Ishqbaaz 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Anika makes Shivaye jealous

Ishqbaaz 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika meets Samar and says I came to say I won’t be able to do this job. Shivaye looks on. She stumbles. Samar holds her. Some time before, Pinky asks Anika not to come back in Shivaye’s life, else I will tell everything. Anika recalls her words and says tell him, let things spoil completely, you think you will threaten me and I will do same mistake, never, I did mistake as I did not trust my love strength, I felt Shivaye will shatter, I was wrong, I should have become his strength, I took that decision as I felt you will manage him, you are his mum, you have let him shatter. Pinky gets angry.

Anika says I regarded you my mum, you did not become my Saas, and Shivaye’s mum. Pinky says Anika… Anika says enough, I won’t be caught in your plans, this water has important place in my and Shivaye’s

relation, I swear on this water, I will come back in his life, you challenged me that Shivaye will kick me out of here, I challenge you Shivaye will get me back with respect as his wife. Pinky says this can never happen. Anika says this will happen, our Ishqbaazi is not so weak to break. She walks off. Biwi no. 1…..plays….

Rudra asks what, you gave open challenge to Pinky. Anika asks how will this happen, Shivaye is not affected by anything, Om is not at home. He says Om will confuse you with his shayari, you came to right person, we want Shivaye’s reactions, he will react when he gets angry. She says he is not getting angry. He says we guys get anger when we feel jealous, we have to make him feel more jealous. She says Stone Singh Oberoi is not feeling jealous. He says when you were talking on phone, he was tearing flowers in jealousy with Rohit, he have to get his Tadibaaz out in SSO style. She asks how will I make him feel jealous. He says I m there, your Devar and love guru, I will say. She says fine we will see doing this. He sings Billu ko aag lagegi…..

Anika calls Samar. He answers the call and recalls Ragini’s words. He says strange, you came for job and did not come to join. She says sorry, I wanted to meet you regarding it. He asks her to meet him at some restaurant. She turns and sees Shivaye. She asks for car. Rudra comes and asks car. Anika says yes, I m going to meet someone special. He says but you always go on scooty. She says but I m going to meet someone special. Shivaye says take car and driver along. She leaves. Rudra says what happened to her, how can she change so much, she is going to meet someone in car to impress. Shivaye asks him not to worry. He goes. Rudra says you got worried, its fine, it will be seen soon.

Anika wears high heels and short dress. She finds difficulty in walking. She goes inside the restaurant. She tells Rudra that she can’t do this. Rudra says you can do it and sings Billu song. Anika says you made me wear this kerchief type dress, these 5 tower heels and 3000rs bag. He says that bag is worth 3 lakhs. She asks what and checks it. He asks her to focus on mission. She says why is this bag worth 3 lakhs. He says its brand value. She says I can’t do this. He says you have to do this. She says don’t say this sandal is worth 10000rs, my heart will fail. He says no, its worth 25000rs. She asks what, I could have paid 3 months rent to Chanda in this price. He asks her to see in front. She sees Shivaye and says Shivaye…. He says see this is called jealousy. She says its great. He asks her to focus in Shivaye, he is priceless. She says I can do anything for Shivaye, even wear this cheap dress. He asks her to go ahead. Shivaye looks at her. She greets Samar. He signs her to sit.

Anika says I had to say sorry to you, you called me and I did not come, I came here to say, I can’t do this job. She gives the resignation letter. Samar says you could have refused on phone as well. She says I wanted to meet you, and say thanks and sorry, sorry for not doing this job, thanks for showing trust in me. Shivaye looks on, sitting at the table behind. Samar asks will you have anything. She says no, thanks. Rudra asks Anika to go ahead now, else plan will flop. Anika says fine and stumbles. Samar holds her. Shivaye gets shocked and gets up. She sees him. Samar asks are you fine. She nods and smiles. Samar leaves.

