Ishqbaaz 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mallika argues with Shivaye over a typical mom’s words, you will believe what your mom told you, you are a diamond. Shivaye, Om and Rudra imagine Pinky and Jhanvi calling them my Hira beta…. Some time before, Mallika says why not, I got my true love, someone who truly loves me, he does not need to say I love you to me, I can see that in his eyes. He says even then you left him and run away from marriage. Om says Shivaye…. Shivaye realizes he has hurt Mallika and looks at her. Mallika gets hurt. Shivaye says sorry, I had no intention to hurt you, I believe every relation is a deal, if you take more than needed expectations, you feel bad, people take many expectations in heart, sky looks blue, music plays in BG, this happens in movies, I stay in real world and this does not happen in reality.


says typical Shivaye, and asks Rudra and Om. Rudra says its like newspaper for me, new everyday. Om says love is like Lord for me, its for everyone and some get true one. She asks Anika which version does she believe, her version or Shivaye’s. Anika says I have belief in what Billu ji says. Shivaye gets surprised and turns to see her. He says finally, we agreed on something. Rudra says not on something, on love.

Anika says I m not hi fi, rich people think of romance in rain, and we middle class people think of roof leakage, my life was full of work, where will we get time for love, when we constantly fight in life, I don’t think love can come in my life. Music plays……… She says I heard many stories of love, one who loves is alive, if I die before falling in love, it will be my chop… I also want to live before dying and smile thinking of someone, I want to do that madness and someone does that madness for me, I want to become number one for someone, whose world rotates around me, I know this won’t happen, but my heart still wishes this happens once. Om does shayari and says you will believe in love after love happens. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Mallika says wow…. Shivaye gets a message and turns. Mallika says I really wish Anika gets the love who deserves her. Shivaye looks at Anika. His phone rings. Rudra says your phone is ringing. Shivaye answers Tia’s call. Tia tells about her shopping and says I m sending Reiki for you, are you feeling it. Anika leaves. Shivaye looks at Anika, and says Tia you know I m not good in expressing emotions. Tia says you don’t need to explain, I m coming back tomorrow. He says great news, come home from airport, I need to tell you something.

Everyone see news. Reporter tells about Bhagodi Dulhan Mallika, a big company CEO, running away from her marriage, does she have dirty secret or is she mad. Tej says press has made this a big issue, I need to go office. Shivaye asks Mallika not to worry about the press. Reporter tells about Siddharth’s mom’s statement that choosing Mallika was biggest mistake of her life, Mallika ruined their respect. Shivaye asks Mallika whats wrong, you love him, why did you run away from marriage, did he hurt you. She says no, he will never intentionally hurt me, he is very caring. He asks why did you run away. She says don’t know how it sounds, he never took a stand for me. Om asks did such thing happen that he did not support you, infront of whom. She says infront of his mum. He says it means you have problem with his mum Ketki Rana. She says its not a problem, her son matters to her, his work matters, not me and my work.

Anika asks what happened. Shivaye says tell us. Mallika says I did not get importance as Siddharth, I got an imp work contract and asked Ketki to postpone engagement, she did not do that as if it was not imp, it was not for my profit, but for company, then Siddharth got imp meeting, she postponed marriage and informed me as if it was just his marriage, not mine, as if I don’t exist, she just praises her son as Raja beta and Hira beta, as if her son is Lord, not human, don’t know what happens to son’s mother, I m diamond of my parents, I made them proud, but when a girl is marrying a guy, she is made to feel that she got a lottery, all importance is given to Siddharth. Rudra jokes in between. Shivaye asks him to shut up.

Mallika says the thing is I want right of equality, his talent is talent and my talent is nothing, I have to hear all day about his meeting, and nothing about my big building inauguration, I don’t want to become superstar, I want my work to be talked about, I want to have my rights. He asks did you talk to Siddharth. She says of course, but the point is when you are called diamond since childhood, you will believe that, Siddharth also believes so, if I do this marriage, I will become sidelined, which I don’t want, I m non confronting, I always run away, but I tried to explain Siddharth, he did not understand, I want to live with Siddharth, but not by his support.

Shivaye thinks of Pinky praising him and calling him a diamond. Om and Rudra think of Jhanvi praising them and calling them diamond. They cup their faces and sit together. Rudra says if sons were diamond, if sons go to buy 24 carrots, what will they be called, 24 carat diamond. He laughs. They look at him. Om asks him to be serious, does our mom favor us more. Rudra says mom loves Priyanka. Shivaye says Mallika is not saying about son and daughter, but son and daughter in law. Rudra asks why are we worried. Om says Shivaye is going to get married.

