Ishqbaaz 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says no, and stands before Shivaye. The man shoots. Shivaye goes to him and says how dare you, you know who is she, she is my wife. Shivaye tries to snatch the gun. Bullet gets shot. Anika gets shocked.

Some time before, Shivaye and Anika fight with the goons. Goon Amar says let them go Prem, we will leave. Prem shoots Amar. Amar asks why did you shoot me and falls. Prem shoots at Shivaye and Anika. They move. Shivaye beats him and asks how dare you, you know who is she, she is my wife. Shivaye tries to snatch the gun. Bullet gets shot. Anika gets shocked and shouts Shivaye.

Amar sees him arm shot. He falls down. Anika hugs Shivaye. Music plays…..

She asks are you fine. He nods. He asks how are you. She says fine. He asks why did you come in between, if you got shot then,

what do you always save my life. She says I m such, I will always in between. He asks why. She says I m like that. He says even I m like that, I m trying to explain you, I m like you, you can’t see anyone in problem, I can’t be without knowing entire truth, I have this name, blood and family is wired inside me, I can’t change, I m trying, I don’t know what shall I do.

She says I m scared if anything comes in front, how will we face it, my future is affected by past, if my past is such that shakes our relation then… He says our relation can never shake, we won’t let it shake, we will handle it, like we handles these goons, some trees don’t bend in front of any storm, like me, stubborn, I m trying to change, it can’t happen soon, it takes time, its a lifelong process, we will change each other. She nods. He says journey is long, it will take time. They cry. He says our relation won’t be affected, its our responsibility, we accepted each other. She says yes. He says we will handle it and holds her face. Inspector says seeing you two, I recalled a poetry. He tells the lines, journey is long and tough, you change a bit, I will also change a bit and see. He asks them to go home, they will take care of criminals. Shivaye asks Anika to come along. He holds her hand. They smile.

He says I can’t walk more. She says don’t lose courage, something will happen. He asks will miracle happen again. She says yes and tries. She says miracle happened, see. He gets shocked seeing her scooty. She asks him to come and laughs. She says you now believe I have miracle in my fingers. She asks him to sit. He asks where. She says my head, sit beside me, come. He asks how to sit on this. She asks did you not sit on scooty. He says I have private jet, chopper. She says it was… what’s the use of it. He says I will call for it. She says you have no phone, you can sit on scooty for the first time. He says yes, there’s always a first time. He tries and sits in scooty’s extra carrier. She asks did you sit. He says please let it be scooty, don’t make it space shuttle. She asks are you scared. He asks her to wear helmet. He says I m slightly embarrassed. She asks why, because of scooty, or sitting in lower level than wife. He says both, but don’t tell anyone about this. She drives. Yuhin kat jayega safar……plays…..

Their old moments are seen. Pinky says Shivaye was not careless, he is spoiling because of Anika. Anika and Shivaye come home. Pinky asks him where was he, he should have said where is he going. He says I was stuck somewhere. Pinky says I know, you are stuck, you could have called me once, you were away all night. He says I had no phone and car, we were stuck in some adventure, I will rest, we will have lunch together. He asks Anika to come. Anika stumbles. He holds her. She says I m fine.

He takes her along. Pinky looks on and says this is left now, now Shivaye is becoming wife’s puppet, Anika get happy, from today, you and your smile will get lost from this house. Anika says I m fine. Shivaye makes her sit and asks her to show her foot. She says you won’t touch my foot. Pinky comes and sees them. She says Shivaye, there is press conference in an hour time. He says yes, maybe. She says you are forgetting everything.

He says thanks for reminding. She says Guru ji called and asked about kulgotra puja. He asks why did you get after that thing. Pinky says that puja is necessary. He says tell Guru ji we don’t want to do this puja. Pinky thinks Shivaye can’t change truth. She goes. Shivaye checks his clothes. Anika asks you refused for kulgotra puja, you keep family traditions first, is this right. He asks what did we decide, we will accept the way we are, we will change each other, your name, blood and family are not imp than you, past can’t change, we can make present and future beautiful, I m trying to do what you said. She says but such a big decision, you took for me. He holds her face and says for us, we can have bullet for each other, so we can hear Pinky’s scolding as well. They smile.

