Ishqbaaz 5th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye rushes to Om and gets shocked seeing Om lying on the floor. He asks Om to open his eyes. Everyone get worried. Riddhima shouts Om. Shivaye gets injection and gets shocked. Sometime before, Anika asks Shivaye to see Tia. They see the sandals, purse and cushions fallen on the floor. The courier boy stands hiding his face behind the frame cover. Tia fixes the photo frame. Shivaye and Anika see Tia fixing Shivaye and her on the wall. Shivaye looks at Anika.

Rudra says you got Mrs. Rudra Singh Oberoi. Soumya says no, you got Mr. Soumya Tendulkar. He says you are Tendulkar, then I m Sehwag, lets find Dhoni. She says very funny. A man says someone has come to meet you two. Rudra says who is calling us, come we will meet. They throw off garlands.

Tia asks Shivaye when did you come. He

says just now. She says universe wanted me to surprise you, but you surprised me, I felt when you come from office and see our photo, you will be glad, but how did you come early. Shivaye asks Anika do you have to say anything. Tia says Oh my God Anika, you really felt that I…. you really think I will bring any random guy in this house and…. its disgusting, that day I felt you have misunderstanding, but you seriously got after me, what did I do that you hold negative opinion against me.

Rudra and Soumya laugh. They see Rumi and get shocked. They laugh again. He says I m seeing this Devi in dream. She says even I can see her. He says it means she is coming in our dreams. She says I think husband and wife get same dreams. They laugh. Rumi walks to them. Rudra says wait, Sumo, are you ready. He holds Soumya’s hand and says Sumo run. They both run and Rumi shouts Rudra. Rumi runs after them.

Anika says I felt… Tia says its okay Anika, Shivaye baby you believed Anika and doubted on me, I m hurt. He says don’t misunderstand, I trust you, I came here to clear her doubt. Priyanka shouts Shivaye, mom, dad…. Rumi shouts Rudra, wait, you can’t get saved from Devi’s anger.

Shivaye, Anika, Tia rush to see Om and get shocked seeing Om lying on the floor. Tej and Jhanvi come and get shocked. Shivaye says someone call the doctor. Shivaye gets the injection and gets shocked. He holds Om and shouts for water.

Rudra and Soumya hide. He says we got saved. She laughs and says you are such a coward, you…. He shuts her mouth and says don’t make noise, else Devi will come. Soumya nods and looks at him. Rumi shouts Rudra, come out, I know you two are here, come out else I will burn both of you. Rudra reacts. Soumya shuts his mouth. Music plays…………. Rumi shouts Rudra and walks towards them. Rudra sees her and asks Soumya to run. Rumi says Rudra, you can’t treat me like this, I m Devi.

Riddhima comes and gets shocked seeing Om. Shivaye sprinkles water. She asks did Om ….. Shivaye says I don’t know. She shouts Om and pumps his heart, moving him. Om gets a breath and opens eyes. They all get relieved.

Rudra and Soumya run inside cottage and Rumi follows. They run out and lock door. She shouts open the door, I m Devi, you can’t treat me like this Rudra……They run away.

Riddhima holds Om and asks are you okay. Om says thank God, you came back, I felt I lost you. She hugs him. Shivaye gets away and looks in shock.

Soumya says wait, why are we running. Rudra says yes, we locked her in room. She says its heavy costume and jewelry, I m sitting now. They sit under a tree and fall asleep.

Shivaye consoles Jhanvi and says its all my fault, I got tangled in my problems and could not see my brother’s sorrow, I m sorrow, I should have been more responsible. She says its fault of all of us, we did not notice what is going on in his life, thank God he is safe, we need to be careful, Om never shares his problems. Tej hears them. She says we failed him as a family. Tej says stop blaming yourselves, Om is not a kid anymore, life hurts, if he has a heart of glass, it will break.

Anika asks Priyanka why are you crying, its not your mistake, stop crying. Shivaye comes there. Priyanka hugs him and cries. She says I m responsible for this. He says no, its just my mistake, no one else’s, I could not take care of my brother. She says no, its my mistake, I knew it and did not do anything. He asks what did you know. She recalls Om’s words. He asks did you know something what we don’t know. She says I mean I was with Om sometime back, I felt he is not okay, when I asked, he refused and I agreed to him. He says I did same mistake, I spoke to Om and could not read his eyes, I did not know Om broke up after his breakup with Riddhima, till I realized….. He looks at Anika. He asks Priyanka not to cry, I have come, Om is gonna be alright. He goes. Priyanka thinks what shall I do, Shivaye can solve this problem, but I can’t tell him.

Jhanvi says sometimes I feel you are ashamed that Om is your son. Tej says he did not give me any chance to feel proud. She asks really Tej, you have this opinion about him. He says what am I saying wrong, he has to manage Oberoi empire tomorrow, he is not able to manage himself today, how can my son be so weak. She says not weak, he is sensitive. He says you can change word, not truth, weak people take support of drugs, one girl left from his life and he is back to drugs, Shivaye will never do such thing, you know why…. because he is strong, don’t defend your son. She says I m not defending, but we know the problem, no use to point it out again and again. He says what shall I do, one son is drug addict, and other is linked to Devi, you see Jhanvi, even if one of them marries tomorrow, we will not get to know of it, mark my words.

Rudra wakes up and holds his head. He sees Soumya, sindoor, mangalsutra, bridal dress….. He recalls the marriage and gets shocked. He shouts no…. She wakes up and holds her head. She asks are you mad, what happened now, why are you worried. She sees him in groom’s clothes and asks why did you wear groom’s costume. He signs her to see herself. She gets shocked recalling their marriage. He signs her. She worries. He says it means we both …. She says got married….. They both shout no.