Shivaye says we are talking about marriage, not any hanging off. Om says Mallika is right, Pinky has rejected Tia’s card as Tia’s name was written first. Rudra says yes, she said Shivaye’s name should be first. He sings Billu ki shaadi. Shivaye says don’t get mom in this. Rudra says if Pinky does not like Tia. Shivaye asks him to think of himself and jokes on Rudra’s intelligence. Om says lets focus and find solution of Mallika’s issue, she is in real problem. Shivaye goes to talk to Mallika.

He says you still eat fries when you are upset. She eats some fries. He says whatever you said today…. She says you will think I m wrong. He says no, I think you are right, there are real issues between you and Siddharth’s mom, but you should have dealt in better way, its not your problem, girls get scared seeing problems, don’t feel sad, it happens with all girls, this stressing gets on over food, every girl has this problem to have less mental strength, girls are weak. He asks are you calling me weak. He says not you, girls. She tells how much woman bears pain during delivery, like 30 bones breaking at once, they deliver a son like you who grows up and calls girls weak. He says no, I did not mean that, I just said their mental strength is less. Anika and Soumya come.

Anika says you said girls are weak. Soumya asks did you said that. Anika says two girls made country name shine in Olympics and you call girls weak. Shivaye says I did not say that, I mean girls get scared soon in many situations, as in darkness or seeing cockroach. Soumya screams cockroach. Shivaye says exactly, I meant that way, they cry and shout, getting tensed soon. Anika says you mean we shout and cry. He says its like that, guys are stronger mentally. They ask does he really mean so. He smiles.

The girls watch a horror movie and talk about horror. Someone wearing a scary mask comes to them with a knife. They scream seeing the scary person.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. mishri

    Thnnz 4 d fast update di..wat an epi!!!d best 1 so far!!!!loved d shivika scene…anika spoke d truth abt life..and shivaay looked at her as if to say”ofcourse ull find ur 1″😁😁😁..sooo cuuuuuuteee yàar…looove shivika…❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤..loved shivaay 2dy..

  2. Jazz

    Episode was so good. Especially the last part. Precap looks so funny. I think first guys will scare them and then girls will scare them.

  3. disha

    Episode was ok but precap so intresting girls vs boys
    girl always best in things
    best scean of episode rudra dance billu ki shadi nahi hogi ..billu ki dulhan bhaag jayegi
    Missing ishkara sceans

  4. mishri

    Actually..Anika and soumya doesnt cum thy jst appear lyk dat soon as shivaay mentions weak…😂😂😂😂

  5. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    ?.hey guys ..if anyone is there on Twitter then pls pls pls ask till when will they start ishkara story !? Btw…Nice episode …..loved the way shivaye looked at Anika while she was talking about her life and all..and Roudra is jut too good ..”Bhaiya apki ghanti bajj rani hai ” 😜….they didn’t show Ishana today also ….waiting for karnvir to enter…..poor shivaye ..underestimated girls 😜 see what they’ll do with you !!! ….feel like ryt now the story is going a lil slow …I think tomorrow’s episode will be one of the bestest episode if they show shivaye getting scared from the girls 😉….where is Mukta di !? Missing ur comments dii ‼️

  6. ishika

    Ogod rudra s cmnts on shivay bhaiya nt thing its love on whch u bth agree….ok mallikas dialogues were good n genuine tdy….
    Shivika..omg anikas dialogue pierced shivays heart tdy…the whole scene ws so nicely prfrmed the emotions cud b seen on bth shivay anikas eyes n th bg😍😍 they killed it tdy
    Whn shivay said to Tia I cnt express my emotions tht ws a reply to Anika I guess😂 rudra b like bhaiya apki Baj rhi ha😂 phone Ki ghnti😂
    N yes gyz do u remember the second episode?? Whn Om said th same shayari wth same bg music to shivay tht one day u WL get th girl n no mny power wl hlp u at tht moment….his words became true n so he looked at shivay n said th same shayari 😍😍😍…….
    Ok shivay feel all grls r weak …atlst he had an eg Anika whom he cudnt evn break n he frgot abt hr😒
    Lol got a good reply though n so grls will scare omru bcz of shivay😂

  7. Nivedha

    Wow wonderful episode
    Mallika and Shivika rocked it today
    But where is my Drama queen ISHANA😭😵😵not even for one second they showed my Ishu

  8. Aashna57


  9. Piya

    Can anyone tell me when ishqbaaz bro visited dance plus.. and on which date or day it was telecast….plz plz plz a humble request plz tell me

