Ishqbaaz 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tej says whatever you did for us, I want to personally thank you. Anika says no need to say thanks, I did my duty. Tej says seriously, that day when police came here, Shivaye told you are part of this family, after this incident, I completely agree with it, Anika you are part of this family. Some time before, Tej asks what, all charges are dropped, how did this happen. Shivaye says because of Anika, she does not look smart, but she is smart indeed. Anika looks on. Shivaye says she sorted everything by seeing a film poster, if she was not there, we would have not been able to do this. Tej says if Anika did this, I will personally thank her. Tej tells Shakti that case dismissed, all charges on us are dropped.

Anika walks to Shivaye and asks whats the meaning, that I don’t look smart, do I look

foolish. He asks did you just hear this, what that I praised you. She says I heard, but why can’t you say this on my face, you know what tough thing I did, you were with that old lady, I have run after that girl, her speed was too fast, but I m not slow, I have run like a skating rabbit, just like that, she run here and I was behind. He looks at her, while she explains him the scene. She falls over him and they have an eyelock. O jaana…..plays……….She gets away and moment breaks. She says you can’t say thank you to me ever. He says excuse me, I said thank you to you. She says yes, when you were drunk. He recalls the moment and says we both decided we will not discuss about that part again, anyways I said thank you yesterday in car. She says yes, as it was going to be my last day. He says but, it did not become last day. She says you see you will walk to me and say thank you one day without anyone’s pressure and saying, I will always wait for that day. She leaves. He looks on.

Rudra goes to Om and says its big problem. Om asks what is it, why are you worried. Rudra says Rumi is not answering. Om asks are you serious, many problems happened, Gayatri came home, CD scandal, wrong blames on Tej and Shakti, Shivaye’s board meeting, it was today, did you get to know of it. Rudra signs no. Om says come, we will find out. Om, Rudra and Soumya go to Shivaye. Soumya says Shivaye is cooking food, he had board meeting. Rudra says I was afraid, he gets so much anger and his mind burnt, he forgot board meeting. Om asks how, marriage was almost happening because of this meeting.

Rudra says that old lady hit on his head with stick and maybe he lost his memory. Soumya says is it that meeting went wrong and he is cooking to control his anger and disappointment. Om says we will find out, come. He tells Shivaye not to worry if takeover did not happen, Tej and Shakti’s blames are proved wrong, we will do something. Shivaye asks them to be quiet, meeting is happening. Shivaye talks on phone and ends call. Om asks what. Shivaye asks them what will they have. Shivaye asks Om to get garlic bread from oven. Om asks what happened in meeting. Shivaye says nothing. Om asks what does nothing mean.

Shivaye says nothing, we got the company, takeover is done. Om and Rudra hug Shivaye. Om asks Soumya to come, its family hug, my sister can’t be there. Rudra jokes Soumya’s single hug looks family hug. Soumya says very funny. Om says great wall of Shivaye did again. Rudra says I trust Shivaye, he can do everything except his height. Shivaye says and about increasing your IQ. Om says but Shivaye, Anika did a lot. Rudra says Anika is champ, she solved case and made Lady baba leave. Shivaye says Anika did all this, I did not do anything, right, I did not crack any deal before, Anika did this. Rudra says I did not mean it. Shivaye laughs and hugs them.

Its morning, Dadi asks Pinky why did she call them here. Pinky says I need to show you something. She plays the video ad of Shilpa. Shilpa tells about fat burning and slimming churan. Pinky asks did you see. Rudra says yes, but we all are fit, whom are you taunting, Sumo… Pinky says stop it, Sumo is… I mean Soumya is not fat, she is healthy. Soumya smiles. Pinky asks did you not all see, its same girl, fake Cd girl. They all realize its Shilpa. Pinky says I have seen her in ad between Baba ji’s show, and thought to record ad and show you. Shivaye says wow, very smart mom. Pinky says my son is James Bond and I m James Bond’s mum.