Shivaye says whatever happiness will come in your life will be to stay forever, I will fight with Lord. Doctor tells Anika that DNA matches, they are brothers. Anika gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Archiya

    Guys just wanted to share this with u
    Some of u might remember that i had shared my shivika VM link here… A guy on utube commented on it tat.. Tum Sab pagal Ho..
    I replied back saying.. Yes we are, as we belong to PKJ…? ?
    M waiting for him to come back n ask what’s PKJ.. Will redirect him to this page ? ? ? ?

    1. Shanaa

      archu di…
      welcome him to pkj

    2. Nivedita

      Ha ha ha???! Good answer! ??

      1. Archiya

        ? what to do, these Ppl need to b ans in this way only

    3. Archiya

      If he asks i surely will ?

  2. @Awwwwwwwwwwwwww my payre Sekhar bhaiya is embarrassed????!!!!??????? ok ok..i will praise you in different way… i will keep.loving your writing skills..???

    @Shree dear, i don’t know but i am sure that that is a fke account name …it seems like that account wala is divayanka fan..

    And exactly. ..ladai ladai maaf karo gandhiji ko yaad karo..of course i am slightly a gandhiwadi?????

    @Ammu dear, yes we should not get stop.but some shivika fandoms are doing bajati of whole fandom.that’s why I was upset..

    @Archu dear, wah wah..jroor uski reply aaye toh plz batana…dekhte he kya reply karta he?????????.PKJ will make his dimag ka gangaram. ..????
    And exactly they are not understanding it is showing their narrow mindness

  3. @sekhar bhaiya yes we will fight …you for Sso and i will finght for my sweet annika didi.. fir hogi 3rd world war ????????????? ( just kidding)

    Bhaiya se ladne main maaza aayega.after all.adhe se jayada apko bhaiya hi toh bulate he .Soo you are the big bro of our PKJ grp… ( like Sso bro of asthababy??????)

    And saw a post on insta. shivika are in
    black..but i don’t think it is realated to can be related to SPA 2017

    And also saw a pic of nakul bhaiya with YHM ki sahgun… so i think it is only for pre -event of SPA..aosa likhatha twitter pe??

    1. Nivedita

      The black outfits, someone else thinks could be for SSO’s birthday?

      1. Meenuu

        Ya i also first thought as SSO’s b’day

    2. Meenuu

      Ya arpu i also saw that insta photos

      First both shivika were in black with beautiful decoration
      And shivaay changed into blue dress and shooted with yhm and pmhmd cast that time annika left

      So the first blackdress shoot is for ib or spa dont know but something romantic is coming up

      1. Nivedita

        On second watch I think it must be for SPA- since the other actors were also there..

      2. Meenuu

        Ya the second one is for SPA because yhm and pmhmd cast were there

  4. LAX


    1. Already voted ???

  5. @Archii…..lets wait fr him to rply…… phir dikhenge hum pkj ka unity 😀 😀
    And one thing to inform u all……today is d lst day of voting……. So plzz vote fr shivika n of course ishqbaaaz…….other fandoms r really vry stong……don’t know where will ib stand… at least we shld try our best……yad h na sabko voting process… chalo strt ho jao…..aakhiri chance hain……
    Haan kitni promotion krli iss page pe… wait fr results

    1. Archiya

      Yeah waiting for him to come back ? an to Woh gaya kaam ke ? pkj usko bhare padega

  6. @Shanna dear, first don’t call me only arpu.or arpi or whatever you want . And thnx for agree with me..

    @mennu dear, hope it will be romantic. ..itne din Shivika ko ek saath dekha he so separation is nnot bearable…

    @and shree exactly. [email protected] dear, bulao usse ham dikhayenge usse pkj ka bahubali wala power???????

