Ishqbaaz 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika talks to Shivaye. She says my brother is my weakness, my self esteem is my strength, you have used my weakness to make my strength lose, but you will understand when you know how much it hurts when someone else decides for your life. She cries. He goes to hold her. Sometime before, Anika keeps the heels for Tia. Tia says make me wear it, I pity you, you maybe hurt, you would feel your dream got fulfilled, you have become Shivaye’s wife and Oberoi family bahu, universe gets unfair right. Anika says strange, how can anyone be so shameless, you are hiding real marriage and being someone’s wife with whom you did not marry, anyone in your place would have died by shame, you are so cheap, I feel you did your own kidnapping and did this drama to come back. Tia says shut up Anika, make me wear this

sandals now. Media comes to click pics.

Om asks Shivaye whats happening, Tia instead Anika. Shivaye says why not, I was marrying Tia, and married Tia. Om says just for the world’s sight. Shivaye says that’s what matters, did you see what happened there. Its smoothly sorted, don’t complicate it. Om says you complicated the matter, this relation… Shivaye says enough of this relation crap, I will give divorce to Anika and open this knot. Om says even knot in thread does not open easily, this is relation. Shivaye says when knot is not opened, its broken. Om asks what else will you break, brothers’ heart, trust and now this relation, you have broken many things, now you have to save your feet, if you get hurt by the broken things, it will ache a lot. Shivaye says Om, I have no time for this useless matter. Om holds his hand and stops him.

Tia says come on Anika help me, I m requesting you, I m not able to bend down, shall I call Shivaye to help. Anika sees media and sits. She says these sandals are new, be careful, else you can fall down. She makes Tia’s wear the heels and Tia gets hurt. Anika asks did you get hurt, be careful, the way is slippery, you can slip. She goes.

Ishqbaaz spoiler

Om says if you have time to do mistakes, then have time to hear it out. Shivaye says I did not do anything wrong, my decision is right as it was for to keep up family respect. Om says for you, not for us, you did mistake by marrying Anika, now you are doing another mistake by denying it. Rudra says wait, Shivaye was helpless to marry Anika, why was she helpless why did she agree to do such marriage. Shivaye recalls threatening Anika for marriage.

Shivaye says you are young Rudra, don’t involve in this. Om says what did you say or do that Anika agreed for marriage, or she had to agree, tell me Shivaye, we promised each other we will not hide anything. Rudra recalls Soumya and his marriage. Rudra says guys I think its not right time, everyone will be finding us, come Om. Om says I really hope Shivaye you did not do anything that you fall in our eyes while saving family respect, whatever you announced outside, you should have told Anika once, she deserves better than this. Om and Rudra leave.

Priyanka goes outside and waits for Mrs. Raheja. She turns and collides with Ranveer. She says sorry and gets tensed seeing him. He says I wish everything got fine by a sorry, are you running, I told you big thing thinking you will help me, you went to meditation camp by keeping big burden on heart, I will talk to Om directly. She says stop I have to tell something, I wanted to tell you but did not have courage. He asks is it about accident in which my sister died, Omkara did it. She says no, Om did not do it.

Shivaye stops Anika. She looks at him. He holds her hand and takes her. Om looks on and says I hope our words will make Shivaye realize his mistake. Priyanka says I did that accident. She cries. Ranveer gets shocked. She says I was driving that car and tells everything. She says I m sorry its all my mistake, you and Om got hurt, I m really very sorry. He looks at her.

Shivaye gets Anika to their room. He says I don’t care what anyone thinks, I want you not to have any confusion, I want to make it clear, this marriage does not matter to me, even if Dadi got you as bahu here, I can’t give you wife’s status. Divorce proceedings will start tomorrow and it will be done in few days then you can do anything you want and I will do what I want, clear, it will be like nothing ever happened. She asks him did nothing happen, I felt person writes the fate himself but fate made fun of me, I did not have anything, except my brother and self esteem. She cries.

She says my brother is my weakness, my self esteem is my strength, you have used my weakness to make my strength lose, and you are saying nothing happened maybe its for you, but for me, much happened maybe you don’t care, but for me it matters a lot, but it will matter to you some day, when you know how much it hurts when someone else decides for your life, how much painful it is when someone hurts you and says nothing happened. She cries and turns away. Nazdeek hai dil ke…… plays………..She sits crying……He goes to hold her. O jaana……plays………. He stops and does not hold her. He gets away and blows off a candle by his hand. He leaves.

