Ishqbaaz 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I can’t come in front of Mahi, none can corner him, just you can do this, I want all details, who is he, why did he come, who is mastermind. Ranveer thinks if Kamini takes his name thinking he is Mahi, the plan will flop. Kamini comes and says Mahi….. Some time before, Shivaye asks what’s happening here, you think I don’t understand anything, I know you all are trying to frame me in murder case. He laughs and says mom, its me, your Shivaye. Pinky cries and says you scared me, you think I m fool. He asks did you think I m foolish, you all were doing murder rehearsal, if Mahi saw then, whose great idea was this. They all show Rudra. Anika says code word will be there, why did you not say Bablu. He asks would I come and say wait, one sec, Bablu. She says we should know you are Shivaye.

He says we have to see that our secret should not go out, enough planning, you all go and sleep. They all go.

He gets an outfit and says I made two outfits for me and fake Shivaye, make sure he wears this in sangeet, I got tracker in this so that we can track him. She says there’s one work, we have to make Khanna fight with him, so that there is a murder motive. He says its your responsibility. She says fine. They go. Soumya says somebody kept me. She sees Kamini’s phone and says I will call Anika.

Anika goes to Mahi and says these are your clothes for sangeet, wear this on sangeet, I was going to market to buy some things for sangeet. He says go, when did I refuse. She says you don’t have time, shall I take Khanna along. He says fine. Shivaye signs her and goes. She leaves. Mahi thinks I have to wear these designer clothes now, they also do this fashion show. He sees tab and says Shivaye is there, but I still feel something is there.

Anika says its all set, I will come back and make them fight. He says you are getting happy as if plan will be successful. She says of course, its my plan. He asks are you so confident. She says yes. He says there is just one problem, you don’t feel the pain. She says you started again. He says its a simple question. She says I answered. He says I think its a lie, why don’t you agree. She says why will I. He says there is none greater than Shivaye in showing attitude, so accept it that you also feel the pain. She says you would get much pain if you ask this again. He asks really, how. She says I will give you pain, this way. She presses his hand. He says not this way and holds her close, twisting her hand. He says pain happens this way. Roshni se bhare bhare…..plays……… They have an eyelock. He asks is it happening. She says no. He asks now? She says even if it happens, I won’t say. He says if I make you agree. She asks him to try and see.

He holds her close and says don’t challenge me. She says I m not scared of you. He leaves her and gets away. He holds her hand and kisses. He asks did it happen now. She signs no. He holds her hand, looking at her, and kisses again. He asks now. She signs no. He kisses her again and asks now. He holds her face. They hear Kamini. He moves back and says so Anika Shivaye Singh Oberoi, did you feel the love tinch. She says Shivaye Singh Oberoi…. He says yes…. She goes. He smiles.

Pinky says sangeet is in evening, how did you come. Kamini says we were just passing by and came. Pinky says how sweet, come we will talk. Kamini thinks I came to get my phone from basement. Pinky thinks its good chance, Shivaye wanted to discuss murder plan with Ranveer, I will send him. She asks him to go and talk to Shivaye, he is in study. Pinky asks Kamini to come. Kamini says I will just go washroom and come. Pinky says sure, go.

Anika comes to Mahi and says enough, I won’t go with Khanna, won’t you ask what happened. Mahi says my mood is good, I don’t want to spoil it. Kamini asks for her phone. Soumya says if I had seen it, would I be here. Kamini looks around. Soumya hides phone under her feet.Anika asks Mahi to ask. Khanna says yes, ask, else how will I take talks ahead. Anika says be quiet, if Shivaye asks and gets to know, he will scold you. Mahi asks why will I scold. Khanna says you always come in between the talk to take decision. Mahi says I don’t want to, you guys sort it. Kamini asks Soumya to lift her feet. Soumya slides the phone. Kamini does not find phone. She goes.