    @as you know guys mere hope hamesha bahut unnchi raheti he.
    So now a idea come on my mind.
    That when nayantara will claim my didi as daughter. ..then didi will turn to her jhansi ki rani abtarr and will slap hardly her.and then force her to tell the truth….

    Kassh aise ho jaye na, toh pinky ponky ki Oh My Maata ye 3 words alag ho jayenge?????????

    Kaisa laga mera idea??????? Ek dum dhinchak type ke nahi??????

    @Ammu dear, forgot to say ,You make me the best buudy of week .Awwwwww sooo sweet of you….???????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Archiya

      Bahubali power ? if he gets back I surely Will.. ?

      1. Archiya

        Idea toh dhinchak hai, but don’t know if this all will happen in front of Anika.. N if Anika hits her.. It will b just great

    2. Shanaa

      i guessed that i will b younger than u,
      so callled u di..
      now gonna call u arpoos..(when love increase i add ‘oos’ to names)
      okay na..???

    3. Meenuu

      Yes separation is not bearable
      But as gul said change in shivikas character
      Iam expecting something positively different and interesting

  7. Aastha_Reddy

    Hey Girls.. just saw the marks for Priya’s champions OS writer competition..
    Congratulation to the winners from Astha_Reddy..the dreamsoul akka Saana stood first from IB OS and Cheequ is sharing her position with me @third..I couldn’t see the other marks and second position is also shared by two pretty girls…
    A big big wala party . Time to enjoy the hard work of writing stories…
    Join with me if you see this post..for my imagination party.
    Good night my lovely pretty and crazy PKJ family members.

    1. Shanaa

      congrats astha di….
      u did a good job…
      and ur party was spr..

    2. Amayaa

      A big vala congratulations to de winners from AMAYAA too
      I don’t know all but Congo to all of u
      Dreamsoul means thredomsoul right Aastha di
      Sana who wrote de telly update love story OS
      Her story is really very good
      I shared her OS with PkJ too by giving a wrong link ( u know na how much pagal I m ………… after all I m de member of PkJ )
      She deserves that
      Congratulation cheequ nd nd second winners too
      So now coming to my Aastha di
      I don’t congratulate u but I Congo myself. ………… My Aastha di comes in winning list nd that too de third position. ………… so why to congrats Aastha di only ARPU. …………. congrats to u. ………… congrats to me …………… congrats to whole PKJ dr……………
      WE ALL HAVE PROUD ON U ……………. LOVE U. ………….
      Di Can u please tell me
      Which OS of u won as ur every OS r INDIA BREAKING

    3. Shekhar


    4. Archiya

      Wow Astha.. tats a great news, many congratulations to all the winners @Sanaa @Astha @Cheeku.. Party toh banti hai… imagination party se kaam nahi chalge.. v want an actual party .. what say Ishquies??? bolo kaha aaye??

      @Astha: Can u share me the link where the results are published

    5. LAX

      That’s great..!! Congratulations Astha.!!
      Congrats to Sana n other winners too.
      Also to all the participants..!!

  8. Wow asthababy…bahut kaam kiya he tumne. ????? congrats???????????????????????????????????????
    Let’s nacho……really it is a party time. But agar meri wali wish puri hogayi toh main imagination nahi sacchi party karungi…Ek
    bottle Mountain Dew and 2 samosha..???????
    Bcoz dar ke aage jit he. SO pina toh padega…kyoki iss week IB dekhne ke liye..patience bhi toh chahiye. ??????

    1. Amayaa

      No Arpu universe wants thumps up or coco cola not mountain dew
      Nd not samosa but vada paw nd paw bhaji of chandni chawk
      Actually this is my favourite na nd that too by standing chit chatting
      On the street not eating alone in home
      Nd that is more tasty than de dishes of Delhi ‘s popular restaurant
      I have an experience
      I prefer eating that more than those restaurants
      the prior reason of my nd my bro ‘s fight is because of this
      Restaurant or street flooding
      All de pkj members r invited
      If Arpu nd our ‘s all wish got completed then we all will party nd treat
      will give by Aastha di ??? third aai hai party to banti hai na
      So girlllllsssssssss u all r welcome in de capital city of our India

      1. Archiya

        even m crazy abt street food.. any place i go the first thing i want is to have street food of that place.. i dont like restaurants much, mainly coz of its silence.. on street kitna bhi halla karo.. no one bothers

      2. Amayaa

        Hmmmm right Archu
        Street flooding is de best ………… but with people like us pkj members
        Not with my stupid brother who in de age of 10 saying all this
        U ALL say na I m super dramebaaz
        YA I m but more than that my bro ……….. he is a double dramebaaz. ………… just now we r fighting nd de reason is ………… DON’T EVEN KNOW …………..