Anika gets leaving. Dadi stops her and asks where are you going. Anika says home. Dadi says this is your house now, come. Tia asks what happened grandma, any problem. Dadi says you are the biggest problem. Tia asks why are you saying this, what did I do. Dadi says whom did Shivaye marry, who is his wife, Anika, by what right did you go infront of media. Tia says Shivaye told me. Dadi says he said and you went, you did not think you are snatching someone’s rights. Shivaye comes and asks what happened Dadi. Dadi says you don’t understand relations. Shakti says Maa is right, you crossed all limits. Tej says I agree with Maa and Shakti. Jhanvi says you should have discussed with us before taking big decision. Shivaye says the topic is over, why are you all dragging it. Pinky says yes, when Shivaye said Tia is his wife, matter is over. Dadi says matter is over, not relation, Anika is Shivaye’s wife. Shivaye says I told before I don’t believe in this marriage, then how can Anika be my wife, my wife is Tia……

Dadi says I will explain him, if he does not agree, I will pull his ear and say you are my bahu, you will stay here, come. They go to Shivaye’s room. Tia gets close to Shivaye. Dadi and Anika enter the room.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • NaveenS

      Not as much as I do right now! It will all blow up in his face when the media finds out he announced he’s married to Tia a woman who is already married. I’m so looking forward to this so much. He will look like the biggest fool ever. Anika will be needed then as he will be fighting to prove that he’s actually married to her. Hahaha

      Rudra was a bit selfish today when recalled his marriage to Soumya and the fact they’re hiding it.

      • Lids


        |Registered Member

        I’m going on a slapping spree, who wants to join me. My 1st slap is for Tia (Anika needs to stop helping her, she isn’t the maid), 2nd Slap is for SSO (just because) and 3rd for Pinky (can’t believe how she turn on Anika so quick). I always liked Pinky but not now . I can’t wait for the moment they find out about Tia, I just hope that the media make a big deal about it and Anika signs the divorce papers in front of everyone. I just hope its soon and they don’t drag the track. Then the OF better do their best to try to get Anika back into the house and marry properly. I think the Daskh track will be so much better (I hope).

  1. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Someone just kill this tia please….I just hope daksh comes and this misunderstanding gets clear….coz Shivaay loves anika…but remembers the misunderstanding….and behaves like a psycho…. hope so we get to see our nok jhok Vali shivika soon…..

    • Amalina


      |Registered Member

      Forget about my first comment, read this one!

      Who here is a fan of Shitia??? I’m sure not everyone is a fan of Shivika! Btw, I like Shivika!

  2. Deepika

    What a fast update amena di. Thanks for the update. So 1 mystery solved. Prinku did the accident. I just cant believe this. It is almost like impossible. And omkara u r the only 1 who completely trust anika and no1 else in the family even dadi understood anika wrong but not om. Is it not strange. Even rudy thinks anika wrong. So ranveer singh had re-entered. Was he waiting for Prinku to come or the mrg to get over. By the way i think he will forgive her.
    Dont want to say anything about shivika. Fed up with them completely fed up. Cant they get anika out of the house. Plzzzz

  3. Naz

    Hi I’m new to this forum, been watching about two weeks ago. Interesting……i like Anika, she was taken advantage of by Shivaay, he is COLD and decisive!!! Tia is so b*t*hy……eowwwww……can’t wait to see Tia unmasked and see Shivaay fall in love with Anika.

  4. Naz

    I believe I did see Surbi Joyti in the beginning of this serial, can someone tell me where is her character gone to? I’m not seeing her.

    • Deepika

      Welcome dear. And about surbhi. She still holds a high self esteem but now(have not realised or dont want to realise) is in love with that idiot sso. But she still holds sahil upper to shivay as always and will always i think . Keep commenting dear.

