asks is there any problem. She says so much changed in a day, I got kidnapped and could not marry you, so much confusion in family, mom is annoyed and not talking to me, I m really sad. She smiles and acts. She says I m so lonely, none can understand my feelings except you, so I came here, to you, I want to forget everything, all I want is to see you, your love, just hold me tight baby please. She hugs him.

Ishqbaaz spoiler

Dadi says he is a fool, its not that he has no mind, he has a mind but does not use it, I will explain him, if he does not agree, I will hold his ears and tell him that you are my bahu, and you will stay here. Tia gets close to Shivaye and hugs him. Dadi opens the door. Tia gets away. They see Dadi and Anika. Anika turns to go. Dadi takes her inside room. Dadi says no need to explain, Dadi says I know you both want to marry, but rasams should be done in order, there is no godh bharai before sangeet, same way there is no suhaagraat before marriage, so till you get married, you are guest here, you have no right to stay in Shivaye’s room, its his wife’s right, Anika’s right. Tia gets shocked. Dadi asks Tia to go out. Rudra comes and greets Tia. He says I will take Tia to guest room and sings song Tia gayi guest room…..

Shivaye looks at him. Dadi asks Tia to go and rest, as she got hurt today. Rudra says come Tia. Tia looks at Shivaye. Rudra says don’t think, come, I know many sher. They leave. Dadi says wife’s place is not given to anyone else, Anika has her place in this room. Anika says no Dadi. Dadi says listen to me, this is your place, don’t leave it, don’t worry for Sahil, I will send Soumya, she will take care of Sahil. She calls Shivaye as bagad billa and says you talk a lot about family respect, you just say or can do anything. He says I can do everything for my family respect, I can give life and take life, I did not love anything more than my family respect. Dadi says then Anika is respect of Oberoi family, always remember this, don’t go against your words. Dadi smiles and goes shutting the door.

Rudra does shayari. Om corrects the words. Rudra says Tia reached Shivaye’s bedroom, she roams as if she is Oberoi bahu, she should have some dignity. Om says sometimes situation is that there is less difference between right and wrong. Rudra says universe wanted Shivaye and Anika to get married, the perfect couple gets married. He sees Soumya.

Shivaye asks Anika where are you going. She says outside, I stayed here for Dadi’s saying, I feel suffocated here, don’t worry, I will not spoil things more, I will come in morning before Dadi wakes up. She goes.

Soumya asks shall we go for dinner, I have to go to Sahil. Rudra asks why. She says Dadi asked me to go there, Sahil is alone. Om says I will go and call Priyanka. Priyanka asks Ranveer where did he get her. She says my brothers will be finding me. Om looks for Priyanka. Ranveer shows a girl. Soumya says I did not know you are mature. Rudra says its not like that, I flowed in emotions and said about Anika and Shivaye, not us, did you say anything. Soumya says yes, you changed a lot Rudra, you used to get house on head for small thing and create big scene, big incident happened with you and you did not let anyone know. He says we decided we will not tell anyone. She says I m not saying about our marriage, I was saying about your kidnapping. He says fine.

Priyanka asks who is she. Ranveer says my sister Nisha. She recalls the accident and get shocked. She gets Om’s call. Om says she is not answering, where did she go, pick up the call Priyanka, I hope she is fine. Soumya cries seeing Rudra’s wound on arm and says you got hurt and did not tell anyone, I m really sorry Rudra, it happened because of me, I should have told you about Rumi. He looks at her. He says whatever had to happen has happened, come we shall go and have food.

Priyanka says but she died in that accident. Ranveer says I felt the same, last week I got to know she is alive, thank God, she was in hospital since last two years, she went in coma. She says you knew and did not tell me. He says I wanted to tell you, but you were out of city. She says you made me helpless to accept crime today. He says yes, I wanted to you do you guys regret for your deeds or not, now I m sure not just me and my sister, you and your brother are also suffering since two years, not now, you and your brother are free from this guilt. She cries and says it means I did not kill anyone. She holds him. He consoles her. She gets away.