Anika asks won’t you say anything. Mahi says no. Khanna asks won’t you scold or threaten me, such things should not be in heart. Mahi asks are you mad, why are you forcing me to scold or threaten, crazy. Anika thinks what to do.

Ranveer says I was waiting since long, is everything fine. Shivaye says I can understand you are marrying my sister, but how can you get free with me suddenly. Ranveer says Shivaye…. Shivaye says yes, obviously. Ranveer gets shocked and thinks if he is here, where is Mahi, when did he run and come here. He says no, I just reacted. Shivaye says I don’t rights to outsiders because you are going to become part of family, I want to share something with you. Ranveer asks what.

Mahi asks Anika to forgive Khanna. She goes and throws his tab away. Mahi turns and sees the tab broken. Anika asks why did you do this Khanna ji, you should have fought with me, you broke Shivaye’s tab, Shivaye won’t leave you, Shivaye say something. Khanna says sorry Sir, don’t know what happened to me. Mahi says its fine, it happens sometimes. Anika says is this small thing, your costly tab broke, its ill manners. Khanna says madam is after me since morning, I would if anything was fair, but this is totally wrong/Najayaz. Mahi recalls the people’s taunts and asks whom did you call Najayaz, how dare you say this word to me. Anika says leave him Shivaye. Shakti and Rudra come. Mahi beats Khanna. They hold Mahi. Khanna says you did not do right, I will take revenge of this insult. Mahi says I will kill you. Rudra asks Khanna to go out. Shakti says calm down, why so much anger, stop it. Mahi says go, leave me alone. Rudra, Shakti and Anika smile. Shivaye says I can’t come in front of Mahi, none can corner him, just you can do this, because you are a policeman, you can start investigation, I want all details, who is he, why did he come, who is mastermind, you have to find out. Ranveer sees Kamini coming, He thinks oh God, if Mausi thinks he is Mahi and takes his name, the plan will flop. Kamini says Mahi…. I will talk to him. She walks to them.

Anika says Shivaye, Soumya called me, that duplicate kidnapped Soumya, those three are together, Kamini, Ranveer and Mahi, we have to do something. He says not here, come inside. He takes her to room and removes his eye lens. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 506 comments….. Scroll kar kar ke mera hath ki gangaram ho gayi …
    Kal mera exam hai Tamil paper 1 jis mein mai bohot weak hoon ..mujhe sirf shivika ki yaad aarahi hai pata nahi kal exam kaise attend karungi..kuch raita toh jaroor phail ne wala hai plz pray for me frnds…

    1. r u from tn still exams didnt finish there?any ways even that was the same situation when i was to write my telugu paper 1 yet im a tamilian best of luck anikaa exams acche se likna i have 1 ques which std r u studing??

      1. Thank u bhaiya….
        And I am studying 9 the std…

      2. oye im not ur bhaiya im a girl call me didi okkkkk

  2. restlesss for tomorrows epi…cant wait..

  3. Mouni

    there is new pics , it seems the wedding day , everyone is in black and white , hope shivika will have a solid plan and my guess is by looking at the pics this track will not go longer than maybe this week

    1. Mouni
      Dear, Prinkus red outfit seems to simple for a bridal wear. I guess its someother pre-wedding function. Not sure though. Do read the article I posted, it’s about the upcoming track.

      1. Mouni
        Oh ya..!! It’s the wedding wear..!! Subha herself has posted it.

      2. Mouni

        it could be but there is a pic with ranveer he looks wearing groom outfit , but it can be another function

    1. Mouni

      wow lax , the oye oye alert will be useful , l knew it they will use them sooner or later
      so my 2 end option will win , anika will tell sso indirectly and they will change the plan and expose ranveer and kamini
      it seems they will be exposed at the wedding

    2. wow lax di hope ye sach hi ho

  4. Hii everyone ….. kahan ho all ishqes????….
    Kahin mere aate he sab chale toh nahi gaye ( just kidding ????….. bura mat maanna)….. Waise saachi saachi batana ki shivika ke romance ka HANGOVER kiske upar abhi bhi chadha hai…. mere upar to definitely …….