Shivaye calls Rudra and says where did he go, where shall I find him. Anika comes to talk to Shivaye. She says I want to talk to you. He says I don’t want to listen anything. She says just listen to me. He says just drop it. She says I know whatever happened is because of me but… He says I did not say this. She says but you feel so, that’s why you are angry with me. He says I m angry with myself, I should have not asked you to lookafter Om, my mistake. She says when I saw Om, he was fine and was talking to Priyanka. He says you should have not left him. She says if you told me problem in detail then… he says even then you could not keep an eye on Om, as you were busy keeping an eye on someone else.

She says you can see what I was doing, but you can’t see why I was doing that. He says its simple, there can be two reasons, either you are totally mad, or you have an agenda, some motive in this. She asks motive? He says you want to make Tia fall in my sight. She asks why will I do this, what will I get by your and Tia’s breakup. He says we spoke about this before, I don’t want to say again. She says speak up like always, tell it, that you feel an ordinary girl like me, who do not have blood, family line, upbringing like you rich people, you feel I want to take Tia’s place and trap you to become rich. He says I did not say this.

She says but your meaning is same, I m poor and not much educated, and from rich family, but I have understanding of right and wrong, what about you, you are educated, big businessman, why can’t you see and identify people, someone is cheating you by becoming dear and someone is dying to help you despite being a stranger. He says I don’t need your help, there is no one more imp to me than my family, I will not bear that anyone points on my family, one more thing, Tia is my family now, did you get that, so from today, stay away from Tia and my family, if you like to help, help yourself, because you really need it. He leaves. Tia heard them. Tia smiles seeing Anika and gives a flying kiss.

Shivaye says I don’t know why is she doing this, there would be some reason. Tia says there is reason, I did Anika’s tarot reading and got this card for Anika, Love. He says Love, no Anika does not have any lover. She says universe indicates this, Anika did a lot for us, its our turn to pay her back, I really think we should find a good life partner for her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. priya

    Anika,pls expose tia fast infront of shivaya.till that he won’t beleive u.And I feel bad for om,one think I can’t digest to see om-riddihma pair.pls make ishana comeback to show.i missing her badly,pls pair up ishkara and riddhima wit om…

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Ya true… even I don’t like Riddhima and Om together but this is fact that now Ishaana can not come back na!!!!!

  2. Neesha

    I think the person is entering as a shivays friend Dhruv is a Tias boy friend and may be this is there plan to keep Anika busy some were else for that he may show interest in her.

    • Lids

      I also think the same. Why now, is Tia concern for her love life. It just to make sure that Anika is too busy with someone else and not keeping an eye on her. Can’t wait for the moment that the truth comes out and I hope its in front of everyone. Shivaye better say sorry so many times that Anika tells him to “shut up already”.

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Same pinch…. even I thought the same!!!! May be Tia bring out Anika’s lover topic so that she can bring Daksh, who might be Tia’s bf, in Oberoi Mansion and they can keep Anika away from Shivaay and also distract her from Tia.

  3. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Oh god… Now i m not lyking this track….. I want back old shivika ka nok jhok…… I m hating this tia now….. Now they would make it like all the other draame vala serials… 😨😨😵😵 i m missing old ishqbaaz

  4. Razna

    Ooo what an episode!!! I really enjoy the rumya part…but wht om did today is really wrong.why he take the help of drugggggg wht hppnd to him…..and ridhmaa ki re entry….i didnt like this…..
    And shivika……what the hell tia want…why shivay disnt try to understand anika…..he know very well that anika also want his happiness. He know that anika has good charecter….. I think there is somwthing in his mind. He know something about tiaa……dont know kab hogi nayi entriessa. Iam eagerly waiting for thattttt
    Hi frndss how ru???????

    • Abiha

      Heyy razna d …m r u…?if m not mistaken i think today is ur birthday…m i right or no…,?
      If right then happy birthday ….have a blessed years of life ahead….

      @Todays is my sister”s birthday also….

      • Razna


        |Registered Member

        Nooooo dearrr tomarrrow is my birthdayy……..and thanku verymuch for remembering my previous comment….now iam so happpy becoz i got somany precious frndz here like uuuuuu and give my bday wishesh to ur siss

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      Hey RAZNA..hw r u dr..??…OM didn’t tk da drug’s help easily dis time..coz he cn realise his brothrs’ nd Ridhima’s previous battle to bring hm to da normal life…bt nw his situatns hs bn gettng worse day by day..nd he is all he couldn’t stop himself finly….

      • Razna


        |Registered Member

        Yyaa i know…but i cant see om in this condition…it make me cryyyyy……
        And diiiiam fine..what about uuuuuuu????

  5. Loveleen


    |Registered Member

    Ohh so…ridhima is back to omm….I really dnt want her wid omm….plz CVs chng d heroine of omm….they dnt make a gud pair…or else they cud hv shwd us ridhima tht way so dat we wud hv strtd lyking her….d shw has becm partial …nly shivika n rumya scenes….no pair fr my fav omm….

  6. Sahanaa


    |Registered Member

    At this moment.. tia is the most hated person on earth!!😆 universe.. isko utha le baba!!😂😂
    Sso will soon be jalkukdi and i m eagerly waiting for dat.. daksh entry into the house..😊 someone should just get fire extinguisher.. psycho romi part hillarious😂😂..
    Poor om!! But story must move ahead.. btw i like om’s story progress..
    Nw have to wait till monday😒

  7. aahana

    Todays shivika fight was hurting n om s track was heart wrenching……d only good thing was roumya. I hate dis tia to d core now!!but really it isnt shivaye s fault this time kz he is buzy in his probs n warried for his bros dt he s finding evrything trash n whn anika keeps on trying to prove tia wrong without any proof dn he s starting to get pissed over her again.dts d reason for shivika fight today. N dis tia was dumb 1 epi earlier n now she z into planing n ploting?? really? She belongs to those ppl who believe in YEEDA BN K PEEDA KHANA.act dumb infront of shivaye n b a b*t*h at his back!!! I really wanna throw cowdung at her face so dt she use her reiki for herself!!!

