Ishqbaaz 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer’s truth comes out

Ishqbaaz 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika thinks why are they coming towards me, if they recognize me, plan will get flop. Anika acts to faint. Shivaye holds her. Omru ask what happened. Shivaye says maybe Goa’s weather isn’t suiting her, I will drop her to the hotel. Veer thinks who is this Begum Khan, why is she helping Shivaye, I have to find out. Shivaye takes Anika out. He asks her to be careful, and not take risk. She asks him not to get scared, the enemy will get trapped. He says enemy will be after you. She says fine, go in, I will call you. She leaves in the car. Shivaye turns to see. Anika asks him is everything fine. He says yes, is anyone following you. She says no, not till now, wait a mum, a car is following, that driver is wearing a mask. Shivaye says okay then, I m coming. She wears the veil and asks the driver to drive


Veer follows. Anika says you are gone today, we will find your truth. Veer says I won’t let that woman help Shivaye. Shivaye thinks so Anika was right, that enemy will follow us, finally we will know who is trying to ruin us, Anika shouldn’t put herself in any trouble. The car stops. Anika asks what happened, why have you stopped the car.. Driver says its road is closed ahead. Anika gets down the car. She thinks this board wasn’t here, when Shivaye and I made a plan to take this route, how did this board come suddenly. Veer comes. She sees him. Shivaye’s car stops. He falls over the steering. He checks the car and thinks this tyre had to burst right now. He runs on the road. Anika runs ahead. Veer runs after her. Shivaye checks Anika’s car and asks the driver. The driver signs him. Anika reaches some place. Shivaye shouts Anika…..

Anika stops seeing the masked man/Veer in front of her. Veer stares at her. Shivaye says I m coming Anika, don’t worry. He runs inside the space and sees many cars parked. He gets on the top of a car and shouts Anika. Veer ties up Anika. She thinks no matter what happens, I shouldn’t talk, else this man will know I m Shivaye’s wife, Shivaye will be reaching, I should engage him till then.

Shivaye calls Anika and hears her phone ringing. He gets her phone. He thinks I hope she is not in any trouble. Veer says I don’t know who are you and why you are helping Shivaye, you won’t sign this deal, else tomorrow’s newspaper will have the news of your death, not the deal. Shivaye gets Anika’s sandal and thinks she is somewhere nearby. He sees a warehouse and enters. He thinks Anika just give me some sign. Anika sees Shivaye outside the window. She thinks I can’t call out to Shivaye, else this man will know I m his wife, this man can run away, it will be good if I stay quiet. Shivaye looks for her. Veer pours kerosene around and over Anika. Anika wishes Shivaye comes soon. Veer asks Begum Khan to show her face before dying, so that a killer remembers the face of the victim. He pulls down the veil partially and says wait, even the victim has the right to know who the killer is. He removes the mask. Anika gets shocked seeing Veer. Shivaye gets on the window and looks on shocked.

Veer says I m Dr. Veer Pratap Chauhan, a friend of Shivaye, who is writing the story of his destruction, when I m writing it, I will decide which character dies and when, its your turn today. He ignites the fire. Veer goes. Shivaye rushes in and says I won’t let anything happen to you. Anika asks him not to take risk and leave. He says I can’t leave. He jumps inside the fire ring. She asks him to save his life. He says I m saving my life, we can talk about this later. She asks him to go. He says let me think what to do. He frees her. He lifts her and takes her out. They see the fire explosion.

Anika hugs him and cries. She asks are you fine. He asks are you fine, I told you this has risk. She says I told you that no danger could harm me when you are with me. He asks why did you risk your life. She says we would have not know who did this, I would have never believed this, our enemy is… He says he is Veer… She asks do you know it. He says I have seen him, I couldn’t imagine Veer is our enemy, he had saved our lives, we considered him our friend, we shared our joy with him, he wants to ruin us. Veer is on the way. He says you will be ruined Shivaye, I have destroyed the support that could have saved your sinking ship. Shivaye says it means his goodness, friendship was just a drama. Anika says he can’t fool us now, we know his truth. He says but we still don’t know his motive, what enmity does he have with me, I didn’t even know him before coming to Goa. She says we will know it. He says we know him, but he doesn’t know this. She says and we will take its advantage.

Gauri asks how did you get hurt. Om asks what happened. Shivaye says our car caught fire, we are fine, listen to me, I have something imp to talk, I have made a decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tricky Tuesday Evening Greetings to all my GPkj walas!
    How are you all? I missed, still missing and will miss you all and the khidkitod episodes terribly.
    Monday’s episode was jingalala episode to watch with the return of my khidkitod Anika di & her plan and Tia’s return as protagonist.
    Still I didn’t watch today’s episode but I read the review of it where I felt some khidkitod track is going on & is waiting to give a treat for us.
    @Pui di, @Prabha di, @Arpita di, @Sindhu dear, @Luthfa di, @Janu, @Kadambari thank you all for your reply on my Sunday’s comment.
    @Shanaya- special thanks for your reply and belated birthday wishes to your sister. Sorry for my late wishes to my younger sister dear.
    @Shiny- Belated birthday wishes dear. Sorry for my late wish dear. Waise welcome to our GPkj family.

    @Aashika- GAG. Congrats for yesterday’s 1st comment.
    Miss you Banita, Dhwani, Ayesha and all GPKJs.I know I’ve missed some of you guys and I’m really sorry for it.

    I’ve watched the latest promo of IB on youtube. We could see SSO reading something reg. KM fire and the flashes of Tejlana’s conspiracy against SSO is shown. Whether is that acknowledged by SSO or is that only shown to us? Can someone please clear that doubt of mine. Since most of the promos of IB doesn’t take place in as if in episode, let’ hope for best in Shivika’s shooting promo. Please share your views too reg. upcoming twists if you guys know something.

    Awaiting for the most numinous part of Ishqbaaz.