  5. Check this NarBhi off screen dance video. Thanx Gul

    1. Archiya

      initially i felt narbhi were not comfortable with each other as i never saw any interviews of them together .. but now whatever videos i see of them, looks like they have established a nice friendship bond… thks for link.. enjoyed it

    2. They are so cute together!! ?
      Last few episodes the story has done justice to their talents..
      I hope it stays this way forever!!

    3. Archu/Anu
      I ve felt before that NarBhi have some problems between them. But when I see these off screen videos, I feel am wrong. Some say it’s some kinda strategy not to give interviews together. Donno what startegy it is. Anyway love NarBhi, more than that love Shivika..!!

      1. Yeah lax.. looking at narbhis off screen videos.. nobody would think they have problems with each other.. I even loved the way Nakul hugged her during the fb live chat.. it looked like lil kids taking their friend’s side during a class room
        I strongly feel when the cast get along well offscreen, the story that they present becomes more
        enjoyable.. when we see IB cast off screen videos we can ppl as senior as Mahesh Thakur getting along with juniors..

  6. Shekhar


    It is not that she is fond of, yaa having double standard , it’s just her compulsion to have it.

    She was like, when bridge comes will cross it, seeking solution out of problem, enjoying life in her own way amid of all problems and scary life, away from any inferiority complex being orphan or uneducated, never cared for backing, and was living her life as a LIONESS. She knew her limitations, her self laid boundary and it was her WILL POWER which make her strong enough to withstand against any storms like SSO , and it was her innocence, her honesty, her fighting spirit which keep her up in any mess.

    To be continue………….

    1. Hii shekhar…This is Maahi here………… (don’t get confused with IB wala Mahi??????)

      I just wanna add few lines to your description….. Hope u agree with me and like it……

      Her never to give up spirit makes her stand against all the odds….She leads her life in her own term admits of what people say, even SSO…. A free spirited girl , shows people their TADI if they underestimate her, spills SO MUCH RAITA in ones life THAT THEY WONT BE ABLE TO CLEAN IT if they dare mess up with her purposefully
      without any valid reason…..

      1. It is nice to have some nice stuff here!
        Keep such nice narration with nice lines.

  7. Shekhar

    Her regaining ability , her retaining capacity, gethering herself from ash is the pride for any gal to have. She is not proudy, and never hesitated to get help, so why she accepted DADI’s help.She knows, she has nothing materialistic to be proud of, and whatever she had to be proud of, is never realised by herself ever!

    The quality and characteristics she has , has no value in this materialistic
    world she alive.

    She was happy with her life, full of scary, amid of all troubles and surrounded by her own problems, but never complained of ! Struggles and scare of resources made her strong enough to fight with anything, anyone.

    To bevcontinue

    1. Stones were coming over her way to stop her, while she was used to step on that stone to go up and ahead!, Storms were coming over her head only to make her more resistable, scary life made her straight and honest instead to walk on short cut to avoid struggle. Dare enough to return back all the money in kind while her own house was skipped away from over hand! Bold enough to step in the house of the man with all the attitude who was hell bent to scatter and shatter her in all the way.

      This very ANNIKA we were keep seeing until she realized her feelings for SSO, and during that period of her fall we keep loosing this very ANNIKA frequently. VERY ANNIKA was a inspirational gift to all those gal and woman who are used to see at man in trouble and pain. She never sing her pain, never made focus of others over her struggle, on the contrary she was sharing others troubles and pain as we seen how she saved PRINKU from SSO’s anger letting it all over her head and had life long stain. Her realization of feeling for SSO period slot was proved a narrow pass for her in all the way. Her mind was moving like the pendulum between her realization of feeling and reality . she has to passed through a very tough tooth and nail fight between this realization and reality. It was those feelings which she just could not deny to have it to herself and just could not imagine its materialization of her these feelings. She , VERY ANNIKA, was lost in her own messed up feelings, got weaker, and every odd circumstances were making her more and more weaker than ever and that VERY ANNIKA was lost some where amid of her realization of feelings for SSO from where she just could not either justify or reject her feelings.