Jhanvi comes talking on phone and tells everyone that Mrs. Chabbra was on call. She asks Shivaye does he know Chabbra family. Shivaye says the one who has software business in California, they are doing pretty well, successful. Jhanvi says they have come to Mumbai, they want to meet us and see Priyanka. Rudra asks is Priyanka Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalow that they want to see her. Dadi says they are coming to see her for marriage. Shivaye and Om ask for proposal, she is still a kid. Rudra says my younger sister’s alliance.

Jhanvi says Priyanka is not a kid, we should think for her marriage, they are good people, whats harm to meet them. Rudra asks don’t we have any work at home except marriage, she is young, is it her age for marriage, how will she go, I won’t let her go. Dadi asks if you three react like this now, you have to do her Bidaai some day. Om says yes, but what’s the hurry. Jhanvi says they are just coming to see, you guys are reacting as if marriage is today. Dadi says yes. They see Priyanka.

Pinky says we will ask Priyanka. Om asks Priyanka about meeting that guy and family. Priyanka says like mom feels right. Pinky says then its decided, I will do Priyanka’s makeup. Dadi asks is she going on Ram leela that you will do her makeup. Pinky asks do I do such bad makeup, I will do your makeup and then you will know. Shivaye gets a call and asks do you think it’s a joke, how did Gayatri get bail. Inspector says she applied for bail on medical ground, ACP Rathore approved it, he is senior, I can’t do anything. Shivaye says why is he doing this, what enmity does ACP Rathore have against us, I have to find out.

Rudra asks Om is it done. Om says yes and shows the painting. Soumya says wow, who is she. Om says Nandini. Rudra says Nandini, does Riddhima know about her, wait we will check her facebook profile. Om says duffer, not my Nandini, Chandra’s Nandini, Chandra Nandini, she is Chandragupt Maurya’s Nandini, their story was unique. Soumya asks how. He says love story is based on love, but this love story was based on hatred, she married Chandra to take revenge.

Rudra says what happened then. Om says that’s to be seen, if this story started by hatred turn to love or revenge story. Rudra says it means there will be twists and turns. Om says exactly, to know this, you have to watch Chandra Nandini on Star Plus from 10th October at 8.30pm. He gets a call and goes. Rudra says Sumo, did you notice, Om was saying their love story with passion, I m sure his love story will be intense. Soumya says ya, then he will get married and you will start crying, you tell me, why do you cry when anyone get married. Rudra says if anyone leaves parents and stays with someone else, this idea is sad, so I get tears. She looks at him. He says I mean I don’t understand marriage concept, how can a person spend entire life with anyone. She says you don’t marry then, why do you cry for other’s marriage. She asks are you fine, why are you not fighting with me. He says I hear love angel’s show, she said we should get over small things, now be it small things or fat things, its same thing, bye, take care. He goes. Soumya says when Rudra knows I m love angel, he will be much hurt.

Soumya gets Priyanka to Dadi. Dadi compliments Priyanka. Anika asks Priyanka to wear these earrings given by Jhanvi. Dadi asks Priyanka to meet guy, if she finds things equal, only then take talk ahead. Priyanka nods. Shivaye comes and compliments Priyanka. He asks her not to take any kind of pressure, we will do what is in your heart. She nods. Dadi says it would have been so good if Tej and Shakti were here. Tej and Shakti come. Tej says how did you think I won’t be here today. Dadi smiles seeing them.

Tej hugs Dadi and Priyanka. Shakti hugs Dadi. Dadi says Bidaai is not happening, just guy’s family is coming to see. Tej says even if Bidaai happens, daughter just goes from home, not heart. Dadi says Mata Rani made everything fine, the blames on my sons are proved wrong. Shakti says you said right Maa, that praying to Mata Rani in her Darbar, no court can prove us wrong. Pinky and Jhanvi come. Pinky says you are playing family without us. Tej sees Anika and goes to her. He says I got to know what you did for us, and for that I want to personally thank you. Everyone smile. Anika says no need to say thanks, I just did my duty. Tej says no seriously, that day when police came, Shivaye said you are a part of this family.

