Ishqbaaz 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says many scary ghosts come in my lane and I just show them away. Mallika and Soumya too talk of scary movies. They scream seeing a mask ghost. Some time before, Om asks them what are they talking. Shviaye says I just said…. Mallika says Shivaye feels girls are mentally weak. Om says I don’t think so, boys are not superior than girls, their mental strengths are different. Shivaye says I just said girls get scared soon. Om says I agree with it. Soumya and Rudra argue, and Shivaye and Anika argue.

Mallika argues with Om and asks him not to waste time by his poetry. Anika says Shivaye said wrong today. They all argue. Shivaye says we will prove this today. Mallika asks do you really think so. They boys say challenge. The girls shout accepted.

Dadi asks Anika till when will you

wait, rain won’t stop, you won’t get auto, I also faced problem, you stay here tonight. Anika says I will see after rain stops. Dadi says you said Sahil went on school trip, you have to stay here. Mallika thanks Dadi and hugs her. Dadi says I will make badam kheer for you. Soumya says for me too.

Mallika and Soumya talk about English horror movies Conjuring and etc. Anika asks what are these movies, I have seen all hindi horror movies, Jaani dushman, Raaz, I know all songs too, shall I sing. They say no, watch this movie. They see a horror movie and comment on the scene. Anika says Sahil’s Bua looks scary without makeup than this. Mallika asks really. Soumya tells her research. Mallika says brave girls like us don’t get scared seeing this, we would have seen Jaani dushman instead this. Anika says I felt that ghost was like Sahil’s Bua, many scary ghosts come in my lane and I shoo them off. Mallika says this movie did not have horror. Someone wearing a demon mask come to them. They scream seeing the mask guy showing the knife.

Rudra removes the mask. Shivaye, Om and Rudra laugh. Shivaye says I heard girls are brave, now accept it that girls are weak and don’t have mental strength. They all say Dil Bole Oberoi and leave. Mallika says I will give it back to them. Anika says don’t worry, I will return DVD. Mallika says it’s a proverb meaning we will teach them a lesson. Soumya says I have a plan, I told you I m horror movie fan, I use this and scare my friends with prank. She shows the horror accessories and says this is my prized possession, I got all this by winning the horror contest. Anika and Mallika dislike the things. Mallika asks do you think the boys will be scared by this. Soumya says yes, ofcourse.

Mallika wears one costume and goes to scare Om. Om laughs and removes her mask. Soumya tries to scare Rudra, and he does not care. Soumya asks Anika to hold this. Anika screams. Soumya says its fake snake. Anika says I feel yucky, keep it away. Soumya makes her hold it and tells her plan.

Shivaye talks on phone about quotations sent by email. Anika tries to scare him by the fake snake. He catches her by her hand and holds her close. They see each other. Music plays…….. Shivaye says the one whose name is Shivaye is not afraid of snake, and never by fake snake, mental strength. He goes. Mallika asks Anika are you okay, nothing is working. Soumya says I think we should try new tactics, I have a plan.

Om asks Shivaye are you serious, fake snake, their plans to scare is so silly. Shivaye says they are jokers. Om says Mallika tried to scare me wearing mask, she felt I will be scared. Shivaye says the girls don’t think of anything. Soumya asks them to come and have dinner. Shivaye asks did you all make it. Soumya says no, Mallika ordered it by her hands. Rudra asks Mallika what did she order. Mallika says healthy Chinese come. Soumya asks them to come. Om says I feel you guys are tricking us. Soumya asks do you think so. Om says I can see that on your face. Soumya says I m hungry, come. She goes. Om and Shivaye say it maybe the trick, but we will not lose, we have weak link Rudra, where is he.

Rudra likes the food and says I m happy that you all accepted defeat, I won’t tell anyone, if any loser is said he is big loser, he will feel bad, boys are more strong. He asks whats this and screams seeing the fake hand. He falls down and sees a scary figure/Anika. He screams. He says save me, and Shivaye and Om. He jump into Shivaye and Om’s lap and says save me. The girls laugh and say mental strength. Om says this is your mistake, you spoiled boy’s name.

Anika asks Shivaye where did your Tadi baazi go. Mallika says one gone. Shivaye says we scared three of you, you just scared one. Mallika says calculations. Shivaye complains that Anika named him Calculator Singh Oberoi. Mallika calls him complaining kid and says Rudra is scared, now you both… Shivaye says you all can’t scare me, mental strength. Anika says we will see.

The girls laugh on Rudra and think what would be doing now. Soumya acts as Rudra. Rudra asks Om and Shivaye to save them, switch on extra lights, don’t go away. Mallika does shayari like Om. Souma says I did not understand. Mallika says even I don’t understand what shayari Om does, it looks shayari tap is left open. She talks like Om and they laugh. Om says there were not ghosts, the girls scared you. Rudra says I got scared seeing that witch. Om says calm down, that was Anika.