      to be continue

      1. So at mid of her phase, we keep losing frequently VERY ANNIKA which was weak and just could not found her comfortable with her new found feelings. This phase becomes the base of her a ENFORCED 2nd version of ANNIKA, an imposed new version of personality which she has to carry with her.

        Respect for elders and her changed status , whether it is temperory or permenent , status has led her to have this new personality. There is living two ANNIKA, one with YOUNG GENERATION like OMRU PRI and 2nd one with ELDER GENERATION. While with youngster, she is old ANNIKA with all those antics which we used have greatly . While with elders, she is AN INDIAN TYPICAL BAHU, which we are hating most as youngster. we just can not keep the pace of our heart bit with this ANNIKA, and CVS are being blamed in all the way for showing such version of ANNIKA!

        To live with dual personality is difficuilt, and SURBHI is playing this in a decent way and walking on with two different personality simelteneously over the two edges of the way totally opposite in nature, one is LIONESS while second one is a fearing RABIT!

        THE END

      2. ur analysis of anika is really awsome i read all ur analysis its ek dam perfect did u read my reply for ur soft complaint???????????????????????????????????????

      3. Shekhar

        yaa, read it!
        Thanks, but it was just a funny comment which actually not a part of me, but some time I do it to look weird !

      4. i did not get what u want to say any ways dont feel alone bhaiyaaa

      5. VERY Annika!!
        Gosh how much we used to miss her…
        Inbetween before the ONS thing got cleared, it felt like we had actually lost this very Annika..
        As u mentioned, there are 2 version of her, one amicable to the second gen oberois.. and the other obedient to the 1st gen oberois.. we just got to see the second version for quite long.. the one who kept mouth shut for the sake of dadi.. for the reason that pinky is elder to us..
        At that point of time is when we really wondered what is “nayi soch” abt this show..

        Glad that u got an opportunity to write abt the reborn annika!!

      6. Shekhar

        I was just joking and my smiley and this ‘!’ Were used to indicate, it was not a cmplaint at all, just a fun only!

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    The next one is up.. just give a few minutes…..

  9. I will say the ans to my question before that anyone want to ans_____________

    1. Archiya

      Priveer looks stunning … prinku looks just like a doll.. beautiful

      1. Archu
        But did u feel that it’s too simple outfit for a bridal wear??

      2. Archiya

        not at all dear… She is looking gorgeous.. An tats the aim of every gal??

  10. Hey lax hello NarBhi offscreen dance means on set or during some party …Time…

    1. Hey Lee
      It doesn’t ve anything to do with the show. It’s their private party.

  11. Archiya agn dp super….good night all ishqbaaz members and sweet dreams yarrr… u all and a big hug to allall
    ___________ _ _ _frnds see u tomorrow on a new day oof my life…..

    1. Archiya

      thks Diyas

  12. Anila-kannath

    Ohhh it is really borringgg widout ib

  13. oye kiki yaar , if you felt bad iam sorry.vo kya hai na ki main thoda rapchik bolta hoon.i speak frank people hurt.but main dil ka bura nahi hai.i am not bad in heart.maaf karna mere ko.
    i feel aise kisi ke piche going is not good but if u happy i happy .. soryy yaar…apan ko maaf ka de please.apna irada hurting nahi tha????

    1. Kiki

      It’s okay yaar…. Chill…. ???