    • Bshama1239


      |Registered Member

      She was in cameo ( guest appearance) shivaay ex gf – Malika kabir chudhury who ran away from her wedding from rana house due to issues and came to shivaay and at last his would be Siddhartha came and declared that she will become Mrs rana so matter ends there

    • Amalina


      |Registered Member

      Surbhi jyoti was for a cameo appearance! According to spoilers, she was supoosed to make shivika realize their love! but they didn’t show dat

      • varshitha

        Guys I came to know that Sana is gonna entertainment the show opposite om I just wonder what they are going to do about hight!!! 🙋🙋

  5. aarosh 123

    I like Anika in today’s episode very much by watching promos we may have atleast some entertainment in upcoming episodes I think so

  6. Bshama1239


    |Registered Member

    Hi ishqies… Shama here
    Guys for me today’s episode was cool
    Om dialogues😍😍😍
    Shivaay at least tried to hold or support anika😘😘😘
    After a long time priveer and that accident mystery…..
    Mrs asso ne tooti tia ki akad ( attitude)😘…..
    Tejanvi, omruprinku,dadi,shakti on anika side…
    Precap ke bare me toh Baat hi Nahi karni chahiye….👋👋tia needs a tight slap….
    Waiting for upcoming rasams..

    Bye all good night my dears….

  7. heena

    can anyone tell me whats happening and they are draging and draging want to end tia’s character and shivaay want to punch him stupid singh obroi anyway i love IB

  8. Sree

    Absolutely impossible. Never will I watch this anymore. Shivaye deserves the worst. Anika walk away. Sad that the Indian drama can go so low in hurting people. Ishqbazz was fun now it is drama drama and more sick drama People have enough issues and would like to have fun and relax watching tv. Not this kind of drama and being sad.

  9. Archiya

    Liked today’s epi.. shivika u bth are awesome. . Wht expressions. . My today dp is dedicated to shivika
    Anika u superbly gave bck to Tia, very well dne
    Shivay is battling so hard between mind n heart, between consoling Anika n nt consoling her,finally he hurted himself but unfortunately again his brain won
    Om said so rite,shivay has to save his feet frm the things he has broken, he is gonna get hurt badly,n Anika deserves much better than him
    Loved the emotional part today,shivika nailed it perfectly
    Why is dadi nt tellin everyone why anika married shivay, everyone shld knw the reason
    Shivay says he is gonna divorce anika,no one knows he has married her an nor is the marraige registered, so hw does divorce cone into picture.
    Again I will comment on the set, beautifully decorated shivay bedroom, I hve nt seen such beautiful sets n shots on any other serial.
    Precap tia is gonna fall so low now fr money

  10. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    well well well …..
    anika is back , her words with tia showed great mind and intelligence , she doubted the kidnapping drama and did easly read tia’s plan , love that go guuuurl
    SSO is like someone stuck in mouving sands and he starts struggling but the more he struggls the more he gets deep in the sands , his brothers teach him a lesson and what he do ? instead of facing them with the truth he goes to anika to clear “things” with her but really was he trying to convince anika or himself ??
    when he says as if nothing happend was he talking to anika or to himself ? l really liked om and anika’s word to him today , they looked like a prediction of what will happend to him later hopfully , also its the start of him feeling shameful in front of his bros and guilt with anika to the point that he burned himself with the candle and that’s a good start , those feelings will probably increase with time
    so the divorce papers will start tomorrow and am convinced with each episode that they both need that divorce , they are stuck in toxic relationship and separation will do them good
    dadi is fighting a lost battle with shivaye as he will not change his mind now and in the near future because the great wall of shivaye needs to be demolished by his owner no one else but we are starting to see cracks in the wall
    tia , this girl’s feelings are a mystery , in today’s ep she acted like a jealous girlfriend and in the precap she was clearly trying to seduce shivaye in his bedroom and it made me think maybe over the time she developped some feelings for sso he is so diffrent from her childish robin D and am hoping that will trigger her problems as robin will not stand seeing her with shivaye and maybe in a jealousy rage he will shout the truth to the OF , that will be EPIC
    also l have to notice that in the precap shivaye looked not only indifferent to tia’s seduction but his mind seemed totaly absent ,he didn’t even raise his hands toward her but will they be caught by dadi and anika or will rudra comes first or will sso stop her useless movements ?? the first option is the worst as anika will be more hurt and sad
    today it showed that prinkou is the one with real courage in the OM as she spoke the truth to inspector , what will happend next ?? it will be intersting to see his next move with her




      I though back, looking at her innocenct behaviour initially, she would tell her truth to SSO and would be good friend of SSO and would save herself and her parents business by confessing all the truth.
      But what then happened, we know, GK mam started to give her all types of shades including VAMP SHADE last one.