Soumya says I like gobi parathas. Sahil notes down and asks with pickles or butter. She asks why are you noting everything. He says you don’t miss your home when you stay at SSO’s house. She says I miss when I m much sad or happy. He says you are emotional. He asks her name spelling. She tells him. He writes his name also and says what will be our couple name. He writes Sa Sa. She asks him to sleep. He says Sa Sa….. and smiles seeing Soumya.

Priyanka calls Om. He asks where are you. She says I m with ACP Randhawa. He asks what, did you tell anything. She says I m fine, everything is fine, that girl whose accident happened by us was ACP’s sister, she is alive, now we don’t need to be in guilt, I m coming home and will tell you everything. Om gets shocked and gets tearful eyes. He says come soon. She says yes, I m coming. She sees Ranveer. Anika goes away and thinks of Tia’s words. Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Nazdeek hai dil ke….. plays…..Anika cries. They sleep.

Dadi asks Anika and Shivaye to get ready and come for rasam. Tia scolds Anika and says Shivaye will do next rasam with me. Anika says I have elders’ blessings, I won’t regret if I lose, but I won’t let elders’ blessings lose.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aarosh

    I think ishqbaaaz is recovering from its worst episodes and priveer love beginning was awesome rumya scenes were also awesome Tia and Rudra scene is hilarious very happy that one mystery is completely solved in a positive note the best time to bring roumyas marriage truth only after revelation of Tia and Daksh secret

  2. Akansha


    |Registered Member

    HEY ISHQBAAZIANS!!! mm high time eagerly waiitng for DAKSH to come back… so shivika can realise their love and confess… n is Ranveer really plotting against the oberoi.. anyways loved he priveer moment.. n obvio our rudy too…. it was awesome waiting to see d remaining high voltage drama wwen tia’s mother comes into the OM!!
    lets c wat happens..

    anyways hw r all of u???

  3. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    We need one more fruit punch party I guess!!l;)for things to get solved!!! Sa sa couple very cute !! Lots to cheer in this episode except shivika!! Bored of listening to khoon Khandan n all !!!

  4. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Wow….Rudy and dadi were star of today’s episode….I just love Rudy’s timing…. precap was awsum….l like this strong anika more….

  5. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    sso is acting sso , but now plz plz can anika move from OM , its starting to get heavy to my heart seeing her go through this humiliation every day as sso is determind to only see tia as his wife which makes me really wonder what will be his reaction knowing the truth about tia and daksh but l think shekhar is the best sso analysist lol he can tell us
    at least anika is gaining her power little by little and l saw a video where she argue with shivaye and he throw her in the pool , she looked angry and l read that she may leave the OM after this incident
    am starting to feel sorry for shivaye , he boast about only wanting tia in front of his family and anika but he really dont have any affection for her , he was like a robot when she was trying to seduce him , he is in a sad statut where he does not find any comfort anywhere , even his bros will not speak with him if they know the truth add to that the deep guilt that start to make him miserable , he is remembering anika’s words and that makes him restless but its still not enaugh l think he will feel 1000 times worse when the truth is here
    as for tia she will go cheap and low and she is dragging sso with her , he will curse himself day and night for believing her like a fool and even if he takes her to jail and ruin her family for ever he will never forgive himself for being played by her like a poppet add to that the fact that anika will leave him probably before or at the time of the exposure or maybe she will be kidnaped , he will be insane ( hope so )
    l think the road to redemption for sso will be a very long one ( also hope so ) anika will always remember the way he forced her and she will block every attempt he will make to be with her ( he deserves it )
    the inspector is a bit fishy , dont like his look at the end …

    • Sweetie

      Holy crap! Don’t you guys get tired while writing these lengthy comments? Even the WU itself is smaller than your comments 😱😲


      ANIKA is now at greatly frustrated, and one side DADI’s trust over her and her RESPECT for DADI prevent her to leave OM. 2ndly, she just can not leave OM without settling account with both SSO and TIA.

      3rdly, as she is mature, and under the obligation of DADI’s favor in many kinds, she might have thinking that as of now, SHE IS ONLY THE PERSON WHO KNOWS THE REAL SECRETS OF TIA, and will try to expose her before she leave OM, not for SSO, but for the sake of DADI. And what she said in precap is most important to TIA, from where you will be agree, she will settle all the account which is opened by TIA and SSO.