Anika acts like Shivaye, and they laugh. Om asks Rudra if he gets scared more, I will switch off lights. Rudra says no. Anika says we should make plan for Om now. Om says they will try to scare us now. Shivaye says its not easy to scare us. Anika says this won’t work, Om thinks ten times. Mallika says exactly, we have to think something psychologically. Anika says yes. Soumya asks Mallika does she have any plan. Mallika tells her.

Shivaye says Om, I have to do a video conferencing call. Rudra asks Shivaye not to go, and sings Na jao bhaiya chuda ke baiyyan… Shivaye says let me work. Om asks Rudra why are you afraid. Rudra says its matter of one night. Shivaye goes. Om says leave my hand, I promise. Rudra asks pinky promise. Om asks whats that now. Rudra says Anika taught me, don’t go. Om says fine, pinky promise, sleep now.

Tej and Shakti talk about the girls and guy’s challenge. Tej says Shivaye is right, girls should accept they are mentally weak. Pinky and Jhanvi hear them. Pinky says we women are not weak. Shakti asks her to accept women are weak. Pinky asks how can you say this being Durga Maa’s devotee. Shakti says Durga Maa is Devi. Tej says you are comparing women with Devi, you should accept women are mentally weak. Jhanvi asks how did the guys get scared then. Shakti says Shivaye did not get scared. Tej says just Rudra got scared, but girls are scared to lose, we will go. Shakti says its time waste to explain, its impossible to explain them. They scare them, and laugh. Tej and Shakti leave. Om sees a girl going in white clothes. He gets up and goes to see from the window. Gumnaam hai koi…..plays…………

Om says Mallika. Mallika, Soumya and Anika come to him. Soumya asks are you looking for us. Om says you both are here, who was there. He goes back to his room, and gets shocked seeing someone with too scary makeup. He screams.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Nivedha

    😂😂😂super hilarious episode

    Thanks asmita for tat song..sorry I saw that later only ..

    Ishana is missing😵😵😵

  2. Tarini

    Rudra ke expressions.. om ki scream… maja agaya nice episode now boys will know about the mental strength of girls the fourth girl is priyanka i saw in updates… best episode ever… ek sec ke liya bhi meri hassi nahi band hui

  3. Trisha

    Today episode funny type horrow rudra bcom cry baby …… i can’t belive om also scard she is priyana who make om scard let’s see how girls gangs make shivaya scard…….really existed to see shivaya scare

  4. Tusi

    joss! love this episode…. oh god! after mallika’s interance girls gang is powerful than boys… this mallika is great if she has no bad intension…

  5. shahabana

    Ohhhhh know what an episode guyz i loved this boys w/s grls gost track. Everything is perfect but missing ishana. Loved ishqbaaz a lotz. U knw guyz on online trp ishqbaaz in top2.ishqbaaz rockz guyz.

  6. Abiha

    Superb ..very funny episode…i havn’t seen yet read only written ..but seems a good one ..i will comment after watching the episode ..

  7. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode ..loved it so much ..especially when Roudra got scared 😂😂😂..Roudra learned many things from Anika 😁 ” pinky promise ” 😜……I think om will get scared…and that girl in the precap is priyanka ……I don’t think shivaye will get scared so easily 😁….no Ishana today also 😞 .li guess this is one of they bestest episode so far…where is Mukta di !?!!

  8. ishika

    Okiess so I’m cnvnced tht shivika doesn’t nid a romantic scene..their screen presence is enuf😍…i mn they can do zabardast romance thru their eyes only..n tht twistng hand n staring go sh😂
    Anikaaaa whn she said sahils bus has more scary face thn this ghost😂
    Rudras song b like chhura k baiyanna jaao bhaiyaaa😂😂 he is😂
    Shivika b like tom n jerry oi bagad bills you panika…they were childlish tdy….
    N rudra doing pinky promise wth om😂😍 Anika effect!!

  9. Akhila

    super episode.this serial is very different from the has fun,romance,emotions,friend ship,family time every it.ishqbaaz superb.

  10. sonali

    haha 😂 😂 so hilarious episode and nice one love shivika….
    hope shivaye realizes that he cares for annika.