Shivaye and Anika recall it. Tej says after this incident, I complete agree with it, Anika you are part of this family. Anika gets tearful eyes and smiles. Shivaye looks at her. Music plays….. He gets call and goes.

He talks to Khanna. Khanna says I did not get any info about Gayatri, I will update you. Shivaye says do whatever it takes, I want to know where is Gayatri, this time we should not lose her. Tej comes and says Gahyatri. Shivaye says yes, no one could trace her. Tej says anyway Chabbras are coming, lets meet them first, we will see how to handle Gayatri later. Rudra comes and says Chabbras have come. Tej asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye says you guys go, I have a quick call to make, I will join you.

Chabbras come. Priyanka smiles seeing he guy. Anika says Soumya, the guy is cute right. Soumya says not cute, he is a creep. Anika asks Soumya whats the matter, tell it now, its about Priyanka’s life. Soumya tells something. Anika says we have to tell this thing to Billu ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Friends, I want to c ishana on screen. Will she come back? Is there any news about her?

    1. Hi di yeah there is an article where I read that ishana will vome soon let’s hope….

  2. Anjana

    Guys.. Anyone else felt that Anika was expecting a hug or something n just kinda moved towards Tej and he just turned and continued like he didn’t make that “family“ statement

    1. Kiki

      Yes. I felt that Tej will give a hug to Anika

    2. Hi anjamma, may be anika expected to take blessings from tej.

    3. Sorry *anjana typo.

    4. Anjana

      cool.. I wasn’t the only then 🙂

  3. Priya15


    Di u know even i m fed up with swaragini…. But my destiny..i have to see..bcoz my di used to see….for varun….i m a ragsan fan..the way they spoiled it….ab toh swaragini naam ka hi justification nahi hai…..uski naam na karabini rakni chahiye..agar kisi ko apni mood karab karna hai toh vo patiently jaake 9:30pm colors mei yeh show dekhe..its the best way to make ur mood bad….hare yr..jaassosi.. Koi inlogon se seekhe…swaragini should write one book on jaasoosi…”SWARAGINI NEW WAYS OF JASSOSI”….yeh behne jaasoosi ke baat mei common hai..aur kal toh had hogayi..papa poison lekar beita hai..patiyon toh rishta todne ke baat kar rahe hai..lekin inlogon ko property papers par padi hai..aisa lagta hai ki…papa jaayen toh jaaye..pati jaaye toh jaaye lekin property papers na jaaye…wt a sisters???? Aur ab sindoor ka khel..hare yr..jiss cheez ke saath kelna hai aur jiske saath nahi koi sense nahi hain kya..ek vakth ta jab i was dying to see swaragini without fail..par ab toh lagta ki 9:30 aate hai crnt chale jaaye toh accha lagega…really yr..kahani ko off track kar diya..yeh dono behno ki pati..yr swaragini alag ho jaaye..toh phir show ka naam kyun rakha hai swaragini..agar vo hi nahi hai toh kahani kahan hai…swara…iss ladki ki mahantha???…bade mahan bhi har jaayenge isske saamne… Sach mei..kisi ko kidnap karna,yaa phir villain aayega…gun utaayega..yahi hota hai….kisi ko marega..mei toh kehti hun..uss gun lekar fans ko mar do….kudko marne ki baghe….aur yeh dadi…koi isse seekhe kaisa chal chalana hai..kud ki poti se misbehave karne ke liye gundon ko bej diya..aur voh bhi property papers ke liye…hadh hai yr…ek na ek din saroor fans ko pagal kandan mei bandh karvadenge…

    P.s..sry for this big cmnt di..but whenever i speak abt swaragini..i m losing my control..yeh toh ek no.ka comedy show ban gaya hai mere liye…action ki naam par comedy….?????

