Ishqbaaz 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: ShivOmRu leave for Goa

Ishqbaaz 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra asks them to come for Goa music festival. Anika asks them to go. Anika and Gauri push Shivaye and Om in pool. They wave bye to the ShivOmRu. Dinki tells Anika and Gauri that women wear short clothes and roam on beaches. Some time before, Rudra comes to his room and lies on the bed. Dadi comes there. She switches on the lights. Rudra lies in her lap. She asks why are you crying. He says when any dear person goes away, tears come. She asks who went away, everyone is here. He says my brothers…. they are with me just to say, but truth is they have gone very far from me, they have no place for me in their hearts, I knocked the door, but they didn’t open the door.

She says they for married. He says I know they have responsibilities, Bhabhis have more right on their time, but I can’t

understand, I m staying like their shadow, everyone used to say they will not play with me when they grow up, I used to hide their birthday cake thinking their age will not increase if they don’t cut cake, now I got to know everyone has to grow up, but why does it mean getting separated, I don’t want to get married, I want to stay with my brothers, even if I have to marry, my brothers will be imp than wife.

She says this is difference between love and money, money gets less on sharing, while love increases, old relations don’t break while making new ones, old relations get more stronger, your Bhabhis will get your brothers more closer, they didn’t open the door, you do Rudy style drama so that no door and window shuts for you again.

Its morning, Rudra shouts. Anika wakes up and shouts thief. Shivaye says no, its a song. Om says why is playing music. They all come out and see Rudra standing in pool. Anika asks what happened. Rudra asks Dadi to explain. Dadi says you both didn’t open door at night, so Rudra took it on heart. Bhavya says its a small thing. Rudra asks her to stop it. He says I m going to get Jal Samadhi. Shivaye says its impossible to take Jal samadhi in four feet water. Anika says wait, its Shivaye and Om’s mistake, Shivaye didn’t let me open door. Gauri says me too. Rudra does drama. He says I will come out in one condition, if you come with me to Goa music festival, I got three tickets. Om asks why three, we are five. Rudra asks Dadi to see. Anika and Gauri say we have no problem, you guys go. Shivaye asks them are they sure. Anika and Gauri agree. Anika pushes Shivaye in the pool. Gauri too pushes Om. ShivOmRu play in the pool and laugh. Hum saath ek duje ke…..plays…. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya hug Dadi.

Pinky gets Dinky. Dinky greets Dadi. Dadi says she is Dinky, Pinky’s cousion. Dinky says I know them. Pinky says I called Dinky to stay with us, she got cheated in love again, I asked her to have a change. Dadi says you did good. Pinky says I told her, she can get dream prince here. Dinky says even then he won’t stay, men have no loyalty, I think they don’t agree. Anika says our husbands are not such. Dadi agrees. Dinky says I wish your illusion stays forever.

Gauri and Anika pack the bags. Anika keeps Shivaye’s medicines. She hugs his shirt. They see off ShivOmRu. Anika says they should take care, we will go to room. Dinky says you have courage to send husbands to Goa alone. Anika says we trust them. Dinky says men are same on trust breaking. Gauri says our husbands are not such. Dinky says all men are same, we women do mistake that we blindly trust them, my poor bahus, you both are too innocent, one who doesn’t give reason breaks trust, they make excuses of meetings and run affairs, this happened in Oberoi family before, everyone knows about Tej and Shwetlana, if a guy is good looking and rich, there is a line of girls, Om has Tej’s blood, and Shivaye is most desirable, so I m saying…. Anika says enough, like five fingers are not equal, all men are not same. Gauri says our husbands love us, they can’t think of cheating us. Anika says don’t try to put a doubt in our mind. They go. Dinky says you have much trust on husband and loyalty, I will break this trust now.

ShivOmRu are on the way. Om asks are you happy now. Rudra says a lot. Anika says they didn’t call till now. Dinky asks what happened, your husbands didn’t call, you call them. Gauri says no, they will call when they get time. Dinky says they may not call. Anika says we don’t want to trouble them. Gauri says yes, fun will get spoiled. Dinky says they went to Goa, just boys, did you two go Goa. Anika and Gauri say no. Dinky asks did you not see Goa, so you have let them go alone, let me show something. She shows pictures of some bikini wearing girls. She says girls wears bikinis on beaches, men get carried away. Anika and Gauri smile seeing the pics.