  11. Trisha

    Hlo guys today i want u to ask qustion did u really scard to watch horror movie or not??? But i really scard to watch horror epsially at night u make laugh at me😂😂 by saying i used to watch horror movie at day time ..if i see that movie at night i cant even go for drink water in kitchen …. somya say conjuring that movie so scarry i cant watch i really scard😱😱😱i want u to ask did u really scard like me or not plz my reply i want ur opinion

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Idk about other movies ..but conjuring ..frankly speaking i didn’t get scared..infact I’ve watched it alone at night 12…. While everyone was sleeping …..I like to watch horror movies alone cuz..usually if sm1 else is there then they will scream and catch tightly and get scared and I fell irritating ..if sm1 get scared while watching horror movies ..I love horror movies ..I’ve never watched any Hindi horror movie..but English I’ve watched many……the conjuring is one of my favoirite

    • Yazhu

      I’ve got scared of horror movies when I was a child but it’s my elder brother who always makes me watch horror movies along with him later my fear was gone and even horror becomes one of my favorite genres Conjuring2(Valak) and Lights out(Diana) are my favorite…

    • HarSHaN


      |Registered Member

      The Question “Y U need to scare” in my mind while seeing my childhood frnd’s fear of ghosts..I always start watching movies especially ghost movies at 12.00am…Mm..Conjuring is a gud movie..Bt it is not scary movie..Mostly the ghost movies r thrillers…I saw mostly English,scifi,Romedy,Docu..Ya..Ghostmov too..TheExcorist,TheCurseofRoseEmily(The name I didn’t remember fully),Omen r older fav.. The new one Ya..Conjuring2esp the Valak comes frm photo..

  12. Abhi

    Pwoli episode….how dare they say that girlsr weak.,.girls r more powerful than boys..they’ll soon get to kno abt it,…girl team is intelligent too..they used Priyanka for this…now ohm is gonna get scared….now finaly our SSO Shivay singh oberoy is remaining…bt he too is gonna get scared…yooo…damn excited to see tat episode….oh no,I would like yo see anika instead of Mallika near shivay in d mrng…agar aisa hota toh aur maza hota….loved the scene how anika tried scaring shivay using fake snake…loved the way he held her close,….also fight between parents regarding it…They r also going to get shocked when they get to knothat even shivay got scared….loved the whole episode damnly….TIT for TAT episode,..♥♥♥♥

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Even I’d like it more if Anika would be there instead of Malika ,,but I don’t care ..I just want to see Shivayes scared face 😜

  13. Yazhu

    Just can’t control my laughter….. I’ve kept on laughing till end…. Girls were really good loved the trio (Anika, Mallika, Soumya) using the boys weekness against them, they(girls) were amazing…. Soumya is right Rudra is really a cry baby his reaction when he held the ghost hand that was hilarious… As always loved Shivika’s scene….Awww they looks awesome together…… GIRLS ROCKSSSSS…. Waiting eagerly for the next episode… Om scared of the ghost….really funny…:-D:-D:-D

  14. Xuni

    I think malika is for om…wesa bi i hate that ishana-.-not at all attractive…today’s episode was a blast😍rudhr nailing it with his acting…and Anika and shivaye😙

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Can I ask why u hate Ishana !? And about Malika and om ..nvr ..they r juz friends ..I’m 101% sure Malika is not for Om

  15. Tarini

    I was not scared but was laughing loud each and every sec… amazing episode… lobe ishqbaaz😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  16. Sweena

    What a episode I loved it and Rudra reaction when he saw anika I was laughing and shivika romance it was just awesome and their eye looks it’s brilliant and eagerly waiting for tomorrow and tomorrow is the turn of Om I love this serial very much 😄😀😃😊😂

  17. Shylaja


    |Registered Member

    Hii everyone😘!! I ve started watching ishqbaaz recently😍!! I have many doubts! Nd the main one among that is who r ishana and ridhima to Om?!🤔

    • Shaza

      The story is about a rich business family, the Oberoi family. The family consists of two brothers and their wives. The elder brother Tej has a wife janvi and has an illicit affair with his secretary Swetlana. Tej and his alcoholic wife Janvi have three children. Their elder son is Omkara, a sculptor and a self made billionaire. He has a history of drug abuse. He is an understanding person and hates his father. Tej and Janvi’s second child, Rudra, is a flirtatious guy who is a fitness freak and loves partying and women, however, he does not believe in the concept of marriage. He is very friendly in nature. They also have a daughter Priyanka.She is kind, sweet and simple but had glossophobia and social anxiety disorder. Tej’s younger brother is Shakti has a wife, Pinky. They have one son, Shivaay, who is the eldest son and the face of Oberoi industry and is an arrogant business tycoon personality like his uncle. He is arrogant, snobbish and judges people on the basis of their lineage and social status, rather than their personality or work. He does not believe in love but is engaged with a girl named Tia Kapoor. Shivaay has an unkeen sense of loyalty towards his family name. Both, Tej and Pinky, want their respective sons to inherit the business and thus end up fighting each other. Even after everything the three cousins share an unusually strong bond with each other. They both love their grandmother and Priyanka.

      Shivaay is always engaged in cat fights with Anika, a middle class girl who does catering business for supporting her & her adopted brother Sahil’s livelihood. On the other hand, Omkara has come across a girl named Ishana. Ishana is a Gujarati girl who is cheating Omkara for money. The youngest Rudra is been liked by a girl named Soumya. Soumya is a Maharashtrian girl brought up in Chandigarh & has a Marathi accent. Sowmya is grand daughter of friend of Rudra’s grandmother. So she comes to live with them in Oberoi mansion for a short period of time. And Anika, who is planning the wedding of Shivaay and Tia, almost stays in Oberoi mansion doing arrangements.