    • Abiha

      Heyyy how r u…?
      Even i like zoologt instead of botany…n yeah till now we r reading organic n physicall n m equally good in both …can’t say about in organic but m quite sure it will also b good…
      N about commenting regulary yr m having lil eye infection n this smog in our area increasing this… may b from now m lil regular….

      • Mukta


        |Registered Member

        Abiha take care yar…. I’ve aspects and I know how irritating it is to wear them… hope ur eyes get fine soon!!! Don’t stress ur eyes much!!!! It’ll be okay if you will not comment for few days…. we will miss u but at least it’ll relieve ur pain!!!! Take care dear……

  8. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    I have completely lost my patience with Anika failing repeatedly, Tia succeeding in fooling duffer Shivaay and making Anika look bad. I know the track will go to Shivaay’s jealousy now but the Tia track has made me lose patience. The only positive thing is that , it will be good that Shivaay realizes he loves Anika and wants her before he comes to know Tia’s truth. That will be a stronger kind of love in a way. It won’t be like , since Tia is now proven bad, now Shivaay is beginning to accept Anika. If you know what I mean.
    Then it would be a love that was simply destined and meant to be.

  9. Divya

    Guys , I noticed from today’s episode when anika says “that you feel an ordinary girl like me, who do not have blood, family line, upbringing like you rich people, you feel I want to take Tia’s place and trap you to become rich”….shivay was getting hurt by her was seen in his eyes…I feel that shivay doesn’t like the fact that anika is from a ordinary family ,blood and family line …and he wish she was from better family…but shivay …love doesn’t look on to any of these facts…u have to realize that..

      • Mukta


        |Registered Member

        Am I dreaming……. see who’s commenting….. MISHRI!!!!! Where were u all these days?? I was missing ur comment na…..

  10. rohan

    I expected this as from now on shivaye feel jealous.. new entry for anika … it’s gonna be lot more fun … I want ishkara… vrushi plzzzzzzzzz come back..

  11. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Felt sad for om. Mayb last time in the swimming pool scene when rudra was talking about romi devi om was laughing. Uske baad voh kab khulkar hasa mujhe yaad nehi hai. Miss ur the cutest smile om. But I like ur character as a sensitive nd emotional person who can’t bear guilt nd wants support. Whenever I see om only one song plays in my mind- kabar par mere sar uthake khari hoon zindegi aise marna hai mujhe, zinda hoon yaar kafi hai. I like his character a lot.

  12. nayana

    pls clear one of the mysteries wat abt acp, little kid , accident girl( dead or alive) then gayathri & now i heard new entry as shivaays childhood friend so love triangle again riddihma back om is so sensitive he always says that one 4 all & all 4 one then why did he hide this secret from shivaay ? at least he can help him out

  13. Persis Umrigar Khambata

    I want to take shivay that he will be marry to anika… my pleasure! Im sure, people wants to know and watch this serial.. hope, they did not want to see shivay wed tia. They are so sad and big doubt look worse….

  14. Bshama1239


    |Registered Member

    I think Tia’s bf is dhurav shivaay childhood friend I feel this because of the precap..
    Romi omg its a limit ….😖
    Rumya nahiiiiiiiii was 😂😂😂😂😂
    Tej is again wanting the same desire which was and is incomplete …
    Omg😱😱😱😰😨 om faints and riddhima makes him awake….
    Shivika fight was like anika was correct…

  15. Archiya

    So Anika gt trapped by tia.. so obvious.. when tia knows tat anika was trying to expose her.. which fool will call her bf to her hubby home.. Anika just saw what tia wanted to show her.
    An i feel Shivay was rite in today epi, he behaved well towards her till now, when she told him abt Tia,even though she cld nt prove anything.May b even today shivay wld have been quiet if nt for om.Only bcoz om was hurt shivay lost his cool.An today shivay did nt speak abt khoon,khandan.. i dont think he was even thinking about that.. i m sure only OM was on his mind.

    Devi sole purpose was to marry u Rudy.. so wen ur married now why run?

    I agree with what said Tej today,everyone will face obstacles and u have to win over them by urselves.. everytime someone is nt gng to b thr fr u. Bt its a serail afterall an he is shown to be sensitive:)
    But r they gonna pair ridhima fr om? As he woke listening to her voice.. Pls dont do that.. v need a new entry an a beautiful love story fr OM as well… he deserves it.. infact i m waitin fr his love story the most.. as its gng to b the most passionate

    Precap looks intersting.. hopefully its nt tia who will bring dhruv in Anika’s life.. bt its will b worth seeing Shivay reaction.. a glimpse of it was seen in precap itself

    • Deeps

      Tia is stupid dear everyone knows it. And I think she knows that Anita is following her and so it was her plan to make her fall in shivays eyes. And yes riddhima is shown again and again so I think she is his love interest. But plz change the actress. I don’t think shrub will be tias bf and also I don’t think he will be sent by Tia. And Romo she is stupid phsycho

  16. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    I agree with some guesses that maybe Dhruv is Tia’s bf. She will bring him in the house to distract Anika in which case he will flirt with her without really feeling anything for her andTia will be able to now meet him openly without hiding. By the end of the track Anika or Shivaay may realize the reality of T and D and in a mahatwist Shivika might get married. For a change this time, even if it is a marriage without confession and seemingly forced, please let it be Anika’s who has misunderstanding and Shivaay who is understanding everything. Different from IPKKND. Thoraa to different hogaa.

    • Shekhar

      DIYAA MAM, Don’t jump over any guessing, conclusion, let DHRUVV/DAKSH get entered, and see what is going on for 2-3 epis. Do not expect from Director to serve you a READY DISH! GK will serve the SECRET DISH in installment, till than look at DHRUVV/DAKAH or whatever he may be as to create more confusion.

  17. Samm


    |Registered Member

    i haven’t watched today’s episode yet, but i feel like killing shivaay and asking him where his kanji eyes have gone?! he can’t see anything nowadays! or maybe i should direct that question towards the writers!!! missing good, old, fun ishqbaaz!