Shivaye gets angry and drops the juice glass down. Anika smiles. Shivaye leaves. He comes home angrily. Pinky and Jhanvi look on. Jhanvi asks what happened. Shivaye goes to his room. He recalls Anika and Samar, and throws a chair on the glass wall. Jhanvi and Pinky hear the sound. Anika comes to Shivaye and smiles. She asks what’s all this. He asks what, I did not do anything. She asks did any Bagad billa come here, this room was fine. He says maybe earthquake came. She says you won’t accept you did this in anger. He asks why will I get angry, I don’t care. She says you broke my room. He says this is my room, I want this room, find other room. She says atleast his tadi came back. She says fine, I will give this room to you, I would have given you even the house if you asked, I m very happy today. He says I have seen your happiness in restaurant. She asks did you follow me. He says no, if I cared, you would have been outside this house.

Anika says I don’t care if you don’t like my dress, but the one for whom I got ready liked my dress. He angrily breaks a vase. Anika gets ready and says I m leaving now. She slips. Shivaye holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What an episode.. Ia m loving it..
    Annika is looking so good in that costume, even I felt its little exposing.

    Shivay is angry young man again.. I love his this avathar..

    And Rudy is just rocking.. awesome today..such a sweetheart..

    1. In this show dresses are weird and exposing, so nothing new this is to lure the male audience.

      1. Nithu

        Hey lara i havent seen any actress wearing too exposing costumes……i feel ib has good fashion sense but at times its really worst …..but they dont expose to lure anyone…..and we are in 2017…..not in 1801or soo….so we also shd change…..i hope i dint hurt if i had im soo sry…

  2. GMG
    Asthadi ur analsis too gd
    Muni,Archudi open ur blush club
    pushpa ur bhaiya is big back
    gd nite ever1&sweet dream

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi AB… we should start one jealous club too.

      1. Ranilya

        yes Asthu we have to open a jealous club too now….

  3. Very Sorry Pushpa dear
    not Shivaay bhaiya.
    only ur shivaay this mention kar ni thi.but mistake ho giya

  4. Ananyagour

    Today’s episode finally Shivay singh oberoi becomes jealous singh oberoi once again.?
    Anika confort pinky ??

    Anika was looking beautiful as usual……?

    Rudra n ani conversation ??and that purse n shoes too…,??

    Finally Shivay is jealous

    Precap – can’t wait ??

    But did u guys noticed anika shoes was keep changing when she lost her balance that time her sandle was.diff but when fifty. Thousand scene her shoes changed is it so ??

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Her shoes did change.. yes dear..

    2. Ranilya

      yes Ananya i too felt her foowear looked different at different shots…but i thought it was the camera effect…..
      may be Surbhi broke the heel of her shoe had had to replace it

  5. This episode was awesome………..i was drinking tea while watching,when samar held anika shivaays reaction was priceless,i even trew up all d tea on my baby boy..i hope d cvs keep up and please unite shivika soon…hope every1 had a good day…?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      OMG!!! Daisy… Pay attention yaar!!! Spit tea on baby boy!! Take care dear. Hm… totally fit in pkj lol.. paagal ho tum, cute bhi.

      1. Hi everyone,am not an indian..but i guess ill be in my other life..totally love hindi films and serials..watched dem growing ….am learning hindi so its all a Nigerian..

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Oops daisy!! ?
      Gals like we have another mother here.. and the first mother we know here with a baby boy I guess!!
      As far as I remember archu, ranu, chavi, Liji, me all of us have baby gals..

    3. Swathi..

      hi Daisy welcome to pkj you prooved your craziness lol 😉 anyways take care of your little boy. you commented on 2.05 am???? or you are an NRI??

    4. Ranilya

      Oh…Daisy… hope your boy is alright….

      IB hum se kya kya karwatha hain….

      And welcome to the Mothers club dear…. And your’s is the first boy in the kiddos club…. We have 2 Jr. Chavis’, Jr. Rani (me), Jr.Liji, Jr.Anu, Jr. Archu, and now Jr. Pinku too…. all girls….

