Ishqbaaz 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika spy on Daksh

Ishqbaaz 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika is sleeping. She recalls Daksh and gets scared. She thinks of Priyanka and Shivaye. She wakes up. Shivaye prepares to sleep. Anika knocks the door and gets it. She bolts the door. Shivaye switches on the lights and says you, why did you lock the door. She says I need to talk to you, please calm down and listen to me, call off Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage, Daksh isn’t a nice guy. He says don’t start again. She says if they marry, Priyanka’s life will be ruined. He asks what do you want, you show concern and you talk about breaking her marriage. She says Daksh isn’t good, I think he has an affair with Payal. He says enough, now you are involving Payal in this, you have stooped low to prove your point. She says I m only trying to tell you the truth. He says I don’t like to repeat myself, leave

from here.

She says just hear me out once, would you like your sister to marry such a man who doesn’t respect women, one who lays evil eye on them and forced himself on them, what he did with me. Shivaye recalls Dadi’s words. She gets leaving. He says stop, but I want to end this once and for all, I want to prove Daksh isn’t wrong, your thinking about him is wrong, I m giving you a chance, prove he is wrong, I m with you, if you don’t prove this, you will never blame him, do you agree. She says I agree. He says okay, tell me what to do. She says I have a plan. He says I m sure its going to flop. She says we will leave it on time. He asks what’s the plan.

Its morning, Shivaye and Anika hide behind the fence. He asks is this your flop plan to hide behind this and keep an eye on Payal’s house. Anika says keep looking. A man says Lonavla’s hill resort… Payal reads… holiday pass for two nights and three days, romantic getaway prize. He says yes, you are the contest winner, congrats. She says I didn’t participate. He says you filled the form, so we got your details. She says I didn’t, thanks. She shuts the door. Shivaye says flop plan, shall we leave. Anika says wait for some time. She pulls his hand. He says keep some distance. The man says if I go without delivering, I will be scolded. Payal says there must be some confusion, I didn’t participate in any such contest. The man says you might have gone to mall for shopping and filled a form, you are getting a good chance, you just need to go there with special someone. She thanks him and says wow, not bad…. She calls Daksh and says there is a romantic getaway, shall we? Anika says I knew she would fall for free holiday package, she is surely calling Daksh. Shivaye pulls Anika down. Payal looks there. Anika sees Shivaye and says maintain some distance. Payal shuts the door. He asks what now. Anika says now its your turn, what happened, will you not be able to do it. He says I don’t like lying. She says me too, but there is nothing wrong if lying is for someone’s good, we are doing this for Priyanka. He says for Priyanka, come then.

Daksh checks the papers and says Shivaye, Lonavla Titan resort… Anika signs Shivaye. Shivaye says yes, I want to invite a French chef from there for your and Priyanka’s marriage, he can’t come here for menu tasting, he is busy, I have an imp meeting, I can’t go there, I was thinking if you could go, all details are in this file. Daksh says but, Lonavla titan resort…. sorry Shivaye, I won’t be able to go, I have kept this weekend for Priyanka, I want to take her for jewelry shopping, I hope you don’t mind. Shivaye says I don’t mind, I can understand how imp she is for you, I will inform the chef that it won’t be possible today. Priyanka comes and asks what. Shivaye says Daksh was saying you guys are going for jewelry shopping, so menu tasting will be done some other day. She says yes, we are going, it will take some time, don’t worry, okay. Shivaye says I have got nothing to fear till Daksh is with you. She says fine, we shall leave. They go. Anika comes to Shivaye. He says your plan flopped and your opinion about Daksh is also wrong. Anika says something is wrong, I think Daksh understood our plan. He says Priyanka went with Daksh, it means your plan flopped. They see Priyanka. He asks why did you come back. She says Daksh’s friend met with an accident, we had to cancel shopping plan. She goes. Anika says I was telling you, this accident is just an excuse, I think Daksh is going to lonavla with Payal, what are you thinking now, come.

He stops her. She says go ahead, I will come in auto. He asks will you to Lonavla by auto. She says no, I will go to bus stand and then take a bus to Lonavla. He asks shall I follow your bus, no, shall I spy on Daksh till you come, this flop plan is yours, you will execute it. She asks how can I come with you. He says you can come into my room at night alone, but you can’t come with me in my car at daytime, I have understood, you are crazy and sceptic, you are stubborn too, confused soul. He sits in the car and races….She says only for Priyanka. He says the same.

