Ishqbaaz 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Om ends relations with Gauri

Ishqbaaz 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika gives a drink to Tanya and asks how was it. Tanya says washroom and runs. Anika says I have to talk something imp. Om asks Gauri did she enjoy more with Arjun. Gauri gets shocked and asks what. Om says you have met Arjun, you have an affair with that Arjun. She cries. Some time before, Shivaye says there is no one here, where is Anika. Tanya asks are you finding Anika. He says no, I m finding Jhanvi. She says you have to stay away from Anika else your family can come in trouble. He says I know what to do. Power goes. She asks how did light go. He thinks of Anika and thinks I have to be with her, she is scared of darkness. He says I will check main switch and goes. She says is he going to Anika by taking advantage of darkness, I think I should follow him.

He looks for Anika. He goes to some

room and sees Anika sitting tensed. He says you are scared of darkness, what are you doing here alone. She says you don’t remember me, but you remember this that I m scared of darkness, Shivaye till when will you refuse to accept our relation, I m your wife, your Anika, please say it. They hug. Tanya comes there. She says I know there is some reason that you are doing all this, I m always with you. Tanya hears Anika. Anika asks him to say what’s the problem. Tanya opens the door and sees him. She calls out Shivaye and asks what are you doing here, you went to check fuse. He says yes, fuse box is here, come lets go. She asks how can fuse box be here. He says I should have asked you when this house was getting built. He asks why did lights not get on. He says I m not an electrician, come. They leave. Anika says its proved he didn’t forget me, I have to find out why is he doing this, I have to talk to him, but Tanya doesn’t leave him.

She asks Khanna to do a work. He asks her to say. He holds the rope and says I did as you said. She says when Tanya comes, you drop the rope. He asks what will be signal. She says Chandni. He asks Chandni. She asks him not to ask much, when she says Chandni, he has to leave rope, then Tanya will forget to keep an eye on Shivaye. She sees Tanya coming. He gets Shivaye’s call and drops the rope. Tanya stops and looks upwards. Anika goes to her. Tanya asks Khanna how did this happen. He says don’t know, I was talking to Shivaye on call. Anika says Shivaye’s call is like Yamraj’s order, it can’t be avoided, go fast. He goes. Tanya says strange, how could rod fall on own. Anika says yes. Tanya says I was entering the room, if I was not 2 seconds late, rod would have fallen on my head. Anika says thank God you are fine, I will get water for you, go to room. She thinks plan flopped because of Khanna.

Om comes to hotel and imagines Gauri and Arjun checking in. Gauri asks what happened. He says nothing, you know about this hotel. She says yes, I have seen it. He says this is my surprise, I have to spend time with you. She asks here. He asks why, do you have a problem with this place. She says yes, its not of your standard. He says but its of your standard, come. Anika says just one thing will help now, this jamalgota. Khanna says sorry, Shivaye called.

She says you are so scared of Shivaye. She shows the Jamalgota. He asks is this your plan. She asks did you not see Andaz Apna Apna. He says no. She says so you don’t know my plan, I will handle Tanya and then keep special screening of Andaz Apna Apna. She adds the liquid in one drink and smiles. He asks is this for Tanya. She says for you. He says no. She says its for Tanya. He asks shall I give it. She says no need, I will go. She goes.

Om sees Arjun and Gauri’s name in register while he makes an entry. He takes that particular room. Gauri thinks Om got me here to give me surprise, he doesn’t know I m going to confess love in English, our relation will have a new start. He thinks she doesn’t deserve a place in my life, I will end our relation forever today. Tanya asks Shivaye where is he going. He says I m thirsty, I will have water and come. She stops him. Anika comes and asks Shivaye does he want water. He says no. She says fine, I got juice, I make this when guests come. She asks Tanya to have it. Tanya refuses. Anika says don’t get scared, I didn’t add anything, I mean sugar, he is away from sugar, so he is so bitter. She gives them glasses. Sahil comes and says I m not getting maths book, shall I take juice. Tanya gives the glass. Anika says guest is Lord, we feed Lord, not snatch food. Tanya says no let him have it. Anika says his habit will spoil, when will he learn. Tanya says its fine, he is a kid, let him have it. Anika says doctor asked him to have sweets.

Sahil asks since when. Anika pats him and asks what are you asking Shivaye, he doesn’t remember anything, I spoke to doctor, so I m not giving you icecream, stay quiet now. Shivaye says have mine. Anika asks why, no need to give. Tanya takes both glasses and gives one to Shivaye and Sahil. Anika takes glasses back and thinks which is jamalgota one. She gives a drink to Tanya. Shivaye takes one. Anika wishes its that one and drinks. He asks what did you do. She says I had to drink this to cool my mind, I will make juice for Sahil. Tanya drinks. Anika asks did you like it. She thinks nothing happened to me, it means Tanya had it. She asks Sahil to come, work is over. Sahil and Shivaye ask what she means. She says nothing and goes. Shivaye says something is cooking.

Om imagines Gauri and Arjun in room. Gauri calls him out. He says I m thinking about you. She says I have a surprise. He says first my surprise. He gets the gift and says I want to wear this and meet me on terrace, talk later, wear this saree, I will be on terrace. He goes. She smiles. Anika asks Khanna to wait, she will see. Tanya says washroom and runs. Anika stops her and says I have to talk something imp. Tanya says not now. Anika says its a small thing.

Tanya says give me some time. Shivaye looks on. Anika says you also feel I m irritating, I gave you my husband, you can’t give me 5mins, listen, life is so strange, sometimes one hour passes soon and 5mins looks much. Tanya asks what nonsense. Anika says life is such, there is happiness and sorrow, more or less, just 2 mins more, truth is you have what’s not mine, look, what’s yours is yours now, but I know there is one thing, you are my sautan, but you are a woman and will understand my sorrow, men are zero in emotions. Tanya says I have to run, emergency. She runs. Anika laughs. Shivaye asks what did you do with her. Anika says tit for tat. He asks what do you mean. She asks him to come along. Khanna signs.