      IF SHE HAD REAL FEELING then it can not be for any one other than FIRST LOVE, then after every feelings are only a part of compromise, nothing else, and she is not also at this stage of COMPROMISE even that could gave her a escape for being a good human!

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        well shekhar what l meant by feelings was not love or pure affection but rather an arrogant possesivness especially when she sees anika like she was telling that am the only one who can match up to sso expectation , its the same with shivaye , they both share the same feeling about their relationship and its dominated by the arrogance nothing else and they both know it since the start
        but in the precap it seems tia is taking their relationship to another level , a physical level which they did not share before

      • SHEKHAR

        MOUNI MAM,

        It is not feeling from TIA side, rest assure, it is her compulsation. She and her MOM both know, if SSO find TIA out of way of marrying with him, he will not only destroy their business only, but whole family will be a PAST! You might have heard SHIVAAY threatning her MOM to take care of bride so no one should come to know that bride is ANNIKA, except you and TIA’s MOM! And how much TIA’s mom was scared that you also had seen.

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      Ur rite abt the precap.. shivay seemed so not interested in tia seduction. . I guess he is remembering anika.. n I think rudy will cmr bfre dadi n anika cmes

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      An I dnt think tia has developed any feelings fr shivay, she loves her robin.its just tat she knws tat shiva thghts r rules by anika, so only way left fr her to get close to shivay is to seduce him

  11. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    Precap is awful!!! Shitia!!!yuk!! Track going cheapde! Gharwali baharwali kind!!priveer makes us to breathe a little!! N omru giving a little life!!!🤕🤒

  12. Sejal

    So the well connected smart ass Shivaye is easily conned by tia..biggest fool in d serial is Shivaye. This part of him forcing marriage n then forcing if Its all about him n him alone. How selfish can one get… Shows his terrible self centered upbringing. What I hate here is anika bearing this crap. Slap d man hard or punish him by not giving divorce.. What ever Lady… Speak up.. What’s this Rona dhona only by a girls.. Give it back..hurt that selfish fellow.

  13. Lax

    Om’s words were bang on today..!! Thank you..!! No use however. Those words seem to ve no effect on Shivay. But the scene where Shivay puts out the candle flame with his hand tells us that we ll get to see the highest degree of redemption in future (hopefully). I liked that scene. And finally Priyanka confessed. Good..!! All were in their characters today.

    Also just can’t help but appreciate SurbhiC for her acting in that emotional confrontation scene today. That stammering, gasping for breath while crying and all was so natural. Must say she is one of the best in tellywood now.

    P.S.- In the precap, Shivay was acting like a statue n not responding to whatever Tia was trying to do. Thank God for that.

  14. Kalika

    I am eagerly waiting for Daksh to come, his obsession with Anika will make Shivaye posessive and refuse to divorce Anika. Hopefully then Anika will throw signed divorce papers in Shivaye’s face and leave. Shivaye will only understand Anika and know her worth when he loses his wealth and becomes the thing he hates. I want to see strong Anika not this sindoor, mangalsutra, phera, rishta zombie that Dadi is creating. Dadi you are cute, but Shivaye won’t learn a thing with emotional blackmail, he will only learn once he falls with his lofty ideals. I wish for Anika to become successful without Shivaye.

  15. S.D.

    Today Om spoke up for Annika and he was pretty passionate about it as well. I think this situation hit a little too close to home for his liking. I mean his formative years were overshadowed by Tej’s infidelity. Even though he probably never physically harmed Jhanvi, the relationship was mentally toxic. Remember how Dadi said Jhanvi was a promising businesswoman before being sidelined? Her confidence and sense of self worth was shattered slowly. Om can see the same happening with Annika. For him history is repeating itself. So he was so vehemently defending her I think. Similarly, Annika is going through a taxing face which has her questioning herself. Give her some time and distance from SSO to bounce back. I think a separation track in the future is not inconceivable.

  16. Sharmi

    Daksh is far better than this sso.. Atleast he hurts her physically that too to get his love in his life.. But sso is hurting her mentally and torturing her… Eagerly waiting for daksh’s entry…

  17. indera sanichara

    Anika stop being hekpless please tell the entire family what you know about Tai marriage and kidnapping even if they believe you or not then punch money hungry Shaviya in his face, then walk out that house without looking back. Forget about Dadi begging she is not the one being insulted.