Daksh hugs Payal. She says I thought you won’t come. He says its a weekend with you, its a romantic place, how would I leave this chance. She asks did Priyanka agree. He says I know the art of fooling people, I just fooled Priyanka and Shivaye. She says its not easy to fool Shivaye. He says he himself asked me to come here, its in my destiny that I spend this weekend with you. She hugs him.

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. Anika thinks its so silent, it will be difficult to travel such long distance like this. She says this weird man won’t talk, I will try to talk. He asks do you find me weird. She asks when did I say that. He says I heard. She says it seems he uses special hearing aid, he can hear me. She asks imported ears, right? She says I won’t say anything now. He says it will be better. She says I was thinking, as the journey is long, you may fall asleep if we remain silent and then an accident. He says when I drive the car, there happens no mistake. She says what if the other person hits, he won’t know that you are driving the car, shall we do this, shall we play radio. He says yes. She drinks water. Bheege honth tere….plays… He looks at her. She says this song… He says I will change the channel. Their hands touch. She says I will switch to some other station. He says they play such strange songs. She says look in front. The car gets a jerk. She falls over him. Jaane do na….plays….. She gets away.

Shivaye says this radio… she says its better you switch it off. He says I m trying to do the same. He tries and pulls the radio panel. He throws it back. She says he keeps breaking everything. He asks what do you mean by saying I break everything. She says its my fault that I m blabbering in front of him. He says yes, so don’t blabber. She thinks I can neither listen songs nor can I talk to him or myself, how will I pass this long journey. He thinks I have never felt so uncomfortable and awkward, how will I pass this long journey. They come to the resort. Anika says we want to meet Payal. The lady says she just checked in. Shivaye says okay great, we want a room opposite to her room. Anika asks did Daksh checked in.

The lady says no, we don’t have any booking by this name. He says I had told you. Anika says maybe he didn’t checked in, as there is already a room booked by Payal’s name. The lady says your room is booked. Anika says my room, keys…. Shivaye says its same room. She asks how will we stay in same room… Shivaye says we have come here to spy, not to stay in the same room, do you think I want to stay with you in the same room, we are helpless, just because of your flop plan. She says but we can stay in different rooms and spy, right. He says you really think that every room in this resort is in front of Payal’s room. She says how can this happen. He says exactly, there is just one room in front of Payal’s room, we didn’t come here to stay overnight, its a matter of some hours, its your flop plan. Daksh and Payal are behind. Anika says fine, if its about some time, okay. Shivaye says she is behaving as if she is doing a favor on me, come.

The lady asks Anika to click their pic. Anika clicks the pic. Daksh and Payal walk by. Shivaye doesn’t see. Shivaye gets Tia’s call. She asks where are you, I came here to show you wedding invitation samples, but you aren’t at home. He says no, I had an urgent meeting, I had to leave, I will be late, can we see samples tomorrow. She says fine, lets meet tomorrow. Shivaye ends call and says I had to lie because of you. She say even I don’t like to lie, but its about Priyanka’s life.

Anika looks through the door eye hole. Shivaye asks what will you see from there. She says I can see if Daksh goes or leaves from Payal’s room. He says he will do so only if he is here. She says he will come. He says he didn’t come till now. She says he doesn’t have patience at all. He says if I didn’t have patience, I would have not assisted you in your flop plan, don’t say you didn’t say this, because I heard it. She thinks is he a human or a hearing aid, I speak so low and even then he hears it. He gets Khanna’s call and says I will go out and call you, network is weak. He leaves. She says let me see Daksh once…. Shivaye talks aloud and asks Khanna can you hear my voice. Payal asks Daksh where is he, she is waiting since long. Daksh says I have been waiting for the moment since long, I m coming to you. Shivaye says fix today’s meeting for tomorrow, it will take me time to come back from Lonavla. Khanna says I will tell them as you are in Lonavla, you can’t attend the meeting today. Daksh passes by. He goes to Payal’s room and hugs her. Anika sees them. She says I was right, Shivaye has to see him and know his true colors.