Rudra says this trip will have three rules, no phone calls, lots of girls and Om will not tie his hair. Om asks what’s the connection. Rudra says symbolization. Shivaye says I know where you are going, remember we are married. Rudra says you guys are married, I m single, we are going to Goa. Anika and Gauri find the girls modern. Dinky asks are you really cool or innocent, your husbands will be roaming with such girls, you both will wait for their calls and they will have their connections. Rudra says this trip will be memorable. Shivaye says I m driving, we are on highway. Rudra says I will get your undivided attention. Shivaye says Anika didn’t call. Om says I will talk to Gauri. Rudra says I just said no phone calls. Anika and Gauri show Shivaye and Om’s calls and say its connection….They go to talk. Dinky gets angry.

Shivaye and Om get busy on call. Rudra calls them. Anika says don’t worry, we will manage, just enjoy, no need to call us, we trust you, Om says thanks Gauri, I promise I will not break your trust. Gauri says I know. Anika says you can’t do anything. Shivaye asks what do you mean, am I ainvayi. Anika says you have a handsome bachelor like Rudra along, how will anyone notice you, I trust my straight Sadhu Singh Oberoi.

Piya stops her car. She stands on the road to get lift. Dinky says these boys will do some mischief. Anika says our husbands are not such like you are thinking. ShivOmRu wake up in a strange situation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dhwani_Naidu

    Hii pkj family..
    Today felt really sry for rudy.. Cried when he cried.. Last epi twas really fun watching rudy getting pissed off.. But not today ???
    Hate that new lady dinky donkey.. Trying to create mus between shivika and rikara..
    Dear pkjs am down with fever again.. So I wudnt be able to watch ib current track (fortunately for me ??) for a week.. Fever always stays with me for a week ? So bye bye girls.. Will be back to pkj after a kutti break…

    1. Arpita6

      Take care dear,..and come back soon.fever mere se chali gayi.aur tumhe pakad li..??..ok but plz take medicine in time..

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Thank you dr.. Yeah ??.. After you it’s me ???… Before Diwali I was down with typhoid… Now fever.. ??? Hope to cure soon.. Will surely be back ya.. ??☺☺

    2. You are down with fever?Don’t worry dear everything will be fine. Take care of your health.
      Congratulations on being first. Go Dhwani Go…

    3. Hiii dhwani take care yaar lots of love for you fever the worst feeling ever ur opinion on ib serial is fact yaar no maakhiss no naaginss??

    4. Pushpa

      hey gal…wow u r on the whole week 1st to comment….

    5. Dear Dhwani
      Take Care Of Your Health.Take Medicine On Time And Eat Well Healthy Foods.Come Back With Khidkitod Health??
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Your Comment Is Very Good??????

  2. Wow…..wowwwww.woowwwwww
    Nakul our SSO won best actor award congratulations to ib team
    IB won best popular show ……no doubt in that
    I proudly said to my parents
    Not only one time two times IB got among all shows …….wohooooo
    Some people are saying Shivani got award if it is true I’ll laugh like anything… is the biggest ?????

    After long time I came to tu
    Miss tu…..
    And I found many new entries in pkj tu page….
    Wlcm wlcm….iam a old member…
    I found Shekar bhaiyas comments too
    Inbetween he also disappeared but bhaiya
    It’s true CVS never end any story properly but showing aniri revenge type I don’t think so as aniri is not that much enough to take revenge and all
    Let’s see bhaiya what CVS shows

    @UF2… I liked it full analysis yesterday

    And I found my twin here @Meena ……same name….hlo

    I liked that insecurity ntrack
    Thank god they didn’t show Annika as mahan now also
    SSO was cutely convincing her…..aww
    With the blue decoration bg was best????

    I like how SSO explained what is real trust is
    Shivika babiesss
    Though SSO confession was cut but I loved the chocolate shower and fountain and Barbie setup shivaay baby nailed that…..

    This Goa track muje bahut michmichi machne Vaali hai
    But seeing the segment iam confused
    Why anriya also standing with open mouth seeing that girl
    Utni bhi achi nahi hai…..?????