      1. This episode was awesome………..i was drinking tea while watching,when samar held anika shivaays reaction was priceless,i even trew up all d tea on my baby boy..i hope d cvs keep up and please unite shivika soon…hope every1 had a good day…?he’s good luckily he was a bit far from me …

  6. Anikaa

    kya khidkitodh episode…loved it

    anika bhabhi-pinky…..kya dhamekedar challenge thi voh…aur paani ki khasam…bhabhiko kuch cheez he nahi mili kya khasam khaane ke liye….biwi no 1….dont worry bhabhi aap zaroor biwi no 1 banenge
    rudra kitne bad ho tum ….apnii he bhabhi ko aise 2rs kapde pinathe hai..aur bhabhi app bhi pehen liye ….lekin voh dress utni bad bhi nahi thi….

    bichare bhaiya ab toh voh jalkukdu singh oberoi ban gaye…..feeling so bad for u bhaiyaa….

    samar – friends plz ….dont scold samar …mujhe sach me samar bohot pasand hai….uski attitude wah….bohot achcha haina…

    1. Nivedita

      Rudy is bad..but not very bad to quote Mahi! ?

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Hey! don steal mahi’s alone just coz he isn’t around!

      2. AnuluvsIB

        Mahi’s lines*

      3. Ranilya

        Lo aagayi danda leke Mahi ki deewani…. By the way where is Liji?? missing her…. Anu police station mein rapat likwaya ke nahi?? Khanna ko bejo dund ke layega zaroor…..

      4. Nivedita

        Lol Anu! Yeah I miss Mahi..I knew u would get this! ??
        I like Samar’s or rather the actor’s
        soft voice and his shayari and sad past ( I am totally sucker for it– 2 hints to his sad past– one his drunken behavior and shayari at the chawl and second — in his office interview of Ani– if u noticed he was upset with her when she dropped water on the books or diaries at his table that were placed on on his side of the table but the opposite side-by-side I felt in that scene that it was someone’s memories that he had preserved like that and he was upset at Ani for upsetting the placement of those books and all on the table..)
        Whew! Long post- I feel he is a tragic character– who may turn grey- I want him to stay nice and not turn into psycho like his sis ..

      5. AnuluvsIB

        Ya ya.. that’s quite possible.. it cud have been his preserved memories over which our madam poured paani.. even if not, it is natural for an employer to get angry if ur interview candidate is so clumsy..

        The drunken soft voices shayari Samar hasn’t resurfaced back.. wondering if cvs will ever show that side again!

      6. Ranilya

        Nivi i too like these sad and/or guilty type of heroes (somehow i think i like men yearning for their lady love…hope i dont sound sadistic)….. but after seeing IB iv started loving this tadi lead…..

      7. Nivedita

        Yes it was dual irritation – preserved memory plus clumsy person..with Samar! ?

        Rani Tadi is awesome too..

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Samar ki kaunsi attitude tumhe bohot achcha laga anikaa? Am quite curious..

      1. Ranilya

        Lo aagayi danda leke Mahi ki deewani…. By the way where is Liji?? missing her…. Anu police station mein rapat likwaya ke nahi?? Khanna ko bejo dund ke layega zaroor…..

      2. Ranilya

        It got posted again…

      3. Nila

        Ya anu
        I too want to know that?

    3. Nithu

      Evn i like samar soo much ….i mean he looks soo cute…

      1. Prajkta

        Yaa Samar is good not crazy like his sister at least

    4. Ranilya

      Bad Rudy… lol Anikaa…. sach mein 2rs kapde pehnadiya….
      Anikaa thume bandar…sorry…. samar pasand hain? kaunsi attitude achi lagi?….

      but yes dear if he was not in IB irritating Shivika then mayb i would like him too….mayb…..not sure…

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Ranu.. Khanna ko bhejna teek nahin hain.. the kinda from Liji shares with Khanna will have effect on him..
        Main khud doond Rahi hoon Meru mahi ko?
        Sirf question Kumari samajthi thi mahi ko.. abhi woh khud problem me phansi hui hain.. kya karen?

      2. AnuluvsIB

        Liji off late is quite busy with work I guess ranu.. am missing her too!

  7. Dear friends
    Abi main epi dekh kar aayi hai.kya bolo my sweet heart anika tumne to uss pinky ka radio banth kiya????????????you right true ishqbaazi haarni nahi chaahiye aur uss pinky jaise bhoothni devil ki samne bilkul nahi.iam sur iss baar jeeth tumhari hai.aur tum logo ki ishqbaazi ki bhi??anika rocks???