Anika says somebody has sent us at the same place, same day and same time where we had met for the first time. Shivaye says and then, we met again. She asks will we have the same love again. He says its just that there would be a new story, Shivaye and Anika will be same, but not the story. They hold hands. Daksh gets shocked seeing Shivaye and Anika at the door. Shivaye sees Payal and asks what are you doing in Lonavla, Daksh, that too with Payal?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. And their plan will flop since daksh had seen them before. Daksh will gather their friends in the room before shivaay come back after finish talking to khanna. I have seen in YouTube’s video. So this time, Anika will be blamed for false accusation. And I know Daksh Will again try to molest Anika and this I can’t tolerate. Scene will be boring for me. It’s better if I don’t watch the next episode.

    1. Hiiiii Shivika dear…congrats…for being fast
      Shivika thing i can suggest you..i know this tume her olan is going to be flop…but lets see na….assume mat karo…..just like me..initially i thought that it is turnung to IPKKND 1 but glad that i yjink they proved me wrong…
      Lets see na kua hota he..give a chsnce to it..

    2. Go Shivika Go !
      Congo dear on being first .

    3. Luthfa

      Go Shivika Go.Congratulations on being first…?
      Your name itself is Shivika so you should maintain patience and keep faith in SHIVIKA while watching.And Daksh is not here to stay.Shivika story has finally started.Let’s wait and watch,what happens next.And it’s absolutely your decision to watch it or not.Take care?

    4. hello shivika. is it your real name. i am only confirming beacuse i know a person by this name . can u tell me plzz. i know here that she is from gurgaon near delhi.

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJians….
    HRU all??
    @Arpu , @Lu it’s really nycc to read both of ur #2YearsOfIB exprience….
    Now coming to epi….
    Now a days i m just loving loving loving loving loving loving loving…… loving d epis…
    Yesterday i just loved d Cute Singh Oberoi nd Caring Singh Oberoi….
    But ye “DAANTO DAANTO MEIN ” kam tha kya jo ab “BI GOD KI KASAM” aagaya….
    Uperse both r related by their Choti… DWB was obessed with her choti nd this Choti wala toh Nariyal Choti ke saath ghumta hain…. But jo vi ho meri “CHUTIYA” hi sbse best hain…
    Jasoos Shivika…
    Chalo Shivay ne Anika ko change toh dia…
    Dialouge of d epi , “Mujhse thodi dur hi raho/rahiye” LOL….
    Chalo aj car scene ka vi repeat ho gaya…
    In all these jasoos part i m missing Omru….
    Precap – Anika’s plan will be flop becz of Choti wala…
    Ab weekend main IB kun nahi aata…!!!!
    Nd about TRP…. Everyone plzzz watch IB on TV….
    GD N8 PKJ…

    1. Riana

      @Banita… Chutiya… ?????…bani lol you know naa what r you saying ??

      1. Banita

        Haan @Riana i m talking about Anika’s Chutia jb wo KRR bani thi….
        Isme kya hain!!!!!?

      2. Riana

        @Bani… Thats choti yaar…not chutiya..its a foul language in hindi ???

    2. Hiiiii Bani..glad that you are liking it…
      But waiting to read your experience……..
      Yes episodes are so intresting now a days…….
      Yes ye choti wala irritating he..pata nahi hamare aathababy ko ye kaise pasand aagayi.
      Are Bunny woh CHOTI he chutiya nahi…?????jab kisi ko gali dete he hindi main toh Chutiya kehete he…mat bol..CHOTI bol..ok..
      Happy weekend to you too you.

    3. ShinyTirupathi

      Ha ha Bani Chutiya….. was intresting

    4. Hiii Banita Di…
      How are you ?
      Yes Annika’s plan will flop bcoz of that choti Wala kuch zyada hi chantomai hai ……Wo D Kapoor ….

      Love u Di take care.

      1. Banita

        Hlo Ishu..
        I m good dr…
        How about U??
        Love U too dr..

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Yes,episode was amazing especially Shivika working together to bring out the truth of Daksh.But the rant of Shivaay’s Flop Plan is too much as well as Sirf Priyanka ka keliye.Hope Daksh will do his properly of being official Cupid of Shivika’s life and will spare Priyanka.And thank you sooooooo….much yaar.Lots of love?

      1. Banita

        Sirf Priyanka ke liye…..
        Yeh toh dialogue of d week (last week)….
        Sry for late reply dr…
        Lots of love to U too?