    Let’s wait and watch

    Though Surbhi didn’t get award
    She is a phenomenal actress no doubt
    And Lee too best
    I don’t know why he is not nominated in any show
    Today he nailed the scene
    First time I cried for Ru this much
    I love the way aniri responding and Ru understood aniri …..I want this only

    I think the girl may have hypotenizing technology
    My wild thinking only

    Nowadays pinky is not getting topic to fight
    Aagayi dinky . What name ya dinky??????

    Dinky ki omm karna hai

    Watched many POOL ROMANCE
    Finally got POOL BROMANCE

    I love shivikas phone talk and Ani saying about Ru aww aniru….

    And last whatever this dinky do to seperate couples nothing will happen
    Aniri are Mahaan theyll not give up in their husbands matter easily
    But I want anri to scold shivkara

    Today dadi and Ru is show stealer

    1. Pushpa

      so happy nakuul won the best actor 2017…so happy
      was an entertaining epi…but thsi dinky pinky why r they still in IB?

      1. Di I know you’ll be in cloud nine after all where is the treat di want soon with a cup of espresso

    2. Dear Meenuu
      Jab Main Apni Mother Se Pinky Cousin Dinky Ki Baare Main Bathaya Thab Wo Bhi Dinky Name Sunke Hass Gayi? Pinky=Pigy? Dinky=Donky?(it’s just for fun koi seriously math lena??)
      I Also Want AniRi Scold ShiOm.Aise Dikhayengi Tho Kuch Dekhne Laayak Hoga IB Main.AniRi Ki Scold And Ignore Funny Way Dikha Sakthi Hai.Thab Fun And Enjoy Hoga Iss Track Pe.
      Your Comment Is Very Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Tk u
        Really dinky ???
        Pig and donkey perfect names

        But you know one thing CVS will never show what we think and want
        Just we can enjoy the present and be happy

  3. Pushpa

    Gd day all my luvly pkjs..
    Hw ws yr weekend..
    First lets congratulate our handsome dashing charming [email protected] mehta on winning the best actor 2017..u r the best …i luv u…..
    And also to the # ishqbaaz team for winning the best tv show..congratulations guys..u deserve this award…

    Ok episode ws once again entertaining..i would ssy
    Cmon rudy hw could u think ShivOm forgotten u….u r not another pinky r u??? Ohhhhh poor rudy u really cry baby….Dadi such telling ShivOm just got married wants2 spend time wt thr wives….understd na rudy their nite actvities kho!!!! U want2go goa music festival…sure yr bhaiyas will follow u………but gals did they edit the scn again……shivaye anika scn straight in getting up i thought the promo showed thm sleeping in their arms 2grther..same om&gauri ….oh no! chop once again….this is bad..
    ShivOmRu play in the pool …Hum saath ek duje ke…..playing….beautiful pool scn..

    And rudy jal samathy…u r so funny..see ur bhaiyas&bhabis r so undstdg u 3 boys r going2goa!!!!!! Yeah enjoy…..gals& festival…tht ride na so cute…spcl whn shivom stop2speak2their wifes… this dinki .. another side of pinky???? Trying2 break AniRi trust on ShivOm…very bad…u cant do much dinki…bad heart no wonder yr hv lov failier…go bck or not ill drag u out to london….

    But i ws so pleased to c AniRi didnt care abt dink*y saying..thy r admiting wt the scnery& beautiful gals..whn thy got a i luved ShivOm and AniRi phone convo…ek tham pattti pattni ….so cute…

    Precap….oh no phelgaya raitha….god bless u boys…keep ur hands in control….
    Gd nite gals.

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Hey pushpa…yeah its party tym… Nakul nd ib won the award…bt m a lil sad as surbhi ko award nhi mila…i wish helly se tie hi ho jata…

    2. Dear Pushpa
      My Weekend Is Good.Hope Your Weekend Also Good ?
      Your Comment Is Very Good??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  4. Pui

    Hi PKJ family!
    Aaj ka episode theek thaak tha…
    Loved Rudra’s nautanki…he is a real Drama Company. ??
    Dadi is correct again ??
    Anika and Gauri push ShiOm in pool..awsmm?
    Pinky-Dinky, so similar…not only in name, in actions also. Pinky kam thi kya, jo yeh Dinky bhi aa gayi ?
    Hope Aniri do Dinky’s Om My Maata, like they do with Pinky…
    Precap is interesting…

    If anyone’s free, please do read

    1. Oh Pui that was a great FF. I loved it. I wished they had this in the show. It was really like I was watching IB. I am waiting for your last part. Please put the link on TU and we can go directly to read it. Thanks so much
      Nice plot.