      Meanwhile, the illegal affair of Tej and Svetlana is being recorded and Shivaay is been blackmailed for money for the video. He gets ready to pay them. But the video was leaked to media and been telcasted. After a few incidents at home, Pinky helps Janvi to gain love from Tej and to make him stay away from Svetlana. Even the brothers Tej and Shakthi start coming closer again.

      In the coming episodes, Ishaana aka Mala aka Bela succeeds for a short while in breaking Omkara and Riddhima relationship, but the plan flops and Riddhima and Omkara ends back up together. Riddhima tells Om to help her by donning a Krishna outfit. On the festival of Janmashtami, Dadi tells Shivaay to drop Annika hope as its not safe for Annika to go so late at night. In the car, Annika and Shivaay shares their normal bicker, but Annika hurts her foot, which causes Shivaay to drop her inside her house. At Annika house, Shivaay pants burst and he has to change. When he reaches back at Oberoi mansion, he sees Om and Rudra dressed in the same outfit as him and they all question eachother, but Shivaay denies to tell them as to why he was dressed in the Krishna outfit. At the same time Annika arrives to drop Shivaay phone and wallet and explains to them what happened. They all have a laugh but Shivaay feels offended and and shouts at Annika to shut up.

      The same day, there is another attack on the Oberoi House which is poisonous gas leak. Annika gets caught in it. Shivaay holds her in his arm and takes her from there and throw water on her for her to regain her consciousness. She is saved…I know it’s long but it will clear all your doubts .,u can watch all older episodes on hotsrar an du will enjoy it

      • shahabana

        Hiiiii shaza hw z u baby? U explained ishqbaaz perfectly dr exept one thing thatz u told shivaye is like his uncle tej i cannot agree with ur this point bcz shivaye is 100% better person than tej. For tej buesiness first and family next but for shivaye family first. Shivaye can do anything for his family and brothers.u knw shakthi tejs brotherly relationship is not good but shivaye omkara and rudras relationship is best. For omkara and rudra shivaye is their frnd brother and everything. When rakshabandan function is going on omkara and rudra say so much for shivaye but shivaye doesn’t say anything in return, thats sso, that’s why omru tied raaki to shivaye bcz he is best brother. Dnt be sad shaza i just told shivaye is not like tej oberoi.

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        Im fine …😄and I juz write that just his personality is like his uncle ..don’t you thinks so..I mean always most of the times doing business ..and btw I copied and pasted Thia from from ishqbaaz Wikipedia 😬

  18. saira

    Wow expressions!! Nailed it actors!! memorable episodes. Now I have a firm belief that Malika will not turn negative (touch wood) just her entry will raise more and more day to day issues and their relevant solutions in a comic yet impactful way.

  19. HarSHaN


    |Registered Member

    Frndzz..Tanqq for Liking “PinkishThoorigai neEnakku”..Today..Tanqq..The next one is “The two sides of a earphone and A Cuckoo”…I hope U Enjoyy the Two sides of a earphone while readingg..Maybe a stylish surprise of The Two Sides…..Soon…

  20. saira

    I am missing ishana. No justice to ishkara by the cv’s. Not fair. Mallika should never be paired with omkara. She won’t complete him. Won’t form good couple. Mallika will play a pivotal role in changing love hate chemistry of lead pairs to love and her entry will change wrong mindset of people around her. Finally when the things will be back to track she will unite with siddharth and they will be siddhika. Yippee!!!!!

  21. Luna

    Honestly, I’m not liking this Mallika track now. Ishqbaaz has turned into a comedy shows. The show started with so many stories but now nothing is been shown. Where is Ishana??? In jail or what. Rudra and Soumya only fight like little kids. No progress in Ishkara and Rumya love story. Where are Gayatri and Roop??? Arent they planning something??? Is Swetlana on vacation??? Why Jhanvi stopped drinking??? How everything became fine btwn Tej- Jhanvi and Tej-Shakti. Oberoi family was dysfunctional in the start but now they are completely okay. There are so many subplots but instead of showing that cvs are showing unnecessary tracks of women empowerment. Om, Rudra and Soumya are completely sidelined and it looks like Mallika is the main lead with Anika and Shivaye as parallel leads. Ishana has a cameo role to be honest.

    • shraddha

      yeah u r right! CVs main plot dikhaneki bajay masti kar rahe hai!they should concentrate on luv stories ,masti should be limited

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      episode is interesting but they are not showing ishkara from many days .what happened to ishana .is she alive or dead???