  18. Shekhar

    Look at convo between SHIVIKA!
    “….TIA is my family now, did you get that? So from today, stay away from my family and TIA. If you like to help, help your self, you realy need it!”

    So we have, what he said.
    But what he didn’t say?
    What TIA didn’t get?
    And what SSO wished ANIKA to get understand?
    You may find different SSO not shown so far.
    Looking at TAROT card , without giving a second thought , making his face, asked” LOVE?!, No, ANIKA does not have any lover!”
    I would like to say, SSO, before TIA complete her sentense literally, with sudden changed expression on face ,words slipped out of his mouth unconsciously “LOVE!? NO, ANIKA DOES NOT HAVE ANY LOVER!”
    Anyway, since few days,

  19. indera sanichara

    Anika don’t let Tai find a man for you, tell her when the time is right you will find your own man to love., also when your job finish there you won’t be at their place anymore. So you don’t want her man.


    I dont like riddima and om pair. they initialy showed riddima character as fraud character. so she cant be the love interest for our favourite om. I thought om is more concern about his brothers so i thought he will wake up after shivay call. bt he woke up after hearing riddi-ma’s voice. Rudy is missing from obroy mansion. i want him to back and take care about his brother. om’s track is more interesting. Should give more attention for it

  21. ziya

    Do far i have noticed that every mystery track had been solved quickly…in two or three days, the cd case, the electric shock and all that. But i think this tia n om wala track has been dragging for long…and what about that gaythri death. No one is even remembering her

  22. Abiha

    One side my eye infection irritating me n secondly this tia……m just hoping that her reikies backfire on her….n expose her true face….rumya rocked….curious to know what will they do know….n tej saying that even one day they marry we will not got to know of this remark my words….😂😂😂😂😂already one of them married in same way….😂😂😂……can’t say that waiting to see shivaye jealous bcz due to eyes can’t see…😂😂😂😂

  23. Deeps

    Did anyone notice when a month ago the cap came anika was his family. And now he says don’t interfere in my family and stay away from my family members and Tia. Always she only helped u. And what the hell did he do for her and her family . With family I remembered where is sahil. Does not the director wants to show sahil at all after showing his cute scenes. I hate Romo and feel very sad that she is always behind him. But good for rumya they r married. My dear om why do u take druggggs o God I just hate ur this habit. I think riddhima is oms love interest as she is shown again and again. But plaza change the actress. I don’t like this riddhima. Hate u Tia. U want to fix anika with someone. First u fix urself for gods sake. Where r all the ishqbaazians. Very less comments plz comment more and more.

  24. Abiha

    Heyyy guys …how r u all..??
    Good morning….
    Have a nice sunday….

    @Mukta ,renima d ,nevidha d , shivani d, shahabana d, tridha , razna d ,saku, veda d, bshama d ,disha,aahana,richu d ,rosu d ,sat ,roz d, chetna,shaza ,priya ,piyuuu, dhruvv bhai ,dhruvvv bhai, tharu d,sahanaa…..Sorry if i forgot anyone …
    How r u all…??

  25. Veda


    |Registered Member

    I’m happy dat OM is mentally soo much attached wid RIDHIMA…A OM like sensitv person cant b in a relatnshp snce 3 yrs widout being mentally attached.. bt how dey hd showed OM as qt indifrnt (nt fully)towrds RIDDHIMA,dat was nt da OM THING…da passiont lovr image suits him da best…seems like RIDHKAARA brk up wouldn’t tk much time…jst hope dey wouldn’t drag it like dis SHITIA crap….

    SHIVAY’s guilty feelng fr nt being OM’s side made me nostalgic…..dat old SHIVAY, da forgotten SHIVAY,da eldest brother SHIVAY is back…..hope to c sm BROMANCE in upcomng EPI..donno wen mah thirst wold b quenched…. !!!!! 🙁 :'( 🙁 MISSING SHIVKAARA,MISSING SHIVOMRU….

    Nd Tej fits better in dis incarnation….da hidden jealousy towrds Shivay,da tendency to make OM da “waarish”, nt understndng OM’s feelngs,OM’s passion…..wen he tries to b so sweet mujhe MICHMICHI hoti hey….lagta hey na jane daal mein kya kala hey ya phir pura dal hi kala hey…!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Tej’s words came true,,,,,,So happy for Rumya,,,,at first I was nt much happy hearing abt their mrg thinking that their story will get sidelined,,,,bt this track was good

    Anika did foolishness by letting Tia knw abt her doubts,,,,hw could she think that all will trust her without any proof,,,,she could hv planned wisely,nw Shivaaye’s never gonna trust any of her words… glad that the jealousy tracks soon gonna start

    And m really confused abt Om’s love stry,,,,cvs said that they will bring new girl for him and what’s this,,,,,,Riddimmaa’s back…..Nd why he z nt sharing evrythng wid his bros,,,,when he got stressed,he called Riddhimma instead of Shivaaye/Rudra,,,,

    • shahabana

      Helloo roz. Om doesn’t want to disturb his brothers , he thinks if shivaye get to know this then he will take everything on his head and om loves his brothers a lotz

  27. Shekhar

    TIA the poor girl!
    Since few days, she scared for sense, and all of sudden we find her regaining her sense, and get involved in conspiracy against ANIKA!
    Actually it is not against ANIKA, she never gave any importance to ANIKA untill she found ANIKA as a hurdle for what she is marrying with SSO. HER mischief lead her think otherwise and trapped ANIKA.
    I found TIA never worrying either for RUDRA and OM who never prefer TIA for a good bride for SSO. And they never hide their dislikes even from TIA . On other side, her mystery man enters two times into OM without caring the consequences of what may happen if his this act exposed!! What makes TIA and her BF two meets in OM itself? Does TIA’s mother aware of this BF and their meets in OM?
    There seems no sense to make TIA dumb from clever, and again clever enough to trap ANIKA again. Viewers just can not diet such UPS/DOWNS in charectors

  28. Sahanaa


    |Registered Member

    i feel tia is making shivaay more close to anika in precap.. he is indirectly getting close to anika.. he is getting insecure n jealous.. n i like that.. i want him to get more n more insecure jealous n hurt which will force him to confess his feelings.. like
    he should anika is only mine….