      1. Pui

        Aww…thank u so so muh for your words Dear…It means a lot ❤❤

    2. Dear Pui
      Your Comment Is Very Interesting??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Pui

        Thanks a lot Di!
        U too take care ?

  5. Arpita6

    Hiii guys..koi mere ko batayega ki ye TU page kab update hui…i mean today?? Thodi late thi.

    First of all a khidkitod badhaiyan with band baje ke saath to all of us..for winning award..but i could more happy if Chandu could won a award ….chalo..koi nahi i am happy for n9x bhaiya and whole IB team…???????????????..

    Ye log TU page se name churate he.DINKY.??????????…NIVI dear was used to call pinky as dinky…??.but i am having very much serious michmichi. …….??????…seeing her..just irritating.

    Oo rudy..don’t cry my buddy it is just that Your brother wants to spend some time with your bhabis…waqt kahan milta he unhe?? Thoda samjho..ok yiur bhabiya and bhabis dono tumse bahut pyarr karte he..they love you soo much…but hatsoff to leneesh..i missed him in ITA2017…??…he is really a good actor. ……

    I found soo much sweet vibes when Anni was packing Sso’s things and that hug on Sso’s blazer that also pink wali..Actually Sso looks good in pink?????????..
    Nothing to say..i am sleepy .good night.

    1. Arpita6

      He NIVI i am saying to that Dhinki aka dinki..not you…..i am not mentioned that clearly. …????..

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Arpita…i also missed lee in ITA awards…bt i think he doesnt goes in any awadd show

    3. Dear Arpita
      Your Comment Is Very Awesome??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  6. the director is getting nowhere!…patchh up nd prob …..again patch up…nd prob comes again …..y can’t the creative team be much more REALISTIC/SENSIBLE atleast……or may be an acceptable drama-fantasy….or romcom….or anything that makes proper sense…..the director is just testing his new stupidity on the viewers….nd these brain whacky series just get the wonderful opportunity of running for a long period of time which some worthy series dont really get!……..kadavuley!…kadavuley!…..FOR GOD’s sake plse start being SENSIBLE nd not senseless…..commenters….plse dON’T take me wrong for my comment!..

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Lakshana, same feeling ya.. Aana idhu serial pa.. Logic, sensibility, reality laam irukaathu.. Nallavela, Ssk maari heroine housefly ah maarala.. Chudails, nagins, patal devis vanthu disturb pannala.. Kkb maari heroine ah kidnap pannite ila..
      Matha serials compare panrapo IB rombave better.. Aana nejamma sensible ah audience ku pidicha maari, oberois character ah destroy pannatha padi eduthaangana trp topper IB than irukum.. Hope Makers understand tht..

      1. Yeah!…i totally agree on this one!….neenga soldradhum oru vidhathula crct dhaan !

  7. Misha_Mikul

    First of All Let’s have a tight hug and celebrate the day as Our IB has won an Award!! ?
    Most importantly my Nakuul has won Best Actor award!!?? I was damn confident that he’ll win the award!! ?
    I still can’t get over from this happiness!! ???
    Very Happy!! Keep Dancing ????
    But unfortunately Surbhi didn’t get what she deserves!! ?
    But sure someday she’ll win an award which will be more special than these all!!?
    Hard work never fails!! ☺

    Episode was watchable til the ‘Trust’ aunty gave an entry!! ??
    Who does invite her? FTW!! What will she get by proving ShivOm don’t deserve AniRi’s faith!! ?
    Omg I really can’t handle this ****ing track !!??

    OBro couple moment was Lovely!!?
    Rudi-Dadi conversation was heart touching ??
    Rudi’s jala samadi drama ??
    Shivika moment was cut as always ??

    Oh My Gosh!! Shivaay ????
    This man just killed my heart by his overloading Hotness!! ????

    Precap- tuuuuu!!! Cheeeee!!!
    I’m not gonna watch the yucky epi!!
    Someone pls inform me once this damn track comes to a full stop!!
    But how will I capture Shivaay? Have to watch for him but my heart says No ??
    A big punch on GulNeet’s face!! ??

    Bubyee Dearss..❤ Good Night!! Tc ?