Om thinks of Gauri. She comes there. Om looks at her. He shows his surprise. She looks around. He holds her hand. They dance. He sings Mere rang mein…… She smiles. She says I have to say something. He says not now, close your eyes. She closes eyes. He holds her close. Saathiya…..plays…… He asks how are you feeling, was it more fun with Arjun. She gets shocked.

She asks what did you say. He says that you heart. She asks Arjun. He says your Arjun, you lied to me and went to meet him, you forgot relations, respect, limits and marriage for him. She holds his hand and stops him. She says you have blamed me again and given punishment too. He says if I didn’t see it myself, I would have given a chance to you to explain. She says it could be lie. He asks did you not lie and meet him. She says yes but…

He says you were at this place with Arjun, you have given me a deep wound, at my heart. She asks him to listen. He says I hate lies, truth is you have an affair with that Arjun. She cries and says you think such about me. He asks what shall I think, you forgot what was between us, for that Arjun, I felt maybe my opinion is wrong, I m not able to understand, but my opinion was right, you have no sincerity, loyalty and truth, you could have waited till Shivaye’s marriage, my mum and Dadi regard you bahu.

They didn’t know their lovely bahu is spending time with a stranger in such a cheap place. She cries. He says I will not do mistake again, stay away, you have broken hearts of my entire family, you have no place and need in my family, your bags are in car, take it and leave, live happily with Arjun in such a place, just go. Saathiya…..plays…. Om leaves. It gets dark. Gauri cries. Bhavya removes her cap, badge and gun. Staff taunts her on her fake honesty. Inspector says even commissioner couldn’t save her today. Constable says we would have given tips to her, gun doesn’t suit women, belan looks good. She scolds him. Commissioner stops her and asks her to leave.

Tej asks what happened that Shivaye called us here. Shivaye says it happened 25 years ago, someone told me about the fire in Kalyani mills, I called you all to know that secret.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riddhima

    Hai ishqiiess…?????
    Vanakam ishqiiess…?????

    Om ??????en om …. So much happy …. Santhosham pongudhe sandhosam pongudhe …ssandhosham …… ?????

    Did anyone liked ggauri’s costume today …??????????

    Nallave illa paka sagikala ….

    Anika anika anika …??????????????????….
    Plans ki dhukan anika
    Khanna ji ??????…

    Combo’s …
    Anika + om
    Anika + dadi
    Anika + khanna ji…?????

    But they will never show anika + shivay …hell CVS …. Go to hell ..?????

    Shivay was like what she is doing ….???? ?????

    Sahil …rocked it …. ??? poor sahil came to get help for maths but returned with confusion before solving the problems …????

    Anika rocked ?????
    Sahil shivay shocked ?????

    Precap …. Shivay also knows the ppaybackbaazzz….???? I am shocked ….

    Sundeli Ku sama aaaapu …anika superb plan … ????

    Sorry didn’t reply to previous days reply’s. … was busy ….

    I think pinky is behind it ..she is helping them …… Culprit ….

    Good night ishqiiess????
    Iravu vanakam ?????

    No song …

    1. Banita

      Go Riddhi di Go!!!!!!
      Yeh I like Gouri’s costume today…. She looks beautiful…
      Agree with u CVS gives Anika’s combo with everyone bs Shivaay ko chod ke….
      U always write song in Tamil which I can’t understand….
      Gd n8…..

      1. Riddhima

        Banita …
        Thank you …. ????
        Haha …??????
        ??????gauri looks beautiful …okay okay …???????????

    2. Labiba

      Go ridhi go…?? did u see Om’s new look …he was looking????????gouri ki pass Ja raha hai?????????????

      1. Riddhima

        Labiba …….thank you …?????
        Yes my is back …. ????? om …

    3. Labiba

      Yeh khannu ji itna cute kiyu hai???

      1. Riddhima

        Khanna ji super cute hai …?????

    4. Pushpa

      anika nailed it morning hw ru?…gauri looked nice in white..anyways now our shivika together IB will rock..

      1. Riddhima

        Pushpa …..

        Hey shivika gonna rock ..waiting for that ….. …

    5. Aniru

      Ridhima, I liked her costume. But I felt she needs to work on abs. Shrenu fans, please do not kill me. The last scene were Shrenu was standing with fire in her eyes was awesome.

      1. Riddhima

        Aniru …exactly I agree with you ..

    6. Piyuu

      go riddgi go
      yeh i like gouri costume…she looks beautiful in white

      1. Riddhima

        Piyu. …
        Your dp …?????…
        Its trending in Instagram …wholly …

    7. Nila

      ???Go riddhi Go???
      Angrykara I love him I mean Kj not OM but I am not angry on him ye to oberois ka nature haina ? leave it☺ gauri’s costume I like it but not suits her ?
      Plans ki dhukan lol ???????
      SundEli lol athu Kutty pisu ???
      Sahil cutipie becomes confusionpie bechara so cute na?
      Next time cmt panumpothu solunga competition ku varen??…

      1. Riddhima

        Nila nila …..
        Competition starts …. ??????

  2. Misha_Mikul

    What’s the trp guyss? I didn’t get!!

    Annika and Gauri just made today’s episode!!??
    One made me laugh??? another one made me cry???

    He rushed to find Annika as she is scared of darkness??
    How sweet!!? The way she leaned on his chest and cried and he held her??Awwww??

    Annika??? such a drama queen she is!!??
    Annika-Khanna Ji…Lol???
    Khanna Ji’s sincerity to his Boss ??

    Annika and the drink??
    Lol that moment??
    Sahil almost ruined the plan??
    Shivaay and Sahil’s reaction for Annika’s strange behavior??
    Annika got confused of the drink, so she didn’t want Shivaay to drink , she took risk and drink it!!??Patni❤
    and the plan was succeed!!???