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    Love VS Destiny Chapter 15…
    Sry pagals….my net was not working so i vanished from here in morning.
    @Shivaya So sweet of you..
    @Tania..yes hope so… little sis exam ok…..
    @Lu..??????sharp memory and me..these rwo person can’t walk together at all..i opened Tu page in onother phone..then i read questions and answers. .I am not shivika na…inke memory sharp hote he..not mine..???yes lets se when Sso will eat from Anika’s hand…
    @Riana I know.but Shows are based on barc trp na… just angry on trp aunties

    Now come to episode. .

    ??????????????????i was laughing rolling on floor. my stomach is aching. … were so bold today? ???????,?????????I mean in night you just went to Sso room and lagaouing Kundi…of darwaza..!!!!!!!.I was hell shocked today..???????????? and with full Haq you were talking to Sso..i was really speechless it is just like Annika has full haq to do it…..

    Duri rakho….Duri rakhiye..??? Takar ki jodi for a reason..???But those pulls were ????????

    Shivaay was saying Confused Atma..???????????I am dead..

    And Sso your kans were last time at france na..??????i just remembered before janma stami episodes Imported kan….
    Ha ha ha pichli baar toh only bheege hont…this time another sensual song……ok but actually it was hell embarrassing I mean Annika was just drinking water and that song played???????????????
    And later another song…and Anika falls beside Shivaay…….i was not blushing i was laughing like hell and thinking if both were in real world and in a romantic mood… long drive… and these two song played….what could be happened! !!!!!!!! Too chepdi…?????????????????

    Sso flop olan..flop plan…flop plan…aand you are the one who is following it….?????????????

    Precap i knew D is soo much dhit..

    Ok one thing now Shivika is doing everything onky for priyanka. They are keep saying…SIRF PRIYANKA KE LIYE…….
    now if priyanka will say I want Annika as my Bhabi..then sirf priyanka ke liye….???
    If she will say i want to be phufi ??( i don’t know in which name brother’child calls his Dad’s sister…)…SIRF PRIYANKA KE LIYE
    If she will say you both are so unromantic then they will do roamnce that for only SIRF PRIYANKA KE LIYE
    And if she will say do pool romance, Laal ishq part 2..then…SIRF PRIYANKA KE LIYE. .and…………………………??????????????????????..ok Arpu Run from here……???

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Arpu the last part was hell funny… Haan they used to say Sirf priyanka ke liye…. so you are right everything happens for just priyanka…. its somewhat ajeeb too

    2. Hello Arpita di ….
      Ur welcome …..
      And I agree with Luthfa di ur memory is so sharp bcoz aapko humesha yaad rehta hai ki is date par last year Kya hua tha … hui na sharp memory ….

      ‘Sirf Priyanka k liye’???????
      Shivika ,Priyanka ko Bua ji bhi sirf Priyanka k liye banayenge …….?????????
      Mujhse apni hasi control hi nhi ho Rahi hai di
      But baat to aap Sahi Keh Rahi ho ……
      Inki condition dekh kr to yahi lag raha hai .

      Love u Di ??????

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Lal Ishq part 2 for Priyanka?Hehehe…..Carry on,carry on darling.Shivika’s mission has to flop as Shivaay is blind to the faults of Daksh.And the reason because Prinku loves him.So he is not allowing himself to doubt Daksh and his intentions.Let’s see what happens next.Lots of love?

      1. Luthfa

        And darling,tum mano ya na mano,you surely do possess very good memory.God bless you?

  4. Shivaay bhaiya.. you are sooo cute and sweet.. I just couldn’t stop laughing with the way he gave his “spare phone” to Priyanka yesterday.. ?? And today.. Shivika in jaasoosi mode.. See Bhaiya , my bhabhi’s plan hasnt flopped… Daksh caught red handed by SSO in payals room.. now what explanation is he gonna give? What so ever.. Pls put end to daksh’s notorious deeds.. This my god ki Kasam ka bachcha is doing toooo much… Bhaiya and bhabhi do Oh my mata of tht chantumai soon.. Missing my bhabhi’s vocabulary… Also my rikara.. am missing them.. bechari Dhwani.. wants to see her rikara.. CVS.. atleast for a minute.. Let om just look at Gauri and fall for her.. am not asking more.. Hoping..
    Good night pagals..

    1. Hiii Dhawani dear..welcome back.yes gouri ne toh omi ko dekhli..i think lattoo bhi hogayi.??? me too waiting for their meeting.