      I wrote in last TU, SSO is trying to show off his best he has to make ANIKKA BELITTLE, to make her humilated, but he always find him self on loser side. In every tiny talk, act of ANIKA, he has a feelings of INFERIARITY COMPLEX, which made him furious. In every good deeds of ANNIKA in favor of his own family or his close ones, he is trying to take credit!!! That can be seen in how tactfully ANNIKA made MALLIKA’s fiance to get agree to come over OM for MALLIKA! He said to ANIKA’ ACTUALLY THAT IDEA WAS MINE!!” ha ha ha ……..

      In short, day by day, ANNIKA’s each talk, each act was challange for him! He always praising her by heart, but never admitted by mind, as we saw his expression when ANNIKA settle the matter between RUDRA -SOMYA during a beautiful song.

      THis is SSO!

      After getting him on loser side in each field , what he had then remain to show off to ANNIKA?

      NKK ,MONEY AND A HIDDEN ANIMALISTIC NATURE!, which he is showing as of now!!!

      KHOON, KHAANDAAN, NAAM was only that characterstic along with money, power and animalistic nature which ANNIKA soues not have.
      and in the name of NKK , he was keep continue insulting, abusing, and humilating ANNIKA.


      NKK IDEOLOGY is nothing but a MASK he wear to keep his head up against ANNIKA like people, because he has nothing own other than this!!! ha ha ha ……………

      if you can interpret his one sentence in 6th dec epi than you will sonn come to know, what is going that in his mind?


      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        good analysis shekhar as usual , l believe that sso will create his own misery and sorrow with his mentality as omkara told him that he will hurt his feet with the things he breaks , its a prediction to what will hppend next , and as you said his “hidden animalistic nature” was obvious in the wedding day and l dont think anybody except her saw this part of him ..
        as for anika she may settle the matter with sso and tia either by finding proof directly or succede in putting doubt about tia in sso or his bros mind and let them solve the rest

    • Harminder

      Yeah but it’s all because of Daksh. If only Daksh has not lied about Annika spending night and the money.

  6. Luna


    |Registered Member

    I don’t know why Shivaye wants to divorce Anika….it’s so stupid…does this guy really thinks from brain…first of all, Shivaye and Anika’s marriage isn’t legal bcoz whole world thinks that Shivaye and Tia got married except OF and Tia’s mom….To divorce Anika, Shivaye first has to legalise this marriage by registering it in court and that will be really stupid move bcoz then the whole world will know about their marriage….Even Rudra and Soumya have more brains than SSO bcoz they know that drunked marriage isn’t legal.
    Gul makes her own laws I guess….Dadi forcing Anika is making me cringe….I know that Anika values the rituals of marriage but she should understand that Shivaye isn’t valueing her.
    Shitia romance was unintentionally funny.

    • shahabana

      Helloo Luna
      U are right world doesnt know about shivika marriage but shivaye knows he married to anika..may he can say he doesnt beleives in this marriage and show tantrums aldo but fact is he beleives in this marriage..thats why he want divorce..he knows if he dont divorce her then his name will attached to anika permanently..and he doesnt want that bcz he thinks she doesnt fix in his idiology…he chose richa to marry for one day bcz she fix in his stupid idiology….so its proved that he accepts that anika is his wife thats why he want to get seperated by her legally…otherwise if he marries another girl it will become illegal
      And u told about court marriage is leagal it doesnt happend then what is the need to file divorce…but peaple does court marriage for proofs and documents but real marriage is traditional marriage so shivika got married traditionally so if they doesnt want live together they have to file divorce.
      And u are right world will know about shivika mariage if they will file divorce in court..its logical tooo..but what to do most of times logical things are removed from tv shows they shows something illogical

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Luna…’s are showing things which doesn’t makes any sense…..and dear….ishqbaz was an exception to that..but now it has also changed ….that’s all…..and dadi will force anika…because
      its an indian television show only and without an emotional drama how long a serial can exist as top in trp ratings????? All of a sudden characters are vanished…..all of a sudden new characters will enter…..ishqbaaz .has changed to JAADUBAAZ now……and be patient ..dear….
      once tia is exposed we wil see proper shivika track….