    • Diyaa


      |Registered Member

      You are right Sahanna. The Tia track is bringing ShivIka closer. When the truth is out, imagine how sorry Shivaay will feel for doubting her. And it will be a treat to watch high and mighty SSO when another guy flirts with Anika 😋

  29. nysha

    Plss anyone tell me where is vrushika Mehta …what happened to her character..did she left the show ..i wasn’t a regular viewer of ishqbaaz ..sometimes before she was seen in the show ..

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Actually Vrushika left the show and Ishaana’s character, which has been played by Vrushika has ended now!!!! There will be new lead opposite to Om!!!!

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Same with me Nithu di…. like when Riddhima behaves nicely with Om…. I feel like they make a good pair but when she behaves dominating, I feel like kicking her out!!!!



    |Registered Member

    Anika is doing right thing but in wrong way.. as she always provide hint to tia about what is she is going to do and tia saves herself… this is stupidity of anika…

    And i feel bad for Om, he or priyanka must tell truth atleast now, as this will create more problem…

    Tej precidtion got right that Rudra married and they do not know… waiting for what will they tell family

  31. shahabana

    Hellooo gd afternoon happy Sunday guyz.
    Abiha im fine baby tc of ur health and get well soon dr.
    And coming to the episode what i liked thats shivayes caring towards omkara loved that scene. Really its treat to watch shivkara. How shivaye feeled its his mistake to not taking care of his brother loved it how caring he towards his family.
    And rumya they where really cute couple and this devi rumi back to irritating rumya and ordience.
    And this tia she started to show her colours. Tia never thought thar anika will become hurdle in her motivation so she never cared about anika but now anika is becoming hurdle in her motive so she is trying to make difference btwn shivika. But im eagerly waiting to watch jelousy sso precape is worth to watch his expression when tia is mentioning about love in anikas life.
    But my poor omkara whats happening with him. I just hope everything will get fine in oms life and ridhima is back hope their breakup will happen soon.
    And this tej he is really disgusting he doesn’t care about omkara he just cares about his buesiness. He always jelousy with sso and he want to make omkara like shivaye. He is not accepting omkara the way he is but he always compares om with shivaye. He was saying om is weak but he is not trying to understand his sons problem i think this tej should learn something from sso. This tej only cares about buesiness but not about family. But one of his prediction is becoming true his son got married but no one is aware of this. Im really exited to watch oberois reaction on rumya marriage that will be really fun.

  32. aahana

    If dy would hv started with ridkara frm d starting n told abt there relationship frm d frst page rather dn opting for 2GFS EACH norm for om then it would hv been d best couple n an intense lv story(ofcrs after roping in a good lead for om).to me ishkara has a wonderful lv story n keeping 2 grls for om whn he is a relationship-oriented-one-woman-honest-man dn it would not go wd oms personality..either dy could hv started ridkara afresh or not hv mentioned of it abit.talking abt om n drugs it could hv gone as….om did smthing bad in d past n shivru helped him overcome its guilt n drug abuse n acp comes n blackmails him n dn his gals entry could b now in dis track n like rudy said she could b a counceller n there story could kick start frm here…..THOUGH AFTER 110 EPISODES BUT OM S PAIR COULD HAVE ENTERED N TJERE STORY COULD HV STARTED NOW….
    I kno m not an expert in ploting n storytelling but this situation has d answer to all d probs of d cvs regarding oms lv story…..wt do u ppl think??? Its just my pov n m not against ishkara or in favour of ridkara but in favour of oms lv story…cvs om ki love story is plot pe kse b start kr skte the ya to vo ishana ko le late as his counceller ya to vo ridima ko hi rkhte but koi achi actress ko late n unki luv story ko shuru se start krte…

    Or han in my openion hme ridkara isliye nhi achi lgi kuki v already knew k om will b having sm1 else but not ridima in his life but agr asa kuch na hota to v would hv loved ridkara to d core…..

    • Tarika

      Aahana Riddhima was never meant to be Omkaras main lead from the start only. There is no love story to show between Omkara & Riddhima.
      This girl playing Riddhima was only roped in to play a cameo for a month but her role got dragged as Ishana who was suppose to be Omkaras main lead, her track did not work and had to eventually be scrapped out.
      There is no way Riddhima can play his new lead. They have to get a new girl for Om. Though at present his track is just too confusing and don’t know where it’s all leading to.
      Don’t know why Riddhima has re entered in such a dramatic way yesterday. But I think she is going turn grey in her character or she may part ways with Om as a good friend.

  33. Renimarenju


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    Hey my pretty ishqies……






  34. Renimarenju


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    Advance Birthday Wishes to Razna Ishqie….

    Brighten this day with your sweet smile

    Keep your beloved ones with you as they values you

    Enjoy your day which will tell you what you are

    Shine like the sun in birthday as only you are special in your birthday…..

    Razna…ishqie…..many more happy returns of the day….in advance

    • Razna


      |Registered Member

      Thank u renima diiiii…….really u and abiha were the first one who wishes me in this yrrrr…..
      I joined ishquie famly bofor some dayss. But after met u all i feel that its for a long time……i will really miss uu …plz try to join uss…..and take care ..wishing u a happy journey

  35. Renimarenju


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    Ishqbaaz……Ishqie Family….don’t know when i will be able to comment here as tomorrow itself am leaving to new office…..







    From Renima Ishqie…. …

    keep ishq @ ur hearts…..