    • renima

      Hey luna ishqie, hope you are fine……and yaar i agree with your view…..for me yesterday’s episode was not ishqbaaz…it was like “scarymazakbaaz.”….. just fun to watch…..but not worth to watch….always i mentioned ishqbaaz episodes are worth watching…..but yesterday’s episode was just ok……and coming to the leading pairs……they are not showing ishkara and rumya track…..ishana has vanished?????… least a glance of ishana… that we could know what’s her condition???? and apart from an eyelock of shivika…..which was for a few minutes only….i hardly missed their combo scenes…..and ihave no idea about ishkara track…..also…
      rumya just like buddies yaar……and it will take some time when they realise the things….so their track is good….and omkara…a sensitive man….how he became just normal…..he is not
      thinking about ishu….i felt strange…….while what ishu said was so strong…..
      And about the mental strength…..they should have tried something else…..i mean …….just if you made somebody scared….it doesn’t mean that they are mentally weak………. malika manages a company…..she is CEO….and Anika a strong responsible girl and Sowmya….an intelligent smart girl…….oberois…..just said it……they are not mentally strong…..
      Even ladies also try to scare oberois…..just like a funny revenge only…..
      Mental strength is not like if you watch horror movies alone…you are mentally strong……
      i don’t understand that logic…….they should have use the word scare instead of mental strength…..then we can say the episode was really good……
      And luna about family bonding……just because of pinky’s attempt…..tej really began to think about jhanvi…..we all know that dear…..and pinky has also changed….i mean when dadi convince her she appologised……remeber that moment….so oberoi family bonding is now strong ……and shwethlana, gayatri, roop……well …..we have to wait for them……
      This is my view….ishqie

  22. Diya

    Hahahaha😂😂Rudy is the best! Na jaao Bhaiya…It’s face in the precap when he gets scared is also hilarious.yup, as someone mentioned here, it’s probably Priyanka who will scare Om. Waiting for billu to get scared. I think eventually they will use Dadi to scare him and will succeed. Pinky and Jhanvi will probably scare Tej
    and Shakti. That way all members will be involved. BTW how many of you think Dilshaad or evil maami from Qubool hai will be Siddharth Rana’s mom and Mallika’s future Mother In Law( since all Qubool Hai actors are having a reunion in Ishqbaaz!)
    BTW I am another Diya from the previous post from today. And good day to you moderation folks 😀

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Actually everyone will try to scare shivaye but he won’t get scared ..but later Malika will be in his bed in morning suddenly as he wakes up and he will get scared ..i also think that the mom is sm1 from qubool hai maybe that razziya ..

  23. Luna

    Dont know why this show is promoting stereotypes??? Every person has different mental strength. Girls and boys doesnt matter and why r they insulting people of Europe.

    • Diya

      I think the show is bringing up commonly held stereotypes and debunking them by showing they are wrong. Cos eventually all males will get scared. At least that’s what I understood, I may be wrong.

  24. Luna

    Guys, why do u think Mallika and Om can become a pair. They r just good friends. Just b coz they showed some scenes btwn them doesnt mean they r a pair. Ishana is paired with Om. They give me buddies like feeling, not love.

  25. Diya

    I have a feeling that CVs did not want Anika to be the reason for Shivaay Tia breakup. So they brought Mallika. The Ishana Om story will be slightly serious in the beginning so they are getting done with light-hearted stuff first. Still, they could do a better job of balancing the three stories I agree. They have so many threads going on that they keep leaving a few to hold on to the other ones. Let’s see how it goes.

  26. Maya

    I agree with Luna. Thought the episode was funny today but this Mallika thing is dragged too much.
    What happened to Ishana. Om is not even a bit affected by his fight with Ishana, he’s not even thinking about her.
    Anyway let’s give them some time am sure she’s working on Omkara and Ishanas track.
    Though I really liked the way this Bela Mala story was ended with the confrontation between Om and Ishana only no one else was included in there fight not even Riddhima.
    Also i liked that Ishana gave Om back that gave some respect to her character rather then she bring portrayed as a Con girl.
    Am hoping they now working on her track.
    Omkara and Ishanas love story should be passionate one. Where they should unconditionally fall in love with each other.

    • nikki

      welcome maya to our ishqbaaz family u too agree with u all ithink mllika will relise shivay that he is in love with anika what do usay guys

    • renima

      Right Maya Ishqie……welcome to our ishqie family….dear…..keep commenting
      And am missing ishkara track ……..their ishq was very peculiar and unique which was a worth watch……and omkara not thinking about ishu…..i felt really strange as he is really sensitive…..
      and gulkhan is working on ishu’s role……just wait for that…
      Malika track …..yaa seems they are giving so much attention to that and other tracks are sidelined…….and can’t say any thing as just now she has entered ….
      So just watch the show……

  27. Girijam


    |Registered Member

    Hello all. I’m new here. I just love this serial. Awesome story. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Can I Be Friends with you all?