    1. Im really agree with ur each and every lines baby its really true if anyone want to get mood spoiled then just watch swaragini its full of drama and stupidity they really spoiled the show u know what swaragini has beautiful cast like teja helly varun and namish but they are not using their talent and chemistry but using always negetivity and swara bachao drama sometimes i feel they should rename the show as saural swaraka and u knw what priya reading comments of swaragini show is more torture u knw they uses very cheap words for actors and if any smooth person read their comments they will definitely get heart attack but after renima and some others requested tu that dnt post any abusing comments tu is not posting in any cheap comments in swaragini page that’s really good and anyways good day priya

      1. Priya15

        Ya di u r ryt…

        Swara Bachao bole…

        Ragini bagho bole…

        Swaragini Har vakth Bolenge..

        Agar swaragini saath hai toh kuch bhi karna namumkin nahi…

        Ha parivaar ko bigaadna bhi namumkin nahi…. Aur voh bhi pehle bigaado.. Phir Swara Bolegi.. Ragini ab sirf swaragini hi iss parivaar ko jud sakti hai. .. Hare yr.. Bigaado bhi tumhi aur Jodo bhi tumhi… Kya concept.. Har track par yeh dialogue.. Tak chuka hun Mei… Uff….. Is show Ka naam… Swaragini bigaado aur Jodo rishton Ka Sur hone chahiye thi..

    2. Priya15 di u r absolutely correct..even I used to b a big big fan of swaragini ….ek bhi episode miss nahi karti thi…it used to be bst show but now it’s just boring…ek hi character pr concentrate krte hai…aisa lagta h baki sab puppets h…naya villan late nahi…humesh ghar k logo ko negtive kr dete…firstly ragini,then laksh,pari,dadi,adarsh,& so on…swaragini sisters ki bonding jyada din tk tikti hi nahi…koi bhi misunderstanding dono ko alag kr deti h…aur helly aur teju k fans humesha zhagadte rehte h….swara the jagga jasoos ka plan kabhi backfire hota hi nahi…..
      Sorryy if it hurts anybody’s sorrryyyy….

      1. Priya15

        Tum toh ek dam sahi Bola meri Saku sissy….

        In logon ki parivaar Mei jaake koi lecture DE.. Aur inse seekhe… Chehra par Chehra kaise Laga na hai… Ek track par Mahan hote hai aur Dusri track par villain.. Koi aur villian Lao na… Nahi gar waala apni Ghar ki villain.. Kudhka parivaar bigaadne Mei utna Khushi.. Aakar seekh l hamare Gul mam se ki ek Naya character ko kaise laana hai.. Dekha jaaye toh Rashmi mam ke paas actors Ka kami nahi hai.. Lekin nahi.. actors needed Ka board Laga dete.. Voh bhi nahi.. Parivaar Walon ko hi enemy banana hai.. Pata nahi iss chapter Kab Khatam hoga…. Ek bhai Dusri bhai ko Marne Mei itna kush ho raha hai….shaba di… Swara Mahan ya phir sasural Swara Ka rakhni chahiye.. Swara ko Mahan se bhi oopar dikha rahe hai yr… Uff…. U didn’t hurt anybody feelings.. U said ryt only. .

    3. Ya…correct?? swaragini k naam pr hi hasi aati ab?…jo pal main ek aur pal main alag….aur ek baat samajh nahi aati ki…hamesha swasan ko hi sahi rasta milta h problem solve krne k liye…aur raglak humesh choose wrng path.what’s this???….ek couple mein bahot understanding aur where couple toh bas ek dusre ko samjhta hi nahi?..I think they should rename title…it should n SWARA THE MAHAN…?

      1. Priya15

        Hare yr..

        Sach Ka Mahan hai voh dono…
        Matlab bade ma aur bade papa ki jaan katre Mei hai.. In dono ko Sach par pada hai… Pata nahi yeh kahani Mei hi kyun aisa ajeeb si cheez hai..

        Shomi aur shekar.. Yeh dono aapas Mei baat nahi karte kya.. Chalo jaate hai maata rani se.. Aur in dono ki baat ko ek Dusre hi sunte hai yr…. There l be people in left and right side of them.. Lekin sab ko nahi sunta.. Bas ek Dusre ko hi sunte.. Hare kuch toh logic hone chahiye…. Ek no. Illogical show… Buddu Bana rahe hai sab ko..