  7. |Registered Member

    Yipee!!…the girl is alive…
    Anyone plz tell who is playing ACP sister character I mean which actress actually I just read updates I will watch it tomorrow..plz tell me otherwise I will no get sleep..
    About episode I will comment afterwards..
    Gud night guys…sweet dreams..

    Plz tell me who is playing his sister…is she SANA???

  8. Lax

    I am pretty sick of this Tia’s naatak yaar..!! And sautan fight is the last thing I wanted in IB. Ab tho woh bhi dekhna padega. How are these things getting Trp, is beyond my understanding. phew..!! Finally the murder mystery is solved but, I wanted it to end in a more dramatic way. Now this looked more like Priyankas track n not Om’s track as shown in the previous promo. Priyanka n ACP look good together. Rudr was as usual good. I donno if Dadi is right in forcing Annika to stay in the mansion. I understand there won’t be tashan n nok jhoks if Shivika is not together. But for that Annika’s character is being compromised, which I cannot enjoy.
    P.S.- The pool scenes in the serial are always good, be it funny, emotional, party. Even today that last scene was really nice.

  9. Kalika

    I hope they dont throw in a pregnancy track with Tia that would just make me not want to watch. I missed Sahil and his cuteness, I think Sahil will make Rudra accept Saumya. Other than that can’t wait for our strong Anika to return

  10. 23:55

    How the hell did they marry without registration😑 seriously u have to sign the marriage certificate..wud did shivàay make anika do then?aign wid tia’s name!?
    And anika i thot her self respect was her strength then y is she listening to dadi and bearing all shivvays tantrums and Tia s taunts…

    • sophia sen

      totally.. what a melodramatic hero.. just boring,, but love anika, she stands up for herself most of the time

  11. Arshi

    Guys…first of all…i think now anika should start sharing her feelings wid Omkara as he is her bro in law now…but will be more of a brother coz now sahil wont be wid her as he’s going 2 boarding school…& also coz he’s more matured & understanding than Sahil & ofcourse…SSO… i remember rudy’s dialogue in one of the first episodes of IB where he says…”Dadi billu gone crazy”… it completely applies here… he has really gone insane…he’s acting psycho…
    & secondly…i saw a news that sana amin sheikh might be omkara’s lead… i’m sorry if i am hurting any of her fans but honestly speaking i dont think she’ll be able 2 do justice to the role… we all wanted someone who’ll be as intense as omkara… but sana is not like that… i like her very much… but i dont think she’ll be the best fit for our om…if u guys agree then plz comment back…if not then plzzz correct me…

    • |Registered Member

      I totally agree dear she is good but not for om but what can we do the final decision would be CVS na …

      • |Registered Member

        No need to say sorry dear…bcz we all r thinking same…nd totally agree we u…but let’s see if gk approached her then she might hv thought well about their pair…lets hope their chemistry will hv same charm as of shivika rumya nd priveer..

    • shahabana

      I agree with ur points but dont say sana kunals chemistry wont work bcz sana is good actress and she gives justies to her roles.
      Yes i too wanted someone else for kunal but its k if its sana afterall she is not a bad choice we can give them a chance and im sure they will make a imperfectly perfect couple.
      Even in starting many are told surabhi wont look good with nakul but tjey proved it wrong and they are now one of the best jodi in television now.
      And neha also doesnt fits perfect with leenesh but ordeince accepted them as rumya and their couple is cutest couple of television now.
      So im sure may be sana is not best choice for kunal but she is not a worst choice too.
      I will say in this show all couples are looks imperfectly perfect together.