  10. Aashna57


  11. Pritha1234


    |Registered Member

    After today’s episode now I realy desperately and eagerly want to see how shivaay and anika fall in love and what will shivaay do for her – his lady love and complete her life. 😍

  12. kajal sharma

    okk gyzzz as usual rudra was hilarious, nd om shhayari pointing towards shivvye was awsome . malika dialogues were also simple bt effective bt d most romantic scene was of shivika, love them both bt as usual miss ishkara scenes alot. hoping fr some beautiful scenes of ishkara……

  13. Nelka

    Hey my lovely buddies.How r u all….mukta,kat,dil akka,renima di,nadiya di,disha,monique ,fatarajo,shivani,ishika,luna,mishri,priya,nivedha,shaza,shhai,enasanjida n all my sis n bros.. is all good???

    Love anikuu ‘s every single word..n mallika’s point of view.ya it is true why boyz have all the fun……why not girlz 😂😂😂….whoever is the writer he or she has the best dialogues.anikuu n mallika represent the common girl’s feelings.very practicable n logical….hats off for the cast n the crew …keep it up guyz …👌👌👌👌👌

  14. nikki

    wow anika ne kithna acha kaha hai har kisi ki kismath me pyaar nahi hotha hai loved this episode bus ishkara ki kami thi

  15. Rosu 25

    I get so emotional when anika said rich people think about romance in rain….but middle class people think about roof leakage in rain…. 😔😔😔….

  16. Dharhu

    Epi is awesome shivika rocked the epi nd wen anika explains her view nd sso’s expressions were too good nd loved the epi bt don’t know y this malika entry is like forced for me even though she is nt btw shivika i feel its nt necessary to show her entry as I’m also her fan in qubool hai bt this is ishqbaaz. Even though I’m a big fan of shivika i missed the ishkara scenes instead of showing malika entry they could have shown ishkara as if they showed shivika romance so quickly means we the fans of Ishqbaaz nd shivika we’ll nt get any surprises. So start to show ishkara scenes nd i want all the three leads to meet nd they should form a bond nd show their romance equally. Hw many of you agree my point guys

  17. Aayesha


    |Registered Member

    Really loved the way how anika replied to malaika & shivay’s epression.. cann’t wait for ishkara scene.. plz plz plz show ishana atleast once in an epi..



    |Registered Member

    Mallika is right on her point as males get all importance but if you are female you need to either scarifice or compormise with what you have; sometime being daughter or sometime being Daughter in law… i don’t know what will team show in future related to this issue but its truth of society….

    I liked the love version of anika, which is truth for every middle class people. Its good to be practical…

    And best part will be coming episodes where boys will try to scare girls and revenge will be taken by girls tooo…..

  19. Piyali

    What a cool episode guys….😊😊😀😀😀😃😃….
    Hey good night everyone….mukta, priya, renima di, haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di. . . . . And have a great day…
    Mukta where are you!missing your comments yrrr….

  20. Enasanjida

    Episode nice.. Especially lyk Malaika say Hira ” Sid & his mom ”
    I have a question ” Where is Vrushy means Ishaana? “

  21. Maya

    When will Ishqkara appear. When will Omkara and Ishana passionate romance start.
    Tomorrow also all this horror non sense will be there. Story is stuck.
    Atleast show Omkara thinking about Ishana a little.

  22. Pradishma

    What an episode yaar…
    When Annika was saying about love, when she said she too wants to feel all paagalpahan as said by mallika…Shivaye smiled..
    Oh God, his smile was that , he will be there for Annika..
    God, Perfect wrong timing for Tia to send Reiki…
    OH my…
    Someone can u pls type the shaayari said by OM darling ,,pls pls pls…

  23. Rosu 25

    As always rudra rocks……precap is superb.. The ghost might be rudra……..anyways waiting for the episode…..

    Gud ni8 friends….😴😴😴😴

  24. Luna

    Ishqbaaz online TRP is 10.31 and its in the 2nd position in ranking. Actually the target audience of Ishqbaaz are youngsters and teengers, not the family audience. And 90% youngsters watch shows online so Ishqbaaz has found its viewers.

  25. Luna

    Missed the ep b coz i went to watch Horror movie Dont Breathe with my friends. Must say the movie was really amazing and still giving me goosebumps. Will comment after watching the show.

  26. Tarini

    I think malika is anikas sister coz they have same type of thaughts and malika-anika same… missing ishkara where is ishu atleast show her upset or something… nice precap i think it is rudra…

    • Anjali

      I think Malika is the lost sister of Anika . Some rich person would have adopted Malika while Sahil’s middle class family would have adopted Anika.