      3. Archiya

        REASON IS we dont even know.. tats what fighting between a bro an sis is all about 🙂
        , i miss fighting with my brother.. keep fighting as these are the memories which will stay later.. i used to fight so much with my brother, now i hardly even talk to him, v both r so busy in r lives… 🙁
        so ur not actually fighting, but creating memories.. dont take my words literally ok…
        pata chala kal tumhare parents poochenge kyun lad rahe ho ,, an u will say archu ne bola memories banao .. lol

  9. Piyuu

    thanks shree

  10. Tats a great news, many congratulations to all the winners

  11. Piyuu

    congrats astha…. bolo party kab ? kaha?

    1. Archiya

      Awwwwww.. ur DP is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Amayaa

    All de pkj members put ur attention here for a while
    As u all know. …………. I threaten u all earlier also ( kidding )
    So comes in that threatening avatar once again I m commenting now

    I had a desire once that I got a century comment on de ff written by me ( i don’t call it my ff as I M IT’S AUTHOR ONLY it is of someone else OBEROI FAMILY MOMENT ) ………. but it is not get fulfilled nd stopped at around 80 only ………… I m still angry on all of u for that ……..but leave it …….the matter is gonna old……… u all r thinking y m I started about it so sudden. ……..

    So here’s de reason
    Please please please. …………….million times please. ………….
    Read a ff ( link is below ) nd comment too nd please fulfil my half filled wish by reach it on century
    MY FF ( YA YA my own ff ) got posted nd it is again a

    U all will read nd comment there na

    So here de link goes's-love-story-episode-14/

    Please God link sahi ho

    @Maahi di must read u will got a PKJtor shayar as a partner
    @Aastha di u too read it ………… it will give takkar to u …………
    @My favourites must read it
    @STUDENT OF THE YEAR FANS too read it ……..u will got a beautiful gift there
    @ISHQBAAZ FAN get ready to see ur favourite as Siddhartha varun nd aaliya form

    So ishqies I m waiting for all of u there …………ookkkkkkksssssss………..

    1. Amayaa

      He bhagwan phir se galat link
      Nilash di help

    2. Amayaa

      Yeah yeah yeah …………Link mil gaya
      Here de link goes

    3. Amayaa

      Read karo comment karo
      Varna mera bhi face Rudy ki tarah hi pout banaega ( as he is looking nd making faces in my dp )
      Whoa mere back to back comments ??

  13. Aastha_Reddy

    @Archu…Actually I saw the winners of IB serial OS in Renumowl Di’s wall post. Don’t know about the winners of all serial OS and all total winner…
    I never thought about being in the list so got happy…Aakhir Shivaay Singh Oberoi is my brother and he taught me to enjoy small happiness in life from last few days.
    @Ammu..I send them the link of Destruction of a sconce…
    @Arpita…actually I am the most emotionally challenged girl. I never thought even in dream that One day I will write any love story….and here I am writing unlimited like a crazy girl.
    @ Shekhar bhaiyya, Shaana, Piyuu… Thank you.
    @_ The last one.. Ammu..
    mera mujhme kuch bhi nahi sab tera…..All the fast food of India tere naam…Archu je saath share karna and memory banane keliye thoda jhagda bhi karlena..lolz
    Waiting eagerly for the clock to reach 10: 00 PM… A day with out meeting Shivaay Singh Oberoi is like a thousand years in hell #PKJ.