  12. aporna

    now i guess while anika staying there shivaye will learn all the truth one by one slowly, will feel guilty for his doings with anika and again they will develop feelings for each other. then shivaye maybe will reject tia and accept anika.. i am waiting eagerly to see what happens

  13. aporna

    i like anika’s fighting for her self respect.but here she really is suffering a lot.of course for that idiot shivaye..when u trust someone u should trust to the last.. u should not doubt them for others words..that should be a lesson for shivaye

  14. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    Today epi gave something to comment other than shivika,i an bugged up wit them now, the magic is lost.
    Loved Rudy shayari today n dadi dialogue “sagai se pehle godbharai nahi hoti aur shadi se pehle suhagraat nahi hoti” lolzzzzz
    Sahil n saumya scene was the cutest today,he wS so lovingly noting down her likes
    Loved priveer hug even though a short one, I dnt think tat gal is acp sis, he just tryin to trap pinku,poor gal
    After a long time they showed omru funny scene…
    Soumya was so concerned fr rudy today,the pain in her eyes seei his wound showed hw much she loved n cared fr him,n he understood tat too, bt just lik his egoistic bro he ignored it
    Only om is the sensitive one, eagerly waiting to c hw his love story will unfold

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      Or another possibility being tat gal is acp sis, n looks lik she has lot her memory or has lost her mental balance coz of the accident, n acp is gng to take revenge frm pinku fr the same.But I still feel she might nt b his sis,hw come all of a sudden after so many yrs he gt her… whatever it is at least they started something else other than shivika

      • |Registered Member

        Hey totally agree atleast they started something other than shivika…nd focusing on tracks which they started suddenly nd left suddenly..

  15. |Registered Member

    Hello ishqies…..
    @ straight coming to the episode.

    1. Old anika is slowly coming back in front of her sautaan tia precap was khidki tooth asso ne toodhi sautaan ki akad 2nd time.
    2 .SHIVIKA moments 😘
    3.priveer hug ….😘 but why I feel something is fishy due to ranveer expression.
    4 .sa-sa Sahil and saumya couple name😂 and the Sahil was pen downing saumya favorite things 😘

    5. Dadi aur Rudy ne toh 👊👊answers joh diye tia ko WO kisi punch se kam Nahi…. The way Rudra mock tia 😂

    6 still waiting as I know old anika will be back

  16. Fanbase

    I strongly feel that Anika should leave Shivay and then he will know the value of Anika….
    What u guys think that ACP sister would be Anika because Anika didn’t tell her surname cause she had some secret and that bua is Sahil’s and not her??? Something is there and I really wish Anika is ACP’s sister….I don’t think that The girl who show ACP is not his real sister as he want Priyanka to admit her crime… see his facial expression when she talk with Om
    I wish that after rescuing Anika from Dask then ACP will start to study on Anika’s background and then she turn as his sister and wish

  17. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Guys happy tht om’s love life is gona start but sad tht it wil not b our cute bubbly vrushika aka ishaana …. She was gem … She can’t b forgotten so easily ….

    And ya @shakshi new entry is sana sheikh of krishnadasi fame …

  18. Abiha

    Omgggggg….i cant beleive….everything got solved btw priveeeeer……m soooo happy….
    Rumya good to see both of u like dis.. waiting for the next …..

  19. Abiha

    @piyu….dear ….how r u..?
    How can u say that i remember u or not…?m angry with u..

    @shivani d…how r u..?no matter u r registered or not..i just love my sissy..

    @saku….mukta…renima d…disha…samyukta…razna….Aahana…
    shama d….priya ….piyu..shivani d…nevidha d…shahabana d… rosu d…richu d…mukti d…n all others …sorry if i forgot anyone…how r u..?

  20. Naz

    Thank you Deepika, for your warm welcome, much appreciated 👍. I can’t bear to look at Tia, she is so vindictive, when Shivaay gets to know her true colors, I’d enjoy watching his expression. I feel so sorry for Anika, she has no power really as the bahu in that family when Shivaay reminds her that he doesn’t want to be in the marriage and will sooner divorce her than accept her. He acts like an Android most of the time, come on…..stop being so emotionless Shivaay!!!!

  21. Uf

    Guys please reply
    Sana amin sheikh om ki love lady banegi Kya.gul khan ne Kuch bathaya hai aara hi hai ki om ki love lady ke liye sana ko approach kar rahi hai.agar wo show main entry karengi tho patha nahi audiance dekhe ya nahi.because zyada log usko omkara ki love lady ki character main accept nahi kar rahi hai Kuch log ki comments dekh kar lagtha hai adjust kar rahi hai.kam log hai Jo uski entry se happy hai.kisi ko bhi sana se problem nahi but Jodi achi nahi hongi yahi bol rahi hai.
    And please aap log bathavo kaise gul khan thak ye baath pauchaayengi ki koi bhi sana ko om ki love lady ki character main dekhne ko happy nahi hai.i don’t know sab log usse om ki saath accept kare ya nahi.i hope vrushika ko jaise show chodna pada waise usse show chodne ka situation na aaye .main tho aisi actress ko chaahthi hum Jo om ki saath perfect ho aur pehle Kunal ki saath kaam bhi nahi kiya ho.ek aur question kya serial ki producers select karthe hai actor aur actress ko I mean koi aur select nahi karthi?