    1. Dear Mishu(I hope you like I call you in mishu name?)
      Your DP Is Very Awesome???
      Correct Donky Ki Entry Thak Watchable That Yesterday Episode.I Stop Watching When She Enter In Rudy Drama Scene?
      Your Comment Is Very Best??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Haha sure babe.. Call me like that ??BTW already Nivi used to call me by the same name ??
        Thank u for appreciating my comment always.. So sweet of u ?
        I don’t know how to tolerate the upcoming episodes.. Till that Buffalo leave I can’t watch it with excitement ??
        Tc ❤

  8. Today episode was good…but upcoming segment should see….

    1. Dear Atty
      Your Comment Is Good??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  9. Somehow what Rudra is experiencing is not unnatural and very normal.Marriage is something that joins people in some new bond and create distance in old relationship unintentionally. Some people can overcome and adjust the change. Mind wants to accept but heart denies it.
    When a girl get married, she left her home and embarks on a new journey with the help of her newly acquired relationship. At first she remains stranger and gradully becomes closed ones. She comes from a different family and discovers a whole lot of people around her in an absolutely new place.She adopts adjustment instinctively without any hesitation. Then why the people who are already closed to her second half feel insecure? Isn’t it some kind of injustice towards her emotions? Why the fear of losing love,care, attention grip the heart?
    Perhaps the answer is we are human beings and we are emotionally attached to everything. We eventually do adjust. But this adjustment cannot happen from one side. It needs the efforts and works of both the sides. Then we can get perfect mingling among every member.
    Rudra is very lucky that his sister-in-laws wil never let him feel him insecure. What Shivkara will do only time can tell but Aniri will never come in between the Obros. I wish the bonding of the three brothers remains intact always…

    Pinky’s sister Dinky? Seriously? What a choice! What is her function here? Cvs can you plz explain? Gave such a long lecture over the loyalty of husband. Seems that has done PhD in that specialized subject. Irritated me to death!
    Precap:Get lost…

  10. Hii pkj guyss awsome epi yet again some postive vibes although negative vibes through awww rudy ?????????????i cryed literally whn he spoked to dadi i cant control my tears and his funny character jalasamathi hahahaha rudy he killed it naah shivaay om in pool all three brothers in pool hum saath ek duhje ke???????????????????what a feel man im in love with these three love u obros forever ani looked tdy beautiful ???the way they two packing for patiss waaah goals???????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ who is tht dinki alwayss creating misu betw shivika rikara tht pia is her daughter i think becos of seg what the wuck track cvss we didnt bash the track we r bashing becos of the way of track we all remember tht shiv ru partying with some manners and aniya joined we loved tht bt cant see ths track tht grl is moti potato lets hope fr bst i cant comment daily becos of semester may i come frequently for u all pkj love u all my hearty love and care??????❤❤❤❤❤?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤care??????❤❤❤❤❤?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    The pati patnicare phn call haha rudy hw cute gossaa haha love the way they care fr each other?????????????
    Precap is funny bt i dono how tragedy it gonna be

    1. Dear Meena
      Your Comment Is Very Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  11. Aniru

    Congrats to IB team and Mr.NM!!!

    Rudilicious episode… In acting Lee is no less. He got some time today to perform. From joker to emotional. Nice acting. Cry baby!!. Why people are dreaming about Ansh. Rudi hai na..

    To give emotional scene to Lee is OK. He does his fabulous work. Just to bring the track, writers did not have to demolish Rudi’s character. He always considered Annika as angel for his bhaiyya and he loves his chulbul bhabhi. He is not the person to disturb and get hurt as his brothers not open the doors. During the forced wedding, where OM doubted about bride change and insisted to meet Tia, even though he did not like Tia, Rudi is the one said, no one should disturb the couple. His character is moving like pendulum. From Comic to serious. Then come back to Comedy, then comes SSO version 2 (RSO) then again back to comedy. I do not know what CVs want him to do.

    Jal smadhi is hilarious. Rudi’s 3 rules for Goa trip. 1st rule became OMM within seconds.

    Pinky and Dinky nice combo. As Pinky could not do anything to separate the couples, she bring her cousin for the work. I think, the new girl in ShiOmRu will be sent by her just to break the trust of Aniri. Lets see.

    What happened to AniRi? They became ideal wives who packing the bags for husband’s trip, the dialogues to Dinky is like 19th centuray Sati Saavithri types. I got michmichi watching that.