    Good night with golden dreams. ??????? Love you all.????

    1. Aashika

      Go shivya go. Congrats on being first

    2. Go shivya dear go….
      Many CONGRATULATIONS for being first ???nd its ok…. She will be so happy??

      Nd can’t say anything about this promo. Cz I thought very much abt this promo nd now my head is not working…… I will turn mad if I think abt it again?cz I just can’t understand anything!!!! Hope for the best. And if I get to know something then 1st I will share this news here?
      Till then stay safe n blessed.
      Love u nd take care???

    3. Hi shivya, how are You? Great going with being number 1. Well about the shoot out promo is true as Surbi confirmed in an interview. It is all part of a drama leading to finding clues about kalyana mills. I think it will take place after veer is sent to mental asylum. Just wait patient Shivya. No Shivaay means no Anika and vice versa. Shivika are the pillars of IB. I am not saying Om and Gauri are not important but I am talking about the strength of IB

    4. Hi shivya dear congrats for Ur first comments ma….ur comments was super ma…

    5. Hi Shivya,how are you?
      Don’t know dear whether it will be clear or not.Possible if Tia tells everything about Savetlana and co.But this is not going to happen I know but what cvs are going to show only they know.Let’s wait and watch for the unfolding of the story.Take care?
      Go Shivya Go.Congratulations on being first?

    6. ItsmePrabha

      Go Shivya Go..

    7. ShinyTirupathi

      Thank you dear and Welcoming in PKJ…… too

  2. Pushpa

    Hey gals…
    So today is veer exposed day…..
    Khidikhitod anika and smart singh oberoi plan worked out .?..they found out who is behind all the doing to destroy shivaye…VEER….
    Im feeling funny this veer why…he dun want to know who is actually begum zubaidah ….
    Oh my my ..,the wzy how he scooped anika in his arm & brought her out…the way hw both taking care of each other…beautiful…
    But the raaz..oh god leaving me stunned….
    Precap…shivaye is going to send OmRu…Gauribhavya wt anika but where to OM?
    Chalo…. it was great eppisode.
    Dil hua ishqbaaz…
    Gd nite

    1. Pusi dear..Me too that raaz is made me stunned..hi hi hi my shivika rocked today…

    2. Shanaya khan

      Hi pu di….
      Yeah….. SHIVIKA ka plan successful ho geya ???????
      But abt the RAAZ…… Um also stunned….. Bt excited…..

    3. Hi Pushpa dear hw r u …..ya indeed it was .mindblowing episode ma

    4. Hi Pu di,
      Yeah Smart Singh Oberoi is back and Veer got exposed.Shivika are just awesome.They love each other very much then how come Shivaay can shoot Anika?Anyway,Take care di?

  3. Tricky Tuesday Evening Greetings to all my GPkj walas!
    How are you all? I missed, still missing and will miss you all and the khidkitod episodes terribly.
    Monday’s episode was jingalala episode to watch with the return of my khidkitod Anika di & her plan and Tia’s return as protagonist.

    Still I didn’t watch today’s episode but I read the review of it where I felt some khidkitod track is going on & is waiting to give a treat for us.

    @Pui di, @Prabha di, @Arpita di, @Sindhu dear, @Luthfa di, @Janu, @Kadambari thank you all for your reply on my Sunday’s comment.
    @Shanaya- special thanks for your reply and belated birthday wishes to your sister. Sorry for my late wishes to my younger sister dear.
    @Shiny- Belated birthday wishes dear. Sorry for my late wish dear. Waise welcome to our GPkj family.

    @Aashika- GAG. Congrats for yesterday’s 1st comment.
    Miss you Banita, Dhwani, Ayesha and all GPKJs.I know I’ve missed some of you guys and I’m really sorry for it.

    I’ve watched the latest promo of IB on youtube. We could see SSO reading something reg. KM fire and the flashes of Tejlana’s conspiracy against SSO is shown. Whether is that acknowledged by SSO or is that only shown to us? Can someone please clear that doubt of mine. Since most of the promos of IB doesn’t take place in as if in episode, let’ hope for best in Shivika’s shooting promo. Please share your views too reg. upcoming twists if you guys know something.

    Awaiting for the most numinous part of Ishqbaaz.

    Good night with golden dreams. ??????? Love you all.????

    1. Arpita6

      GSG…congrats shivya dear…

    2. You are most welcome dear.Me too is waiting eagerly?

  4. Aashika

    I just want to say that today’s episode is full of thrill and I am so much happy for shivika because their plan work and that lamboo psycho get exposed. So let’s party. Of course party to banti hai ?????????. The chasing part is good but thank God shivaay come on time. I am so much excited to see how shivika make papuu of that psycho… Aaj k liye itna hi. Sorry guys I can’t reply ur comments because of tight schedule but I will try my best to reply. A very good night to all pkjs

    1. Arpita6

      Aashika dear…every promo of IB always gives me goosebumps but they actually scrapped Vanwas 2.0 ..akka shivay’s new journey. …..
      And this shooting wala promo i am hell scared as well as excited for upcoming. .lets see

    2. Agree with you arpita6. It was thrilling

    3. Shanaya khan

      Hi aashika dear…..
      Yeah….. Party to banti hai meri dost…. But how???? Um giving party by emoji ????????✨✨✨???????????????
      It’s OK dear….. Take ur time n give cmnt when you get time…..
      Take care. ?