    4. Priya and saku u both are just told whata in my heart im just agree with u if anyone watch swaragini then no one believe in any kind of relationship they just makes joke of relations they showd all the charecters worst like worst son worst bahu worst daadi worst brother sister husband wife father everything no value for any relationship only value for evilness money and selfishness

      1. Priya15

        Nahi di.. Bahu worst nahi…

        Matlab Swara Mahan hai…. Aisa ek Mahan Jo kisi bhi show par nahi milti..

  4. Yesterday Rudra mentioning Oms intense love story was a big hint that Omkaras new female lead is entering soon.

  5. Todays epi reminded me f my 4brothers. M not bragging but obroi family is somewhat similr to my family.. my dad n bde papa r 2 brothers,i have 3elder cousin brothers n 1 younger(only 1year who treats me like a kid) real brother n m their only sister.dy too tease me n protect me like anything.. this will sound stupid but i was mad at my eldest brother when he was going to get married(i was in 10class that time?) i thot my imp in his life will get less,he wont have time for me but today he has an year old daughter n he let me name her.he has grown busier i miss him but its life.. v cant fo anything about it. Right?

    1. U are really lucky to have 4 brothers dr and i like the way oberoi brothers treat s their baby sister priyanka i knw its reel but she is really lucky to have them as brothers. Brothers cares protects and loves their sisters very much. Even rudyy he is like a baby then also he cares very much for his little sister

    2. Hi aahana. I looked ur yesterday previous page cmnts. I have a ques my mind, Ishkara track kiyu hoga ? Agaar hoga – then why vrushy not come the show? Bcz Vrushy not quit the show – itz Creative call that Ishaana track the end. (Itz clarify Gul her statement) Do u have any news? Plzz dear explain us

    3. Mishri

      Yh ryt…brothers are brats..but thy r my are lyf tooooo.evn my bro has a 1 yr old kid but he treats me nd my sisy lyk his oldr daughters…hes our father…my 3 bros r my world!!over protective idiots????

  6. i like this episode very much,,,,,,,,i lvu shivika. wow its really amazing yarr

  7. Gd morning guyz and yesterday episode is really nc loved shivomru scenes really guyz this three are attraction of the show and my rudyyy he again nailed it rumya scenes also nc and i loved when omkara called saumya for group hug and shivika they are awsome and magic love u shivika a lotz and they promoted chandra nandhini and rudyy mentioned about omkaras intence love story really im waiting to see omkaras lovestory and plsss dnt show riddhima with omkara and being back ishana or any other good choice for omkara and i think finally they are starting rumya story and waiting for todays episode and pinku is looking good

  8. wow I love rudruu concern towords marriage… he really care for girls feelings…

  9. Hii everyone….Good morning….how r u all..??
    Guys my net in not allowing me to reply anyone ….itsss tooo slow i think i replied to one or two n it took 20 minutes…
    For that sorry yr…i’ll reply when it allows me….ystrdy also due to this i didn’t replied any one…except two or three….
    Enjoy ur day…

    1. Gd afternoon abiha

  10. Tridha

    Mayank vai tumne mujhse kal episode update chahata. I just read now. Sorry I didn’t give it. Actually I was very busy. I also didn’t watch the episode. I m gonna watch the repeat telecast. But I know what happened yesterday. Shivika fans must be very happy. Sorry mayank vaiya.

    1. Mayank Agrawal

      its ok tridha…

    2. Mishri

      Yyyy tridha yyy..ur dp makes me flinch..i miss ishkaara!!!????

  11. hllo ishqies .how are u all???

  12. I just love today’s epi.rudra nailed it.I love om’s dialogue when he said it’s not my nandini it’s chandra nandini.I wish rudra is pointing towards vrushika

    1. Priya15

      Couldn’t understand di.. Pointing towards vrushika??

      1. I mean to say pointing.towards our ishana

  13. Good Noon friends…… how are u all???

  14. Tridha

    I watched it now. I loved the group hug part. It was really sweet of om that he called soumya for the family.
    Om’s intense love story. Waiting to see that.
    Roumya part was good.
    @mayank vaiya that was one of members of security team who was going behind.