      No yarr your bhabi’s plan is going to be flopped bcoz Daksh will outsmart her….
      But still hope he will expose soon…

    2. Hello Dear Dhawni .
      Me too is waiting for Rikara meet ,and Annika’s vocabulary …..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Dost,
      That part was so hilarious.I laughed like anything.Daksh is not going to mend his ways.Just hope Shivaay gets to know the true colour of Daksh soon and remove him from Prinku’s life.Me too is missing Rikara Dost.Shivika’s story started so will be of Rikara I think.I hate this thing that cvs are making you wait so long.Anyway,take care Dost.Love you?

  5. Arpita6

    Now other answers
    9..Yes ishqbaaz has put great influence in my life..I was not soo good in speaking English or Hindi..i was good in writting both English and couldn’t talk so much..but after ishqbaaz my Speaking and accent of English and hindi changed….
    Annika that character teached me to being cool and non judgemental. if you are right then don’t fall back…never give up..and other characters has also some goo point from whivh we can learn.

    10.If I had given chance then i could write after Shivika separation episodes good like Annika is also broken , she is now financially strong but living like lifeless… became less talkative..but in show they showed as Anika is laughing and nothing was chnged about her…it was looking like only Sso is broken..not see
    And about delete i wanted to delete all those episodes after first week of KRR avtar of Annika…they dragged that track and Bua and her hell irritating teeth……..

    11.I liked most of scenes of ishqbaaz specially Shivika..I liked Shivika hugs very is always heart warming and heart touching. ..
    I liked all rh real essence of characters ….And Fansion and cinematography of ishqbaaz is unbeatable. …
    Dislike- Most big dislike is Gul decision of butchering RUMYA……..i really didn’t expected from her….I will never forgive her for this.. ( no offence or hate to rubhya at all )…..

    12..I have experienced so many things I have laughed with this..cried like hell with it..
    It is actually very much khidkitod experience for me as for the first time in my life I am hooked to a show since 2 years I will love more to see it…

    Ok only pkj part is pending i will post that but not i am sleepy..
    Lu..i am doing my work..???????

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Arpu Darling no body can beat you this writing #2yrsofIshqbaaaz while reading it was so good to remember past memories from start. Thank you so much

    2. Luthfa

      Awwww….You have written everything so beautifully.Loved reading darling.Waiting for your PKJ part.Lots of love?

  6. Riana

    O my god ji….what n epi… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Tooooooo maza aaya….
    Anika ka spit naa when song played “bheege hoth tere” ????????????
    And then their illogical karwe bol…????
    Shivaay- Confused aatma….naya dialogue invention ?????
    I was bohot laughing seeing ye sab ????
    There’s an angrezi chota form….Lmao ???
    Tht happened in mera case ?
    Their mannn mein talkings and mu mein shockings ????
    Anywayz….D babu grabbing her anklet arey payal….mere fan loyal ??…
    Anika was ????…matlab andar bhi watching and shivaay keep duriyaan no touching…
    Funny precap abtak ka….
    Daksh n payel ek kamre mein par…..phir achanak d ke friends aayege aur phir…
    Daaru daaru daaru…
    Jo naa naache usko maaru… ??????
    Bas…comment foolish top ?

    1. ???????????????????????????daru daru daru…jo na naache usko maru….i
      am done with this..????…….
      Funniest comment…ankelt payal..ohhoooo..Riana you are just awasome……
      I am laughing like mad……
      Yeh man ki talkings and muh pe shockings…

      1. Riana

        @Arpu… ???????

    2. Hii Raina …….
      Superb dear .
      Dadi dark daruu ……..
      Jo na naache uski maru …….

      1. Riana

        @Ishita.. ?????

    3. Luthfa

      OMM!!!!Hehehe…..Too good yaar.Carry on???????????????

      1. Riana

        @Luthfa ????

  7. Luthfa

    “Your heart is my home,my heart is yours,created by God.
    This life time is too short
    Wish God grant me you,in after life also.
    Love is so magnanimous,vast but not life
    How I wish I could stay with you for thousands years!Why we did not meet the moment we were born?
    If you stay at one side and the world at another,I would choose you,only you.
    You are the love of my life,the solace of my heart.I can forget myself but I can’t forget you,never ever.I need you,only you and I don’t expect anything after that.
    My heart is a mirror and in that I see the reflection of your face only.
    My eyes tell,my heart says it’s only you whom I ever wanted in my life,yes,it’s only you.
    You are in my heart,were in my heart and will be,forever.Those moments you stay with with me,I feel like I am alive and the rest of the time is death of me,darkness grasps my heart”

    1. Lu lu should write a poem book..i am sure it will be khidkitod.just want to ask.
      Kaise karleti ho yar?????????????????????this is awasome..