  18. lara

    This is just drag going on, story is not going anywhere from day 1 this serial start writer is confusing, don’t know where he wants to lead the story, now we will see suddenly this drag will be sidelined and jump on other story without solving one, still they didn’t solve murder case, neither what happened to svetlana, all stories are sideline. writer and director dont know whate they doing. even Saumya Rudra story sidelined, and did any one notice Shivay is always at home never seen at other place, saving money I guess in travelling.I stopped watching so I will read from here and get my updates and save my time. Thanks for updates.

  19. S.D.

    Guys I have heard rumours that Sana has been cast opposite Kunal. I know ppl were expecting some other actress for FL but bashing her on IG is absolutely distasteful. Please don’t do that. If the ppl at IB think she is a good fit then maybe she will be. Give her time. We don’t know the character she’s gonna play so don’t have these preconceived notions. Before IB who would have thought Kunal would look this good with long hair but GK was able to visualize that. Again, now everyone’s supporting Annika but if check the comments section here at TU for the first few epis you’ll see ppl saying they should’ve brought in a prettier actress opposite Nakuul. Now we can’t imagine a better choice for Annika than SC. So guys have faith. If a talented and experienced actress like Sana is being brought in rest assured GK has a big story planned for Om.

  20. Chetna

    Deepika, shahbana di and sakshi thanx for telling me about ragini I have to say she is much better than sana but lets see. But I read the news of conformation that sana will be omkara’s lady love.
    I write it on 5th Dec ib updates bit I thought may be you all could not read it.
    Thanx once again



    Long back, PRINKU described the nature of her brother SSO!!! I think, PRINKU is only the

    member in OF who know SSO perfectly.

    Above underlined sentense is the MIRROR IMAGE of thoughts going on in his mind.

    TIA is now on gainer side of all negetive vibes of SSO for ANNIKA, and important point is, TIA also does know this fact.


    This issue will put SHITIA on threshhold, and ANNIKA will emerge out from this issue and will get back her charm what ever she had lost so far since wedding. How and what a TWIST makers may introduce by using this divorce paper will be interesting to come know.

    For me , ANNIKA will ,either by not signing it or by signing it, emerge out as strong as before from her odd situation. I don’t know , which route makers would have selected for emergence of ANNIKA, but both would be equivalent.


    I feel, when ANNIKA crashed down to the floor, SSO was more broken than ANNIKA, both mentally and heartly!

    • Deepika

      I too think so when anika was crying shivay was hurt than anika. Shivay has many feelings for anika and cannot decide how to react at different situations. He is like a bro or son or grandson with his family and have a loving nature for them and is like a arrogant boss to his employees. But he is totally confused with his feelings for anika. Anika is 1 of her employee but he loves her too. Even i m confused about it. his mind says something , his heart says something and he reacts somehow else. His face says something and what he does is extremely different. Had such expectations from SSO. I knew he will stop his hand from holding her. O god cant he react like simple human being. He is too complicated.

  22. Gayathri.visu

    Hai, friends. I really hate SSO these days. Also he deserves again one tight slap….
    WOW…..Om’s words about Anika is correct. She really deserves better than him. Eagerly waiting for Daksh’s entry. In today’s episode i hate shitia the most….

  23. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    I don’t watch the show anymore. Too stressful. I do read the ffs and written updates every now and then. Nothing I wanted had happened so far. But I would like it if this happened next: ShivIka divorce
    Papers should be filed and processed and then Tia’s and Daksh’s truth should come out. I would like to watch Shivaay after that.

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      Hey Diya
      Seein ur comment after a long time..
      wish anika signs the divorce papers n then the truth cmes out.. it will b fun to watch hw shivay marries her again

      • Diyaa


        |Registered Member

        Hi Archiya. Yes yaar…I try to stay quiet if I have nothing nice to say…note “try” 😂.Too faint hearted to see injustice and insult tracks. But what you wrote is exactly what i meant. Divorce goes through, then Shivaay discovers the truth. Realizes and accepts his feelings and tries to woo her back. This time Anika becomes the tadibaaz and Shivaay the smitten aashiq . 😀😀