    Best devar babhi ka scene AniRu you too just rock.rudra tumne tho aaj muje bahuth hasaya???.fool ka shahid karaya too funny???.love angel and love guru soumya ka yaad dilaya?? aap logo ka mission ke liye all the best.mission ka naam nahi mil raha yaar.phir rudy special song.ab aage aur kithna gaana hoga rudy ki taraf se? AniRu rock it specially Rudy and her funny talks???

    Shivika with Rudy scene.anika ka style main special bandhe ko milne jaa raha hai bolna.phir apni Baal ko stylelly wave karna bada devar(om) ka style??aaj epi main uski kami aise poori ki?phir rudra shivay ka convo.shivay “tu tension math le tu tension math le”? Rudy tension to aap ho rahi Hai baiya?

    Again AniRu part.anika is so hot???????????anika ka walking style dekh kar hi main hassna suru kiya Tha?phir AniRu ki convo se tho ?????jab anika bola tune muje 3000rs bag pehnaya than Rudy ka answer 3lak anika ka reaction?????anika “ab math boolna ki ye sandal 1000 rs ka hai main girunga” Rudy ka Jawab 25000 anika ka reaction????? phir shivay ko dekh kar uska happy????????

    happy to see angry young man sso is back???yipeee.ab mujhe lag raha hai wo big wind screen ye log tod ne ke liye phit kiya hai.first tia and now sso.jab anika baagke room pe aaya wind screen ko tod the hua dekh kar uski face pe wo happy?????phir wo shivay ki pass chala tho patha nahi.main ek hug dekhne ki accept kiya but?I hope wo old ShivIka hug scene forhead kiss scene naughty billu sab waapas aaye????????.shivay tho nahi manega usse farak padtha hai.but anika ki tarah main bhi happy hu ki.tadibaaz shivay is back?????

    Pinky boothni tujhe tho anika ne bahuth kuch diya hoga na tho tum ussise kush hoja budiya boothni???????

    AniRu ke liye????????????????????????????????????????

    My sweet heart and hoty anika KE LIYE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Ab tadibaaz billu ke liye??????????????????????????????

    Ab love guru Rudy ke liye?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    So that’s it guys
    Take care?

    1. Nivedita

      I agree Anis facial expressions were too good! ??

      1. Dear niveditha
        Ya right anika is sach a expression queen????and Rudy expression king???? AniRu?????

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Naughty billu ke liye time lagega UF… we might see hug n forehead kiss lil earlier may be..
      But tab tak atleast aise scenes dikhate tho acha hoga..

      1. Dear Anu
        You right naughty billu ke liye time lagega?????ab intazar tho karna hi padega.ab bass safar ka meeta pal mil jaaye??????????

        Take care

    3. Swathi..

      hi UF i like your emoji’s comment a lot… me too waiting for naughty billuji’s track but we have to wait for it. if we get devar bhabhi masti like this no problem if they show that yuckini track just to drag i can’t tolerate such dragging part. let’s hope for the best.

      1. Dear swathi
        Hi.thank you so much?????yaa you right AniRu hai tho kuch bhi sahega.rudy ki bina tho kuch bhi maza nahi he is a Rock Star????????????anika she is not khidki tod but ghar tod????????????????????and my sweet heart?mee too don’t like dragging tracks.sirf uss naagini nahi uss moti boothni pinky ko bhi sehna padtha Hai???????????????main tho uss moti boothni pinky ki expose ka wait kar rahi hu.uska BIG OMM hone ka?????any way your dp suuuperb hot???????and beautifull????????????

        Take care

    4. Ranilya

      Ithne saare emojies?? baap re…. but your comment looks so colorful….

      yes Om should have been there too at the stairs….

      1. Dear ranliya
        Thank you.and ya aage aur bhi aisa color full comments aayega???? ?IN SHAA ALLAH

        Take care

    5. Swathi..

      Thank you UF???. I wish the same uss pinky ki expose jaldi se hojaye bass. Uska OMM toh bahut badha hona chahiye.

  8. @Manya dear, you back with a bang…congo…..go manya go..

    @Nivi dear you are sooo funny…????????..

    @ASTHABABY loved your comments. ..