  14. Aastha_Reddy

    Good Morning Ishquise. Yay!!! our IB will be there with us .. today…love you all……
    And congrats all for again reaching more then 500 cmts…

    1. Morning Astha!!
      Morning PKJ!!
      Happy Monday and have a great week ahead!!

    1. I did!! ?

  15. Here is my ans to the question and 2persons reached up to thepoint it is niveditha and chavi so congratulation dears. ….but the ans is not full right so u both are IB fan 2 …….the ans is I wake up or open my eyes in the morning to check whether we are alive in the true sense of the nature……do u see when we open our eyes in the morning first we will know that we are alive……..

    1. good congrats chavi and nivi
      diya u were asking me my real name its is shabana shab is what my freds call me
      yes i have a yonger sister saiba younger bro labib
      im born in tamil nadu brought up in hyderabad
      i too have a question for u wer r u frm ? do u have any sisters or brothers ru school going or working?i have completed my 10TH presntly enjoying hoidays at home with ib family

    2. Nivedita

      Interesting answer! Thanks for the fan no 1 or 2 comments.. ?

  16. And all don’t feel bad because all are fans of IB still also …it’s just a game and the person who wins it should be given something… I told the person who wins this game is IB fan 1 and our frnds niveditha and chavi won but anyway I am giving them both IB fan no1. Again congratulation dear… .all be happy don’t be sad because u are fan 1 in ur life…….just cheer to the beauty of the world and thanks god that u are alive everyday……….

  17. Hi all ….good morning to this beautiful day……archiya love u dear……anu missed u …..astha the first person to say good morning…. U wake up so early yaar……then shreya a big hug to u dear……kiki be happyhappy u have a good mind….akirti…..again hi to u….arpita ….good day for u dear…..mouni…let’s see ishqbaaz today with a happy face……nivu&chavi congratulations……. Shab khan _a caring person ………so much happy that a person loves his family and other members this much……and all ……..keep a smile on ur face for others happiness….

    1. i care that much …….. and every one cares for me thats the speciality u love someone the person loves u more than that ….and im not a boyyyy im a prety girl of 15 yrs

    2. Archiya

      Gud morning Diyas.. love u too dear

    3. Morning diyas!missed u too!!

  18. Good morning dear ishquies…how r u all …?☺
    Yes astha today we hav IB..n love u too.?
    Shekar baai ur analysis on ANNIKA a DUAL personality…?..☺
    Thanku dear diyas…☺
    Mahi..good dear.
    Lax,mouni let’s hope for d best in future plots ah..

  19. Archiya

    GUd morning Renima.. how r u dng ??

    1. Renimarenju

      Gud mrng…..Am ..just ok…ok….

  20. Archiya

    Gud morning dear Ishiqies.. so finally IB tonite

    I am quite curious about one thing on this page.. always wanted to ask but somehow kept missing, yest when Kiki said she does not know hindi, again the question came to the front of my mind

    I see most of the Ishquies on this page are Tamil/Telugu other than them also , who dont even understand hindi, then how do u watch IB?? With subtitles?
    AN how did you come to know of IB, thats it a fab serial which cannot be missed..

    1. Renimarenju

      Archu…am from Karnataka….But i know hindi very well…..School mein first std se 12 th tak hindi padhi hun……And in college i chose hindi as the second language ….i did my degree in Bcom travel and tourism…..And in karnataka almost every one knows hindi…..In south india u can find hindi as a paper in some schools which has 2 be studied compulsory as hindi is our national language….And i think that’s the one reason behind south indians know hindi …..Another thing…..most people in karnataka prefer 2 watch hindi movies….Even i watch hindi movies rather than kannada movies…..U can see people speaking hindi very fluently in bangalore as well as u move 2 north karnataka ….u can find so many marathis there……In hydrebad also so many people speak urdu and hindi…….. That’s what i know….