  27. Cheryl Prakash

    Episode was too good .. the way Anika and shivaay looked at each other.. hoping the one with knife and mask is shivaay and Anika and shivaay have sme moments together

  28. Cheryl11


    |Registered Member

    Episode was too awesome.. the way Anika and shivaay looked at each other..
    Hoping tmrw shivaay scares the girls wid knife and mask and Anika and shivaay have some moments. .

  29. Diya

    24 carrot ka diamond 👏👏😂😂I love Rudra’s dialogues and the actor delivers them so well. I felt Mallika’s pain- what she described is a suffocating situation for her. Anika’s response was heartfelt and it looks like it entered Shivaay’s heart and affected his emotions. So we know that everything Anika wished for, Shivaay will do for her. The way he looked at her was beautiful. All actors did such a great job and writers too. Next episode will be fun. Will Anika be one of those three girls? I mean she is an employee.why would she be watching movie there at night🤔 waiting for Ishana and also a bit about Anika’s background , how she reached an orphanage.

  30. saira

    Cv’s ko bhulne ki bimari h. Bhul gaye kind ishana ma’am ki lead bhi h show me. Yeh hi bhul gaye kind gayatri and roop were planning something dangerous. ridhima ki bad side bhi reveal karte karte chod dete h. Ishkara to ek dusre ko hi bhul gaye. Swetlana to hawa Hawaii hi ho Gyi. Romya ki to friendship me in bhi advancement nhi dikha rage. Ishana ki family mein gundo ne attack karna bhi band kar diya. Kisi ka past secret bhi reveal hi hua. And new plots are continuously being raised like girls empowerment; middle class family problems and saas bahu sagas. A hi to kai new entries hi baaki h like siddharth Rana; his mom etc. Yeh plots to salon talk khatam nhi hinge. Writers ne plots ka bhul bhulaiya bana diya h. What say guys???

  31. saira

    But Jo hi ho. I am a big fan of ishqbaaz. Its star cast ; its couples @[email protected]@roumya. Hope yeh show kabhi boring name ho and it should not turn into typical Hindi serials saga. Besides the lead pairs; surbhi jyoti is a very natural actress and an extremely talented one. But ishana should be shown more. Jo hi ho I am a die heart ishqbaaz fan. Luv it

  32. Luna

    I really liked Shivaye and Anika’s POV about love. Its true that most love relationships in real life is nothing more than a deal. But that doesnt mean that true unconditional love doesnt exists in real life but its very rare to find.

  33. saira

    Rudra ka comic timing is awesome. Omru ke combined expressions superb. Shivika keep scenes. anika kind har baat par shivay ka smile karma. Today his expressions were like I am there for u. U will be my top priority. Choose sweet. Ab bas uska superiority complex reh gaya h. Vo bhi khatam ho jaega. Then it will only be true love. Waiting for it. Ishqbaaz is an eye candy to watch.

  34. saira

    On is so thoughtful. My sweet broken soul. Agar individually baat ki jaye to San bhaiyo me se on best h. Vo clean hearted logon ko like karta h. Hope he soon finds that ishana is equally heartbroken and clean hearted. Their love story should be very passionate. Waiting for it @ishkara

  35. keke

    Hey I’m new here 4rm S.A.Every women in the world is saying’excuse me who is mentaly weak’with a frown.seriously billu doesn’t knw hw to explain to malika!!!!looooooooool!!! Anyway loved the look shivaay give anika whn she was talking abt lovvvveee.I really love ishqbaaz

  36. Luna

    Dont know what the hell is Tia doing in London???? Shopping for wedding???? Doesnt she know that she will hardly get anything there other. If she wanted to do shopping for her wedding then she will get better bridal dresses in India with more variety and cheap cost, okay I know she is very rich but that doesnt mean she will waste her time and money. Indian brides from UK come to India for their wedding shopping and Tia did the opposite,rofl

  37. Luna

    why cvs are showing stereotypes about moms and girls??? Neither all mothers think that their son is a diamond nor all girls are mentally strong or weak. These are relative things.

  38. Priyanka.N


    |Registered Member

    I think thy shld change Anika ‘s hairstyle its really boring nw….dress thy r selecting very nicely bt thy r nt changing hairstyle….plz change hr hair style

  39. Diya

    Interesting! Mallika Anika’s sister. Could be but I thing Surbhi Jyoti is doing a cameo. So her role won’t stay for long. I am still thinking Ishana and Anika are sisters.