    When Tanya rushed to washroom, Annika stopped her and doing time pass with her condition..Lol????
    She was so hilarious??
    Shivaay didn’t understand anything and just kept giving cute expressions????Loved those!!??

    Gauri!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Gauri????
    I was waiting for Gauri to give him a tight slap!! ???
    Om has been doing only wrong to her!! only wrong!!???
    He deserves a hard punishment!!? Hope Gauri will give him!!??

    Highlight : No Pinky, Abhay’s puzzle behavior, no drama plus pressure of the raaz!!??

    but Tomorrow is the day !!??

    Nitezz Dearsss!!?? Tc all?

    1. Banita

      Heyy @Misha dr…..
      Becz of Oct 2 , holiday trp will be realised on Friday…. So today no trp….
      Same pinch , Om deserved a slap from Gouri…..
      Gd n8 dr….

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Owhh..Thank u dear!!

    2. Labiba

      This 1 is for Om
      Om ki chopping hogi
      Omkara sarminda hoga
      Omkara ko thappar padega
      Omkara mafi mangega?????????? I’m dying to see rikara track ….Ab Om gouri ki piche vagega…

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Lol Labiba?? this one is nice????

    3. Pushpa

      im waitign to c who is behind the mill fire???? today….

      1. Aniru

        From pre-cap expression of Pinky and Chipkali Dhaniya threatening to SSO, I felt, the blackmailer wants to separate Anika-Shivaay only.

      2. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah Pushpa! should be known soon!! lets see how are interestingly CVs going to run this track!!

    4. Piyuu

      i feel sad for gouri… deserve slap from gauri…

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yup Piyuu..he deserved but Gauri is so devoted to her pati..
        That’s why she didn’t slap him..let’s see what happens in today’s epi!!

  3. Hello dearies ✋✋✋✋…. How are u?….
    I know that today I am going to get chamelis ,tomatos, cucumber etc for again vanishing and then suddenly giving u guys a darshan…..?????

    Today’s episode was just RIKARA-LICIOUS..?????….

    1. Gauri was looking divine in the white saree…..????

    2. I couldn’t imagine that a song like “mere rang mein rangne wali” could be portrayed in a jealous-hate…. It was very well picturized….??????

    3. Today RiKara was on fire….????????

    4. Omkara touching Gauri’s waist????????????? ( even I got goosebumps …. and was blushing…. ?????????????. my cheap thoughts??????? )…??????

    5. KJ was outstanding with his emotions…..???????

    6. The way Omkara said that he is having pain in his heart after gauri’s betrayel and his beating to his chest….. Even I could feel that pain……?????

    7. In yesterday’s episode Omkara’s eyes were fire ??????when he hugged Gauri….. JUST LOVE HIS EYES..??????… HIS EYES ARE SO EXPRESSIVE…….?????

    8. Also in yesterday ‘s episode Omkara was looking like a psyco lover when he was listening to gauri’s talk to her teacher from the window….. WHAT AN EXPEESSION MAN…..?????

    9. KJ u look damm hot and handsome in today’s white shirt outfit….?????????????????

    KJ u can carry out any emotion with such an ease…. whether its of calmKara, angeryKara, EmotionalKara, LovingKara, CaringKara, RomanticKara, HotKara, PsycoKara (Sry Kj for calling u that)…. and many more to come….. U ARE SUCH A VERSATILE ACTOR (if given a proper screen space)….

    LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH KJ……????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    @NIKITAJAI- I saw ur wall on ur account and alsomy first shayari …. Thank u sooooooo much for this….. Nobody has EVER given me such a sweet, warm , hearty and affectionate gesture to me…. IT MEANS A LOTTTTTT TO ME……????
    After seeing ur post all I wanted was JUST TO HUG U TIGHTLY…. After seeing ur post I was just numb for few mins…. Didn’t knew what to react…. How to react….. Ur post just made me very emotional…???
    But plz dont tell me that u searched the whole TU page to get that shayari…… ( IS IT SO THAT U SEARCHED THE WHOLE TU PAGE ??? )
    LOADS OF LOVE TO U…..????
    Don’t know what to say more……

    @arpita- sry dear couldn’t reply to u in my both the previous comment and also for not posting the SHAYARI ( so chamelis, tomatoes , cucumbers are allowed)…. Even I missed u sooooo much….. and the whole PKJ as well…. TOMORROW I AM GONNA POST A SHAYARI FOR U….
    Love u…..??

    @PUSHPA- Sry my dear FLOWER (Ur name remainds me of flower …so here it is. )couldn’t reply to u in my previous comment due to load of never ending studies…. I am doing good and my time is booked up for the studies…. how are u?….. hope doing fine….

    @amaaya- I think u will be super angery on me coz I could never reply to ur comments and A big wala SORRY for this….. jaldi se TU par wapis aa jao….?

    @NILA- thanks dear for sending me @amaaya and @gayathri.visu meassage to me….. how are u doing…..?



    1. Pushpa

      maahi..where hv u been….long time …hw r u? im good
      Om eyes ws on fire and his words was on fire too…no syaari today? missing tht a lot…welcome back..

    2. Riddhima

      Ohho ….. Maahi ji ..
      Woh mera om …
      Only mine … ???????

      Only few days I didnt come to tu …you started talking my om …??????

      Om ??????? is mine …

      Anu …Rani ….nivi ….harika di … Nila…. Amu…banita….pushpa….labiba….kiki….vishu….shiv…archi …anikaaa..shab thangachi ….Please explain her …. Om is mine ….

    3. Nikita_jai29

      Hiii maahi dii… Thanks for your words dii… I literally wants to know how you feel to see my post… I am so happy… That you saw it…. Love you…. Keep commenting and coming also……. Lot of love from your little sister….