  24. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    here is a video

    well as nakul said , sso is really not interested in this relationship with anika
    it really hurts to hear it from him and am convinced each day that they need divorce or atleast a complete separation is a must
    shivaye is too egoist and self centered that he wont understand her value as long as she stays with him while the double truth ( daksh / tia ) is not known yet
    l hope dadi influence will be over soon its getting annoying really , when no one is ready to go against shivaye and help anika and with tia around nothing good to see
    hope IB makers wont make this situation last for the hole week too it will be dragging for us and more deformation to the characters

  25. shahabana

    Ohhhh tia how cheapde she is…for money she can do anything..anyways im not surprised by tias this cheap act..bcz i expected that one day it will happen..she is ready to marry sso for money when she is already whats the big deal for her to have some closeness with sso…this peaple can do anthing for money…this tia not loved dushyanth aka robin also otherwise she would have not doned this marriage drama at all.
    Im feeling angry on sso in precape he is behaving like a robot reaction at all he is mentally out.
    In todays episide what i liked thats omkara he nailed it what he said everything is true..i loved how he supported anika…shivaye effected always by oms words
    Finallyyyy prinku told truth about accident ohhhh now what will happen priveer and om….im exiting
    Shivaye and pinky wants tia but all other members of oberoi family are in anikas side thats reallyyy good
    Im thinking what will happen when omru will know about how shivaye blakmailed anika to marry he used sahil…
    Now i just wish anika should leave oberoi mansion..what is the need to stay there…if she will leave then sso will know her value otherwise he wont…daadi should understood this…what is the need to force shivika to stay together when they doesnt want
    Hope daksh will enter soon and this tia should get out of the frame…she is damn irritating
    Waiting for oms lead


      After TOA’s MOM got trheat from SSO during wedding rituals,, its not only KAPOOR’s greedyness, but also a threat for their existence in business and also physical.

      They know, upto what extent SSO may go.

      So it is not MONEY important now, but their life at stake. If at any stage, SSO will know of their truth, he will go to any extent. So to behave like a vamp is her compulsation, not wish !now.


      When we see a whole matter from its back shots, everything in real perspective may surface. Remember last convo of TIA with her MOM, and then see this issue along with SSO threatening her MOM during wedding.

      • shahabana

        Helloo Shekhar
        I can understand ur points and i too remember that shivaye threatened tias mom and im agree kapoors are afraid of sso so tia have to do all this drama for her safety but she has aware of shivayes anger before also then whats the need to do all this marriage drama before…but i can bet that this tia is cheapdi..otherwise how she can behave like this with sso in precape..just disgusting..what sso said anika can sleep with anyone for money but actually this line better suites for tia…she can do anything for her safety and money

  26. Sakshii


    |Registered Member

    Finally!!!….one mystery solved…nd omkara didn’t do it it was prinku… y r u so sweet haan??..u took blame on urself😍😍😘😘😇😘…
    What say about that so called witch tia Singh oberio (for world)…so cheap mentality….nd precap is the worst one in whole series till now…

    @VEDA di…look finally our OM got pair yaar..SANA is finaled I guess I read in some comments…now just waiting for her entry yaar…i m so excited….
    But hv doubt abt height…..but let it b…i m happy that I will b able to watch his story soon..

  27. aahana

    Thats it m quitting ib. I won’t watch ib until dis shivaye get sm akal,dis anika get sm self respect, this tia get some manners,dadi get som authority ovr her children, omru get d real meaning of 1 for all-all for 1,pinky learn d real meaning of being a mom,shakti get a tongue,n all d rest get sm brain to ask shivaye how did he manage to convince anika to marry him!!!!
    Fed of dis crap…ppl spoiled d leads n there track.these OF talk diamonds n do stones. Kehne ko to bht mannered sophisticated or understanding h but in reality humanity or respect for others n for women k bare me kuch nhi pta.!!dis is not sso s fault but uski upbringing hi asi h jb pinky ne usko yhi sikhaya h k girls r not worth ur time or sbkuch is a deal hurt ppl to get through life,hed do d same shit to evry1. If shivaye was my bro i d punch him right though his face whn he said i did it for family.

    I wont watch dis show until a new track starts. Bii gys i ll b back onc the show is at good track again or oms lead enters or roumya marrg thing until dn do wtever u wanna do man do double but dont trouble ur mom 😂😂😂

  28. Meena

    I am a silent reader for so many days….