  40. nikki

    i think the ghost must be rudhra to probe girls are some weak sometimes paer jo bhi ho aaj ka rpisode tho kaffi interesting hoga love you isqbazzians good morng

  41. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Yeah common mallika……
    Guyzz I think malika is is gud girl….her reasons were correct..
    Why r only boys given so much importance in india

  42. shahabana

    Gd morning my dr sweet ishquibaazians,day by day im just getting mad for this shows. When i see shivaye i dnt knw what happened to me they where amazing and magical couple when he was talking with tia he was just looking at his panika they where superb. Hmnn omkara and rudra superb as always. Malika also very cute. But ofcourse missed ishkara and rumya. Plsss cvs balance with 3 couples they where faintastic in their own ways. Love u sweet couples shivika ishkara and rumya. Love the core my favret ishqbaaz. Waiting for todays episode.

  43. Soniya

    Lovely episode.. Thank god they are not showing ishana.. She is really irritating nd fake.. Evry1 is facing prblms in lyf but dat doesnt mean she wl brk two pplz reltnshp..she cud hav askd for hlp. Her character is really cheap..nd also her acting is not so good.. she juz dances weirdly evrytime she appears onscreen.. Wenevr she is shown, whole episode bcum quite boring coz of her unnecessary stupidity.. I dont knw how cum she bcm one of da lead.. I really dnt want ishkara bcos om desrv sm1 more genuine nd loving for him..

    • Luna

      Vrushika isnt a bad actress. Have u watched Om and Ishana confrontation scene. Its just that her character isnt written properly by cvs and also she has’nt got much screentime that’s why most audience dont like her. As for u saying that Om deserves someone much better, ishkara was always a good boy bad girl love story. Do u think Anika deserves Shivaye who treated her like shit???? Why biased treatment for girls???? I will not say Ishana isnt cheap. Yes, she is. Ishana is flawed but real.

      • Soniya

        Yeah luna dats wat m saying writers hav not scripted her character nicely.. Dey shud show her lyk a lead actress.. Nd not lyk a villian.. Nd olso i thnk she is getting the least screen space frm ol des 6 leads.. Lets c wat hppns in future.. Hoping for positivity

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        first of all ….she need money urgently or her sissy will be dead ..and if the cvs are not showing her properly it’s not vrushikas misstake ! And about dance ..she is a professional dancer and can surely dance better than you ..and whenever ppl are happy they dance freely and I love her dance 😘….and u must see the confrontation ep ..her acting was fab …and so damn real ..and see her dance D3 u will change ur opinion

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      you don’t watch if you don’t find good.don’t comment here also .for your kind information ishana is exposing his gf whom is a liar

  44. renima

    @ Priya Ishqie…..pls check the mail……i have sent for you……i need your help…..ishqie……pls ……check it now and reply me…….pls……dear ishqie……

    • renima

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      today…….it seems very hard to control my emotions……..and just when mahi msg me that he will be back in evening……how are u?……i just replied am ok……but he msg me again…….am not feeling like that….anyway evng i will be back ……..and …..then we can talk……
      priya ishqie………today……is a holiday for me and……pls if possible just check the mail i have sent you and help me dear……..please ishqie
      priya ishqie…….pls check the mail…..

    • Priya15


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      di…so sorrry for late cmnt…i have just now came home frm schl..i l check it and send u reply soon….dont worry di…i l see the mail….i dont know whats the real prb is ..i l check it n help u for sure..but pls dont cry di…pls..

  45. Chetna

    Maybe anyone of them sisters because in starting 2nd or 3rd episode they show that anika has a younger sister. Both are so far from each other even anika doesn’t know that where is she ?and how she looks?
    But I don’t think that it’s ishana and I don’t want it at all
    WHERE IS SHE? now it is too much wait for us at least for me.

    I LOVE ISHKARA 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

    • Enasanjida

      Its Ishaana dear.. Ishaana confirmly Anika ka behan hoga..(my thinnking) Not malaika.bcz Avi takh vi Anika-Ishaana not meet each other. Yeh serial hain guys – Surubi joyti means Malaiks was lead actress QH & another serial . So, agaar Ishqbaaz serial main joined then she will play lead actres or villain or cameo. & Its CV’s prblm – avi thaak vi Ishaana ka thik sai dikhata nahi hain. Thats a biggest confussion every1.