  22. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Just one note:
    139-140 episodes. Day before wedding
    140-147 episodes. Wedding day (7 episodes!!!)
    147-152 episodes. Day after wedding (5 episodes!!)

    Don’t you think it is dead dragging?

    I highly appreciate Subhi and Naakul talent, but this dragging is awful. I have an impression screen writers team do it like this:
    * task setting: hey guys, we need to create situation when Anika will fall down on Shivay, any ideas?
    * screenwriter #1: what if she will fix light panel and slip down? He will catch her!
    * screenwriter #2: what if she faints during KC? He will catch her!
    * screenwriter #1: what if she will put on another lights and fall down? He will catch her!
    * screenwriter #3: oh! I got an idea, her shoes are broken she may slip and fall on him! He will catch her!
    * screenwriter #2: wait! I got another idea about fainting! He might feel strange under medication and fall on her? She will catch him! Great, ha?!
    * screenwriter #3: no, no I insist she should slip, maybe when she will help Shivay to fix the wig!
    Screenwriter #2: I bet fainting will do the best, what if she faints during gas attack!
    Screenwriter #1: bo-o-oring…
    Screenwriter #2: wait, last chance, she will be stressed out and faint during ceremony…
    Screenwriter #3: ok, I’m tired of it! Let him take her and throw her in the pool!
    Producer: I’ll take it all!

      • |Registered Member

        Dasha agreed 😂😂😂😂and yaa yaar its dragging but I wish ki dadi ki tarah main CVS kan khichke episodes …..yaa anika ke thinking mode me rewind ki jagah fast forward ka button dabati 📹🎥 aur tia out…. Aur jaldi se om ki ishqbaazi dekhti hoping kesi hogi yaar SHIVIKA ki toh panibaazi ,Rumya ki ignorebaazi toh ab kya unki shayaribaazi baki hai
        [ sorry if anyone is hurt

      • |Registered Member


  23. akann

    Dadi had some serious swag today…lol..she gave attitude to Tia.
    I just love Sahil. He is so adorable!!

  24. Lids


    |Registered Member

    I hope SSO does get marry to Tia and then destroy him. Then Anika doesn’t help them at all. Hate Tia!!!

  25. ghosha

    Honestly guys Sana is far far better than tejaswi Prakash radhika madam or niti teylor in terms of acting. She can do intense scenes very well. If der is any doubt fo n watch krishnadasi. She will excell whether it be a vamp or bechari or strong or naughty. So please guys don be is not good.

    • Uf

      Hi Ghosh
      Sana bahuth achi actress hai main bhi krishnadasi dekha tha.but iss main problem uski acting ki nahi uski aur om ki Jodi achi nahi rahengi yahi problem hai zyaada logo ko.sana se kisi ko koi problem nahi problem is om aur uski Jodi ka hai.ab wo shwo main entry karengi tho patha chalega Jodi kaise hai.but entry se pehle log usko aur om ki Jodi ko accept nahi karenga tho patha nahi aage kya hoga.let’s wait and watch
      And SORRY agar main aapko apni baathon se hurt kiya hai tho.

  26. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Good morning friends. ..
    Yesterday dadi and Rudy nailed the episode. After a long time omru’s funny conversation. Rumya part was cute.. After sahil enters the house rudra will be burn in jealousy 😃😃
    Loved the shivika part. I really love ishqbaaz ‘s bgm.
    Finally everything settled between priveer & om. But I feel that acp is upto something.
    I hate this Tia to the core.
    I don’t know about Sana sheik. But I hope gul will give them an intense story. I hope Sana will justify her character. Because in early episodes most of the people didn’t like Surbhi chandna. But now everybody knows that SC is an asset for the character Anika. So I believe that Sana also rocks the screen.