  14. LAX

    Kamini is back…!!!
    I think it’s going to focus on Mahis track now.
    But where is Anu n Liji, the Mahimaniacs??

    1. Shanaa

      yah lax di..
      anu di and liji di r missing..
      lets file a missing complaint…

      1. LAX

        Ha Ha…!!

    2. Archiya

      Kamini is now 2 parallel tracks.. to find the identity of 2 different people, but linked to one person shivay
      Even i missed Anu comments today, i wanted to know her comment on my DP
      i thought she will b back today but no replies

      1. Amayaa

        YA Archu I too miss them
        Anu di aaj GAG ke saath come back karne vali hai May be
        Aur ye Liji di ke guests
        Maahi aa raha hai na unhi se unke guest ki gangaram karvayenge aur late ho gaya aane me to Pinky ponky se oooh my mata hi karva denge
        What say? ??????? Good idea na

  15. Mouni

    guys seems there are pics of kamini in red dress , is she going back ?? dress seems new , l don’t remember her wearing it before

    what if kamini is the mom of both mahi and sso ??
    shakti looks like he is hiding big secret from every one , he could’ve took sso from kamini and made it look like its pinky’s son ?? its a dark track if true , cvs are capable of anything but somehow l see kamini more as his mom than pinky
    or maybe pinky is their mom both , it will be a much lighter track and happy one

    also seems today is the entry of fake mom , l hope her track will not be long

  16. Shekhar

    I single question may spoil PINKY’s plan to manipulate a random lady as the MOTHER of

    ANNIKA. answer of which question only maximum two people knows,

    Now guess,

    1-What may that question?


    2-Who may be those two people

    1. Shekhar

      I single question may spoil PINKY’s plan to manipulate a random lady as the MOTHER of

      ANNIKA. answer of which question only maximum two people knows,

      Now guess,

      1-What may be that question?


      2-Who may be those two people?

      1. Shekhar

        Yes both of you are almost right!

        CHUTKI is the name about which maximum two people are knowing it, SSO and perhaps SAAHIL, for which NAYANTARA can not have any answer as she is fake.

        As SAAHIL is child, he may not be aware, but yaa , SSO is well aware. and I think, ANNIKA may not be aware of CHUTKI and her nightmare consciously, but eventually she may also recall it as and when CVS find it necessary.

        This may collapse PINKY’s plan.

    2. Archiya

      just guessing.. u may something else in mind

      1-What may that question?
      What does Anika get scared of

      2-Who may be those two people
      Sahil an Shivay

    3. Abt annika’s nightmare….means reason of her fear for darkness….. About chutki….which no one knows except annika herself……or sahil ( may be)
      So if annika asks her abt chutki she can’t answer…..

    4. Shekhar

      Yes both of you are almost right!

      CHUTKI is the name about which maximum two people are knowing it, SSO and perhaps SAAHIL, for which NAYANTARA can not have any answer as she is fake.

      As SAAHIL is child, he may not be aware, but yaa , SSO is well aware. and I think, ANNIKA may not be aware of CHUTKI and her nightmare consciously, but eventually she may also recall it as and when CVS find it necessary.

      This may collapse PINKY’s plan.

  17. Big congratulations to all d winners sanaa, cheeku n aastha n all others if i hv missed anyone……party to banti h bhai…..
    @Aastha….. tum se to double prty….real vaala…….ek to pkj member hone k karan aur dusra SBSA mate… hua na double double 😛

    Of course Nilash……

    I don’t luv u……( jst kidding)
    Big bear hug to u
    Actually yesterday scrolled so fast tat missed ur cmnt…..sorry nhi bolungi 😀

    If cvs shows sso n maahi as kamini’s sons.. …then it wld be d worst storyline….. Pinky is at least better than kamini…..

    1. Amayaa

      Shree SBSA mate
      What is this ????
      Nd where’s a reply for me
      AMAYAA ko bhul gai ………….ruk aaj 10 o clock me Anu di ke Maahi ko bulakar gangaram karwati hu aur agar wo nahi aai to pinki to zarror aaegi
      Get ready for ooohhh my mata

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