    4. Hello Aashika,
      It’s absolutely ok dear.We will manage.Episode was quite thrilling.I think cvs will drag the exposure as only 50% of him got exposed.What Veer actually wants is a mystery to Shivika still.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  5. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    CHAPTER 47…
    @Mahira dear..same thought is scaring me too.but that envolpe wala scene is not connected with KM case as per my pov.
    @Suhana..little sis..happy wala birthday. …
    @Luthfa dear..ok but sometimes it is getting difficult for me to understand your comments. But i fell in love with your khidkitod writting skill..
    @ shivya or shanaya dear ( i don’t remember name sry) too don’t know how saharsonu know about script
    Ok come to episode. ..
    It was really shocking for me…..yeh yeh yeh.
    Meri di ki plan kaam kar gayi..yo…Dekha Sso .aaapne ek baar share ki dusman samne aagaya..pehele bata dete na.toh aap abhi bhi OM main hote our LAAL.ISHQ part II part III part IV sab hojata..hi hi hi.???.
    Ok Veer toh pappu nikla
    Once again it proved that no one can beat DAKSH. I think he is the most loveable villian of IB (specially asthababy ki daksh baby ???????????) LNt oh sirf lambi lambi felna janta he..nothing else..but his character is not going to end…i am.sure……

    1. Arpita6

      Ok i want to say something in twitter i saw a comment of a person..that comment was from.india forum ‘s you tube page…in Surbhi’s segment..and it made me senti yarr….??.itna pyarr show ke liye..i really love that comment. ..

    2. Hey arpu…. Mood tikh hai na????
      Yarrr…..that was shanaya…. Meee….. Yeah…. Our name has little bit similarity ?loved it…..
      Yeah….. I also saw this seg. Surbhi really love this show…… ???nice to see this…. ???

      1. Ooops..sry yarr name bhulgayi..???.

        Btw i am.talking about that girl named shradddha who posted that comment….she can’t walk..but she has a wish to meet IB cast…
        Kitna parr karte log hamare show got senti..

    3. Shekhar


      By not removing the veil from over the face of ANNIKA, , had the CVS made the PAPPU out of VEER & we or VEER made the PAPPU out of SHIVAAY?

      Is it not strange, the person who was hell bent to know, WHO IS THIS BEGUM KHAN?, just left her without even pulling down her VEIL only to set her on fire, and over more left her without confirming whether her, BEGUM KHAN’s, death?

      Let’s wait, whether it may come up as one more crap ot trap for SSO!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    4. Shanaya khan

      Sorry…. Guti se mistake ho geya!!! I saw that seg. Where surbhi expressed that how she loves ib????
      I didn’t see this….. But after seeing ur cmnt….. Makes me cry…… ????truely….. Here is lots of people who loves ib deeply…….. May god bless her…… Hope she will be able to meet with ib cast……

    5. Hi Arpita,
      Hehehe…Full on naughty mood?Veer being Pappu is not a new thing.He is showing his pappuness from starting.But Shivika managed it well with the help of overconfident Veer.Anyway,I am sorry darling for your inconvenience but my writing style is like that only.If you don’t understand then you can mention and I will try to clear it.Take care?

    6. ItsmePrabha

      Arpu..full on cheapdi mode mein ho tum..LAAL ISHQ part 2,3,4 ????..well i love this cheapdi mode of yours..

  6. Banita

    Heyy PKJ…
    Thank u @Arpu nd @Shanaya 4 ur wish….
    Today epi was Superbbbb….
    Anika’s khidkitode plan worked…. PLR’s ending track is come…. Finally Shivika know their real cuplit in goa…. I m happy that finally cvs is ending PLR’s track….
    Anyone notice Anika was ran in shoe after her sandel got broken…
    Nd Anika’s sandel broke at first only then how can it came near to that house…????? Anika ki chameli ki per vi hain pata nahi tha…!!!
    I think today mere Shivaay bhaiya ki Anika meter thoda down tha.. That’s why he found Anika a little leter…
    But whatever it was i m happy that PLR ki sacchai pata chal gayi….
    Shivaay rescued Anika…
    Anika- Ap apni jaan bachaiye.
    Shivaay – Apni jaan hi toh baccha raha hun….
    Lovly moment… Like it…
    Poor PLR, maan mein maan hi laado kha raha hain go on PLR….
    Hope Shivika soon Pasinalana ki link PLR se karenge…
    Precap –
    What will be Shivaay’s decision…!!!!!!!


      Hi Di!! I really love ur comments. They always make me ? smile. Luv u Di. But can u pls tell me what is this PLR?? I thought to ask earlier but forgot *grabbing ears*. Sorry Di. ?☺️

      1. Banita

        Aaaaawwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so sweet of U Riya… I m really glad to know that my comments make U smile….
        Hhaaaawwwwww!!!!!!!! U dont know PLR….!!!!! Very bad Riya… U dont know what is PLR..,!!!!!! Okk , i m telling U , PLR means Pshyco Lambu Ravan…. I rename that Veer as PLR…
        BTW how r u dr???? Nd Love U too…


        Oooooo…. thanks Di for the full form and after watching the episodes of the past two days I am just Khidkitod

    2. Arpita6

      Bani dear..
      PLR track is not going to end..nikitin sir confirmed it.

      Me too noticed.

      Yes today Sso’s annika meter was late.

      Yes dear that was a lovely moment

      Me too hope so

      All are going to OM along annika..Sso will send anni to OM but she will not go and shivaay will be unware about it..

      1. Banita

        Heyy Arpu….
        Yeh saw today’s segment nd cleared that PLR’s track not going to end soon…. Hope Shivika vi jaldi OM ko aajaye…

    3. Zaveesha

      Hey Banita…
      That sandal wala point I also noticed nd said that time too…once again Anika’s chameli has proved their super power… I think we all know which was the first time…hahhaha…
      Nice comment…

      1. Banita

        Heyyy Zavee dr..,
        Hahaha…. Yeh Anika’s chameli’s Super power…. LOL dr….
        Thank U yr…

    4. Yes Banita I noticed it too. They white running shoes. That was a blooper. Editor did not do a good job.

      1. Banita

        Heyyy Sindhu..
        Editor forgot those sense jo unhe add krna chahiye tha like Rikara kiss nd many other things , but now they forgot that thing jo add nahi krna chahiye…. I think CVS editor team is suffering from partial anmesia…

    5. Shanaya khan

      Hi bani….
      Yeah…. Me also noticed it….. First high heels then shoe!!!! Anika ke liye sab kuch ready rehta hai???
      Logic in ib!!! IMPOSSIBLE….. U know that….. All can happen in the great IB…. ???
      Anyway,,, hope ur xm is going well…. Do well in xm???best of luck n may god bless u dear….. ???