  46. renima

    How are u my lovely ishqies???? mukta, aliya, aqua, nadiya, disha, shivani, dil, kat, sat, navi ,nelka, shaza, kikki, nivedha, shahabhana, ridhi, ishika, tharu, nazneen, adityakiran, monique, luna, enasanjida, pradishma, yashal, sunanda, mishri, himagiri, trisha, ooshi, mary, priya, nivedha, haya, roz, rosu, rose, vinnu, asmita, devga, yazhu, sanju, nikki, cheryl, lijitha, jazz,fatarajo……..hope all are fine…….

    • nikki

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      • renima

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    • shahabana

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    • shahabana

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    • Luna

      Hey Renima, what happened to u sweetie??? why r u so tensed???? If u dont want to discuss ur problem in this public forum then its okay, I understand. I hope whatever issue u r facing gets sorted out. Take care ishqie. God bless u!!!!

    • Piyali

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      And wbu…..that prayer you have done. …that came true or not..?
      Hope all your wishes and prayer come true….😀😊☺

    • renima

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      Ishqies…..luna, nikki, shahabhana…….thanks for the care and support ……am ok guys……

      • nikki

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      • renima

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        ok……be happy ishqie

    • Yazhu

      Hi renima…. I’m fine and hope you are sorted out with ur problems… Just be cool and remain happy always….:-D

  47. ishika

    Yes trp is moving accrdng to th youngsters bcz they see it more…..n so trp has to b calculated frm their India forum it ranks 2…in Usa it is th mst popular show ths news ws tweeted by nakul Mehta Las mnth….😊
    I think it is Priyanka nt rudra priynka wl scare grls thn tgthr they WL do it to omru ..if it ws rudra then they wud nt hv been scared by ghost again…

  48. ishika

    😂😂 gyz thre s a video in utube omru wl b scared of grls..shivay WL enter…n Anika wl say nw see ur brothrs u said byz don’t get scared..shivay s exprsn😂…thn mallika wl say now its shivays turn infrnt of shivay they WL plan big to scare him

  49. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Hyyy GOOD MRNGZZ… my sweet frndssssssssssssss… 😛
    hav a beautiful day to all ishqieesss 🙂
    wat a heart touching dialogues of ANIKA… WOWWwwwwwww … Amazingggg ..really it’s suprbbbb nd rudra’z dialogues r also good..I thnk star parivaar awards should give a award for BEST DIALOGUES.. 🙂
    then definitely goes to ishqbaazzz.. the way shivay looks anikaaaa… woowwwwwwwww it’s fabbbbbbbbbbb.. LUV on air.. 😀
    It’s true.. cv’s should focus on both 3 couples equally… for 3 days there were no ishkara and roumya scenes.. 🙁 I hav doubt .. is ishana’s character ended or not.. or new girl in om’s life..??
    anyway fingers crossed..
    precap was damn gooddddddddddddd…WOWWW girls screamed in horror 😛 WAITINg for today’s epi.. I thnk girls vs boys gonna b kill the showww.. 🙂

  50. shahabana

    Hey guyz look at the oberoi brothers statement about love
    Shivaye-for him love is like a deal and he takes love has practical
    Omkara-for him love is like god, only few ppls gets true love
    Rudra-for him love is like newspaper its changes everyday
    Guyz with whom u r like to stand guyz about love shivaye omkara or rudra
    Im agree with both shivaye and omkara for me love is like practical also only some ppls are gets true love.

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      I would stand with omkara .he is sensitive person ,but shivay’s point of view is also right bcoz in the reality such things might not be possible

    • Luna

      Yeah, I also agree with Shivaye and Omkara. In real life relationships are most of the time a deal. What Omkara said is also right, true love do exists in real life but its very rare. U r really lucky if u find true love in ur life. And what Rudra is talking about isnt love, its lust.

      • renima

        Agree with you luna ishqie…..its very hard to get ishq……and ……what rudra said is like not love…..just time pass… and sso are right…..i really like anika’s view also…..
        and malika was also ……but this dump rudra…..he is an immatured guy…….that’s why he don’t understand what is love…..hope sowmya will do something for him…

  51. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Lovely episode… I think Shivaay is going to melt for Anika very soon…. Im really waiting for today episode. It’s going to be very funny. I think the one with mask and knife is Shivaay.

  52. nikki

    really kiki shivay aisa harkath kar saktha ha i mean wih bahuth kam hai i don’t think ki woh ausa kartha well agar kya tho it must be couse of anika right

  53. Shivika fan

    Hi friends
    Today’s episode was good.
    Loved Shivaay’s expressions when Anika was expressing her feelings about love.
    Waiting for today’s episode.