    Iam fed up with shitia😤😤😤 but I want Anika to go out of OM after divorce or after tias truth comes out…..if she goes now itself or before the MU clears ,sso will not understand her value

    By the by both Nakul and sc acting was awesome
    Love them very much

  29. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Hi Guyzzz..hw r u all..yestrday epi was niceeee..But I am really felng vry bad fr shivay..aftr seeng yestrday epi the dialg deliverd by Om and Annika was indrctly mentioning the futre storyline fr shivay.. In past we wr knew howmuch tym he humiliated anika fr return he got more than that..Anika’s slap ,goons attack,daksh and Anika’s all were beyond our expctatn..As the same fr nw dnt knw how shivay gng to face his truculent futur stry..At that tym he wl be alone..

    I must say Anika’s char is exactly reflect the life stry of middle cls family..during wed she cmpltly locked by shivay’s angry..aftr wed she is lockd by dadi’s word..both of the tym she is’s happens most of the tym neglctng their ownlyf & own wish to securing the loved one lyf..and til the end of the lyf obeys the good hearted person words who helped at their plight situatn..
    So many rituals fr shivika..they clsed their wed wthin 1 day..but dragng these ritual fr long days..clrly they r putng SSO ego to the peak frm that only it wl fall down as much depth..
    Really happy if om lead is’s surely not depnds upon the actress look it’s mainly depnds upn the char and stry line she wl carry..hope fr the best guyzz..
    In future I hope they wl show parallel track of obros..

  30. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    Can someone help me wit this.. I see ppl commenting with emoticons.. bt I dnt get tat on my mobile keypad, is it specific to mobile? Or I need to install some app?

  31. romela naidoo

    I dont understand, Tia is a married women, wants to be Shivaya wife, and he is so dumb he cant see any wrong in her but finds faults with everything that Anika does, now really where is the logic. anyway i dont want to watch this scrap

  32. Prena

    Disgusting shivaye. When he says I’m not at fault, wish someone slap him continuously unless his cheeks bleed. blo*dy mannerless educated gawar he is. Waiting for the day when om knows of shivaye’s threat to annika and disown shivaye. I loved om saying annika desrerves better.

    Expecting annika to be heiress of very big multimillionaire family and shivaye not even worth to be watchman in their house.

    • Kalika

      I actually want Anika to belong to a military family… I’d love to see Shivaye get chased by a balding gun wielding veteran….

  33. MP

    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Shivaay refuses to perform Roti rasam with Anika and decides to fill sindoor in Tia’s hairline.However, Shivaay is about to fill sindoor in Tia’s hairline but mistakenly sindoor falls on Anika’s hairline and destroys Tia’s face.Anika takes Tia in washroom where Tia taunts Anika and Anika replies her back which makes Tia angry.Shivaay performs Roti rasam with Anika indirectlyTia provokes Shivaay against Anika and Shivaay asks Anika to apologize Tia but she refuses to do it.Shivaay gets angry and throws Anika in swimming pool but soon he gets tensed seeing Anika unconscious.Shivaay brings Anika out and feeds her which indirectly completes Roti ritual.

  34. Abiha

    @mukta ..renima d ..disha…saku…samyukta…shama d…Aahana…Razna d…shahabana d…richu d…rosu d …nevidha d…shivani d…tharu…priya…piyu…shaza…mukti d …dhruvv bhai …dhruvvv bhai …chetna…n all others…sorry if i forgot anyone…
    How r u guys…?

  35. Abiha

    And coming to episode….priveeer …. nice to see…..shivaye n tia both need slaps….soooo many…om sooo cute n sister loving….
    @sana with om not suitable…but lets see..

    I saw a video of shivaye n anika of ring finding ritual ….n after this something roti rasam…anika was looking soo good in both outfits…

  36. Kalika

    All these soapies are over doing it with the Sindoor Magalsutra phera nonsense! I mean really, the moment she puts the mangalsutra or sindoor the girl is bound to the guy and his horrid family forever. Dadi is making women go back in the dark ages by forcing Anika to stay. Anika should beat Shivaye with a broomstick then leave his inconsiderate asss. Rudra is young but I think he will make a better heir to the empire then Shivaye as he has a heart unlike Shivaye. Once Rudra matures a little Shivaye will have competition. In the intro for the show they said that one brother will go on vanvas, I think that brother will be Shivaye, he will leave to try and figure life without his stupid ego

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.