      1. Archiya

        i did not know ur from Karnataka? which place? I reside in NAMMA BENGALURU.. an i speak kannada too, my mother tongue is marathi though.. i could relate to all things u mentioned.. even i watch more of hindi films compared to marathi an kannada actually

      2. Renimarenju

        My home town is mangalore, but am working in kalburgi so am staying in kalburgi only…….And u are from bangalore…..that’s nice….I really love bangalore’s weather……

    2. archi some knows and some dont but i know all tamil telugu hindi dont know about others we all r crazy because see tamil serials r like elastic rubber draginggg so we all waited for good romantic not a elastic one serial ib could definitly fulfill it even it is popular among the youngters and a big thanks for tu for making the people understand those who donno hindi thats why u could see many tamil/telugu ishquies

      1. Archiya

        hi Shab
        i shld agree that IB is not a elastic rubber (dragging all the while) .. nice reply 🙂

      2. Shab.. true elastic rubber.. sorry if am offending any Tamil serial viewers here.. ana serious ah.. Semma bore! I like ad couple of serials here n there.. like office in vijay tv.. but they were good only for few episodes..
        I wonder y there is a gap between Tamil soap and movies.. the movies that come off late are extremely good..! Especially the new directors.. who come from short films.. they give us very good stories..

    3. Archu.. I can answer one part of the question here.. I am a Tamilian who knows Hindi.. but I generally do not watch Hindi series at all… coz nobody else other than me knows Hindi at my house.. parents/husband.. none.. my mom understands to a certain extent..

      My first ever Hindi serial experience is IPKKND.. this serial was dubbed in Tamil, which my mom watched and mentioned it was good and different.. on seeing a couple of episodes(and mainly to watch Barun ?) I started watching it in Hindi.. and I was totally awed!!

      After that I kept an eye for such series.. I
      initially like YHM.. but after like 300+ episodes probably, I got bored..

      Since then I have been looking for such
      serials.. one day when I was rewatching
      few scenes from IPkknd in hotstar.. when I stumbled upon IB..
      IB was well past few episodes.. I started seeing just after SSO proposed Tia after
      gayathri murder case.. I then got hold of
      this page.. browsed through all written updates.. watched the earlier episodes in parts.. and… that’s the story!

      1. Wow that’s along one!! Din realise while typing..

        And yeah archu finally IB tonight..
        am counting the hours left.. have never waited for a ‘Monday’ so much!!

      2. Archiya

        Thanks Anu.. ur answer even though long satisfied my curiosity well 🙂

      3. Archiya

        These lines “I then got hold of
        this page.. browsed through all written updates.. watched the earlier episodes in parts.. and… that’s the story!”
        looked like u were preparing for sme exam 🙂

      4. Lol archu.. but I have never been so serious abt my exams as much as I am abt IB??

      5. Archiya

        Ha ha Anu..lolzz

    4. Kiki

      Archu I’m a tamilIan from Srilanka. Before watching IB the only Hindi word I knew is nahi. Now I have learned some Hindi words from IB. I have international star plus with subtitles. So I could understand the episode. I usually changes all the channel when I get bored. And I watched IB’s repeat telecast one day. (Episode 5)And love at sight. So continuing it with most craziness. The best part is I have literally made my whole family as ishqbaazians. Before IB I used to watch dubbing serials, dehleez,manmarziyan.

      1. Kiki

        *Love at first sight

      2. Archiya

        Oh..nice to know tat Kiki.. Ppl all around the world enjoy IB

    5. Archiya

      I love blore weather too.. N Kalburgi near Belgaum u mean?

    6. Hey.. I am Telugu but lives in US right now, I am constant reader of this page and crazy fan of IB, but rarely comment here. I know basic Hindi, I dont know hard words, I started to read this page to understand those words..but got addicted to this page as well. Ishbaaz is teaching em some Hindi as well 😀

      I started watching the Telugu dubbing version of Ishqbaaz in TV, which started 2 months after the Hindi version, I used to watch all future episodes online and used to watch both Hindi one as well as Telugu one at the same time, but they stopped dubbing version, so watching only Hindi one right now.