  28. Jazz

    Everyone nailed it today. I was laughing so hard that my stomach starts hurting.😂😂😂Really like it when anika was trying to scare shivaay but he holded her.😘😘😘Really excited for tomorrow’s episode bcz It’s om and shivaay’s turn to get scared. 😂😂😂

  29. Laya

    It was ipkknd1 which u enjoyed to see last time. Now this also very interesting and enjoyable. Awsome episode.

  30. Chaitanya

    I know how to scare shivay.only anika can do this.guys think when they were dining together and she was pouring water shivay moved back.that means he is afraid of anika throsing water over his face😂😂😉😉😃😄

  31. Rosu 25

    Good morning… are u all..
    Episode was too funny😂😂😂😂.

    @reni….sorry dear….actually I was busy with my works….I couldn’t get time to comment yesterday…..are u alri8???? Hope u r fine…….

  32. nikki

    hilarious jokes of rudra yaar cvs showed a little bit shivika scene but it was awesome missing ishkara yaar plz any one are they in titter ask them when they will ishana.guys who do you think the gost who scared om

    • renima

      nikki am @ office…..i will comment when i get a break…..and am working as programmer analyst cum supervisor in a us based travel and tourism company, mangalore……

    • renima

      Nikki actually i replied you when you asked about my job yesterday…but TU did not posted it……and now i think you have read about my job

  33. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    gd mrngggzzz my sweet ishqiesssssss… wat say guyzzz..
    Ishqbaazzzzzz rockzzzzzzzzz… 🙂
    wowwwwwwww… suprb episode… i really felt stomach pain by watching this hilariouSSS episode…. 😛 😀 i thnk for 2-3 dayzz cv’s made it little boring,,but yestrday they rectified it sooo smoothly… and i suprised by seeing anika’z stay in oberoi mansion .. woww..!! boyz vs girls track is awesome.. and shivikaa… again made a romantic scene together.. so sweet ttt .
    hatsoff to rudra for his scared expressions, acting, dialogues..
    waiting for today’zzz..

    • renima

      Haya…..gud mrng ishqie….. am good and what about you ishqie????
      i like the episode…..but i felt they lacked the ishq….i mean only a glance of shivika when sso holded her……well it was nice….but i love to watch their takkar combo scenes……missed it…..

  34. Chetna

    Hello girijam welcome dear. The episode was very good and entertaining but I miss ishana. She should be there for om.
    Plz there are 3 love stories, balance them.

  35. nikki

    omg helarious perforence by everyone but missing ishna guys if anyone are there in twitter then ask them when they will show ishana

  36. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    gud mrng mukta disha misri luna enasanjida priya renima di haya sat chetna anusha tharu abiha shaza shahbana ishika riddhima rose rosu saira monique nivedha piyali nazneen richu have a nice day.

  37. Chetna

    Gm shivani renima di anusha luna priya shaza ishika shahbana nivedita rose richu and other ishqies have a great day .
    Reply plz

    • renima

      Hey my glittering ishqies…….mukta, aqua, nadiya, disha, priya, shivani, nivedha, haya, mishri, luna, enasanjida, piyali, dil, sat, kat, jazz, navi, nelka, kikki, shaza, shahabhana, monique, nikki
      abiha, tharu, himagiri, mary, adityakiran, nazneen, nihaarika, yazhu, vinnu, ooshi,roz, rose, rosu
      lijitha, aliya, chetna, diya, neha, mukthi, trisha……how are you all ishqies???? good morning 2 all and have a nice day ishqies…..

    • renima

      Enasanjida ishqie… fine ishqie…..episode was really funny…..but i missed ishkara…and am not in twitter yaar……but i heard that gulkhan is working on ishu’s character and we will be able to see her after one week……so just wait for that

  38. ishika

    Ok yes shivay is alrdy scared of water we all knw😂
    So Anika said in th bgnng…why r u laughng at us sso if I brng a glss of watr u wl start shivrng…n shivay really said hey panika n strd stammrng..😂
    Thn agn mallika wl b on shivays bed n Anika wl suddnly come up bth of thm scare him

  39. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    though episode is hilarious but om is not even bothered about ishana not fair bring her back.I must say mallaika and anika share a good bond.poor cry baby they are going to scare om.I have read in spoilers that tia will create problem for anika.anyways I am enjoying ishqbaaz

  40. ishika

    U know shivika reltnshp is legit whn they strt cllng thm their nick names😍
    And ofcrs how shivay only whn to shake th bowl of anika..n nt mallika or soumya…he jst cnt resist hr😂😍

    • renima

      Hai ishika ishqie, how are you dear????