    @Annika dear so hi gayi…nice to see you…

    @Anita333 dear tum.bhi kafi dino baad haan….

    @archu your dp….

    Sry i can’t be able to reply all. Bcoz today i am busy…… kuch kaam he…
    So fir aaj rat ko milte he..ok ……..

    @uf dear ,yaa pehele main jo serialmacchi nahi lagti main band kardeti thi.meri serial ki stry nagin se start hui thi jiksa ek bhi episode maine miss nahi ki…uski baad aur bhi kuch shows dekhe he ..but IB ko main chaha kar bhi nahi chod sakti..agar koi episode accha na bhi lage toh main old episodes dekhti hun..kya kare …ab…ishqbaazi pe jo dil atki hui he….???( for previous page..).
    Btw i have a doubt….plz don’t take me wrong..are yiu a boy or girl????
    Actually ek main tum dekhunga likhti ho toh ek main dekhungi…so i am confused. ……

    Actually lax ke saath bhi aisa hi hua he..maine jab pehele yahan aayii toh main lax ko lax bhaiya bol di thi…lax do you remember? ?????????????….

    @Puspa hi fi to you too….no no a big hug to you…..

    1. Dear arpitha
      Iam a girl.mujhe laga girl ki tarah baath karna safe nahi so kabhi kabhi aise baath karthi Hai?but meri andhar ki girl feeling bahar aatha Hai?mera Hindi serial dekhne ka story na bahuth lambha Hai?but main shortly bathaunga.main tho IPKKND ka first season se start kiya.but uki stating se nahi.uspe diwali celebration chal raha tha thab.but end thak main nahi dekha.shyam ki expose ki baath mujhe zyaada interst nahi laga.ab waha se start again IPKKND season 3 thak pahucha.zyada that star plus show tha.aur naagin bhi main dekha tha.but uss me bhi shesha ka negative charcter banne ki baath main break liya tha.but phir dekha.ab IB ka story waisa hai.bore ho tho break letha hu phir waapas aatha hu?but uss break time pe koi aur serial bhi dekthi Hai.

      Take care???

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita..Your didi is our(OmRu and sibling club of Shivaay) bhabhi no-1 …bhabhi no-1.

  9. Hey hii all… u all seem so happy… i didnt watch the episode ?….. hru all….

    1. Piyuu

      hi prinku .. hw r u ? hws ur baby?

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Pinku.. it sometimes is difficult to catch up with an infant around.. never mind..
      If u get time.. watch it on hotstar..!

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      You must watch it Pinku. Khidkitod Annika bhabhi and Angered Bhagad Billa is a treat to watch.

    4. Ranilya

      Pinku tension mat le….. U have a baby in your hands….catch up on Hotstar….. if you don have Hotstar then download the app…. Thats the best thing…u can watch whenever the baby sleeps…. and re watch it too
      Dont bother about watching TV….its difficult to follow timetables with a baby around…..
      And dont stress yourself too

  10. Ishqbaaz is the best serial.. ?What a story…?what a jodi….?Anika is so amazing… ?And SsO is just simply so unique…? I love this serial….and this jodi a lot??? they are just so amazing… ? thanks CV for always giving an osm track and plot for the serial..which makes ishqbaaz different from other dragging serial specially Ekta shows?? …….!!!! And hello everyone I m new here…??☺☺ and I m crazy for shivika??

    1. Ranilya

      HI Maryam…welcome to PKJ….

    2. Swathi..

      Hi Maryam welcome to tu IB page & pkj. keep commenting. yes Ib is unique & leading coples too.

  11. Wow awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee epi

    1. Ranilya

      Naymaz super dp… I like bengali Durga ma…..

      1. Tysm dearie
        R u also bengali?????

  12. Ranilya

    I never thought I would b so happy seeing “Sore Singh Oberoi”!!
    Loved his anger….loved his jealousy….loved his thod pod…. loved his piercing eyes at the restaurant…. loved his discomfort…. loved “The SSO”…….

    Paani ki kasam…. first time on television did we get to see such a kasam… Hta off to the creatives….