    Annika’s dialogue to SSO was like a challenge for him. The girls will not look at him as Rudi is around. It was fabulous to watch the expression change in SSO’s face. Typical attention seeker will show his colours to you.

    One more feather to makers crown (Sarcasm). From segments, I do not have any expectation except some disgusting feeling. Complete character assassination of ShivOm. While watching segments, I felt its just the ghost of IB. From chopper to direct 3rd rated Romeos. Take a deep breath Aniru and Sleep. Good night Guys…

    1. Dear Aniru
      Jab Thak Some Good Interesting Track Nahi Aatha Than Thak Main IB Se Break Le Rahi Hu.
      Today Segment Is Also Not Interesting ?
      Your Comment Is Very Good??????

  12. And want to mention imp ita awardss nakss won ib won i cant control my dancingg ????????????????????????????narbhi dance on my name is laghaan repeatedly watching tht babies????????surbhi u deserve tht bt unfortunate to all ib fanss itss kk u wll be deserving more than thsss im pakka sure again shivika sleeping scence chop what the ****** im gonna kill tht editor for tht they can shown tht other than tht dinki entry

  13. I don’t know what to say. IB just won best serial award in ITA awards and I am supposed to be happy but feeling so strange as well as happy at the same time!
    The reason is- Nowadays almost all of us is bashing IB for its inconsistency, lack of intensity among couples, endless mystries, numerous loopholes, on the verge of losing charm and the list goes on.
    Almost all the viewers of India has declared IB the clear winner and some of us(handful ) are criticizing,cursing it. Felt like IB made us pappu a big time! All the analysis, dissection of characters, plots and logic finding probing have gone into wastage literally. The only consolation is although IB has failed to impress some of us to some extent recently, it’s liked by the most of the viewers(don’t know who are included ).That means people love IB actually! The most interesting part who criticise it also fall in the group.Wow IB what a spell you have casted on us!
    But let me clear one thing,we love and like it but will not hesitate to criticise it when it’s necessary to do so….

  14. I already hate this Dinky lady
    Now pinky brought her dumb annoying sister to cause issues what the hell is wrong with all this writers
    Again it’s going to be a stroyline of trust and issues i think… they don’t need to bring in another negative character
    Abhi is still in the picture but they haven’t showed that stroyline
    The elders are no longer around except for idiotic Pinky and her sister
    They could focus on a storyline for Rudra and show more about them…
    why do we always have to go in the same cycle continuously

  15. First of all Congrats to pur NAKKUL AKA SHIVAAY for obtaining the best actor award. It was nice to know that Surbi, kunal were there to support him. Wonderful!!! Also the best show award for IB.

    Coming to today”s episode, my heart went out for Rudy boy. I felt sorry for him. He suddenly felt insecure that his bros are moving far away from him. Understandable…… but Shivika and rikara also need to spend time. They have been full on with kalyana mills and gauri’s marriage with Ajay.

    Actually I thought Anika and Gauri would have followed them to Goa and while the bros attend the music festival their wives would do sightseeing. I guess the cvs want to create the plot of trust and insecurity. Pinky never has good relations or friends. Now a new Dinky has arrived with sowing seeds of doubts. I hope they show Anika and Gauri being strong and still trust their husbands despite seeing Piya in Oberoi mansion. Hope the wives will be strong in their beliefs towards their husbands
    That will be true Ishqbaazi and show foundation of love is strong

    1. Dear Sindhu
      Your Comment Is Very Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  16. Just read spoilers that after Anika and Gauri know that they are sisters, they will find out about their parents and realize their parents died in the kalyana mills tragedy and Oberois are respinsible. This will cause rift and separatiion for Shivika and Rikara. Oh my goodness……. why do the cvs love to separate good couples. Not another separation please. After so much struggle Shivika and Rikara are back together and not the same vicious cycle. The cvs don’t have any other plot except for separation.

    Why not separate Pinky and Shakti? No one in oberoi mansion will bother.