  21. kamal hai aapka memory utna weak bhi nahi itne saare naam jo aapko yaad hai waise 1st time i read ur comment but i liked it be regular so that we will know more twist and turns of our ib great idea to skip ib but i could never do that

    1. Renimarenju

      Shab……thanks ..but seriously i remember old ishqies names more because before 6 months i got a job transfer 2 kalburgi and my office schedule became really much hectic and in the past 6 months, so many people came here and many old ishqies left this page also..which is a bitter truth only…….I still managed 2 keep somewhat touch in with people by commenting once in a week only…..Stilll so many ishqies came with pretty regrets like why renu is not commenting , so and so…….Another thing to be honest @ least for soemtime i felt ib has lost its charm and recently i got my ib feel back on tia’s exposure only…..Am an ishkara fan and when omkara has almost disappeared from the show i felt ib as incomplete….i love 2 see shivomru…..a lot…and i admire shivay-omie bond…the scenes where perfection vs idealism…..seriously why cv’s are not showing it ?? and why jhanvi=pinky bonding is not in Ib ? Missing certain things… IB….and gud thing is shivika only….saahil and shivaay’s bonding, sahil-anika’s cute talks… really missing it badly….i felt like Ib as a half moon….now…… And some days the episodes will be khidki thod and will offer worth watch….earlier if i miss a single episode also, i would feel bad….”shit!! how renu should miss ib?” But 4 regrets…and cv’s do what u want….taht kind of mindset has come 2 me only….. And in this busy schedule of life and other ups and downs in life….nothing is been feeling as better or else i could say am trying to find better in all……that’s all….

    2. Shekhar

      YAA,like you many has lost interest from IB due to this or that reason, mostly CVS were being biased for SHIVIKA.
      When the actress playing ISHANA got out, it was like partition ammong . A literal fight is going on since then bwtween ISHKARA AND SHIVIKA fans all around from TU to TWITTER.Without being biased , we can say, it was a failure of makers to maintain balance among different tracks and alastt when then they dive down with DBO,game has been lost.DBO is the worst output of makers and literally they murdered the OM character. Once lost has been lost at the stage of non recoverable!

      Makers are being tangled between TRP, there by MONEY and CHARM of IB, and we must admit how much money has in this materialistic world! Need not to say, where and when they find their nest to stay on!

    3. Archiya

      Kalburgi near Belgaum ??

  22. Hello renima! U sure cannot manage to remember 200+ names, but wow! U seem to remember quite a lot!!
    If u have missed few episodes, The FSSO part will look quite Fhat the Wuck track.. but we r seeing quite some shivika progress.. that’s what has kept us all going!
    Anyways.. take care of work… keep commenting! ?

    1. Renimarenju

      Anu…..i really want 2 remember all ishqies name…from the depth of heart….i really wish i could remember …..and am not much interested in watching fake sso drama….which is bit annoying for me….i just expressed my view only dear….. and shivika is always gud…..which i know the show is focusing on them only and i miss shivomru scenes….badly……and shivkara convos also…..
      And taking care of work….lol ….i have become a workaholic now… no need 2 tell 2 take care of work….And will try 2 keep commenting….another thing this is like a family…perhaps my mood and presence of mind will be reflecting well on this page …sand when i will get time i first check whether i could comment well….if not …some times i love 2 remain as silent reader also…..

  23. Hi Renima
    How R u ??

    1. Renimarenju

      Am ok….yaar…..think so….

  24. I haven’t seen Shree commenting for quite some time.. and missing Ranilya too.. especially with such awesome episodes around..
    And this gal sumi tho.. pata nahin kahaan gayab ho gayi!

    1. Anu
      Shree said she ll join the forum only on 19th, she is busy with her exams.
      Rani Il join soon I hope. Donno about sumi yaar. Hope atleast she is watching IB.