    • shahabana

      I will really miss ur comments dr plsss try to comment when u gets time and thanks for this beautiful poem

    • Abiha

      Such a lovely poem d ….n yeah i forgot to say that also take care of ur health…n may u get alllll the hapiness in ur life….

    • Yazhu


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      Have a safe journey renima di…will miss you, your comments n your ffs too…take care of yourself di…all the best for your profession and future di…

    • Disha


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      Such a lovely poem DI
      ,may your all dreams come true ,u get all happiness and success in your life.
      Happy journey, Take care
      Will miss u a lot

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      It’s very lovely poem di…. I’ll miss u very much and ur poems also….. plz try to comment daily, if possible….. and take care of ur health…. don’t stress urself much…. wahan join karne k bad leave le lena or apne peir ka dhyan rakhna….. Happy and Safe Journey and All The Very Best!!!!! Love uh very much……

  36. Abiha

    @veda d…
    @nevidha d….
    M also fine….lil eye infection itherwise all ok…
    @shahabana d eye infection is disturbing me due to smog ….in our area…so don’t know when i ‘ll b totally fine….

  37. ayat

    hii guyzz??? hows u all? ….too pollution in ncr…..
    abt epi i think ridhima is nyc guyzz… cvs fill up our minds dt new lead come bt if we see d ridhimaa character she is gud… she cares 4 Om, loves him ,give him space nd she is der when om needs him…….bt may b again cvs spoil her character when new lead come…..
    nd come to rumya, der marriage was full of comedy nd drama…..
    interesting to see d jealousy track of shivika…. just to end d character of tia, cvs spoil her character….
    i think druvv is d bf of tia cuz in precap tia say to shivaye dt they hv to find a life partner 4 anika nd den may b dats her plane(entry of druv)…..dats my guess nd druvv have some enimity wid shivaye….

  38. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Diyaa, Lids, Neesha, Bshama1239 might be right about new coming Dhruv to be Tia’s BF. Or it could be just a coincidence. 🙂

    1. I don’t think any girl even Tia would ask her BF to fall in attachment with someone else.
    *But we don’t get Tia’s motives for marriage she is from rich family, she is in love with someone, she can see Shivay not caring about her but she still wants to marry him. What is it on the table? Money? Respect? Revenge? Hope it’s going to be an interesting reason beyond it.

    2. Shivay will be not hurt so much to know Tia is not what he thought, it was always a union of equal “no emotions”, more deal than love. But it would be painful for him to know his friend betrayed him.
    * But it is really looks a bit suspicious of Tia talking about bringing love to Anika and having a BF whose name start with D, and just then Dhruv arrives to flirt with Anika.

    As we all remember, Anika wanted to have someone to love her and care. If this new hero is going to show his attitude with open heart and shower Anika with compliments and no prejudice about her family he might win her heart, or at least she may feel falling in love with him.

    It’s right time for new man to try to get Anika’s attention, Shivay does not trust her, he was very strict last time “… Tia is my family now, stay away from my family and Tia…”. If you remember he was saying some time ago that Anika is manipulative, calculative gold-digger girl, then after the gas attack he changed his mind, looks like he makes a step back these days.

    I just guess that Anika will really like Dhruv, and he might even propose and she say “yes”, but then something will go wrong. Whatever it could be Tia and Dhruv are together and Shivay find it out, or Shivay finds out about Tia betray and in the same time he finds Dhruv was just playing with Anika’s feelings. So Shivay will take Dhruv place to marry Anika at a very last moment to keep her from disgrace and try to safe her broken heart.

    I think Shekhar is right, we can hardly guess what story it’s going to be, only Gul Mam know where creative calls will take us 🙂

    Coming to episode, I think it was very meaningful. Many dialogs, time well divided between all of them, and even some things cleared:
    * Riddhima is back
    * Tia is in opposition to Anika and no more trying to pretend to be a “good girl” with her
    * Oberoi family knows about Om being back to drugs
    * we see the crack between Tej and Janvi

  39. shekhar

    After adding my FEW words i would like to quote your one sentence, rathar interoretaion,


    What i understand what you interpret is this, right?
    but, if it is so, I differ.
    It is no so, and just can not be so. Read intial words if SSO in precap!
    He has not lost trust from over ANIKA, but he get puzzled! He just can’t understand , ANIKA tried two times failed to prove herself, and still he GET ANIKA continue with her doubts, why? And see, he get dissapinted with ANIKA, not for she doubted over TIA, but for, she did not follow his instruction to look after OM! See that part of epi again, you will find this right! HE DID NOT LOST TRUST FROM OVER ANIKA, AND PERHEPS WILL NEVER! HE CAN SCOLD HER, HATE HER, BUT NEVER CAN LIST TRUST FROM OVER ANIKA, BY ALL MEANS! PROOF OF THIS YOU WILL FIND THROUGHT NEXT EPIS!

  40. shekhar

    I suggest, do not make assumption over any new charector untill we find it on screen. We have ten thousands+ name on alphabet D, not DHRUVV, DAKSH only!

    • DaSha

      Shekhar, thank you for your opinion, you always have strong and very persuasive arguments, but this time I will stay with my point of view.

      To be more correct I will say Shivay does not trust Anika when it comes to Tia. She failed to prove Tia’s betray several times and more of it she was not careful and let Tia know about her suspicions. It is just her word against Tia word. Shivay got an opinion Anika is in love with him (to be more correct there is ‘something between them’ as he told), and this makes him feel Anika is not objective. For me it was clear he underlined his trust to fiancée and pointed Anika is not part of the family he cares. So he is making step back in trusting her and doubting her motives.

      Coming to my guesses, well, I prefer to discuss story in general to understand the development of the characters not just focus on 1 episode, but to see the whole picture. That’s why I always suggest hypotheses about where the story goes and analyze what had already happen. This is just the way I like to comment.