    4. Nila

      Hii maahikara ?
      I am fine?
      How r u ?
      U r welcome? dear

  4. Nandhana

    Hate om today..??? riddhima I m sry…

  5. Pushpa

    Today annika nailed it……Annikalicious episode?
    Annika Hands down….u r the best character ..diffrent…full of expresssion …hats off

    Oops blackout….shivaye knows anika scared of dark & decide2look4her… gona kill this 2rps cheapde …tagging wt shivaye…u r scared of darkness wht r u doing here….awwwww tht hug our shivika hug…always gives comfort&strenght to anika…and 2day anika knows for sure shivaye is acting…tht ws a luvly pyara hug..

    Anika wt her khidikithon plan….oh no 1st plan tia tia piss hogaye…whts tht hamalgota??????? great tht ws fun hw the glasses got mixed….lucky anika gave the correct glass to the cheapde…shivaye mixed expression ws great tht anika hv something planned… she looks gorgeous on white….OM whts this…u r thinking gauri hv affair?..u know OM wht happen?? B4 u accuse u shld hv asked her in a proper way..wht u said 2day2her ws wrong om…this is not the way….hope u will realise …..

    Felt pity 4bhavya 2day.
    Anika stopped tanya…men r 0 in emotion…very correct..

    Precap….Oberoi ka crime family…..

    1. Pushpa

      OMG….half of my comments went missing????? wht happen…..

  6. Archiya

    Rikara got such a beautiful song.. One of my fav. How I wish he was in love with her an then they had this sequence… Gauri looked so so gorgeous ? ? what an figure !!!
    an om to bad.. His expressions of hatred made him a villian.. This is so bad, he does not want to accept her as his wife, but he can’t see if she likes someone else which in this case is not even true.. An why the hell did gauri not slap him..he totally deserved it.. Infact all the oberois need one right slap.. This time gauri should not forgive him..he has questioned her character which no one has any right to.. Not even her husband.. He cant tolerate lies, unfortunately he can’t see the truth..

    Anika I don’t know if I can love u more than I were just superb today.. All those expressions.. Mind blowing

    Whts this villain Tanya.. She does not seem like a villain at all, she is pretty like a girl next door.. Usually all GK villains r very classy… The actual villain is someone else u all think the secret will b told tomo.. Yes but may b secretly.. So muted to us ?

    1. Pushpa

      archu..hw r yu dear….im good so you’ll be here frm now..
      i too loved that song..but om hv turned to be a physco…eyes on fire & his words shattered gauri…me too…why the hell she didnt answer him…..

      1. Archiya

        M fine dear.. I will try to b regular.. But these episode r not tat interesting.. So m not tat regular..

        Yes Gauri should have given him a fitting reply.

    2. Sumi.SS cute angry bird missed u all lot..Finally u r back..where is all other girls???

      In insta i read gauri will slap om..dont know we will enjoy..
      if we had chance,we would also slapped gul and harneet for changed Om character.okay forgive them.. 😉

      1. Archiya

        OMG!!! Is tat really you. Where were u for so long.. Missed u a lot

        Other gals must b busy, they keep coming on n off.. V have an hangy Grp Now.. So v keep chatting there.. Hence Less attendance here.. Let me know if u want me to add u there

        Ur last lines ?

    3. Piyuu

      hi archu…hw r u? kahan gayi thi?
      i feel sad for gouri….true archu no one has any right to question her character. he told 2rs things to gouri….om deserved slap form gouri….

      1. Archiya

        Hi piyuu
        M good.. How r u doing gal.. How is ur baby doing..
        I hope that slap happens today

    4. Sumi.SS

      sure dear add me… 🙂

  7. Arpita6

    Oh My God
    ..what an episode. ..sry to say but i was laughing like a mad person seeing everything. …i realy enjoyed today episode without any hesitation.

    1.For me..Anni di stole the whole fun..?????????…I can bet..rhat no oneis like her.. in this world…She and her khidkitod crazy antics…. ????..and most imp..with whom she make plans bcame her khidkitod partner..just like rudy , Shivvay, gouri, khannuji, om anyone…

    2 shivika hug is always…different. .today qas also..the way anni pleading Sso to accept the truth..Sso can’t hide his emotions and hugged her tightly…..then said her name..

    3.So taniya name is “LUCHI TUCHI TANYA.”???….TODAY I WAS MISSING RUDY SOOOOO BADLY…IF HE WERE THERE THEN could be more fun….ye dhaniya kahi bhi kabhi bhi aajati he… …

    4.annika and her obedient employee..???..but ho gayi plan ki tie tie fiss.???..USSI KA TOH RONA HE…?????.like really..but khanuji toh dar gaye..bechare…

    5.then she played her movie wala idea…JAMALGOTA..???????????????? doubt khanuji is also a big shivika shipper…?????..Chandu’s expression was worth watching. …

    6then Sahil was going to failaoying the raita..thank.God anni samated it…???..bechari confuse padgayi …..dhaniya ne pi liya…jamalgota..Most HILARIOUS was Sso’s expression. Bechara Soch raha hoga..kaisi crazy w8fe mili he yarr mujhe..???.mera sar chakkar raha he..shivaay’s confused expression. ????..

    7 actually in real life..if yiu will stop someone who is want to go toilet urgently and will speak some bakwaas story..then think uss bande ka kya haal.hoga….and that is what exactly annika did..?????..tanya ki toh tan hi bigad gayi..???????????..

    8. Don’t know why but i feel bad for bhabya…for a honest police officer it is very bad his/ her life..that part was good.

    9.Rikara..Oh my God..???..toh baat hi maT Omi apni break up ke liye itna arrangements kiya…log toh apni honeymoon pe bhi itni sajawat nahi karte..??????????????but kunal nailed it in every moment thst hste, anger, pain was clearly visible from.his face..I was feeling very bad for gouri when om was holding her sooo close then said her all these??????..once again he
    said sooooo much nonsense thing about her..and gouri was dumb that he gave a chance to gouri..but actually gouri gave him a chance.and he lost it..btw hatsoff to shrenal..rikara real romance will be more hot than this..