      1. Banita

        Heyyy Shanaya..,
        It’s not called logic dr it’s a mistake , but mistakes happen in every shows nd films… Bt i like that white shoe that’s why i point out it here..
        Yeh dr my exams r going well… Thank U yr…

    6. Hi Bani,
      Yeh IB hain and anything can happen here.Don’t bother yourself as it’s very normal.I don’t think Veer track is going to end so soon.Hope that Shivaay can manage to reach Savetlana this time.All the very best for your upcoming exams.Take care?
      P.S.I have read all your pending analysis of absent days.Very well written?

      1. Banita

        Heyyy Luthfa dr…
        Yeh dr it’s normal nd not a big deal… Nd yeh saw today’s segment PLR’s track is not going to end soon…. Hope Shivika find about Pasinalana this time soon….
        Thank U yr…. Love U…

    7. ItsmePrabha

      wow Bunny…exams ke dinno mein bhi yaha aane se rahi nahi jaa rahe are awesome..waise exams kaise chal raha hai..write well and Take care..

      1. Banita

        Heyyy Prabha…
        Yeh yeh I know i m Awweeesome…. Lol… I cant study day nd nt yr , i need break 4 some time. So wohi time yanha utilise kr leti hun…
        Thank U dr… U too Take care…


    Hi pkj! Sorry for not commenting but I was on a strike against this boring track but now as its almost over I am happy. Shivika now know Veer and I am soooooo happy. Today’s episode was the best in this track.!!

    Now Veer and Sumo will do only one thing and that is regret. I won’t talk about Tej as he has been misguided and he is misunderstanding his own well wisher. Once Tej gets to know about Shivika’s sacrifice, he’ll make sure to send Sutlu, Lady Baby(my name for Tia?) and Sumo(I still think that she will be on Shivaay’s side cheating Sutlu☹️☹️??, but maybe it’s only a mere ‘thought’), to hell with that GOA PATI RAAVAN.??

    1. GOA PATI RAVAN…????????..too too want sumo help Sso…

    2. Shanaya khan

      Hi riya dear…. How r u????
      U were in strike!!! ????
      Hope from now on,,, u will like ib from 1st to last???
      Goa pati ravan ????well said riya…..
      Take care dear?


        Ya Di what to do, he is raavan of course, but he is not from Lanka, that’s why GPR.

    3. Hello My Cute Riya,
      How are you?Oh you were on a strike?But striking is not going to help as cvs have not exposed Veer fully.It will take time so save your energy for the time being.Tia’s new name is very apt but she has left calling Shivaay baby!!!!LOL!!!Yeah to hell with Veer and co.??


        I am,hidkitod di. I did not know that GPR track will end but these days seemed to be eternity during this Daksh part two track.
        But now also problems did not end on OF. Now as per the news (Saas, Bahu and Betiyaan), it is confirmed that OM will be auctioned????☹️?

  8. Arpita6

    Hatt.adhi comment post hogayi…dhattt..
    I am.sur about it…
    And shivika…..they can make pappu any vilian when they are together. …
    But seriously i want upcoming all as sh8vika pla..bcoz if KM case will be case of shivika separation then whole journey of shivika will be waste…i don’t want it.but don’t know what is going on our pyarr Cvs mind…they can do anything. …..and i want chandu di’s double role for a short period. .i want my anni back..
    wwhole episode was good i love it..
    Ok byy…pagals..take care..

    1. Yeah me too was waiting for the new journey of Shivaay but SP scrapped it.And cvs are cvs.Hope they will not repeat their previous mistake of separating Shivika.Let’s see what happens.

  9. Hey I just wish ib doesnt go off air .
    Will really miss ib

    1. No dear..IB is not going anywhere..chill

    2. Shanaya khan

      Adity dear….
      Just cheer n chill….. Ib will not go off air…..
      So take a chill pill….. ?

  10. One lengthy episode of veer’s exposure.. ??So,. Finally shivika got to know about veer.. When veer tried to remove her viel half of her face was clearly shown and then within a second face was fully covered.. Plz do have sense while you shoot director…
    Today, when shivaay said I’m saving my Jaan.. I was just wondering how could he kill his Jaan..??
    I dono how many of you guys noticed yesterday & today anika said to shivaay please be Shivaay Singh Oberoi and not just shivaay or the writer trying to prove he is leaving without his title if so it was so pathetic & funny..??
    Shivika worried and shocked knowing veer’s truth.. How the reaction of shivika gonna be when they know about sumo’s truth clueless.. They will be hell shock.. ??
    So, from today segment shivaay sending Anika omru,sumo, Gauri and bhavya to Om.. But anika get down in the middle of the way & shivaay unaware of the same..??
    P.S: Surbhi in her latest interview said she misses Om and her room.. She said like someone plz send me away from Goa to Mumbai.. I think same like us she too wanna to end this vanavas track soon..

    1. Chandu di is so me……ek jagah se kabhi man nahi lagta..when VANWAS started she used to said….Kahi abroad bhej do..yahan shoot kar kar ke pak gaye she want to go back OM …????..funny.

    2. Yes kadhambari again another blooper. Anyone can see it was Anika behind the veil. The veil came all the way down below the nose and it was obvious. They have no sense and Don’t take care of such details. They must be dreaming. Even the one doing editing must at least do some photography magic so audience Don’t see the blooper

      1. Yeah Sindhu.. Even after so bloopers we can’t hate IB.. That’s the magic of the show..

    3. Shanaya khan

      Hi kadhambari
      Don’t know what is going on in chandu di’s brain…… Bt I also miss their room???
      Bt I also love SHIVIKA mansion….. So nice day n night romance n kiss?????????
      I want more SHIVIKA ss in SHIVIKA mansion ?