    • |Registered Member

      Ya dear hopefully om and her story reach our💑💓💓i feel that they should also connect each other by pain like we imagined for ishkara hopefully it happens …. I want om lead to make a khidki tootdh entry


    It is the time to have maximum hate from viewers for NM by showing the shades in SSO so far hidden. But I would like to say that shade does not suit ti him while he was shown so more concern for TIA during her kidnapping. That shade also not good being a DUMB to accept all those things told by TIA .

    NM, Due to your these shades, many ones are skipping epis , and that is your gain. But its all ok if you do what ever you are told being within character frame , but do not do anythjing after stepping out from the character frame well defined, because it seems to viewers , all of sudden your CLASS is down to ground zero!

    HATES and PRAISE are good for any actor / actress, but laughing at you and then neglecting you are strong enough to make you DUSTBIN ACTOR!

  28. shivani

    I just want to say sana is a good actress but she would look alike omkara’s younger sister rather then her pair .vrushika mehta was perfect for om because we have seen them since starting of the show .anika and ishana would share good devrani-jethani bonding .both are mature in their ways though ishana is a con girl but I still want vrushika to be paired opposite om instead of sana.they have acted together in a serial named pratigya but she is not compatible with om in this role .om is much more mature and very decent guy .there are many actresses why gul khan prefer her only????

    • DaSha

      Shivani, I’m agree, Vrushika was perfect for Om, she was strong, interesting, beautiful, capable for everything… Her character was pure in heart, but doing bad things. If think if producers were interested in TSP they could invite her back, and with it the rating would touch the sky…

      I am sorry they had ‘creative call’ to replace her with new character and thought that the real reason was they did not expect so much attention to Ishkara pair. So now they choose babe face girl … 😔

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Yeah shivu… r u dear…..check my comment on dec 1…written updates…actually u deleted ur acct naa….pls….dear…

      But as we mailed to star plus….me,priya,enasanjida,fatarajo and many more ….they replied that they can’t change creative teama nd producer’s decision and they will not bring back vrushika mehta to the show…we tried a lot …but nothing hapened and finally now we are getting a new lead for omkara…let us see what happens…..and sana is a gud actress…shivu….
      i loved her acting ingustakh dil….so don’t worry

  29. Abiha

    @saku ….i know yr that ur same our saku…
    I was not there from one month due to d death of grandma….afterthis my short term exams …n after this …as once i told about health of my frnd’ s dad …..he is sugur patient n the doctors cut off their one leg a lot of depression for her n even me…bcz she is just like my sister
    Even more than this…

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      For all thse who cant see the video.. ANika gets fever after shivay throws her in the pool.. and will be gettin her sis nightmare.. n he gives tabs to her.. n carries her 🙂 mostly to his room

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        well its interesting if sso will hear it and starts asking questions , what if sana is her sis , it will be very good twist right and it will be better if she got a hidden intention like the inspector

      • Archiya


        |Registered Member

        Yes Mouni,
        we heard tat sana is enterin as om lead, and at the same time anika gets dream of her sis, only once at the start they showed her get nightmare,, after tat only now.. so mayb they r just giving the start to sana as anika sis.. an ya it will b a great twist.. n she may also come to take some revenge from oberois.. well this is just my thinkin

    • Shiv


      |Registered Member

      Too much of guilt in queue for shivaay!! Let’s wait for oberois new rasam for guilt!!!!even if it’s take little time!!!😜

  30. nithu

    Hi ishquies… After sometime showed some good scenes of others too… Happy for om and prinku, they got relieved from their biggest problem but it won’t last for long I think yes definitely Ranveer is something upto seriously but priveer looked good together and their first hug… Rumya scene was also nice but I felt sasa sounds good better than rumya, how sweet Sahil, he wants to know about the likes and dislikes of his loved one, cute puppy love…
    No words about shivika, I just got only angry I don’t know y I want their so called divorce to happen like some others I too had a doubt y they need divorce bcz they not legally registered and tiz dadi y she force anika, she even not discuss about this forced marriage with others, they felt wrong about anika..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.