      Let me say again you have perhaps the most profound analysis comparing to anyone else. I always read your comments and find them very interesting. But this time I’m not agree. 🙂

      • shekhar

        OK, thanks for having a look over my views out of your reply secton.
        This is your views, against my views, and appreiate you for your frank and healthy arguments.
        So far as trust is concerned, ANIKA has earned that trust, rathar I would like to say, while it is not so in TIA case. His trust over TIA is a DEFAULT TRUST which always take place when one one get in a relation with . Here we see this trust for TIA, which was not earned. This default trust will be there untill TIA herself give a reason to break it. As viewers, only we know, this trust is only a illussion, and TIA never found to maintain that default trust, rathar she try to keep SSO in illusion.
        There is always a vast diffeence between a default trust and earned trust, and because of
        this earned trust, he preferred to call ANIKA to see and then look after OM. ………will continue, in hurry please……..
        I also would like to say, your trust

      • shekhar

        I would like to say, your trust over anyone can not be broken easily, whether it is default or earned, very tough is that job. And ANIKA was doing that tough work, and failed .
        2ndly, either quantum or types of trust does not decide you are belong to family or not. Its a deal between feelings of two person.

        you heard and saw SSO saying”…..TIA IS MY FAMILY. STAY AWAY FROM TIA AND MY FAMILY” ! But no one either heard or seen what he didn’t say!, that is ” but not from me”

        now what I m writing ahead is my logical assumption, but in my POV, perfectly fitted with the charector SHIVAAY in the way it was framed . In the PRETEXT of malafide intention, it seems to me, SSO was seeking her to committ her feelings for him, but simply it was not like that. And that’s why ANIKA find it necessary to clear here intention. She confronted him and cleared to him that she was not doing, doubting TIA to make place for herself in his life. He seems to me, he took her each word for word, and that’s why we , as per precap if it is a continuous one, found him saying ” I don’t know why she is doing this, there would be some reason!”

      • shekhar

        See, what ANIKA is? She is a simple and innocent girl. Her needs are very simple, she needs money so she can take care of her bro SAHIL. For her, everything is either black or white, as SSO said for OM. Both OM and ANIKA are simple , soft hearted, human by nature, and honest. There is one difference we found, ANIKA is mentally strong, while it is not so for OM. Otherwise OM would not opted for drug in distress. So why, SSO never dared to take ANIKA as granted. He know, ANIKA has her own views, own perspectives, and she will do only those things which she find ok. She can go against anyone, if she find it necessary, evend against himself. In the background of this, we found SSO behaving and talking with ANIKA very cautious. What ever the weakness of SSO are, ANIKA is strong against each his weakness. That’s why, she snatched mobile from his hand and get the matter settled between SIDHDHART and zMALLIKA by talking being SSOO.


      • SHEKHAR

        To get failed twice does not means she is wrong. Atleast she has enough proof to continue with doubting over TIA.
        As to above observation , I believe, even after getting failed twice proving her doubts over TIA, she will continue with her work because she is not used to giveup anywork unfinished, and for that she may confont anyone again, and will prove that TIA has shade other than WHITE, and for that she will be ready to face any consequencies.

  41. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Wooow shivaay will break his relationships with tia and declare marriage with anika!!!!!!!!
    Guyzzzzz be ready for the twist………….
    We will luv this moment of shivika………..
    After anika exposes the bad intentions of tia shivaay gets angry and brakes all his relationships with tia therefore decides to marry anika who saved His life from the betrayal of tia!!!

    How’s that???????

    Mukta abiha Reni diiii Veda shama saahana samyukta saku Luna shahbana edsanjida kiki nithu shivu dhruv Bhai muktiii diya niveditha shaza sat yazhu hayaa mary aahana roz dear rosu……how r u all??????
    Happieeeee bdayyyy dear razna!!!!!!!
    May god bless you with a happy and healthy life sweetie!!💖💝👑🎁🎂🎈🎉🎊

    • Samyukta

      Richu di I’m fine and really wanted tia to get out from shivaye ‘s life irritating but there would be a new entry of shivaye best friend daksh who would create a love triangle and I think daksh will be the bf of tia just hoping for good things and rumya marriage very funny and richu di how r u hope u r fine di??

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      I’m fine Richu..hw r u..???…I don’t knw u qt cn u tell me ur age plz??..nd wr r u frm..??.. 😊😊 ……

      I hrd dat SHIVIKA mrg gonna tk place to boost up da fallng TRP..donno is it a rumour or nt bt if dey r planning a forced mrg it vl affect da TRP more…SHIVAY has to confess his love b4 mrg…othrwise SHIVIKA bond wl ls its CHARM..

      • SHEKHAR

        It will be CHARM OF LOVE, if he confess to ANIKA, before realisation of TIA’s secret! It will be a PEAK of love, and will leave a excellent message to youngster for which this serial has been made. That will be believed as a explicit UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !

    • Yazhu


      |Registered Member

      Hi Richu…I’m fine and how are you yaar???
      I don’t know what’s the upcoming twists we’re gonna see in the new entry of dhruv/dhaksh whoever is gonna play vital role in bringing Shivika much closer together I think…waiting for Tia to get exposed…

    • Razna


      |Registered Member

      ooohhh thank u very much richu…i dont know that is am younger to u or not….so iam calling you by your name…….and really my pet name is also richuuu……so iam so happy to met u…and once again thanku for ur hearty wishes………..