  25. Mouni

    good morning renima dear , have a nice day

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks mouni

  26. Mouni

    guys who else is nervous for tonight’s ep ???
    its said that mahi will blackmail anika , l think it will be about saumya maybe as she is kidnapped but how did she told anika about the 3 villains but not about her location ??
    l hope that the spoiler lax put the link too is true and l think it is , but a song will not be enaugh to warn sso , anika needs to speak with him properly
    ps ; there is a new pic of sso , wearing white and red , guess its for the wedding
    another ps ; l miss the media on set , almost all written spoilers are false

    1. Don remind abt media on sets Mouni.. am missing it badly too… actually for shivika romance part.. it is nice to watch it as a surprise..
      but the mystery part.. like u mentione.. quite worried abt today’s episode… I would prefer to know what happens ahead.. written spoilers are crap.. they just raise our BP..!

    2. Mouni.. I just saw few Picts from insta..
      Gals.. I don have the himmath to watch tonight… feels like some lene ke dene padna types hone wala hain!!

  27. Hi Arpita, nahi nahi mainey sanyas nahi liya IB se 😛 its my all time fav… n tysm for remebering me…

  28. 602 comments wooooooooooow go ishquies go.. full on troll u r go go ishquies

  29. Hi ALl my lovely ishquies… a special hi to astha mouni lax liji arpita archiya… kaisey ho aap log long time.. sorry cud not come to this site…

    1. Mouni

      hi pinku dear , good morning

    2. Archiya

      Hey Pinku
      Was wondering Wher were u

  30. Hi archiya…I’m also tamilian.. I can understand Hindi yaar..n I know some Hindi☺.during my college days I have friends from Kerala,Karnataka,udaipur yaar so I know little Malayalam telegu Hindu my 28 yrs of life I just watched only 4 shows yaar..
    My 4 serials are 1.iss pyar ko kya naam doon ..2.ispkknd ek baar phir..3.saravanan meenatchi season 1.
    Presently Ishqbaaz..
    Before DAT I don’t watch TV yaar after marriage only used to watch d show along with my Ali..he knows Hindi well yaar so from him I learnt..n keep watching…?
    Mmmh shekar baai.. How r u man?…y r u feeling alone.. As I said on DAT day we r all sailing in d same boat of crazy ishqbaaz family …then y r u ?.. We r all in d same family yaar here so no hesitations feel free yaar..I always liked ur analysis ??..sometimes I feel philosophical too yaar
    Hi shab khan..hope ur enjoying ur 10th holidays ah ..keep enjoying dear?..
    Hi renima..I remembered u dear..but u don’t know me coz I’m silent reader when u r commenting..

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks 4 remembering me….Another thing this is a big family…..chavi….so pls don’t feel that u are alone ……May be because of lack of time people will not be able 2 reply u or moderation drama….sometimes u will not find replies 2 ur comments……in time…….And when i was active u was a silent reader……That’s quite new thing 2 me…..I think after a long time am finding more than one comment of mine in this page…..And time has changed now….Though am in this page today, really missing my old ishqies….which I can’t deny that without them am not in form…..Let the new ishqies….rock this page…..Perhaps next time i will certainly ask the question before entering …..”MAY I COME IN ISHQIES??” …..i think today i should not comment more in this page…

  31. Hi diyas once again thanku for ur wishes yaar..?
    OK take care ishquies…

  32. Hey mouni wassup how r u?… wrz our raita gang not to be seen replying 😛

  33. Hai di can I frgt you …v r of same place???????????…. Even mee tooo bust vid my studies, projects….. Nd i had 3dayz ka function nd yesterday got finished….
    Nd how you??? Be happy… Even iam ok ok type but somehow iam feeling happy by reading this page.. This page gang me more even though my comments are less.. But I go through everyone’s comments over here everyday while traveling in bus frm home to clg or clg to home(its of hour journey frm mulki to manglr airport)..iam happy being here but still missing some of old isqhees….

    By the way iam sad bcz shahabana didn’t invited me to her marriage ?????????????????????????

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