      1. Hi shanaya dear,
        Even I like shivika mansion..but a lot of shivika moments and memories are in Oberoi mansion . So, I want them to see in Oberoi Mansion soon..

    4. Hi Kadhambari,
      We are tired of mentioning those logical mishaps of IB team but all falls in deaf ears.Me too noticed that but didn’t understand what it was for.Only cvs can explain.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

      1. Yeah Luthfa dear.. Let see what Cv’s have for us..

  11. Zaveesha

    Hello everyone again…
    Today’s episode was a relief that finally Veer truth came out…this episode was only focused on Shivika nd Veer…now lets see what Shivika will plan to do tai tai fis of Veer….
    as usual I’m just hoping for the best for Ishqbaaz…

    Nd Omru nd Ruvya along with somya will return to the OM according to Mreenal ma’am insta story…

    Nd Sorry but not sorry for not replying to anyone…nd Thanks for understanding… I love u guys…
    Best wishes to everyone…

    1. Its ok too hope for the best for IB..

    2. It is ok Zaveesha. We are happy with your comments

    3. Shanaya khan

      No need to say sorry zeevi….. We can understand ?….. Love u too zeevi dear ?

    4. Hi zaveeza dear ……nice comment ma ……rikara ruvya along with our somu return to OM… Still I hope Rudra will onlymarry our somu…….

    5. Hello Zaveesha,
      Veer and his exposure has not completed yet.Main purpose of him still covered by cvs.Waiting for completion of his track.It’s absolutely fine dear.We can understand.You don’t have to say sorry.Take care.God bless you?

  12. A friend in need is(not)a friend indeed!How effortlessly this reverse man made theory on the importance of friends got portrayed through Shivaay-Veer temporary friendship!When the betrayer of trust and love is someone from family then one is bound to feel depressed and heartbroken as it’s just unbelievable to accept.One can fight the one whom he or she knows personally not the one whom they know but remain in the unknown stage always.The expected person being the Light personified is supposed to drive away darkness but when the same person becomes the harbinger of darkness then trust is the first thing that breaks and gets damaged beyond any reparing.

    1. The faces we know whom we can trust blindly can wear mask of deception for any selfish motives.Who is our friend and who is enemy just can’t be understood as we have nothing to test the surety of it!What days have arrived!Now everything neeeds this or that proof to show the genuineness and authenticity!Human heart can be decived very easily as it costs nothing much.How cheap those emotions of heart that anyone can take the advantage of exploiting it………….

      1. Luthfa dear…i was thinking that song..DIL KA KHILONA HAYE TOOT GAYA..??????????bechara Sso..Veer ko kitna pasand karta tha…btw your first line is really impressive.

      2. Luthfa dear what a delightful thought!!! Actually veer already was wearing an invisible mask infront of Shivika of goodness. Now he was physically wearing an evil mask of vengeance of destruction. But when he removed his mask to reveal his true self he showed himself to be the modern day Nagaraswara.

        You are right. Sometimes the people we trust so much like our good friends may be masked invisibly. When reality sinks in about their true motive behind that invisible mask it disheartens us we trusted the person so much and that is what Shivika both felt.

      3. Shanaya khan

        Nice cmnt luthfa as always…….
        Carry on dear…… May god bless you…… ?

      4. Hi luthfa dear….hw r u ma….I really missed Ur comments ma….U r a great analyser…..indeed u r all comments are so eloquent and phenominal ma….

      5. Arpita,
        Yeah definitely Shivaay got jhatka and he was responsible for that only.He had let Veer to exploit him and in return he used it very successfully.What to do,when heart breaks all things seems quite like the way you mentioned.That line is a proverb and I have just moulded it for my purpose???

      6. Sindhu,
        That’s the problem of heart as it believes everything so easily and because of it good people get deceived time and again.How many layers one person has!Glad that at least Shivika got to know Veer and his intention though in half.And thank you so much for the compliment dear.God bless you?

      7. Thank you so very much for the compliment Shanaya.God bless you too?

      8. I am good Janu dear,how are you?Awwwww…….That’s really very sweet and kind of you.Thank you so very much for your love.God bless you?

    2. ItsmePrabha

      i am completely in awe of your writings it about ZERO or PAST or amaze me with your writing skills..keep doing you and God bless you…

  13. Today episode was fun watching, but I heard that some of TV serial are going off air and Ishqbaaz is one of them bcos of low TRP, there were 4 show from star plus is going to be axed.

    1. Relax my dear..lets see what happens..

  14. Hlw to my all lovely cmnters…… How r u all??? Hope all doing great…..
    ?????veer padka geya?????
    So today’s episode was all about SHIVIKA…..
    OMG….. When anika opened her face in car…. She was looking damn khidkitod khubsurat……
    I don’t know why….. I laughed a lot when I saw veer’s covered face!!! He was looking like a big….. ???
    Anyway….. OMG!!!! Anika run with high heels!!! ?good job anika…..
    Sso was finding her so badly….. His heart was stopped….. He couldn’t move, couldn’t think anything…… Cz he has a fear about his life, his heart, his love, his proud, his everything ANIKA……. SHIVIKA is the best jodi ever……

    OMG!!!!! What the hell you r doing veer???? U r dragging ur own grave!!!! U don’t know what will sso gonna do with u now????

    Finally they get to know abt veer???
    Sso’s heart was breaking down……kya yarrrr….. Har jaga me jhagra kyu karte ho???? But love it….. So much in love with each other. SSO’S HEART IS IN ANIKA, ANIKA’S HEART IS IN SHIVAAY ???made for each other…….
    He lifted her….. Hayyyy…… ?
    Now Mr. VPC….. Just wait nd see how SHIVIKA will do ur OM???