  54. Nivedha

    @ renima di and nelka I’m fine
    How are u all ishqbaaazians
    Mukta priya reni di Shivani haya enasanjidha Shaun shaza nelka piyali diya fatarajo rose kiki ooshi disha shahabaana
    And all ishqbaaazians
    I’m fine but missing my Ishana in ishqbaaaz😖😖😖

  55. Anusha

    Hiiii everyone
    I’m Anusha. I don’t know ull believe it or not..I’m only14yrs old.
    But I’m a big fan of ishqbaaz….actually I see it with my family…
    If u all don’t mind can I join ur group??
    Please reply

  56. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    mere liye pyar khuda hai, jo hota hai sab ke dil mein par milta hai kisi kisi ko hi..

    yr yeh om ka dialogue hai..its amazing..he is such a cutie pie..#BringBackIshana..

    • renima

      I got your mail priya ishqie…..i have replied you…..pls check it…..and sorry for telling all things…..i mean……i was in such a mood that i just want if somebody will hear me… that i can share it…..ok….and…..thanks a lot…..ishqie….

  57. nikki

    yes priya what dailog i just loved it i hope cvc ishkara scenes ko dekhaye.i dont think ki ishana ka charend ho hai what do you say guys

  58. NazneenSyed

    @Renima di.Hello di.I’m good how are you?I’m happy di that you are in form now.
    Di which is your mother tongue??

    • shahabana

      Helloooo nazreen, i will tell u about renima k, renima is kannadiga and she is half malayali to bcz her mom malayali, which is ur mother tonngue dr, i hope u dnt feel bad about my reply which u sented to renima, sorry if u dnt feel gd

    • renima

      Hai nazneen and shahabhana am cool ishqies…..and shahabhana thanks for replying nazneen …….ishqie…

  59. Anusha

    Hello everyone….hiii Nikki dii priyadii haya dii richu dii Shivani diii shahabana dii soon sweet of u gud evening

  60. Nivedha

    Can anyone translate this words which is for ishkaara
    Main dhoodne ko zaamane mein jab wafaa nikala
    I don’t understand this line
    Can anyone translate this

    • renima

      I think nivi you have missed some part of the line…..just tell me where did you find this….i mean it has shown on ishqbaaz…..i don’t remeber this line…..that’s why ishqie

      • Asmita...


        |Registered Member

        Hey Renime… Its a song from the movie “HEARTLESS”…. Here is the lyrics for you ~

        Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla
        Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla
        Pata chala ke ghalat leke main pata nikla
        Pata chala ke ghalat leke main pata nikla
        Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla
        Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla..

        Aa.. Aa.. ha.. aa.. ha..
        Aa.. ha.. aa…

        Jiske aane se muqammal ho gayi thi zindagi
        Dastakein khushiyon ne di thi,
        Mit gayi thi har kami
        Kyun bewajah di yeh saza
        Kyun khwaab de ke woh le gayaa
        Jiyein jo hum lage sitam
        Azaab aise woh de gayaa (Azaab: pain)
        Main dhoondne ko uske dil me jo Khuda nikla
        Main dhoondne ko uske dil me jo Khuda nikla
        Pataa chala ke ghalat leke main pata nikla
        Pataa chala ke galat leke main pata nikla
        Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla
        Main dhoondne ko zamane me jab wafa nikla aa…

        Aa ha.. aa.. aaha..
        Aaha.. aa…

        Dhoondta tha ek pal me dil jise ye sau dafaa
        Hai subah naraz us bin roothi shaame din khafa
        Woh aayein na, le jaayein na
        Haan uski yaadein jo yahaan
        Na raasta, na kuchh pataa
        Main usko dhoondhunga ab kahaan
        Main dhoondne jo kabhi jeene ki wajah nikla
        Main dhoondne jo kabhi jeene ki wajah nikla
        Pata chala ke ghalat leke main pata nikla
        Pata chala ke ghalat leke main pata nikla
        Main dhoondne ko zamane mein jab wafa nikla
        Main dhoondne ko zamane mein jab wafa nikla aa..

        aa… o… aa….
        Woah….. hey aye ayee ye…

    • Asmita...


      |Registered Member

      I was looking for someone trust worthy in this world….

      Next line is ~

      Pta chala ki galat leke main pata nikla

      It means… I came to know nowadays no one is like that…

  61. Nivedha

    Abiha anaaya anusha welcome u three in ishqbaaaz family
    Please can any ishqbaaazian translate this sentence in English
    Main dhoodne ko zaamane mein jab wafaa nikala
    Totally can’t able to understand this Hindi sentence ..even I searched in dictionary but can’t ..

