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Ishqbaaz 7th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pinky asking pandit to give good date for Shivaye’s marriage. He says Shivaye should get married soon, as its just happiness written in his fate thereafter. Tia and her mum smile. Pandit says he will marry his ideal life partner, with whom his 36 qualities will match. Rudra asks does Shivaye has 36 qualities. Om says shut up. Pandit says Shivaye and his life will love each other a lot. Om and Rudra say Ishqbaaz. Shivaye asks them not to act like Dadi. Pinky asks Anika to get Shivaye’s kundli. Anika gets it and gives to pandit. Pandit checks it and blood drops fall over the kundli. They all get shocked. Pandit asks how did this blood came. Shivaye and everyone look up towards the AC duct. Om says its fallen from ac duct.

Shivaye says I will go and check this. Tej says

I think this pigeon got caught and died by getting tangled in wires. Om says there is no window here. Shivaye says pigeon was brought here, its serious matter. Tej says this problem runs deep, I will talk to security. Shivaye says I doubt on Gayatri, she is trying to threaten us. Tej says I will handle this. He talks to Shwetlana and says I trusted you and gave you responsibility of security, she did not do anything, she did not check on his meetings too, he got call from office and got to know. She says I will handle it.

He asks her to get IT people and get coded entry done, just say aloud that you understood. She says yes, I understood, I will do as I say. Om hears him. Tej tells Shivaye that he has asked Shwetlana about coded entry, everything has a solution. Om asks what did he do that family is under threat, do something. Tej says why do you feel I m not taking family security seriously. Om says you did not take family seriously. Tej says don’t forget I m your father. Om says I wish I could forget, but that’s your habit to forget relations, not mine. Shivaye calms down Om and takes him.

Shivaye hugs Om and asks Om not to worry, I will make everything fine. Om says no, few things can never get fine. Shivaye says we have to try, I will not stop trying till things get fine. Om smiles. Rudra asks did you make senti moment for him and goes to hug. Shivaye says stop, not that senti. Rudra asks about Robin, he is strange. Shivaye says you have problem with Tia’s family members. Rudra says yes, when you marry Tia, you will be her husband, I got senti, hug me. They hug.

Pinky asks pandit for marriage date. He says but its abshagun. She says leave it, just give date, come on Shivaye, just pigeon died. Shivaye says I m focusing on security, I can’t think of this. She asks what about Tia. He says I m sure our family is priority for her, I need some time to make things fine. Tia says ofcourse, you can take as much time as you want. He thanks her and goes. Robin says marriage postponed again. Tia asks him to shut up.

Ishana talks to Mona on call and says Om did not come. She sees Om and says your jiju has come, see my talent now. She ties her dupatta and dances on O re piya………… Om sees her dancing. She dances around and stops seeing him. Pinky asks Shivaye why is he troubling her, she wants to see his marriage and children, I got two dates 15 and 27, just choose one. He says my family is my priority. She asks am I not family, am I furniture, you don’t do anything for me, just listen to me.

Anika says I have seen you Tia, you wanted to tell something to Shivaye, he did not listen. Tia says I know, but he won’t listen, someone else should talk to him. Anika says yes. Tia asks her to explain Shivaye that his marriage is imp to him too. Pinky asks what will I answer Anika, she asks me about the work. Shivaye says Anika again, you want to get me married to answer her. Pinky asks are you mad, I want to see your children, say yes. Anika says no, I can’t do this. Tia says I know he will listen to you, trust me, I can read the vibration. Anika says vibration is in phone. Tia says people also have it, just listen to me. Shivaye asks Pinky to give him time to sort out things. Anika says Shivaye does not talk, but run to bite, sorry, he is your would be husband, but he is dangerous, I can’t talk to him.

Om claps for Ishana and says nice, you love dancing. She nods and says yes, when I dance, I feel free, when I tie ghungroo in feet, I feel out of bounds, when I get lost in dance, I feel like getting everything. She praises herself for the awesome line and asks Om to say anything. Om recalls argument with Tej. She wonders why is he not saying anything…. She asks do you also dance. He says I don’t know dance. She says what happened, you look worried. He asks did your class finish. She says yes, I was just practicing. He asks does your class end on this time everyday. She says yes, and thinks to trap him in discussion. She asks will you have tea. He says sure. She orders two tea.

Rudra tells Soumya that its his room, and he has come to take that. He sees the room turned pink and shouts. She says I cleaned the room, it was so messed up. He says I kept things on display. She argues saying names of the things. He gets glad that his mickey mouse undy was found. He looks for his charger and says you lost it, how will I live. She throws his charger and he argues. He asks where is my shoe. She says shoe rack. He says I keep snacks in shoe rack, you ruined the room system. She asks you and your room in system, how is this possible. Rumi comes there and greets. He gets glad seeing her.

Om and Ishana have tea. He asks her to have it, else it will cool down. She says I drink cool tea daily, I have much work, till I finish work, tea gets cooled down, I got habitual to drink tea like that. Om thinks her life is sad. He asks what are you doing tomorrow evening Bela. She does not reply. He calls her Bela. She asks Bela, yes my name Bela. He asks what are you doing tomorrow evening. She says don’t know, why. He asks shall we meet here, you gave me tea treat, I will give dosa treat. She says I stay busy, but I will come. She dances happily in her imagination. He says I will get my GF Riddhima, I want you to meet her, I know your life has problems, maybe you can’t discuss with me, Riddhima is social activist, you can talk to her. She nods. He says great, we will meet here tomorrow. She gets worried.