    1. Mishri

      U knw wat.. wen thy told revenge track,intense nd all…i thoght thy might bring ishaaana back…vrushika i mean..i realllii waaaant ishkaara back..qat if gul was makin a joke..nd diz was all a prank????i rrreeeali wish so!!!?????

  15. Kiki

    Hi friends… Once again bromance… Love Obros. Prinku is really lucky to have these three as her brothers. For a girl elder brother is always special. I miss u anna… Tej accepted Anika as the family member. I always admire Tejs’ smart look and his voice. Another Shivika moment <3 Rumya part was very nice. I'm waiting for the intense love of Om. I wish Ishana should come back.

    1. Mishri

      Yh true..tej is super smart sumtyms!!!his business lyk manner is so well played out!!good actor dat 1…me too wishing luck with ishkaara…m happy with d othr two stories though..

  16. Hiii guys I watched ishqbaaz at 11:30 yrrrrr loved todays epi the group hug was amazing and yrrr the most beautiful part was shivika moment in shivay’s room when o jaana plays yrrrr loved that scene andddd the way shivay was looking at anika when tej told she is part of family was so cuteeee I jus love shivay and love rudy’s talk and waotong for ishana I didn’t like ridhima and precap is amazing and interestimg amd do u know whats the matter of acp rathore any guesses??????

  17. Is anyone gonna watch BEHAD ???….

    1. Yeah was thinking to watch it looking interesting….

    2. Yeah… I’m waiting to watch it.. Bcz I like kushal a lot…

  18. @enasanjida.. creative call was of vrushi quitting not ishkara ending.. btw there is no latest news on this so i cant say anything now. I ll let u kno whenever d news is out btw u can visit future update sites with “ishqbaaz ishkara future story” search tag if u want.

    1. @Priya15 dear.
      What is aahana say, but we know creative call That Ishaana track the end & also Vrusy Insta main vi status diya tha. .

  19. Mishri

    Guyz!!!i read my first created story of ishqbaaz…!!yazhu di has done a terrific job!!???????????..u guyz must read it..especially the ishkaara fans!!!!i cant find more..any suggestions??plz gimme d link!!lazy u c..

  20. Gd evng guyz and who is exited to watch chandra nandini and im eagerly waiting for that bcz i like rajath tokas verymuch and his previous show jodha akbar is one of the best show in Indian tv and jodha akbar reached top1 position in once upon a time and its now also going on in zanmol with good ratings im really eagerly waiting for chandra nandini and its a ektha kapoor show and she wil definitely do intresting track for one year atleast

    1. Yeah I am also excited and the way om explained the story in todays epi I am more excited and I was also a big fan of jodha akbar but when ict ended a serial came tashan e ishq u watched it yrrrr if u watched it then plz do tell me u know I am a very very very big fan of that show and my fav hwro is sidhant gupta who does the role of kunj in tashan e ishq and when sid was gier I use to watch it daily wihout missing any single epi and remember the dates of each and every special moment like their marriage date when the serial started when they confessed their love evry thing and if u know can u tell when it will start in zee anmol pkz plz plz

  21. As always Shivika rocks. Love the moments btw Anika n Shivaye..the song O Jaana touches the heartstrings. Cant wait to see morrrreeeeeeeeee romance between Shivika.Loved ANikas hairstyle, simple but so elegant. Hope her wardrobe will also change to simple but elegant like todays…soft colours, cant wait to see Anika in a simple and elegant saree that blows Shivayes mind off n he cant keep his eyes and hands off her, simply to touch her not to hold her cos shes always tripping.
    As usual the bromance was great Luved it soooo much. i think Om will get a partner after ANika becomes his bhabhi cos she will be his sounding board and guide him to correctly. Want to see someone down to earth for Om, who appreciates simple life, nature, honesty and relationship the way he does.
    Just want Tias truth to come out so that shes out of Oberois life and Anika is IN Shivayes.
    PLZZ dont hurt Priyanka in any way, shes too innocent, but I feel that Anika will protect her from harm also.
    Luv the look where Shivaye cant look away from Anika. he tries to hide it but he cant, at least his brothers know him well enough.
    OMG Soumya..whats the story behind her..hope Romis truth also comes out and I think Rudra will defend Soumya.