    Anika tahnkd God you finally realized…. love your dialogues to Pinky today….
    Sambalna tho door apne unhe bikarne diya….
    Meine aapko apni maa mana tha, lekin aap meri saas bhi nahi banpayi. meri kya, aap tho Shivay ki maa bhi nahi banpayi…..

    Daggers must have pierced Pinky!! but that lady is Triple buffalo skin!
    Waiying for Anika’s challenge to be fulfilled… Anika pls do it quick….

    Biwi no 1 Biwi no 1…. lol i dint expect this song… but loved it for Anika….

    AniRu were awesome… Loved Rudy’s dialogues…. and his excitement tooo……

    Kaddu awesome!! now is that pumkin?! pehle kakdi…and now kaddu…. i better learn some hindi names of veggies n fruits….

    O apni confusing shayari se aapko confuse kardega….
    mein kahu tho galthi se aap bilkul sahi insaan ke paas aayi hain…lol

    Rudy your plan hit the bulls eye for sure but the dart board is a bouncer…. the arrow will boomerang and hit Anika on her forehead…..dekhlena….

    devar cum love guru…. missing soumya….

    ‘Mission Make Billu Jealous’
    billu ko aag lagegi….
    billu jealous hoga….
    billu ka dil bhi jalega….

    Leenesh your awesome man…. loved evreybit of you today….

    poor Shivay at the foot of the staircase..,.. kithna jal raha tha…. superb expressions….. as if her phone convo was not enough Rudy bhi aagaya…aag mein ghee dalne ke liye….
    Tu pareshan mat ho… lol he was telling this to himself rather than to Rudy

    Special banda…. i was like banda nahi….its bandar…. add an ‘r’ !

    AniRu phone bluetooth convo at the corridor was superb…..
    Though Anika was looking good in that tuchi rumaal dress, panch mali ka shoes(25 hazaar ka) n teen hazaar (oops teen lakh!) ka sling….. and her tacky lipstick……. I dint like her much… She should have worn something more classy….
    I know the off shoulder was to irritate billu more when bandar holds her….

    Ipad ke peeche chupa hua billu n Anika’s expression on seeing him…wow….
    Anika pls concentrate on your Anmol pati urf OmRu’s bhaiyya….

    She was color coordinated with bandar!!

    Did Shivay really feel they were having any love talks?? Anika was so nervous when she was speaking to bandar but billu was so uneasy….. couldnt he make out she was being so formal with that man??
    Nakul…love your acting… body language…..
    When he stood with the juice glass…i was like yes…throw it…why r you not throwing the Ipad??

    And Shivay dint see his face…he doesnt know it’s Samar, he has not seen Samarjeet’s face till now…. will he have another MU about Samar being called Rohit by Anika….and she was planning this from long back….NO….

    I knew it….he will co relate everything to her darga engagement dialogue…. Shivay!!!

    The room scenes were very good… Anika on the glass….anger, frustration, and the false calmness in front of Anika….
    Anika…again fark padtha hain…..

    yeh kamra mera hain…apna saman bando aur dusra kamra dundo…wow!!
    Shivika dialogues n expressions were super good..

    Shiavy won over Anika today with his last dialogue… muje agar fark pad raha hotha na to tum is ghar ke bahar hothi….

    one of those episodes with the best dialogues…. Hats off to the writers…. NarBhi n Lee…no doubt are top actors…the rest of the team at IB too…..

    1. Ranilya

      And the precap…. Shivika in the curtain will b a fb tmro? Hmmmm…… they have planned a good weekend for us…..Anika in Shivay’s arms…. good…. otherwise the restaurant scene would have got postponed to friday and our weekend ki OMM ho jathi, with Anika in bandar’s arms!!

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Rani…. “Bandar” means monkey wala Bandar!!! Oh no..My brother is not a bandar. Ha ha… Sundari and the Bandar in side curtains. Kanji ankhen wala tadibaaz Bandar maine aaj tak nahi dekha tha lol.

      1. Ranilya

        Astha bandar here is Samar not your Shivay bhaiyya…..

    3. Nivedita

      Paani ki kasam for love and connecting it to past Shivika love momemts definitely new.

      But paani ki kasam was there in IPKKND 2– ( but there it was a religious, marriage, family context) I don’t know if the writers of IPk2 were same as IB..