Rumi says I missed you in college, and did not see you since two days, are you fine. Rudra says always and opens arms. Rumi runs and hugs Soumya. Rudra gets shocked.

Anika says I can get Rudra and Soumya’s friendship done in a day. Shivaye says I tried, but what I can’t do, no one can do this, its impossible. She asks if I do this, will you keep your ego aside and say thanks to me, do you accept this challenge or did you lose. He says I don’t lose, challenge accepted.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Am in class eleven…….chennai

    1. Hii Ishita… r u??
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  2. Priya15

    Hey guys.. Can anybody clear my doubt.

    That song O RE PIYA… Is it the bg song of ishkara or else it’s some movie song?? .. Pls clear my doubt guys..

    1. Song from the movie aaja nachle, something lykk that not sure.even I also had the same doubt.

      1. And I am waiting for their bg song.

      2. Priya15

        OK di.. Even me too waiting for it..

    2. Its a film song

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        OK tq dear..

    3. Devga

      Its already a song.. I guess its album. Not sure of movie….. I’ve heard this in rawstar…. U can google if u want to download

      1. Priya15

        Hii devga di. OK tq so much di…

    4. NadiyaShah32

      Hey Priya if the song is like”
      O Re Piya
      O Re Piys
      Udnae laga kyun man bawara reeee
      Aya kahan se yeh honbsla re….”
      Its from a movie called AAja Nachle…A Madhuri Dixit starrer..:) 🙂 🙂

      1. Priya15

        Hii nadiya di.. Ya it’s like that only.. I never heard that song.. When I saw it I thought it’s their bg as GUL KHAN promised that their is a bg song for them and it l be cmng for their scenes..I think it’s an romantic song and it l be flowing in their romantic scenes.. Don’t know.. What u say??

      2. NadiyaShah32

        Oh wow!!! Priya..imagine an exclusive song fr IshKara..that sounds awesome!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    5. Hiiiiiii priya the song is from the film aaja nachle

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    6. Kat

      That song is from the movie Aaja Nachle

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    7. Pankh

      O re piya actually Aaja Nachle film song..

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    8. Hi guys No no thts nt their bg song .

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  3. Priya15

    @MISHRI di.. Ya u r ryt nobody knows how l ishkara be together.. That’s so unique and suspenseful track na??

    1. Totally…i waaaant 2 knw

      1. Priya15

        Ya me too… Excited for hearing their bg song too..

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  5. Above 500 cmments was awsome!! Bt unfortnately i couldn’t join with u guzzz!!! So proud of ishqbaaz family!!!!

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      Hii Shai how r u??? Belated happy friendship day yr..

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  8. Gud evng late in commenting..I loved yesterday’s epi. and y not our Ishqbaaz team is too fabulous…

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      It blocks only my comments?

  11. but m very happy..this show deserve infinite comment.

  12. Hallo Ishqbaazians,,,,
    Romya part was too cute,,,,,loved their fight,,,,
    Got to see some ishkara scenes today,,,,and Om ,what’s the need to drag Riddhima into each and every matter,,,,Get rid of her soon
    Even there were no Shivika scenes ,I’m glad that Shivaaye’s mrg got postponed

  13. i think someday ishana will brake the brotherhood btwn them… i’m unable to watch that!

    1. Ishaana can’t do that bcz Ishaana loves her family a lot. Joh apni family itna love & care karti hain .. Woh kisa aur family k bonding nahi thoraga.. Woh jor kar rakhegaa…

  14. Priya15

    Hey guys so it is not the bg song of ishkara.. I thought it is so… Actually GUL KHAN the producer of the show has said that there is going to be one bg song for ishkara too so I thought like that.. Hope so she won’t give any wrong info… Wt u people think abt it???

    I just hope Jal se Jal ishkara ki bg sunne ko mil jaaye..

    1. Arai sabh jodi ka eki song hain..
      ‘oh Jaana :; oh jaana ; khoya khoya rehta huu ; ……..tuhi meri jeni ki waza”..
      Thats Ishqbaz Song 4 All jodi ” Shivika; Ishkara; Romya” 🙂
      & yes ; Ishaana- Omkara ka love story kaisa hoga don’t know.. This Jodi is uniqe jodi.. Bcz we all know – Shivika jodi ; Roumya jodi ….unki love story hogi.. ( inki liya ek song yaad aiya – “Larna; Jagarna; ….sai milna ‘” 😀

      1. I love this song oh jaana o h jaana please anyone send me link for downloading this song and this song not all pairs bg song

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    Gud evng everyone

  16. nw it’s our vacation bt no happy holidays… i’ve got clzs 7 to 5pm! too much tired

  17. rudra and soumya fight was super.(cutie fight)
    roumya is soooooooooo cute.

  18. Hey guys i am sahana from mumbai.
    Am in eleventh…….. and a huge fan of ishqbaaz……..???

  19. Priya15

    Hey guys Kal ki epi me om NE jo shirt pehna Hua Tha.. Voh shirt yad hai???? First meet of ishkara.. He was wearing that shirt only.. After seeing him in that attire my mind gone to that scene only.. I remember uski hair blowing.. Mei aur Khushi toh pagal hogaye the aisa om ko dekhar..

    1. Yh i do remmbr.. dat suitz him soooo nd black is his colour i noticed..nd blue nd black and allllll…dz guy z incredible!!!!?????☺☺??

  20. Shai

    Guys oh jaana is only for shivika… New songs for ishkara and romya

  21. I thnk TU will request starplus to change the timings to 9.00 or earlier bcoz of the faaaaans….v r all sooo crazy aftr 9.00…???????????v just kp cmmntn…kp it ishqbaazians..dng well so far…

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