    1. Aniru

      Rather than Dinky, Pia and filler track I feel some serious track and story as mentioned above. And we know Shivika & Rikara can never be separated

      1. Aniru

        Please read as i feel better to watch

  17. Aayushi_kul

    Congrats guyzzzz…. Ib won the best show award…nd nakul -best actor award????? i m so so happyyy….bt i wish surbhi ko bhi award mila hota…she deserves a best actress award…bt no worries…she is a best actress fr us??
    Till now i ve seen that lee doesnt comes in award show…star parivar gold awards zee rishte or ITA also…he’s also an imp part of d show…bt i guess its his choice

    Epi was so gud…. Rudy was d star of this epi.. Luvd his scenes frm emotionl to jal
    Pinky ki sis dinky???? what is this yr…ek kam thi jo dusri or aa gyi

    Nd precap-?????? nthng to say at all

    1. Dear Aayushi
      Main Bhi Sochthi Hu Leenesh Kyu Nahi Jaatha Kisi Award Function Pe.Dekthe Hai Jab Usse Award Milenga Thab Jaatha Hai Ya Nahi.
      Your Comment Is Very Good??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

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    1. Dear Janu
      Iam Also Not Happy With IB Upcoming Track ? Jab Thak Ye Stupidity Track End Nahi Hotha Thab Thak Main IB Dekhne Main Breake Le Rahi Hu.
      Your Comment Is Very Awesome??????

  19. Angiecute

    hi guys, i’m angel i just sign in here, i’m a big fan of ishqbaaz. can i join ishqbaaz club i don’t know all of you so much so can you all give me your intro. so here is my intro
    name- angel masih
    age- 14 years
    live in- India, haryana

    1. Zaveesha

      Hi angel masih…welcome to our Ishqbaaz family..
      I’m Zaveesha…
      Keep commenting here..

    2. Dear Angel
      Welcome To Our PKJ Family??????
      Keep Watch IB On TV.Keep Comment On PKJ Family?
      I’m UF.Coming From Kerala?
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  20. I always think NM has made Sso very adorable and he is aptly awarded for his performance.I feel SC is also equally good and deserves an award hope she gets next time.As far as the story is concerned no progression only filler episodes.

  21. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies…. CVS are having scarcity of the ideas… Like they are giving just filler episode, track…. I didn’t understand the need of this track like ek annar swo bimaar… But what to do.. Addicted by ib so just watching it… All new member in pkj are most welcome…

  22. rudralicious episode.. he is just awesome… made me emotional.. loved shivika as always.. rikara and shivika phone convo is soo just like pati patni wali baathein.. precap.. not at all interested …

    1. Dear Prabha
      Your Comment Is Very Nice??????
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

    2. Iam Really Very Sorry For The 2 Comment

  23. Dear Prabha
    Your Comment Is Very Nice??????
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  24. Dear Friends
    Yesterday Episode Is Not Soo Good.Iss Liye Shayad PKJ Ka Comments Number Bhi Low Hai.
    Yesterday Episode Main Lee Ki Another Acting Talent Dekhne Mila.Rudy Dadi Ki Scene Main Emotional Acting Bahuth Achi Se Kiya Hai.Lee Prove He Can Do Emotional Scene Very Well??????CVS Please Make Rudy Character Awesome

    Rudy Jal Samadhi???.Rudy Never Tell Your Babhi’s Ko Problem Hai.Your Babhi’s Is Very Good.Wo Log Kabhi Tum O Bros Ki Beech Nahi Aayega.I Also Like Rudy Dialogue”Aap logonse Zyada Meri Babhi’s Mujhe Samajthi Hai”?.Hum Dhono Ek Duujhe Ke Saaya Banke Rahenege” Song I Love So Much??????
    ShivIka OmRi Phone Conv Main.Mujhe OmRi Ka Phone Conv Zyada Pasand Aaya??.I Like The Way Om Said To Gauri”Thank You Gauri Tume Mujhpe Barosa Hai.Iam Promise Main Tumhara Barosa Kabhi Nahi Thodunga”.But Situation Barosa Thoda.Hope OmRi Ki Beech Another MU Na Aaye.Dhono Meturety Problem Solve Kare.Uss Scene Main I Think Main Old Om Ko Dekha Jo Jhanvi Ki Saath Aag Main Jal Gaya Tha I Think Wo Om Wapas As Raha Hai.(jab bhi Aisa Sochthi Hu thab cvs sso version 2 Om Ko dikhatha hai? I Hope Love Confession Ki Baath Om Kabhi sso version 2 Om na Bane).Sweet OmRi’ Ka Sweet Conv??
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