      1. Ranilya

        Nivi iv not seen any of the IPKKNDs…. yes i have seen mayb about 10 episodes of IPKKND2 in bits but i hardly remember the part of the story i saw….

  13. Piyuu

    episode is jhakkas
    anika ne pinky ko challenge thi pani ki khasam..omm kabhi nahi socha hoga anika aise react karege omm ka muh band ho gayi.
    anika is looking pretty phir bhi muje dress pasand nahi..shivani thum anika ko 2rs waali kapade kyu de re.
    rudra ani conversation is nice
    finally shivaay jealous singh oberoi gaye.phir bhi shivaay manne keliye thayyar nahi usse farak padtha hi…..
    @ chavi thanks for reply me…time mila tho zarur aavungi

  14. Sejsmiles

    The comment now n then “farak padta hai?” Is so stupid. Makes anika come across as a desperate.
    N as @shekhar said why r d oberois living here if home enough to move to anothet place no?
    Anika looked smoking hot n Shivaye… Mmmuah s*xier than ever

    1. Ranilya

      Sejsmiles I had asked this same question when Anika came with the papers to OM….the answewer is simple…Serial wise… Shivay wants to Stay with Anika…. And technical wise..production house has no budget for another house, Cvs have been instructed to keep Shivay n Anika under one roof to increase TRP

  15. Piyuu

    i forget to mention i love the rudy song
    billu ko aag lagegi
    billu jealous hoga
    billu ka dil be jalega
    billu billu billu

  16. Sejsmiles

    What’s next???? Shivaye baba will make anika jealous n how..announce engagement wt ragini…aah pinky will fly high wt d announcement…only to see anika Shivaye back together. I want her reality to come out ASAP.

  17. superbbbbbbb…..episode..hlo guys(pkj family)..well…i am not only the fan of ishqbaaz…am fan of ur comments ..BDW whats the full form of pkj..enakku hindi yaarathu tamilla explain panna mudiuma…plzzz…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Razaana… pkj means a group of crazy peoples. We think we all are crazy for ishqbaaz and Shivika. So the name of this place is pkj- paaglon ki jhoond. Welcome to pkj.

    2. Swathi..

      hi Razaana welcome to pkj. pkj means paagloon ki jhoond – group of mad/crazy people as we all are crazy fans of ib.. sorry dear i don’t know tamil.

    3. Welcome our PKJ family razaana?????

    4. Gayathri.visu

      Hii Razaana
      Welcome to ishqbaaz crazy poeple dear… Hope now u can understand the meaning of pkj from Astha di’s reply. Naakuda tamizhthaan. Inga neraya per tamizhthaan.
      Glad to see one more tamizh person. Keep commenting dear…

    5. Ranilya

      Hi Razaana… welcome to PKJ….paagalon ki jhund in hindi… of crazy people in english….paittiyam makkal kulu in tamil….. hope im right…..

      1. Nila

        Rani di u know Tamil!!??

  18. Asthadi m with ur club&we enjoy it very much.Anudi aap shivaay ki tharipe kar rahi ho
    Ranudi aap gd desire of epi

    1. Ranilya

      AB sorry dear I dint understand what you said….

  19. Archu,Anu,Ranu,chavi,pinku,Dasiy w r baby howz.
    shivaay na jab roomki cheez thoda tha anika ni khaha bagder billa ne

  20. hi every one

    Tadibaaz Shivaay Singh Oberoi is back!!
    Jealous Singh Oberoi is sooooo cute than.Aniru combo is always amazing.
    ayesha welcome to ib family

  21. after seeing ur replies im very happy now..thanq so much for making me happy…im a silent reader of this i understood the pkj meaning..again thanks fr welcoming me…i didnt expect that now im also a part of this family…..luv u guys a lott

  22. Dear friends
    Telly update page pe kaise register karthe hai.please detialy bathavo Jisko hindi aatha hai wo bathana Jisko nahi tho thoda hindi daalne ki try karna.thaaki main samajh saku.


    1. Swathi..

      Dear UF to become a registered member first go to menu which you can see on the left top corner of tu page there u can see options go to register then follow the procedure you’ll be a registered member.

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