      1. Luthfa

        This impossible has become possible only for you guys and the love you all have for my writing.Otherwise I don’t think I could write a single word.Thank you sooooooo….very much for your love.Love you?

    2. ShinyTirupathi

      Words Luth… you are really talented Happy and proud of you

      1. Luthfa

        Awwww….Thank you so much Shiny dear.Love you.God bless you?

    3. Great! Great ! Great !
      Luthfa di u r great !
      And ur analysis or writing is awesome !

      1. Luthfa

        Soooo….Sweet of you dear.Thank you soooooo….very much.Love you?

  8. ShinyTirupathi

    Hello guys… Ishitha dear I’m fine waiting for result…
    Luthfa I’m loving your name girl… I’m fine dear…
    Sindu di aap busy hai kya… couldn’t see you in PKJ…. How are you…
    Aaj ki epi bahut aacha tha… phir se I’m in love with this Redux Man….
    Shivika Confused Soul…. the way they both Taunted each other…. Shivaay you are another level Flop plan… Annika The way you entered inside Shivaay room with full Haq is Superb could see real Annika there… Shivika jassoosi is good

    1. Hello my dear Shiny …..
      So u r fine and waiting for ur result ……
      Don’t worry dear ur result will be great …….
      And how is ur mother dear ……..

    2. And yes where r u Sindhu di ?
      Are u busy ?
      Please come …….and leave
      Ur precious comment .

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Shiny dear,
      Very happy to know that you are fine.Stay always like that and keep smiling?
      Me too loved the episode so very much.Shivaay always doubts Anika’s plan.But they are coming closer.Let’s see what happens next.Take care.Lots of love?

  9. Hii everyone …..

    Howr u all ?

    Another khodkitod episode…….
    kya episode tha yaar………

    Actually, i missed starting jab Annika Shivaye k room mein aayi but its ok aage ka episode bhi mindblowing tha……..

    Shivaye and Annika teamed up ……..
    but I am waiting for them to teamed up as Shivika…

    Oh my mata …..

    I mean really …….door rahiye , hum bhi dekhte hai kitni door rehte hai aap dono…

    Annika bhi alag hi hai pata nhi usko Shivaye k saath jaane mein kya problem hai …

    Bheege hoth tere ………..what a timing yaar ………
    and again another song……
    Paas aao na ……..
    it was so funny and awkward moment ………funny for us audience………and awkward for Shivika.


    Monday kb aayega
    kaash jaldi aa sakta
    wese I know kuch hone wala nhi hai Annika’s Plan is really flop ……..
    but still i want to see my favourites.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Hehehe….Yeah,those who had done Lal Ishq,are saying “Thora duri rakho/rakhiye”.Just hope they are going to find out soon that Daksh is a cheater.And I think Priyanka is going to play a pivotal role in uniting Shivika.Let’s see what happens next.Take care.Lots of love?

  10. Daisy09

    hello guys its been soo long ive been on here,i dont even know whats happening after reading the update..anyways guys ive been working on something,please help me check it out and share your thoughts ill be posting the link shortly..thanks

  11. Banita

    @Riana , @Arpu , @Shiny nd all other PKJians i just want to clear one thing…
    I used that word in totally a different pronounce….
    I m not very hindi… So I didn’t know that it’s a wrong word in hindi before… During KRR track I nd some PKJians also used this word… That time no one correct me , so i really didn’t know this thing….
    I m sorry for using it… Sacchi mein i didnt do it intentionally…
    @Riana nd @Arpu Thank U for correct me drs…
    BUT jo vi ho i lovee KRR’s CHOTI nd missing it…

    1. Banita

      *I m not very good in hindi*

    2. Riana

      @Bani… There’s nothing to feel sorry…you created a joyous envi…??????…completely okay with all of us…?

  12. I think soon they will realise they are married and some one have take them to thesame place where they meet

  13. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Well again daksh is plotting against anika i wish i strangle his throat… Luthfa and arpu.. You guys are awesome..
    And the other ishqies dearies who are commenting are amazing

  14. Are they going to show any rikara scenes or not ???

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