  22. Sakhi

    Anika nd prinku luk very pretty… the way anika explains herself as a skatting rabbit was very funny… rudy alwys rocks.. waiting for ishkara..

  23. Disha

    Hey ,How r u all
    hope all fine
    Today m very busy in packing M going to rajasthan for 3-4 days
    episode was Nice shivika scenes prinku looking simple and sweet Tej saying Thankyou to anika and part of its so nice
    Welcome all new comers

    1. Mayank Agrawal

      hey disha where you are coming in rajasthan ? me too from rajasthan

  24. Misri even I wish that vrushikaquitting ishqbaaz is just a prank by the producers so that it acts as a surprise element and fans stop bothering them. I won’t mind even if they bring her back after 1 month. But please bring her back. Hope it is all a prank by the team. And vrushy will be back in ishqbaaz. Just a crazy thought with 0.00000000001% chance but still I wish it happens all of a sudden.

  25. heyyy …any bong ishqie hr…???…wats ur DURGA PUJO pln drs..??.. 🙂 🙂 ( off topic :/)

  26. Mayank Agrawal

    You guys are looking like so much fond of hindi serials , i want to know your best serial in hindi on any channel till now i mean from last 5 years which is easily available on internet or hotstar jo serial khatam ho gaya ho ya chl rha ho please tell me your favourite serial name because i want to watch and i have a free time now…

    mine is – pyar ka dard hai meetha meetha pyara pyara…

    waiting for your recommendations..

    1. I used to watch many,,,,,starting from Saathiya,,,,,I will start watching one show and will quit it when the cvs makes stupid twist…..none of the serials are perfect as at one point cvs will surely introduce some stupid twist which makes the show boring,,,,,,,,,,,,.bt still my fav shows,,,,jo khatham ho gaya

      3.Ek hazaaron mein meri behna he

    2. K mayank i will tell some shows which created magic in Indian television
      1.iss pyarko kya naam do (arnav kushi)
      2.madhubala hai mohabbathein
      4.qubool hai1
      5.jodha akbar
      6.punar vivah1
      7.geeth hui sabse parai
      9.ek hazzarome meri behanahe
      10.choti bahu1
      K this all my favrets and popular shows too and i knw there are many other shows to but this all my faveriets

    3. Manmarziya
      Ek haseena thi
      Batthameez dil

    4. Shaza

      Try watching ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON …it’s available on hotsar ..I promise ur gonna love it like hell ..u will forget PKDH after that one ?..And MILE JAB HUM TUM ( youth type ) ..but awesome..must give it a try to these both ??

      1. S shaza mile jab hum thum very nc show completely youth show. I think u are a small kid shaza when that show is airing on tv. Am i rightna shaza

    5. I used to watch many…
      1 nisha aur uske cousins.
      2 saraswatichandra
      3 the buddy project
      4 swaragini ( once upon a time…not now )
      5 punar vivah 1…
      Nisha aur uske cousins & buddy project is available on hotstar..

    6. Mayank Agrawal

      thanks to all of you …

  27. @mayank agrawal.. dehleez n manmarziyan r a good choice kz dy r based on modern gen not saas bahus
    P.S. i hv watched dehleez frm start to end n it was amazing but manmarziyan only in d middle.?
    Btw wts ur age? R u older than me?

  28. I hv read tu of badtameez dil it was also good(but dnt kno about its end)?

  29. N yeah ek hasina thi was also good it was a suspense thriller(I hv seen fev epi though)

  30. Jst read today’s spoilers and it’s cleared that yeah soumya’s ex is entering the show but not as priyanka’s fiance, and the other guy who comes along with him is soumya’s ex boyfriend… And its seems like Roumya’s part will going to start….
    And I don’t how it would be bcz he is a cry baby, he even cry for his bro’s sis marriage…

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