  62. Piyali

    Hiii…..mukta, priya, renima di, haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di,anusha,nivedha di,shahabana di,Soniya…….how’s you alll?
    Hope all are fine…..
    And mukta come back yrrr…..missing you…..
    Renima di you are fine na?
    Hope you are…..actually I don’t have your mail….or else I would have send you one….For asking……😀😀😀

      • Abiha

        N also want to ask are you fine now bcz your comment scared m a lot that what happened to u ..i was silent reader before commenting..daily i read your comments..

      • renima

        Am fine ishqie… glad that you have break the silence and just i want to say keep commenting….about my prblm…yaa sometimes it’s difficult……but i can handle it…..ok
        sorry……if u feel bad…..ishqie….actually am very close with ishqies and just in tension i typed so and so……but now its ok….

    • Haya123


      |Registered Member

      hyy piyuuuu.. i’m good..and njoying shivika’s luv story.. waiting fo ishkara and roumya’s luv story.wat abt u dear..?
      wat abt ur exmz..?

  63. renima

    I just loved what anika said…..mein chahti hoon mein kisi ki life mein number one banoo…….”mere charon taraff koi hoga…..mein uske liye gungunavo……ek kone mein baidke bas uske liye smile karoon….” i just love her true cute concept of ishq …….really beautiful

  64. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    Guys Today’s episode(6th Sept 2016) was too Funny and I’m very exited to watch the show 1st.
    In hotstar the episodes were uploaded fast and I’m njoying it.
    Rudra was scared by the girls prank😂😂😂😂😂 and Shivika’s scenes were awesome.😘😍
    tomorrow Girls will target Om😝 and Om will get scared and Shout. Only Shivaay is Left out😂😂😂😂

  65. Nivedha

    @ Renima di I got tat sentence in a photo of ishkaara in Google images ..I too confused tat this sentence is incorrect I think so
    How are u di

  66. renima

    Ishq ke andazz alag – alag hai, naseeb chahe kuch bhi ho

    Ho jaane ke baad sab kuch badal jaata hai ishq toh lajawab hai

    Qaboo mein dabakar nahi balki dilon se kholna hai ishq ke darwaze

    Baadalon se barse ek boond ki tarah ishq ke ek jhalak meetha hota hai

    Aasuvon ke nami mein bhi hausla badhata hai kyunki ishq sapna deta hai

    Ziddh par atki hoon ishq ko har haal mein paavoon kyunki hum ishqbaaz hai

    For my Ishqies ………{ priya, disha…specially 4 u ……this is renima…….}

  67. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    There is a horror twist in Ishqbaaz. The girls gang come up with an idea to prove that boys are more weak mentally and get scared soon. Mallika dresses as the horrific ghost, with scary makeup on her face and wearing a white ghostly costume. She goes to Omkara and Rudra at night and scares them. Omkara and Rudra scream seeing the ghost, and does not realize its Mallika.

    Omkara and Rudra get scared by the scary situation created by Soumya, Priyanka and Mallika. The girls have a laugh on them and go ahead to scare Shivay. But Shivay does not get scared of anyone. Dadi and the girls try to scare Shivay and act as ghosts. They all fail to scare Shivay. Mallika gets in Shivay’s room and sleeps on his bed. Finding someone sleeping on his bed, Shivay gets a big shock and holds his heart. Mallika starts laughing on him and says she will update her social media status that Shivay Singh Oberoi got scared by her. Everyone joke on Shivay getting scared by Mallika’s trick. Dadi also becomes part of the laugh riot.

  68. renima








  69. Chetna

    Amazing rinima di and our youngest ishqii are you enjoying?
    Shivani and luna thanks for write comments in favour of ishkara.
    I also want to write all those things but I am busy at that time. SO THANKS VERY MUCH

    • shahabana

      Hiiii nikki r u from andra i dntknw who are teluguns from this page dr anyways im from karanataka and im malayali also.

  70. Soniya

    Hey shaza nd shivani.. I hav full rights to express my opinion abt any1.. Who are u pplz to tell me wat to do nd wat not to do.. All here are free to express wtevr dey feel.. U guys juz mind ur own business.. I wl Comment here anytym..

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      I’m really sorry if I’ve hurt you only I also expressed my pov,,I didn’t criticize you first of are the one who is criticizing vrushika ….I’m just telling that vrushika is actually a good actress and a dancer ..and I’m personally a fan of vrushika so I just can’t see ppl criticizing her even if it’s not her mistake ..and ya ill mind my business and I didn’t interfere juz telling you that she is a good actor and dancer cannot make an opinion on her without knowing her properly

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