    Precap- i think senior obros wil not reveal anything..

    I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode. .shivaay will reveal truth to annika and gouri also…
    I sm excited.

    Thank god they didn’t not show abhay and pinky ponky. .precap main chalega…

    And today segment..?????..i think both shivika wil be in bathroom…..????…

    1. Pushpa

      arpi…it was anika nailed it yaar…im waitign for shivaye to tell anika teh truth and start their jamesbond investigation…..tht will be fun…

    2. Aniru

      The Way OM was holding her was nice then the words he used to her was pathetic. OM’s character fell so hard.

  8. First, I feel deeply sorry for Gauri. She does not deserve this at all. Such a pity.. Om could have sorted things out with her. He is quick in his judgement.

    It is nice to see how worried and concerned Shivaay was for Anika. When she was not around he was worriedly looking for. Aw….. so nice. When the lights were out, he quickly ran to her knowing she would be afraid of darkness. I guess tomorrow Anika will learn the truth and they will collaborate to get to the bottom of this.

    I was so happy to read that Ishqbaaz is number 1 among the top 10 serials. I suppose people are getting excited not only of Shivika, Om and Gauri. They are also intrigued of the mystery surrounding Oberois’ and the Kalyani mills. Everyone receiving notes and no one was at the mills. The mastermind and blackmailer behind this. It is quite interesting and keeps you in suspense. Let’s hope it stays there as number 1.

  9. Zaveesha

    Nice episode…anika was very funny today… Happy that now Rikara story will progress….
    Waiting for amazing twist ahead…
    Love ishqbaaz

  10. Aniru

    Shivika emotional. The way Anika cries, its sooo natural. SSO in tough situation that he can’t even express. Tanya is following him everywhere like Vodafone ad ka kutta…

    Anika-Khanna combo also can do wonders.. Missing Rudi.

    Juice sequence, Sahil-Anika-Shivaay was hilarious. I assumed, Anika will drink Jamalgotta mix. Thank god, SSO did not have any clue… Later, Anika convo with Tanya was hilarious. I was laughing holding my stomach. SSO is trying to interpret the chatter. 1/2 episode is Anikalicious

    Om, you too Brutes… Joined the club assuming their ladies as characterless. He did not even see Gauri with Arjun. The brothers are literally following “One for all & all for one”. I thought, Gauri will join the women’s club by ek Jaap se deevar per sataye. Hope she fulfill my wish tomorrow.

    Om’s expressions are always a treat to watch. His anger, hatred, hurt, frustration, the way he touched his chest.. Wow..

    1. Banita

      Tanya Vodaphone ad ka kutta??????…. LOL dr….????
      Yeh Om’s evry expression was touch to heart… KJ nailed d sence….

  11. I wish Starplus will do Tv promo for Ishqbaaaz. Ipkkd is ending tomorrow but despite the low trps promo was shown constantly. I wonder why Ishqbaaaz is not getting any.

  12. Banita

    Tanya ki bacchi?????? , always behind Shivaay bhaiya… Kabhi toh chod leti , Newly married couple ko thoda privacy chahiye yr…..
    Anika ki khidkitode plane????????
    Khannaji itni si vi kaam nahi kr pae…..
    Shivika – Sahil – Tanya bed room sence was Hilarious?????
    Tanya ki halat…??????

    Omri ,
    Nothing much to say about it….. Not like this version of Om…. Om also deserved a slap from Gouri , when he told 2rupess things to Gouri same as Anika and Bhavya slapped Shivaay and Rudy….. He told he don’t want to listen lie BT he didn’t listen a word from Gouri just assumed everything…. and did he just told “Tu” to Gouri , I feel like this or may be I listen wrong…..

    Feeling bad for Bhavya…..

    Super excited…… Finally d everything going to unfold…..

    1. Pushpa

      this version on OM bani…im disowning him…he just accuse & accuse gauri wht the hell…..yes she shld hv slapped him…

  13. Please can anyone help? I am seeing the old version of TU and can’t login to my account. If any one can connect the site controller, can you please ask the problem? Thank You.

  14. MAHIRA

    Finally a hint about secret in the precap!!!
    Yes I talk about the precap only, on/gauri ‘s scene was horrible I’m feeling very bad for both of them , true that om didn’t give her a chance to explain. But true too that from his side what he saw and her unexplained disappearance without even telling dadi or annika or shivay about her mother .. He’s confessing his feelings for the first time talking about sentiments and marriage about truth too , his anger is bringing back the real om I missed so much sensible and. Hearted whose suffering heart with betrayal makes him burst out in anger
    Shivika hope the track will not turn endless they’re cute

  15. The episode was awsome shivika scenes are always a bliss to watch eventhough shivay is acting has memory loss to protect his family when the light went off he forgot the darama and went to take care of anika and this proves how much shivay loves and cares for anika and some people are bashing him just because he always choose his family over anika tell me one thing whats wrong if shivay choose his family over anika in the starting epiosde we knew that shivay is so protective for his family respect and thats why omru and we loved shivay because he is ‘THE GREAT WALL OF OBEROI FAMILY’ who always protects OF from every troubles shivay never thought of his happiness and life because shivay always says that his family happiness is his happiness and taking a stand for anika we shouldnt forget when whole OF blamed anika for leaking rudra marriage mms and then shivay took a stand for anika and shuvay always supported anika decesion before 3 months leap even after pinky exposure shivay supported anika over his mother just because now shivay his anika husband that doesnt mean he should choose anika over his family if shivay does like that then there will be no differnce between senior oberois and shivay and we shouldnt forget that we all loved shivay because for his loving and caring nature towards his family
    OM – GAURI How many of you felt that om accusations towards gauri was more painful than shivaya accusation towards anika i felt that because anika never dreamt a beautiful life after marriage anika knew that her life will be hell but today gauri had so much dreams for her beautiful marriage life but om just stabbed it in a minute om words hurted gauri heart deeply which was visible in her tears anyhow from tommorrow om will try to win gauri love which will be interesting to watch

    1. Pushpa

      indeed tht was painful abhishek..wht om accused the words would killed gauri ….i hope gauri will play hr cards now to teach om a lesson…
      the great wall mr shivaye singh oberoi finally hv to give in to anika…thts his uncondiitonal love to anika…owsm..