    Precap :I think sso will force anika to go back in OM. But our anika will never go anywhere without her heart, love, hubby Mr. Sso….. ??
    Excited for scared PROMO…….
    Good night pkj family……
    Have a sweet dream…… ?

    1. Ha ha ha .shanaya dear..i was thinking the same.. Heels pehenke mujhse chala nahi jata and this khidkitod girl was running…??and baad main shoes bhi pehen li..??…
      Veer pakda toh gaya..but still i am confused i thunk he will stay in IB according to niktin sir reply to a fan..

      1. Shanaya khan

        What?????? Why???????? I don’t want this veer anymore ????

    2. Yes Shanaya I noticed how desperate Shivaay was when he sensed she was in real trouble. You know when he panicked when he saw her handbag on the floor. He realized then that mask guy must be chasing her and she must be running for her life. Look at his desperation.

    3. Hi shivi dear I hope …it was part of their plan…nice analysis ma

    4. Hi Shanaya dear ….hw r u ma…it was thriller episode ma…….. Shivika is the best Jodi in the world……

    5. Hello Shanaya,
      Hehehehe…..Me too was laughing watching Veer like that.What an idea!Never seen anyone covering face like that.Yeah that’s true.Anika can’t stay away from her very reason of existence.Let’s see what happens next.
      P.S.Thank you so much for your compliment on my analysis of Zero.Take care?

  15. @jeni dear…..
    How are you???
    Thank you so much for ur wish….I will give it to her…….
    Love you dear….. Nd take care?

  16. Sometimes i hate anika character because she never listen to shivay or never understand his plans for today i agree her plan worked but in the upcoming episodes why she cant obey shivay words when he told her to go to OM she should go to OM rather than that she will get down mid way and will not inform shivay seriously is anika so stupid what did anika think that shivay will be happy by being away from anika no but if he has made that decesion then that is for her safety why cant anika understand such a simple thing is she so dumb and i must say one more thing when it comes to problem solving matter shivay solves the problem the way so the same problems never arise again but when it comes to anika when goes to solve some problem she creates more problems for shivay and anika has 0% maturity and thinking level anika doesnt solve any problem with maturity she just reacts to situtation i know fans love her the way she is but after being a bade bahu of OM atleast she should have some maturity i agree gauri in that matter she solve problems problems with maturity and she doesnt question om decesion she belives in his decesion even gauri is brave and strong like anika but when it comes to maturity gauri is better than anika

    1. haha Abhisekh, that’s what love is. if shivaay give more priority to anika’s safety then why can’t anika ? how can she let his love go and leave him in troubles ? instead they should face the problems together. that’s why the name of this serial is ishqbaaz. and love always prevail.

    2. Abhisek dear…it is completely your i am not saying anything to you..but Sso is so jiddi yarr.and only annika knows that Veer is the real culprit..then how she can leave Sso..
      And nore than Sso i think Annika never break her promise..she promised Dadi that she wil never leave Shivaay alone.ok i agree sometimes she makes childish plan like Sutlu’s makup ruining..etc…but still..she can’t leave Sso alone and she knows very well that without her Sso will be break down….and moreover..she loves Shivaay more than anything….she never want to see Sso in any prblm. That is why She fights with him to share prblm with her….
      It is completely my POV..hope you will.understand.

    3. Abhishek I understand your frustration with Anika that she doesn’t listen to Shivaay when he tells her to do something. But that is Anika. How can she leave him alone there and go to OM? They are one and no longer 2 in flesh. It so not whether she is disobedient but her mind will never rest in peace knowing Shivaay is there alone in Goa.

      Remember she was the one who saved Shivaay when the plane crash incident happened. She saved him from the bullet when Kamini tried to shoot Shivaay. When he lost Anika because of misundestanding created by Pinky it was Anika who brought the tadi Shivaay back. If you look at all this, Anika can never let Shivaay alone because they made the wedding vows.

      I Don’t mean to hurt you abhishek. Was just trying to explain Shivika’s relationship. I also sometimes wish Anika listens to Shivaay. Yes he is SSO and he knows how to deal with problems but what to do Anika is anika

    4. Hi Abhishek anika par itna gussa kyun yaar…… all we know shivaay bhaiyya is the saviour of oberai family but shivaay bhaiyya Ko musibat aati hai shirf Anika ne usko bachati hai obros bhi nahi…..agar husband Ko problem Mai chod kar wife kaise reh sakti hai yaar….pls dont compare Anika and Gouri character …….i am big fan of shivika but I love Omri too…baat shivaay bhaiyya pe aati hai na Anika Ko kisi parwah nahi even herself too..when ACP Randhawa want to arrest shivaay bhaiyya she didn’t care and want anyone even didn’t care about her dignity…jis ladki apni self respect and dignity shivaay bhaiyya keliye gurbaan de sakta hai I think she is great example of nayi soch …..

    5. What are you saying abhishek????
      How anika can leave sso???? Anika’s heart is in Shivaay’s heart…. Nd Shivaay’s heart is in anika’s heart. Don’t you know this???? They can’t live without each other. If anika went to OM then their enemy will be powerfull more. Cz they know shivaay is nothing without anika. May shivaay can be the great wall….. But the piller of his success is anika. If anika n sso stay together then no one can break them or hurt sso….. Nd anika promised dadi that she will never leave his sso. Then how can be she go to the OM?????

      And anika didn’t tell sso in the midway,,, cz she didn’t get time. She was running so fastly n her bag also dropped……. So she can’t call sso. If she told a single word then veer could understand that she is anika. Then their plan would be failed……

      I hope u can understand now…….
      Take care n thank you.

  17. i have watched the youtube channel where shivay shot down anika. many of viewers were speculating that its the last chapter of ishabaaz after anika’s past being revealed. but i dont think so. since anika has been shivaay’s life ,how come he thinks of killing his life? and past is past. how does it have anything to do with anika? Remember what swetlana was saying that shivaay ki barbadi anika se suru hoti hai. it’s something that compelled shivaay to do fake drama just to make the third person believe that shivaay is broken and can’t do anything to protect his pride and family. but no one know that his great strength(anika) will surreptitiously helping in expediting their plan.