  42. mishri

    Alll new ppl!!!wow!!!welcome guyz!!!so happy 2 c u guyz…i hate om obsession of ridhima!!nd roumya toooo is becumn boring cz oberoi mansion is setious nd thr scene is funny..its a bit finalyyy married!!😍😍..shivaay is terribly hurt nd he deserves it…i haaate ridima nd i want more shivika..i miss d old ISHQBAAZ…

  43. Abiha

    @samyukta….ofcorse i remember u yrr…how r u..?m fine….actually i was also not there almost for 10 days…n 3_4 days before i rejoined….n i just wrote names those r active here…so sorry yr for not mentioning ur name…

  44. Abiha

    Good morning….
    How r u all…?
    Have a nice n blessed day….
    N beautiful start of week….
    Good morning…

  45. Saku

    A very very happy birthday🍫🍫🍨enjoy the day…hv a blast🎉🎉…may u get all the happiness in ur life nd a great year ahead…

  46. Saku

    @ABIHA Di
    I m fine di….hw r u now?? Hw is he eye infection??? Take care di…

    gud morning di…i m fine…hw r u???…

    @RENIMA Di
    Wish u a Happy n safe journey di…will b missing u…cone back soon di😁

  47. Saku

    Ok so coming to episode it was combo of emotions n humour one side I was laughing like hell nd other side it was silence….rumya part was funny..rumis angry avatar made me laugh more thnk god after couple of epi will not hv to bear that devi anymore…
    Riddhima is back..n all r thinking on took drugs bcoz of riddhima…
    I think some how tej is right that drugs is not the solution n we should know hw 2 deal wd problems..
    Shivaye is blaming himself for om’ s condition but wht will happen when he will come to know that it’s all coz of acp waiting for dat…..
    I m very much excited to see what will happen when all come to know abt rumya marriage….

    • shahabana

      Helloo saku. Im agree with ur point that tej is correct because taking drugs is not solution for any problem but tej also not fully correct bcz tej is worried about his business more than his son. He want a comptetion for sso nothing else. I sometimes feels that for tej business is more than everything

  48. Samyukta

    Razna very happy birthday 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊 live a healthy and happy life best wishes and regards from SAMYUKTA

      • Samyukta

        Ye mukta because of my exams and tuitions I was not able to comment and I was missing u all bit how r u ?? Mukta I really want anika to expose tia and now the new entry will create a love triangle and billu ji will be jealous fun

    • Razna


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      ooohhh thanku thanku thanku thanku veryyyyyyy much samyukta…..i am so glad to be friend with u…….i think it is for the first time i get somany wishes……its only because of u all my ishquieesssss …..and your vishesh will be mine best and ever b day gift in my life……

  49. Veda


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  50. shahabana

    Wishing a very very happyyy birthday razna dr ,i wish all ur good wishes to came true and stay happy and healthy always. May allah bless u sweety

    • Razna


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      thankss a lott…shahbana…..thank u very muchhh for ur hearty wishhh…i will never forget my this birthdayyyyy becoz of u all ishquieess…and today iam really missing renima diii

  51. ayat

    hii @abiha m f9 nd ncr is National Capital Region……d area dt attached or near to capital…. ghaziabad,nodia…well m live in Ghaziabad nd too much smog in atmosphere……

  52. Mukta


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    Wish u a very happy birthday…. may ur special day brings lots of happiness and success in your life and God fulfill all your wishes in this year!!!!!
    SORRY for late wishes…. I really forgot that it’s 7 today…. that’s why I’m late!!!! Hope you won’t mind and forgive your lil sis!!!!

    • Razna


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      hi everyonee yazhu, rosu,disha, mukta…….thank u veyyyyy much for ur wishesssss……i dont know how to express my happiness…..its only becoz of u ishquieessss thanku for making my life happyyyyyyy

  53. Mukta


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    Good Afternoon all the Ishqies…. how are u all?? Hope everyone is fit and fine!!!!!

    @Ahiba dear take care of ur eyes and don’t stress them much!!!!

    @Renima di we all will miss u very much… plz try to comment…. love uh…..

    @Roz di where are u?? Missing ur comments!!!!!

    @Saku and @Samyukta how are u both?? Hope u r doing well!!!!!!

    @Shama di and @Sahana di how are u??

    @Mishri di it’s been very long u commented…. where were u?? Missed ur comments very much….. plz try to be regular na!!!!!!

    And ALL THE MISDING ISHQIES plz plz comment…. u can see that no. of comments r decreasing day by day…. we all miss u and ur lovely comments…. plz come back… hope u will not disappoint me and other Ishqies here and will come back!!!!!! Love uh all…💕💕

    • Abiha

      Heeyyyy….can’t say thankssss….but a biggggg hug for ur concern….lv u…n yeah i passed ur wishes to my sis….

      Now my eyes are lil bit ok…but if a study for 2 hours then again it will start so m using mobile or studying in breaks like one hour read n half n hour to rest….😂😂😂how r u…?clg reopened ..??or not.?

    • Saku

      Hellooo mukta!!!…i m fine yaar…hw r u???…sorry for replaying late actually I was in college n then tuitions…..
      Anyways y not commented for 2 days???..all ok na??..

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    guyzzz..did nyone notice a glimpse of da promo of an upcoming serial on star plus….???..I just saw dat….bt couldn’t notice da name s NAKUSHI or smthng like dat…donno its gonna replace which one…nd as v all knw MEENU MAUSI nd MANGALSUTRA yt to cm soon..oooppsss..sms like a bunch of new series to b launched in new yr…realising dis my hrt ltrly skipped a bt…. 😑😶😶😑… I don want to sprd ny negatvty hr bt I’m rly scared abt our IB’s life span nd I hv none bt u all to share dis feelng…. 😢

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        Siya ke Ram hs bn replaced alrdy by PARDESH HEY MERA DIL…yup..u r rt…NAMKARAAN hs very low trp even after being telecastd @prime time

  55. Abiha

    M fine yrr thnksss for concern….biggg hug for u both…

    @richu d me too fine…n will b fit n fine in few days…hope so…

    @Mishri… r u…?where was u from sooooo many dayss…??

    @disha …..a big hug yrr for ur concern…n u r mistaken itss abiha not ahiba…n i’ll b ok within few daysss…so don’t worry yr…

  56. aahana

    Happy bdy razna…..god bless u n keep smiling….its my bdy on 16 th of november n m excited abt it too!!!😊😊

  57. Saku

    Guys I m just lil bit confused!!! R there 2 mishri in our group???…or it is the same mishri di who is registered member here?? ?…plz guys do tell me if anyone know??

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