      And i really like the eyelock of shivika when sso holded anika and said “Jiska naam shivaay ho
      woh saamp se nahi darta aur nakli saamp se toh bilkul bhi nahi”

  41. nikki

    hai guys i sorry i didnt see it haya N renima iam that nikki only who commented in EDKV and thanks for saying renima.all ishqbaziaans plz bless me couse i had exams 2tomrrow and dat after 2tomarrow so plz i cqnt comment for 2days i think but i will see the comments bayiiiii….. only for 2days

  42. shahabana

    Welcome to all new members of this family dnt ask permission ishquis just comment and share ur openoin guyz

  43. nikki

    hai guys haya i am that nikki only who commented in EDKV and renima so sweet os you thanks for saying dear.Anyway all isqbaziaans bless me plz u gave a important exam on 2marrow and day after 2marrow i think i cant comment i have to prepare for that so bye…… miss u all but i ll see comments

  44. Luna

    Now I think Om will meet Ishana after she becoming a call girl, as she has’nt cleared the debt of the goons they will sell her and her sister in a brothel.

    • renima

      Seriously….luna ishqie….i don’t want that……i mean brothel……..i can’t think about it….
      just i could say wait for ishana……when she will be on the plot we will get best ishq… watch
      And i have replied you on previous page…..just go through it and share your view….ishqie

    • Haya123


      |Registered Member

      omggggggggg.. i really dn’t want this story of ishana.. i thnk, luna it willn’t happen.. bcz,if they made such a worse track then we will defend it.. that’s ishkara fan.. 🙂

  45. sasha

    I was just laughing by recalling yes episode that was amazing surbhi u r cute and rudra yar kya it…….

  46. renima

    Nahs ishqie….i really loved when rudra was scared when he saw that fake hand and anika just
    scared him really which was so funny……and rudra just like a kid holded om and sso’s hands….
    and he said ” bhaiya aap mujhe chodke mat jaon”…….ha….ha..ha….
    And snake plan didn’t work out……because its sso…..its not so easy to make sso scared…
    but today i think anika will opt a “paani” pan and sso is scared off ” paanika”

    • Pradishma

      hi nahs and renima dears …
      As renima said,I too loved the fake hand drama, oh god…Rudra was looking soo much like a baby…Awww. The way he jumbed over SSO and Om and hugging the..hahahahaha
      When he asked SSO and OM to sing Lori ,Goddd, i was laughing, and OM scaring rudra that he will off lights was…hahaha
      Not to say,Seriously Soumya’s look was much like joker and Rudra’s expression was awesome..
      Waiting for today yaar..
      My darling OMie,the way he shouted…

      Mallika’s teasing dialogue to SSO-“Oho Shivaye Sigh Oberoi bacho ki tara shikayaat karte hoon .,,Really matured”

  47. disha

    amazing episode girls vs boys
    cry baby very scared he really like a kid stupid boys how dare they said girls mentally weak. girls are best in all things

    • renima

      Hai disha ishqie, how are you dear?
      well girls and boys both are mentally strong…..depends on the situation and character …..may be some will be very strong and some will be weak…..
      Any way episode was full of fun….

  48. Piyali

    Hello…everyOne..mukta priya, renima di, haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di,abiha,shahabana di, Soniya,Chetana di,anusha, nivedha di, diya,maya and everyone else,…good afternoon…
    How are you all?
    Have a great day…😀😀
    Missing you mukta,…uhh…

  49. shahabana

    Im not understanding what is the need to scare sso with gost snake etc. He will just scared by anika with one glass water

    • renima

      Just for that eyelock….i mean….the show’s title is ishqbaaz…..and yesterday it was “scarybaaz”
      only… least something which will create a moment of ishq is necessary naa….so when anika tried the prank….sso caught her and then cute eyelock…..
      and sso is scared of paani…..if she tried that sso will be scared and a chance of eyelock…..will be less…..but paani always bring them closer… i think anika will try paani method…..

  50. renima









  51. renima

    Panika aka Anika , Reiki Baby Lady aka baba aka Tia, Bhagodi Dulhan aka Malika

    Stone singh oberoi aka calculator singh oberoi aka mobile singh oberoi aka bagad billa aka billuji aka Shivaay Singh Oberoi

    Then……suhag raat…. sso and anika……. [ in my imagination]
    SSO : Hey don’t give me that……glass kanch ke nahi but tum panika ho ….tumhare intention mein jaanta hoon”

    Anika: “in tension”…..oh aap dar gaye billuji….dariye mat….mein itni bhi bhuri nahi ki suhag raat mein paani phekungi

    Tia sso -suhag raat….
    sso: ” what the hell?? it’s not like a room….only reiki symbols tia…tum mere saath ho yaa reikis ke saath ho?”
    tia : ” hey shivaay baby relax….you know i love reikis….i mean…these reikis are 4 u…..yeh tumhein positive energy denge…..and trust me….universe mein hamari pair the best hogi

    Malika sso – suhag raat
    Malika wrote a letter for sso “i think we are not made for each other….so am just leaving”
    { sso thinks ….paagal….bhagodi dulhan}
    its mrng sso wake up…..Malika came back : “hi shivaay am back”
    SSO :” What’s wrong with you ? why are you again?”
    Malika : “i feel hungry tum mere pati and you are responsible… just go and make a dish for me”

    Guys……just for fun i wrote this…..ishqies pls share your views about this

    • renima

      Hey pradishma ishqie… you a lot……i watched it……my omkara…….and pradishma… just reminded me the mesmerising moments of omkara…..thanks a lot ……..worth watch!