    1. well, how can you guys speculate that it was anika’s father who set ablaze kalgani mill ? what if the truth be reversed ? couldnt it be that her father also got burnt in kalyani mill which would have a repercussion on their relationdhip that dadi and tia had been bothering of .

      1. Me too dear want that anni’s parents as victim.. then it will be interesting to watch….your and mine thought are same….

    2. Your imagination is sueprb yarr me too want shivika to execute their plan secretly and finally the expose will be really good.

      1. Hi Arpita. Thank you. How are you doing? Yeah, gul khan is pulling out all the stops to raise the trp. Hope this imagination comes true. Take care!

    3. Hi Shivi,
      Everyone knows that Anika is the strength of Shivaay and if his strength leaves him by any chance then it will be very much easy to break him and more than anyone Shivaay’s enemies want this to happen.So if it’s a drama then Shivaay is planning very much ahead of his enemies and if not then the ever biggest disaster is waiting for Shivaay and Oberois.Let’s see in which way story is going.Take care?

  18. Hi guys. H r u all. Finally got sometime to comment her v.busy with some personal issues so cant come her guys. It has been a week after i hv commented so.
    1. Happy to c shivaye hiding all his problems in front of his family members 4 their happiness but still he must been shared atleast with anika.
    And my guess was right wen somiya di entry i was conform tht cvs will show her as -ve becoz her entry timing was wrong. I was feeling something fishy. I was dam sure tht they ll show somu as negetive. So i did nt c from wensday episoid but they showed in thusday epi her has negetive. Thank god i didnt c the episoid other wise i dont know wt would been my heart condition. Tht to somiya with veer n tej disgusting. Really i never forgive cvs for this. I hate u from my bottom of my heart. There was time wr i used to prise cvs every day wen every i think of ib but now there is nt a single moment im cursing him for spoiling the charaters.
    The reason 4 which she turned -ve towards shivaye i feel tht just cvs wt all of us just hate her so he made her villian for shivaye. So tht all shivika fans starts hate her. N like Ruvya’s pair in tht case i could like to tell u tht i hv just hating bhavya. Y i dont know. These many days i was just discomfort to c rudy n bhavya has pair but never hated her. Bt now hating her like anything else. The reason is only u cvs. I know u like changing the pair. The way u changed om pair with ishana nd ridhima to gouri but v didnt feel much bad. But in case of rumya v r much effected. If u really wt to change the pair r character nt the necessary to show her soo good n cute. Made hr loveangle. Wt was the necessary u could hv shown her as u showed ishana n ridhima.
    I dont understand wts going in cvs mind 1st he showed un-nessary she turned -ve towards shivaye( u mean to say reason) n nextday he showed her as kapoor’s 3rd sis i dont understand. I think now he forgot how to write the story.
    To say tht truth i want to quit the show wen they said somiya has turned negetive but couldnt do tht becoz tht reason i started to watch the show was the love,relationship they showed btw the brothers,becoz ours is a big family with 45 members i hv got all relation expect big brother for which i alway feel bad for nt having elder bro i think tht the reason im tht much affected to somiya’s charater who always feels for her brother. So cant leave the show. But now just reading the written episoid cant c nt even a single moment of somiya’s negetive face. Y i dont know still my heart n mind thinks of bhavya being 3 sister nd somiya returned to save oberais. Otherwise somiya has just acting to b negetive so tht she can save OF bd understands somiya love n marry her.kash this happen…finger cross guys……really confused abt tia’s character v r praying of somu character bt cvs is thinking of tia’s character.nd tht KM mistry dont wt its connection with shivika relation which is only connected only for they relation nt om gouir’s relation. If its of anika family then it must also effect om gouri relation also. Nd tht new promo shivaye shooting anika its 100% comform of drama i still didnt watch it just read in our comments. Just thinking of all this my mind’s omm ho gahi, before wen ever i used b sad r upset i used to c ib to relif of mind but now after cing ib my brain n mind geting spoiled.
    Nd i hv just stoped keeping expectances in ib becoz r ever i keep excit cvs just dispoint me so no more excitments……plz cvs turn somiya as +ve…n plzzz dont hate my cuty pi somu….

    1. Ooops.jeevi dear..tum.toh senti ho gayi yarr.i am agree with you and we all never forgive Cvs for Making somu negative….

    2. Hi Sindhu Ur comments are awesome ma

    3. Hi jeevi dear ….how r u….ama ma ….this CVS completely ruined our somu character…..l also hate this Bhavya very much ……we can’t do nothing ma..U

    4. yaa evn i thnk…. i want rudy nd sumo togthr nd bhaya be da 3rd kapoor sister… plzz make sumu positive nd togther wid rudyyy… missing love angel and cry baby…

    5. Hello Jeevi,how are you?
      I can understand your emotions but makers are makers.They will do what they feel right.Ignoring all the pleadings of fans.Plz don’t be sad.It’s just a show and we should maintain balance.Sometimes it becomes difficult but still we can try.And I too don’t like Bhavya don’t know why.Her paring with Rudra is irritating to me.Anyway,take care.God bless you?

  19. Hello everyone, hope all have a good day ahead.

    Today’s episode was mind blowing. My my….. I nearly was sitting at the edge of my seat to know what happened. Whatever it was inside not want Veer to find out Anika is behind that veil. Too bad he did not reveal why he wanted to destroy Shivaay because he wanted Anika. At least Shivaay would have connected dots of the cycle bell and komal’s death Monali and Shweta.

    I loved the part when Anika tells him to just leave her and go and save your life. He says you are my life. Oh my goodness!!!! Shivaay bhaiya you made me fall in love with you. What a beautiful thought!! Your life is my life. He is actually saving his life which is Anika.