    2. Logesh.M

      Abishek You are Right Bro?????He stabbed her dreams…This is the most painful accusation?????????????????Actually i thought that Om will get Slap…But nothing happened..Gauri was simply crying like a crybaby…Hope he will get that tight slap today??????This time she must torture him…He must not be forgived so easily..Feeling Pity for Bhavi Too…Anika stoled the episode ???????..????Surbhi Chandna is the apt and best choice for Anika…No body can beat Surbhi?????????

      1. Krish6868

        LOGESH, yes S.C is the best choice for Anika! S.C can portray all the
        nine emotions of drama perfectly. SC’s perfect art and SHEKHAR’s
        analysis got me hooked to this show.

        SC is a queen of emotions,and acting seems to be child’splay for her.
        .She has been given only a few scenes which shows her reciprocating
        her love for SSO.
        One scene (the last pool scene before separation) is deeply imprinted
        in my memory. Till then Anika had been passive to SSO’s advances,but
        when he says his breath stops on seeing her and wants to further their
        relationship, and leaves the pool, SC made Anika show pleasant surprise
        along with shy acceptance of his proposal, with her head slightly bowed ,
        and the slight curve of her neck and the stillness in her body. That is one
        of my favourite scenes!
        Love Surbhi!

    3. Aniru

      Agree Abhishek on Shivaay. Shivaay loves Anika more than him. The only concern here was he should have given hint to her. He should know that his Anika will stand by him no matter what. If he would have given the hint, the damage his caused to her heart would have been reduced.

  16. Love today’s show. Simply because Rikara had more than five minutes screen time. What incredible actors. I have always maintained that given the right platform telly stars would give Bollywood actors a run for their money. I am blown away. Shrenu (who i have missed to the point of having to watch reruns of IPKKND 2) and Kunal are the most charismatic young couples that are currently on any channel. Today’s angst packed episode left many clutching for tissues.
    Please can someone tell me, Was the initial misunderstanding (Kaali Thakurs saga) ever resolved between Rikara.? We missed many episodes in South Africa due to network/ satelite problems and we no longer get STAR PLUS.

    1. Logesh.M

      Yes Ishara Rikara Is Hot Couple..Their relation is Unique (Tom and Jerry relation)?????????

  17. i expected gauri to give a hard slap to omkara , but she was just standing and crying . anyways i am glad that shrenu parikh is back rikara story is moving forward . eagerly waiting for om to know the truth and convince gauri

  18. Logesh.M

    Good morning Ishqies????

    Yesterday’s episode was really a visual Treat..

    Hillarious scenes.
    Romantic scenes
    Heartbreaking moments

    First of all,
    Anika ??????She nailed the episode…I laughed whole heartedly during anika & Tanya scenes..No body can portray the Anika Role like Surbhi Chandna????????Keep rocking surbhi..Shivaay cares for her so much…He forgot the MEMORY LOSS logic and said to anika that “U are scared of darkness”..?????

    My Rikara??????????????
    Both Kunal and Shrenu looked Very Hot Today????????

    He is very nice in Fake Romance and Fake Hug..He looked like a villain because of his expressions..I felt really bad for Gauri..She dont deserve all these..She has done so much for his family..He told 2rs cheap things to her????I thought he will get a Tight slap for that???But gauri was only crying like a cry baby!!!!Hope he willl get that slap today..Its Gauri’s Turn now…He must not be forgiven So easily..He must beg her..He must beg for her love????

    Feeling very bad for Bhavya..I hate that dialogue “Gun doesn’t suit Women”..Really Bhavya’s character is Brave and unique Character..Soon Bhavya will be proved innocent..She will Rock As ACP..

    Obahus Gauri And Bhavya Will Prove “Nari Sakthi Zindabad”..I am eagerly waiting for that goosebumps moments?????

    Gauri will Slap Om.

    Bhavya will again Rock As ACP..

    “Nari Sakthi Zindabad”

    Byeeeeee ishquies?????

    Take care.

    Love you all..

    Sorry If i said anything wrong About Om???

  19. Sejsmiles

    Wow om joins d gang of blaming d women for being characterless. Runs in their blood.. I font want gauri to be d abla nari..go girl.. Punish this guy. How many time’s wil he blame ur character n u will come back to him. Let him burn in guilt. He doesn’t deserve u.
    Am sure this secret of oberois is not going to be well handled by CVs. Like evry such incident in d past… It will be patchwork.
    Love anikas acting. She’s awesome to d core.

  20. Arpita6

    @Ridhima dear, congrats. .Om ki omki song just like bilu song….??????…very nice.

    @Pusi dear, yaa you are totally your shivaye’s confused cute expression was soooo cute.

    @Archu………….finally..kal meri missing report kaam asgayi..???..kahan chali gayi thi tum????

    @Aniru..Vodaphone ad ka kutta.??????????…oh my god what a name..

    @Maahi…i am waiting for yiur khidkitod shyari…… …………….Desperately. …..

    @Abhisek..yaa he took.stand for annika in past..but actually the painful is annika always like bali ka bakra..we all love shivaay bcoz of his care for family..but harr baat main annika ko hurt karna jarori bhi toh nahi he is my pov….

    9m really deserves a t8ght slap..first
    shivaay, then rudy aab woh hi bacha he..mijhe laga tha ki shivaay jitna insult annika ko kiya he usse jyada koi aur nahi kar sakta but Om ne toh pura double chakka mar diya..itni 2 rupees batein..just like he stabed soobadly in gouri’s heart…

    Today hotstar synopsis -Om and gouri part ways–

    1. Archiya

      Was just busy with some office work.. Deadlines.. Will try to b regular now on..