  52. Luna

    Renima Ishqie, The brothel thing came in my mind b coz i dont see any Ishkara scenes in near future and Ishana doesnt gets any individual scenes. The whole focus has come to Mallika and Shivika. If cvs will show Ishana after some time then they have to show some offscreen progress in her story. I just made a wild guess Ishana may become a call girl in future on the basis of her current story. As for Rumya, their story is on track but for a long time there is no progress, they dont even have their individual scenes. And everything getting sorted out btwn 0berois so easily doesnt makes sense, though cvs are showing some minor tension btwn them at regular intervals so I might be wrong. This is my POV.

    • renima

      OH Luna ishqie……i understand …..but was shocked to see that comment and your point of view is really good yaar…..and about individual scenes of rumya…yaa that’s true……well it will take time and about oberoi family bond…..may be they have really changed….i mean tej and pinky…..if not ……we have to wait ishqie……and you are not wrong ishqie…..everybody has their point of view and we just discuss it…..that’s why we are here…….luna ishqie…..

  53. Luna

    Guys, a news has come from a reliable source that Ishkara track will be take a backseat for some time. As most of the viewers are not happy with the Ishkara track and how their story has been shaped up, cvs have decided to make changes in their story. So Vrushika is taking a break from the show and Ishana will not appear onscreen for quite some more time. For now cvs will focus on Om and Riddhima breakup.

    • Enasanjida

      Hate u CV s track. Kisaa track accha nahi lagh raha thaa.. I really lyk – last episode when omkara-. Ishaana main takkaar hua. But yes, bela-mala main serial thoda jaida pech hoo gayi. Oh noo.. I think now 1month waiting..

  54. NazneenSyed

    @Renima di.Shivaay aur Tia ka suhaagraat acha Tha.Tum mere saath ho ya Reikis ke saath ho😃😃😃😃😃😄😄

    • renima

      nazneen ……tia …..really fun to watch……har waqt reiki ke baat karti hai…….jaise uski engagement sso se nahi reiki se hai…..

    • shahabana

      Helloooo nazreen dr, im from mangalore dr so im a Kannadiga dr but my mother tongue is malayalam sweety

  55. Diya

    Hmm. Not a bad idea. Better they think a little and come up with a solid Ishana story than make her character go down the drain. She is a well rounded real life character and needs thoughtful development. I actually liked the idea of her coming to apologize to Om, getting slapped by Riddhima and then vowing to expose Tej Oberoi to show Om the truth. In the process they could have had intense scenes. She could have joined hands with Roop and Gayatri to get money to protect her family. But once realizing Om’s purity of soul and her deep love for him, she would have double crossed the evil Roop and brought them down. Ishana can be a pivotal character a

  56. renima










  57. renima

    Har rishta uske liye tha ek deal….

    Zindagi ki daud mein use jeet pasand hai haar nahi……

    Par naseeb ne use kisi se mila di joh us se bilkul alag thi…

    Uske takkar se thak gaya par abb uske dil ke sach ko jaana….

    Ek baat par doon ke nazar ek hai jise duniya shayad pyar kahe….

    Woh bhi aage badhna chahti hai aur mein bhi haarna nahi cahta …..

    Iss safar mein kaise milega dil ki awaz sunne ko waqt ?????

    Par kuch toh hai joh shayad ishq hai yaa ishq baaz hai……

    for SSO FANS…..

    • shahabana

      Ohhhhhh its superb lines dr both rumyas and sso poems thnk u once again dr, k byyyyy tc c u tmrrw baby, inshahallah

  58. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Renima superb imagination ab suhaag raath…. Lol THE best wer three… Pani nahi phekungi…. Bhagodi dhulhan…. Reiki’s thume positive energy dhegi baby…. Lol

  59. Maya

    I liked the episode but I am losing interest now.. ” the whole mallika thing is making me skip episodes… the cvs did nt even concentrate on Rudra and soumya if not shivaay and anika… too much dragging of mallika’s character… the cameo is turning into a full fledged lead role which is sidelining all other imp characters which is the base line of the show… and abhi tak to siddhart ka bhi entry nai hua hai… god knows how many months this is gonna be dragged.. No romance , No enemies (roop and gayatri), no tia- mum problems no Obro’s moments, no shivika moment, no rumya moment, no ishkara moment, not even unfolding hidden secrets, no ridhima, no romi no nothing the whole story is running baseless now… the fun part is nice and I also laughed but, this is not a comedy show… the name itself is “ishqbaaz” which means “lovers” my dissapointment is reaching its peak now… 1 whole week was useless dragging

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.