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Ishqbaaz 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says many scary ghosts come in my lane and I just show them away. Mallika and Soumya too talk of scary movies. They scream seeing a mask ghost. Some time before, Om asks them what are they talking. Shviaye says I just said…. Mallika says Shivaye feels girls are mentally weak. Om says I don’t think so, boys are not superior than girls, their mental strengths are different. Shivaye says I just said girls get scared soon. Om says I agree with it. Soumya and Rudra argue, and Shivaye and Anika argue.

Mallika argues with Om and asks him not to waste time by his poetry. Anika says Shivaye said wrong today. They all argue. Shivaye says we will prove this today. Mallika asks do you really think so. They boys say challenge. The girls shout accepted.

Dadi asks Anika till when will you

wait, rain won’t stop, you won’t get auto, I also faced problem, you stay here tonight. Anika says I will see after rain stops. Dadi says you said Sahil went on school trip, you have to stay here. Mallika thanks Dadi and hugs her. Dadi says I will make badam kheer for you. Soumya says for me too.

Mallika and Soumya talk about English horror movies Conjuring and etc. Anika asks what are these movies, I have seen all hindi horror movies, Jaani dushman, Raaz, I know all songs too, shall I sing. They say no, watch this movie. They see a horror movie and comment on the scene. Anika says Sahil’s Bua looks scary without makeup than this. Mallika asks really. Soumya tells her research. Mallika says brave girls like us don’t get scared seeing this, we would have seen Jaani dushman instead this. Anika says I felt that ghost was like Sahil’s Bua, many scary ghosts come in my lane and I shoo them off. Mallika says this movie did not have horror. Someone wearing a demon mask come to them. They scream seeing the mask guy showing the knife.

Rudra removes the mask. Shivaye, Om and Rudra laugh. Shivaye says I heard girls are brave, now accept it that girls are weak and don’t have mental strength. They all say Dil Bole Oberoi and leave. Mallika says I will give it back to them. Anika says don’t worry, I will return DVD. Mallika says it’s a proverb meaning we will teach them a lesson. Soumya says I have a plan, I told you I m horror movie fan, I use this and scare my friends with prank. She shows the horror accessories and says this is my prized possession, I got all this by winning the horror contest. Anika and Mallika dislike the things. Mallika asks do you think the boys will be scared by this. Soumya says yes, ofcourse.

Mallika wears one costume and goes to scare Om. Om laughs and removes her mask. Soumya tries to scare Rudra, and he does not care. Soumya asks Anika to hold this. Anika screams. Soumya says its fake snake. Anika says I feel yucky, keep it away. Soumya makes her hold it and tells her plan.

Shivaye talks on phone about quotations sent by email. Anika tries to scare him by the fake snake. He catches her by her hand and holds her close. They see each other. Music plays…….. Shivaye says the one whose name is Shivaye is not afraid of snake, and never by fake snake, mental strength. He goes. Mallika asks Anika are you okay, nothing is working. Soumya says I think we should try new tactics, I have a plan.

Om asks Shivaye are you serious, fake snake, their plans to scare is so silly. Shivaye says they are jokers. Om says Mallika tried to scare me wearing mask, she felt I will be scared. Shivaye says the girls don’t think of anything. Soumya asks them to come and have dinner. Shivaye asks did you all make it. Soumya says no, Mallika ordered it by her hands. Rudra asks Mallika what did she order. Mallika says healthy Chinese come. Soumya asks them to come. Om says I feel you guys are tricking us. Soumya asks do you think so. Om says I can see that on your face. Soumya says I m hungry, come. She goes. Om and Shivaye say it maybe the trick, but we will not lose, we have weak link Rudra, where is he.

Rudra likes the food and says I m happy that you all accepted defeat, I won’t tell anyone, if any loser is said he is big loser, he will feel bad, boys are more strong. He asks whats this and screams seeing the fake hand. He falls down and sees a scary figure/Anika. He screams. He says save me, and Shivaye and Om. He jump into Shivaye and Om’s lap and says save me. The girls laugh and say mental strength. Om says this is your mistake, you spoiled boy’s name.

Anika asks Shivaye where did your Tadi baazi go. Mallika says one gone. Shivaye says we scared three of you, you just scared one. Mallika says calculations. Shivaye complains that Anika named him Calculator Singh Oberoi. Mallika calls him complaining kid and says Rudra is scared, now you both… Shivaye says you all can’t scare me, mental strength. Anika says we will see.

The girls laugh on Rudra and think what would be doing now. Soumya acts as Rudra. Rudra asks Om and Shivaye to save them, switch on extra lights, don’t go away. Mallika does shayari like Om. Souma says I did not understand. Mallika says even I don’t understand what shayari Om does, it looks shayari tap is left open. She talks like Om and they laugh. Om says there were not ghosts, the girls scared you. Rudra says I got scared seeing that witch. Om says calm down, that was Anika.

Anika acts like Shivaye, and they laugh. Om asks Rudra if he gets scared more, I will switch off lights. Rudra says no. Anika says we should make plan for Om now. Om says they will try to scare us now. Shivaye says its not easy to scare us. Anika says this won’t work, Om thinks ten times. Mallika says exactly, we have to think something psychologically. Anika says yes. Soumya asks Mallika does she have any plan. Mallika tells her.

Shivaye says Om, I have to do a video conferencing call. Rudra asks Shivaye not to go, and sings Na jao bhaiya chuda ke baiyyan… Shivaye says let me work. Om asks Rudra why are you afraid. Rudra says its matter of one night. Shivaye goes. Om says leave my hand, I promise. Rudra asks pinky promise. Om asks whats that now. Rudra says Anika taught me, don’t go. Om says fine, pinky promise, sleep now.

Tej and Shakti talk about the girls and guy’s challenge. Tej says Shivaye is right, girls should accept they are mentally weak. Pinky and Jhanvi hear them. Pinky says we women are not weak. Shakti asks her to accept women are weak. Pinky asks how can you say this being Durga Maa’s devotee. Shakti says Durga Maa is Devi. Tej says you are comparing women with Devi, you should accept women are mentally weak. Jhanvi asks how did the guys get scared then. Shakti says Shivaye did not get scared. Tej says just Rudra got scared, but girls are scared to lose, we will go. Shakti says its time waste to explain, its impossible to explain them. They scare them, and laugh. Tej and Shakti leave. Om sees a girl going in white clothes. He gets up and goes to see from the window. Gumnaam hai koi…..plays…………

Om says Mallika. Mallika, Soumya and Anika come to him. Soumya asks are you looking for us. Om says you both are here, who was there. He goes back to his room, and gets shocked seeing someone with too scary makeup. He screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I liked the episode but I am losing interest now.. ” the whole mallika thing is making me skip episodes… the cvs did nt even concentrate on Rudra and soumya if not shivaay and anika… too much dragging of mallika’s character… the cameo is turning into a full fledged lead role which is sidelining all other imp characters which is the base line of the show… and abhi tak to siddhart ka bhi entry nai hua hai… god knows how many months this is gonna be dragged.. No romance , No enemies (roop and gayatri), no tia- mum problems no Obro’s moments, no shivika moment, no rumya moment, no ishkara moment, not even unfolding hidden secrets, no ridhima, no romi no nothing the whole story is running baseless now… the fun part is nice and I also laughed but, this is not a comedy show… the name itself is “ishqbaaz” which means “lovers” my dissapointment is reaching its peak now… 1 whole week was useless dragging

  2. sanjana kapoor

    nice episode.Rudra is really very funny.

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