      1. Krish6868

        ARCHIYA! thought you were a college girl!

        Glad to see you back!

      2. Archiya

        No dear… M not a college girl.. Just lik u m a grown up with a one year old daughter

  21. Arpita6



    1. Pushpa

      storyline turn aroudn good at the moment…i hope it goes up….

  22. Hai.Good Morning all..
    Annika Baby always you rock…SC u r slaying,born to act.the way she delivers comic and emotional scenes on point.
    Finally Cvs hav no idea to seperate shivika again for short time also..thank god.i thought it wl be good move to next track if any Man planning this all..becz so many chudail,kk,nagaini track it wl be interesting and fun to watch the fight between Some Men and Oberois.
    in my pov,abhay character may be antagonist.he is only order tanya to do all this.or some other one ordering abhay and tanya to do this all.
    Raaaz of oberois will never gng to finish.i think in this raaaz,oberois done nothing.Some other behind or one may be in the car (1st episode) did everything.(gayathri and ashok murder).just trying to put all this blame on oberois..Only gul knows letz see..
    Finally shivika united to solve this mystery..i hope all obros wl join hands to solve this..
    Awaited Gaurika scenes are too good. Kunal and shernu delivered very wel.But Cvs totally ruined Om character he is completely opp to old character.i hope after this MU gauri wl pay back what he done to her frm this our old om wl back soon.
    oh god please increase the trp of ishqbaaaz,becz the team deserve lot….

    1. Shekhar

      Like SUN she has her own glaring, and SHIVAAY like MOON enlightened by ANNIKA. SC had given me least chances to bash her!!! But SHIVAAY failed to lessen my bashing! Any how ANNIKA carry through whole story line and SHIVAAY as supporting her atnics doing a good job, but some time he stumble down. But I am very disappointed with CVS for the way they keep killing the character OM. Any CVS instead of these CVS could have been able EMBOSS the outstanding story out of poetic character like OM, but these CVS had never such a intellectual asset to create overwhelming character challanging the pair SHIVIKA, and unfornunately, even after having a good character like OM, SHIVIKA keep ruling over whole IB and failed to satisfy the OM FAN CLUB in all the way. The depth and range of shades we experienced while SHIVIKA on act, CVS failed to extract same from OM.

      RUDY was most adorable character providing us the light moments, eventually CVS put a ROUND in the SQUARE and lost his charm. VIEWERS look at the character all through with the impression what they carry since start and never can diet abrupt and steep changes in the outline of the character. Either crappy minds of CVS or HUNGER of SS in character like RUDY , TEJ and others might have been responsible for the loss of charm we were keep getting for a good length.

      Mystery after mystery is against the theme of this IB story, and meaning of ISHQBAAZ has been lost somewhere at mid of all these mysteries which were never clarified ever in the way it should be, and left all those mystery pn the mercy of our wild imagination.

      1. Krish6868

        SHEKHAR! Good Evening!
        You are right as always! The CVS start some new ideas, get confused
        in the middle and struggle to continue getting entangled in their own
        Their IQ seems low. They can always borrow new ideas from Fan Fiction
        Do you think they will end this new mystery satisfactorily?
        They must show a really strong plot to satisfy us regarding SHIVIKAS
        Good Night SHEKHAR!

  23. Tania :Anika ko dhund rahi ho?
    Shivaay :Bari ma ko dhund raha tha…
    Ani and Khanna were damn hilarious
    Shivaay, Ani,Sahil,Tania were playing passing the parcel sorry glass game
    Ani and Tania’s door conversation watched by a perplexed and cluless Billu (looking cute)
    Om was voicing his inner pain. Gauri looked pretty in white but make-up was overdone
    Fan war is going on Twitter
    Shivika vs Rikara
    Some people can never be happy…

  24. I have a doubt -Shivaay kay room me bathroom nahi hai kya? Tania ko bahar jana para.Anyway, Shivaay kay room kay bathroom aaj taak najar nahi aya. Aur kisi ko ayi kya?
    Drawing room could be better for this scene. Whatever…
    P.S. Where are you Lax di?

  25. Sumi.SS

    Hai.Good Morning all..
    Annika Baby always you rock…SC u r slaying,born to act.the way she delivers comic and emotional scenes on point.
    Finally Cvs hav no idea to seperate shivika again for short time also..thank god.i thought it wl be good move to next track if any Man planning this all..becz so many chudail,kk,nagaini track it wl be interesting and fun to watch the fight between Some Men and Oberois.
    in my pov,abhay character may be antagonist.he is only order tanya to do all this.or some other one ordering abhay and tanya to do this all.
    Raaaz of oberois will never gng to finish.i think in this raaaz,oberois done nothing.Some other behind or one may be in car (1st episode) did everything.(gayathri and ashok murder).just trying to put all this blame on oberois..Only gul knows letz see..
    Finally shivika united to solve this mystery..i hope all obros wl join hands to solve this..
    Awaited Gaurika scenes are too good. Kunal and shernu delivered very wel.But Cvs totally ruined Om character he is completely opp to old character.i hope after this MU gauri wl pay back what he done to her frm this our old om wl back soon.
    oh god please Increase the ishqbaaaz trp,becz the team deserve lottt.

  26. Episode is …. Hmm i dont know what to say… I mean anika is too good in her khidkithod plans… Pehli vali ko tho ssone khannaji ko call karke tai tai phis kardiya..par jhamalgota vali is hillarious.. Sso and sahil are yeh anika(di) ko kya hua.. Missing rudy soo much.. If he Was here toh aur maza aajata.. Rikara were hot but i was expecting ek jhaanp for om from gauri..
    Precap mein toh raaz khulne ki vaat chal rahi hai .. Par i dont trust CVs lets wait and watch..