    I watched the video clip on veer in mental asylum. But I Don’t know when will that happen. This whole week I am sure the episodes will be a big bang. Enjoy IB everyone.

    1. What???????veer in mental asylum..?????…real or fake video….me too loved that part when Sso saiid APNI JAN KO HI BACHA RAHA HUN..
      But shivika is log kahi bhi lad sakte he ….

      Ok guys now once again EFEED award is come..
      Plz vote..

      1. Hi arpitha dear is it true ? Veer in mental asylum ….it’s a very gud news ma

    2. Hi Sindhu,
      Shivaay is husband goal and he is doing justice to this thing.He loves Anika more than his life.So she is very much precious to him.And episode was quite thrilling but Veer acted like an immature villain in overconfidence.Don’t know what is going to happen next.Hope you have enjoyed your holiday a lot.Take care.God bless you?

  20. Hi Aashika,
    It’s absolutely fine dear.We will manage.Yeah episode was full of thrill and suspense.But Veer got caught with much ease and that was unexpected for me.I think cvs will drag his exposure as only 50% has completed.What Veer wants is a mystery to Shivika still.Let’s see what happens.Take care?

  21. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Episode is good.. I am very impressed with anika.. How she rushes with high heels.. ?????? and cvs are out of stock for props Yaar they give veer a oxygen mask like really…
    Some editing work is needed…
    And luthfa dear.. You are making me crazy for your writing..
    Hii ishqies dearies.. Have a great day ahead….

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Hehehe….Same thought yaar.How can Anika run wearing high heels that even pencil heels?Veer couldn’t manage anything but that mask only in his all providing Lanka!!!!Thank you so much for your love dear.But don’t go crazy dear.Crazy ho tumhari dushman.Take care.God bless you?

  22. Hi to all my Gpkj friend. Happy Rose day???????. Yesterday’s episode was just super????. shivaay saying apne jaan no hi bacha raha hu love it to the core of infinity.lots of love????

    1. Hi PUJA,
      Happy Rose day to you too.Me too loved that dialogue of Shivaay very much.And all the very best for your exams dear.Sorry for late wishing as I was busy.Take care?

    2. ItsmePrabha

      happy rose day to you too dear Puja..

  23. Special Sorry and Thanks Note:
    @Prabha sweetheart,thank you so very much for the compliment.Love you a lot.Take care?
    @Jeni darling,you are very sweet and kind.I am praying that your wish may come true as soon as possible.Take care.Love you?
    @Suhana dear,you are really very cute and sweet.God bless you.Thank you so much for your love?
    I am really very very very sorry for such delay in replying as I was busy spending time with my family.Hope you all can understand.Thank you??????????????????

  24. ItsmePrabha

    heyya are you all?? mein tho khidkithod kush hoon..and uske liye do wajah hai..pehle mere niece apne grand parents ke ghar wapis aa gayi hai and doctor said she is absolutely alright par cast abhi bhi rakhna hai..and doosra monday aur kal ki epis are amazing be true monday wali mein, main ek baatse bohoth upset hoon and woh baath yeh hai ki billu ne hamare helicopter bech diya woh bhi uss bhavya ko gold coins khareedhne ke liye..’teek hai teek hai bhavya ke liye nahi oberoi khandhanki izzath bachane ke liye kiya hoga’ kehkar kudhko tassali di main ne..par aaj ka epi is full on amazing epi hai..sab kuch ek dum khidkithod hai…pehle maine socha ki anudi ki plan ka tho tie tie phiss ho jayegi par veer ka aadhi exposure dekhkar mein surprise ho gayi..waise aiynvi nahi hai meri anudi..bilkul meri tarah khidkithod chantomai hai..aaj ke epi mein mujhe ek jagah bohoth funny laga and that is when billu ki car rukh gayi tho billu apna sar steering ko kitna pyaar se mara tha phir bhi usse chot lag gayi..and jab uss ware house mein Mr.Mck ki closeup shots ho rahe tho tab BG mein shivaay tha na tab main apne billu ko hi dekh rahi thi nahi nahi taad rahi thi .. he he he crazy me..waise mein tho veer ko pappu banthe hue dekh kar pakh chuki hoon..uske baare mein zyada nahi bolungi..yaar billu tumhari woh ‘ meri jaan hi toh bacha raha hoon’ wali dialogue keeps on ringing in my ears ..i know thodi dramatic hai..phir bhi chalega..the way you both take care of eachother is something i want to do in real life hope mujhe bhi meri cute sa billuji miljaye..and about precap waise patha hai billu will ask anudi to go back to OM..and as usual anudi apni bhagad bille ko khatron mein akela chod kar bilkul nahi jaayegi..phir bhi i am excited as shivika are going to meet shwetha..and according to new segment OM ko auction kiya jaa raha tha..pata nahi kya hone wali hai..par mein tho bohath excited it may lead to sirf shivaay track..just my assumption…
    and now ALL THE BEST OF GOOD LUCK to all those who are writing or going to write exams.. love you guys..buh-bye..

  25. good episode. finally shivika did it together. they were able to unveil the wicked veer. and hope they know in the future that together they can do it.
    but this was just one step. they only know who one enemy is – they dont the reason and the plan. neither have they planned anything. but whatever shivay does – he must must do it along with anika and still better with omru too.
    since this kalyani mills – has gone a long way to destroy the peace and joy of the oberoi family.
    so much so the romantic life of shivika has taken a long pause. it is all withered and gone dry. all they do is going round and round to find out who is the enemy and sorting out their issues only.
    hope to see some good coming out in the show. but really glad to see veer being unveiled and looking forward to see how his dirty game will be exposed and how shivika is going to defeat him.
    not forgeting this time all the enemies have join hands & so its a still bigger challenge for shivika. but surely together they can overcome and conquer all the evil and gain victory.
    all the best shivika.

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