  27. Again my comments are invisible! Itna mehnat karke comment karneka kya fayda jaab comments post hi na ho?I am seriously fed up!

  28. Hi friends today shivika nailed with their emotional performance .shivaay bhaiyya couldn’t control his emotions in front of anika.their hug was so pure and divine??????….anika_khannaji conversation was too funny…….
    shivika with khannaji and their co ordination was awesome ???… Surbhi is best choice for anika.she is an amazing actress.❤❤❤❤,….. she is a drama queen ???…ani-tanya scene and shivaay bhaiyya confused expression hilarious??? ….shivika u r the most entertaining Jodi of Indian televion hatsoff guys????? ……omri scene song was nice shrenu looked gorgeous???… Sry rikara fans Today episode I didn’t like om .how did he imagined gowri with arjun?
    Gowri ko itna sunadiya I was totally angry on deserved tight slap and punch
    on his face??…but I am happy omri love story will start with hate and love…..sry couldn’t enjoy a lot omri song sequence because of om double face…waiting for om regreting his mistake for suspected gowri and will apolozise her…… Love u shivika and omri ….

  29. Hi dear pkj family members,
    how r u all
    almost 10 days i missed Tu page very badly……

    anika anika anika full of anika mode
    Shivika emotional scene The way Anika cries, its sooo natural.and their hug shivay caring for anika it’s too good.. but shivay is not good in acting (he caught in red handed in very short time shivay u learn from ur wife how to acting & drama)
    Anika-Khanna combo also can do wonders.. Missing Rudi very badly..
    Annika and the drink part was so cute and funny
    shivay confused looks when annika stopped and discussed with tanya and tanya situation oh no its very funny …
    om & gauri – This is the most painful accusation about the girls character
    om what happened to ur kind heart ….
    i think shivay is better when daksh situation
    waiting for om realisation ……
    kalyani mills razz waht is that waiting for conclusion from cvs in proper way…..

    1. Aniru

      True Chaithu. During Daksh case, When Daksh tried to instigate about Anika, first Shivaay’s expression was “Anika is not that type”. The he saw Daksh and Anika in Daksh’s roo. But, he believed only after seeing Anika smilingly accepted the 15 lacs documents from Daksh. Here, OM did not even see Arjun and Gauri together. He just assumed

  30. i am no fan of any couples but the shivika couple really rocks. they are so natural. their emotions are beautiful, their feelings, expressions especially. with omkara & gauri they are making an effort but chemistry is yet to built up. omkara acting is superb as brother and devar to Anika babhi. rudra is very funny and shivika are just perfect & fabulous.
    just hope to see them enjoy the festive week – diwali together.
    all the festivals have passed by with lots of problems in the serial. there were no celebrations at all.
    please looking forward to the festive week for the oberoi family, its shivika first diwali after their shaadi. they deserve to enjoy the fest.

  31. Sorry to say but Om behaved like a typical Oberoi in the episode. He accused Gauri out of frustration and illusion that Gauri had an affair with someone else. I agree he doesn’t know the real truth but such things don’t suit truth seeker like Om who never believes in superficial object.
    This is the main problems of the Oberois. They simply can’t trust anyone.I think only Obros trust one another. Don’t know to what extent.
    Om should have been more careful. Now Gauri must teach him a tight lesson which he will not forget for a lifetime. Go Gauri Go stand for your self respect…

    1. Aniru

      Luthfa. Only Shiv trust OMRU blindly. If you remember, during the rakshabandan story, Shiv went out to save OM from smuggling. That day OMRU did not trust Shiv. They both were rude towards him. But when OM’s video with Swetlana, Shiv said, I have full trust on OM even if all the proofs are against him. But what I like more about OMRU is they trust Annika completely in any situation and they stood for her in all her journey in Oberoi Mansion.

  32. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good… But sad for guari…. Omkara expression are awesome… What is stored for rikara by CVS…. Curious to know… Keep commenting and supporting ishqbaaz… Love ishqbaaz… Love pkj….

  33. Piyuu

    yesterday episode anika nailed it…i liked anika-khannu combo .anika yamaraj order network wala dialogue anika’s expression everything was ekdum khidkithod…shivika emotional moment was heart touching…i feel sad for gouri….om u deserved slap from gouri.

  34. Aniru dear
    Yes I remember that rakshabandhan episode.I wanted to mention it then my comment will be long and my long comments are not getting posted.That’s why I refrain by saying “Don’t know to what extent ” .What I said is that every OM member has trust issue like Om when it comes to their respective partners.Seniors to juniors the tradition goes on…

  35. Aniru dear
    Yes I remember that rakshabandhan episode. I wanted to mention it then my comment will be long and my long comments are not getting posted. That’s why I refrain by saying “Don’t know to what extent “My hilight was the typical attitude of OM members towards their respective partners. From seniors to juniors the tradition goes on.Sorry if I offended someone

  36. Aniru

    Senior Oberois, I did not see trust in their relationship. I thought Janvi was a little better. But during the Shivika separation, Janvi also blackmailed Tej regarding some accident. Janvi, being educated, business woman, who has NKK was portrayed as weak and she was holding onto a relationship with TEJ. I always felt, it was not out of love. It was out of Money and Power Oberois have also she must have considered about her 3 children future.. Pinky never trust someone. Shakti, I thought, he did not bother about Pinky. But recent Shivaay haldi, he at least considered Pinky. Being brought up in such a dysfunctional family, the kids were also facing problems to trust somebody. Some extent its ok as their most closest ones are not trustworthy, how can kids (junior Oberois) trust their partners who are coming from different family.

  37. Perhaps you are right about Jhanvi who is an exception to some extent.There are many incidents of such things with every character.Everyone behaved accordingly as per situation. But those exception cannot be example.The trust problem is still there and it can surface any moment with anyone in OM

  38. Don’t blame omkara

  39. getting bored..what to do

  40. Good Night
    Sleep Tight

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